Digimon Data Squad S01E26

Masaru’s Erased Memories – The Lost Bond (JP)
Memory is the First Thing to Go! (EN)

Original Writer: Yamaguchi Ryouta
Dub Writers: Jeff Nimoy

Original Airdates:
October 8, 2006 (JP)
April 14, 2008 (EN)

Section: Summary

Upon returning to the Human World, the Data Squad finds out that Kurata has set them up as traitors to humankind. Sampson was arrested for high treason, and the squad has their memories of DATS and their Digimon partners erased. Their partners and Keenan are locked away while Marcus, Thomas, and Yoshi are all sent out to live their normal lives sans their memories. However, there are cracks forming. All three get headaches anytime they hear anything about Digimon or Kurata. Thomas’ butler accidentally brings two cups of tea to him, despite not explicitly remembering Gaomon. Marcus’ mother makes way too much food, subconsciously compensating for a now-absent Agumon’s appetite.

In a holding cell, the Digimon discuss what happened and their own fate. Not content to sit around, Agumon brings the others around to the idea of escaping and becoming fugitives, believing that their bond with their Tamers will reopen their lost memories. Agumon simulates a fire to call over the guards, who are then put to sleep by Lalamon. They and Gaomon seek out their Tamers while Kudamon leads the others to the holding cells to reunite with Keenan, Megumi, and Miki. However, Sampson had been taken away by high-ranking government officials, so Kudamon goes off on his own to find him.

In a fit of rage, Keenan seeks out Kurata and attacks as revenge for Merukimon. But three shadowy figures defend him, and with a single attack, manage to knock Crowmon back down to Rookie form. Miki and Megumi grab the fallen pair and escape DATS headquarters. Meanwhile, the other Digimon start jogging their partners’ memories. While Gaomon and Lalamon are able to use their words to achieve this, Agumon resorts to punching Marcus in the face.

Section: Side Note

When Hashiba calls out the names of the DATS members, he refers to Masaru and Yoshino by last name first, which is standard in Japan. However, he says “Tohma Norstein,” presumably because his name is European. Obviously this isn’t a thing in the dub.

In both versions, Hashima initially says that he got an anonymous tip that indicated that DATS has betrayed Japan. However, in that same scene, Kurata steps in and states that if they’d followed his orders, this wouldn’t be happening. This indicates that it wasn’t an anonymous tip at all – Kurata has massive leverage within the Japanese government – enough for someone to be convicted of treason without a trial. Remember this for later in the season.

After their memory wipe, the DATS members wake up in new civilian outfits we’ve never seen them in before. Seems kinda skeevy, even if they couldn’t let them wake up in their DATS uniforms.

Dialogue Deviation

I’m five minutes into the episode and every line of dialogue has been virtually identical between versions. The first change I’ve heard is when dub Kudamon adds a line into his explanation about how all their hard work is falling apart thanks to Kurata. This also leads to Gaomon changing his lament from “DATS’ responsibility has been shattered!” to “We’ll never see our human partners again.”

Masaru’s teacher is kind of talking gibberish to his students, the two sentences he says being more broken and unfinished – something about working for a living, and something to do with bicycles and cars – presumably to show Masaru’s not paying that much attention. Marcus’ teacher on the other hand is specifically teaching how exponents work, using 32 as an example.

Evil Kanji Erased Everywhere!

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, the news reporter said Kurata has lifted martial law following the last monster attack. In the dub, he says that Kurata has started martial law. He also says Kurata has been appointed the new Assistant Director to the National Security Council.

Agumon: What’s most important is protecting something at the risk of your life! That’s what a man does!
Lalamon: Of course you’d say that, Agumon.
Gaomon: I guess it’s not just your stupidity that resembles him.
Agumon: The most important thing for me has always been protecting Marcus. I won’t let him down!
Lalamon: That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard you say, Agumon!
Gaomon: Much better than the usual drivel that comes out of your mouth.

The “Digimon Experimentation Room” was renamed the “Digimon Containment Center” in the dub.

Gaomon: Try considering the situation a bit first!
Agumon: Oh, who cares? We ended up getting out!
Gaomon: The next time you act, use your head!
Agumon: I did use my head. Where do you think the fire came from?

Another joke that landed due to good acting.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but the “Ministry of Confidentiality” is renamed the “National Security Council” in the dub.

Section: Side Note

I gotta say, I like how this show doesn’t pull its punches. Yatagaramon/Crowmon goes straight for his finishing move, and aimed it directly at a seemingly helpless Kurata. Keenan wants him dead, and neither version is afraid to show it.

Dialogue Deviation

Right before he punches Masaru, Agumon shouts, “Aniki, you idiot!” In the dub, he shouts, “Sorry Boss!” The former indicates Agumon is attacking out of frustration. The latter indicates Agumon’s intentionally using a punch to jog his memory, hence the apology. Later, dub Agumon admits he thought the punch would help, which it did.

Section: Side Note

For some reason, when Marcus starts to remember Agumon, the dub uses that song Lalamon sings to calm Yoshi down as background music.

The static snow effect on the screen is gone in the dub, since they just wiped the entire image to change Gizmon to Gizumon.

Section: Side Note

This is the start of an unexplained plot hole in this series. Just last episode, it took one Mega and four Ultimates to take down a single Gizumon. Now that Gizumon evolved into its AT form during the fight, but even at Champion Level, it was nearly impossible to take down. But now it’s shown that MachGaogamon and Lilamon were able to take them down one-on-one with no issue.

Section: Cut or moved footage

RizeGreymon shot three bullets in the original. This was cut to only one in the dub. For some reason.

Final Verdict

Very few changes, as usual.

Both versions were very similar. There were a couple of jokes added into the dub, but they were handled well and were actually funny, but more importantly they weren’t used to soften the impact of the plot.

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