Digimon Tamers S01E04

A Tamer’s Trial! Defeat Gorimon! (JP)
It Came From the Other Side (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Karen Willson, Chris Allen Weber

Original Airdates:
April 22, 2001 (JP)
September 8, 2001 (EN)

Section: Summary

We get a backstory as to how the relationship between Terriermon and Henry came about. Although we still don’t know where Terriermon learned to be such a sarcastic little thing. We learn Henry blames himself for a lot of things and doesn’t want Terriermon to Digivolve or fight. Forever the pacifist, even though Terriermon doesn’t mind and actually wants to fight. But everything works out in the end and they all go out for food after.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “Why did you tell him to stop before?”
Takato: “Who knew Terriermon had it in him?”
Takato: “Hey, don’t worry about it. After all, Gargomon didn’t really hurt anyone. That girl is fine.”

Damn Sub Takato is harsh!

Guilmon: *Humming…falls* ”Can’t do it”
Gargamon: “Hey, is it time yet?”

Guilmon: “Look Takato-mon I can walk on my hands.”
Gargamon: “It’s easier if you cheat.”

Not sure why the Dub changed his line, it just changes his characterization and makes him seem like an asshole for no reason.

Gargamon: “Do I still have to do this handstand?”
Takato: Is it impossible to change back after evolving?”
Lee: “It isn’t mandatory for him to evolve just because he’s a Digimon. He’ll change back after a couple hours..I think.”
Takato: “You wouldn’t be able to sneek him back inside. Wait does that mean he hasn’t evolved before?”
Takato: “What is evolution?”
Jenrya: “I’m not sure.”

Gargamon: “Can I stop now? This is a real pain in the neck”
Takato: “Think this’ll turn him back to Terriermon?”
Henry: “It has to. I can’t take him home as Gargamon now can I? He’s too big! Could you imagine what my parents would say?”
Takato: “Hey maybe since he digivoloved on his own he can de-digivolve. I mean this must happen to Digimon all the time, especially with Rookies. Maybe that girl would know. Should we ask her?”
Henry: “I’m not gonna ask her, you ask her.”
Gargomon: “(laughs) Guilmon fall down go boom”

Feels like they were having two completely different conversations between the Dub and Sub. Not sure why they had to mention Rika in the Dub when they didn’t in the Sub. Maybe as an attempt to build connections between the characters? It’s a mystery.

Side Note

In the Dub they made it look like Henry couldn’t stay awake so fell asleep and had dreamed about the Terriermon game. In the Sub it seemed like he was just remembering it, and hadn’t fallen asleep. Looks like a pretty cute video game, even if the graphics are pretty retro looking. And Terriormon must have been strong to pretty much one hit kill that other Digimon. Also, in the Sub he doesn’t call out the attack, just shoots. But in the Dub we get ‘Bunny Blast!’

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “Let’s go home.”
Terriermon: “Hey are you mad at me?”
Jenrya: “You should know better. I’ve already told you I Don’t want you to evolve.”
Terriermon: “I know….”

Terriermon: “Henry? Henry?! WHERE ARE YOU?!”
Henry: “Glad to see you’re back to your old self.”
Terriermon: “I just couldn’t help it.”
Henry: “I told you not to Digivolve. I was about to move you in with Guilmon.”
Terriermon: “I didn’t mean to do it…Come on Henry momentai.”

The characterization here between the Dub and Sub are vastly different, painting Henrys personality in two different lights. Dub Henry is annoyed in a frantic way. Freaking the hell out about Terriromon digivolving. While Sub Jenrya is calm, and keeps his cool. He’s obviously disappointed in Terriormon for evolving, but he’s not freaking out about it, outwardly anyway.

Takato: “He’ll need a pair of wings. And misses will shoot out form here”Takato: “Check it out, a digivolved Guilmon. He’ll have huuuuuuge teeth, and big red gnarly spikes. And a laser guided missile system.”

Who is Takato talking to? The audience, himself? Some imaginary friends in the corner?

Ruki: “This should be enough to win, I think.”
Ruki: “If Renamon had evolved, I would have won on that alone.”
Ruki: *Silence while Renamon looks on*
Rika: “That little weenie digivolves on its own and Renamon stays the same even with two modify cards!”
Rika: “What does that goggle-head have that I don’t? Huh. This is ridiculous, you better digivolove soon Renamon, I’m not gonna be threatened by some overgrown rabbit.”

Some massive characterization changes between the Sub and Dub again. Ruki seems mystified and genuinely curious as to why the battle played out the way it did. While Rika is just pissed off. Rika used to be my favorite character but I don’t remember her being this abrasive and mean.

Side Note

The Dub didn’t bother to translate the cards from Japanese to English. Kinda annoying, but they make up for it by explaining what they are instead of just saying the card name.

Dialogue Deviation

Column: “Everyone’s so happy, culu!”
Calumon: “Humans must be very tameable! Look at them; the bell rings and they come running!”

How does he know what a bell is???

Hirokazu: “Well…I guess these are okay Oh, I’ve already got this one so you can have it.
Hirokazu: “It’s a muscle training item. It can also raise your Hit Points and power up your offense”
Takato: “I wonder if this can help with evolution.”
Kazu: “Check it out….new modify cards. Here you can have this lame one I don’t need it.”
Kazu: “Don’t you know anything? They make your Rookie big and strong! So you can stomp out the enemy. It’s like resistance training, but you probably won’t use it. You could probably get some sucker to trade for it”
Takato: “Yeah..sure..Just what I need another useless card.”

I guess the Dub creators thought we wouldn’t know what Hit Points, or offensive power was. So they dumbed it down to something….extra dumb. And why they couldn’t have kept in the sub line about it being useful for evolving is beyond me. I’m not sure what the Dubs reluctance is to explan/expand on the Digimon Card game, did they not think it would have been a money maker? OR that kids wouldn’t be able too understand it?

Yamaki: “A Wild One.”
Yamaki: *Silence, lighter clicking open and shut*
Yamaki: “Well, what are you waiting for!?”
Yamaki: “They just never learn, do they?”

Not sure why they had to make this guy so angry sounding.

Takato: “Do you think this card that Hirokazu gave me can help with evolution?”
Jenrya: “I’m not sure myself.”
Takato: “I see…”
Takato: “Sometimes I think Kazu gives me these cards so he can use them against me later.”
Jenrya: “Whats wrong?”
Terriermon: “It’s coming Jian!”
Takato: “That fog! Could it be a Digimon?”
Jenrya: “We can’t stay here!”

Henry: “You give him way to much credit.”
Takato: “Yeah I gotta work on that.”
Henry: “What’s up Terriermon?”
Terriermon: “My ears for one thing!”
Henry: “Your ears?! Oh no!”
Henry: “I hope it’s not what I think it is!”
Takato: “Me too! …What do you think it is?”
Takato: “Whatever it is it’s coming right at us!”
Henry: “You know something..you might just be right.”

Always gotta put in some stupid joke that falls flat. And they’re making Takato out to be a hell of a lot dumber then he is in the Sub.

Takato: “I think it’s chasing us!”
Jenrya: “No way….”
Jenrya: *Silence*
Jenrya: “Turn right here! You must be imagining things”
Takato: “You think so? No..its definitely coming after us!”
Jenrya: “Okay, Takato-kun use this bridge and go left.”

Takato: “Must run faster!”
Henry: “I would if Terriermon wasn’t CHOKING me!”
Henry: “This is impossible! It’s a Digital Field!”
Takato: “This just keeps getting better and better.”
Takato: “What is a Digital Field and why is it chasing us?!” 
Terriermon: “You picked a dumb time to ask questions.”
Henry: “For once I agree with you.”
Terriermon: “Put the lead out this thing is serious.”

I actually really love the Dub line that they used for Takato, only because I feel like they pulled that quote right from Ian Malcom from Jurassic Park. I feel bad for Takato, he can’t expect to know the answers to a term he just heard. No need for Terriermon to be suck a dick.

Takato: “What should I do? In any case I should get Guilmon first.”
Terriermon: “It’s coming after us…”
Jenrya: “But why?”
Terriermon: *Silence*
Jenrya: *Huup*

Takato: “Oh nooo…..Henry keep running! I’ll go get Guilmon and be back as soon as I can.”
Terriermon: “Now might be a good time to hide…”
Henry: “You’re just full of ideas, aren’t ya?”
Terriermon: “I supppoooose… ‘moumantai’ isn’t appropriate right now, is it? Go in there!”
Henry: “I though I was the Tamer!”
Terriermon: “Ohhh it was just a suggestion.”
Henry: “Well think of a better place to hide!”

Was this the anime dubbing time when everyone had to be super sarcastic and a know it all? Couldn’t they be cool calm and collected like the Sub counterpart? I guess its nice they’re trying to show the relationship dynamic between Tamer and Digimon. But its just ugh, too much and too different from the subs.

Takato: “Who’s that!”
Takato: “Woah..he’s a big one. Who invited HIM to the party.”

Again more unneeded stupid dialogue. But it was the early 2000s. God I hope this season gets a reboot.

Jenrya: “Don’t you recognize me?!”
Terriermon: *Silence*
Takato: “What happened between the two of you Lee-kun?”
Terriormon: *Silence*
Henry: “We played the game together!”
Terriermon: “He remembers alright.”
Takato: “I take it you guys have met before.”
Terriermon: “I don’t think he’s listeeeniiiing…”

It got worse, I didn’t think the dialogue could get any more cheesier, but Takato’s line takes the cake. It’s not even in the Sub, they added it cause..reasons.

Guilmon getting a foot to the face. Literally.
Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “Do you want to go back to acting like a wild beast so much?”
Terrorimon: “Why? I’ve been challenged I have to fight
Takato: “What happened?”
Takato: “Guilmon!”
Terriermon: “Watch out!”
Henry + Takato: *Sielnce while crashing to the ground avoiding the blast.”

Henry: “Terriermon don’t!”
Terriormon: “Ahhh how come why does Guilmon get to have all the fun?”
Henry: “I don’t want you to fight.”
Terriormon: “Tell that to Gorrilomon.”
Takato: “He has a point you know.”
Guilmon: “I think I’ve had enough fun now.”
Terriermon: “Hey, monkey-boy!”
Henry: “That was close!”
Takato: “That’s one way to put it.”

Okay, maybe Sub and Dub Takato are on the same playing field of smarts. Cause its pretty clear what’s happening. More child like lines from Guilmon, and more taunting from Terriermon. As well as the need for a snarky quip about almost dying, when they were almost crushed.

Terriermon: “You used to keep pushing me to fight back then Jian!”
Terriermon: “Well, what do you expect me to do? Sit back and let him peel Guilmon like a banana?”

They could have worded this so much better to get that flashback in there. But nooope. Dub could have added a banana peel transition. That would have solved it.

Guilmon: *Silence*
Takato: “What happened?”
Guilmon: “He’s mad.”
Takato: “They need our help! We gotta DO something!
Henry: “I can’t…” *Shaking in his boots.*

Think poor Henry has some PTSD going on, if he’s that affected by a game.

Side Note

I thought it was interesting how the Sub said the game was from America and Jenryas Dad was able to get it for him cause it released earlier there.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: *Silence*
Jenrya: “It’s Terriormon! How cute! *Laughs as he takes a poo* “

Henry: “Wow the installation took forever…No wonder, look at all these new options! Allright now who will I play first. One that’s got a lot of power like GOrilamon? No, that’s boring, anyone can win with a beast Digimon.”
Henry: “Terriermon, now that’s a challenge. He’s small and smart; like me! He dances like me too”

Dialogue Deviation

Guilmon: *Silence*
Terriromon: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Whatever he said, he didn’t mean it!”
Terriermon: “Run awaaaaaaay!”

Not sure why they gotta include more absurd dialogue. Sometimes silence speaks volumes.

Jenrya: “He passed through the network gate and just…dissapeared, but how? Is there something wrong with the modem? Maybe it’s a bug.”
Jenrya: “Digimon can’t open a gate to the network all by themselves.”

Henry: “Shut down..shut down…I closed the game why is it still running? Is the program frozen?”
Henry: “Wait..maybe Digimon have a reality outside the game?”

The Dub for once makes more sense then the Sub. Not sure why the original had to get so wordy.

Can’t show the head getting stuffed into a wall
Side Note

Dub filled in the scenes of Terriermon getting the steel beam thrown at him again and just Guilmons head in a choke hold. Gotta love the censorship.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “This is just like that time! That time when…”
Jenrya: “You suddenly disappeared….and now you suddenly reappeared. You’re horrible.”

Henry: “I brought him here! It’s all my fault!”
Henry: “He’s totally out of control. How’s Terriremon supposed to beat him, he’s so small?!”

Poor Henry, always blaming himself for everyone else’s horrible reactions.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “High Speed Plug in B! Card Slash! Power percentage up!”
Henry: “Terriormon its time to make you faster! Digi Modify! Lets give you some strength you’re gonna need it!

It is nice of the Dub to explain what the different modify cards actually do instead of just saying their name.

Apparently a head butt is also too violent to be shown, so it was cut/censored with a white flash.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “Good work Terriermon!”
Jenrya: “Hit Percentage up! Avondales Arrow!”
Jenrya: “Stamina percentage up!”

Henry: “Way to use your head Terriermon!”
Henry: “Now its time to sharpen up that aim of yours. Targeting Activate!”
Henry: “Almost there, now you need a little more energy to finish him off!”

I guess having Henry give a short explanation of what the cards do instead of just saying their name makes a little more sense although I wish it was done with a little more tact that Jenrya would have had.

Side Note

I do like what they’ve done to the Digivolution sequence in the Dub a lot more then the Sub. Subs sounds whimsical, while the Dub is meant to pump you up not to mention sounds more electronic, which fits the theme of this Digimon season better.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “Evolution….”
Gargomon: *Excited laughter.*
Jenrya: “You can stop now!”

Henry: “Digivolution, did I do that?”
Gargomon: *Minalical laughter.*
Henry: “Gargomon what are you doing?”

Henry is pretty self centered though, thinking he caused Terriermon to Digivolve.

Jenryas Dad: “Survival of the fittest. It’s a rule they live by. The only difference is Digimon aren’t living things.”
Jenrya: *Silence*

Henrys Dad: “It’s just how the program works. Son, I think you’re taking ll this a little too seriously.”
Henry: “Yah..they’re just a bunch of zeros and ones.”

God Henry sounds so despondent, like his world is shattered. Like someone told him Santa wasn’t real.

Side Note

The soft piano melody that plays in the Sub adds a whole other level of emotion to the story. You actually can feel how much Terriermon being hurt effected Jenrya. Even though he was supposed to just be a program. The Dub dropped the ball hard on this one.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: *Silence*
Takato: Come on Lee-kun..”

Henry: *Thinking to himself* “I can’t break my promise, what if I lose him?”
Takato: “Henry wake up.”

Silence would be golden right now. THey’re really butchering Jenyra’s characters and making him a manic panic mess. Instead of the more calm character the Sub has him be.

Side Note

So they can show Guilmon hitting Gurillemon in the head, but none of the other stuff is okay? Is it cause they were the ones getting hurt and good guys can’t get hurt. Also the name of Terrieroms move changed from Petite Twister to Terrior Tornado.

Dialogue Deviation

Terriromon: *Silence*
Guilmon: *Silence*
Terriromon: *Silence*
Terriermon: “Well, okay, if you say so.”
Jenrya: “It went to the other side.

Terrorimon: “Well what must come up, must come down.”
Guilmon: “I don’t think he liked the ride!”
Terriermon: “That’s one tough monkey!”
Terriermon: “Can I at least do a little victory dance? Can I?”

They could have made him say anything else and it would have sounded so much better then that immature jibe.

Side Note

I’m really enjoying the easy listening jazz music that plays at the end of the Sub episode. Makes it feel like a cartoon where everyone got their happy ending and everything was wrapped up in thirty minuets.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “You guys are an incredible combination!”
Jenrya: *silence*
Takato + Guilmon: *Silence*

Henry: “Thanks, Takato.”
Terriermon: “Why are you thanking him? He didn’t do anything.”
Guilmon: “We’re a good combination too. Like Peantubutter and Banana.”
Takato: “You’re obsessed.”
Guilmon: “Takatomon, I’m getting hungry again!”
Takato: “Guilmon, for the last time, I’m not a ‘mo(ro)n’! Forget it, let’s go eat.”
Guilmon: “Okay, Takato.”

Why they had to add in some stupid line for Takato and Guilmon is beyond me. It may have been cute when this first came out, but now its just lame.

Final Result

Final Result

90% Remained

Only about three to four seconds were cut with the Dubs useless censor filler, as well as the stupid additional dialogue so someone could make a little more from this episode. Overall I was surprised at how well it did stick to the Sub. So far.

One Comment

  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Censor 1: so the kids don’t try this at home.

    Censor 2: no-one wants to see that sh- ;)!

    Censor 3: again, don’t try this at home kids.

    Censor 4: nothing bad can happen to the heroes, that’ll upset the kids too much.

    Censor 5: head injuries are serious business kids, don’t headbutt each other.

    Side Note 7: villains are fair game, they’re bad, they deserve it ;)!

    Pretty short this time, though again as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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