Digimon Frontier S01E35

Spirits Merge! Takuya and Kouji’s Ultimate Evolution (JP)
Takuya and Koji’s Evolution Revolution (EN)

Dub Writer: Michael Sorich

Original Airdates:
December 8, 2002 (JP)
March 27, 2003 (EN)

Section: Summary

Cherubimon makes it clear that his intention is to acquire all ten Legendary Warrior Spirits. In an effort to free Ophanimon, Aldamon and Beowolfmon take Cherubimon to fight outside Ophanimon’s prison, while the others were tasked with the job of trying to free her from her prison. Beetlemon discovers the mirrors that bend and focus the light into beams, and the kids begin to work on destroying them all. Meanwhile, a battle rages outside, in which Cherubimon constantly seems to have the upper hand. Takuya and Koji hold out as long as possible, but a vicious lightning storm attack reverts them to their human forms. Cherubimon then takes the liberty of stealing their D-Tectors, and with them, their spirits. He tries to knock Koji and Takuya off a cliff, and flies off towards the castle to attack the others, leaving Koji half hanging off a cliff, trying to pull Takuya back up.

Ophanimon remains locked in her cell, but is almost freed. Cherubimon takes out Beetlemon, JagerLoewemon, and Korikakumon, stealing their D-Tectors. He launches a powerful attack at Zephyrmon, but Ophanimon manages to bust loose, intervening and receiving the Lightning Spear in her place. Cherubimon yells at her that she and Seraphimon were responsible for his fall to evil. Ophanimon responds by saying that with her powers of life and love, she can purify him once more. For a few seconds, Cherubimon is reverted back to his angelic form, but it doesn’t last long. It turns out that Ophanimon knew she couldn’t keep him purified, so she used it as a distraction while she stole back the D-Tectors he’d taken. Returning the D-Tectors to the DigiDestined, she teleports them outside to Takuya and Koji, then attacks Cherubimon. He counters the attack, resulting in a massive explosion that sends Cherubimon flying. Ophanimon contacts the kids through their D-Tectors, explaining that Cherubimon was too powerful for her to purify. She sacrificed the last of her power to evolve Takuya and Koji’s D-Tectors, to give them ability to unite the spirits. Her Digiegg is soon seen flying into the sky.

Section: Cut or moved footage

An extra headshot of Loewemon is inserted into the dub, giving him an extra line, with which he called Cherubimon a heartless creep.

Side Note

The dub changes a concept once again; the Digimon trapped in the fractal code portals from the previous episode are now explained in the dub as the Digimon that Cherubimon tried to give the Spirits of Darkness to, but failed. The original makes no such reference.

Dialogue Deviation

In the dub, Beowolfmon seems a lot less surprised by his attack going awry than he does in the original. In the dub, he sounds more like he’s trying to avoid getting blamed for hitting Aldamon.

Section: Cut or moved footage

I’ll try not to lose you here, but it’s kinda hard to explain. Cherubimon, while fighting Takuya and Koji, uses his Heaven’s Judgment/Storm of Judgment attack in both versions, by raising a hand to the sky, and calling down lightning. After the first attack in the dub, however, a scene is inserted of him raising his hand again, and he yells “Again!” before it continues with the original scene of Beowolfmon landing on a floating rock and blocking the attack with his BeoSaber.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: We’ll let you know where the light is coming from!
Blitzmon: Thor Hammer!
Neemon: The next one is to the right!
Bokomon: We’ll start by breaking that mirror to the top left!
Beetlemon: Thunder Fist!
Neemon: Now your other left!

Fairymon’s Dry Hip, presumably for censorship reasons once again, has been re-localized to Kazemon’s At last, it’s my turn to help out! Hiii-yaa augh!

Takuya: What are you doing?! Give them back! Give them back! Give us our Digivices back!
Takuya: That’s cheating! You can’t get away with that! It’s not fair! Give them back!

It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine when a hero yells at a villain, “That’s not fair!” or “You’re cheating!” What is that supposed to accomplish, exactly?

In the dub, Cherubimon refers to Kazemon and Zephyrmon as being the legendary spirits of light instead of wind.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Ophanimon’s Eden’s Javelin and Sephirot Crystals are retained.

Side Note

When Dub Cherubimon is purified and crying, he sounds like Kermit the Frog with laryngitis.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Hyper Spirit Evolution becomes Unity Execute! Unified Spirit Evolution! in the dub.

Side Note

The original has a new song to accompany the new evolution sequence. In the dub, they use a modified version of the standard music, which is still good.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

KaiserGreymon, the unified warrior of flame, becomes EmperorGreymon in the dub, not unlike Zero-Two’s treatment of Ken. MagnaGarurumon is retained, however.

Final Verdict


Seems like Michael Sorich’s episodes leave me a lot less to complain about.

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