Digimon Tamers S01E16

Protect the Light of the Town! Dangerous Camp of the Digimon (JP)
Back to Nature, Back to Battle (EN)

Original Airdates:
July 15, 2001 (JP)
November 3, 2001 (EN)

Jack’s Notes: Changing up how I do my comparisons a bit. Instead of inserting *silence* where there was no dialogue, I’m gonna have nothing after their names. So if Takato doesn’t have any lines in the sub it’s:


I feel like it’ll have more of an impact that way, especially with this episode and all the added dialogue.

Section: Summary

The kids go on a camping trip and meet a giant chicken! SHOCKING!

Dialogue Deviation

Man: “Morning Barb, one more day in the trenches huh?”
Barb: “Ugh… yeah… what I wouldn’t give to be that girl by the lake.”
Man: “I know… must be nice. No deadlines, no worries, must be nice to be so carefree.”

Starting this episode off with some additional dialogue that was totally needed.

Renamon: “What is it, so early in the morning.”
Ruki: “Well..You looked tired, and the battles just keep going, so…”
Renamon: “An energy drink?”
Ruki: “Bye.”
Renamon: “Ruki… Thanks Ruki. Alright!”

Rika: “Uhh… Renamon?”
Renamon: “You’re up awfully early today Rika.”
Rika: “Yeah… well…I just thought, you know you’ve been fighting a lot lately and you might be tired. So… um… here.”
Renamon: “An energy drink?”
Rika: “Yeah… so see ya.”
Renamon: “OooOo!!! My first gift. Ohh, this stuff packs almost as much of a punch as I do! But that packaging isn’t quite as nice.”

Teacher: “Okay, first group! Get on the bus.”
Teacher: “Are those backpacks popular these days? They’re nice. Where do they sell them?”
Jenrya: “Seems like we’ll manage somehow but, I wonder how Takato-kun will bring Guilmon.”
Terriermon: “Takato said he’d ask his classmates for help.”
Jenrya: “Ah, they’re here!”
Nami-sensei: “Once we get to the camp site…
Takato: “Nami-sensei! Good morning!”
Nami-sensei: “Good morning Takato-kun.”
Takato: “Sensei, do you know anything about cameras?”
Nami-sensei: “What’s wrong?”
Takato: “The shutter is stuck.”
Nami-sensei: “Let me see.”
Nami-sensei: “What are you so relieved about?”
Takato: “I’m not relieved about anything.”
Nami-sensei: “I’m not good with cameras, fix it yourself.”
Takato: “Okay!”
Nami-sensei: “What are you so happy about?”
Takato: “I’m not happy about anything.”
Jenrya: “What a relief..”
Terriermon: “Momentai.”
Jenrya: “Come on, lets get on too.”

Teacher: “No pushing, there’s plenty of room for everyone.”
Kazu: “But sir!!”
Teacher: “And plenty of room for your stuffed animals.”
Teacher: “At least I think there is. Do ALL of your have stuffed animals?”
Kid: “Not me! Mines a real animal. See!”
Teacher: “Ah! Get it off of me!”
Henry: “Looks like the teachers think you’re just another stuffed animal, but how’s Takato gonna sneak Guilmon onto the bus I wonder.”
Terriermon: “If Guilmon keeps eating the way he’s been eating he won’t even FIT on the bus.”
Henry: “Wait…here he comes.”
Nami: “Alright, everyone get on the bus okay?”
Takato: “Hi Miss Nami. Can you help me?”
Ms. Nami: “Well what is it now Takato?”
Takato: “I think my camera is broken.
Ms. Nami: “Hmmm, what’s wrong with it?”
Takato: “I can’t get the shutter open.”
Ms. Nami: “Alright, let met take a look at it.”
Ms. Nami: “That’s the flash….and that’s where the film goes. That must be the shutter control.” “That’s the battery compartment. Can’t you get one of the art students to sketch what yyou want to photograph. Look, you’re young. You’ll probably remember everything about camp anyways.”
Ms. Nami: “And what was that for Takato?”
Takato: “Oh..just like to keep breathing.”
Ms. Nami: “hah. Okay…You’re a weird kid Takato.”
Takato: “I know!”
Ms. Nami: “You’ll have to figure it out yourself.”
Takato: “That’s okay. I didn’t have any film anyways.”
Henry: “Gotta admit, he’s clever.”
Terriermon: “She’s easily distracted.”
Henry: “Heeey, be a nice stuffed animal.”

The only weird thing here was the additional dialogue and pure idiocy of Takato.

Jenrya: “What is it Terriermon?”
Terriermon: “Jian, looks like Culumon is coming too!”

Culumon: “Culu!”
Jenrya: “Oh well….”
Terriermon: “Momentai.”
Guilmon: “Takato, you’re heavy.”
Takato: “Nami-sensei will fall asleep soon, so just bear with it for a bit.”
Jerri: “Takato-kun is this really okay?”
Takato: “I talked about it with Lee-kun a while ago.”

Henry: “What are you so excited about Terriermon?”
Terriermon: “Look, I think Calumon’s gonna come with us.”
Calumon: “I saved you some seats.”
Henry: “Hope he doesn’t cause any trouble.”
Terriermon: “Momentai.”
Ms. Nami: “Everyone settle down. Now everyone’s put there bags away an gone to teh bathroom rifht?
Guilmon: “How much longer?! I’m turning into a pancake.”
Takato: “Once Ms. Nami goes to sleep you won’t have to hide any more.”
Jerry: “Everything okay? You sure this was a good idea?”
Takato: “Well most of them seemed good at the planning stage.”

Why is Dub Calumon’s voice so deep, gruff and scratchy here? Like he just smoked a pack of cigs and now has to deal with kids. But is happy about it.

Nami-sensei: “All right, we’re off to the camp lessons!”
Kenta: *singing*

Ms. Nami: “Okay everyone, we’re finally ready.”
Ms. Nami: “Why do I put myself through this every year. Thank heaven for asprinHey sit down. Don’t throw that. Stop touching him..”
Guilmon: “Man sure took that teacher lady long enough to go to sleep.”
Takato: “Guilmon just because you don’t have to hide anymore doesn’t mean you cansit on me!”
Guilmon: “Sorry.”
Kazu: “Or on me!”
Guilmon: “Sorry.”
Kenta: “Or me…”
Guilmon: “Sorry.”
Kenta: “Hey where’s that microphone? Nothing like a song to make the trip more pleasent.”
Kenta: *singing*
Ms. Nami: “Do you have any asprin Mory, I’m all out.”
Mory: “No, but have some franks and beans. They’re good for what ales ya.”
Ms. Nami: “Well there goes my headache.”

I don’t get the frank and beans joke, unless it was a fart joke, which I feel like the Dub would do that.

Jenrya: “Terriermon you don’t have to eat so fast, there’s plenty left!”
Jenrya: “Terriermon, tea!”
Hirokazu: “I’ll give you one of my rice balls.”
Kenta: “I’ll give you one of mine too.”
Jerri: “Eat my sandwich too.”
Guilmon: “Thanks everyone!”
Takato: “No way, if Guilmon eats all that he’ll have a stomach ache!”
Guilmon: “Stingy Takato.”
Takato: “And you’re a glutton, Guilmon.

Henry: “Terriermon, better slow down or you’ll get sick and I’ll have to call nurse Suzie.”
Henry: “Heey I was just kidding!”
Kazu: “Here, I made the best rice balls around!”
Kenta: “You can have one of mine too if you want.”
Jerry: “Then you can have one of my sandwiches.”
Guilmon: “I don’t know where to start.”
Takato: “Wait a minute, Guilmon cant eat all that he’ll get sick or as big as a house.
Guilmon: “That’s mean Takato”
Takato: “And you’re a glutton Guilmon.”

I’m pleasently suprised the Dub didn’t try to pass the rice balls off as donughts..and they called Guilmon a glutton. Who knew kids knew what a glutton was.

Nami-sensei: “Everyone, after lunch, form teams to set your tents up.”
Hirokazu: “Takato, we’ll set the tent up, so you go ahead and let Guilmon play.”
Guilmon: “Feels nice!”
Kenta and Hirokazu: “Well, can’t be helped!”

Ms. Nami: “Listen up everyone, it’s time to break up into group and set up your tents. If you have any questions ask Mr. Mory.”
Kazu: “You know, we don’t need everyone to set up the tents. Why don’t you go out and play with Guilmon.”
Takato: “That’d be awesome.”
Kid: “Miss Nami my tent doesn’t look that good!”
Ms. Nami: “That’s cause it’s your sleeping bag.”
Kid: “I knew that.”
Kenta and Kazu: “Takato sleeps outside.”
Kazu: “What was that?”
Kenta: “No idea, certainly wasn’t the first robin of spring.”

They treat Takato soooo horribly making the poor kid sleep outside.

Jenrya: “It’s a small signal and they’re too busy playing to notice.”

Henry: “From the signal the Digimon looks small and you don’t wanna break up that happy little totem pole do you?”
Henry: “It’s just one small Digimon.”
Takato: “Yeah, how much trouble can one small Digimon be?”
Henry: “Exactly.”

More added dialogue with some lame foreshadowing.

Reika: “What should we do, Megumi?”
Megumi: ” I don’t think it’s serious enough to report it to Supervisor Yamaki…”
Reika: “Let’s wait and see for a bit longer.”

Riley: “The systems starting to get overloaded tracking all these wild ones.”
Riley: “And look, one more. I’ll get a lock on it.”
Tally: “Should we tell Yamaki?
Riiley: “Why don’t we just keep an eye on it for now. Looks too small to give us much trouble.”

Mory: “This story takes place about ten years ago. A story that really happened at this camp site.”
Nami-sensei: “yes..yes..”
Mory: “While we were having dinner, just like now, we heard the eerie sound of a bird, that seemed to come from everywhere.”
Hirokazu: “Just like before…”
Kenta: “Yeah.”
Mory: “And inside a tent which was supposed to be empty…”
Nami-sensei: “Yes..yes..”

Mr Mory: “They say the mad scientist still roams these woods.”
Mr. Mory: “Planning his spoon related deeds. Hoping to catch kids who need a tool to eat their pudding”
Ms. Nami: “ohh give me a break.”
Mr. Mory: “In fact, a few years ago some campers went to eat and left their tent because they heard a horrible screaming from the woods.”
Kazu: “Just like we heard.”
Kenta: “Oh boy..”
Mr. Mory: “And the camp counselor they found…”
Ms. Nami: “there’s that headache again.”

If the Dub had stuck with the scary bird story, the Digimon showing up would have made a lot more sense.


Mori: “Asanuma-sensei it’s true….I really saw it…I saw a ghost emerge from inside a tent”
Nami-sensei: “Yes yes.”
Nami-sensei: “How much longer are you going to stay up?”
Kenta and Kazu: “Sorry”
Nami-sensei: “Yes yes.”

Mr. Mory: “What’s that over there??
Ms. Nami: “It’s a rock Mory..”
Mr. Mory: “I’m telling you I really saw a monster in that tent. It said it wanted to eat me up”
Ms. Nami: “If I say I belive you will you finally be quiet.”
Ms. Nami: “And what are you two still doing awake?”
Kenta and Kazu: “Fear the monster.”

The Dub having Mory be afraid of a rock was a gold mine.

Jenrya: “I heard the town lights from above the summer are really beautiful.”
Takato: “Really!?”
Culumon: “Pretty culu!”
Jenrya: “I didn’t expect the Digimon to enjoy this so much.”
Takato: “Good thing we came!”

Takato: “You think having those two on his head would slow him down.”
Henry: “They’re having so much fun I think they forgot about wanting to eat!”
Takato: “Yeah I know!”
Calumon: “When do we get to eat?”
Terriermon: “Is that all you think about? Look at how pretty the lights are!”
Digimon: “When do we get to eat?”
Henry: “Ahh well, I guess nothing can get between a Digimon and its stomach.”
Takato: “Hey lets go look around.”
Henry: “I bet it’s a Digimon. Might as well check it out before these guys sense it.”
Guilmon: “You can’t see your house from here.”
Calumon: “How do you know?”
Guilmon: “Cause you don’t have a house.”
Calumon: “Oh yah..”


Takato: “Is that it?”
Henry: “Well it sure’s not the first robin of spring.”
Takato: “I hope it’s friendly.”
Henry: “Me too, but they never seem to be.”
Takato: “Man for a small Digimon he sure looks freaked out, like some kind of vulture.”

A whole scene with extra dialogue. Why don’t they know that sometimes silence speaks louder then words.

Yamaki: “Digimon..what are you trying to do in our world?”
Yamaki: “The growth…stopped?”

Yamaki: “All these digital parasites flooding into our world. What do they want? Is it some kind of invasion?”
Yamaki: “What’s the situation?”
Riley: “The Wild One is growing out of control.”
Yamaki: “But now it stopped. Interesting.”

The Dub characterization is different from the Sub. Dub is portraying Yamaki as someone who sees Digimon as nothing more then digital parasites to be wiped out. The Sub version, doesn’t have that hatred, it’s more of a curiosity.

Takato: “Good thing nothing happened.”
Mori: “Asanuma-sensei, should I apply sunscreen on you?
Nami-sensei: “No need.”
Jenrya: “Here you can play without anyone noticing.”
Takato: “You can swim all you want.”
Impmon: “Don’t make me laugh!”
Impmon: “Stop Impmon-ing me. Having a great time all by yourselves. Do you guys really think a Digimon should have fun like this?”
Takato: “Why not? We’re all friends.”
Jenrya: “I think so too.”

Henry: “Just a little while longer guys.”
Takato: “Good thing we avoided that Digimon back there.”
Henry: “Yah, not much of a vacation if you fight all the time.”
Takato: “That’s how my family defined vacations.”
Mory: “How about I rub some sun tan lotion on your BACK?!”
Ms. Nami: “How about no.”
Mory: “But it’s extra greasy! Oh wait, it’s not greasy.”
Henry: “Nope! You can be as loud as you want to out here.”
Takato: “Yeah, even as loud as you were just now.”
Henry: “This is turning out to be really restful vacation for us and the Digimon”
Takato: “Can you imagine if Rika were here? She’d have us fighting trees and the air. Stupid trees.”
Henry: “She’d have us fighting stupid trees. Stupid trees.”
Impmon: “You sound like a dog! Needing permission to do anything.”
Impmon: “You Tamers keep your Digimon on a real short leash. Telling them what they can do and who they can do it with. It’s enough to make me puke.”
Takato: “Thats not true! They can do anything they want as long as they don’t get into trouble.”
Henry: “We don’t tell them who to play with.”

No wonder why kids are so mean today, they get it from tv.

Takato: “Huh..why isn’t his data showing up?”

Takato: “Let’s find out who this guy is.”
Takato: “I’m not getting any data…”
Takato: “Oh geeze what if it’s broken? It’s not like I can fix this with tape and super glue!”
Takato: “oh..wait..there we go!”

More unneeded dialogue cause kids can’t figure out that sometimes tech takes a bit to work, especially in the woods.

Owl: “God has descended.”
Owl: “Our god has become greater by devouring the light created by humans.”
Takato: “Devouring?”
Owl: “From now on, our god will become even greater.”
Takato: “It’ll grow even bigger!?”
Jenrya: “Are you threatening us?”
Owl: “It’s not a threat, it is a prediction.”
Jenrya: “Prediction?”
Takato: “Guilmon!”
Jenrya: “Terriermon!”
Impmon: “All this god stuff..I’m sick of it.”

Owl: “The Deva has arrived!”
Owl: “Oh yeah!! Hail to the Deva! He who drinks the light of man! Who expands himself and looks like a right BIG chicken!
Takato: “A right big chicken?”
Owl: “Yes the great chicken of vengeance will rule all of us.”
Takato: “Chicken of vengeance? Is that like kung pow chicken?”
Henry: “Why do you want to be ruled by a digital chicken?”
Owl: “Cause he’s the Deva!”
Henry: “Well can’t argue with that.”
Takato: “Wait you guys!”
Henry: “You’re on VACATION!!”
Impmon: “It’s typical…a chicken ruins all my fun.”

Dub completely failed here. Not sure why they were going for a really lame Elvis impression, but the creepy robot owl in the sub sounded so much better. Also changing the wording to remove any mention of gods and instead referring to them as Devas, makes it less scary and intimidating. The chicken jokes fall so flat, but I guess its the best they could have come up with.

Hirokazu: “Got it, we’ll take care of things here.”
Takato: “I’ll leave it to you.”
Kenta: “Nami-sensei was talking about power outages in Tokyo earlier.. Maybe it’s that Digimon’s fault?”

Kazu: “Can’t we just pluck its feathers or something?”
Takato: “It’s twenty feet tall!”
Kenta: “Ms. Nami told us there were blackouts all over Tokyo last night. Think that big chicken Digimon had anything to do with it?”

I swear this is the first time they mentioned Tokyo/Japan by name! Every other reference has been changed to make it appear they live in the US or something. Also damn Henry changed into clothes quickly.

Jenrya: “Sinduramon must be heading towards there!”
Henry: “Elementary my dear Takato Just follow the sign.”

Eye roll at at the random Sherlock joke.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Of course the Dub had to cut out the clearly Japanese characters written on the bus. Instead of just keeping the sign and putting the word Dam, they had Henry say that they were heading there.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “Sinduramon eats electricity Takato, what’s in a dam?”
Takato: “A hydroelectric power station If he ate all the electricity in the station…”
Jenrya: “It would be terrible.”
Takato: “It’s over there!”

Henry: “I think he’s heading towards the dam! You know whats there right?”
Takato: “Yeah, the hydroelectric power plant. So? Oh! If it eats all the electricity there it will be a big right chicken.”
Henry: “It could cause some serious damage.”
Takato: “Look over there! That’s sure looks like Guilmons work!”

Shouldn’t the Digimon know that these Devas are at LEAST Champion level? And therefor everyone would need to Digivolve in order to defeat them?

Takato: “Guilmon!!”

Terriermon: “We didn’t even make a dent!”
Guilmon: “Oh nuts!”
Terriermon: “You can say that again.”
Takato: “oh no!! That chicken deep fried em!”

What annoyed me with this scene was the CLEARLY they weren’t hurt. It looks like they were just hiding and faking being hurt from an Ultimiate Digimon!

Section: Cut or moved footage

The Dub cut to commercial so they had to use a scene over again, to let you know what happened before the commercial happened.

Dialogue Deviation

Gargomon: “It doesn’t work?!
Gargomon: “You shouldn’t forget about me!”
Jenrya: “The electricity he ate is hurting him!”

Gargomon: “Oh come on!”
Gargomon: “You didn’t go and forget about me now didja?”

In a one of a kind, never before seen move! The Dub CUT dialogue that was in the original. Instead of Henry telling us the electricity was hurting the Digimon, we got to listen to the SCREAMS of pain and anguish! Which was actually really uncomfortable!

Growmon: “Even if you say that….”

Henry: “That fight was shocking!”
Takato: “haha. BAAD”
Yamaki: “yes…but what was powerful enough, dangerous enough to destroy it?”
Growlmon: “Why is thinking so painfuuuul.”

Final Result

Final Result

This episode ended so suddenly! Not sure what they were thinking…just ending it pretty much in the middle of a scene.

Maybe about 75% retained. Besides the weird Dub voices they did for the Owl, it wasn’t too horrible.

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