This is a guide on how to read our comparisons. We want you to get the most out of our snark and bad jokes, so we figured this overly long wall of text and graphics was the best way to make sure that happened.

Section: Summary

Information on the episode, snarky remarks about the writer(s), and probably a lot of lamenting of just how awful this episode will probably be. Viewer discretion is advised.

Side Note

Clarifications, largely. Side notes contain information on music, translation differences that aren’t dialogue-based, voice acting information, etc.

Dialogue Deviation

Formerly known as “Stupid Dialogue,” this box contains notes about dialogue that was changed between the Japanese and English versions. Not ever single change will be listed here (or we’d be transcribing the entire episode), but we’ll focus on dialogue changes that either have an impact on the story, or are just maddeningly dumb.

For most entries, the original line(s) in Japanese will be first, in italics.
It will then be followed up with the dub line(s).

Section: Cut or moved footage

One or more scenes has been cut, altered, or moved. We tend to list all cuts that we catch, though particularly short ones might be missed. We may also omit repetitive cuts, like Rosemon’s evolution sequences, or the way Data Squad bookends almost every commercial break with an extra external shot of DATS headquarters.

Something gets covered in DigiPaint! It’s usually Japanese writing that gets painted over. We’ll also include when impact screens are added to cover violent scenes. Huge changes (like the Citramon debacle) also go here.

Section: Inconsistency

Something that the dub did is suddenly different later. A prime example of this is the various Digimon attacks in Digimon Frontier that keep getting swapped around at random.

If we think a change in the dub is the result of a mistake rather than an intentional effort to localize, censor, or otherwise alter, it’ll go here. These entries are rare, as they’re typically speculation on our parts.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Major changes (character/attack names, large premise changes, etc.) go here.

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