Welcome to Digimon Uncensored, a website dedicated to comparing the Japanese Digimon anime to its English-dubbed counterpart.

This website, like many other “[Anime] Uncensored” websites, is a hybrid of comparing the dub version of the Digimon animated series with the original, Japanese version, and MST3K-style reviews/tomfoolery. The comparisons are for primarily for entertainment purposes and should be cited as a source with caution, particularly among audiences where children and people who take television shows way too seriously are present.

Although this should be obvious, let me be perfectly clear: spoilers are ahead. Each review will contain recap information for the episode being compared. Additionally, despite Digimon being a series marketed to children, this site is not. Expect strong language and references to scenes that have been cut from the English Dub for being considered inappropriate for American children (even though it’s apparently just fine for Japanese kids, but whatever).

And of course, let us not forget that credit for the original [Anime] Uncensored concept goes to none-other than Chris Psaros of Dragonball Z Uncensored fame, which it seems has been retired thanks to Dragonball Z actually having “uncut” versions available. Thanks, Mr. Psaros!

All Digimon content, including images and quoted dialogue, is © TOEI Animation, Bandai, Saban Entertainment, Sensation Animation, Disney, and any other companies not listed that own Digimon copyright. This website and all content written by myself (Gear) is © Logicae Media. All content written by guest reviewers belongs to its respective owners. Screen captures, including edited ones, are subject to applicable copyright laws and belong to TOEI animation and/or whoever dubs it at any given point. All other images used on this website are, to my knowledge, public domain and fair use.

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