Digimon Adventure S01E05

Title: Electric Shock! Kabuterimon, silhouette of a horned, insectoid monster over a blue background with electricity-inspired yellow squiggles

Lightning! Kabuterimon (JP)

Kabuterimon’s Electro Shocker (EN)

Written by:

EN: Michael L. Reynolds and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: April 4, 1999
EN: September 11, 1999

Section: Summary

The Chosen Children wander into a factory and find themselves trapped and unable to leave for some reason. Unable to grok the concept that the unimpeded entrance functions in both directions, they split up and search for people and explicitly marked exits – to no avail on either. Tai and his group come across Andromon, who helpfully tries to kill them, while Matt and his group find a huge battery and monitor the assembly line. Izzy manages to get inside the battery and immediately proceeds to fuck with it. Meanwhile, Tai leads Andromon to his friends so they can join in on the being-slaughtered. Izzy uses his computer to electrocute Tentomon so he evolves to Kabuterimon, trips the circuit on Andromon’s right knee, and expels a black gear from within. Now hobbled and unable to kill anyone, Andromon dumps them all in the sewers.

Dialogue Deviation

Narrator: “The seven children were under attack by a berserk Meramon. Then Sora’s partner, Piyomon, evolved to Birdramon and put out Meramon’s flame. In their own way, the children caught a glimpse of the mystery of evolution. However, the terror that causes the Digimon to go berserk, the black gears, has only just begun.”
Sora: “Hey, Sora here! Well, we had just finished crossing what seemed like an un-crossable desert when we found a village made up of thousands of Yokomon under attack by Meramon. He was really mad because he had one of those weird, flying, black gears stuck inside of his back.”

Yeah, I’m pretty sure he was mad because you idiots kept telling everyone he was crying.

Sora: “We tried to get all the Yokomon away from the village, but there were just too many of them. Biyomon digivolved to Birdramon and was able to drive out the black gear and destroy it. Then Meramon and the village went back to normal. We’ll just see how long that lasts!”

There’s quite a difference between each version’s narrative style in the recaps. The dub tends to be way more comprehensive in the voice-over, while the original lets the scenes speak for themselves and the narrator gives a simple recount, then a hint that there’s more going on than it seems.

[The kids are walking through a field when Mimi, Takeru, and Gomamon collapse]
Mimi: “No more…”
Gomamon: “One more step…”
Takeru: “I can’t do it…”

Sora: “We passed this place before.”
Joe: “You mean we walked all the way around the whole planet?!”
Mimi: “That just can’t be! I can’t walk that far, can I? I’m so tired!”
Gomamon: *pants rapidly and alarmingly*
T.K.: “My feet are hot!”

It’s a small world after all?

Side Note

It’s not something you’d really notice, but Gomamon does NOT sound good when he collapses. He is loudly panting and makes an exaggerated exhaling sound at the end. It is troubling, health-wise, to say the least.

Dialogue Deviation

[Assessing the situation]
Yamato: “I guess they’re at their limit.”
Sora: “We have been walking non-stop…”
Tai: “All right, let’s take a break here.”

Matt: “Looks like we’re takin’ a break!”
Sora: “Well, it’s not like we have some place to be.”
Tai: “I guess you’re right. There’s no reason to hurry!”

“I GUESS we can let the 10-year-old and 8-year-old and extremely-out-of-its-natural-habitat seal-dog-thing rest for a moment…”

[Koushirou tests his laptop’s functionality]
No dialogue.
Matt: “Check out Izzy! I bet he’s trying to e-mail the aliens!”
Tai: “Maybe he’s asking them to beam him up.”

Ha! What a rube! Everyone knows the aliens use zero-G-mail!

Koushirou: “It still doesn’t work…”
Izzy: “Still crashed, and the warranty’s expired!”

Too bad it’s an expy of an Apple product and you can’t just, you know, fix it. That’d be nice.

… wait, it crashed? You crashed your laptop without even using it? Are you sure you’re even a computer boy?

[Taichi has the solution!]
Taichi: “When that happens, hitting it will fix it!” *smacks the laptop* “Be fixed, be fixed, be fixed!”
Koushirou: “Please stop!”
Tai: “Hey, Izzy, I know how to get it to boot up! You’ve got to give it a couple of subtle adjustments!” *smack smack smack*
Izzy: “Hey! Quit it! Are your brain cells malfunctioning?”

Bold of Izzy to assume Tai has functioning brain cells.

Taichi: “I just thought I would help…”
Sora: “We understand that, but you wouldn’t want other people touching your valued possessions, would you?”
Taichi: *tch*
Tai: “Gosh, you’re acting like I’m hurting the dumb thing!”
Sora: “Too bad your brain isn’t as big as your hair.”


Sora: “Maybe Izzy doesn’t want grimy fingerprints and dents all over his computer.”
Tai: “Huh? Hm.”

Taichi’s reply of “tch” becomes Tai’s “huh?” He’s probably confused as to how he can leave fingerprints behind gloved hands.

[Taichi sees something in the distance]
Taichi: “Ah… What’s that?” *runs off*
Agumon: “Taichi, wait up!” *follows*
Jou: “What’s up with Taichi?”
Matt: “Must be going to the bathroom.”*
Tai: “Wha..? Hey, look! D’you guys see that smoke over there? I’ll check it out.” *runs off*
Agumon: “Hey, Tai, wait for me!” *follows*
Joe: “The attention span of a gnat…”
Matt: “Ah, whatever.”

*Literally “it’s the toilet” (TOIRE darо̄「トイレだろう」). “TOIRE” is borrowed from the French “toilette” (as it is in English), and the English equivalent is “restroom”, “washroom”, or “bathroom”. In Japan, toilets and baths are usually in separate rooms in a home, and the actual bathroom is the furo (casual) 「風呂」 or ofuro (formal) 「お風呂」.

Koushirou’s laptop’s boot-up screen has the Japanese text covered up in the dub.

「起きます」 (kikimasu) – “waking up”
「動きます」 (ugokimasu) – “moving”

The kanji together reads 「起動」 (kidō), which means “booting”, as in a computer booting up

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou’s laptop finally starts up]
Koushirou: “Yes!! It’s fixed!” (the battery’s dead) “… but it’s running even though the battery is at zero… Why…?”
Izzy: “We got graphics, we got sound! Beautiful! Up and running… huh?” (it dead) “But it indicates the battery needs recharging. Huh, that’s odd!”

No, I’ve looked into this sort of thing. Batteries need recharging all the time!

Really, though: the laptop running while the battery is dead – now that’s odd! Running while the battery is low? You can get in at least one more comparison…

You know how it is!

The Japanese text is removed from the laptop screen for a second time.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi calls everyone over to check out what he found, which is…]
Jou: “It’s a factory!”
Joe: “Looks like some kind of factory.”
Matt: “Let’s hope they can manufacture a way for us to get home!”

Well, hope in one hand and poop in the other, because the factory restrooms are for employees only.

No dialogue.
Joe: “Hm. I wonder what they make in there.”
Mimi: “I don’t know, but wouldn’t it be great if there’s a manufacturer’s outlet store? They always have killer deals!”

There are some KILLER deals, all right – and you don’t have to go all the way to the outlet store to find them!

[Exploring the factory]
No dialogue.
Matt: “Don’t ask me how, but there doesn’t seem to be anybody here.”

Union break.

Sora: “There’s gotta be someone running the equipment.”
Izzy: “I don’t know – it appears to be doing quite well all by itself!”

Why did we bother letting automation take all the jobs if we still have to go to work?

Side Note

The conversation in the dub replaces the original’s ambient factory noises. The scene is really different in each version – like you just feel the curiosity and confusion in the original. The dub does keep some sound effects of the equipment, and they are good, but they get a little drowned out by the background music.

Dialogue Deviation

[The machines are putting stuff together]
Takeru: “What are they making?”
Yamato: “I don’t know. We won’t know until we investigate.”
T.K.: “Matt, what are the machines making?”
Matt: “You got me. Maybe parts for robots or spaceships!”

… or robot spaceships! (☆o☆)

Jou: “If we’re investigating, we should look for people! In a place like this, there have to be people!”
Joe: “SOMEBODY’S got to be moving those belts, and people gotta eat! So is there a cafeteria in this place? ’cause we could REALLY use a good meal!”

Joe, the cafeteria is for employees only.

[The kids have split into two groups. Taichi, Agumon, Sora, Biyomon, Jou, and Gomamon head one way]
Piyomon: “Eh?”
Sora: “What’s wrong, Piyomon?”
Piyomon: “I hear something.”
Biyomon: “Wait a minute. Don’t go any further in this direction.”
Joe: “What’s the matter with this direction? It’s just as good as any other direction, isn’t it?!”
Biyomon: “No, wait!”
Sora: “What is it, Biyomon?”
Biyomon: “I’m not sure! I heard something!”

I, too, stop moving in the direction of things I hear for no reason. Especially if it’s someone calling for me.

[There’s an oscillating sound followed by a groan]
Taichi: “A human voice?!”
Tai: “Doesn’t sound good to me!”

That actually did sound pretty alarming:

[Koushirou, Tentomon, Mimi, Palmon, Yamato, Takeru, Gabumon, and Patamon come across a room labeled “Power Supply.R.”]
Koushirou: “This is the power supply room.”
Yamato: “Let’s go in.”
Patamon: “I say we go inside and have a look around!”

[There’s a giant 1.5 mV battery hooked up to a motor within]
Koushirou: “A gigantic battery and a motor! Is this what’s moving the machines?”
Izzy: “Prodigious!”

Pfft. That’ll never catch on!

Izzy: “Now a battery like that could run my computer forever! I wonder if there’s a way to access its power!”

Amusingly, a 1.5 mV power supply would charge the computer’s battery forever before it had enough energy to actually run. This is an ultra-efficient factory!

The animators might have intended for that to be in megavolts, which has an uppercase ‘M’ (MV). A giant 1.5 mV battery is funnier, though.

Koushirou, a boy with short, red hair wearing an orange shirt, brown shorts, yellow gloves, and a green laptop case, stands with Tentomon before what looks like gigantic AA battery. The battery is labeled "1.5 lowercase 'm' uppercase 'V')

[Sora, Taichi, and Jou have found the source of the noise, which is a big ol’ robot Digimon who somehow got stuck in some gears by his waist. Like, how does that even happen?]
Sora: “What could it be? It looks like it had trouble with the machine’s gears.”
Taichi: “A-a robot..?”
Gomamon: “Not a robot – Andromon!”
Taichi: “Eh?! This is a Digimon, too?”
Agumon: “Yeah, a really good Digimon.”
Piyomon: “A highly evolved Digimon!”
Taichi: “Who’s more highly evolved: him or Greymon?”
Gomamon: “Definitely Andromon!”

Tai: (amused) “Whadya supposed happened to him?”
Sora: “Who knows, but let’s see if we can help.”
Tai: “It’s just a busted robot.”
Gomamon: “It’s not a robot. It’s Andromon.”
Tai: “What?! This big clunk is a Digimon??”

Tai, why are you being so rude?

Agumon: “Yes, and very much advanced.”
Biyomon: “Poor thing! I guess he got caught in the gears, and that’s how he got mankled [sic]!”

Taichi, Agumon (small yellow T-rex inspired Digimon), Piyomon (pink bird Digimon), Sora (girl with short, brown hair in a yellow shirt, blue trousers, and pink gloves), Gomamon (small, white seal/dog with purple markings and a red mohawk), and Jou (boy with short, blue hair, glasses, a pale yellow sweatervest over a white collared shirt, and brown shorts) stand over Andromon, an android Digimon, who has somehow gotten his waist stuck in a wall of gears.

When you’re very much advanced, but not enough to avoid sticking the entire lower half of your body into the lower-body-sized gap in the gears and getting stuck. That’s mankled.

Jou: (disappointed) “Either way, it wasn’t a human…”
Sora: “Let’s help him out.”
Taichi: Yeah!”
Sora: “Maybe if we work together, we can pull him out of there.”
Joe: “Uh, my mom really doesn’t want me moving any heavy objects; I got bad knees.”
Sora: “Relax. We’ll do it.”

Just don’t lift with your legs; it’ll be fine!

“No, no! What are you doin’?! Don’t lift with your legs! Your back is the strongest muscle in your body! And look, man: your knees aren’t even locked! How d’you expect to stand up straight? Come on, put your groin into it! And stop exhaling on every lift! The goal is to hold your breath as long as possible. Under stress, the body produces all the oxygen it needs!” – Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue
I hate that this is the internet and the internet doesn’t understand irony. No, none of that is true. Don’t fucking “correct” it in the comments.

[Koushirou is inspecting the big battery his group has found by running his hands over it and not much else]
Yamato: “Are you still checking it out?”
Koushirou: “Yes. Feel free go on ahead without me. “
Matt: “What are you doing, Izzy?”
Izzy: “I’m trying to tap into this power source.”

Koushirou stands before his friends, running his hands over the giant battery.

Izzy, we need to talk about osmosis and what it definitely is not.

Koushirou: “I’m going to examine this a little more.
Izzy: “If I can get this baby to fire up then we can use my computer to get some help!”

Just plug the charger into it – don’t set it on fire!

[Sora et al have extracted Andromon from the gears in which his waist was stuck. Then Agumon slapped him]
Andromon: *growns*
Andromon: (groaning) “I… am… Andromon…”

Aww, how cute – he was having an “Ironman” (Black Sabbath) dream!

Jou: “Don’t do that! You shouldn’t hit machines!”
Sora: “Right, you could have broken something inside!”

Joe: “There’s this movie where a robot came to life and ate everyone…”
Sora: “He looks friendly enough. I’m sure if we’re nice to him, he’ll be nice to us.”

Oh, mon, Mimi’s going to miss out on the KILLER deal I promised her!

[Andromon is awake and none-too-pleased about aforementioned slappery. He not-nicely dangles Sora]
Andromon: “An invader?”
Andromon: “I shall punish alien intruders!”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Andromon: a cyborg Digimon with a body made of machinery. He is said to be the strongest Digimon to evolve to the Perfect level.”
Tentomon, despite being in a different location: “Andromon is one of the most powerful Digimon of all! His body is a tireless machine capable of almost anything!”

“Almost anything” because he’s not capable of actually being one of the most powerful Digimon of all – just the strongest to evolve to Perfect.

Andromon’s Spiral Sword is “Lightning Blade” in the dub, but his second attack, Gattling Missile, is unnamed until a later episode.

In the original, Andromon’s voice is modulated to sound like a machine. His dub voice is just monotonous robot-talk.

Dialogue Deviation

[He’s throwing children at us, so now it’s time to leave]
Jou: “Isn’t he a good Digimon?!”
Gomamon: “He should be…”
Jou: “Then why?!”
Joe: “Too bad we didn’t catch him on a good day! Watch out!”
Gomamon: “Maybe it is a good day…”
Joe: “THIS is not good!”

You guys smacked him awake after he got his waist and legs stuck in the machinery – you should have known what kind of day he was having!

Taichi: “Agumon, aim for the ceiling!”
Agumon: “Well, Tai, what do we do now?”
Tai: “Agumon, how about trying to blast the roof?”

[Agumon: “From inside??”]

[Agumon blasts at the ceiling with Baby Flame, cutting some cables and burying Andromon under a bunch of steel beams, thus undoing all the work they’d done to release him]
Taichi: “All right, let’s get out of here!”
Tai: “Boy, he’s gonna have one ugly headache!”
Sora: “No doubt.”

Don’t be self-deprecating, Sora; you were the first one he saw when he woke up.

[Away from imminent demise, Mimi and Takeru are checking out some machines]
Takeru: “What are they making?”
Mimi: “It must be something really amazing! Like something that reverses time, or something that can switch adults’ and childrens’ bodies!”

Mimi: “This place would be a lot more interesting if there was a tour guide to explain it. Ooh, maybe with a little plaid outfit and a bullhorn…”

… I mean… she’s not wrong…

[Koushirou finds a door on the battery, which he probably would have found sooner if he’d been looking instead of running his hands over it]
Koushirou: “Huh? Why is there a door here?”
Izzy: “Ah-hah… I’ve located an access panel to the interior operations!”

Nope. Bathroom. Keep looking!

[The interior walls of the battery are covered in writing]
Koushirou: “It’s a computer program.”
Izzy: “These markings are binary annotations of some sort.”

The inside of the battery is round, and the walls are covered in letters and mysterious glyphs

Pictured: the opposite of binary

[Koushirou fucked up the lights for everyone]
Taichi: “What now?”
Jou: “Did the breaker go out?”

Tai: “Hey! Who turned out the lights?!”
Joe: “I break out in hives in the dark!”
Sora: “You didn’t break out in hives last night.”
Joe: “Well, yeah, but we were in the trolley. It was lit.”
Tai: “Hell yeah it w–“
Sora: “Not that kind of ‘lit’!”
Jou: “Also, it isn’t so much ‘hives’ as it is ‘lycanthropy’…
Sora: “What?”
Jou: “Hm?”

[Andromon is fine now and still on the hunt]
(They hear Andromon walking towards them)
Sora: “What do we do?”
Taichi: “It’s dark, so maybe he can’t see us.”
Jou: “You think so?”
Taichi: “Let’s hold our breaths and move quietly.”
(Andromon made a weird “vroom” noise like he was pretending to be a car. Probably not on purpose, but that’s what it sounds like.)
Joe: “What was that?!”
Sora: “I hope it isn’t Andromon.”
Tai: “It might be a good plan to keep on moving so we don’t have to find out!”
Joe: “Well, I’m for that!”
Tai: “Or we could just stay here, frozen, ’til the monster gets us!”

It’s worth a shot!

Sora: “Let’s sneak away.”

You’re no fun. >:(

[Andromon can 100% see in the dark]
Joe: “Can anyone explain why we’re tip-toeing instead of running for our lives?”

Quite literally: no.

Andromon: “Intruders. Spiral Sword!”
Andromon: “Intruders sighted… and Andromon doesn’t like intruders!”

You know, Agumon did assault him. This is self-defense!

[Koushirou learns of his error]
Tentomon: “Hey! Th’ factory’s machine’s’ve stopped.”
Izzy: “That was a smooth move, Izzy! Scratch that theory.”

Wait, what was the theory? That if you dick around with the wallpaper, it won’t shut off the lights?

Koushirou: “Maybe I erased the wrong part of the program…”
Tentomon: “Eh, could be. Oh! What if you fix th’ part you erased?”
Koushirou: “That could be it!”
Izzy: “Could I have possibly deleted the wrong program?”
Tentomon: “I think that is a distinct possibility, Izzy! Why don’t you try to UN-delete it?”
Izzy: “Capital idea! … a stroke of metallic paint right here!”

The "metallic paint" is just a marker

Pictured: a normal-ass marker.

[Power’s back on]
Mimi: “It’s moving again.”
Yamato: “All right. Let’s move on.”
Mimi: “They didn’t pay their power bill! Is that it?”
Matt: “You know, you have no imagination.”

Oh? What was your idea, creative boy? That they sat around and bitched the power off? Yeah. That’s how I do it.

[Back in the battery, Koushirou ponders the oddity of the factory’s power]
Koushirou: “Batteries create electricity through a chemical reaction between a metal and a solution. But it’s different here. The program written on this wall itself is what’s giving power.”
Tentomon: “Mm… This’s kinda difficult.”
Izzy: “Well, you see, batteries are driven by an acidic chemical reaction, which generates a current, but this one produces its own current independently…”
Tentomon: “And what does that mean in plain English for those of us who didn’t major in Engineering?”

Izzy majored in Fail. He might have minored in Engineering, but that doesn’t matter when your major is Fail.

Side Note

“Acidic chemical reaction” is not to be confused with (lead-)acid batteries, which use an acidic solution instead of a basic one (as in alkaline batteries) and are often rechargeable. Car batteries are common acid batteries. “Acidic chemical reaction” is not the usual way we refer to acid-base chemistry, but it’s a kid’s show and Izzy doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about.

The chemical reaction in a battery does produce the current independently, though, once the battery is in place. Kind of their job.


Technically, if it generates power without electrochemical cells, as this one appears to do with glyphs, it isn’t actually a battery at all. It’s the Digital World equivalent, though, so we can let that slide.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou has an idea]
Koushirou: “That’s it!”
Tentomon: “What’re ya doin’ now?”
Koushirou: “I’m going to analyze this program. It’s finally my computer’s turn to shine!”
Izzy: “Give me a nano here! … If I can decode this particular program, then I can trace its base functions and figure a way out of here!”

The way you came in?

[Back to Andromon fighting his attackers. They are running.]
Jou: “It would have been better if we hadn’t helped him!”
Sora: “This is all because because you hit him!”
Taichi: “Hey! Now’s not a good time; let’s talk about that later!”
Joe: *running and gasping for air* “This is – not – good – I – don’t – like – this – at – all!”

Section: Eyecatch




A mugshot of Tentomon

Photograph taken in 1999

Aliases:  Motimon, Kabuterimon


Dates of Birth Used: UnknownHair: None
Place of Birth: File IslandEyes: Green
Height: ShortComplexion: Gross
Weight: Not enough to prevent flight, apparentlySex: ???
Build: RotundRace: ???
Occupation: Chosen DigimonNationality: Digital World
Scars and Marks: None.Remarks: may take on appearance of small, pink marshmallow





REWARD: Pffffffffft.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi et al are dangling off a catwalk after Andromon nearly smoked their asses]
No dialogue.
Andromon: “Hear me, intruders! Andromon will exact his vengeance!”
Tai: “Hey! Come on! Uh… ‘Vengeance’?? We’re the ones that jumpstarted you – remember??”

There’s a lesson to be learned here: don’t slap people, animals, or machines awake!

[Back in the battery]
Tentomon: “Koushirou, ya look more excited than ya ever been before.”
Tentomon: “I admire the way you keep working while your friends are out having fun. Don’t you ever feel sort of… left out?”

Sora and her group, pursued by Andromon, dangle from the sides of a bridge near some heavy machinery

Pictured: fun

Koushirou: “Really?”
Tentomon: “Yeah. Is this fun?”
Koushirou: “I’m enjoying deciphering these codes and ancient characters.”
Tentomon: “Ya enjoy decipherin’, huh…? Do ya gain anythin’ outta it?”
Izzy: “Not at all!”
Tentomon: “So you would rather spend your time with puzzles than with people?”
Izzy: “Precisely! What could be more fun than breaking a cryptogram that nobody else can figure out?”
Tentomon: “I can think of a lot of things, like relaxing on a nice, warm beach and not worrying about being trapped in a small room with no exits, but that’s just me.”

Curse these giant batteries and their one-way doors!

Koushirou: “I might be able to solve the secrets that have been surrounding us. Like, what kind of world this is, and who you guys are.”
Tentomon: “But I got no int’rest in where or what I am. Are ya int’rested in what ya are, Koushirou?”
Izzy: “I’m just trying to determine how we all got to this place… and I’d like to learn more about you Digimon and perhaps prove some of my theories.”
Tentomon: “What are you theorizing about? What’s the big mystery? I am who I am; I’m not hiding anything…”

Oddly specific denial to an accusation that wasn’t made, but go on…

Izzy: “Really?”
Tentomon: “I simply can’t understand this preoccupation with who you are! Is there some kind of deep, dark secret in your origins?”

Don’t deflect!

[After a flashback alluding to Koushirou’s deep, dark secret, the program is going nuts on Koushirou’s computer’s screen]
Koushirou: “It’s moving on its own!”
Tentomon: “It’s acting rather strangely. Perhaps you should stop focusing on the problem and start looking for a solution. Your friends are in trouble. Can’t you feel it in your bones?”

You said they were having fun!

[Where different fun is being had]
Takeru: “Eeeehhh???”
Mimi: “What is going on here??”
Matt: (sarcastic) “Boy, that’s productive!” (normal) “This thing puts the pieces together, and then it takes them apart!”

Uh-huh. What have you gotten done today, Matt?

[Back to questionable fun]
No dialogue.
Tentomon: “Tentomon to Izzymon: are you reading me?”
Izzy: “This is merely scientific speculation, but I believe I’ve stumbled onto something more than just a simple computer game, and I’m about to abandon my alien theory as well!”

Izzy is offensive to scientists.

[Koushirou does nothing but Tentomon is on fire only along his exoskeleton’s seams somehow, and his Digivice is being weird]
Tentomon: “Hot hot hot!! I can’t take it anymore!”
Koushirou: “This is getting dangerous.” *shuts off his laptop*
Tentomon: “I’m dancing like I’ve never danced before!”
Izzy: “I’m disconnecting the power!” *shuts down* “Now I may never figure the mystery out. Oh well.”

It’s all fun and games until the science stops because SOMEBODY can’t handle being a little on-fire! THANKS, Tentomon.

No dialogue.
Tentomon: *sighs* “I don’t like computers.”
Izzy: “What happened to my Digivice?”

He’s fine, by the way. Thanks for asking.

[Back to Andromon defending his home from invaders]
*Taichi jumps from the catwalk and commandeers a crane*
Taichi: “Let’s go!”
Andromon: “Andromon will exact his vengeance!”
Tai: “Yeah? Just try it, you tin can!” *pretty sure he doesn’t have a license for that thing* “Come on!”
Joe: “Would you please stop taunting the deranged android?!”

Why would he want to do that?

[Taichi grabs Andromon with the crane and traps him in the air]
Taichi: “Run!!”
Andromon: “Ground interrupt! Altitude reading abnormal!”

XD I like that; that was cute.

[Back at Mimi et al watching the machinery make and unmake stuff]
Yamato: “So it looks like this factory is an assembly and disassembly line moving in one long process. It puts things together and then takes them apart in an unending cycle.”
Takeru: “So, what are they making?”
Yamato: “Nothing. This factory is actually making nothing at all.”
Mimi: “Matt, I’m bored! Grey’sreallyoneofmyleastfavouritecolorsallthisdeconstructionisjustsotenminutesago why are we still here?”
Matt: “We’re still here because we’re trying to figure out what gets built in this factory! So far, it just seems designed to put things together and then take them apart.”
T.K.: “I really, really hope they designed it with a door.”
Mimi, Palmon, Patamon, and T.K.: *GASP*

Then how did you get in?! DAMNIT, what is with this factory and its one-way doors?!

Matt: “It’s based on perpetual motion. Nothing ever stops or leaves this place!”

Side Note

Pictured: Matt “No Door” Ishida, standing outdoors at a factory

Yeah, they’re not trapped inside the factory in the original. At all. They’re hanging around because, as far as they know, it’s safe, and they’re trying to figure out what’s going on there.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi et al lead Andromon to where their friends are to ensure they all perish together]
Andromon: “… Intruders locked.”
Andromon: “Capture intruders! Sensors detect hostility! Bring intruders into firing range!”
Mimi: “Uh, Mr. Whatevermon, are you talking to us?”

Yes, Mimi. Bring those intruders into firing range!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Instead of an attack name for Gattling Missile, Andromon says, “Bring missiles into position… and FIRE!”

Dialogue Deviation

[Agumon and Gabumon have evolved in an attempt to not die. Andromon proceeds to kick their heineys]
Taichi: “Greymon!”
Yamato: “Garurumon!”
Andromon: “Who challenges Andromon? Mongling [sic] weaklings!”
Tai: “Get him, Greymon!”
Matt: “Recycle that hunk of tin!”
Andromon: “You puny ones DARE to challenge ME?”

[It’s not going well so far]
Yamato: “He really is evolved…”
Sora: “Power, speed… Everything’s a level up from our Digimon!”
Matt: “He’s more powerful than either of our Digimon!”
Sora: “Maybe because he’s all machine… It’s almost like he’s digivolved far beyond the other Digimon!”

Sora, you were there when Tentomon did his Digimon Analyzer screen and told you Andromon is one of the most powerful Digimon of all, and Tentomon wasn’t even there when that happened!

[Andromon straight-up throws Greymon onto Garurumon]
Taichi: “You can do it, Greymon!”
Yamato: “Garurumon, hang in there!”
Tai: “He’s beaten them both now!”
Matt: “Looks like there’s no door hope!”

[Tentomon recalls how Koushirou previously set him on fire and decides to go out in a blaze of glory]
Tentomon: “What’s this? Power’s surgin’ through me!”
Koushirou: “Are you all right?”

Izzy: “If I can just recall the exact sequence…” *continues typing after the program starts moving on his screen*
Tentomon: *holy carp he doesn’t say anything*
Izzy: “We cracked the program, yeah!”

That’s illegal, Izzy!

Side Note

Kabuterimon’s voice sounds nothing like it will later in the series. I daresay this nerdy, horrifying bug monster is even better!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Kabuterimon’s Mega Blaster is renamed “Electro Shocker”.

Dialogue Deviation

[The battle is ongoing. Poorly]
Jou: “Doesn’t Andromon have a weakness?”
Joe: “Boy… doesn’t that Andromon ever run out of gas?”

Or on low battery? Like IZZY’S LAPTOP?! That’s it, Izzy! Work your magic!

[Koushirou noticed Andromon’s knee is sparking]
Koushirou: “Kabuterimon! The right leg! Aim for his right leg!”
Izzy: “Cut his power! De-mobilize his right leg and we’ll disrupt his energy source!”

Attack his torn meniscus from his old robot college football days! That’ll drain him phsyically AND mentally!

[Andromon is defeated, and the black gear floats up out of him and disintegrates]
Sora: “That’s…”
Matt: “He stripped a Gear!”
Sora: “That musta hurt…”

Damnit! That’s coming out of my paycheck…

Taichi: “It disappeared!”
Tai: “That’s wicked!”

Yes. It is. I DON’T GET PAID.

Side Note

XD I love the dub’s explode-y sound effect.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(< 1 sec) When Andromon falls to the ground after the gear’s out, in the Japanese version, it remains focused on his face while he says, “The evil is gone.” In the dub, they cut this shot out and fade to black for a commercial.

Dialogue Deviation

[Andromon explains his actions. It turns out they had nothing to do with being smacked while he was taking a nap]
Andromon: “This all started when I was trying to remove a black gear stuck in the machinery.”
Taichi: “A black gear?!”
Sora: “Again?”

Andromon: “That black gear reprogrammed my system somehow! I’m normally a non-violent Digimon!”
Tai: “You could have fooled us!”
Sora: “No kidding.”

Don’t rub it in.

Andromon: “I’m grateful to you, and I apologize deeply for my actions.”
Sora: (to Joe) “I told you he’s a Digimon and not an android!”

[Joe: “Next full moon, Sora… Next full moon…”]

[Andromon can’t answer their questions, but he can send them to the sewers. Don’t ask why; he can’t answer]
Andromon: “I wish you luck in finding your way back to your world.”
Andromon: “I hope you find your way home and, no matter what, try to remember the big guy who turned out to be not-so-bad.”

Yes. Let’s all remember the true hero: the factory foreman who was off today!

No dialogue.
Tai: “There’s one thing you can count on: we’ll never forget you, Andromon!”

[Tai: “… or the dry-cleaning costs from soiling myself. Good thing we’re headed into a sewer.”]

[Heading into the sewers, Mimi is the last one to jump out of the tunnel-drain thing]
She just jumps down, for fuck’s sake.
Taichi: “All right, that’s everyone.”

Mimi: “I know I can do this. Really, I can! Okay: ready, set…” *grunt*
Tai: “Okay, that only took four minutes. Let’s get out of here!”

Rome wasn’t built in a day, Tai! Perfection takes time!

[Traipsing through the sewer]
Yamato: “This is place is damp and disgusting, isn’t it?”
Taichi: “Hmm.”

Joe: “Am I the only one who finds strolling leisurely through the sewers just the slightest bit disgusting?”

Hey! I don’t talk shit about your house!

Takeru: “Hey, Koushirou. You made Tentomon evolve with your computer, right?”
Koushirou: “That’s right.”
T.K.: “Tell me the truth, Izzy. Was it your computer that made Tentomon turn into a superhero?”
Izzy: “Prodigious, huh?”

You’d think Izzy wouldn’t sacrifice the word’s pronunciation for the sake of a crappy pun, but it turns out he’s not a linguistics nerd.

Takeru: “Can it make my Patamon evolve?”
Koushirou: “It just might work!”
T.K.: “Could your computer make Patamon become a superhero?”
Izzy: “I suppose that is possible!”

[Without the factory’s forcible wireless charging, Koushirou’s computer shuts down just as he’s finishing typing the end of the program.]
Koushirou: “That’s strange…”
Tentomon: “What is? Is it broken?”
Koushirou: “I don’t think it is…”
Izzy: “The program’s right… ” *long pause* “But nothing is happening.”

The laptop screen is black

Something seems off, and it’s not the– no, wait, it is the computer.

[Taichi and Agumon seize the opportunity to beat the shit out of it. It dodges and they beat each other instead.]
Taichi and Agumon: “Ouch…”
Sora: “Too bad hitting you won’t fix your reckless attitudes…”
Izzy: “Sorry guys, but a computer is NOT a toy!”
Sora: “Now that you boys have holes in your heads, maybe your brains will get enough oxygen!”

There’s no problem a mild concussion can’t solve!

The narrator ends the episode with some relevant information in the Japanese version:

“When they left, Koushirou’s laptop became unusable. No one yet knew it would be the key to solving the mysteries of that world.”

Final Result

The Digi-Verdict

Izzy wouldn’t know the scientific method if it walked up and bit him in the face.

Anyway, this is a sass-heavy episode. Between Izzy being a smug little butthole and Matt being a sarcastic little butthole, there are way too many buttholes in this script! It’s unfortunate because this is an important episode for establishing the mysterious nature of the Digital World, and all the backchat distracts from that. Koushirou being able to manipulate aspects of the world with his computer is pretty important.

That’s not to say the jokes are bad, of course – several are quite funny! Joe’s complaints about the bad day poor Andromon is having are consistently well-delivered, and Sora chastising Tai and Agumon over their wanton violence is always a plus!

The real heroes, of course, are the unintentional jokes – specifically Matt and the others believing themselves to be trapped in the places they voluntarily entered and are free to leave at any time! There is no reference at all to them being trapped in the original, and I have no idea how that subplot came to be. I’m glad it did, though! It adds an bonus layer of silliness to an otherwise serious episode. I would give it a D for “door”, but there is no door, so I instead give it a B for “batteries”, which are surprisingly easy to get trapped inside.

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