Digimon Fusion S01E11

Burn, Xros Heart! (JP)
Ice to See You Angie! (EN)

Original Writer: Riku Sanjō
Dub Writer: Mark Ryan

Original Airdates:
September 14th, 2010 (JP) [A Dual-Episode Airing]
November 17th, 2013 (EN)

Gao’s Pre-Comparison Commentary: Hello again! I am terribly sorry I didn’t get my comparison out last month! Life had simply overwhelmed me with the preparations for school and that took out a lot of my energy. Not that university isn’t already sucking up my energy as well as time, but it explains last month. I just want to say that you may get sudden but abrupt cancellations of future comparisons if I don’t have enough time or energy to get a comparison out in time. Education comes first after all! Also taking care of an Appmon and Digimon, yeah, that too. By the way, just letting you all know my birthday is coming up on the 27th! Be sure to say happy birthday to me if you wish! Anyway, enough stalling, let’s get on with it!

Section: Summary

So we begin with the aftermath of the last episode, where Mikey is being guarded by Beastmon! This is fine, but Angie’s gotta be the jealous crush type of girl and storms off. Getting upset at Jeremy, who’s temporarily taken up the general role in Mikey’s absence. After a victorious defense by the army, Jeremy fixes up Ballistamon’s arm as if it was brand new. Angie gets upset and briefly quarrels with him before running away crying. Later that night, Shoutmon sees Angie on a balcony and going through photos on her phone when she apparently could hear her moth’s voice. In a blind excitement, she follows it to a mirror with Shoutmon secretly following.

She touches the mirror, and it is revealed to be Laylamon who’s behind the voice, hypnotizing her and tricks Angie into thinking she needs the Code Crown to fulfill her wishes of getting back home on Earth. After discovering where the Code Crown was, and a scare from Mikey, she heads off to steal it and make off with it. Dorulumon and Cutemon discover Shoutmon sleeping on night watch and painfully wake him up when they notice Angie walking away from the castle, and right to the Icemon army that’s charging right at them! Realizing what has happened with a little puzzle piece fitting, they try to defend the castle and stop Angie from meeting with Laylamon.

Sadly, Laylamon has a trick up her sleeve and unleashes it on the army. Thankfully, Mikey wakes up just in time and immediately rushes to the battlefield where he discovers something terrible happened, everything discovered in ice. Angie made it to Laylamon, and right in front of Mikey, whisks her away. Mikey and then followed by Jeremy, give chase, and successfully stop her from giving her the Code Crown. A small battle ensues with the fusion of IceDevimon and Daipenmon, but they’re defeated with the combined power of Shoutmon X4K.

Realizing her defeat, she disappears and lets the fusion Digimon die. The team celebrates and attends a royal ceremony congratulating the team for saving their kingdom. Both the princess and the knights offer to follow them, which Mikey accepts. Their next stop is the Sand Zone! Meanwhile, Nene had been secretly watching them and went to meet Christopher to tell him the results of her observations. Of course, her choice to partner up with him was rejected, and in a crazy b**** ex manner, she summons a secret weapon she apparently had, a Black Fusion Loader, and her partner Digimon Sparrowmon. Intent on forcing Christopher to partner up with her.

Dialogue Deviation

Bastemon: Sir Taiki…
Beastmon: My brave stranger… Would you wake up already?

How many times do I need to use the JonTron Stranger Danger clip for this show? Jesus…

Angie: *sobs* I guess Mikey doesn’t even need me anymore!

Girl, can you stop being such a jealous b****? Mikey needs you now MORE than ever, but nooo, you wanna play the romantic game instead. I see how it is.

Side Note

Is it just me or is the whole scene where the armies are fighting with ice and fire Digimon replying back after they attack each other reminding me of nuclear war? Huh? It’s too dark for this you say? Oh, okay, just me-

Dialogue Deviation

Akari: What’s all this “substitute General” business?
Angie: Assistant Jerk is more like it.

Angie, can you please shut the f*** up? Like I don’t where you got this attitude from all of a sudden, but you’re just coming off like a jealous ex right now.

Shoutmon: Already?!
Shoutmon: I guess I am up for it!

Haha, ’cause self-aware humor is ALWAYS hilarious…

Monitamon: Oh dear… The Icemon army loses this one.
Monitamon: Well, they’re either skydiving, or they just got defeated.

Considering the fact that even mere humans could survive a great fall from the sky and not get hurt… I think they’ll be fine. Also Icemon Army? HUH? What in the world does THAT mean?!

IceDevimon: Wh-What?! Lady Lilithmon, I can still help you!
IceDevimon: No wait, I can do it, I just need more time Laylamon! You got me on my knees, Laylamon!

Your puny attempts at flirting are ineffective for the beautiful and independent ruler, Laylamon. You are just not good enough for her. Better try again next time!

Zenjirou: I’m great at mechanical stuff.
Jeremy: I’m always head mechanic whenever we play Garage Wars: The Diesel Years.

One thing I’ll never miss from Jeremy is his forced gamer shtick. Ugh.

Side Note

I have ALWAYS maintained that Ballistamon would be good at Digimon Uncensored, and that still holds true! Akari’s bein’ a f***ing b**** again and Ballistamon replies: “That’s harsh.” God he cracks me up at the fact!

Dialogue Deviation

Ballistamon: The princess is keeping Taiki to herself.
Zenjirou: Oh, that’s all?

Ballistamon: I think she doesn’t like Mikey’s new girlfriend.
Jeremy: Oh, yeah, the crazy cat lady.

Balistamon, no! I JUST praised you too! YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! Well, I suppose even the mighty have their bad moments. I love how they’re thrusting in the “jealous” stereotype into this as if Angie can be nothing but a jealous, clingy woman.

Zenjirou: It’s not as if I like fighting, but…
Akari: I know that!
Jeremy: You don’t have to get catty about it!
Angie: Grr!! You’re such a blockhead!

God that pun was so god-awful I wanna blow my brains out after hearing it.

Akari: I know that, I just… Jerk!
Angie: Figures you boys don’t understand anything!

Hey guys, do you guys hear b****y whining? Yeah, me neither.

Shoutmon: *yawns* Night watch sure is exhausting…
Shoutmon: *groans* Why can’t they text each other?!

Because Shoutmon, didn’t you know that in LITERALLY the first episode, we’ve established that phones have no communication features whatsoever? Jesus, get with the show logic man!

Lilithmon: I’ve got one.
Laylamon: Looks like I’ve got a bite. Now, to reel in the fish.

Yeah, because this show totally benefits from having cheesy and one-note villain monologue. Adds a bit of character don’t you think?

Side Note

I just find it strange and amusing that after Angie comments on how strange the mirror is in a normal tone of voice, she then immediately follows up with the question of asking if her mom is in there in a high-pitched, child-like voice. Like those tones don’t flow well together at ALL.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: What are you doing in here, Akari?
Shoutmon: Are you cracking up, Angie? You’re talking to yourself.

OHHHH no, I’ve got enough to deal with Angie alone, I don’t need you coming into the equation too with your snarky remarks!

Shoutmon: Ugly mirror too, probably why it’s covered up.

Please never turn to smugly face the audience ever again from merely your tone of voice ever again.

Shoutmon: Crap, it broke!
Shoutmon: Oh, terrific! Seven years of bad luck! Oh well.

You honestly deserve that for being so goshdarn clumsy.

Shoutmon: Akari?
Shoutmon: Right. Nice talking to ya.

Oh look, a Shoutmon diorama! Must I get the confetti or somethin’? Oooh hoohoohoo~! Seriously, stop being such a dick to your friends. My god, this comparison is going to be purely focused on Angie I’m predicting based on everything so far, I don’t need you to be the second!

Angie: Where’s a taxi where you need one?!

Where we’re going, taxis don’t exist!

Side Note

Interesting small change they made to the dialogue is that the original has her “mom” tell her to leave the Digital World and come back home, but the dub changed it so that she’s asking her if she wants to leave the Digital World and come back home. Strange choice…

Dialogue Deviation

Lilithmon: Oh? That was quick.
IceDevimon: Wh-What are you doing?! Lady Lilithmon!

Laylamon: Good. Guards, take out the trash.
IceDevimon: No! Wait! Be careful! My ice is gonna break!

Okay, there’s a couple of things to unpack here. One, how terrible that joke is forced into that line. We don’t need your perverted mind coming into this, and two, this is is supposed to be the off-screen death of IceDevimon, but he doesn’t even scream in agony? Well, rest in peace you weird accented ice demon.

Oh finally, one of these. I was getting bored with the constant side notes and dialogue deviations. We get a TWO fer! Typical pain star screen censors. Nothing to see here, move along.

Wait, hold on, well while it isn’t THAT much different, we get a new type of star screen censor! It features a brief yellow and orange flashing to a black and white pointy bubble! Likely for when we get such heavy blows like what Cutemon throws such a big and heavy boulder on top of Shoumon’s head (which he totally deserves by the way).

Dialogue Deviation

Cutemon: I knew it!
Cutemon: You awake now!?

Gosh why is bossy and fierce Cutemon really cute? Also hi Dorulumon, you appear pretty late into the episode.

Dorulumon: In a mirror?
Shoutmon: I’m sorry… I won’t do it again!

Dorulumon: A mirror you say?
Shoutmon: That’s right… Wacked out, I know.

Oh no, Shoutmon… Please don’t tell me you smoked the bong agaiiinn!!!

Shoutmon: What’s she doing out there?
Cutemon: That’s strange.

Shoutmon: Out for a little midnight snack?
Cutemon: Nah, that can’t be it. Everything shuts down in this place by six! You can’t even get a pizza!

Why is it that Cutemon doesn’t sound terrible or like he’s forcing a joke with his lines? Something to do with his voice maybe?

Side Note

Time for another episode of a thing the dub does better than the original! So after our heroes realize what our main girl has done because of what, they horrifically look onto the ice as she has the Code Crown in her hands. However, we get some scenes of the current situation unfolding below them, and that’s it in the original. Just complete silence. Now the dub has those same jumpcuts but with Dorulumon explaining what Laylamon did to both the other ‘mons as well as us. Which feels much better than complete silence? Some might think it’s treating us like we’re dumb but I say it’s at least a step in the right direction with that scene.

Also, the opening, Never Give Up!, plays at 8:02 in the original.

Again, something the dub does better! Christ, two for two! When Zenjirou is ordering the army to not use long-range weapons for fears they might hurt Akari, he just growls while staring intensely at the battlefield from above? It’s just super awkward but the dub actually adds some CHARACTER to Jeremy by having him internally say: “I hope this works…” over that scene. Like it shows he actually does care about his friends and isn’t going to sacrifice his friends to save the day. Keep it up dub. Although the music could be better, the original still has a better job doing that.

Dialogue Deviation

Icemon: I thought this was going to be an easy gig!

Bold of you to assume fighting in a war for your empire was an easy job to take.

Side Note

Also, I just now realized that Icemon that Monitamon was referring to in the original was the variation of Gotsumon that make up a majority of the army. I CAN BE STUPID SOMETIMES OKAY?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Finally, a new Digimon! I’ve been waiting for this. Also, the dub DID mention this Digimon in the near beginning of the episode but I waited until he actually made an appearance before I counted him.

The Digimon, Daipenmon, retains its name in the dub.

No, I don’t count Icemon because they haven’t mentioned them by name, but based on some knowledge, it seems like they retain the name from the original.

Dialogue Deviation

Lilithmon: No one can stop the power of Daipenmon!
Laylamon: Those little take-apart toys don’t stand a chance against my Daipenmon!

Damn, Laylamon sees absolutely no value in their existence whatsoever! So heartless!

IceDevimon: Why must I be treated this way?
IceDevimon: Aaggh, I’m nothing but a helpless popsicle!

Also, hi IceDevimon, I see your ice powers have been put to good use I see!

Taiki: *yawns* It’s just not the same if it’s not Akari…
Mikey: *yawns* But I should go and make sure Angie and Jeremy are okay.

Dude, you JUST woke up after collapsing from exhaustion and you’re already being selfless again?! You need to know your own limits man!

Side Note

I know I’m using a lot of side notes this comparison but this is another dub does better part. While both lines are very good, I feel like the first line just… doesn’t amply Taiki as the eager to jump in, selfless hero he’s portrayed as? Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact he appreciates Akari for taking care of him when he collapses, but I feel like the dub’s line adds to his character by worrying about both of his friends after he woke up from being exhausted himself, which his friends were already worried about him. That’s just my take on it, you can prefer either line either way.

Dialogue Deviation

Mikey: Oh no! Everyone’s a frosty freezy!

Hey, uhh… Who wants some of these Digi-Ice Pops? I claim Dorulumon! Someone can have Shoutmon, I hear he’s the least liked flavor out of all of them.

Side Note

MAN does the dub keep WINNING today! Like why is this episode doing a lot of stuff better than the original?! After Taiki calls out for Akari, Lilithmon just covers her with her cloak and takes her away, silently, but the dub has Laylamon mock Mikey, by saying: “Your little friends mine now, little boy! *evilly laughs*” Like sure, it is overly cheesy, but I’m beginning to like Laylamon more than Lilithmon because she’s just really good at being a heartless, cruel and selfish b****. A more intimidating villain than Tactimon could ever be, still upset by that mess up by the way.

Dialogue Deviation

Jeremy: Probably freezing my buns!

Yeah, what did you expect by carving down the side of the ice wall so closely?!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Okay, I FINALLY got a confirmation for this in the show itself!

The Digimon, Icemon, retains its name in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Jeremy: I love the smell of ice in the morning!

Jeremy, you’re weird, very weird. I mean, you smoking weed made you already weird, but this just proves it even more!

Side Note

Yeah, I’m calling it, Laylamon is way better than Lilithmon in the original. Dub keeps getting wins this episode, which is a shock honestly! Despite how terribly it started off. Lilithmon just says nothing as she tries to take the Code Crown, but fails but Laylamon says: “Good girl, now give me that Code Crown.” in such a demanding and b****y tone, it goes the extra mile that the original, in my opinion, fails to do with her character.

Dialogue Deviation

Lilithmon: Well well, so you brave boys are still alive?
Laylamon: Well well, if it isn’t the boy band rejects here for the big rescue!

I only got one word for that roast and that is:

Taiki: Akari… [silence]
Mikey: Angie! That’s not true, you, uh, make great sandwiches! Ugh, that didn’t come out right.

Oh gee… YOU THINK? You’re so desperate to save your friend that you spat out something so unbelievable false. If you lose her forever, it’s YOUR fault!

Side Note

Jeez this comparison really loves side notes don’t they? Interesting how the dub took Taiki’s lines calling out his Digimon allies’ names and gave them to Angie, with an added “you came to save me?” question thrown in. Honestly, it makes the scene much more powerful. I approve!

Dialogue Deviation

Lilithmon: Such impudent brats.
Laylamon: If this gets any sweeter, I’m going to lose my teeth

Then you wouldn’t be the a**hole pretty villain you’re famous for now would you?

Oh? What’s this? A non-star screen censor? Yes it is!

When Angie breaks free of the spell, she uses the code crown she has in her hands as a mini dagger of sorts, cutting Laylamon. Though the thing is that they removed the blood from her cut, so it’s just an awkward dodge in the dub. Okay then.

Also, they sidestepped the whole blood triggering Lilithmon thing by having her get enraged from Angie disobeying and attacking her. It’s fine I guess.

Dialogue Deviation

Angie: Woah, I’m getting a tan here!
Ballistamon: If you can’t stand the heat, get away from the exploding villain!

This is NOT the time to starting taking a tan when an enraged Digital WOMAN is about to explode with energy!

Jeremy: I sure hope that’s just a giant snow cone maker!

What is it with everyone imagining better scenarios when they’re literally about to die? No wonder these kids get taken advantage of by evil Digimon.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

The fusion of Daipenmon and IceDevimon, IceDevimon-Daipenmon Assimilated Form, mostly remains intact as IceDevimon-Daipenmon Enhancement in the dub.

IceDevimon-Daipenmon Assimilated Form’s attack, Absolute Zero Ice Crusher of Hell, has been changed to Ice Crusher Avalanche! in the dub.

Whew that was a mouthful…

Dialogue Deviation

Jeremy: Why did I wish for this?!

Because you’re freakin’ stupid, that’s why.

Akari: Go ahead, Taiki!
Zenjirou: Let’s show ’em!

Angie: Show that witch which way the wind blows!
Jeremy: And turn that lardball into snow cones for everybody!

So we can meet the wicked witch of the west? Oh boy! And Jeremy, for gods sake, give it a rest with the snow cone stuff already! Laylamon wouldn’t taste all that great! Now Dorulumon on the other hand~

Section: Digimon Analyzer

The fusion of, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon & Pickmons, Knightmon & PawnChessmon, Shoutmon X4K, retains its name in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Lilithmon: this Ice Crusher.
Laylamon: you’re dumber than IceDevimon!

She really doesn’t respect anyone on her team, does she?

Shoutmon X4K: You wanna know? Then I’ll tell you! We are Xros Heart. A bond of burning hearts that’s gonna change the world! And we’ll never forgive you… For toying with Akari’s heart!
Shoutmon X4K: You really wanna know? Well since you’re already whipped as a milkshake and I’m a nice guy, I’ll tell you! We’re the Fusion Fighters! And the bond between us is strong than any evil snowman you can dream up! And to pay you back for what you did to Angie, we’re totally gonna destroy your funny-looking snowblower! Actually we probably would have done that either way- Take this you over-hyped refridgerator!

UGGH THESE GOD AWFUL FORCED BATTLE PUNS- Please stop this at once!!! Also, enough with the self-aware humor! You think you’re cute for doing it but it’s actually terrible!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Shoutmon X4K’s attack, Xros Heart’s Burning Star Crusher, has been changed to Fusion Fighters’ Great Sword of Victory.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon X4K: That oughta defrost you!

Can you stop being such a pervert Shoutmon? My god-

Lilithmon: Of course, there’s no way I could win with IceDevimon. *laughs and disappears*
Laylamon: Well, I should have known any plan involving IceDevimon would fail.
IceDevimon: I am right here!
Laylamon: *laughs and disappears*
IceDevimon: Wait, don’t leave me, I think this thing’s gonna blow!

God, even death doesn’t stop her from brutally roasting and mocking her servants! Jesus!

Side Note

Also, why didn’t the original include sound effects for the death scene? Like did they think it’d take the focus away from We are Xros Heart!!? Even if the music doesn’t quite match the scene in the dub, the dub gets points for actually having sound effects for the death scene!

Dialogue Deviation

Nene: But it’s a little too fiery for me.
Nene: *sighs* It’s a shame, but even that won’t be enough to save him.

What do you know that we and Mikey don’t, woman? You can’t leave us hanging like this, especially up to this point in the season!

Bastemon: I can, can’t I, Sir Taiki~?
Akari: *growls*
Taiki: *chuckling* This doesn’t bode well… Oh well, why not?

Beastmon: We’re gonna have so much fun, you and I!
Angie: *growls*
Mikey: *chuckling* Well, the more the merrier I guess-
Angie: Merry’s not the word I was thinking of!

Watch, that humanoid, feline Digimon is going to grope that child annnyyy moment now. The FBI will be knocking down this door any second now.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Nene’s partner Digimon, Sparrowmon, is retained in the dub.

And with that, onto the Digimon Data Files!

Section: Cut or moved footage

The only cuts were gonna get this comparison.

Shifted: 5 seconds – Looks like they extended the still image of Monitamon sitting to do a “no enemy found” joke. Great.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Beastmon’s attacks, Helter Skelter and Vampire Dance, are changed to Witch Warp and Mind Fogger in the dub respectively.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Shifted: About 4 and a half seconds – Not the same reasoning this time, (that would be the other cut that appeared first), mainly because they have a mouthful of words to say, which drags out the length of the joke that’s for the most part, is translated 1 to 1.

Final Result

Total Footage Lost: Gained 9 and a half seconds.

I have to say it, this is the BEST episode by FAR. Not only is it the shortest comparison I’ve done, but there was a lot of stuff the dub did better than the original! I can’t believe I’m saying that! If you can handle Angie being unnecessarily clingy and whiny, then this episode gets a recommendation from me!

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