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[Re+Comparison] Tricks and treats

Salutations, ghouls and… other ghouls… I return with treats most foul and tricks most sweet! First, a treat: the re-comparison of the pseudo-spooky (pspeuky) episode 11, Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon / The Dancing Digimon, which was close enough to a Halloween episode, I guess. Second, a trick: but not a trick on you, dear readers! (Or […]


[Re-comparison] Clueless

Party’s over, kids — Digimon Uncensored isn’t dead yet! So there I was: working on my re-comparisons. As I was neared the finishing point of episode 11, with nary a bit of research awaiting me, I was struck with a terrible realization: I’d accidentally forgotten to re-do the comparison for episode 10. Then I realized […]


New site tool

Behold: in the lower left-hand corner of the page, you should find a new “d” icon! As with our existing readability tool in the upper-right, you can use this to change some font options to make the site more readable. This new tool allows you to view the site in the Dyslexie font, which is […]


[Re-comparison] Ice Physics

As we all know from playing platformers, ice does strange things to the stage. In this case, the things done were very strange. You won’t find out how by reading the revision of Digimon Adventure episode 9, Clash! Freezing Digimon / Subzero Ice Punch, so I made some .gifs instead: Agumon, too heavy to lift, is […]


[Re-comparison] Evil shows one set of cheeks, and Good shows the other!

It’s no illusion! In honor of our second anniversary, we’re coming back a tiny bit early from our hiatus to give you the revision of Adventure episode 8: The Butts Episode Messenger of Darkness Devimon! / Evil Shows His Face! Tai even drew you a map to help you navigate to the comparison: … good […]


[Re-comparison] Ikkakumon’s “Harpoon Torpedo”

Reign in the New Year with a new old comparison! Digimon Adventure episode 7, Roar! Ikkakumon / “Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Torpedo” has been revised!


Digimon Adventure: REwrite

Looking for something else to read? Dario Speedwagon, our resident something-or-other, has completed his rewrite on the first episode of Digimon Adventure (1999). Some of the older comparisons are in need of rewrites, so that process has now started. We’ll put out an announcement here and on our social media channels when that happens, so […]


A Halloween Special!

While the comparison for Frontier episode Sockit Takuya will be released on October 30, we’ve got something special for all you dungeon-exploring Halloween enthusiasts. A special comparison will be released on Halloween, October 31st this year. Be sure to check it out!


Digimon:SR Review Site

Sometimes I get asked, “Hey Gear, I thought this was a site that reviews Digimon episodes. Why don’t you do that?” And I respond, “Who are you and how did you get into my house?” While Digimon Uncensored does offer some review of things that we do and don’t like about an episode (usually focusing […]


6/18: An Ocean Day Special!

The ocean. Dark. Foreboding. Evil lighthouses. Monochrome. Inexplicably renamed sea creatures. Cthulu things. This year, in honor of the Tokyo Olympics, Ocean Day is July 23rd. What’s Ocean Day, you ask? It’s the Japanese day of giving thanks to the ocean that provides life. So in honor of this we are… um… doing a comparison […]


Yoshino Fujieda

Category Japanese English Name: Yoshino Fujieda Yoshino “Yoshi” Fujieda Series and Role: Digimon Savers DATS Field Agent Digimon Data Squad DATS Field Agent Catchphrase: This is the worst! This is the worst! Partner(s): Lalamon Sunflowmon Lilamon Rosemon Rosemon Burst Mode Lalamon Sunflowmon Lilamon Rosemon Rosemon Burst Mode Backstory: Yoshino Fujieda was a trained pianist from […]


5/12: New Project Inbound!

We at Digimon Uncensored are always looking for new ways to push our ideas and reviews on you. In that spirit, check out this new teaser video for our latest project! What does it mean? You’ll just have to stick around and find out!

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4/26: Golden Week is Almost Here!

This Wednesday, April 29th, starts Golden Week in Japan. Golden Week is a string of holidays that last, as you can probably guess, a full week. Think of it like Spring Break, but everyone gets in on it, not just school kids and college students. In honor of Golden Week, Digimon Uncensored will be switching […]

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