Digimon Tamers S01E05

Culu, Culu~—Playing with Culumon (JP)
Dream a Little Dream (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Seth Walther

Original Airdates:
April 29, 2001 (JP)
September 14, 2001 (EN)

Lauries Notes: This seemed like a filler episode with all the day dreaming Takato did. I have to say the Sub is impressing me so much more then the Dub. Especially Culumon!

Section: Summary

Aliens left crop circles at the school! Or was it a ghost..no one knows. Calumon tries to get people to play soccer with him, but it doesn’t work too well. Henry and Takato try to find a tamer for Calumon, but none of their choices work out.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “What happened here?”
Random Character: “Who could have done this?”
Takato: “Why’s everyone over at the soccer field?”
Kazu: “Gee, I don’t know, soccer game maybe!?”
Takato: “At 7:30 in the morning?”
Kazu: “It could happen.”
Random Character A: “I bet its a prank by the hopscotch team. All that hopping has jarred their brain.”
Random Character B: “Is this supposed to be a drawing, or something?”
Random Character A: “Yeah; it’s a masterful rendition of a squiggly line.”
Random Character C: “Everyone laughed at me when I said that chalk line was dangerous! Well, who’s laughing NOW?! Huh? No one!”
Random Character B: “Woah, check out the vein on his forehead.”

So much unneeded dialogue. In this case silence speaks louder then words. The Sub pulled off this scene so much better. And it was a lighter scene as well with playful music in the background while the Dub had to ruin it with heavy foreboding music.

Ms. Asanuma: “Now, some silly prankster decided to draw all over the school grounds last night. I have no reason to believe that the culprit is from this class but…if any of you happen to know anything regarding this please inform me. Those are the end of your announcements. Now close your textbooks everyone.”
Random Student: “We have a test! I didn’t know about that.”
Hirukazu: “Nobody mentioned anything.”
Asanuma: “Of course not this is a pop quiz. Here, pass these to the back.”
Random Character: “This happens a lot more then I’d like. I might get a zero!”
Asanuma: “Tell me if you don’t get a sheet.”

Ms. Asaji: “Now now everyone give me your attention…for a change. You too Kazu.” *Kazu whines.* “I assume none of you vanallized the schools soccer field, though I wouldn’t put it past some of you. But if you know about let me know. Okay? Now pick up your pencils its time for a test.”
Kazu: “It’s not faiiiiiiir.” *Whines*
Ms. Asaji: “If life were fair I’d be in Maui. Maybe this’ll teach you to pay attention in class.”
Kazu: “Waaaa I don’t want to learn that.

Kari…I mean Ms. Asaji…seems like she hates her job and kids and is miserable there. Jeeze, why teach if you hate it so much.

Random Character A: “It must be the world of the school ghost!
Random Character B: “The principal made that huge fuss recently about who he saw a dinosaur. Maybe it’s really the ‘teketeke’ monster!”
Random Character A: “Does Teke-Teke eats bread?”
Random Character B: “Sure, why wouldn’t it?”

Random Character A: “I’m telling you man there’s something really weird going on around here. Those drawings on the soccer field are just like some crop circles and those are made by aliens!”
Random Character B: “You guys are way off base there’s no such things as aliens. What it really was was a ghost. And that dinosaur the principal saw was a ghost dinosaur.”
Random Character A: “Okay but how did a ghost eat all the food from the cafeteria?”
Takato: *spits out milk dramatically*
Random Character A: “Everybody knows that meatloaf is like a ghost-favorite thing. Besides, who else could eat the cafeteria food and not die?”

Those are the worst crop circles I’ve ever seen, must have been done by a baby alien. Are Digimon aliens? Technically? And again the Dub has to add in so much unneeded dialogue. The Sub is so much smarter then the Dub, actually linking to an earlier scene in this conversation.

Takato: “Its probably just a regular kid fooling around. Even though some people say that a ghost did it. What’s wrong?”
Juri: “I saw it.”
Takato: “W-what did you see?”
Juri: “This one time when I when I had a stomach ache I went to the infirmary to lie down. The nurse went somewhere, so I was supposed to be the only one there.” *hears noise* “Is…someone there?”
Juri: “What on earth was that?!” *Sees footprints on the ceiling* “What is that!?” *Flash forward to the present* “There’s no doubt about it. Something had run around the ceiling and left its footprints there.”
Takato: “F-Footprints??”

Takato: “So after all that, then they started saying that it was cause by demons conjured by last week’s fudge balls.”
Takato: “What’s wrong? DON’T TELL ME YOU ATE THE FUDGE BALLS!”
Jerry: “I saw..what did it.”
Takato: “Umm whadda-ya mean??”
Jerry: “It all started this morning. I wasn’t feeling well so I went down to the infirmary. There I was, tucked in tight, with nothing but the smell of iodine camphor oil to keep me company. It was so quiet…when suddenly…” *Hears noise* “Hello….who’s there?” *Narration continues*
Jerry: “I fearlessly got out of bed and marched over to the cabinet to see what was there…Probably just a cat..I moved in like a lion stalking its prey…step by step…inch by inch…here kitty kitty..” *Gets the life scared out of her*
Jerry: “Whered you run off to nice kitty cat? Since when do cats know how to walk on the ceiling???” *Flashforward to present* “I was lucky to make it out of there alive.
Takato: “Man you’re brave.”

Jokes are falling flatter then a crepe in the Dub. Why in the world did they have to use soccer field in place of ‘school yard’ or whatever the Sub had, as if they expected kids not to know what a school yard was, so changed it. But kept ‘infirmary’, instead of saying nurses office???? And that a middle schooler knows what iodine and camphor oil are?? I don’t even know what that is and I’m old. I guess its pretty in character to have Jerry narrate with this much oddness as she is really weird. At least weireder in the Dub then she’s portrayed in the Sub. Dub Takato totally doesn’t look convinced that what Jerry did was brave.

*Up beat music while the scene plays out.*
Soccer Players: “He’s the best player ever! He’s too good, I want my mommy!”

This scene would have been so much more impactful if they didn’t add in so much unnecessary and cringe dialogue. Especially the character that was crying about wanting his mommy.

Random Character A: “Bye Bye!
Random Character B: I’ll bring it in on Monday!”
Random Character A: “Don’t study too hard this weekend.”
Random Character B: “You kidding, over the weekend I don’t even know what the word study means!”

Least the Dub got one aspect of American school right, not studying over the weekend.”

Culumon: *Silence*
Culumon: “Step, step, step, step, step”
Culumon: “Why won’t it open…What’s that? culu??”
Culumon: *Silence while trying to open the lock*

Calumon: “How come no one is here?? Calumon: “Maybe that black and white Digimon they were kicking around got destroyed.”
Calumon: “Wait.. I know how to get people here!”
Calumon: “A door earring??”
Calumon: “It just needs some gentle persuasion”

Calumon can’t be that dumb and not know what a ball is, pretty sure they have those in the Digimon world in the Toy Zone. I do admit its cute that he called it a ‘door earring’. But Sub Culumon is still so much cuter and way less annoying.

Culumon: Roll, roll, roll, roll, thok thok thok, roll roll roll.
Culumon: “Come here, everyone, cululu! Let’s have fun, culu!”
Calumon: “I’ll do it my way, without those boring straight lines! This is out of bounds, and this is the goal line, and, if you cross this one, you’ll have to hop like Frogmon for the whole game!
Calumon: “Perfect! now that’s a field that makes sense. Everyone in the whole world will wanna play with me, the most clever Digimon EVEEEEEEEERRR!”

Sub Culumon is the cutest thing in the world. While his Dub counterpart is annoying as hell. I understand why no one would ever wanna play with him.

Takato: “No one comes to school at Sunday.”
Guilmon: “So why is Takato coming to school then?”

Takato: “It’s my day off.”
Guilmon: “Day off???
Takato: “School isn’t open on Sundays”
Guilmon: “Then why is Takato going to school?
Takato: “It’s my day to feed the rabbits.”

Guilmon: “Sooo how come its okay to come today?”
Takato: “Yeah. No one’s at school, see?”
Guilmon: “Right. Wait, but you and I are here, see?”
Takato: “But no one else’s gonna be here, see?”

I wish I didn’t have to see this exchange, see? It’s such cringe, see.

Director: “They did it again Iwamoto”
Teacher : “Wasn’t the door to the shed locked security?”
Teacher Iwamoto: “Yeah, but someone broke it.”
Director: “Now I’m sure the responsible is not one of our students.”
Teacher Iwamoto: “I agree…”

Director: “This is even worse then the last time. Do you know what our chalk budget is gonna be this year? And we’re hosting that big hopscotch tournament!”
Teacher Iwamoto: “I have an idea, why don’t we just use some ground up bread crumbs?”
Director: “Bread crumbs? Have you been reading that fairy tale book again?”
Teacher Iwamoto: “I just like the pictures!”

I thought the hopscotch stuff was a joke….turns out htey were serious…That makes it so much worse. Why couldn’t they stick to something happening to the soccer field.

Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “What are you doing?”
Takato: *Silence*

Takato: “Eat up guys! Don’t worry; it’s not from the cafeteria.”
Takato: “Making a new friend Guilmon?”
Takato: “Just don’t eat him okay??”

Cause the bread eating Digimon is suddenly gonna start eating other Digimon.

Takato: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Behind here”

Takato: “Just be careful it could be dangerous, and me without a weapon. Of course if its afraid of rabbits..oh wait this’ll work!”

Cheesy lines are cheesy, they could have at least given Takato better Dub only lines. And not make him such a scarredy cat. While he seems afraid in the Sub, its not nearly as bad as in the Dub.

Culumon: “CULUU~!”
Takato: “Are you trying to play with me? Like tag or something?”
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “Okay, tell ya what, why don’t we play later okay?
Takato: “Why do I always get the difficult Digimon?”

Guess Dub Calumon’s gonna take everyone out. He should have just said an obnoxious ‘hiiiii’.

Takato: “I think he came here by following other Digimon.”
Lee: “And then he couldn’t get back huh?
Terriormon: “Is that true?”
Culumon: “I don’t know culu.”
Takato: “I wonder where he came from. I didn’t see a Digital Field or anything.”
Henry: “I’m amazed he made was out there on his own.”
Terriormon: “He’s out there.”
Calumon: “How did you get your nose so tickly?!”
Calumon: (thinking) “The red Digimon is great, but those other guys need to lighten up!”

The difference in characterization here is startling. Why couldn’t the Dub keep in what the Sub was talking about, it made them seem like competent kids, instead we get such a dumbed down characters who can’t even think critically.

Takato: “Ohhh there he is! The guy who just used the Plug-in card is Hirokazu Shioda-kun.”
Hirokazu: : “You’re done for with the Plug in N!”
Kenta: “Again?!”
Lee: “He does seem to know a lot about Digimon…but those two Attack Plug in N cards he used one after the other reduced his defense to zero and put everything into offense.”
Takato: “So you’re saying he’s the type that relies on brute strength with his cards?”

Takato: “That’s him right over there. The one that just played the upgrade card, that’s Kazu. He’s the one I was thinking of. “
Kazu: : I won!! Doesn’t matter if its fair or not.”
Kenta: “Does to!”
Henry: “I’m not sure he’ll be the best choice, look at the way he plays that game. He gives his Digimon all sorts of power so he can beat up the other guy but it takes away all the energy it uses to protect itself.”
Takato: “Yah that sounds like something Kazu would do alright. He’s really big into power”

The characterization between the Dub and Sub is so different. It’s like they’re not even the same character! Not to mention dumbing down and over simplifying the Digimon Card talk. Which you thought they’d want to take advantage of to sell cards in America. And don’t forget that it doesn’t matter how Kazu won, as long as he won.

Gym Scene: *Silence*
Guilmon: *Silence*
Referee: “And so we enter the ring where these two pregnecious (??) plan to pummel each other into pulp.”
Guilmon: “Yah, well your mother dresses you funny,”

More added dialogue that was cringe. God I hope this series gets a reboot someday.

Section: Cut or moved footage
Can’t show anyone getting punched, but can talk about poision cafetieria food.
Can’t show a knocked out Digimon so the Dub cut to Takato.
Dialogue Deviation

Shaochung Lee: “It’s warm today…lets change your clothes and go outside! Okay now raise your arms. What a good girl. Now lets put you in this light shirt. Look isn’t she cute?”
Takato: “She’ll do won’t she?”
Lee: “You think so?”
Takato: “Well I don’t’ see how it would be a problem.”
Lee: “No, can’t you see how it will be a problem?”

Suzie: “Okay Miss Pwetty Pants, its time to get ready for the ball! Lets still wear my chiffon (??) coat he loves me in it, it brings out my eyes. Whatever Miss Pwetty Pants wants is what Miss Pwetty Pants gets. Here you go, you’ll be the bell of the ball and everyone will be your friend forever and ever and ever!”
Takato: “By nice you mean crazy?”
Henry: “Pretty much.”
Takato: “Then again Calumon isn’t playing with a full deck either.”
Henry: “Yeah, but I wouldn’t wish the ‘Miss Pretty Pants Treatment’ on anybody.
Takato: “How bad could it be?”

I’d probably go crazy if my younger sister talked like Suzie does. Then again I’m not sure how old she’s supposed to be. Somewhere between 4 and 7 maybe?

Takato: “No! I could never ask her.”
Takato: “My moms right sometimes my imagination is a curse.”

Come on Dub you can do better then this. The original was fiiine.

Culumon: “Why can’t we play?”
Guilmon: “Takato said we can’t; Guilmon has to protect Culumon ’cause he is bigger.”
Culumon: “Why do you have to protect me ’cause you’re bigger?”
Guilmon: “Well…….”
*Looking back and forth at each other*
Guilmon: “Hum, let’s play.”
Culumon: “Yeah!”

Calumon: “But playing is like BREATHING! I’ll pass out if I don’t do it soon…”
Calumon: “I’m so bored I’d even play chess!”
Guilmon: “I’m bored too, but we’ve got to do what Takato said. He’ll be real mad if we’re not here when he comes back.”
Calumon: “But he’ll be even more upset if you’re unhealthy, right?”
Guilmon: “Well…”
Calumon: “Auuuuughhh…”
Guilmon: “Y’see, ergh…”
*Whining from Calumon*
Guilmon: “Maybe we should play.”
Calumon: “Uhum!”

The Dub wasn’t too cringe for once, although Calumon complaining about playing being as important as breathing was a bit much.

Takato: “Guilmon and Culumon must be hungry from all that waiting.”
Terriermon: *Silence*

Takato: “We better get back before Guilmon eats the whole park.”
Terriermon: “Maybe he’ll eat Calumon and solve our problem!”

Guess Takato doesn’t care that Calumon could be hungry too.

Culumon: “These, these!”
Culumon: “This is good but lets put more down, culu, culu!”

Calumon: “This time there is three door earrings! That thing uses WAY too much jewelry! Who is it trying to impress?”
Calumon: “We need a line that makes you crawl around like Wormmon”

Dub didn’t do too bad again, I actually like it better then the Sub, it adds some level of characterization to Calumon, as annoying as it is.

Having something resemble a pentagram is bad! So the Dub just made it look like Calumons head symbol. Which is kinda cool.
Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “I told him not to leave!”
Terriermon: “Maybe Culumon got lost and Guilmon went to find him.”

Takato: “Is that…?”
Takato: “I told him like 20 times not to leave!”
Terriermon: “Doesn’t matter how many times you tell them if they’re not listening!”
Takato: “That doesn’t look FINE to me! Does that look FINE to you?!”

Sub Terriermon makes a lot more sense then his Dub counterpart. And Takato freaking out was actually pretty funny.

Guilmon: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Guilmon will protect Culumon!”
Guilmon: “But you’re small!”
Evilmon: “Stop commenting about my size! Nightmare…. Shock! I’ll load all your data!”

Guilmon: “Is that the inky void that makes you walk like Penguinmon?”
Calumon: “I don’t know but good idea!”
Guilmon: “Looks like somethings coming!”
Guilmon: “And you’re tiny.”
Vilemon: “I’m just overdue for a growth spurt, okay?! Nightmare Shocker! Not so tiny now!”

This thing was annoying as hell. Also Henry says his name very strangely. They should have just kept it as Evilmon, but I guess that’d be to…evil for the Dub to do. After all, they summoned him with a pentagram in the Sub.

Takato: “Be careful”
Takato: “Why am I sure this involves Guilmon?”

Dub Takato only cares about Guilmon, why am I not suprised..but what a selfish little guy.

Culumon: *Silence*.
Evilmon: “Take this!”
Calumon: “Why are you picking on me? Guilmon was the one who insulted you!”
Guilmon: “Hey!”
Vilemon: “I don’t care! Evil Darts!”

I do like that the Dub gave the other attack variation a different name. Good job for once.

Side Note

Evilmon got changed to Vilemon in the Dub, and he’s apparently champion level, although the Sub says child. Which I swear was Rookie. But I could be wrong. Feel free to correct me.

Dialogue Deviation

Evilmon: “I’ll load all of your data!”
Ruki: “Evilmon, your opponent is right here.”
Evilmon: “I see this one looks much stronger.”

Ruki: “You may think you’ve won, but that was just a clone.”
Vilemon: “Have you had enough yet fools?”
Rika: “Yah right…you’re too tiny to bother with. But a fights a fight.”
Vilimon: “I hate to beat up on a girl, but if you insist.
Rika: “The only think you got is a serious case of the uglies.”

Dub continues to show us how much of a ‘bad ass’ Rika is and how cool it is to insult people.

Takato: “You’re horrible.”
Takato: “How can you only want their data?
Lee: *Silence*
Ruki: *Silence*

Takato: “Data??”
Takato: “Digimon are living creatures….and you KILL THEM!”
Henry: “HE’s right, theey are alive.”
Rika: “Come on Renmon, why would I wanna waste my time with these goggle heads?”

Does Takakto not know what data is, even though he knew Renamon absorbed the Digimon…I do enjoy the snarkiness of Rika at the end of the episode. Especially how she keeps calling Takato ‘goggle head.’

Culumon: “No, it’s not! Culu, culu, culu, culu, culu!”
Terriermon: “Well, I guess we can leave him be.”
Calumon: “It’s dangerous here with you too! And there must be people out there who are more fun than you! Buh-bye, Guilmon!”
Terriermon: “How long would that Tamer survive?”

Terriermon coming in with a burn, to bad Calumon doesn’t really care and just wants to have fun.

Random Character A: “What the heck happened here? There are holes everywhere!”
Random Character B: “Who could have done this?”
Kid A: “It was the Teke-Teke!”
Kid B: “No, it must be a human-faced demon!”
Takato: “I guess we should just go along with it being the school ghost huh.”
Lee: “I agree.

Director: “First it’s chalk, now it’s chalkin’ holes! I’m almost ready to paint this field into a whole parking lot.”
Professor Iwamoto: “We already have a parking lot.”
Director: “You can be replaced, you know.”
Random Character A: “Is it supposed to be a school project or something?”
Random Character B: “Yeah; it’s a housing complex for lowe income goffers!”
Kid A: “It was alien ghosts!”
Kid B: “Alien ghosts AND gnomes that travel through time!”
Takato: “Ya know they probablyl wouldn’t even belive us if we told em the truth.”
Henry: “I know”

SO much more added dilogue, but at least they manged to keep it consistent with the running Hop scotch joke, thats not actually a joke.

Final Result

Final Result

98% Retained. There wasn’t too much cut from this episode, although the characterizations differences between the Dub and Sub is growing.

One Comment

  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Dialogue Deviation 1b: maybe there was a shortage of teachers, so by studying to be one, part or all of her course was paid for.

    Dialogue Deviation 1d: you do sometimes feel that the writers forget who they’re writing for every so often, though as you say, it adds to the weirdness of Juri’s character that the dub was for some reason creating, until they released she wasn’t just a side character so they needed to try and stay somewhat closer to the original.

    Dialogue Deviation 1p: could have been Koushiro’s favourite word in the dub, “prodigious”, but I didn’t re-play the scene so I don’t know if it really was or not.

    Cut, Added or Shifted Scenes: you should know not to bully those smaller than you, and every kid knows the whole of the school staff are out to get them ;)!

    Dialogue Deviation 2a: I was just going to say “young enough that she seems to not have to go to school or nursery” thus (as it would appear) home all the time, but wikimon lists her age as seven.

    Censor 2: after all, a pentagram would be like Digimon is promoting witchcraft, maybe that’s why Hunters was never adapted, contains scenes of Witchmon ;)!

    Dialogue Deviation 3b: it’s like they pronounced it as it would have been in the original, based on how it’s spelt, though it seems the pronunciation wasn’t finalised, as I’m sure for the re-cap in the next episode, Daisuke refers to him as Vealmon.

    Side Note 1: Evilmon is adult according to wikimon, so perhaps it was a mistake on the subtitles, or in the Japanese audio itself.

    Dialogue Deviation 4b: it seems everyone’s a “goggle head” not matter if they were goggles or not, or rather, anyone that would do something as “idiotic” as Taichi or Daisuke is a “goggle head”, so… pretty much everyone, according to Ruki.

    Dialogue Deviation 4d: I must have missed the hop scotch reference this time.

    Again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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