Digimon Adventure S01E45

Ultimates Clash! WarGreymon vs. MetalGarurumon (JP)

The Ultimate Clash (EN)

Written by:

JP: Hiro Masaki
EN: Rebecca Olkowski and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: January 23, 2000
EN: April 8, 2000

Section: Summary

Matt appears before his friends a changed man — a man who wants to punch Tai– no, wait, that isn’t changed at all. After initially rejecting his offer, Tai reconsiders and the two fight. Kari, never one to be interested in the interpersonal goings-on of her friends and family, finds a collection of sparkles to commune with. She becomes one with the sparkles and immediately goes to show off her new luminescence to her friends, but she being of corporeal nature, her luminescence takes the form of lengthy exposition. She regales the group with a presentation on the history of the Digital World Corporation and how they selected a team of children to carry on a really stupid name. Unexpectedly, the video clip included in the presentation ends with Piedmon breaking into the office and stealing the Crests out of the “Employee Accomplishments” display case. Jennai, in his youth, shows him up by stealing the remaining contents of the case, and then he goes and loses one like a jackass. In conclusion: they are the DigiDestined, that name was picked on purpose, and security is no longer an issue because everyone at the office is dead. Matt, seeing that he’s the only one to realize this all could have been an email, leaves again.

Dialogue Deviation

Narrator: “Unable to go on with the way things were and wanting to become stronger, Yamato decided he couldn’t stay with the group. He left his friends and wandered into the forest with Gabumon. Jureimon appeared before them and told him that in order to clear the doubt in his heart, he must fight Taichi. Is what Jureimon said the truth? Or is it a trap? There was only one way to find out.”
Gabumon: “After our last encounter with the Dark Masters, Matt decided to leave the group. According to him, all of the other kids, including T.K., were becoming stronger people while he remained the same person he had always been. Matt’s problems were made worse by Cherrymon, who convinced him that he would never become strong until he defeated Tai. Even though I knew this was wrong, I assured Matt that whatever his decision was, I would be on his side…. regardless of the consequences.”

That is a fine recap, but… dub Gabumon is a bad friend. If you know your friend is doing something wrong, you don’t go along with it. “Fight your other friends” deserves at least a “hold up, let’s discuss other options”. Original Gabumon is not much better, but at least he was like, “all right, Yamato needs clarity, so I’ll do it for him” and not “I knew it was wrong, but I’m cool with that”.

[Yamato has challenged Taichi to a figh-chi]
Awkward silence.
Tai: “Calm down, Matt! Don’t get so bent out of shape. The last thing we need right now is a hothead with attitude. We’ve got more important things to think about.”

Oh, good, Tai’s on deescalation duty…

Jou: “Q-Quit kidding around, Yamato! We’re friends, aren’t we?”
Yamato: “Friends?”
Jou: “That’s right, friends! The Chosen Children – friends!”
Joe: “Look, all I know is that this stupid bickering is giving me a gigantic headache!”
Matt: “Chill out.”
Joe: “Matt, have you forgotten that we have been chosen to be the DigiDestined?”

“… I was TRYING to.”

Yamato: “Then here’s a question. Who chose us?”
Jou: “Well…”
Yamato: “If you don’t know that, how can you say we’re friends?”
Matt: “Hmph. And would you mind telling me who exactly chose us for this dumb job anyway?”
Joe: “I-uhh….”
Matt: “Come on! I want some answers, and you can’t seem to give ’em to me.”

It’s almost as though you’re asking the wrong person…

Taichi: “Jou, there’s no use arguing with him. Yamato is that kind of guy.”
Yamato: “‘That kind of guy’? What do you know about me anyway?!”
Tai: “Don’t waste your time, Joe. Matt’s just being a big spoiled brat!”
Matt: “You’re the brat! Why don’t you go mind your own business?”

I mean… you’re trying to fight him. That’s kind of his business.

Taichi: “I know you! You’re messing with me just because things aren’t going your way!”
Yamato: “Well, aren’t you amazing! I don’t have any idea what kind of person I am, but you know!”
Tai: “The problem with you is pretty easy to figure out. You’re upset because you wanna be the boss.”
Matt: “Yeah, like I wanna be boss of this sorry group! If any of you brainiacs wanna take charge, be my guest! I say we should just take care of ourselves.”

Indeed, Yamato is not interested in being in charge; he’s just confused and taking some questionable advice from trees and bodies of water. And when that advice happens to be “beat the snot out of Taichi”, who could blame him?

[Sora implores them to stop]
Taichi: “You don’t need to tell me! Yamato’s the only one picking a fight. I don’t need to listen to this guy.”
Agumon: “You’ve really grown up, Taichi.”
Tai: “Don’t look at me, Matt’s the one who started it; he’s got a bug up his nose. Hmph. I don’t have to listen to this.”
Agumon: “Bug up the nose? That’s a bad thing?”

Put Tentomon down.

[MetalGarurumon blocks Taichi and Agumon as they try to walk away]
Taichi: “That’s over the top, Yamato!”
Yamato: “Fight me!”
Taichi: “I told you, no! You just don’t get it!”
Tai: “Don’t push me too far!”
Matt: (sarcastic) “Oh, I’m scared!”
Tai: “You’d better be scared! I’m getting really mad!”
MetalGarurumon: “Excuse me, but what are you going to do about it?”

See, at least MetalGarurumon is trying to be civil about stabbing his friends in the back…

Section: Cut or moved footage

(7 sec) The dub adds a shot of Puppetmon sitting on the same tree in the Splash Zone (he really doesn’t learn, does he?) before a fade-out for ads, and he feels the need to commentate:

Puppetmon: “So, those little twerps are about to self-destruct. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show!”

Dialogue Deviation

MetalGarurumon: “You’re the ones who don’t understand!”
Taichi: “… you’re serious?”
MetalGarurumon: “Stay right there!”
Tai: “Get real, dude!”

[Agumon has warp-evolved to WarGreymon]
WarGreymon: “Stop! I have no reason to fight you!”
MetalGarurumon: “You may not, but I do!”
WarGreymon: “There is no need for us to fight!”
MetalGarurumon: “I must.”

[Taichi approaches Yamato]
Yamato: “Are you finally ready to fight?”
Matt: “What’s the matter? You chicken?”
Tai: “That’s it!”

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub completely cuts Taichi’s first punch and replaces it with a shot of his second, but it doesn’t show the second punch connecting. So there’s just the impact sound and Matt going “oof!” off-screen, and that’s pretty funny. This exchange is removed:

Taichi: *decks him* “Do you know why I just hit you?”
Yamato: “Yeah! You want us to fight, too, right?”
Taichi: “You idiot!”
Yamato: “Well, sorry for being an idiot!”

Then they replace some of the cut footage with a shot of Takeru from a bit later.

Takeru: “Stop it, Big Brother! You shouldn’t fight!”
T.K.: “Ma-att! I’m gonna tell Mom that you were fighting!”
Matt: “Sorry, T.K., but I have to do this!”

Don’t apologize to T.K.; apologize to yourself. The Dark Masters got nothing on Nancy Takaishi!

(3 sec) The dub adds a “bonk” sound effect to Yamato’s punch on Taichi, then it cuts his second punch connecting and Taichi returning the favor.

Side Note

When MetalGarurumon flies over WarGreymon, there’s a wolf-howling sound in the original. The dub leaves it out – understandably so. It was a little out-of-place.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi and Yamato resume fighting]
Koushirou: “Please stop!”
Sora: “Taichi! Cool your head!”
Taichi: “None of you get it, do you?”

Izzy: “It’s ridiculous!”
Sora: “You two are just making things worse!”
Tai: “He’s gotta be taught a lesson, and fast!”

Well, that’s a bit of a jump…

Section: Cut or moved footage

Regrettably, what it’s a jump from is cut from the dub! Taichi delivers three punches and declares:

Taichi: “This punch isn’t from me! This is from Piccolomon!” *punch* “This is from Chuumon!” *punch* “And this is Whamon’s!”

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi grabs Yamato’s shirt after knocking him down]
Taichi: “Yamato! Do you really think the Digimon who died for us would want us to fight this senseless battle? … Do you understand?”
Tai: “Here, take this!” *hands him a charcuterie platterpunch* *grabs him by the shirt* “I’m only doing this to honor the memory of all the brave Digimon that have helped us!”

“Making graves for them was stupid! Punching you is what they would have wanted!”

Tai: “They trusted us and believed in our commitment. We can’t let them down.”

Section: Cut or moved footage

(1 sec) Yamato punches Taichi before getting back up.

Yamato: “I DON’T understand!”

Dialogue Deviation

[Yamato has answered Taichi’s previous enquiry with a punch to the face]
Yamato: “I don’t understand it at all!!”
Matt: “What if we made a mistake?”

Like picking a fight with your friends? Little late to be second-guessing that. Keep punching.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(5 sec) Yamato elaborates on his previous answer with several more punches.

Dialogue Deviation

[The Digimon watch MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon fight, but they’re not strong enough to do anything to stop them]
Tailmon: “Let them tire themselves out.”
Gomamon: “Hey! Don’t you care about what happens to our friends?”
Tailmon: “Would that be enough to stop them?”
Gomamon: “Well…”
Tailmon: “Then there’s no other choice but to sit back and watch them.”
Gatomon: “Best thing is for them to duke it out.”
Gomamon: “I just hate fighting, and we can’t let our friends destroy themselves.”
Gatomon: “It’s a dog-eat-dog world, isn’t it?”
Gomamon: “They’re not dogs.”
Gatomon: “The deal is this: we just sit and watch them take care of business.”

Are we still on the dog metaphor? ‘Cause I really don’t want to watch them pee.

Gomamon: “Damn it! You’re just a newcomer…!”
Tentomon: “Stop! We don’ need you guys to start fightin’, too!”
Gomamon: “Oh yeah? I don’t have to like it!”
Tentomon: “Gomamon, get a grip! The last thing we need is any more fighting around here!”

[Pinocchimon has arrived to watch the festivities]
Pinocchimon: “What children, fighting like that!”
Puppetmon: “I’m a genius! They’re all gonna hate each other!”


Section: Side Note

WarGreymon once again mistakes his Brave Tornado attack for Terra Force.

Dialogue Deviation
[Pinocchimon cheers on the combatants]
Pinocchimon: “Do it! Do it! Keep it up! Both of you die!”
Puppetmon: “Wee! Go get ’em! Oh boy, I love a good fight!”

Section: Cut or moved footage

(4 sec) Taichi has Yamato pinned and punches him a few times, then Yamato grabs him and throws him off. Takeru implores Yamato to stop, but Yamato ignores him. Their fight continues, though some frames from earlier are re-used.

Takeru: “Stop it, Big Brother! You shouldn’t fight!”
[They ignore him]
Takeru: “Big Brother…”

Dialogue Deviation

[Mimi runs and faces away from them]
Mimi: “No more!”
Sora: “Mimi!”
Mimi: “Fighting, fighting… What do we get out of it?! Enough already!”
Sora: “Mimi…”
Mimi: “Ugh! I’ve had it!”
Sora: “Mimi!”
Mimi: “I’m gonna sit here and stare at the flowers until everybody starts getting along!”
Sora: “Oh, like that’s going to help!”

It’s more than what you’re doing!

Section: Side Note

MetalGarurumon once again calls his attack where he breathes blue fire, absent of claws, “Metal Wolf Claw”. He may be confused about the different between claws and teeth, or maybe his mouth is full of claws instead of teeth. Very disturbing. WarGreymon correctly uses “Terra Force” (the big energy ball attack), though!

Dialogue Deviation

[Meanwhile, Hikari is making new friends]
Hikari: “Are you an enemy? Or on our side?”
Koushirou: “Who is Hikari talking to?”
Tailmon: “I don’t know.”
Kari: “I’m not afraid! … Well, maybe a little.” *looking at the sparkles* “Oooohhh… My name’s Kari. Please tell me who you are. Do you want to be friends with us?”
Gatomon: “What in the DigiWorld is she doing?”
Izzy: “She appears to be conversing with herself.”
Gatomon: “She’s losing it!”

She’s having a conversation. You two are being very rude!

Hikari: “Oh, so you’re not our enemy.”
Kari: “You seem to be nice enough.”

[The “nice enough”-seeming twinkles immediately shunt them all into a void]
“Hikari”: “Wherever there is light, naturally there will also be darkness. Darkness and light are like two sides of the same coin. But if the power of darkness grows larger…”
“Kari”: “In this world, there is a balance of darkness and light. The light represents all that’s good in the world, and the darkness is the evil. When the darkness becomes larger than the light, it upsets the balance.”

Oh, whatever. The only reason we associate darkness with evil is because we can’t see in the dark and we think we’re going to be eaten by bears. Bears aren’t even nocturnal!

Taichi: “It’s turned into night!”
Jou: “Where is this? Did we get sucked into another dimension?”
Tai: “Whoa! The balance seems to be really outta whack!”
Joe: “So, somebody find the switch and put the lights back on!”

How are we going to find the switch in the dark?! Why did nobody bring a flashlight to summer camp?!

[The kids see a familiar scene]
Taichi: “This is… Hikarigaoka!”
Tai: “I know this sounds incredible, but could we be home again?”

Again: you don’t live in Hikarigaoka/Highton View Terrace anymore. Unless you feel at home in spooky time-travel voids, that is a stupid question all around.

If you do feel at home in spooky time-travel voids, that’s cool. I just don’t think Tai is on the same page as everyone else.

[A giant bird Digimon appears]
Koushirou: “That bird is from four years ago!”
Izzy: “I’ve seen that Digimon before!”

We have previously established that they’ve all seen that Digimon before (episode 29). It is, in fact, the unifying characteristic between them.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Parrotmon. A mysterious Digimon who appeared before the children long ago in Hikarigaoka. His special attack is Sonic Destroyer.”
Izzy: “That’s Parrotmon! He was the mysterious Digimon that appeared in Highton View Terrace approximately four years ago. Now he’s completely digivolved.”

… They are being shown the event that already happened. Izzy has no way of knowing where Parrotmon is now or what they’ve done with their life, let alone whether they’re “completely digivolved”. They are and were Perfect/Ultimate-level.

Dialogue Deviation

“Hikari”: “In your world four years ago, a single Digiegg passed through a tear in the dimension by mistake.”
Taichi: “What are you talking about, Hikari?”
Tailmon: “It’s not Hikari who’s talking.”
“Kari”: “He passed through the dimensional divide. Some time ago, a Digiegg fell through a hole from our world to yours.”
Tai: “Kari, what are you talking about?”
Gatomon: “I think Kari’s had too much catnip.”

Why did you give her your catnip…?

Koushirou: “Someone is using Hikari’s body to speak to us.”
Izzy: “My theory is that someone else is using Kari’s body to speak for them.”

Why didn’t you give him your catnip? It might mellow him out.

“Hikari”: “I am a being who wishes for balance in the Digimon World.”
Sora: “Could you be the Digimon World’s God?”

“Kari”: “My wish is that there be peace and happiness for everyone.”
Sora: “Even the minions of darkness?”
“Kari”: “ESPECIALLY the minions of darkness! They’ll hate it!”

Sora: “I don’t understand. Are you some kind of super being or something?”

[“Hikari” explains that they had to borrow Hikari’s body because, though they’re made of data like the Digimon, they can’t take physical forms of their own]
Taichi: “Why Hikari?”
Tai: “Couldn’t you have taken Joe instead?”
Joe: “Hey!”

You people never listen to Joe!

“Hikari”: “She was the only one who could hear my words. The truth is, I had wanted to talk to you ever since you first arrived on File Island.”
“Kari”: “I had to take Kari. She’s the only one that I’m able to communicate with. To be honest, I wanted to contact you when you arrived at File Island, but it was completely impossible under the circumstances.”

“The circumstances” were that Hikari wasn’t there, and they can’t communicate to or through anyone else (because she has the Crest of Light).

[The kids are taken for a tour over the city]
Taichi: “That’s… Hikari and me from four years ago!”
Jou: “That one on the phone is me!”
Tai: “Wow, it’s a blast from the past! That’s us four years ago!”
Joe: “Hey, that’s me! How typical – I’m on the telephone!”

Mimi: “That’s me!”
Sora: “And me!”
Mimi: “I was so cute!”
Sora: “Hard to believe we were that little.”

You had to have been ther– wait…

[There are columns of light shining on each of the Chosen Children in this past-vision. Koushirou asks about it]
“Hikari”: “They are scanning everyone’s data.”
“Kari”: “Its purpose is to process all of your vital information.”

I feel like this is losing the thread of “Digital World” = “digital” = “data”. This is when the Chosen Children were selected to be the Chosen Children. The Digital World was scanning them for selection. “Processing” implies they had already been selected and it was just waiting for them to come outside, which implies that it planted the two Digimon there on purpose to lure them outside, which, as we know, caused millions of yen/American dollars/DigiDollars worth of damage.

Matt: “That’s kind of freaky. Why is it doing that?”


“Hikari”: “I’ll explain it all in order.” [i.e., from the beginning to the end]
“Kari”: “Just follow me. I’ll explain it to you.”

You are dragging them along.

Joe adds, “here we go again!” when the kids are sucked up into the new light for the next scene.

Section: Side Note

A section of Maurice Ravel’s Boléro serves as the background music for the above seen in the original. The dub track is perfectly suitable for the scene, and weirdly, it even sounds a little like some parts of Boléro — though not the section that played originally. It doesn’t have a similar rhythm or melody, but the instruments are similar. It’s not a unique track for the dub, but it was a good choice for this scene.

Section: Eyecatch

More like BORE-léro, am I right? Haha, no, I’m not.

Dialogue Deviation

[Now they’re in a factory-type place with translucent factory worker]
Koushirou: “This place looks vaguely familiar…”
Izzy: “A rather bizarre place, indeed!”

Don’t be rude.

[They gawk at the Digieggs in the display case]
Koromon: “The Digivices and Crests are there, too!”
Biyomon: “That’s true!”
Koromon: “Look: Crests and Digivices!”
Matt: “Okay, this is getting weird!”
Joe: “Oh, and floating in the sky is normal?”

Don’t judge me.

[There are Crests and Digivices! And translucent people]
Yamato: “You’re right!”
Jou: “Um, excuse us for the intrusion!” *factory workers ignore him*
Gomamon: “Hey, what gives? You should answer us!”
Joe: “Okay, it’s official. This is definitely giving me the creeps.” *shadow factory workers ignore him and his rude comment*
Gomamon: “What’s the matter, fellas? Can’t you say hello?”

Don’t judge them.

[“Hikari” explains their dismissive attitudes]
“Hikari”: “These people are holograms. We are transmitting visions of the past into your minds.”
“Kari”: “These men are just computer images. They are figments from the past who have been digitally transmitted to your present.”

They’re not in their “present” – you spirited them away into a digital pocket dimension of some sort. Also, a “figment” is something made up, meaning “these men” were never real, and “Kari” just admitted to showing them fabricated events.

Section: Side Note

“These men” were people with unspecified genders in the original.

Koushirou finds the card pedestal from Vamdemon’s castle at this factory. As we know, the card pedestal was censored in the dub to remove the freemason symbol. Rather than edit it out again, they just replaced this episode’s shot with a frame from that episode.

Dialogue Deviation
[Piyomon finds the gate from Vamdemon’s castle]
Piyomon: “The Gate is here, too! It’s that room!”
Biyomon: “Here’s Myotismon’s secret passage!”

Some of the Chosen Children stand in front of the Gate, which is a HUGE door over four times their heights.

Pictured: I’m not an architect or anything, but you typically want your secret passages to be a little more subtle, or at least put a misleading sign on them.

The same Gate previously mentioned, but now with a sign on it reading "TOILET"


Section: Side Note

So, neither the original nor the dub directly points this out, but Koushirou had noted that this place is “familiar” because it looks like a combination of at least three places he has seen. The machines and pipes are similar to those we saw in the factory where they met Andromon (episode 5), the architecture is similar to the interior of Daino Ancient Region (episode 10), and of course there’s the card pedestal and doorway to the Real World from Vamdemon’s castle.

They are not exact matches except for the last two, but that could be due to the different level of detail between the backgrounds from each episodes, which could happen if they were done by different background artists. As far as I know, it isn’t confirmed whether they’re linked, but they certainly are “familiar”!

Dialogue Deviation

[Jou loses interest in the Gate and turns back to the holographic people]
Jou: “But what are those people doing?”
“Hikari”: “They are preparing for the moment when this world will be overrun by the powers of darkness.”
Joe: “Let me guess: those are the elves that make the shoes at night.”
“Kari”: “They’re monitoring the positive and negative forces to preserve harmony in the world. The shoe-making is just a hobby.

[“Hikari” confirms that they were the ones who chose the Chosen Children, and it was because Taichi and Hikari caused the wayward Digiegg evolve into Greymon]
Taichi: “He evolved on his own!”
“Hikari”: “Evolution does not happen without a reason. In other words, that evolution was not a coincidence.”
Tai: “But he digivolved without me.”
“Kari”: “A Digimon can’t digivolve without you. It doesn’t work that way.”

Tailmon, who evolved without Hikari, standing in front of Hikari

Pictured: a Digimon who digivolved without you

Section: Side Note

“Hikari” was specific that Digimon don’t evolve arbitrarily. Digimon can evolve on their own by getting older, as the Baby Digimon do, or through training and getting stronger, as Plotmon did.

“Hikari” explains how they took the Chosen Children’s best qualities and made their Crests out of them, and in the dub, Tentomon has a weird little nod and says, “Oh! I get it,” and it sounds a little like he’s going to say something else, but it flips back over to “Kari” resuming the explanation. Tentomon didn’t say anything in the original; he just did his weird nod.

Dialogue Deviation

[Bad evolution (like SkullGreymon) happens when the Crest qualities are misused]
Jou: “So this means you’ve put all of this work into bringing the best out of qualities that we’d already had in the first place.”
Joe: “All this time we’ve been wracking our brains trying to figure out stuff about ourselves that we already knew. Huh. That’s a fine ‘how-d’ya-do’!”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Guardromon: a Machine type Digimon with an impenetrable defense. Its special attack is Destruction Grenade.”
Izzy: “His name is Gardromon. He’s a machine Digimon, and his armor is constructed of solid iron. Absolutely nothing can penetrate that can of beans!”

That’s okay. Beans are generally already high in iron, so you don’t really need any that are further fortified.

Narrator: “Mechanorimon: a Power Suit Digimon that can be maneuvered as a vehicle. Its special attack, Twinkle Beam, is shot from its linear lens.”
Tentomon: “This is no space age vacuum cleaner! Meet Mekanorimon. His Twin Beam will annihilate anything… which makes housework a breeze!”

You don’t have to clean the house if you don’t have any house left!

It isn’t mentioned in the dub that Mekanorimon can be piloted. It isn’t specified in either version if a pilot is required, and I don’t remember if we always see another Digimon piloting them. Anyway, hop on in!

Destruction Grenade isn’t named in this episode in the dub. Twinkle Beam is renamed “Twin Beam”.

Section: Side Note

I like how Taichi and Yamato punching each other was cut to Myotismon’s dungeon and back, but these scenes of the holographic people getting blown up with rockets is just like, “yeah, rockets aren’t fists. It’s fine!”

Dialogue Deviation

[Piemon’s hologram approaches the Chosen Children, and Jou wants no part of it]
Gomamon: “Don’t worry!”
Sora: “Didn’t she just tell us it’s a hologram?”
Joe: “Don’t come any closer! Shoo! Go away!”
Gomamon: “Relax; he’s just an image!”
Sora: “Yeah, save your screaming for the real thing.”

We all laugh at Joe’s cowardice (well… we don’t always cringe at it), but trying to “shoo” a powerful enemy is a pretty ballsy move…

Section: Side Note

Piedmologram magics open the display case and takes the Crests out when a mysterious man charges him. It’s Gennai from when he was a young man! … which was four years ago. But that’s Real World time! Digital World time flows differently. Still funny, though.

ANYWAY, Piemon deposits a small, black sphere which may or may not be a black liquorice bonbon into Gennai’s spine. In the dub, this is accompanied by a… uh… “splorch” sound effect. It’s a very common stock sound effect – kind of a classic, really! Sounds a little out-of-place going into someone’s spine, though.

There was never any explanation on what the black sphere did to Gennai. Speculation is that it caused him to age into his old man form, but the passage of Digital World time could have done that, since we don’t know if these data constructs age.

Why would they age? Because they’re digital and storage media degrades over time. In 1999, the dominant form of storage was still hard disk drives (HDD), which usually have a life span of 3-5 Real World years. Solid state drives (SSD) are more common now, and they last anywhere from 5-10 years.

I don’t know if the creators factored that into their story-telling; it’s just one possible explanation for why they might age. Spinal liquorice injections are another perfectly valid explanation.

Dialogue Deviation

[Past Gennai takes the Digieggs and Digivices out of the display case and breaks through the ceiling to escape]
Piemon: “After him! He’s taken the Crests!”
Piedmon: “Follow him! Don’t let Jennai out of your sight!”

That’s an error on the original’s part! We saw Piemon take the Crests, and though we don’t see them in Piemon’s hand after he takes them, Gennai doesn’t recover them. Piemon either lied for some reason, forgot he put the Crests in his pockets (they’re very large pockets), or perhaps he’s confused about which of the set the Crests are.

[“Hikari” et al follow after Gennai]
“Hikari”: “Let’s follow after them.”
Kari: “Let’s follow and see what happened in the past.”

That… that is what why you brought us here, yes…

Section: Side Note

It may not make sense, but in both versions, the Digimon narrate their reminiscence of waiting for their partners in their Baby form voices even though they’re remembering in the present, in their Child forms (except for Koromon and Tsunomon). Once again: some nice attention to detail on the dub team’s part, and we get to hear Motimon’s adorable squishy voice again.

Dialogue Deviation

[After some ineffective evasive maneuvers and losing one of the Digieggs, Past Gennai drops the rest off on File Island, where…]
Koromon: “Day after day, we’d sit patiently for their arrival… Until one day…”
Koromon: “We didn’t think they would ever come, then suddenly, out of the blue, they arrived with a bang!”

“Hikari”: “We don’t know what the Dark Masters’ final objective is or what must be done to save this world. All we can do for now is watch over the peace of the Digimon world and prepare a system that will repair damages before they take effect.”
“Kari”: “The question is: what exactly are the Dark Masters planning? We are working day and night trying to find out. For now, all we can do is guess, and try to outwit them before something terrible happens.”

Okay, I feel like you can do more than just “guess”…

Section: Cut or moved footage

(3 sec) The dub fades out for ads after the previous scene ends, and it returns looking at Kari (actual Kari now) waking up from her expository adventure, leaving out a shot of the forest canopy that bridges these scenes in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

When they return to the Digital World, Hikari awakens and is now un-possessed, and Taichi and Gatomon express relief and ask her if she’s all right. Sora comments, “It doesn’t look like you’re hurt anywhere,” which Hikari confirms.

In the dub, Sora takes the more nurturing approach to scare the shit out of the poor kid by asking, “did it hurt?”, which has a very different and more alarming implication. She probably should have checked if Kari was aware while she was possessed. She was not, and now the poor girl is confused and knows only that “it”, whatever “it” is, was potentially harmful. Nice going, Sora.

[Now that they know why and how they are the Chosen Children, Taichi gets down to business]
Taichi: “After all, it looks like we’re the only ones who can straighten out this world’s distortions. Yamato, let’s work together again.”
Yamato: “I’m sorry.”
Takeru: “Big Brother…”
Taichi: “I’ve really messed up, haven’t I?”
Yamato: “No… This was all my fault.”
Taichi: “It isn’t like that! The way I’ve been acting until now…”
Tai: “So now the entire world is depending on us. And we all have to save it together! How about it, Matt? Are we still a team?”
Matt: *grunts*
T.K.: “What’s wrong?”
Tai: “Hey, let’s put the past behind us.”
Matt: “I know, but you wouldn’t understand.”
Tai: “Sure I would. I say that you and I should let bygones be bygones.”

Tai, he just got tricked by a tree to break your face in, and the thing that broke him out of it was your sister (the same sister who was captured under his watch like… yesterday) being possessed and telling you all, “hey, I meant to bring this up sooner, but I made these doohickeys for you so you can save the worlds, so, uh… do that”. Though a convenient distraction, it wasn’t even relevant to the fight and did nothing to help him understand his problem. I don’t think you would understand.

Section: Side Note

He doesn’t even know the tree tricked him. HE NEVER FINDS OUT.

Anyway, Taichi is showing some decent maturity and self-reflection here, and it’s a shame it’s lost on the dub. Actually, Tai is doing the exact thing that started the conflict – trying to keep charging forward! He didn’t learn a damn thing!

In the previous scene, when Tai gives his “so now we know why we got stuck with the worst team name of all time” speech, the “triumphant”/victory background music plays in the scene, making it way funnier when you know how the scene ends. It shifts to the… uh… “profound stuff is happening or being said” score when Matt answers.

Dialogue Deviation

Yamato: “It’s not my place to say this after how I’ve behaved, but… I don’t think there is ever a right or wrong way of doing things. It’s simply that you have your path and I have mine. I don’t know what kind of path mine will be. I thought I’d figure it out by fighting you. Apologizing isn’t enough for you to forgive me, but I’m sorry… but, I want to find my own path — no, I can’t not find it!”
Matt: “That’s not the problem, Tai; this thing is bigger than either of us. It’s not about right or wrong; I have my path and you have yours… and I’m not even sure where this path is going to lead me, but I know I have to find it for myself…. But I still believe in all of us. I mean, without any of you, where would I be? This is all just so confusing, and I let it get to me.” *sigh* “That’s why we fought. It’s important that you guys can count on me, but I’m going to do this because I have to!”

Matt’s dialogue is great, and Michael Reisz’ performance is tops. Notice, however: he did not apologize for picking a fight with Tai…

Koushirou: “Please reconsider! Because, Yamato, your Crest… I mean, your character is…!”
Yamato: “‘Friendship’, huh? But ‘friendship’ is a fake word, isn’t it? No… Maybe I just don’t know what true friendship is.”

Izzy: “Matt, if you approach this logically, I’m sure you’ll reconsider your decision. Your Crest: its theme is to promote–“
Matt: “Don’t you talk to me about ‘logic’! Friendship, I know. But I haven’t been too much of a friend in case you haven’t noticed. Maybe it’s because I don’t know the true meaning of the word, or maybe I’ve just forgotten.”

[Yamato departs with his friends’ support, then Mimi decides to do the same, and Jou stays with her to help keep her safe. Piyomon and Patamon lament their separation that follows their reunition so closely. Tailmon offers some wisdom]
Tailmon: “The paths we take may be different, but they lead to the same place. No matter the path, no matter how thorny the path may be.”
Gatomon: “The roads might be different, but the place we end up in is the same. I mean, think about it. If they truly are the Digidestined, they’re destined to be together once again.”

Wait, isn’t that oversimplifying? What if they’re not truly the Digidestined?

Gatomon: “At least, that’s the way I hope it works out…”

That is not comforting in the slightest.

Dub Narrator: “Is Gatomon right, or is this the END of the DigiDestined?”


I like you, Dub Narrator.

The Digi-Verdict

After all the cuts and flanderization, the ending is pretty spot-on. Matt’s explanation for why he’s leaving and his friends’ responses are handled very well. Mimi’s departure and Joe joining her is handled with all of the sensitivity and grace the scene deserved. Gatomon blew it by not committing to her inspirational wisdom, but the narrator saved it with his unintentionally hilarious, obviously fake cliffhanger.

Michael Reisz is great as Matt. His lines leading to and during the fight may not be stellar, but he always delivers them really well. It kind of sounds like they couldn’t really yell when recording because all of the actors seem to keep their volumes under a certain level, so the way he conveys emotion under that limitation is impressive. Philece Sampler as Mimi did really well with her more somber scenes, even if some of them got nerfed by the script. Joshua Seth has a tougher job playing Tai because Tai’s really emotional scene, delivering punches for their fallen friends, was cut out, but it’s pretty in-character for Tai to be more aloof.

The script change at the end, where Taichi is trying to accept responsibility for his behavior but Tai is trying to sweep it all under the rug is unfortunate, though it was sort of telegraphed in episode 43 when Tai and Matt were arguing, and the dub kind of tipped the dispute in Tai’s favor by undermining Matt’s position. So Tai doesn’t get to grow as a person, Matt looks more like a self-absorbed jerk who’s just trying to compete with Tai, and Tai doesn’t have to apologize for actually being a self-absorbed jerk. You’re setting a bad example for the children and adults watching, Saban!

The extensive cuts to the fight scene weren’t terrible – it was still obvious they were fighting; they mostly just cut the punches connecting. Then we watched people get blown up later. Was it because they were holograms and it wasn’t currently happening that it was okay? Or do Digital people not count? Networks had very strange standards for what forms of violence were acceptable at the time. They probably still do.

Some key pieces of information were not handled so well in “Kari”‘s explanations. The first was during the flashback in Hikarigaoka/Highton View Terrace, when she said the columns of light were “processing” their data rather than “scanning” them. Those are different things – “scanning” is collecting data, and “processing” is working with data you already have. “Processing” implies the Digital World Chosing Committee or whatever it is had already Chosen them, which it hadn’t. That was the moment they were Chosen, and they were being scanned for their qualities.

The second was her claim that a Digimon “can’t evolve without you”. That’s inconsistent with… everything. All of the Adult/Champion-level and higher Digimon they’ve seen. The Gatomon standing right there who evolved through hard work before her partner had ever set foot in the Digital World, and whose training was so effective that her Adult/Champion form is her baseline state. And I love that the next shot has her standing RIGHT THERE, having just heard this news, with a look on her face like “oh, woops”. People will figure out it was just a mistake (by the omniscient Digital being), but it’s confusing if you take “Kari”‘s word at face value.

All the cuts (Standards & Practices-required) and fumbled plot (non-S&P-required, but also not story-breaking) considered against the near-perfect handling of some very important sections at the end, I give it a B, for “black liquorice bonbon”, which should not be consumed intrathecally (by spinal injection).

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    This is a terrific comparison. Poor Mimi’s character is assasinated but I love that you criticized mistakes and gave credit where it is due. I loved reading it!

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