Digimon Frontier S01E09

Chakumon is the Enemy?! The Mysterious TV Forest (JP)
Welcome to My Nightmare (EN)

Dub Writer: Steve Blum

Original Airdates:
June 2, 2002 (JP)
November 11, 2002 (EN)

Section: Summary

GordoBaggins’ Notes: Creepy title. Written by Steve Blum.

Dialogue Deviation

J.P. always wants food. Let’s get that straight.

In the original, Bokomon likes to refer to Neemon as “Bakamon.” (‘baka’ meaning dumb or idiot). In the dub, he doesn’t really say anything to that effect. Just random insults.

Side Note

In both versions, Bakumon is a Child/Rookie level, and he still has a deep voice in either language. Weird.

Dialogue Deviation

J.P.: Apple, you’re my best friend!

You’re delusional. D:

Bokomon: Paws off, baggy!


Section: Cut or moved footage

Koji’s flashback to the fight with Grumblemon is longer in the dub. The characters also talk when they didn’t in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

J.P.: Whoa, tree TV! I hope it isn’t all travel channels! I wonder if we can get music videos?

What kind of music would YOU listen to?

J.P.: I love cherries! You know, come to think of it, I love pretty much every kind of food!

Do tell.

J.P. (holding out the napkins): TADA! My clothesline!

Liar, your closet consists of nothing but janitor clothes.

J.P.’s stage name in the dub is “Howie Doodat.” GET IT?!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Bakumon’s “Nightmare Syndrome” is kept.

In the original, Junpei lost at jan-ken-po (rock-paper-scissors), but in the dub they drew straws. Where did they get straws from? J.P. probably made them magically appear (and yet he still lost O.O).

Dialogue Deviation

J.P. talks about having gas. Eww.

Section: Cut or moved footage

~10 seconds: Tomoki swinging the twig at the others.

Dialogue Deviation

Kumamon says his attack name when Chakkumon doesn’t in the original. Just the first time, though, Chakkumon does it the rest of the time, too.

Neemon: Maybe you could use the book!
Bokomon: Maybe on your head!

Section: Cut or moved footage

In the original, Kouji’s evolution scene was cut down a bit. In the dub, they used the whole thing. Same with Takuya, but to a lesser degree. Why can’t they just leave this kind of stuff alone? >.<

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Bakumon’s name is kept. Sometimes it’s called Tapirmon by Bandai, so that’s why I think it’s significant. Either way, I don’t care if you think it’s significant or not. SO TAKE THAT. =D

Bakumon’s “Holy Ring” is called a “Power Ring.” Nothing holy in English-speaking countries, as we all know.

Dialogue Deviation

Agunimon: Come back here, you flying porkpie!

Did he say porkpie or porcupine? 😛

Section: Cut or moved footage

Agunimon doesn’t name his attack this time! Yay, so now two punches aren’t gonna be called “Pyro Tornado” O.o But in the dub, he punches 4 times instead of 2.

Side Note

Agunimon ALWAYS sounds like he’s crying or in pain. <.<

Does everybody have a stupid-sounding snore in the Dub Digital World? i.e. Neemon?

Dialogue Deviation

Koji calls his Digivice a “she” when he hasn’t even met “her” yet. xD

Final Verdict

Total episode retained: 100%.

No additional notes.

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