Broken egg poll repaired

Uh, apparently the efforts to fix the site doubled as efforts to sabotage the site (which I respect), because the “what do you like on your eggs” poll in the comparison for Roar! Ikkakumon / Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Torpedo was broken and I just saw that today. Unfortunately, the results were all lost. I like the poll, though (and thank you to everyone who voted in it), so I set it back up. Feel free to re-cast your vote and represent your top toppings!

If you don’t read the Adventure comparisons and are confused: yes, there’s a poll asking what people like to put on their eggs. Yes, it’s relevant to the comparison. No, tabasco sauce is not a poll option, because none of the characters talked about putting it on their eggs. No, leaving ketchup off the poll is not the reason somebody sabotaged the poll; the ketchup-y footprints in the area prove nothing.

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