Digimon Tamers S01E17

Chase the Blue Card! The Rapidmon Moment (JP)
Duel with the Deva (EN)

Original Airdates:
July 29, 2001 (JP)
November 3, 2001 (EN)

Section: Summary

Two more Devas to fight this time, a bull and a lamb. We take a trip to Akiba, the Mecca of all tech and the holy grounds of weebs. We also learn a fascinating secret Henry’s dad has been hiding as well as how Digimon were made.

Dialogue Deviation

Right off the bat, fresh off the opening, we get some nice added dialogue of a guy trying to sell someone three air conditioners. I miss the silence of the original.

We also get a nice piece of dialogue about the kid and his cards, finally having the complete collection of cards! Maybe now he can summon EXODIA!

Kid: silence
Kid: “I can’t have eight!”

Kenta: “Hey, that’s a really rare card.”
Kenta: “Hey Jeremy, is that your family portrait?”

Section: Side Note

On a side note….get it…side…note. I crack myself up. I’ve never been jealous of a anime character, but with that PC set up and all that tech, Henry is probably running the Digital World himself.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: silence
Takato: “And the young detectives set off on their perilous journey.”

Sub Takato is much cuter in his detective adventures, mentioning it once. Dub version decides to add some unneeded and much undesired flare.

Section: Side Note

Out of all the things the Dub decided to Americanize for us silly Americans, they didn’t make Akibahara into something American. Dropping the ball guys.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato decides he’s gonna grill Jeremy until he gets the exact height and weight of the guy. All the while the Japanese Jeremy looks petrified that he has to describe the man he bumped into.

Next in the dub we get a lovely narration of Henry’s dad telling us how exciting it was for him and his nerdy friends to play with rudimentary Digimon. Dad doesn’t know why they shut the project down, while Sub Dad has no inner monologue to clue us in.

Jenrya’s Dad: silence
Henry’s Dad: “What am I supposed to tell my son?!”

Here’s a thought DAD how about not lying to you son???

Section: Cut or moved footage

The Dub had to cut out this atrocity of a scene. A KIDS show, having the dad drinking a beer. Illegal. Not in my ‘Merica

This scene was moved from the Dub to go after Takato and Henry telling Guilmon that he’s too big for the train.

Section: Side Note

I love the creepy, ominous music that the Sub has. It’s lacking from the Dub of course.

Dialogue Deviation

Why the Dub decided to put in a cliché line for the bull and lamb Digimon, I’ll never know. Thankfully the Sub gives us silence.

Section: Side Note

I don’t normally side with the Dub on a lot of things, but this time the way they did Lambs yell was fantastic. The Sub actually hurt my ears the pitch was too high.

Rika’s sarcastic quips will never get old to me.

I wish the Dub had kept in the really cool jazz music.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Can’t have kids seeing little bunnies get stepped on…not on my American TV.

Section: Side Note

Another surprising the dub left in was keeping the name Matrix (Digi)-Evolution. I figured they would have called it something simple for kids to remember. Like, Blue Card Mega Evolution.
I do find it odd that Terriermon seems to be the first Digimon every time to evolve into the next level.

Dialogue Deviation

Terriermons reaction the Henry’s Dad thanking him were different in the Sub then Dub. In the Sub, Terriermon was really happy that he go praised, while in the Dub he saved him because he was Henry’s dad. Makes Terriermon seem like a more fleshed out character to see how much he values someone praising him.

In the next scene we get Rika and Renamon walking home when the Bull Digimon shows up! The Dub of course adds extra lines to make it seem more intimidating, but they should have gone the Subtitled route and left it all silent. Much more impactful.

Final Result

Final Result

90% retained. I can’t believe how close to the script the Dub was this time. Flabbergasted. It’s probably never going to ever happen again.

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