Digimon Adventure S01E05

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Electric Shock! Kabuterimon

Electric Shock! Kaburetimon (JP)
Kabuterimon’s Electro Shocker (EN)

Original Writer: Hiro Masaki
English Writers: Michael L. Reynolds, John Ludin

Original Airdates:
April 4, 1999 [JP]
September 11, 1999 [EN]

Note: This comparison is one of the oldest ones on the site and is slated to be redone.


I was going to mock Sora’s narrative recollection of last episode here, but my jock strap is in the wash and, unlike Sora, I’m not bold enough to put it on my head at this point.

This episode was written by Michael L. Reynolds and John Ludin. Ludin also worked on last episode, but THIS episode… this episode is absolutely ridiculous. It is amazing. Some sections are perfect translations, like the other episodes. The rest of it barely even pays attention to itself. This was a fun comparison to do.

Sora: “[Meramon] was really mad because he had one of those weird, flying, black gears stuck in his back…”

I’m pretty sure he was pissed because you guys kept telling everyone he was crying.

No dialogue.
Sora: “We’ve passed this place before.”
Joe: “You mean we walked all the way around the whole planet?!”

Stick it to her, Joe!

Mimi: “No more…”
Gomamon: “One more step…”
Takeru: “I can’t do it…”

Mimi: “That just can’t be! I can’t walk that far, can I?”
T.K.: “My feet are hot!”

It’s a small world after all?

Side Note

It’s not something you’d really notice, but when Gomamon collapses, he makes an exaggerated exhaling sound effect like an obese person smoked eight packs of cigarettes and then ran up four flights of stairs. I can’t even tell if that’s the voice actor making the sound or if they let the air out of one of Olkowski’s tires for the effect. Either way, it’s a troubling symptom for Gomamon.

Yamato: “They’re at their limit.”
Sora: “We have been walking non-stop…”
Tai: “All right, let’s take a break here.”

Matt: “Looks like we’re takin’ a break!”
Sora: “Well, it’s not like we have some place to be!”
Tai: “I guess you’re right. There’s no reason to hurry!”

Still, it sure is a huge hassle to have to WAIT because the fourth and second graders can’t keep up with us. No, no. It’s all right. It’s not your fault you’re weak little BABIES. Can’t handle a little walking without mummy’s pram to sit in?! Bitches.

Seriously: Mimi is ten and Takeru’s eight. Taichi and Sora are both athletic, Yamato hit puberty at two, judging by his voice, and Joe’s older than the lot and therefore has the third-highest testosterone level (Yamato is first, followed by Sora). In the Japanese version, it’s understandable that Mimi and Takeru can’t keep up. In the dub, the kids act like they’re a liability.

Now, I want to know how Koushirou, who is such a nerd that he brought a computer to summer camp with a digital phone so he can connect it to the Internet, manages to cart around a laptop from 1999 or older for cod-knows-how-long without breaking a sweat. He even holds it up with one hand and types with the other. Screw you, Koushirou!

No dialogue.
Matt: “Check out Izzy! I bet he’s trying to e-mail the aliens.”
Tai: “Maybe he’s asking them to beam him up.”

Another weird sound effect here, but this one sounded more… gross. Put it with the dialogue and… o.O

Koushirou: “It still doesn’t work…”
Izzy: “Still crashed, and the warranty’s expired!”


Koushirou: “Please stop!”
Taichi: “I was just trying to help you.”
Izzy: “Hey, quit it! Are your brain cells malfunctioning?!”
Tai: “Gosh, you’re acting like I’m hurting the dumb thing!”

ATTENTION SMALL CHILDREN: Hitting things (and people) does not hurt them. DO IT.
Also, this is irrefutable proof that Izzy is feigning intellect; he implies that Tai has functioning brain cells.

Sora: “Too bad your brain isn’t as big as your hair.”


Sora: “You wouldn’t want other people touching your important possessions, would you?”
Sora: “Maybe Izzy doesn’t want grimy fingerprints and dents all over his computer.”

Taichi’s reply of “chu” (“tsk” would be an English equivalent) becomes Tai’s “huh?” He’s probably confused as to how he can leave fingerprints behind gloved hands.

Taichi: *sees smoke* “… that is…?” *runs off*

This part isn’t really bad except for the line delivery, but it’s listed because it leads to the following alteration:

Jou: “What’s with Taichi?”
Yamato: “Must be the toilet.”

Joe: (about Tai) “The attention span of a gnat!”
Matt: “Aww, whatever.”

1: We cannot imply that children use the toilet. Ever.
2: Matt said, “whatever”. Whatever. WHATeveerrrrr.

Our prayers have been answered: somebody thought of the children! Hooraaaaayyy! πŸ˜€

Oh, wait. Damnit! Nevermind, it’s just some Japanese text. *sigh*

The first line says γ€Œθ΅·γγΎγ™γ€, which means “waking up”. The second line says γ€Œε‹•γγΎγ™γ€, which means “moving” or “working”.

Koushirou: “… but it’s running even though the battery’s at zero… Why?”
Izzy: “… but it indicates the battery needs charging… Huh, that’s odd.”

The line is listed because the battery could be low, need charging, and the laptop would still start up and that’s perfectly normal. The laptop starting up when the battery’s DEAD, however, is spooky and mysterious.

Additionally, Koushirou couldn’t use the computer because the battery was dead, whereas Izzy crashed his Mac-based OS, rebooted it, and the battery happens to be low. How are we supposed to believe Izzy is smart with computers?

Jou: “It’s a factory!”
Joe: “Looks like some kind of factory.”
Matt: “Let’s hope they can manufacture us a way home!”


You want to be a factory worker?

Side Note

The dub fades to black for a commercial break insert before fading back to a shot of the kids, then crossfading to the second view of the factory. In the Japanese version, it’s just the crossfade.

No big deal; it just makes the scene a little longer.

No dialogue.
Joe: “Hm. I wonder what they make in there.”
Mimi: “I don’t know, but wouldn’t it be great if there’s a manufacturer’s outlet store? They always have killer deals!”

Well, there are some KILLER deals, but you don’t have to buy them from the outlet store…

No dialogue.
Matt: “Don’t ask me how, but there doesn’t seem to be anybody here.”
Sora: “There’s got to be someone running the equipment!”
Izzy: “I don’t know. It seems to be doing quite well all by itself!”

Don’t let Izzy into the control room.

Takeru: “What are they making?”
Yamato: “I don’t know. We won’t know until we investigate.”

T.K.: “Matt, what are the machines making?”
Matt: “You got me. Maybe parts for robots or spaceships!”

Jou: “If we’re investigating, we should look for people! In a place like this, there has to be people!”
Joe: “SOMEBODY’S got to be moving those belts!” (automation disagrees…) “… and people gotta eat! So is there a cafeteria in this place? ’cause we could REALLY use a good meal!”

Joe, the cafeteria is for employees only.

You want to be a factory worker?

Sora: “I wonder if there’s no one here…”
Jou: “That can’t be! There must be people somewhere working the machines!”
Piyomon: “Eh?”
Sora: “What’s wrong, Piyomon?”
Piyomon: “I hear something.”

Biyomon: “Wait a minute. Don’t go any further in this direction.”
Joe: “What’s the matter with this direction? It’s just as good as any other direction!”
Biyomon: “No, wait!”
Sora: “What is it, Biyomon?”
Biyomon: “I’m not sure! I heard something!”

All that build-up when you could have just said, “Hang on! I heard something!” You just wasted like a minute of air time, Biyomon — time that could have been spent giving dialogue to Tai!

(an oscillating sound followed by a groan)
Taichi: “A person’s voice?!”

Tai: “Doesn’t sound good to me.”

O_o Thanks, Tai.

Side Note

There are several transitions where the original animation simply cuts between the group in the power supply room and the group finding Andromon. In the dub, wipes are added.

Izzy: “Prodigious!”


Koushirou: “A monster battery and a motor! Is this what’s moving the machines?”
Izzy: “Now a battery like that could run my computer forever!”


Sora: “I wonder what it is. It looks like it got caught in the gears of the machine.”
Tai: “What do you suppose happened to him?”

Well, if I remember correctly, it was:
Japanese version: (an oscillating sound followed by a groan)
Dub: (*CRASH*)
So yeah.

Tai calls Andromon a “big clunk”. I mean, sure, it looks like he ran into the wall and somehow got his waist stuck in there, but that’s a little harsh…

Piyomon: “He’s also highly evolved!”
Taichi: “Who’s further evolved: him or Greymon?”
Gomamon: “Definitely Andromon!”

Biyomon: “Poor thing! I guess he got caught in the gears and that’s how he got mankled [sic]!”
Sora: “Maybe if we work together, we can pull him out of there.”

Slightly important information got mankled.

Jou: “Either way, it’s not a human…”
Joe: “Well, my mom doesn’t really want me moving any heavy objects; I got bad knees.”

YOUR MOM doesn’t want you mo…ving…… SHIT.

Sora: “Let’s help him out.”
Sora: “Relax. We’ll do it.”

[Sora: “Joe, shut the fuck up.”]

Yamato: “Are you still checking it out?”
Koushirou: “Yes. If you want to look around the factory more, please do so.”

Matt: “What are you doing, Izzy?”
Izzy: “I’m trying to tap into this power source.”

Izzy, you’re a dumbass.

Koushirou: “I’m going to keep looking at this.”
Izzy: “If I can get this baby to fire up then we can use my computer to get some help!”


Side Note

Japanese version: Andromon groans.
Dub: Andromon what the fuck WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?

No dialogue.
Andromon: “I AM ANDROMON.”

Hi. πŸ˜€

Jou: “Don’t do that! You shouldn’t hit machines!”
Sora: “Right, you could have broken something inside!”

Joe: “There’s this movie where a robot came to life and ate everyone…”
Sora: “He looks friendly enough. I’m sure if we’re nice to him, he’ll be nice to us.”

Oh, man, Mimi’s going to miss out on the KILLER deal I promised her!

Side Note

When Sora and Jou are talking through Andromon’s vision, their voices are distorted as if they are being heard as a recording, giving the impression that we’re seeing and hearing from Andromon’s point of view.

Andromon’s voice is very cool in the original. He has a very deep voice enhanced by an audio effect called flanging, which makes him sound machine-like. For those of you familiar with Transformers, the American G1 cartoon from back in the day used the same effect (although the new Animated series doesn’t use it).

The dub doesn’t even bother trying. The just have the actor speak monotonously and pretend he’s a robot. Maybe he does the dance in the studio or something; I don’t even know.

Digimon Analyzer: “Andromon: a cyborg Digimon with a body made of machinery. He is said to be the strongest Digimon to evolve to the Perfect level.”
Tentomon?: “Andromon is one of the most powerful Digimon of all! His body is a tireless machine capable of almost anything!”

Listed because… 1: Tentomon isn’t there. 2: What the hell, Tentomon hasn’t had ANY lines in this episode yet. He’s the star of the episode! His evolution is on the title card! He has had NO LINES. 3: Was that even Tentomon? The voice sounded a little off. Jeff Nimoy does Tentomon, but his voice is normal later in the episode. Maybe the Digimon Analyzer bit had to be recorded later when Nimoy was feeling under the weather? Maybe the poor voice actor was just off a teeny tiny bit and I’m a total jackass for making a big deal of it? The world may never know.

Jou: “Isn’t he supposed to be a good Digimon?!”
Joe: “Too bad we didn’t catch him on a good day!”

He woke up to a headache and a bunch of gross kids in his face. There’s no winning there.

Gomamon: “He should be…”
Jou: “Then WHY?!”

Gomamon: “Maybe this is a good day…”
Joe: “THIS is not good!”


Taichi: “Agumon, aim for the ceiling!”
Tai: “How about trying to blast the roof?”

[Agumon: “From inside?”]

Taichi: “All right, let’s get out of here!”
Tai: “Boy, he’s gonna have one ugly headache!”

Hey, I already said that!

Takeru: “What are they making?”
Mimi: “It must be something really amazing! Like something that reverses time, or something that can switch adults’ and childrens’ bodies!”

Mimi: “This place would be a lot more interesting if there was a tour guide to explain it. Ooh, maybe with a little plaid outfit and a bullhorn…”

The dialogue’s inane in both versions, but they characterize Mimi differently. Original Mimi is childish and imaginatively influenced by scifi (probably anime :P) while dub Mimi is the same as we’ve always seen her: vapid and fashion-obsessed.

Koushirou: “Huh? Why is there a door here?”
Izzy: “Ah-hah! I’ve located an access panel to the interior operations!”

Izzy. “There’s a door here.” Seriously, the only one there to impress is Tentomon, and he doesn’t even feel like talking to your fool ass right now.

He’s just standing there silently, watching you.



Tentomon: “Hey, let me see, Izzy!”


No dialogue.
Izzy: “These markings are binary annotations of some sort.”

The symbols are not binary. Binary is on or off; ones and zeros. The most basic of the basics that every computer geek and etymologist knows.

Taichi: “What now?”
Jou: “Did the breaker go out?”

Tai: “Hey! Who turned out the lights?!”
Joe: “I break out in hives in the dark!”

[Sora: “You didn’t break out in hives last night.”]
[Tai: “That’s what your mo–“]
[Joe: “We were in the trolley, which was lit! …and maybe it isn’t so much hives as it is lycanthropy…”]
[Sora: “What?”]
[Joe: “Nothing!”]

Andromon makes another weird noise and Joe goes, “What was that?!” I can’t blame him; Andromon’s various noises sound terrible.

Sora: “What do we do?”
Sora: “I hope it isn’t Andromon.”


Taichi: “It’s dark, so maybe he can’t see us.”
Jou: “Really?”
Taichi: “Let’s hold our breaths and move quietly.”

Tai: “It might be a good plan to keep on moving so we don’t have to find out!”
Joe: “Well, I’m for that!”
Tai: “Or we could just stay here, frozen, until the monster gets us!”

Original: “Maybe if we’re quiet, he won’t find us.”

No dialogue. That whole quiet-sneak-away deal.
Joe: “Can anyone explain why we’re tip-toeing instead of running for our lives?”

If only I could, Joe. If only I could.

Andromon: “Spiral Sword!”
Andromon: “… and Andromon doesn’t like intruders!”

Side Note

Andromon: Spiral Sword –> Lightning Blade

He has another attack called Gatling Missile which is unnamed in the dub.

Inside the battery, Koushiro and Tentomon’s voices echo.

Tentomon: “The machines in the factory’ve stopped.”
Izzy: “That was a smooth move, Izzy! Scratch that theory.”


Koushirou: “That could be!”
Izzy: “Capital idea! … a stroke of metallic paint right here!”

You don’t have a bucket of metallic paint in your fake inventory you foo– wait a minute. He used a black marker and declared it metallic paint… thinks he knows anything about technology… pretends he has things he doesn’t have…




He’s a LARPer.

That has to be it! And he’s become so obsessed, so far removed from reality that he’s trapped in LARP mode, thinking he can’t go out of character. It explains everything! He has no idea he’s been transported to a different world; that’s why he thinks he can connect to the internet anywhere! He’s lost to his own love of role-playing, forever encapsulated in its blissful delirium.

So tragic.

There’s only one way to free him. Get the shotgun.

Side Note

In the original, Koushirou explained that the program written on the wall is what’s supplying power to the battery. In the dub, Izzy has no idea what he’s doing.

Mimi: “It’s moving again.”
Yamato: “All right. Let’s move on.”

Mimi: “They didn’t pay their power bill! Is that it?”
Matt: “You know, you have no imagination.”

[Matt: “O_O”]
[T.K.: “O_O”]
[Mimi: “o_o;”]
[Matt: “o_o”]
[T.K.: “;_;”]
[Mimi: “<_< Uuuuhhhhmmmm…. teehee? Miniskirts?”]

Izzy: “Well, you see, batteries are driven by an acidic chemical reaction…”

….. you’re clooooose….

Tentomon: “And what does that mean in plain English for those of us who didn’t major in Engineering?”

Izzy majored in FAIL. He might have minored in Engineering, but that doesn’t matter when your major is FAIL.

Koushirou: “It’s finally my computer’s turn to shine!”
Izzy: “… then I can trace its base functions and figure a way out of here!”

The way you came in?

Joe: “This… is… not… good… I … don’… like…this… at… all…”

Me too, Joe. Me too.



Photograph taken in 1999

Aliases:  Motimon, Kabuterimon


Dates of Birth Used: UnknownHair: None
Place of Birth: File IslandEyes: Green
Height: ShortComplexion: Gross
Weight: Not enough to prevent
flight, apparently
Sex: O.o
Build: RotundRace: Some kind of beetle … thing?
Occupation: Chosen DigimonNationality: Digital World
Scars and Marks: None.Remarks: able to narrate from afar





REWARD: Pffffffffft.

Tentomon: “I admire the way you keep working while your friends are out having fun. Don’t you ever feel… left out?”

Tentomon: “I can think of a lot of things, like relaxing on a nice, warm beach and not worrying about being trapped in a small room with no exits.”


Koushiro: “… like what kind of world this is, or what you guys are.”
Izzy: *dead-on dialogue until…* “… and perhaps prove some of my theories.”

See? SEE? He thinks Tentomon is an NPC.

Tentomon: “But I’ve got no interest in where or what I am.”
Tentomon: “What exactly are you theorizing about? What’s the big mystery? I am who I am; I’m not hiding anything…”

Suuuuuure you’re not, Tentomon.

Tentomon: “Are you interested in what you are, Koushirou?”
Tentomon: “I simply can’t understand this preoccupation with who you are! Is there some kind of deep, dark secret in your origins?”

In his character’s origin or his actual origin?

Koushirou: “It’s moving on its own!”
Tentomon: “Perhaps you should stop looking at the problem and start looking for a solution. Your friends are in trouble. Can’t you feel it in your bones?”

You said they were having fun a minute ago!

No dialogue.
Tentomon: “Tentomon to Izzymon: are you reading me?”
Izzy: “This is merely scientific speculation–“


Izzy: “– but I believe I’ve stumbled onto something more than just a simple computer game, and I’m about to abandon my alien theory as well!”

No dialogue.
Izzy: “Is it short-circuiting?”


Tentomon: “Ah–hot hot! I can’t stand it anymore!”
Tentomon: “I’m dancing like I’ve never danced before!”

Admission of mania.

Koushiro: “This is getting dangerous…”
Izzy: “I’m disconnecting the power! Now I’ll never figure the mystery out. Oh well…”


No dialogue.
Tentomon: “*sigh* I don’t like computers.”
Izzy: “What happened to my Digivice?”

See? He doesn’t care that Tentomon was in pain! He thinks it’s part of the LARP.

No dialogue.
Andromon: “Andromon will exact his vengeance!”
Tai: “Yeah? Well, just try it, you tin can!”

No dialogue.
Joe: “Would you PLEASE stop taunting the deranged android?!”

Hush, Joe. At this rate, Tai will be the first one he eats.

Yamato: “So it looks like this factory is an assembly and disassembly line moving in one long process. It puts things together and then takes them apart in an unending cycle.”
Mimi: “Matt, I’m bored! Grey’soneofmyleastfavouritecoloursallthisdeconstructionisjustsotenminutesago why are we still here?” (she really talks like that)
Matt: “We’re still here because we’re trying to figure out what gets built in this factory!”

No you’re not! You JUST saw it! The machines take apart what they build! Nothing gets built! What’s wrong with you?!

Takeru: “So what are they making?”
Yamato: “Nothing.”

T.K.: “I sure hope they designed it with a door.”
Matt: “There is no door!”

WHAT THE FUCK? You got inside through a door! You’re outdoors right now! You can leave freely! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

Izzy: “In DigiWorld…”

Digital World.

Andromon: “… Intruders locked.”
Andromon: “Capture intruders! Sensors detect hostility! Bring intruders into firing range!”

… They’re already well within firing range, but all right.

No dialogue.
Mimi: “Uh, Mr. Whatevermon, are you talking to us?”

Yes, Mimi. Bring those intruders into firing range!

Side Note

Garurumon was totally badass when he slapped the missiles away.

And you’d think they would have cut the scene where the missiles start firing bullets at the kids and just have Agumon evolve. That’s not a complaint, but it was expendable material and I’m a bit surprised they left it in.

No dialogue. Just Andromon being a badass.
Andromon: “Who challenges Andromon? Mongling [???] weaklings! You puny ones DARE to challenge ME?”

Taichi: “Do your best, Greymon!”
Yamato: “Garurumon, hang in there!”

Tai: “He’s beaten them both!”
Matt: “Looks like there’s no door hope!”

Tentomon: “What is this? Power’s surging through me!”
Koushirou: “Are you all right?”

Tentomon: *holy carp he doesn’t say anything*
Izzy: “We cracked the program, yeah!”


Side Note

Holy sweet victory, Kabuterimon’s voice is nothing like it will later in the series. He sounds kind of like a slightly nerdier Steve Jobs, but much less enthusiastic. It’s wonderful in an unsettling sort of way.

Jou: “Doesn’t Andromon have a weakness?”
Joe: “Doesn’t that Andromon ever run out of gas?”

Or low on battery? Like IZZY’S LAPTOP?! That’s it, Izzy! Work your magic!

Koushirou: “Kabuterimon! The right leg! Aim for his right leg!”
Izzy: “Cut his power! De-mobilize his right leg and we’ll disrupt his energy source!”

Macs keep their power supplies in their feet! Brilliant!

Side Note

Kabuterimon: Mega Blaster –> Electro Shocker

And Andromon makes more bizarre noises. ._.

Matt: “He stripped a Gear!”

Uh-oh. Is it too late for me to get liability insurance?

Side Note

XD The scene with the gear disintegrating in the dub is really funny thanks to the sound effects.

Taichi: “It disappeared!”
Tai: “That’s wicked!”

Shut up, Tai.

Cut, Added, or Shifted Scenes


(< 00:01)… A really odd cut. When Andromon falls to the ground after the gear’s out, in the Japanese version, it remains focused on his face while he says, “The evil is gone.” In the dub, they fade to black for a commercial, and fade back in to Andromon talking to the kids.

It was a prime spot for stupid dialogue, so I don’t know why they chose to cut it.

Andromon: “This all started when I was trying to remove a black gear stuck in the machinery.”
Taichi: “A black gear?!”
Sora: “Again?”

Andromon: “That black gear reprogrammed my system somehow! I’m normally a non-violent Digimon!”
Tai: “You could have fooled us!”
Sora: “No kidding.”


Andromon: “I’m grateful to you, and I apologise deeply for my actions.”
Sora: “I told you he’s a Digimon and not an android!”

[Joe: “Next full moon, Sora. ¬¬ Next full moon…”]

Andromon: “I wish you luck in finding your way back to your world.”
Andromon: “I hope you find your way home and, no matter what, try to remember the big guy who turned out to be not-so-bad.”

Yes. Let’s all remember the true hero: the factory foreman who was off today!

No dialogue.
Tai: “There’s one thing you can count on: we’ll never forget you, Andromon!”

[Tai: “… or the dry-cleaning costs from soiling myself again. Good thing we’re headed into a sewer.”]

She just jumps down, for fuck’s sake.
Taichi: “All right, that’s everyone.”

Mimi: “I know I can do this. Really, I can! Okay: ready, set, *grunt*”
Tai: “Okay, that only took four minutes. Let’s get out of here!”

That exchange looks a lot worse than it actually is, I swear.

Yamato: “This is place is damp and disgusting, isn’t it?”
Taichi: “Hmm.”

Joe: “Am I the only one who finds strolling leisurely through the sewers just the slightest bit disgusting?”

Don’t judge, Joe!

The conversation was pretty much the same… until…
T.K.: “Hey, Izzy. Was it your computer that turned Tentomon into Steve Jobs?”
Izzy: “Prodigious, isn’t it?”


T.K.: “Could your computer make Patamon become Steve Jobs?”
Izzy: “I supposed that is possible…”

Listed for the line delivery. Izzy is such a douchebag.

Taichi and Agumon: “Ouch…”
Izzy: “Sorry guys, but a computer is NOT a toy!”

Haha, Izzy crashed his Mac again!

Sora: “Too bad hitting you won’t fix your reckless attitudes…”
Sora: “Now that you boys have holes in your heads, maybe your brains will get enough oxygen!”


Side Note

The narrator ends the episode with some relevant information in the Japanese version:

“When they left, Koushirou’s laptop became unusable. No one yet knew it would be the key to solving the mysteries of that world.

Final Result

Total Footage Kept

99%. One minor, weird cut!

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