Review for Us

Want to help review and compare episodes of Digimon for us? We’re looking for dedicated nerds with no lives to do just that! But before you can, you gotta know what you’re doing. So here’s the guidelines we provide to everyone who would review for Digimon Uncensored:

  1. The comparisons need to be done through actual recordings of the episode you’re reviewing. That means you may not use translations or transcriptions to do your comparing. Why? Because the dialogue and music lose their impact if you can’t hear them. Dialogue Deviations, while sort of the bread-and-butter of this site, are not the whole of a comparison. You gotta compare the music, line delivery, and overall tone, and that can only be achieved by watching both versions in full.
  2. Comparisons have a specific format. We want you to include images, and include the Japanese and English dialogue being compared, but you’re welcome to write and critique in whatever style you want. And yes, that means you can swear if you want to. There’s a warning on the front page for that exact reason. However…
  3. You do have to comply a bit with my standards. If I don’t like it, I won’t accept it. That means nothing too off-color; no attacking minorities, individuals, protected groups, or anyone’s mother. Keep it on topic!
  4. Please proofread what you write before you send it. After all, your name will be on it. Check for Freudian slips before submitting as well.
  5. Making fun is one thing, but do not make threats about the writers or any one writer. They’re people, and they’re just doing their jobs. Avoid slander and personal insults; it’s not their fault if you don’t like the dub.
  6. I’m looking for people to sign up for entire series, not just an episode or six. If you want to become a reviewer for our open seasons, you gotta be dedicated to completing those seasons.

Still want to sign up after all those awful restrictions? Shoot an e-mail to Gear [at] digimonuncensored .com

Note: please take the obvious steps necessary to modify the above into an actual e-mail address.

Currently accepting comparisons for:

  • Digimon Fusion Season 2
  • Digimon Adventure Tri
  • Toys (Digivices, etc.)
  • Video games (Cyber Sleuth, etc.)
  • Possible other things (inquire within)
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