Digimon Adventure S01E31

Raremon! The Tokyo Bay Raid (JP)

The Eighth Digivice (EN)

Written by:

EN: Rebecca Olkowski and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: October 10, 1999
EN: December 18, 1999

Section: Summary

Tai and Izzy return to their homes, much to the disappointment of their parents, and Grand Empress Miiko the cat embarks on an epic adventure. She swipes a wayward Digivice and travels the extremely limited, city-like cosmos, battling rival cats, dogs, and giant sewage monsters alike. After defeating her enemies, she amuses herself by leading Izzy on a meaningless chase for the eighth DigiDestined, laughing as he fails miserably. Satisfied at a job well-done, she finally discards the Digivice and begins her journey back to her empire, and nothing else of importance happened at all.

Dialogue Deviation

Narrator: “To protect the eighth child, Taichi and the others chased Vamdemon back to Japan. They searched Hikarigaoka in Tokyo first, but the eighth child was nowhere to be found. With no other choice, the children decided to take their Digimon and return home for the time being. After their long journey, they were excited to be back after such a long time.”
Joe: “We had to get across town to find the eighth child, so we took the subway. Yokomon got mad at a baby and nearly gave us all away. Next, the other kids bought food with our traveling money, so we had to find a ride. Luckily, Sora’s cousin came by and picked us up. He turned out to be a real jerk, though. He “accidentally” accidentally knocked Izzy off a bridge, and Tentomon had to save him. Then Gesomon appeared, and Ikkakumon had to take him out. What a nightmare! And to think, there are people who do this commute everyday!”

Ha! It’s funny because traffic is balls.

[PicoDevimon reports to Vamdemon on the demise of their troops]
PicoDevimon: “Yes. Really, it’s like Tailmon just brought them along for practice!” *snickers*
Demidevimon: “Right! Gatomon really bungled it when she hooked up with those nincompoops! I guess she’s no better than the rest of us.” *snickers*

The phrase “hooked up with” used to mean “met” or “hung out with”. It… uh… it does not anymore.

[Vamdemon ends his video call with PicoDevimon]
PicoDevimon: “Y-Yes, sir! Understood!”
DemiDevimon: “Ay-ay! Myotismon rules! They’ll see!”

Huh. Myotismon’s office’s phone etiquette is… interesting.

Side Note

Meanwhile, at the Yagami residence, Hikari treats the family’s overlord, Miiko, to some milk. For everyone’s sake, I hope it’s lactose-free.

The dub added loud slurping noises to Miiko lapping up the milk. Thanks, dub. That was weird and gross.

Miiko retains her name in the dub (probably as “Miko” or “Meeko”). She has an obviously fake cat voice in both versions, which… most adults cats don’t even meow at anything other than humans. Ya’ll could’ve taken a break…

Dialogue Deviation

[Mommy and Daddy Yagami give a Grandma status report: she sprained her ankle while walking on a slope]
Daddy Yagami: “She went to the hospital just to be safe, and she’ll be out in two or three days.”
Hikari: “That’s good!”
Daddy Kamiya: “She has to stay in the hospital for a day, and she’s hopping mad ’cause it cuts into her dancing lessons!”
Kari: “That’s grandma!”

She can’t handle slopes, but she can tear it up on the dance floor!

Mommy Yagami: “Your Grandmother was more worried about your cold, Hikari.”
Mommy Kamiya: “Grandma was worried about your cold and said daddy should remember your sweater next time.”
Daddy Kamiya: *shudders and growls*

I can’t believe he forgot her summer sweater…

Side Note

Okay, so Daddy Yagami’s grabbed a beer from the fridge. Presumably, he poured it into the glass Hikari handed him, then he downed it or a large portion of it, and then he shuddered as though the alcohol was too much at once – like people do when they drink too much hard liquor.

The kind-of-adorable part is that the beer he grabbed looked like a Sapporo analogue, which is 5% ABV. Daddy Yagami is a big ol’ lightweight! Or maybe he has an unpleasant reaction to the alcohol despite his appreciation for its tastiness, as genes that cause alcohol intolerance are relatively common in people of East Asian heritage.


Daddy Kamiya, on the other hand, apparently has intense physical reactions to Grandma’s passive-aggressive digs. That’s troubling. His beer was not cut or censored from the dub, but it’s not really obvious that it is beer.

Dialogue Deviation

[Daddy Yagami checks Hikari’s forehead for fever]
Daddy Yagami: “Your fever’s gone down!”
Daddy Kamiya: “You feel about as cool as a cucumber.”

“Not quite there yet, though! Somewhere around zucchini- or watermelon-level. Keep trying!”

[Taichi has returned home from summer camp due to snow, and he is passing Koromon off as a souvenir for Hikari]
Mommy Yagami: “I see. You’re very thoughtful towards you sister.”
Mommy Kamiya: “Great. Give me your dirty clothes so I can wash them.”

He’s still wearing them. What is with this family and undressing in the living room?

*Taichi hugs his mother*
Mommy Yagami: “Taichi…?”
Taichi (crying): “Mom…”
Mommy Yagami: “What’s this all of a sudden?”
Tai: “Mom!” *hugs his mother*
Mommy Kamiya: “Tai, did something happen?”
Tai (crying): “I’m glad you’re here.”
Mommy Kamiya: “Yeah, I live here. Of course I am. What’s this all about, son?”

I feel bad for his parents. He was gone half a day and came back crying and hugging? What kind of camp did we send him to?!

Perhaps compensating for all the kanji we were briefly exposed to last episode, the editing team now covers up some Latin letters with… Latin letters.

The dub did (barely) establish that “Izzy” is a nickname in the first episode, and his given name is actually Koushiro. His parents never call him Koushiro in the dub, but I guess the shop was out of fishy “Izzy” name plates .

Would anyone in the world have questioned seeing “KōSHIRō” when watching the dub? … Probably. We’re pretty pedantic. Now we question Izzy’s parents’ taste in choosing a fishy plate with Comic Sans MS on it.

A macron (¯) over a vowel indicates elongated pronunciation. Western keyboard layouts don’t have a programmed shortcut for typing letters with macrons (ALT+238 is the ASCII input), so ‘ō’ is usually converted to ‘ou’, ‘oo’, or ‘oh’ in print. ‘Ou’ tends to be favored because it’s the direct transliteration for an elongated ‘o’ from hiragana (「おう」).

Dialogue Deviation

[Meanwhile, at the Izumi residence]
Mom Izumi: (on the phone) “Yes, that’s really true!”
Phone Friend: “In any case, your Koushirou is so smart and such a polite boy. I’m jealous!”
Mom Izumi: “Really? I’m sure your kids aren’t that bad.”
Phone Friend: “I’m telling you, you’re so lucky to have a boy like Izzy! He’s the perfect example of a gentleman, and so smart!”

Phone friend: “And then my brats are picky and just selfish!”
Brat that is Not Miyuki: “That’s mine!”
Brat that is Miyuki: “Hey!”
Phone Friend: “Miyuki, don’t hit your little brother!”
*sounds of childhood agony and torment over the phone*
Phone Friend: “You know, my little rascals are always fighting all the time and never listen to a word I say.”
Brat that is Not Billy: “Mom, tell Billy to give me back my truck!”
Mom Izumi: “Oh?”
Brat that is Billy: “Nyehhhhh!”
Woman: “Don’t stick your tongue out at your brother!”
*sounds of childhood rowdiness over the phone*

Glad to hear Phone Friend’s life got a lot less horrible in the dub! Her children were screaming in the original.

[Koushirou has returned home]
Koushirou: “I’m home! Ah, camp was cancelled.”
Mom Izumi: “Is that so?”
*Koushirou wipes his gloved hands on his shorts and looks at her*

Mom Izumi: “What is it?”
Koushirou: *bows* “Thank you for your concern.”
Mom Izumi: “??”
Phone Friend: “Ah, I’m sorry! Hello? Izumi? Hello?”
Mom Izumi: “Hello!”
Izzy: “Hi, mom. I came home ahead of schedule.”
Mom Izumi: “Didn’t you like camp?”
Izzy: “Huh?” *chuckles* “The food was inferior!”
Mom Izumi: “That’s all?”
Izzy: “And then it snowed, so they cancelled everything.”
Mom Izumi: “Oh?”
Phone Friend: “They never think about how I feel! I just wish they were as considerate as your Izzy.”
Mom Izumi: “Sometimes he’s too considerate.”

[Koushirou lets Tentomon into his room through the window. Mom Izumi, now off the phone with her terrible parent friend, checks on him]
Mom Izumi: “Koushirou!”
Koushirou: “Y-Yes?”
Mom Izumi: “Is something wrong?”
Koushirou: “Nothing at all!”
Mom Izumi: “Okay…”
Tentomon: “So why can’t I use the door?”

You know why.

Mom Izumi: “Izzy? Is something wrong?”
Izzy: “Oh, hide!”
Tentomon: “What am I, a Molemon?”
Mom Izumi: “Honey? Are you all right?”
Izzy: “I’m fine, mom!”

[Mom Izumi has the TV on while she’s cooking]
Reporter: “But are they really monsters?!”
Reporter “It’s possible that it could be a whale, but it seems very unlikely on account of it very obviously not being a whale at all.”

The video’s chyron was edited out of the news report.

“Monster Appearance in Tokyo Bay!?”

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou has installed a sliding bolt on his door]
Koushirou: “I really didn’t want to do this…”
Tentomon: “Then why did you?”
Koushirou: “If I’m not here and my parents come into my room and find you, it’ll be a problem.”

Izzy: “My parents won’t appreciate this, but I think it’s imperative!”
Tentomon: “Why? What’s the big deal, Izzy?”
Izzy: “We’d be in big trouble if my mom and dad came in here and discovered you. I’m positive that they’d never comprehend our situation!”

I don’t.

Tentomon: “Something’s been smelling nice since before. Your mother must be making something delicious for you. She must be a really nice mother!”
Tentomon: “I don’t know too much about humans, me being a Digimon and all, but I can tell you one thing for sure: your mom is a really kind lady! And, if you don’t mind me saying so, she’s not bad looking for a human!”

Wait ’til you see his dad. Rowr!

Koushirou: “Yeah. She’s a really good mom!”
Izzy: “Mm-hmm! I have to say, I completely agree!”


Koushirou: “But…”
Izzy: “She’s cool!”

Izzy looks kinda high when he calls his mom "cool"

I guess now we know who Izzy’s supplier is…

Koushirou flashes back to Mom and Dad Izumi discussing his Terrible Secret™, which is that he’s adopted by his loving family. It’s terrible only because they kept it a secret from him.

In the flashback, dub Izzy’s mother advises her husband that they will eventually have to tell him the “truth about his birth”, which I assume alludes to the fact that he was not born and instead sprouted from the ground like an annoying potato.

Her husband replies that he doesn’t want to shock him, because he doesn’t want the information to affect Izzy’s schoolwork, which: FUCK that guy! Way to be a shitty parent, Dad Izumi. “EEUUUGH I can’t tell my son I love him when he didn’t come out of my weiner because he might misspell a word on his elementary school vocabulary quiz EEEEUUUUUGGGHH.” Fuck you, man!

Original Dad Izumi was scared that it would shock Koushirou, his child whom he loves and cares for the emotional well-being of, and didn’t mention school.

[Back from the flash]
Tentomon: “… ‘but’ what?”
Tentomon: “Yoohoo! Digimon to Izzy!”


Side Note

Though the scene is adapted just fine, Koushirou said he was practicing manzai 「漫才」, which is a traditional style of comedy with two players, a silly player, boke 「ボケ」, and a serious player, tsukkomi 「突っ込み」. Izzy is just practicing comedy, which is disappointing in that we’ll never get to see Izzy acting out a vaudeville routine.


Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou delivers comedy goldfish]
Koushirou: (as boke) “I startled an old man at the fish store. Know what he said?” (as tsukkomi) “Oh? What did he say?” (startled boke) “GYO!” [one of the pronunciations of “fish” in Japanese, but also a sound of surprise] (tsukkomi) “You stop that!”
Izzy: (doing an accent) (as joke-teller) “Vhy vas Newton surprised vhen he was hit on the head by an apple?” (foil) “Gee, I dunno! Why?” (teller) “He vas sitting under a pear tree!” (foil) “Oooh!” (teller) “Vhat’s black and white and green? Two skunks fighting over a pickle!”

The original joke was adorable and it's like they didn't even try to adapt it. >:(
“I surprised an old man at the bakery. Know what he said?” “DOUGH!”

[Koushirou’s parents loved it. LOVED IT]
Dad Izumi: “So Koushirou’s doing manzai now, huh!”
Dad Izumi: “And all this time, I never knew you had a sense of humor!”

You weren’t listening to those jokes, were y– ow! Okay, fine, I’m sorry! Be more supportive of your son, Bad Dad!

Mom Izumi: “You sure surprised Mom!”
Koushirou: “I’m sorry.”
Dad Izumi: “Hey hey, there’s nothing to apologize for!”
Mom Izumi: “That was a great performance for your first time!”
Izzy: “You really think so?”
Bad Dad Izumi: “Sure thing! Don’t quit your day job, but you were really very good!”

Jeez, no wonder Izzy turned out the way he did…

Side Note

On that topic: the difference between Koushirou’s and Izzy’s parents really does explain how each of them turned out. I don’t know if that was intentional, but it’s an impressive amount of detail for Izzy to have a Bad Dad role model for all his sass.

Koushirou thinks about Tentomon being alone and hungry in his closet, and one of the boxes has most of his name on it. Izzy’s has none of his name on it.

Careful with that sharp wit, KōSHRō – you’ll put an ‘I’ out– OW! STOP!

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou has asked permission to eat the rest of his dinner in his room, and Mom Izumi assures him he doesn’t have to eat what he doesn’t like]
Koushirou: “I like everything you make, Mom!”
Izzy: “The way you cook is gastronomically outstanding!”

Then why aren’t you asking to eat in the bathr– oooh, “gastronomically”, not “gastrologically”…

While Koushirou tells his mother he appreciates everything she does, Izzy is laying it on thick with, “In fact, I believe you’re the most extraordinary mother there is!” No wonder she looks kinda worried.

[Back in Koushirou’s room, Koushirou watches Tentomon eat because that’s not weird or anything]
Tentomon: “Koushirou, you look like you’re happy about something.”
Koushirou: “It that right?”
Tentomon: “Not only is your mom nice AND pretty, but she’s an awesome cook!”
Izzy: “Sure is!”

Okay, but for real: can we stop with Tentomon indirectly hitting on Izzy’s mum?

[Koushirou’s parents ponder recent events]
Mom Izumi: “Koushirou thanked me…” *clearly upset* “He said ‘thank you, Mom’…”
Dad Izumi: “Isn’t that good?”
Mom Izumi: “Did you hear him? He said that he appreciated us!” *clearly upset but sounds happy* “I never thought we’d be so lucky as to have a son like him!”
Bad Dad Izumi: “You’re right about that, honey.”

Wait, right about what? That you’ll never be so lucky as to have a son like the way he’s acting? I mean, yeah, that’s true, but you’re not supposed to say it out loud!

[Back at the Yagami residence, Taichi sits on his bed, and Hikari approaches]
Hikari: “Big brother, are you done with everything?”
Taichi: “No, not yet.”
Kari: “I’m glad you’re back. I missed you when you were gone.”
Tai: “I missed you, too.”

He was gone for like half a day in the Real World. She’s hasn’t even changed out of the pyjamas she had on in episode 21.

[Hikari does remember what happened four years ago]
Hikari: “Big brother, you forgot?”
Taichi: “._.
Kari: “That’s something I’ll never forget!”
Tai: “._.”

More credence for the “Kari is smarter than Tai” hypothesis. Low bar, though.

After Taichi and Koromon ask Hikari if she has a Digivice, they turn in for the night. Hikari bids them “good night,” but Kari tells them they’re party poopers. They are, but that’s a weird time to bring it up.

Letters of all kinds are relentless in this episode, but the dub has them covered – literally! We saw the truck earlier, but it’s not like you’d need dual reassurance that the side was censored. And if you would… well… sorry.

Mach Post – マッハ便 (MAHHA-bin)

Dialogue Deviation

[In the bay, a boat’s dashboard is going nuts!]
Boat Pilot/Driver/Captain/Whatever: “What? What’s going on?”
Boat Pilot/Driver/Captain/Whatever: “There’s something below the surface!”

Yeah, that’s call ‘water’. It happens sometimes. There’s also something above the surface directly in front of you…

Section: Eyecatch


Dialogue Deviation

[PicoDevimon takes a break from his search, but then his copy-Crest starts to glow]
PicoDevimon: “I was told to search for the eight child, but… Huh? He’s close by! Now’s my chance!”
DemiDevimon: “Talk about finding a needle in a haystack. Sheesh! What’s that? He’s nearby! The eighth child had better watch out, ’cause he’s a sittin’ duck!”

If he’s a duck, then why are we all looking for a child?! DAMNIT!

[Back at Koushirou’s home, he learns a harsh lesson about how old people use the Internet]
Koushirou: “Mr. Gennai added a lot of different functions… Let’s see… What is this one?”
Izzy: “Jennai made some modifications to my computer that are truly awesome! Oh, now this looks intriguing. I wonder what it does.”

Koushirou: “Th-That’s it? Then, this one..?”
Izzy: “Ugh. Too bizarre. How about another?”

Koushirou: “I don’t need this! What else? It’s a map of Tokyo!”
Izzy: “That’s very demented. Here’s something. It’s a map of Tokyo!”

He has a lot of maps for a guy who said he was out of maps!

Side Note

The dub didn’t include the can-can music when Izzy clicked on that one. >:(

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou clicks on the red signal on the map]
Gennai Avatar: “It’s terrible! An unidentified Digimon has landed in Shibaura!”
Jennai Avatar that sees all: “There’s an unidentified Digimon lurking in the bay! You’re the only one that’s still awake!”

Then, after being told he’s the only one still awake, Izzy proceeds to call his friends’ houses, only to be told that they are asleep. If only someone had told him!

Side Note

In the process of ignoring what the weird Jennai avatar just told him, Izzy mispronounces Taichi’s family’s name, calling Mommy Kamiya “Mrs. Kamaya” (or he thinks the i” is pronounced like the “i” in “Izzy”).

Dialogue Deviation

Tentomon: “Is something wrong?”
Koushirou: “An unknown Digimon has landed in Shibaura. I’ve tried contacting Taichi and the others, but everyone is sleeping…”
Tentomon: “They’re all tired from what happened earlier this afternoon.”

Izzy: “Gee, I guess everyone’s asleep. I wish I had known that before I tried calling!
Tentomon: “You should go to bed, too, Izzy.”
Izzy: “No way! Jennai just told me that there’s an unidentified Digimon in the bay. With everyone sound asleep, we may have to tackle this Digimon by ourselves.”
Tentomon: “And I was having such a nice dream!”

It was about murder.

Koushirou: “We’ll just have to go ourselves!”
Tentomon: “Yeah.”
Koushirou: “No matter who our opponent is, I think we can handle them alone!”
Izzy: “So, are you up for a challenge?”
Tentomon: “I’m with you, Izzy, but may I suggest I wear a disguise, so I don’t attract any unwanted attention?”

Fine. Just don’t embarrass me by picking something that looks stupid.


Side Note

Raremon breaks the door open on the truck Miiko was trapped in, and in the original, we can hear the bell on her collar jingling as she runs away. The dub leaves out this detail. They do, however, replace it with Miiko “mrowr”ing like an idiot the entire time she runs.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou and Tentomon arrive on the scene]
Tentomon: “What is that guy?!”
Tentomon: “Whoa! He’s about as repulsive as they come!”

Don’t be rude.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Raremon: an Undead Digimon who failed trying to reinforce its decaying body with metal. Their special attack is Sludge.”
Tentomon: “Raremon smells like rotting fish, looks like the inside of a trash can, and is someone you never want to meet in a very dark alley.”

Hey, you’re not exactly daisy-fresh yourself!

Raremon’s special attack, Sludge (hedoro 「ヘドロ」), is changed to Breath of Decay. They don’t actually say the attack’s name in the original, but they do in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou’s Digivice shows the signal of the eighth child!]
Tentomon: “That’s a big deal! If we lose him now, we won’t know when we’ll find him next! I’ll do something about Raremon! Koushirou, you go look for the eighth child!”
Tentomon: “Whoa! Talk about bad timing! If we lose that signal, we’ll be doomed! You search for the missing child, while I take care of ol’ sewer breath. I just hope his stink isn’t contagious!”

It is. Highly so.

Koushirou: “Is that all right?”
Tentomon: “There’s no other choice!”
Izzy: “You can do it!”
Tentomon: “Do I have any other choice?”

Several, in fact.

Koushirou: “Then I’m counting on you!”
Izzy: “Are you ready to Digivolve?”


PicoDevimon loses the signal from the Crest, laments “w-what?!”, but DemiDevimon declares, “he’s here!” Not quite, buddy…

Another minor change, but in the original, Mom Izumi was going to pop into Koushirou’s room to grab the dishes so she could wash them. In the dub, she’s just popping in to check on him.

Side Note

Then she finds the door handle is locked, which is perplexing in both versions because that’s not the kind of lock he installed. Neither script clarifies, but a reasonable conclusion is that the door handle has a lock on it, and the bolt Koushirou installed is a back-up so it can’t be opened with a key.

Koushirou installed a sliding bolt lock on the door.
Dialogue Deviation

[Back where the action is]
Koushirou: “The eighth child…”
PicoDevimon: “Where are they?”
Izzy: “He’s close!”
DemiDevimon: “I’ll get there first!”

Ahead of whom? You don’t know there’s anyone else out there.

[Koushirou approaches the site where Miiko has bequeathed the Digivice to the doggo]
Koushirou: “It’s close!”
Izzy: “We should be connecting soon!”

You will do no such thing.

[Back where the inaction is, Mrs. and Mr. Izumi discuss Koushirou’s behavior]
Mrs. Izumi: “But he said he was grateful. Is that normal for a child his age to say to his parents?”
Mrs. Izumi: “I know you’re right, but he’s acting peculiar. Izzy’s never locked the door before. I know because I go in and rifle through his shit at all hours of the day!

Side Note

Keeping up the noble tradition of terrible bird sounds, the crow that picks up the Digivice has a ridiculous-sounding “caw”.

Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: “It should be around here…”
PicoDevimon: “You!”

Izzy: “The signal’s gone now!”
DemiDevimon: “What are you doin’ here?”

He has a point. You shouldn’t be traipsing around in dark alleys like a creep, Izzy.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(4 sec) PicoDevimon takes the opportunity to attack with Pico Darts, but the dub’s editors thwart him by cutting it out and skipping straight to Kabuterimon’s entrance.

Dialogue Deviation

[Kabuterimon arrives, and PicoDevimon doesn’t like it]
PicoDevimon: “Shit! Lucky bastard!”
DemiDevimon “Oh no! It’s bug face! I’m gonna get you next time! Rah!”

Good job, DemiDevimon.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(2 sec) Koushirou thanks Kabuterimon for doing nothing but showing up, but he does so right next to the Pico Darts that nearly stabbed him, so you’re not allowed to see it.

Dialogue Deviation

[And now, the news]
Reporter: “Reporting live from Shibaura! We haven’t been able to confirm the appearance of a monster! Could it even really exist? Wait! Over there!”
Reporter: “I’m here at the scene of the monster sighting, but the predator in question seems to have disappeared. One wonders if there really was a monster at all. Hm? Wait a minute, folks! Look up there! It looks like a giant flying cockroach, and I don’t think it’s friendly!”

Can we talk about that?? Kabuterimon looks horrifying!

Side Note

Now “Hey, Digimon” is playing, and nothing is okay. Ugh. The scene where Koushirou flew away on Kabuterimon had no background music in the original – just the sound of Kabuterimon’s wings beating.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou flies off on Kabuterimon]
Kabuterimon: “Even so, it’s too bad you couldn’t find the eighth child.”
Kabuterimon: “Sorry you weren’t able to find the eighth child, but at least we got rid of that stinking mass of blubber!”


Koushirou: “But knowing that the eighth child isn’t in Hikarigaoka, but rather around here, is a great find! Taichi’s guess was correct! First thing tomorrow, we need to let the others know!”
Kabuterimon: “That’s right.”
Izzy: “Right! I’ve been doing some extensive calculations. My theory is that the eighth child is located here in this city. It seems Tai had the right idea in the first place. We have to get back to his house right now and give him an update!”
Kabuterimon: “Okay!”

Oh, was that your calculations that told you? You calculated the signal you ran after, took the second derivative of “the eight child’s signal is in this city”, propagated the error of “fucking DUH” and “ya pantload” to get the solution, which was “the eighth child is in the same place as their signal”? Good job, Izzy. What would we do without you?

Izzy then immediately forgets to go to Tai’s house, which is for the best because as far as he knows, Tai is asleep.

[Meanwhile, in Hikarigaoka, where Vamdemon’s carriage is parked in a weird, blue, shiny void]
Vamdemon: “Is that so? The eighth child is in that location. We have no more business here!”
Myotismon: “Unthinkable! Is there no Digimon strong enough to defeat these children? I will have to deal with them myself!”

Uh… you are a Digimon… aren’t you…?

[Now back at the Izumi residence, Koushirou eavesdrops on his parents while trying to get Tentomon a snack]
Dad Izumi: “I’ll try and get Koushirou to tell me what he’s up to.”
Mom Izumi: “I’m sorry.”
Dad Izumi: “What’s wrong?”
Mom Izumi: “I… to speak honestly… I want Koushirou to act more spoiled and unreasonable instead of being such a good boy. I want him to say what he likes and hates. I mean, that’s what a child should be! Am I wrong?”

Bad Dad Izumi: “I’m sure he’ll be absolutely fine, but I’ll try to talk some sense into him.”
Mom Izumi: “No, don’t.”
Bad Dad Izumi: “What do you mean, hon?”
Mom Izumi: “Everybody thinks that he’s always perfect, but that’s too much to expect of him. We’ve got to give him some freedom to become his own man. You know? He’s got to make mistakes. That’s part of what it is to be a kid. Don’t you think so?”

If she only knew…

[Now back at the Yagami residence]
Taichi: “I wonder why Koushirou called…”
Tai: “I wonder what Izzy was all hyped up about when he called tonight.”

“Hyped up”? He wasn’t even concerned enough to have your mum wake you!

Side Note

Finally, we get to the most important detail of the episodes that take place in Odaiba: Miiko is designated male in the dub for whatever reason. I always thought Miiko was female, because Japanese names that end in “-ko” are usually girls’ names. They also put a big, adorable ribbon on her, but hey: ain’t no law that says a male cat can’t rock a ribbon!

This detail is most important because Miiko is a kitty cat, and she is therefore the most important character on the show. And she has a little bell on her collar. Kitty cats, whether nude or with adorable accessories, take priority over all others.

Total Footage Kept

Look, it’s an Izzy-centric episode with a bunch of unnecessary censorship. It was doomed from the start! Even the Grand Empress cannot rescue that mess, because she has better things to do. She does help, though. I give it a D, for “dad”, which, between Izzy’s Bad Dad and Tentomon indirectly trying to become Izzy’s new dad, were unacceptable all around.

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  • DarthSanguine says:

    So you’re not going to bring up the fact that one of the apps on Izzy’s computer says “Pafu Pafu” and its icon is clearly (if you know what that is) meant to be a pair of tits?

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