Digimon Adventure:

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While preparing for summer camp, Taichi meets his upstairs neighbor Koushiro, who has questions about the camp. But they’re interrupted when they hear word of a cyberattack that has disrupted the city. Taichi learns that the train his mother and sister are on is out of control and about to crash, killing everyone on board. He races to the train station to try and help, but winds up inside the digital network. There, he meets Agumon, who defeats several viruses that start returning the city to normal. But the one controlling the trains evolves and puts up a much tougher fight. Taichi activates the Crest of Courage, evolving Agumon to Greymon. Greymon defeats the virus and stops the trains, saving everyone on board. However, it’s clear that the threat is not over, and more players, human and Digimon alike, are involved.

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The series begins broadcasting in Japan on April 5, 2020, and completed its run on September 26, 2021. An English dub was announced in February 2022 featuring Zeno Robinson as Tai and Ben Diskin as Agumon.

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