Digimon Data Squad (2006)


Set in yet another alternate universe, the Digimon Data Squad are a police force tasked with maintaining the existence of the Digital World and its Digimon inhabitants a secret. While the task is relatively simple at first, the barrier between the Digital and Human worlds begins to break down, leading the Data Squad to look into the mysterious disappearance of two humans several years ago. What they find draws them into a deadly war where there can be no victors.

Digimon Savers aired from 2006 to 2007, and was aired by Disney in the U.S. under the title Digimon Data Squad from 2007 to 2008.

Major Changes

This series was particularly inconsistent with previous media, with attack names and even Digimon names differing from their earlier English counterparts. Below are the most commonly seen changes:

Masaru Daimon = Marcus Damon
Yoshino Fujieda = Yoshino “Yoshi” Fujieda
Tohma H. Norstein = Thomas H. Norstein
Ikuto Noguchi = Keenan Crier
• Yatagaramon = Crowmon
Captain Satsuma Rentarou = Commander Richard Sampson
• Qilinmon = Chirinmon
• Sleipmon = Kentaurosmon
Yushima Hiroshi = Commander-General Homer Yushima
• Gawappamon = Gwappamon
• Shaujinmon = Shawjamon
Daimon Chika = Kristy Damon
• Piyomon = Biyomon
Daimon Suguru = Dr. Spencer Damon
• BanchouLeomon = BanchoLeomon

Mercurymon = Merukimon
Yggdrasil = King Drasil
Craniamon = Craniummon
LordKnightmon = LoadKnightmon (formerly Crusadermon)
Dunasmon = Dynasmon
Dukemon = Gallantmon
Duftmon = Leopardmon
Omegamon = Omnimon

Gizmon = Gizumon
Gizmon AT = Gizumon AT
Gizmon XT = Gizumon XT

Street Fighter = Ultimate Fighter
Digivice iC = Data Link Digivice


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