Digimon Frontier S01E07

Town Floating in the Sky! Toy Country of ToyAgumon (JP)
Island of Misfit Boys (EN)

Dub Writers: Seth Walther

Original Airdates:
May 19, 2002 (JP)
October 21, 2002 (EN)

Section: Summary

GordoBaggins’ Notes: English version by Seth Walther, our Chairman of the Dialogue of Stupidity. Added scenes and dialogue everywhere. -_-

Side Note

The ToyAgumon’s voices in the dub are more adult-like, but in the original they were childish.

Dialogue Deviation

ToyAgumon 1: Cast us aside, will they?
ToyAgumon 2: Actually, they already did!
ToyAgumon 1: I was speaking rhetorically.
ToyAgumon 2: Oh. What’s that mean?

It means stfu in Latin.

Takuya: Keep your eyes peeled for Zoe and the guys.

silence, as usual
Takuya (about the toy robot): Hey, maybe that flying guy has seen them!

You say that as if they fell through that hole with you. O.o

silence, I say!
Takuya: Is this the flying robot?

Well, it just looks exactly like the one that you just saw land over there. You be the judge.

Side Note

Koji’s much more pissy about Tommy playing with the toys than Kouji is towards Tomoki.

The pig Tommy/Tomoki holds reminds me a lot of Takeru’s imagination of “Hogmon” from Digimon Adventure xD

Koji calling Tommy useless and stupid is mean. :<

Section: Cut or moved footage

A few shots are switched around and added during the viking ride scene. Why? To give us the idea that Tommy is about to puke, and Takuya and Koji are moving him back and forth to make sure he doesn’t spew on them.

Dialogue Deviation

After the ride in the original, Takuya and Kouji argue about what will happen if they’re attacked while Takuya carries Tomoki. In the dub, they argue about Takuya being a bad leader and Koji being self-centered.

Some dialogue later on (especially by Kouji) about there being the “corrupted warrior” that’s not one of the five is changed to something about Takuya failing as a leader. But the main idea is still kept because Koji sprinkles it into his speeches.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

WaruMonzaemon, Monzaemon, and Heartbreak Attack are all kept, as usual.

Section: Cut or moved footage

They added a clip of WaruMonzaemon flinging his Heartbreak Attack in the dub, right before it hits Koji. And a scene with WaruMonzaemon running with Tommy.

Dialogue Deviation

Takuya makes up some stuff about losing his little brother at the amusement park. It’s stupid.

Tommy (crying): This world just keeps getting better and better! Oh, what’s next? I’m just gonna blow up?! What’s worse, blowing up or having to tell everyone you were beaten by a teddy bear?

REALLY bad time for sarcasm.

Section: Cut or moved footage

There was a little clip of the castle bridge added there, too.

Dialogue Deviation

Koji: In that creepy castle?
Takuya: How can it be creepy? It’s lavender!
Koji: Never underestimate your enemy.

Yes, never underestimate their ability to paint their bases ridiculously unintimidating colors.

Takuya: It’s just so lavender!

We got that.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Scene of Tommy in the castle tower was switched around until after Takuya and Koji call for him.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Pandamon (in the dub) refers to the ToyAgumon (Black) as ShadowToyAgumon. And he sounds much more self-righteous, calling himself “the protector” and stuff.

Section: Cut or moved footage

There’s an added scene of the floating island before it pans over to the blimp that powers it.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Pandamon didn’t mention Cherubimon at first, he only talked about how the ToyAgumon used to play with “the children” (there’s more kids in the Digital World?) and now they don’t anymore because they’re, you know, corrupted and such. Also in the Japanese version, they pronounce Cherubimon with a K sound, not a CH sound like in the dub.

Side Note

Japanese Pandamon’s feet make a squeaking noise when he walks. :3

Dialogue Deviation

ShadowToyAgumon 1: Faster! Our destiny is at hand!
ShadowToyAgumon 2: Our destiny is at hand?
ShadowToyAgumon 1: Oh, just go away…

Maybe they would go faster and annoy you less if this scene wasn’t added in. >.<

Takuya: Lavender Castle, here we come!

Why hasn’t Koji flipped out on you and killed you yet?

Instead of kids that played with the ToyAgumon on the Internet turning them evil, the dub says “evil hackers” did it. lolz.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

ShadowToyAgumon -> Toy Flame = Plastic Blaze. They say their attack name a few times when they don’t in the original.

Agunimon calls “Burning Salamander” “Pyro Tornado” even though it’s not a tornado.

Dialogue Deviation

Agunimon: I hate when toys go bad.

At least Lobomon’s TRYING to be cool when he does his Fractal Code thingy…

Side Note

In the original, Tomoki’s image song plays during the end of the episode. It’s really cute. :3

Final Verdict

Total episode retained: 100%.

No additional notes.


  • AegisP says:

    I dont want to be mean but there is no dialogue deviation. The whole “Takuya lost his brother in an amusement park” WAS in the Japanese version.

    • There is — Takuya said his brother got lost in an amusement park and he’d searched for him, not that he’d “lost his brother” in one with no mention of searching for him (but mention of how he’d never been more worried “until now”, implying he wasn’t worried when his brother had gone missing, which is terrible).
      The Dialogue Deviation needs to be clarified because it seems to be based on an erroneous translation, but this is an old comparison and the writer no longer contributes to the site. It will probably have to be re-written at some point. Thanks for calling attention to it! I didn’t realize we had other old comparisons in need of revision.

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