Digimon Adventure S01E01

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Drifting? The Island of Adventure!

Drifting? The Island of Adventure!
And So it Begins…

Satoru Nishizono (JP)
R.D. Chamberlain & John Ludin (EN)

Original Airdate:
March 7, 1999

Note: This comparison is one of the oldest ones on the site and is slated to be redone.


DIGIMON: DIGITAL MONSTERS. DIGIMONS ARE THE CHAMPI– all right, I think I’m deafening myself with a combination of worst-theme-song-ever and my own crackly man-voice. Yes, readers, your suffering is nigh, for I have opted to re-do my comparisons of Digimon Adventure. Can you taste the FEAR?

How about now?
What do you mean, “vodka”?


Cut, Added, or Shifted Scenes

The first cut is, not surprisingly, in the opening Animation. First of all, the American theme song is too short, so I suppose some of these cuts had to happen. I wish they had just made the song longer wait, what the hell am I thinking? That thing does not need to be any longer or more repetitive than it is. The original opening theme did contain some very artistic scenes, though, and complimented the original theme song (Wada Kouji’s ‘Butter-fly’) well.

Side Note

In the dub, Tai is telling us about the weather changes and how he was at summer camp, whereas originally, a narrator gives us the weather report. The effect of the episode is changed by Tai’s narration in the dub: it gives the feeling that Tai is the main character, which he really isn’t (the Japanese story gives the focus to all of the characters even though Tai tends to get more screen time). Tai’s narration also goes on longer than it should.

Tai: “… and other places got totally flooded by oceans like chocolate sauce!”

That is some NASTY-looking chocolate sauce.

Tai: “All of the other campers were, you know, goofing off and hanging out… Me? I was enjoying the summer sun while, uh… going over my multiplication tables!”

That’s because you have no one to goof off and hang out with, Tai. NOBODY LIKES YOU.

Tai also introduces the other characters for us, which isn’t too bad, except it’s kind of annoying to hear him ramble (speaking of rambling…)

Side Note

The character name screens are kept, but the kanji and kana is replaced by English.

Yagami Taichi – Taichi “Tai” Kamiya
Takenouchi Sora – Sora Takenouchi
Ishida Yamato – Yamato “Matt” Ishida
Isumi Koushiro – Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi
Tachikawa Mimi – Mimi Tachikawa
Takaishi Takeru – Takeru “T.K.” Takaishi
Kido Jou – Joe Kido

Some people count this as the dub retaining the characters’ names, but the dub never refers to any of them by their original names again. Aside from that, if the dub had kept their names, why would they need “nicknames?”

While the Japanese narrator is just telling us the characters’ names, Tai can’t resist saying stupid things while introducing the characters:

Sora – “This is Sora. She’s okay, for a GIRL!”

No, wait, wait. False alarm. She’s not okay at all. And whether or not she’s a girl is still up for debate.

Matt – (sarcastic) “And Matt… Matt’s too cool. Just look at that haircut!”

Learn to enjoy listening to Saban rave over Yamato’s hair, kids.

Izzy – “And this little kid is Izzy. (giggle) He should have gone to computer camp!”

He did. The kids there kicked him out; they said he should have gone to summer camp.

Mimi – “That’s Mimi. I bet you can guess her favorite color on the first try!”

Remember, kids: prejudice is good for you!

Takeru – “T.K. is Matt’s dopey little brother.”

Damn, what an asshole.

Jou – “Oh, and this is Joe. Don’t ever scare him, he’d probably wet his pants.”

DAMN, what an asshole.

Now this is something I simply don’t understand. In the dub, Joe is made out to be a high-strung, cowardly, weak, whiny, etc.. In the original, he’s mature, cautious, responsible, and a bit stressed. Being the oldest of the kids, he’s more experienced and less into outdoorsy things. He’s NOT whiny and frail just because he wears a sweatervest and glasses.

Taichi: Looks like it finally stopped…”
Tai: “Needless to say, the canoe races were cancelled! … So let’s have toboggan races instead!”


Jou: “Hurry back inside until the adults say it’s okay–“
Joe: “Man. I was worried I’d catch a summer cold, but this is even worse!”

Don’t worry, Joe. You can still catch a summer cold, what with it still being summer and all.

Mimi: “How pretty!”
Mimi: “Wow! Why didn’t I pack my fluffy pink snow boots?”

Because it’s summer?

Side Note

During the scene where they’re looking at the aurora, the music score completely ruins the mood. The Japanese music gives a sense of beauty and wonder, the English version indicates that something bad is about to happen.

Koushirou: That’s strange! For an aurora to be in Japan…”
Izzy: “You mean an aurora borealis, the northern lights? That’s impossible! You see that in Alaska, we’re way too far South.”

Yes, Japan is a little far from Alaska.

Sora: “That’s true…”
Sora: “Tell that to the snow…”

Hey, snow. You’re supposed to be in Alaska, not in Japan where snow occurs naturally.

Jou: “Hurry, it’s be better to stay in the camp until the adults say it’s okay…”
Yamato: “Right. We could catch colds.”

Joe: “I really think we ought to go back inside before we all come down with pneumonia!”
Matt: “And miss this? The sky is, like, short-circuiting!”


No dialogue.
Mimi: “Do you think we need sunscreen?”

If you weren’t wearing any when you were prancing around in summer camp, you don’t need any now.

Sora: “What… are these?”
Koushirou: “They’re not pagers or cell phones…”

Sora: “What… are these?”
Izzy: “My guess is some sort of miniature remote digital apparatus.”

My guess is you don’t even know what any of the words you just said mean.

Side Note

In the dub, when it focuses on the Digivices, the scene is accompanied by a high-pitched shrieking sound. It’s not something you really notice unless you pay attention to it, but it’s irritating as hell. It’ll be heard many times during the series, usually when the Digimon evolve.

No dialogue.
Joe: “No instructions?”
Tai: “Forget the instructions! Surf’s up!”

Wow, Tai’s got some balls on him. A huge tidal wave comes out of the bleeding nowhere and his response is, “surf’s up!” instead of, “HOLY HELL I need a new pair of pants.”

They’re screaming their fool heads off.
Mimi: “I knew I should have gone to cheerleading camp!”

You did. They kicked you out because…

Taichi: “What is this guy?!”
Tai: “That is the LAST time I eat camp food!”

Taichi: “It talks… and it knows my name!”
Tai: “Just what are you?! Have you had your rabies shots?”

Taichi: “Koromon… You were waiting for me?”
*Koromon grunts an affirmative while he nods, no dialogue during the Digimon Analyzer screen*

Tai: “That means… ‘Talking Head’???”
Koromon: “It means ‘Brave Little Warrior’ and don’t forget it, Tai!”

You wish, Koromon. [Koromon = korokoro (rolling) + monster]

Koushirou: “That’s a relief. I thought I was all alone out here.”
Motimon: “What are you saying? Aren’t I here?”

Motimon: “It is me, Motimon, at your service! Anybody want lunch?”

You fool, I don’t think those kids have learned to kill and prepare live prey such as yourself. Try again later in the series.

Motimon: “I’m Motimon. Nice t’ meetcha.”
Motimon: “Oh, allow me to introduce myself!”

You already introduced yourself. “It’s-a It is me, Motimon!”

Koushirou: “He found me here and said he’ll accompany me forever… but why me?”
Izzy: “I believe those miniature remote digital gadgets have taken on an actual life form. I don’t remember anything like this in the camp brochure.”

Izzy, just say “doohickey” like a normal person. Seriously.

Motimon: “This is File Island!”
Koromon: “Yep; File Island!”

Motimon: “Nothing is common in DigiWorld!”

Digital World.

Taichi: “There’s the ocean…”
Tai: “The ocean? Why is that here? Our campsite was nowhere near the ocean!”

Then where did the huge tidal wave that came out of the bleeding nowhere come from?

No dialogue.
Tai: “Something tells me a compass isn’t gonna help much…”

Motimon: “Aah~! That’s Kuwagamon! It’s an evil Digimon!”
Motimon: “I can’t watch! That is one seriously bad Digimon, even when he’s in a good mood!”

Taichi: “Koromon! … Idiot. Don’t be reckless.”
Tai: “Little guy! … You should pick on bugs your own size!” (when Koromon falls)

No need to, you know, remember his name which he told you not to forget. Jerk.

Taichi: “But… you did help me back there. Thank you.”
Koromon: “… Taichi…”

Tai: “You’re pretty brave for a little guy… I’m impressed.”
Koromon: “It was nothing.”

No dialogue.
Motimon: “Hurry up! For having two long legs, you boys are awfully slow!”

For having no legs, you’re awfully fast.

Koushirou: “This is… the inside of the tree!”
Motimon: “It’s a hiding tree, silly”

That’s convenient!

No dialogue.
Izzy: *with his mouth shut…* “Quiet, now! Don’t make a sound!”

This is something they do a lot in the dub: they have a character say “be quiet” or “don’t move” when everyone else is being quiet and staying still, completely nullifying the purpose.

Pyocomon: “Kuwagamon is far away now, Sora.”
Yokomon: “I am enchanted to meet you, friends of Sora. Welcome.”

Man, that line delivery was terrible.

Sora: “This is Yokomon, my own personal something-or-other.”

Carrying case.

Tsunomon: “… I’m Tsunomon…”
Tsunomon: “Hello, you look pleasant. Tsunomon is my name, and I am pleased to meet you.”

Worth noting is that Tsunomon was more shy in the original.

Side Note

Jou’s scream sounds a lot better in the original. As in, he actually sounds like he’s afraid of the strange thing that’s groping his back.

No dialogue.
Joe: “What’s wrong with you guys? Don’t you see this creepy thing hanging off me? And those creatures standing right there!”

To be fair, Joe, yours is much uglier than any of theirs. Theirs also aren’t trying to get all-up-ons.

All Digimon: “We’re Digimon, Digital Monsters.”

Nothing like dropping a title, amirite?

This seems like a nice time for a break!

Koromon: “We’re not just Digital Monsters; we’re more than that! We’re kinda cute!”
Tsunomon: “And very loyal!”
Yokomon: “With beautiful hair!”
Motimon: “Or maybe no hair at all!”
Bukamon: “We can be funny! HAA~!”
Tokomon: “And adorable!”


Originally, they just introduced themselves.

Taichi: “I’m Yagami Taichi. I’m a fifth grader at Odaiba Elementary. In the same grade is Sora…”
Sora: “I’m Takenouchi Sora. Nice to meet you.”

Tai: “My name is Tai, and these are my friends from camp: I’d like you to meet Sora…”
Sora: “Nice place you got here… except for the bugs.”

Bug. There was only one.

Taichi: “Also in fifth grade is Yamato.”
Yamato: “I’m Ishida Yamato.”

Tai: “And the self-proclaimed cool one over there is Matt.”
Matt: “No autographs, please!”

First of all: Tai, the only one who has proclaimed Matt as the “cool one” to date is you. Second: Matt, you will sign autographs when I damn well tell you to and you will love it.

Taichi: “And this is Jou.”
Jou: “Kido Jou, sixth grade.”

Tai: “And this is Joe.”
Joe: “I’d shake hands if you had any.”

Taichi: “In fourth grade, Koushirou.”
Koushirou: “I’m Izumi Koushirou.”

Tai: “And Izzy here is our computer expert!”
Izzy: “Do you have internet access?”

The closest thing to an expert the lot of you will ever have, anyway…

Taichi: “Um… this kid is…”
Takeru: “Takeru! Takaishi Takeru! I’m in second grade!”

Tai: “And this little guy is… uh…”
T.K.: “T.K.! Call me T.K.! And I’m not as small as I look!”


Taichi: “Ah, that’s all of us.”
Sora: “Wait, I’m pretty sure there’s one more.”
Koushirou: “It’s Mimi-san! Tashikawa Mimi-san isn’t here!”

Tai: “There, now! Is that everybody?”
Sora: “Wait, what about the girl with the funny pink hat?”
Tai: “Now, now! Her name is Mimi.”

So that’s how it is. You hear that disdain in his voice when he said her name? The girl Tai pre-judged and pick out a favourite colour for just isn’t important. Let’s leave her behind, guys. We don’t want the neighbours talking…

And Sora, you have no room to talk when it comes to stupid hats. Granted, yours isn’t so much a hat as it is a jock strap, but that only serves to further my point…

Jou: “That’s right! That fourth-grader Mimi-kun! Boku wa ano ko ni…”
[Note: last part is left in romanized Japanese because I’m not sure how Jou was going to finish his sentence. The segment by itself means, “to that kid I am/was” and requires more context for an appropriate translation. I think he was going to say he saw her somewhere, but I have no way of knowing.]

Izzy: “Well, perhaps she’s off picking flowers… or going on a nature hike…”

Uh-huh. Just like all who wear pink, right?

Jou: “What kind of place is this?!”
Joe: “My mom is going to want a complete and total refund!”

YOUR MOM is going to want a– oh, wait…

No dialogue.
Matt: “Great! Anybody bring a helicopter?”

It was your job to bring the helicopter!

Koromon: “But… I must protect Taichi…”
Koromon: “Sorry, it’s just… I’m trying to make a good impression.”

A little extreme for making a good impression, but all right.

Taichi: “Koromon…”
Tai: “Crazy guy…”

Damn, what an asshole.

Koushirou: “Why did you do that?”
Izzy: “They must be programmed for courage.”

Shut up, Izzy.

*Sora doesn’t say anything*
Taichi: “That guy’s still alive!”

Sora: “I was hoping we’d seen the last of him!”
Tai: “Me too! Guess he had other plans, huh?”

No dialogue.
Matt: “Ugh! I knew I should have brought my bug spray.”

Man, no helicopter, no bugspray! What kind of summer camp is this?

Joe: “Turn around, Bukamon!”

[Joe: “You’re not even facing him, you dumbass!”]

Side Note

“Digivolve” should just be “evolve” (“shinka”; γ€Œι€²εŒ–γ€in Japanese).

During the battle against Kuwagamon, the song “Brave Heart” is playing. It’s a really cool song and it improves the scene significantly. The dub doesn’t even play the theme song when they evolve, just the instrumental background version without the shrieking noises.

The names of the attacks are changed:

Baby Flame – Pepper Breath
Petit Fire – Blue Blaster [corrected 21 June 2007, submitted by Josephine]
Magical Fire – Spiral Twister
Air Shot – Boom Bubble
Petit Thunder – Super Shocker

And last, but not least, the narrator finishes it off in the Japanese version. The ending and next episode previews are left out.

No dialogue.
Izzy: “They made Vaporware out of him!”

Shut up, Izzy.

Piyomon: “We did it, Sora!”
Tentomon: “How about that Super Shocker? Pretty wizard, huh?”

Shut up, Tentomon.

No dialogue.
Tai: “Guess we celebrated too soon!”

Kuwagamon just wants to celebrate, too!

Final Result

Total Episode Retained


Yep! No cuts this episode (besides the intro). Just a lot of stupid dialogue.

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    • Gear says:

      I have watched that. I think it makes some good points but (and remember that I am speaking for myself here, not Dario who wrote the comparison, nor any other contributor to this site) I think it glosses over some major problems the dub had. Poor choice of music. Executive decisions to add jokes constantly to lighten the show up. And while he states that they kept the general conflicts and ideas of the original, Mimi was never that dumb, Jou was not a hypochondriac, and when we get to Season 2, the dub tears it all apart by turning Daisuke into a joke and glossing over his difficult family life.

      Yes, it’s true, the dub could have been worse. But it also could have been a lot better. And that’s why we’re here.

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