Regarding Corrections

A lot of people like to help out and correct errors or point out things that were left out of our episode comparisons. That’s fine and dandy; we generally appreciate the assistance! Here are some important guidelines to follow before getting started:

  1. Send your correction to the correct person! This should be simple – just comment on the correct episode. If you’re trying to correct an issue in Frontier and leave your comment on Digimon: The Movie, we all reserve the right to stare at you with one raised eyebrow.
  2. If what you’re submitting isn’t a transcription correction, have a source! If you notice a comparison says one thing and Wikipedia says another, go ahead and let us know, but give us a link to the Wikipedia article. I won’t post corrections that can’t be verified.
  3. Subtitles are not always correct! Please don’t “correct” one of our transcriptions just because a fansub used a different translation. Some of our staff speak enough Japanese to know when a subtitle is wrong, and when the fansubbers use a different translation than they would have. I’m not saying fansubbers aren’t good at what they do — they sure as hell are — but please keep in mind that we all look at the fansubs when we do the comparisons. If we use a different translation, there’s a reason. This obviously doesn’t apply if you know for certain the subtitle is correct and we’re dead wrong, in which case please say so when you submit the correction.
  4. Make sure it’s not already in the comparison! If you’re adding a section of dialogue, check and make sure we didn’t paraphrase it in the comparison first. We don’t transcribe the entire episodes.
  5. Credit will be given where it is due! We’re going to credit you based on the username you signed up with.
  6. Please don’t submit corrections or content for episodes that are due to be revised soon! This is because when the comparison has been revised, your correction will be over-written (because the reviewer will catch it on their own) and you won’t be credited for your effort.
    Current season(s) being revised: Digimon Savers/Data Squad
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