Revenge of Diaboromon

Diablomon Strikes Back!

Comparison by Guest Reviewer B.

Section: Summary

Whee, my first comparison. <3 I was hoping to start off with Digimon Frontier, but that’s been put on hold. This is the first Digimon movie to have been dubbed as a separate entity, after the fiasco of the American “Digimon: The Movie”, which was the first three Japanese movies mutilated and thrown into one. As such, this movie dub is superior already.

However, no one said that this is a perfect dub. 😛 It’s just less “OH MY GOD, HOW COULD THEY DO THIS?!”-ish.. Jeff Nimoy writes this movie… This’ll be fun.

Let’s begin, shall we? <3

Side Note

The beginning of the movie (with the credits) was silent, more or less, and some random background music just kinda fades in. In the dub, they play the dub Digimon Frontier opening song, with the lyrics removed except for the “DIGIMON!”s. … Just for the record, this is a 02 movie, not Frontier. That’s not until three movies from now.

The credits are changed to ID tag things with dub credits.

Dialogue Deviation

Boy: *as the Kuramon erases the e-mail text* Huh…?
Boy: Huh? An e-mail from… a Digimon?

According to a friend of mine, the message actually just said “You have mail”, so this was just a dub make-up.

Miyako: This doesn’t look good on me at all… I should have picked a private school.
Yolei: This new school uniform looks ridiculous… Maybe I can wear my cargo pants under the skirt. Huh? My Digivice…

I somewhat doubt you’d be allowed to do that, Yolei. The dub line keeps the gist of the scene, but still qualifies as SDA as it’s not what was actually said. Also, none of the Chosen Children directly refer to their Digivices blinking.

Girl: Someone sent us a weird e-mail.
Boy: Don’t open it, it could be a virus!
Girl: Relax, it’s just spam!

… Was there a point behind that? The point of these scenes is just to show the weird things going on, not some random kid’s virus paranoia.

Iori: Thank you very much.
Cody: Uh, thanks for the lesson, grandpa, but I, uh, gotta go!

As said above, none of the Chosen Children seemed to acknowledge their ‘vices activating. Iori was just thanking the man for the lesson.

Boy: It’s a photo!
Mother: Of who?
Kuramon: It’s who we’re looking for!

…. The Kuramon don’t talk. Ever. That said, there’s just no reason for this dialogue. The little girl’s “Jellyfish?” was kept, though…

Figured we could use a break from the SDAs. 😛 (Can you believe we’re only over a minute in?) In the picture of Sora and Yamato, the poster saying “NEIKD STAR Live Stage!!” is cleaned out so there’s a blank piece of paper in the background. God, it’s reminding me of the “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” dub…

Dialogue Deviation

Kid 1: It’s not this kind of jellyfish…
Kid 2: Not this one~…
Kid 3: Not this one~…
Kid 4: Not this one~…
Kid 5: Not this one~…
Kid 1: It lives outside of water…
Kid 2: Outside~
Kid 3: Outside~
Kid 4: Outside~
Kid 5: Outside~
Kid 1: Adults just don’t understand…
Kid 2: Don’t understand~
Kid 3: Don’t understand~
Kid 4: Don’t understand~
Kid 5: Don’t understand~
Daisuke: You mean those jellyfish that live in the ocean?
Kids: Huh?
Daisuke: Ah, I’ll be late for soccer pr — *his Digivice beeps and the kids gather around him* Ah, shut up..! Go away!

Kid 1: But jellyfish don’t live in water!
Kid 2: Oh, right.
Kid 3: Oh, right.
Kid 4: Oh, right.
Kid 5: Oh, right.
Kid 1: Jellyfish live in computers and send e-mails.
Kid 2: E-mails.
Kid 3: E-mails.
Kid 4: E-mails.
Kid 5: E-mails.
Kid 1: Even little babies know that.
Kid 2: Babies.
Kid 3: Babies.
Kid 4: Babies.
Kid 5: Babies.
Davis: But I thought jellyfish all lived in oceans…
Kids: Huh?
Davis: Well, nice chatting with you! *His Digivice beeps, kids crowd around him* Hey, c’mon, stop that! Leggo my Digivice!

Holy hell, that was a pain to type. The original line made it clear that the kids were trying to find out about the Kuramon. The dub lines were just… Weird. Oh, and Davis’ pun kinda fell flat, assuming it’s what I thought.

Side Note

…In a true moment of WTFery, they kept the Japanese “Digimon Adventure 02” logo. However, the kanji for “Diablomon Strikes Back” is replaced “Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon”.

The sign saying that the PC room is closed for maintenance and changed to say “Computer Room”. Which wouldn’t so bad except that, in Japanese schools, there are wooden signs over the door that say THE SAME THING.

Side Note

Surprisingly, they kept the “Digi, digi” “Mon, mon” password. Also, the dialogue in the meeting of the Chosen Children is kept more or less accurate, though I think Jou is too young to be applying for college. (If my calculations are correct, he’d be applying for high school, like my fansub says) However, there’s one bit…

Dialogue Deviation

Daisuke: Hahaha! Who is this dork?
Taichi: Sorry… That’s me…

Davis: Haha, look how cute I was when I was little!
Tai: *coughs* Uhm, Davis, that’s me.
Davis: Oh, sorry, Tai!

….. Poor, poor Daisuke. [Davis clearly thinks Tai is cute.]

Weird.. When Izzy shows the picture of Yamato and Sora again, the poster now says “Live music!!”. What the hell? Better than a blank poster, but still…

Dialogue Deviation

Miyako: Oh, it’s just some bad prank, right?
Yolei: Ugh, I have the same problem with the paparazzi, Matt!

…. One: Yolei’s words and her face don’t match. Two: Why the hell would a nobody like Miyako have trouble with the paparazzi?

Izzy: I’ll trash it, the animation’s lame.

…… Izzy, dear? It’s a screencap. Unless it’s an animated GIF, screencaps aren’t animated.

Tailmon: It’s okay, Hikari.
Gatomon: It sounds purr-fect.

….. That pun got lame after it was first used back in season one. Let it die already.

Side Note

They kinda keep the thing where Taichi and Yamato’s names are on food packages, and even keep the prices (980 and 380). However, the dub sounds like they’re using dollars, and the woman even comments on the absurdity of the prices. However, in the Japanese version, they’re obviously referring to yen, and 980 yen and 380 yen is only a few dollars.

Dialogue Deviation

Koushiro: Daisuke-kun, go to Shibuya next!
Daisuke: Jeez… I shouldn’t have borrowed by sister’s cell…

Izzy: Get a move on, Davis, you haven’t sent a Kuramon yet!
Davis: I don’t see him chasing kids all over the city!

Haven’t sent…? It sounds like they just started. I’m beginning to agree with Sef – the dubbers obviously hate Daisuke.

The dialogue on the train except for the “Hello?”s and Daisuke/Davis yelling at them to turn off their phones is stupid.

Side Note

Y’know, I just noticed when randomly pausing my fansub. Koushiro has Outlook Express. And none of you care, so continuing…

In the Japanese version, Agumon and Gabumon say nothing as they evolve to Omegamon. In the dub, they say “Agumon Warp DNA Digivolve to…” and “Gabumon Warp DNA Digivolve to…”. It seems kinda pointless to me. Also, Omnimon uses attacks that aren’t named in the Japanese version. Also, though it’s not really an SDA, they used the Frontier evolution music. O_o

Dialogue Deviation

Tai: Be careful, Omnimon, remember what he’s capable of!

It’s called suspense… And Tai’s voice sounds really weird in this movie. Though it might be because Joshua Seth isn’t playing him in this movie. It’s actually a shame because, while he’s no Taichi, Joshua made a good Tai. This new guy reminds me of season three of dub DBZ

Davis: W-Where did he go? I just saw him! How many places can a giant eyeball hide?!
Ken: There!
Davis: Where?!

This is another fine case of putting dialogue where it doesn’t belong. We’re just supposed to hear Daisuke panting while out of breath.


X_x;;; Man, Davis…

Kari: Where are they, Angewomon, I don’t see them!
Angewomon: Don’t worry, Kari, Angemon and I will find them.
Angemon: Maybe we should have taken a right at the search engine.
Angewomon: I told you to stop and ask for directions! Ugh, just like a man…

… Okay, I’ll admit, that was pretty funny, but still unnecessary. It also screws up the mood, so two strikes, they’re out!

Diaboromon shouts his attack name where he’s supposed to grunt.

Daisuke: Please, give it to me!
Man: Here.

Davis: Please, sir! I’ll be your eternal slave if you let me borrow it for a minute! … Plus I’ll throw in five bucks.
Man: Ooh.


Tai: All these Kuramon are draining our Digimons’ powers! They’ve turned Omnimon, Angemon, and Angewomon into sitting ducks!

Once again, unnecessary. x_x Silence is good. Really. Also, you never pluralize “Digimon”.

TK: The bits of Kuramon data are leaving the Internet! But where are they going?
Tai: Now what’s happening?
Matt: Oh, no. Our link-up to the net is disconnecting.

Too much talking, and by logic, wouldn’t they be kicked out of the net if they were being disconnected? ?_? Not trapped?

Man: Wow, what a weird text message!

Juuust for the record, we don’t need a narration/comment on everything that happens. The man originally just cried out.

Okay, this baffled me. In the Japanese version, the message that scrolled by on the sign isn’t read outloud, just focussed on. In the dub, however, since kids can’t read Japanese, Diaboromon’s voice read it outloud. This wouldn’t be so bad…. Except they completely screwed it up.

“To the Kuramon, we’ll be waiting in Tokyo Bay. – The Chosen Children.
“Attention all Kuramon, meet up at the rendezvous point.”

Ken: Why Tokyo Bay?
Daisuke: We can’t fight the in the middle of town like this. We can get there, no problem, if we ride on Imperaldramon.

Ken: Why do you think they’re heading to the harbor?
Davis: I dunno, but it’s better than fighting them here in the city! Let’s just follow the Kuramon to the water and….”

I really don’t get why they had to do this. =/ They made it sound like the plan to fight in at the water was Diaboromon’s idea, not the Chosen Children’s.

Cody: I don’t know the way to the harbor, so I’ll follow the Kuramon!

You liiiiiiiiiie. Why do you lie, you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiar? (Bit hyper, yes I am, but still.)

Daisuke: Owowowowow…
Davis: Why don’t they put warning labels on these things?!

know. I mean, you’re running at high speed to save the world from a bunch of eyeballs and then BAM.

Announcer: Attention, the JR Line is now operational.
Announcer: Due to black outs, train services are still delayed.

While the dub line does go with the next scene (the city’s lights all going out), it’s a virtual opposite of the Japanese line, so yay for SDA.

Mimi: *sounding worried* Hey, Koushiro-kun…
Mimi Did I tell you I stopped eating eggs, Izzy? Oh, I’ve also stopped eating dairy products and non-organic rice…

… Jeez. Mimi barely does anything in this movie, you can atleast STAY AWAY from the ditz attacks. Atleast she doesn’t have pink hair in this movie…

Ken: Anyway, we have to hurry to the Digi-Egg!
Daisuke: Where are we?
Ken: Still in Shibuya-ku.

Davis: C’mon, Ken, we’ve gotta get there before that Digi-Egg hatches!
Ken: Don’t you think I know that, Davis? There’s no telling what monster will hatch out of that thing!

Why, Digital Monster, of course. And Ken’s mouth isn’t even moving when he says that last part.

Side Note

They more or less keep my favorite part. <3

Daisuke: This is tiring on the legs…
Ken: At this rate, you’ll never get the ball from me.
Daisuke: Shut up.

Davis: Ken, wait up. I’m totally wiped out. I think I need a time out.
Ken: At this rate, you’ll never steal the soccer ball from me.
Davis: Oh, yeah?

It’s not the exact same, but it’s close enough to make me happy.

Also, Armagemon’s name isn’t given in either the Japanese or English versions, but his attack, Ultimate Flare, which isn’t named in the Japanese version (I got the name from card translations), is called “Destiny Destroyer” in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Omnimon: That should do it.

It occurs to me that Omnimon doesn’t have Omegamon’s double voice thing. Also, neither Amargemon nor Omegamon speak in their battle.

Boy: What, it’s already over?
Boy: I don’t remember seeing this on my computer the first time!

In both versions, the kid doesn’t seems to quite realize what’s happening… ._.

Side Note

Imperialdramon is called “Imperialdramon Fighter Mode” after he evolves from Paildramon. He’s not Fighter Mode until a few minutes later. Also, they once again play the dub Frontier evolution music, and also play random dub music to replace “Beat Hit!”.

Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: Holy Ring?
Tailmon: Yes, filled with everyone’s power.

Mimi: What’s going on, Izzy?
Izzy: Imperialdramon is transferring all of his power to Imperialdramon Fighter Mode!

Koushiro isn’t the end-all answer to everything, you know.

Section: Cut or moved footage

They cut out Imperialdramon stabbing Armagemon’s head and replaced it with Davis yelling something.

Side Note

Young Yamato plays one note on his harmonica. Young Matt plays several. What do the dubbers have against Yamato’s harmonica?

Dialogue Deviation

Yolei: I’m rerouting everyone’s cell phones to dial back the number the Kuramons came from!

…YOU NEVER PLURALIZE A DIGIMON’S NAME. Also, this is bullplop. Can’t she type on her laptop without accomplishing an Earth-shattering event?

Side Note

Side note – They change the cell phone ringers. It’s really nothing big, except the Japanese rings were neat. One even played an instrumental Butterfly. =D

Also, Cody tells everyone to point at the sky while Iori specifically tells them to aim their cell phones at his sword.

Dialogue Deviation

Yolei: Cody, something’s wrong, it’s not working!
Cody: Give it time, Yolei, it will. … It has to…
Yolei: I sure hope you’re right.
Cody: Look, the phones! They’re glowing!

Kindly shut up.

For some reason, the Japanese text in Miyako’s e-mail is erased, so while Koushiro is reading a report from Miyako, Izzy is looking at a blank e-mail from Yolei and drawing his own conclusions.

Dialogue Deviation

Koushiro: Iori-kun, good job.
Izzy: Prodigious!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ;__________________; We were so close… so very close…

Mimi: How do you turn this one on~?
Mimi: Ooh, how do you work this? I wanna make a hair appointment online!

…. Poor, poor Mimi.

Side Note

At the end, Daisuke said he was tired and he and Ken burst into laughter. In the dub, Davis says he could really go for a morning stroll and he and Ken laugh. Both of those make me laugh, so I’m not counting the dub line as an SDA. Also, the ending credits (showing pictures of the Chosen Children after the battle, including a picture of Daisuke ad Ken sleeping against each other, Jou returning the girl’s bike, etc) are cut and replaced by repeated footage from the movie. It’s a shame as the pictures are really cute.

Final Result


Well, this took me nearly a day to finish, but I’m done. While I was hoping for better, the overall dub was actually pretty good and I didn’t hate it, just had, well, a lot of complaints. Though I hope they get a different writer for the Tamers movies than Jeff Nimoy. This is B-kun, signing off.

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