Digimon Tamers S01E03

Renamon VS Guilmon! Battle is a Digimon’s Life (JP)
To Fight or Not to Fight (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Terri Lei O’Malley

Original Airdates:
April 15, 2001 (JP)
September 8, 2001 (EN)

Section: Summary

Guilmon and Renamon finally duke it out. There’s suspected aliens, rampant sexism, and all the tamers finally cross paths. With Terriormon no longer being a weenie.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “Guilmon, are you alright?”
Ruki: “Step aside Tamer. This is a Digimon battle”

Takato: “You..I”ve seen you somewhere…”
Takato: “What was that all about?”
Rika: “THAT was your Digimon eating DIRT!”
Takato: “I saw you in my dream.”

Rika is waaay to sassy. While Ruki is cold but consise, here to do business, not throw around sassy words.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “I am a Tamer!”
Ruki: “Okay then let’s get this over with.”

Ruki: “Since a Digital Field dint appear, other people could see us”
Takato: “‘What do you mean ‘get this over with’? Why are you doing these horrible things?”

Takato: “I saw you in my dream… no, wait, it can’t be!”
Rika: “So, you’re a lousy Tamer and you’re weird.”
Rika: “Now out of the way, unless you think you can handle us, little boy?Takato: “I am not either a lousy Tamer, and what do you mean ‘little boy’? Uh-ah-, Guilmon is just young, that’s all!”

Not sure why Rika has to call Takato weird…hes’ not weird, just special.

Ruki: “Just born? It’s only at the Baby Level?”
Takato: “No. Guilmon is a Child Level. That’s what I was thinking when I created him.”

Ruki: “Created? Whatever. Renamon.”
Takato: “Don’t do it!”
Ruki: “Cut it out! Aren’t you a Tamer? You should know the reason why a Digimon is born!
Takato: “The reason?”
Takato: “Guilmon run!”
Renamon: *Silence* Koyousetsu

Rika: “Like Tamer, like Digimon. Come on he’s at least a Rookie?”
Takato: “Um, Yeah, Well, at least I think so. That’s what I was going for, you know, I’ve never done this before.”
Rika: “Never done what before?”
Takato: “Uhhhh”
Rika: “Oh how clever. Renmon.”
Takato: “NO wait call her off! Come on we don’t’ want to fight.”
Rika: “I knew you were just a little boy with a pet Digimon. What do you think Digimon were made for you goofy little google head.
Takato” That’s like asking the meaning of life.
Renamon: “Goodness sake lets just get this OVER WITH”

Somehow Dub Takato seems to think Digimon functions like pets. Trying to tell Rika to ‘call off’ her Digimon as if they don’t have a mind of their own. And are sentient. Well, Rika isn’t wrong in her assumption or characterization of Takato in the Dub.
The music for the sub here sounds a lot scarier, like something big is gonna go down.

Side Note

In the Sub Guilmon just releases and attack and doesn’t say the name. But in the Dub its called “Pyro Sphere”.

Section: Inconsistency
The Dub didn’t translate the Kanji for Rikas DArc information on Guilmon.
Dialogue Deviation

Renamon: *Silence*
Ruki: “No data? What kind of Digimon is that?”

Renamon: *Thinking* Who is this guy?”
Rika: Come on some time today why doesn’t it have any data on this Digimon. This thing’s a piece of junk.

Dub Rika is so cold and sarcastic and impatient for no reason which doesn’t translate well for her having any type of personality or substance. Sub Ruki at least has some more feeling/depth to her lines that make her actually appear human.

Takato: “G-Guilmon’s eyes look different…”
Ruki: “You’re slacking off Renamon.”
Takato: “A Digimon Card?!”

Takato: I Don’t even think he remembers I’m here.”
Rika: “That’s just plain sloppy Renamon.”
Takato: “What is she doing now?!”

The sound that the Sub used for when Ruki grabbed the card from its holster was actually really cool, it was a metal clicking sound and felt real, even though this is an anime. It gave the scene some weight. And God Takato in the Dub is so stupid. Why ask a question you already know the answer too. She pulled out a Digimon Card.

Takato: “Oh this is really bad…Guilmon run away!”
Ruki: “Winner: Renamon”
Takato: “Guilmon let go! Why aren’t you listening to me?”

Takato: “Guilmon! Get away you’ll be killed! I’m beggin ya!”
Rika: “Now that’s more like it.”
Takato: “Come on boy..Get out of there. That would be a really good time for you to start listening to me.”

No shit Sherlock….of course Guilmons gonna be killed if he doesn’t fight back. And of course Takato treats Guilmon like a pet, instead of an equal or a creature to be feared.

Guilmon: “Whats wrong Takato?”
Ruki: “Renamon don’t pay attention to him! Do it now!”
Ruki: “Renamon, I won’t forgive you if we lose even once, not a single loss.”

Guilmon: “Takatomon? I’m not listening? Sorry, sorry. Time to play”
Rika: “Nows your chance Renamon. Don’t screw up this time. What’s wrong with you…attack!

I know Guilmon was ‘just born’ but they’re making him a lot more childlike in the Dub then the Sub.

Terriormon: *Silence*
Ruki: “A Digimon? I didn’t know so many Digimon came to this world.”
Terriormon: “You’re strong how long have you battled? Can you evolve already?”
Henry: “Terriormon why are you asking those questions?”
Terriormon: “It’s me its him, aren’t you happy to see us?” *Laughing*
Rika: “OK this is just getting a little too weird. They’re popping up everywhere”
Terriormon: “You looked pretty good at the end there, but didn’t you feel silly rolling around in the dirt?”
Renamon: *Gasp*
Henry: “Not very smart to mouth off to someone bigger than you.”

Terriormon and Sub Terriormon actually say the same line for once.

Side Note

The dialogue actually match up pretty close here. Henry asks why they’re fighting and Rika says that’s what Digimon were made for.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenri: “You live on the other side of the train station correct? How can you consider these creatures who live here with us, mere tools?”
Ruki: “I don’t get what you’re asking. Renamon let’s go.”

“Henry: “Anything they want to do, they’re not fighting machines. And their not our slaves of pets either. They’re our friends ya know? They just wanna do the same sort of things we do.
Rika: “Well Renamon wants to fight. So do I for that matter”

Section: Cut or moved footage

The sub has a more dialogue introducing Jenrya and he explains that his father is Chinese and his mom is Japanese. It wouldn’t have made sense to keep this part in the dub, since Henry is clearly an American name, but they could have done something? Maybe said he was part American or soemthjing.
The Dub cuts right to the hideout scene.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “Terriormon lives with you right?”
Jenrya: “Mmm.”
Takato: “That’s nice. Guilmons too big so I can’t keep him hidden at home. I’ve searched everywhere wondering what to do. But eventually, I found this cool secret hideout!”
Jenrya: “That’s great Takato-kun. Guilmon is your friend.”
Takato: “Thanks Lee-kun, we’re friends too right?

Henry: I just don’t get it, how can that girl think all Digimon wanna do is fight
Takato: ” Yeah everyone knows all Digimon wanna do is eat. When he raided the cafeteria I know it was time to find a place with a lock.”
Henry: “Hey he might have saved our lives. it’s only a matter of time before they poison us.”

Talk about a personality/characterization change. Geezus. I know the Dub is big on dummbing things down, but why couldn’t they keep in this conversation the way it was.

Jenrya: “Terriermon, we have to go home.”
Terriermon: “Moumantai!”
Jenrya: “Terriermon…!”
Terriermon: “Allright, allright”
Jenrya: “Well see you tomorrow.”

Takato: “Now that’s an idea. Guilmon can be our official taster.”
Henry: “Problem is, he’d go hungry.”
Terriermon: “Hey! I’m hungry!”
Henry: “But you just ate!”
Terriormon: “So what’s your point? Momentai”
Henry: “Okay dinner time.”

When did any of them eat??

Guilmon: “Let’s play some more!”
Takato: “Hey, what does ‘moumantai’ mean?”

Guilmon: “Takato-mon, I’m hungry too!”
Takato: (to Terriermon) “Great,  see what you started? Hey, what does ‘moumantai’ mean anyway?”
Terriormon: “Haven’t you figured that out yet? It means take it easy.”

Not sure why they had to include the snarky line to Terriormon.

Takato’s Mom: “Thank you for your purchase Juri-chan.”
Juri: “Did you just get back Matsuda kun?”
Takato: “Y-Yeah.”
Juri: “Good bye, see you soon.”
Takato’s Mom: Give my regards to your mother.
Juri: “I didn’t tell her that you disappeared during gym.”

Takato’s Mom: “Say hi to your mom for me.”
Jerry: “I will Mrs. Matsuki. It smells wonderful in here, I wish I lived over a bakery.”
Takato’s Mom: “You get used to it.” sarcastic, I don’t wanna be here tone.
Jerry: “You owe me on Takato. I didn’t tell your mom you ditched school.”

Somehow Dub Jerry seems a lot more creepy and intimidating then her Sub counterpart. Like she’s actually blackmailing Takato over ditching school. While Sub Jeri seemed to be nicer about it.

Takato: “Digimon as tools for battle.”
Takato: “Poor dad he has no idea. But even he’ll notice Digimon battling in the street.”

Not sure why the Dad comment was necessary. But I guess he got the point across.

Side Note

You can hear Ruki’s music playing through her headphones. While Rikas you can’t.

Dialogue Deviation

Renamon: Silence
Renamon: *Thinking*  She walks through the crowd like she’s the only person in the world.
Rika: *Thinking*  “I wish… nah, forget it.”
Renamon: *Thinking* “You only think you’re alone, Rika.”

I guess the dub wanted to make these two characters seem more believable and show they had a bond as shaky as it may be, so they gave them some internal dialogue. While not horrible, the Sub seemed a lot more interesting, that Renamon was just following Rika silently.

Jenrya: “Sorry about that.”
Terriermon: “Moumantai…”

Henry: “Okay she’s gone.”
Terriermon: “Not soon enough!”
Henry: “Hey Terriromon?”
Terriromon: “Yeah I know that wasn’t very nice.”
Henry: “NO it wasn’t but that’s not it. If you digivovle to your champion form not even Suzie will believe you’re a stuffed animal. You won’t be able to stay here anymore.
Terroriomon: “Henry how many times do I have to tell you, I won’t digivolve.”

Terriormon is a brat.

Jenrya: “I’ll bring you some manjuu later.”
Terriermon: laughs happily

Henry: “Once. And By the way, that qualifies as rude!”
Terriermon: laughs for no reason

The original Sub lines were so much better. Not sure why they have to have Dub Terriormon seem like a little brat or something. Or like a kid that chronically never listens.

Takato: “I brought some bre-“
Takato: “I even brought you some peanut buaaaaaaahh-“

Not sure why the Dub has an obbsession with peanut butter when bread would have been fine.

Takato: “Wh… What happened here?”
Guilmon: “Takato… Guilmon was playing…”

Takato: “What did you do to this place?!”
Guilmon: “Made it bigger… now I’m really small”

Dub Takato genuinely seems pissed off that Guilmon dug the place out to make it bigger. While Sub Takato doesn’t seem all that mad, just shocked that it happened to begin with. This differences in characterization makes Takato seem like a mean pet owner whose punishing his dog for peeing on the floor, versus a Digimon Tamer who was surprised, but awed that Guilmon dug out the little hideout. Also Guilmons reactions are different because of how Takato reacted. Dub Guilmon seems ashamed, while Sub Guilmon is clearly tired from all the digging.

Takato: “Did you spend all this time digging?”
Guilmon: “Guilmon dug so much gotten kinda..” flops onto Takato
Takato: “You’re heavy Guilmon.”

Takato: “I think you mean sleepy.
Guilmon: “Sleepy bye, nappy time Takatomon.”
Takato: “No…wait…no more peanut butter for you.

Why they couldn’t keep the original Sub lines I’ll never know. And why so fixated on Guilmon eating peanut butter. That stuff doesn’t make you tired like Turkey does.

Takato: “Digimon go to sleep?”
Takato: “Quite a lot has happened today. Goodnight Guilmon. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Takato: “I hope he doesn’t sleep as much as he eats.”
Takato: “I wonder if Digimon have dreams. IF they do it’s probably about food.”

Good god the characterization differences between the two is growing by the minute. Dub Takato is just a sarcastic little brat, while Sub Takato is taking in new information and learning. That Yes, Digimon actually sleep, just like other living creatures and isn’t some dumb pet.

Culumon: “Lots of people, culu! Why is everyone in a rush, culu? Culumon wants to know, culu!”
Calumon: “I’m starting to like this game! Hey, down here, down here, it’s my turn! Oooh, okay, you can go again!”

Sub Culumon is adorable! Dub I wanna kick em.

Random Kid: Silence
Random kid: “Hey, you! Aren’t you the Digimon Queen?”
Other random kid: “Queen of what now?”
Random kid: “Yeah, she’s one of the finalists in last year’s Digimon Card Battle tournament!”
Other random kid: “T-This little girl?

Random kid: “So then I said to him ‘I said one card, man, than you’re back to Rookie!'”
Random kid: “Hey! That’s really strange; I-It’s her, I mean, it’s you, isn’t it?”
Other random kid: “You’re incomprehensible.”
Random kid: “Comprehend THIS: that’s the Digimon Queen, I mean, it’s [sancranacity?] dude!”
Other random kid: “Come ON, that’s a girl, man!”
Random kid: “Yeah, I noticed that she’s kinda cute too! Sorta like Kari with a punky, you know, sort of edge…”

Gotta reinforce that Digimon Tamers Dub knows what Digimon Season 2 is, its a TV show.

Ruki: “Renamon. You want to be stronger don’t you? Then get stronger. Much stronger!”
Renamon: “I will.”
Rika: “Then how come you haven’t evolved yet?!”
“Renamon: Well”
Ruki: “We’ve defeated quite a lot of opponents. You’ve even loaded their data so how come you won’t evolve?”
Renamon: “I don’t know.”
Ruki: “I don’t need a digimon who doesn’t evolve.”

Rika: “Goggle-heads… gimme a break….Renamon”
Renamon: “Yes Rika?”
Rika: “If I’m so good why haven’t you Digivovled?”
Renamon: “I don’t know”
Rika: “I think it’s your fault. You should try harder.”
Renamon: “What are you trying to say to me Rika?”
Rika: “It’s not my fault I’m the best tamer there is.”
Renamon: “So you are, I never said you weren’t.”
Rika: “Well see that you don’t. And I won’t settle for anything but the best out of you. Do you understand me?”
Renamon: “Always.”
Riika: “Then you know I’m not kidding around here.”
Renamon: “I know”

Man Rika is so cold and sarcastic for no reason in the Dub. In the Sub she sounds inquisitive and not nearly as cold and mean. Ruki genuinely wants Renamon to get stronger and will do whatever it takes as a Tamer to help get her there. Meanwhile Rika just berates Renamon for being ‘weak’ and not Digivolving and puts all the blame on Renamon because she’s “so good.” The dynamic and characterization of Rika and Renamon is totally different in the Dub then the Sub. Rika used to be my favorite character, I don’t remember her being this snarky/mean/cold. I have to say I like the Subs characterization a lot better.

Ruki: “Digimon are friends? Don’t be ridiculous.”
Rika: “She will be the best… like me!”

Ruki makes a lot more sense then Rika. How the Sub can have this much character depth after three episodes is amazing.

Hirokazu: “Option card! Whin ratio: 40%. Sucks to be you Kenta! Your perfect level evolution is mine!
Takato: “You won again Hirokazu?”
Kenta: “That was cheap.”
[Them arguing its not a cheap trick]
Hirokazu: “How you use your Option Cards is how a Tamer shows off their true power.

Kazu: Way to go Kenta. You fell headfirst into my trap. SNAP. Aww don’t cry dude you gotta look up and see this I am just that good.
Takato: “YOu’re one humble guy Kazu.”
Kenta: “You’re…. a lousy winner.”
[They argue a bit calling each other sore losers]
Kazu: You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t start using Modify Cards. Thats where a real Tamer shines and I shine baby!

Also a much different characterization between the Dub and Sub friends of Takato. Did the dub want to avoid putting any effort into the series by leaving out as much about the card game as possible? One would think that would only enhance the quality of the show. The Sub characterizes Hirokazu as a smart really good card player who knows strategy. That falls completely apart in the Dub. He just looks like an egotistical jerk.

Worker: Investigating the Shinjuku area fountain.”
Other Worker: “No traces of anything out of the ordinary so far.”
Radio: “Center acknowledges.”

Worker: Does anyone know what we’re looking for out here? Bio Emergence, yeah right.”
Other worker: “I hoard they’re looking for some kinda biological weapon.”
Worker: “Sherlock no way.”
Other worker: “Shhh the boss.”

Weird that there was no radio call from the Center. That they just had to make sure not to say much infront of the boss man.

Mrs. Asanuma: “And so, our current standard of living relies heavily on the network and cannot survive without.” ring bells “Why do my lesson plans never go according to schedule? Ok class that’s it for now”
Mrs. Asaji: “That’s much better. I still have a full minute and complete minute of your precious time and I intend to use every second of it. ring bells “Apparently to tell you I still have a minute of your time.”

Again why have a useless throw away line in the Dub when the Sub has so much more meaning.

Hirokazu: “Oh yeah, there’s [a strong player] who lives around here.”
Kenta: “Huh? Who’s that?”
Hirokazu: “The Digimon Queen…She got second place in last year’s tournament”
Kenta: “Someone as strong as that is a girl?”
Hirokazu: “You’d better deliver it! She uses her Digimon to attack ruthlessly! Even the high school students freak out from her unmerciful assaults”

Kazu: “I am too! Listen up boy-o, a girl won it last year.”
Kenta: “That was not just a girl!”
Kazu: “Yeah, the Digimon Queen…Can you relive it she actually lives around here.”
Kenta: “She’s gonna wipe the floor with your sorry butt.”
Kazu: “Don’t think so, she’s just never met her match. Wait an see chummley she’ll be begging me for mercy.”

Even the characterization of talking about Rika/Ruki is different here. The Sub characters respect and are in awe that a girl can be so strong. The Dub apparently think it’s impossible for girls to be strong, and Kazu is so convinced he’d win. The fact that they added more character depth to Ruki by having Hirokazu say that even high school card players are afraid of her shows just how powerful she is. Instead of the sexist remarks we get from Kazu.

Takato: About that Tamer”
Hirokazu: “What is it Takato?”
Hirokazu: “Yeah, I think she attends a school to the east of the train station.”
Takato: Thinking “So that is why she was so familiar…”
Juri: “I think tarot cards are cool.”
Kenta: “You can’t battle with tarot cards. Card Battle is a men’s game!
Juri: “That’s really discriminatory, you know.”
Hirokazu: “I can teach you how to play so you can participate, Katou.”

Takato: “I gotta find her.
Kazu: “What???”
Takato: “Where does she live? I need her.”
Kazu: “Dude, I can’t believe what you just said; did you just say that you need a girl? You’re out of the club, buddy. Hello-oo?”
Jeri: “Takato needs a girl? What for? Would I do?”
Kenta: “Not unless you can beat up the Digimon Queen. Now that’s a battle I’d pay money to see!”
Jeri: “Boys are so weird! What is so great about fighting?”
Kazu: “Shows how much you know about being a boy. It’s how we keep score!”

IT’s like these two aren’t even remotely the same character! Hirokazu is so supportive, while Kazu is being a sexist pig.

Hirokazu: “Steal the Digimon Queens glory for us!
[Jerri leaves]
Takato: “Digimon Queen…
Kazu: “Ive met plenty of girls who like to fight.”
[Jerri leaves to hand with friends]
Takato: “I think we lost that round guys.”

Not even remotely the same conversation. Guess the Dub is trying to already shove the Takato x Jerri pairing down our throat.

Takato: Silence
Takato: “That’s weird. I wonder if it’s some kind of secret governmental operation tracking criminals or aliens.”

The Sub does have some mystical/mysterious alien tunes playing in the background, which is a much better option then the Dub shoehorning in useless dialogue.

Side Note

The cool techno alien track continues into the next scene when Takato goes looking for Guilmon. While in the dub its changed to a more scary, something bad is gonna happen track.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “Where did you go?”
Takato: Silence running through the park. Guilmon
Takato: Pulls out Digivice. Runs to find him.
Takato: “They must have found him. I should have hidden him better”
Takato: Thinking They’re probably doing all sorts of weird experiements on him. He’s toast.
Takato: “There he is.”

Why go the alien route when the original would ahve worked so much better.

Takato: “I thought you went off somewhere again.”
Guilmon: “But its so boring in my home.”
Takato: “I wouldn’t like being stuck in that place all day either.”

Takato: I thought I’d find you floating in a vat like on TV.”
Guilmon: “That sounds like fun, can we do that next?”
Takato: “YOu’re crazy boy you know that?”

Kids didn’t watch nearly as much TV, much less alien conspiracy shows as this kid did. Jeezus.

Takato: Silence
Kid remarking about the Digimon
Takato: “He’s called Guilmon.”
Kid’s mom: “It’s very well made.”
Takto: “I worried over nothing.”

Takato: “Now remember, you’re a guy in a suit.”
Kid remarking about the Digimon
Takato: “Uhh it’s a costume, you know for like Halloween.”
Kid’s Mom: “You’re going as a scarecrow. And you’re going to like it.”
Takato: “And I owe it all to you Ms. Asaji.”

Dub mom sounds like an old grandma. Jeezus. And why throw Halloween in there again, it doesn’t look anything remotely like Fall.

Takato: “Guilmon wait! Digimon Queen…”
Ruki: “Digimon are drawn to each other. That’s because Digimon other then itself exist only to be fought and destroyed.”
Takto: “Well I don’t like that. I don’t want Guilmon to fight for no reason.”
Ruki: “Reason? I’m telling you there’s no reason. Renamon will fight with that Guilmon and then Renamon will evolve. Tjpse are the rules.”
Takato: “You mean you aunt to absorb Builmon?”

Takato: “I need to stop cutting gym class. It’s you again!”
Rika: “Can’t get anything past you can I boy, are you ready to fight this time? Is your little dinosaur out of diapers?”
Takato: “This is so stupid, why does your Digimon want to fight Guilmon? He hasn’t done anything to her.”
Rika: “Duh. That is what Digimon do, they fight. Then they get stronger. And when they get stronger they Digivolve. You two are just our stepping stones.”
Takato: “She’s gonna cream him! This isn’t even a fair fight! You can’t let her attack!”

Unneeded line about going to gym class more, when the original would have been better. I poor attempt at comedy maybe? Okay, that line about diapers was actually pretty funny. The Sub also gives us more backstory into why Ruki think Digimon fight so much.

Side Note

Guiilmon takes Takato saying the word attack to attack. So goes after Renamon. In the sub he just starts attacking Renamon when Takato says he won’t let Guilmon get absorbed.

Takato: “Don’t do it Guilmon!”
Renamon: Silence
Guilmon roars
Renmaon: Silence

Takato: “Not you!”
Renamon: “Bring it on big boy.”
Guilmon roars
Renamon: “Ohh was that supposed to scare me?”


Takato: “Guilmon, don’t! Stop it!”
Takato: “Guilmon, uhm… down boy?”

God damn it Takato he’s not a dog, how long does it take you to learn that?

Renamon: Silence
Renamon: “You must have a lovely singing voice.”

Another Dub only line…

Ruki: “Stop interfering. That small fry of yours is no match for Renamon.”
Rika: “Don’t make me laugh. You really think that weenie little bunny can stand up to Renamon?”

Sub Ruki is already a lot more intimidating then her Dub counterpart.

Jianliang: “Digimon are materializing in this world. That’s abnormal you know!”
Henry: “There’s a lot here I don’t understand.”

Why they couldn’t keep this Sub line in the Dub I’ll never know, especially when the next lines are nearly identical for the Sub and Dub

Ruki: “No matter where they are, Digimon are Digimon.”
Rika: “When you figure it out [why did Digimon come to this world], Socrates, lemme know.”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Digivolution changed form Evolution. Cause of Christians???

Side Note

I always loved watching the Digivolution scenes in the Dub. I am equally as impressed if not more so with the Sub. It just seems sooo sooo cool! THere’s also a cool jazz song playing once Gargomon shows up, while The Dub has it be the ‘something scary bad action is gonna happen.”

Jianliang: “Stop it!”
: Silence
Henry: “This is what I was afraid of, he’s not ready for that kinda fire power yet!”
Renamon: “He’s out of control!”

Adding more lines to the Dub. They also added Gargamon laughing manically, while in the Sub he’s silent.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Ruki: “Gattling Arm”
Rika: “Gargo Laser. Whatever that means.”

They really couldn’t keep it Gattling Arm, pretty sure people have heard of a rattling gun. Or at least called it Machine Gun Arm or something related.

Dialogue Deviation

Renamon: Silence
Renaon: “I have to stop that little gun bunny. Before he hurts Rika!”

The gattling arm from the dub is gone. It shows in the sub.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “What power…”
Henry: “That’s a hard head!”

What was wrong with the original line???

Ruka: Silence
Rika: “Are they always like that when they Digivolve?”

The silence packed more of an emotional punch, but the lines were delivered well in the Dub so the point got across.

Final Result

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