Digimon Tamers S01E15

Giant Snake Appearance! Ōedo Line Great Panic (JP)
Snakes, Trains, and Digimon (EN)

Original Writer:  
Dub Writers:

Original Airdates:
July 8, 2001 (JP)
October 27, 2001 (EN)

Section: Summary

Everyone finally gets along! We’re introduced to a scary snake Digimon. But with powers combined, three champions can easily defeat an ultimate! Even though they couldn’t in the last episode.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “We’re the only ones who can stop the Digimon that come into the Real World and cause a mess.”
Ruki: “We’ll fight. But this time, our fights will have meaning.”
Takato: “Yeah, that’s right! We’re a team! Come over!”
Guilmon: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence, with cute music playing*
Jenrya: “Digimon Tamers?”
Takato: “It’s a flag! Our flag!”
Terriermon: “How lame.”
Ruki: “What I can’t believe is that you thought to MAKE a flag in the first place.”
Takato: “Ohhhh look at what you’ve done.”
Culumon: “Everyone seems to be having fun, cululu!”

Henry: “Well guys, looks like its up to the six of us to save the world from any evil Digimon.”
Rika: “And that suits me just fine. I can’t wait to mix it up again. Renamon and I are ready.”
Takato: “Yeah!! Oh wait, Guilmon and I have a surprise! Guilmon..that’s your cue.”
Guilmon: *Mumbling* “That’s lunch…Here it is!”
Takato: “Well what do you think? Pretty cool if you ask me. See there’s Calumon, me, Guilmon, Rika, Renamon, Henry, and Terriermon. It’s our official Digimon Tamers flag!”
Henry: “What are we supposed to do with it?”
Takato: “Come on, every team has a flag or banner to let everyone know who they are.”
Terriermon: “They do?”
Rika: “Congratulations Takato, this might be the lamest thing I’ve ever seen.”
Takato: “Guilmon! You broke it!”
Rika: “I owe you one Guilmon.”
Calumon: “Like I said..humans can be sooo silly.”

I wanna know who in the world Calumon was talking to. The audience? Himself? God?

Drunk Man: “Let me sit down somewhere.”
Security Guard: “Sure, you can sit, but only after you’ve left here first. Can you wait?”
Drunk Man: *Silence*
Security Guard: *Silence*
Drunk Man: “It’s a sn-snake!!

Drunk Man: “Ooohh I don’t feel so good..”
Security Guard: “Man, I can’t believe you ate one of the sandwiches from the vending machine.
Drunk Man: “I didn’t think ham was supposed to be yellow, but I thought it was gourmet.”
Security Guard: “The vending machine belongs to the museum of natural history.”
Drunk Man: “There’s something in the tunnel!”
Guard: “That ham’s got you hallucinating.”
Man: “I’m not kidding, it’s got red eyes!”

I wonder if Japan has a problem as a society with alcohol, if they put in so many drunk/drinking scenes in a kids show.

Jenrya’s Mom: *Silence*
Jenrya: “What do you want Terriermon-huh?”
Susie: “Jenrya-niichaaaan. Matsuda-kun is on the phone, the phone!”

Jenrya” *Silence*
Jenrya: “Takato-kun, why are you calling so early? It’s Sunday.”
Takato: “Lee-kun! Good morning! I’ve been thinking about what we should do first as Tamers. Lets go on patrol! The weathers perfect.”
Jenrya: “Sorry, I’ve already got plans today.”
Takato: “Ohh….”
Ruki: “Not today. I’m about to go out with my grandmother.”
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “Man..what’s up with both of them? They’re both so unmotivated.”
Takato’s Mom: “Takato, your friends are here!”
Takato: “My friends?”
Kenta: *Silence*
Juri: *Silence*
Takato: “You guys!”

Henry’s Mom: “ANSWER THE PHONE!!!”
Terriermon: “Wakey wakey Henry.”
Henry: “Terriermon, knock it off.”
Henry: “Ahh!!!
Susie: “Rise and shine! Henry, that angry kid is on the phone again.”
Henry: *Thinking* Angry huh…I’ll give him angry.”
Henry: “Takato, this better be important. It’s six thirty in the morning.”
Takato: “GOOD MORNING HENRY! I was thinking that as Tamers the best thing to do is to get a jump on the mornings for threats. I thought we could all patrol around the city today.”
Henry: “I’d like to…but I got other plans..sorry.”
Takato: “Well..okay….What do you say Rika? Are you up for a patrol around the city?”
Rika: “Sorry, I can’t. I’m supposed to go to the theater with my grandmother.”
Takato: “Well yikes…good luck.”
Takato: “Well I guess I’m the only one that takes Taming seriously.”
Takato: “Hmm couldn’t be”
Kenta: “Uhh hey Takato, we were just in the neighborhood.”
Jerry: “They want to meet Guilmon. Is that okay?”
Takato: “Yeah..sure..whatever.”

Not sure why Takato is so reluctant to let the others see Guilmon…That’s too much attitude for one kid. Unless he thought that Rika and Henry were coming over, even though they both said they couldn’t.

Hirokazu: “There you have it people! A real live Digimon. Guilmon!”
Takato: *Silence*
Juri: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Takato’s friends are my friends!”
Hirokazu: “Guilmon is a secret among the kids of 5th Grade, Class 2! Don’t let Nami-sense get him okay!”

Kazu: “See look! I told you! A real Digimon! He’s pretty cool right!”
Takato: “See Jerry. Cool, not cute.”
Jerry: “Whatever.”
Guilmon: “They can call me whatever they want as long as they bring me peanut butter.”
Kazu: “Listen up! Guilmon is our secret so the class has to answer to me. Now that that’s set, lets have some fun with him!”

These scenes are so wholesome, and makes me glad Takato finally has more friends.

Actor: *Silence with traditional Japanese sounds playing*
Rika: *Silence*
Actor: *Silence

Actor: “I seem to have lost my puppy.”
Rika: *Thinking* “Uuugh, did a monkey write this play?”
Actor: “I’ll risk my life! I must find him!”

This episode has the most unneeded amount of extra dialogue I have seen yet. I can feel a stress headache coming on.

Suzie: “Okay Terriermon-chan, it’s time for your nap! “
Jenrya: “I’m going to Cho-sensei’s”
Mom: “Okay, be careful on your way there.”
SUZIE: “Mama has to pee, so stay here and be a goood boy.”
Jenyra: “I’m off!”

Suzie: “Okay Terriermon, it’s time for your nap. Let’s go night night.”
Henry: “I’m uhhhh going gonna take off for a while. I have a bunch of errands to run. Be back around dinner time.”
Mom: *Silence*
Suzi: “Awww, aren’t you feeling well. We better take your temperature right now.”
Henry: “Lets go Terriermon!”

Time for Henry/Jenrya to get a characterization change! The Dub is portraying him preeeeety creepy if you ask me. Shifty, and secretive. If he were a teen I’d understand, but he’s a kid, and he even says where he’s going in the Sub. Which since he has a name, I feeel like he’s going to be important later on.

Actor: *Howls*
Ruki: *Silence*
Rika: *Silence*
Actor: “I THE PUPPY! Have returned!”
Rika: “She came back….Renamon came back for me! She risked her life to save mine. After everything I said to her. All she cared about was protecting me from that FROZEN FREAK. And I still didn’t get it until Harpymon nearly stomped her out of existence. I don’t think I felt that strongly about anything in my life. I even surprised myself. It was amazing working together for the first time as a TEAM.”
Rika: “When Tigermon attacked, I thought she had left me for good. But she didn’t. She came back. How could I have ever thought she was just data?”

Guess us Americans are too dumb to watch what was happening on the TV without some sort of explanation to go along with it. On a more positive note, the jazz music playing in the Sub is far too pretty/relaxing/amazing to be just in Digimon.

Impmon: “What a bunch of idiots! really, you’re one of the worst Digimon I’ve ever seen. Enjoy being in the company of little brats that smell like piss, do you?”
Juri: “Takato-kun, is that a Digimon too?”
Takato: “Yeah..I think so. But it might be better if we just ignore him.”
Hirokazu: “Yeah, that dude definitely has the look of a bad guy.”
Impmon: “Man, you can’t even tell that those brats are using you like a toy. I bet one day they’ll make you wear diapers and feed you milk from a baby bottle!”
Terriermon: *Sneezes*
Jenrya: “Did you catch a cold?”
Terriermon: “Actually I think someone was just talking about me.”

Impmon: “YOU are pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself pineapple head! I bet you think you’re real cute playing with all these kiddies, don’t ya? You’re nothing but a trained monkey. Ba-boom!”
Jerry: “Takato, do you know this guy?”
Takato: “Yeah..unfortunetly. This is Impmon. Do yourself a favor and try to ignore him.”
Kazu: “How can you ignore someone dressed like that?”
Impmon: “Oh please..you’ve hurt my pweacious little feewings. Like I’m gonna care about what some knuckle headed toddler and his playmates think about me. I think I’m gonna cry now.”
Terriermon: *Sneezes*
Henry: “Gesundheit.”
Terriermon: *Sick voice* If you make one comment about Nurse Suzie being right, I’m leaving.”

It’s official! Sub Impmon wins the title of most brazen, brash, meanest Digimon. Saying little kids smell like pee. Geeze. Also the dub missed an excellent joke/reference to Terriermon being dressed up like a baby.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Apparently the Dub didn’t wanna show Guilmon getting paper shoved up his nose, cause then kids might do the same. Little did they know kids have been sticking stuff up there since the dawn of time.

Dialogue Deviation

Impmon: “The guys happy to let them stick tissues up his nostrils..Tissues for chrissakes. He’s a moron, a real moron. Moron-mon.”
Renamon: “Hey you…”
Impmon: “Don’t appear out of thin air like that. You scared me!”
Renamon: “Are you jealous of Guilmon?”
Impmon: “What are you saying?? You must be stupid.”
Renamon: “I see. Nevermind, it was only the way it looked to me. Heh.”
Impmon: “Huh…What the hell was that ‘heh’ for, eh!? Quit looking so smug! You’re all an idiotic bunch of idiots.”

Impmon: “Guilmon…hmph, what a maroon. I can’t belive he would let those humans treat him like some kinda carnival side show. I wouldn’t be caught DEAD with those losers.”
Renamon: “Looks to me like you ARE with them.”
Impmon: “How dare you sneak up on me like that!”
Renamon: “I was just in the neighborhood and I saw your talk with the kiddies down there and it made me think.”
Impmon: “Tch, what are you blabbing about?”
Renamon: “I think you’re jealous of them. After all why would someone so disgusted by them spend a beautiful afternoon watching them? I don’t know, food for thought. Heh, see you later!”
Impmon: “Wait! Where you going!? I’m not done with you! Fox face, come back here and fight with me!”

I love the interactions between Renamon and Impmon. He tries to act so tough but she sees right through him.

Grandmother: “Rumiko? We’re heading home now. Okay, see you later.”
Ruki: “A Digimon?”
Girls: “What is this thing? It’s so cute!”
Ruki: “Culumon…It’s not just Culumon!”
Grandmother: *Silence*

Grandmother: “Oh..the play? It was interesting…I think. Rika and I are taking the subway. We’ll be home soon.”
Rika: “Huh..my D Power is going crazy. There must be a Digimon around here some where.”
Girls: “What is it??? It’s so cute I could eat it up.”
Rika: “It’s just Calumon. Wait a minuet..it’s picking up another signal, and it’s big. There’s another Digimon here.”
Grandmother: “Hey…who’s smoking!?”

Gotta get in the anti smoking message, but don’t let them know about alcohol. Also, when did they start calling their Digivice a D Power. Did I miss something?

Ruki: “Renamon!”
Renamon: “Ruki is in danger!”
Grandmother: “What’s going on?”
Guard: “Come with me. You must get out of here quickly!”
Grandmother: “But my granddaughter!”

Guard: “It’s dangerous here!
Ruki: *Silence*
Renamon: “I will be your opponent.”
Ruki: “Lets go Renamon!”
Ruki: “Why!? It’s data isn’t showing up.”
Ruki: *Silence*
Renamon: *Silence*
Ruki: “Got it! Sandiramon. Perfect Level with Virus attribute. A Holy Beast Digimon. He’s a Perfect Level, she’ll have to evolve.”
Renamon: “I can take him Ruki.”
Ruki: “Okay!”

Rika: “Get out of here!”
Renamon: “uuugh! I’m coming Rika! I knew I shouldn’t have left her alone!
Grandmother: “Alright! I’m going.”
Rika: “Hurry!”
Guad: “Hurry! We have to evacuate!”
Grandmother: “But my granddaughter!”
Guard: “Let’s go!”
Rika: “Everyone’s out of the subway…now lets get to work. Time to make ourselves a new pair of cowboy boots.”
Renamon: “And a purse to match.”
Rika: “Walk all over him.”
Rika: “It didn’t even phase him. Who is this guy? Why won’t this piece of junk tell me anything? Renamon, the D Power isn’t giving me any data on him!”
Renamon: “Whatever we do, we better do it fast!”
Rika: “Wait..I’ve got something. Sandiramon, a virus type. He’s an Ultimate Digimon! I’ve got to make Renamon Digivolve or we don’t stand a chance.”
Renamon: “Come on Rika..it’s time to charm this snake.”
Rika: “Let’s do it then.”

Gotta get in those puns. And that poor guard, always helping drunk people, and dealing with disasters.

Terriermon: *Kung Fu noises*
Jenrya: “Be quiet.”
Ruki: “He’s not getting away!”
Terriermon: “Ooh, a Digimon.”
Kyubimon: *Silence*
Ruki: “Use this can call for help!”
Kyubimon: *Silence*
Ruki: *Silence*
Kyubimion: “Hang on tight Ruki!”
Ruki: *Silence*

Terriermon: “Come on..you want a piece of me!”
Henry: “Please stop that..”
Rika: “He’s heading right for that train! We got to stop him!”
Terriermon: “I’m bored..I wish something exciting would happen. Ohh…I got my wish.”
Lady: “My baby!!!”
Kyubimon: “Coming through! Watch your toes.”
Rika: “Call Goggle Head! We need his help!”
Kyubimon: “He’s getting away!”
Rika: “Not for long!”
Kyubimon: “Now that’s more like it!”
Rika: “Yeah! Let’s do iit!”

Who knew a Digimon could turn real world stuff into data…not me.

Jenrya: “I’m Jianliang Lee, a friend of Takato-kun! Is Takato-kun there?”
Takato’s Mom: “He went out with his classmates earlier this morning.”
Jenrya: “I see. Thank you!”
Jenrya: “He was the one all hyped up about this, and just what does he do when we really need him?”
Jenrya: “Why did a Digimon appaer in the subway anyway?”
Terriermon: “I don’t know. But at least Ruki and Kyubimon are chasing after them.”
Henry: “And another thing, I can’t run as fast because you’re weighing my head down!”
Terriermon: “Oh..is this better?”

Henry: “Takato?”
Takato’s Mom: “Is this about me changing my long distance carrier?”
Henry: “This is Henry.”
Takato’s Mom: “Oh hi Henry, Takato is over at the park with some classmates. I can take a message for him if you want.”
Henry: “No thanks…I gotta go. MERRY CHRISTMAS”
Henry: “Takato was the one all hyped up to patrol today and now I can’t even find him.”
Henry: “Knowing Takato, he’s probably off looking for Bigfoot tracks somewhere.”
Terriermon: “Finding Bigfoots not gonna help Rika and Kyubimon.”
Henry: “No kidding..That’s sarcasm Terriermon. It’s used when someone restates the obvious.”
Terriermon: “Ohhh so that’s what they call it. You don’t have to teach me that Henry.”

It might not be Christmas in the anime, but it’s Christmas here!! Well Christmas Eve, or maybe Christmas Day depending on your time zone! Is that a coincidence or what!

Kyubimon: *Silence*
Gargmon: “Hold it right there! Let Kyubimon go, you big jerk!”
Ruki: “Kyubimon!”
Jenrya: “Gargmon!”
Impmon: “Hmph, they’re useless.”

Impmon: “What a shame. You’ve gotten thoroughly broken in haven’t you? You didn’t even realize that there are Digimon fighting right under your feet!”
Takato: “Under our feet?”
Impmon: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Here. I smell Digimon from down here!”
Takato: “Does that mean Lee-kun and Ruki are there already?”
Impmpon: “That’s right. While you were being morons and chasing skirts, they were down there fighting for their lives.”
Hirokazu: “T-there are real Digimon fighting underground?”
Kenta: “Awesome! Let’s go watch!”
Takato: “No! This isn’t a game!”
Takato: “Let’s go join them, Guilmon!”
Hirokazu: “Kick his ass!”
Impmon: “Why the hell did I tell them about the fight?”

Kyubimon: “Now that you don’t have anymore innocent people to terrorize, how about you pick on me.
Rika: “Gargamon! Stop him!”
Gargomon: “Gun bunnies hate snakes! Gargolaser!!! Put her down!”
Rika: “Where’s Takato?”
Henry: “I couldn’t find him!”
Impmon: “Yeah right..some team.”
Impmon: “Hmmm….well I wonder when you buffoons would figure out something was going on. They’re down there fighting for thier lives while you’re up here playing baby in the stroller!”
Takato: “No way!”
Impmon: “Way!”
Guilmon: “I can smell them. They’re right beneath us. In the tunnels down below.””
Takato: “Woaaah. Below us! They must be down in the subway.”
Impnon: “Move to the head of the class genius. Now that you wasted enough time overworking your pathetic brain your friends are about to become snake food. Bravo! Nice work.”
Kazu: “You mean there’s a real Digimon fight going on in the subway system? I don’t know about you dweebs but this I gotta see.”
Kenta: “What are we waiting for guys? Lets go!”
Jerry: “Can we go with you Takato?”
Takato: “Absolutely not! This isn’t a game, this is for real and its dangerous. You guys could get killed!”
Takato: “What do you say Guilmon? You ready?”
Kazu: “You better bring back my card!”
Impmon: “Ungrateful little lab rats. Why don’t I get any credit huh?”

Way to make Kazu care more about a card then his friends life Saban. And how dumb can Takato be? Of course the subway is below them.

Gargmon: *Silence*
Culumon: “Culumon is scared, culu. This Digimon is kinda scary..”
Jenrya:” Culumon?”
imon: “I feel the same.”
Gargmon: “It really is a nasty feeling.”
Jenrya: *Silence*
Takato: “Sorry we’re late!”
Ruki: “What kinda enterance was that?”
Gargmon: “Can you fight Guilmon?”
Kyubimon: “We need your help.”
Guilmon: “Okay. Leave it to me.”
Takato: “Hirokazu, I’m using your card right away.”
Jenrya: “Allright everyone!”
Kyubimon: “Who are you?”
Sandiramon: “I am one of the twelve soverigns of God, sent here to show you the power of my Lord.”

Gargomon: “Funny..that didn’t have the effect I thought it would.”
Calumon: “He’s smiling..I Have a really bad feeling about this.”
Kyubimon: “Gargomon, do you have any bright ideas?”
Gargomon: “Just one…let’s not do THAT again.”
Henry: “COME ON WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING! He’s powering up!”
Takato: “Sorry I’m late..”
Rika: “Look who finally decided to show up.”
Gargomon: “Better late then never!”
Kyubimon: “We dont’ have much time Guilmon! We need you to Digivolve!”
Guilmon: “Whatever you say! I’m ready!”
Takato: For once Kazu didn’t give me a useless card.”
Henry: “Okay! Here come the fireworks!”
Kyubimon: “Wait a minuet..he’s still laughing at us. Who are you?”
Sandiramon: “I am one of the twelve devas of the sovereign one. You may have defeated me, but my brethren will avenge me.

Where Did Culumon come from?? I never saw him following the others. At least the Sub brethren that he kinda came out of no where. The Dub outright ignores it. Also the Dub changes any mention of God, cause that wouldn’t be good for kids to talk about.

Takato: “Right now we have to get out of here!”
Ruki: *Silence*
Juri: “These are all Digimon?”
Takato: *Silence*
Ruki: *Silence*
Hirokazu: *Silence*
Grandmother: “Who are you?! Where’s Ruki?!”
Ruki: “Grandma, it’s me.”
Grandmother: “Ruki! I don’t know how you can act so casual about this.”
Kenta: *Silence*
Takato: “We should go before they see the Digimon here.”

Takato: “What do you say we take the elevator out of here.”
Rika: *Very sublte Takato.”
Jerry: “I must be dreaming..”
Takato: “There’s Gargomon, Kyubimon….”
Rika: “You arleady know Goggle head and Dino Boy”
Kazu: “Real Digimon Tamers! So cool.”
Grandmother: “This isn’t Rika! You’re a kidnapper arent you!? I’ll give you whatever you want.”
Rika: “Grandma…It’s really me. Calm down okay?”
Grandmother: *Silence*
Kenta: “Hey, I don’t think we should be out in the open with the Digimon like this. What do you think Takato?”
Takato: “Come on! We better get back to the hide out!”
Rika: “Are you for real?”
Kazu: “Last one there has to hang out with Impmon!”

Added dialogue to get us to the end of the episode. Although the joke that Kazu says at the end is pretty good.

Final Result

Final Result

Final Result 80% retained Only a small cut for content, but massive amounts of added dialogue for the Dub. As well as the change from mentioning God, to just some cult of Digimon wanted to be “free” of tamer control. I think the series is gonna get darker from here, so I’ll have to see what other changes are made.

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