Digimon Fusion (2010)


Digimon Fusion is centered around Mikey Kudo, a school athlete who locates a dying Digimon and saves his life. This Digimon, Shoutmon, has aspirations to become the King of the Digital World in order to save it from the evil Bagra Army. With the help of his new Fusion Loader, Mikey must lead an army of Digimon into battle against several factions, using his unique ability to combine Digimon together to fight major battles.

Digimon Xros Wars aired in Japan from 2010-2012, while its American counterpart, Digimon Fusion, aired in the US from 2013 to 2015, though only two of the three seasons were dubbed.

Major Changes

Taiki Kudo –> Mikey Kudo
Kiriha Aonuma –> Christopher Aonuma
Akari Hinomoto –> Angie Hinomoto
Tsurugi  Zenjirou  –> Jermy Tsurgi
Yuu Amano –> Ewan Amano


Comparisons by Gao.

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