Digimon Frontier S01E01

The Legendary Warrior! Agnimon of Fire (JP)
All Aboard! (EN)

Original Writer:  
Dub Writers:

Original Airdates:
April 7, 2002 (JP)
September 9, 2002 (EN)

Section: Summary

Wow. The theme song doesn’t actually, you know… suck. It’s almost as if Disney actually gave a rat’s ass about one of its Saban properties! D: I still prefer FIRE!! regardless, but I’d never expect this from Disney. English version written by Seth Walther, if I read it right. This episode isn’t half bad, actually. But if you’ve seen there rest of Frontier’s dub, you know what to expect in the near future. ;]

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Side Note

Takuya’s voice isn’t horrible, but Michael Reisz makes a better lone wolf than a leader. He’ll pass, though.

The 24-hour clock times in this episode appear to be changed to 12-hour clock ones, at least spoken-wise. I’ll get back to you on this one.

Side Note

The soccer ball scene seemed a lot more dramatic in the original. Damn stock music killing the mood once again. >.<

Dialogue Deviation

Shinya: Tell him to hurry up! 
Shinya: And tell dad I want something big! A forklift!

Lucky bastard, all I ever got for my birthday was Power Rangers. 

Takuya: How boring. Hurry up and eat… 
Takuya: I’m bored… my whole life is boring.

Sheesh, you only have to wait a little longer to eat flippin’ cake, don’t mope over it…

Takuya’s mom babbling on the phone in the background wasn’t in the original.

All the Japanese on Takuya’s phone is translated to English quite faithfully.

Damn that military time! Not in my cartoons!
Side Note

Ophanimon’s dub voice does NOT equal suitable Digivice talk.

There was no music in the original during this scene. And the stuff in the dub doesn’t exactly fit the mood.

Dialogue Deviation

Takuya: Man, why do moms always have to be right?!

…You’re going to be a fun one, aren’t you?

Side Note

Wouldn’t Takuya naturally have a clock on his cell phone? <.< Maybe I’m asking too much.

Dialogue Deviation

Takuya: I didn’t bring money! 
Takuya: Oh, I knew I should have asked for more allowance!

Takuya can just ASK for more allowance? God, the Kanbaras sure do spoil their kids. Forklifts, extra allowance… 

Takuya: I’m coming in! I’m coming in! 
Takuya: Wait, my destiny!

Draaaaama queen.

In the original, the people on the train didn’t talk when their phones rang. 

Takuya: (in thought) Wait… did he get a message too?

😮 Takuya’s a psychic?!

Ophanimon’s voice reading everything to Takuya is stupid. What, can he not read it himself?

Section: Inconsistency

They leave the on-screen time on the 24-hour clock, contrary to dub Takuya using the 12 hour clock. Way to confuse the children, huh?

Dialogue Deviation

Takuya: Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeonnnnn!

If I were standing next to this kid waiting to get off I’d smack him. 

Takuya: Geez, my phone talks more than that guy!


Takuya: It’s like a ghost train in here… what if it IS a ghost train?!

Then you’re screwed, I guess. Destiny sucks like that.

Side Note

The music in the original for this scene has an uplifting beat. The dubbed one is boringggg and musicless for the most part. Honestly, it’s probably better that way, because the stock music for Digimon dubs always seems to suck. 😛

Dialogue Deviation

Izumi: Don’t be so bitter, you’re in this with other people. 
Izumi: With him here, there’s four of us… I wonder if that means something special!

You could be the Fantastic Four! Yippee! 

Junpei: What? You just go and ask stuff like that off the bat? 
Junpei: Hey, kid, this was the closest train to the elevator, okay?

Why would you make your way there if you’re THAT lazy? Junpei, you’re not a TOTAL oafish lazy ass, don’t act like one please.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Name changes!

Junpei – J.P.

Izumi – Zoe

Tomoki – Tommy

Side Note

Zoe’s voice is a little too prissy for my tastes. J.P. and Tommy are okay, though.

Dialogue Deviation

J.P.: Hey, honey, want some chocolate?

Which has nothing to do with anything you’re about to say… 

J.P.: Sheesh, that kid’s like a faucet.

Sheesh, you’re like, a dick.

Side Note

The music during the train on the tracks in the dub is too suspenseful, as if they’re about to get into trouble or something. Might I mention the train’s voice sucks horribly?

Dialogue Deviation

Takuya: Did you guys get that message?

I’m guessing yes. Why the hell else would they be staring at those contraptions, you dip? 

Izumi: What is all this?
Tomoki: They look like birds.
Junpei: Birds? Zoe: Are those ghosts?
Tommy: They look like it.
J.P.: Or marshmallows. They’d go great with chocolate.

Honestly, both sides of this are stupid. I dunno what weird birds Tomoki’s been looking at. 

Takuya: This is… 
Takuya: (referring to the Poyomon) Probably ghosts of the kids who came here before!

Yeah, that’s right, keep playing the Poyomon Guessing Game…

Zoe and the others babble stupid crap when you can’t see their mouths.

Zoe: I hope there aren’t any more of those ghost things there… not that I was scared or anything!
J.P.: Yeah, I always scream in terror when I’m not afraid.

Useless sarcasm, J.P.

Everything the Trailmon says is dumbbbbb. Same with the Pagumon because half the time in the original they just make noises.

Section: Cut or moved footage

They shifted around a few scenes of the Trailmon moving down the rails.

Dialogue Deviation

J.P.: Why do I feel like we’re going to be spending all of our time rescuing the baby?

Because you’re heartless.

Side Note

Bokomon and Neemon’s voices suck. My ears throb at the sound of Bokomon’s dub voice.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: Look, it’s a human!
Neemon: A human?
Bokomon: A human-child-kid! 
Bokomon: It’s a human!
Neemon: You think EVERYTHING’S a human!
Bokomon: Don’t start with me, you!

Loads funnier in the original.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Cerberumon keeps his name, but not his attack. Hell Fire -> Emerald Blaze.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Takuya doesn’t try to cover for Bokomon and Neemon’s town and say that it’s his.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

I just remembered: before, in the dub, Takuya’s Digivice was introduced as a D-Tector, which isn’t a D-Scanner. So yeah. Digivice change. There.

Dialogue Deviation

Takuya: I won’t let you have the spirit! 
Takuya: This sure ranks pretty high on a scale of one to stupid!

So do you. 

Cerberumon: This is the legendary spirit… 
Cerberumon: Get out of my way, human, or suffer my wrath!

O.o You’re crazy. You’re staring at a spirit, there’s no human there besides Agunimon’s upper torso.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Thus begins the never ending name change train that is the Frontier dub. Agnimon -> Agunimon. It gets worse. On the other hand, no more “Di-Di-Digimon are the champions” BS for evolution music. Although, jungle beats aren’t insanely better…

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: This is a legendary story. Agnimon of fire. 
Bokomon: Big and red… likes flame… isn’t Santa Claus…

Bokomon… have you seen Santa Claus?

Cerberumon says his attack name in the dub when he doesn’t in the original.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Attack changes.

Darkness Gate = Portals of Darkness. Again, don’t ask.
Salamander Break = Pyro Tornado.
And a little something else: DigiCode Scan = Fractal Code Digitize
Chosen Children = DigiDestined, as expected.

Dialogue Deviation

Neemon: Where’s that egg going? Neemon: Hey, look at the pretty little lights!

Neemon’s not a total dimwit, y’know.

Section: Cut or moved footage

They extended the scene where Bokomon originally closed the book and said “Don’t look!” He says some stupid stuff afterwards about Neemon not wanting to carry it.

A few scenes of the trains and the Digital World are added to the end.

Final Verdict

Total episode retained: 100%.

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