Digimon Frontier S01E08

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Save Everyone! Evolve Tsunomon (JP)
Odd One Out (EN)

Dub Writers: Adele Lim

Original Airdates:
May 26, 2002 (JP)
October 28, 2002 (EN)

GordoBaggins’ Notes: Not a bad title/script. Too many added scenes D: Adele Lim is our writer today.

Added scene of the back of Zoe’s head and J.P. walking like a neanderthal.

Side Note

Togemon is none other than Melodee Spevack and her manly voice. Not too bad, though.

I love how Togemon doesn’t answer any of Zoe or J.P.’s questions and just insists that they come visit.

Added scene of Tsunomon complaining. How annoying >.<

Aaaaaaadded sceeeeene of a side shot of them all walking. Seriously, wtf?

J.P.: That’s it? It looks like one of the houses the three little pigs built!

Three little pigs? So THAT’S where I’ve seen you before…

Side Note

The songs sung by the baby Digimon on both sides of the show are pretty cute. 😛

They kept the name “YukimiBotamon.” They sometimes call it “SnowBotamon” in American stuff, so I figured it was worth noting.

Added scenes of Bokomon and Neemon babbling about school days, Bokomon snaps Neemon’s pants and Zoe and J.P. exchange glances.

Chalkboard text decently translated (accidentally cut out part of the sub’d picture, but you get the idea).

Togemon sure writes well with those gloves on…

J.P. says he’s in the seventh grade. Junpei claims to be in elementary/primary school.

Crappy Censor:
Looks like Togemon’s first period magically changed from Story Time to Stpry Time… 

Sorry for crappy quality, but again, you get the idea. =P

J.P.: …And toothpaste that fights plaque!

He’s holding up tooth BRUSHES, not tooth PASTE. Or maybe the toothbrushes have magical plaque-fighting-toothpaste-generating powers… ooh, Digital World, you never cease to amaze.

Recess time!

Nyaromon’s “Attack” changes from “Galactica Nyaromon Tail” to “Galactica Magnum Tail.” ONOEZ, TEH DUB IS RUINED! D:

Nyaromon slapping the crap out of Junpei.


WPP Subs say “Football,” which we call “Soccer” in the US. 😛

Side Note

I wonder how that girl got a Wormmon keychain. <.<

“Togemon Punch” becomes “Togemon Jab.”

It says Lunchtime, but Togemon says “Snacktiiiime!” Senile old woman.

Scenes of Zoe and J.P. chasing Tsunomon switched around.

Side Note

Gabumon has the same old man Kirk Thornton voice he had from Adventure. =P

J.P. (about going back to the school): Yeah, maybe there’ll be more snacks!

Added scene (mirrored) of Beetlemon punching the ground to unfasten the boulder.

The fact that Beetlemon’s mouth doesn’t move when he talks just makes it so easy for them to add dialogue. D:

Added scene of Kapurimon struggling.

Gabumon: Petit Fire -> …well, my recording’s volume is really bad, but I think it’s something close to Blue Blaster.

Side Note

I could have sworn that when I first saw the English episode, one of the boards went untranslated, but I didn’t spot it this time around. Gah.

Final Verdict

Total Footage Kept: 99%

No additional notes.

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