Digimon Frontier S01E06

The Five Legendary Warriors vs. The New Warrior! (JP)
A Molehill Out of a Mountain (EN)

Dub Writer: Seth Walther

Original Airdates:
May 12, 2002 (JP)
October 14, 2002 (EN)

Section: Summary

The title’s weird. Not a bad episode, really (or else I’m getting more lenient on Stupid Dialogue).

Side Note

The KaratsukiNumemon’s voices on both sides are annoying o.o

The sign by the front door is translated. Faithfully enough for my standards.

Original: If you help, we’ll give you food.
Side Note

The music played during the bushes scene in the dub reminds me of something from “A Christmas Story” O.o

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Grottomon -> Grumblemon.

Feh. I’m used to these changes now.

Side Note

In the original, Grottomon took only the daughters of the KaratsukiNumemon. In the dub, he takes all the women. What a man whore. D<

I’m… extremely surprised they kept the reference to Izumi’s skirt in the dub.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(4 seconds) Junpei climbing with a hand mark on his face xD


(Less than 1 second) Takuya getting smacked on the head with Kouji’s wooden staff.

Another ouch!
Side Note

The elder KaratsukiNumemon has a bad Aussie accent in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Izumi: It’s pizza!
Zoe: Tastes like steak!

Don’t eat pizza, kids.

Takuya: Mine’s just like asparagus!
Others: Yuck!
Takuya: I like asparagus…

KaratsukiNumemon: Well… we finish and the universe throws a human into the works! How inconvenient.

The text on the map near the corner is translated kinda.

*singing* Our town… in the middle of the Digital World!
Side Note

The kids all snore really loud in the dub.

“Grumblemon’s” voice is really annoying, and he speaks like an idiot. “Give fractal code!” So basically, everything he says is stupid.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Are you kidding me? Why the hell are they adding a clip of Kouji falling into his spirit from Episode 2 before he evolves?!

About a second of Grottomon pounding his hammer on Agnimon is cut, as well as before Blitzmon saves him. Not even worth a screen capture, really.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Lightning Topper = Lightning Blitz
Mjolnir Thunder = Thunder Fist (even though that’s what they called Thor Hammer in the last episode?)

Grottomon calls his change to Gigasmon “Slide Evolution,” but Grumblemon calls it “Beast Spirit Evolution.” Then from Gigasmon to Grumblemon, he calls it “Slide Evolution.”

Hurricane Bomber = Quagmire Twister

Ice Pillar La La La = Frozen Tundra

Final Verdict

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