Digimon Tamers (2001)


Digimon Adventure and its sequel, Zero-Two, are fictional properties in the world of the Digimon Tamers. Digimon is the most influential children’s entertainment property, with the card game, video games, and virtual pets being the cornerstone of childhood development. But when mysterious creatures grant three children the ability to gain Digimon partners for real, it seems like a dream come true… at first. Playful Takato, combative Rika, and pacifistic Henry clash at first over their own Digimon philosophies, but must learn to work together when they realize that their new partner Digimon aren’t the only ones who have come to the real world.

Major Changes

Matsuda Takato = Takato Matsuki.
Makino Ruki = Rika Nonaka.
Lee Jenrya = Henry Wong.
Katou Juri = Jeri Kato.
Shiota Hirokazu = Kazu Shioda.
Lee Xiao-Chun = Suzie Wong

MegaloGrowlmon = WarGrowlmon
Dukemon = Gallantmon.
SaintGargomon = MegaGargomon
Belzebumon = Beelzemon

The Card Slash is called Digi-Modify in the dub.

All cards have practically no name in the dub, being limited by “xxxx activate!” (xxxx = Power, Speed, etc).


Comparisons by LaurieHouse

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