Digimon Adventure S01E04

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Scorching Heat! Birdramon

Scorching Heat! Birdramon
Biyomon Gets Firepower

Original writer: Genki Yoshimura
English writer: Dayna Barron, John Ludin

Original Airdates:
March 29, 1999 [JP]
September 4, 1999 [EN]

Note: This comparison is one of the oldest ones on the site and is slated to be redone.


That title sucks. It’s all completely unenthusiastic like, “Biyomon Gets… you know what? No one cares about Biyomon. Let’s just cut out every scene that doesn’t have Tai in it.”

That would be awful. I almost made myself cry.

Sora: “Could it have been a flying saucer?”
Mimi: “Maybe it was just a meteorite.”

Izzy: “Admit it: my alien theory is becoming more plausible.”
Joe: “Yeah! They hit us with an anti-gravity ray to make us all crooked! … or maybe that sign’s just crooked.”

You see, the sign was in the foreground. They had to call attention to it because it was part of the scenery, and the kids sure as hell weren’t paying it any attention in the original. By damnit, that sign had to be noticed by someone!

Taichi: “Are you all right, Takeru?”
Takeru: “That hurt… but I’m okay. I can walk.”
Sora: “Don’t push yourself. If it still hurts, just tell us.”
Takeru: “It only hurts a little.”

Tai: “That could have been a SNAKE. Or WORSE!”
T.K.: “Oh, boy! I’m sorry! … Hey, Biyomon. Are there really snakes here?”
Biyomon: “No, just giant flying killer bugs and other unpleasant Digimon.”

Tai proceeds to put the fear of Jinnai into a small child by threatening him with snakes after he merely slipped on an unstable root. T.K. apologises for not-so-nearly unleashing a vicious army of harmless snakes on the group and Biyomon reminds him that there are plenty of other things awaiting their chance to slaughter them.

Yamato: “Right. Crying isn’t going to get us anywhere.”
Matt: “Nothing’s settled, and where would we go? We don’t even know where we are!”

We know that, Matt. Weren’t you all about exploring the place at the start? You can’t explore from sitting on your heiney, you know.

Taichi: “That’s fine but… we don’t know which way or anyone to go to…”
Tai: “This is silly! I say we keep moving and see if we can find any signs of intelligent life here!”


… nope!

Piyomon: “As long as I’m where Sora is, I’m not worried!”
Biyomon: “Hey, wait a minute! If he saying that Digimon are not intelligent? IS THAT WHAT HE’S SAYING?”

Is this the part where Biyomon gets firepower?

In the dub, Sora goes along with Tai saying that they need to keep moving. In the original, Sora replied to Piyomon’s declaration, saying that Piyomon shouldn’t be 100% relaxed just because she’s there. Original Sora brings up a relevant point about absolutely trusting someone you just met, dub Sora says that if you’re lost you should listen to the boy with the bird’s nest on his head.

The conversation continues with Piyomon not understanding all of what Sora is saying and Sora telling her not to worry about it, whereas Biyomon parrots Sora’s insistence that they’re all in something together while she gets ditched. While it’s fun to watch Sora get ditched no matter the context, the dub interrupts a character developing moment that introduces Piyomon’s adoration of Sora.

Tentomon: “Piyomon is a very friendly Digimon.”
Koushirou: “I see. So Digimon all have unique personalities…”

Matt: “Moving along, folks, keep it moving! Our next stop on the tour will be the Forest of Irrelevant Road Signs! No pictures, please!”

Matt, shut the fuck up.

Sora: “What did I do to get a Digimon like this?”
Sora: “We’re lost and these guys are making jokes!”

[Sora: “Matt, shut the fuck up.”]

No dialogue.
Joe: “Hey, wait up! My shoelace is broken!”
Mimi: “You need new shoes! Ooh, new shoes!”

What did WE do to deserve this? What the HELL were these people paying their voice actors that they have to talk this much?

Yamato: “We’re leaving the forest!”
Matt: “Look! Telephone poles! I say we follow them and see where they lead!”

What happened to sitting around on your butt whining? Are you having mood swings, Matt?

No dialogue.
Joe: “They’ll just lead to trouble.”

Fatalism solves everything!

No dialogue.
Izzy: “Look! The alien saucer again!”
Matt: “And it’s headed for a close encounter!”

The saucer that flew over you like an hour ago and is now nowhere you can still see it? Did the writers even bother reading the transcript?

Koushirou: “This is like the African Savannah I saw on television…”
Taichi: “Huh? So there a lions and giraffes here?!”

T.K.: “Boy, it’s so hot I can feel the heat coming up through my socks!”
Matt: “Well, T.K., maybe you should put your shoes back on.”

Maybe you should shut your face and stop letting out the hot air. Jerk.

Yamato: “It’d be nice to see normal animals like that here.”
Gabumon: “There aren’t any animals like that here.”
Tentomon: “That’s correct. There’s nothing but Digimon here.” (… and fish…) (… fishmon…?)

Mimi: “Oh, this hot desert air is destroying my complexion! How much further is it?”
Joe: “Is that all you’re worried about, Mimi?! We’ll be lucky if we even survive this hike!”

Even luckier if you do so with nice complexions!

Taichi: “Nothing but Digimon, huh?”
Yamato: “Koushirou, did the savannah you saw have telephone poles?”

Sora: “Hey, did anyone besides me see that these telephone poles have no connecting wires?”

Thanks, Sora.

Koushirou: “No, it didn’t.”
Jou: “There must be humans nearby! I’m sure of it!”

Izzy: “She’s right! I wonder if these are telephone poles. Maybe they’re some odd alien equivalent.”

If they look like telephone poles and they’re equivalent to telephone poles, they’re telephone poles.

Taichi: “Heh? But don’t you remember the phone booths and the vehicle at the lake?”
Mimi: “Hey! Remember those phone booths and that street car?”
Izzy: “Yeah. What about ’em?”
Mimi: “Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if anybody else remembered.”

Jou: “No, that’s not true! There MUST be people here!”
Joe: “That’s it! DOOMED! The heat has baked our brains; we’re all gonna end up liked roasted piglets!”


No dialogue.
Izzy: “Just remain calm, Joe. We’ve only been walking for two minutes.”

Of course Izzy’s calm. He didn’t have a brain to begin with.

Tentomon: “I’m telling you, there’s nothing but Digimon here.”
Tentomon: “I think we’d better find some shade for Joe… and quick!”

What are you planning now, Tentomon? I guarantee you it won’t work. Joe’s allergic to shade.

Mimi: “I wonder where here is~! Ta-da~!”
Mimi: “You won’t believe what happened to my favorite watch! The sun melted the numbers right off!”

Like what Saban did to your personality!

Mimi: “Aah! What is this?!”
Tai: “Mimi, for somebody who hates hiking, you sure have a lot of compasses! Of course, none of them actually work.”

She has one compass. Maybe that’s “a lot” to Tai; it’s probably higher than he can count.

Mimi: “Oh, well! I’m always late anyway!”



Side Note

You know how it zooms out from Mimi while she’s yelling? Well, in the dub, when that’s done they reverse the animation to zoom back in.

Why? I don’t know.

Taichi: “It’s so hot…”
Jou: “It really would have been better to stay in the forest.”

Izzy: “I’ve taken a stool soil sample, measured the barometric pressure…”

You forgot to list “barometer” in your fake inventory.

Yamato: “We’ll all overheat at this rate.”
Izzy: “… and I’ve analysed the relative humidity.”

It’s a desert. Relative humidity: not so much.

Jou: “Are you too hot, Gomamon?”
Gomamon: “I need some ice… or some water.”

Sora: “And… what did you find out?”

[Izzy: “We’re boned.”]

Mimi: “Do you want to wear my hat, Palmon?”
Palmon: “Thank you.”
Mimi: “We’re going to be okay. Just keep moving along.”

Palmon: “My head is baking! If this goes on too much longer, I’m going to look like a wilted salad!”

And least, I hope she said “salad” and not “phallus” like I thought I heard the first time.

Piyomon: “Sora! Sora! Let’s do our best and keep walking!”
Sora: “You’re awfully energetic…”
Piyomon: “Sora! Sora!”

T.K.: “Pee-yoo! What’s that yucky smell?”
Matt: “Ugh. Here’s a thought: now you know why them call ’em ‘sweat socks’!”

Thanks, Matt.

Sora: “Enough already! I’m thirsty and tired, so please give me some space! You’re making things worse!”
Mimi: “This beach would be a lot more popular if it just had a couple more things! Like an ocean, a gentle breeze, a snack bar, hunky lifeguards… *giggle*”

I am never searching for pictures of David Hasselhoff for you people again
Side Note

Biyomon’s problem is that she can’t go any faster (irrelevant since their pace hadn’t changed). Piyomon’s problem was more obviously that she was being annoying and Sora finally bitch-slapped her into submission (man, Sora’s sounding cooler by the episode).

Why Sora is turned into an optimistic team player in the dub, I don’t know. In the original, she’s pretty clearly distraught with her clingy Digimon and she seems to prefer to keep to herself. Quite frankly, the original version makes more sense when you take into account her later distress with her crest, but we’ll get into that when we get there.

No dialogue.
Tentomon: “You mean before we all have a power outage? I’ll vote for that!”


Jou: “See? See? See? If there’s a village, there must be people!”
Joe: “Now all we need are some lemons, sugar, and some big, fat ice cubes!”


Mimi: “I was getting really thirsty, Palmon.”
Mimi: “Maybe they’ll have hats for sale!”

Patamon: “Me too, me too!”
T.K: “I’m hungry enough to eat broccoli!”
Patamon: “What’s broccoli? Is that a joke?”

Thank you, Patamon.

Pyokomon: “They’re not Digimon?”
Yokomon: “If you are not Digimon, what are you doing here in DigiWorld?”

Digital World. It’s not a theme park.

Side Note

A few Pyokomon had deeper voices in the original. In the dub, they all have high-pitched voices.

Mimi: “This reminds me of a story my mama read to me when I was little!”
Mimi: “Oh, my! I would just love to take one home and put it on my bed with all my other stuffed animals!”

Yamato: “I thought we might be able to stay here for the night, but that looks impossible.”
Koushirou: “We can’t even fit inside the houses.”

Matt: “There she goes again. Do you think Mimi hears the same thing we hear? I’m not sure anymore.”
Izzy: “Maybe she’s an alien spy.”

Matt, you’re an asshole. Izzy, you’re a moron. Writers, you have some serious issues with young girls. A dub is not the place to work out these issues. You need therapy.

Patamon: “Some of us can fit!”
Jou: “But it’s impossible for the humans…”

Patamon: “T.K. is tired and hungry!”
Joe: “He’s not the only one.”

Nobody cares, Patamon.

Sora: “What is she saying… with how needy she’s been?”
Sora: “She had to protect me? Wait a sec; now I get it. That’s why she’s always following me around!”

Uh, yeah. Welcome to last episode, Sora.

Sora: “It won’t happen!”
Sora: “We’re lucky kids!”

Like hell you are! Your crew consists of a bully, an asshole, an idiot who wants everyone to think he’s smart, you, a girl who apparently brings forth repressed childhood trauma in the writing staff, a guy who’s allergic to breathing, and a kid small enough to be used for live bait. And of course, you have Digimon partners consisting of a dinosaur that ate all of your rations on the first day, a wanna-be comedian, a turnip, William Shatner, a hamster that shoots bubbles, a bug that’s trying to become someone’s lunch and take all of you down with him, and a pink bird that can’t fly. You’re lucky you haven’t all died yet.

Piyomon: “Sora! The Pyokomon have invited us to stay for food!”
Biyomon: “Sora! We’re invited to have dinners with the Yokos.”

Yokomon. “Yokos” sounds like a cannibal tribe that… you know what? Nevermind; you go enjoy your dinner with the Yokos.

Jou: “Cheers to the Pyokomon!”
Joe: “Let’s see hands if you want lemonade!”

Joe’s sudden fixation with lemonade is disturbing. Maybe Tai was on to something when he introduced Joe in the first episode…

Taichi: “I’m gonna eat ’til I suffer!”
Tai: “I’ll take a cheeseburger, fries, and a shake!”

Well, I guess that’s an accurate translation, just with different time frames. Taichi’s going to suffer immediately, Tai’s going to suffer in ten years when he has his first heart attack.

Takeru: “That mountain?”
T.K.: “Hey, that’s a live volcano.”

What the–? How did T.K., who’s like eight, tell a mountain apart from a volcano just by looking at it?

No dialogue.
Izzy: “If I’m not mistaken, that noise preceeds an eruption!”

It sounded a little like a toilet in late flush, so I don’t want to know what Izzy meant by that line.

When they arrive at the lake in the original, there is no discernible dialogue. In the dub, of course, we can hear everyone distinctly.

Pyokomon: “I remember seeing something land on Miharashi Mountain!”
Mimi: “Look, Tai’s doing a little dance for us! Is that supposed to stop the fire or bring down the rain?”

If it’s a little dance, my understanding is that it’s supposed to make a little love and/or get down tonight. I’m not an expert on these things, however.

Koushirou: “The black gear…”
Izzy: “It crashed right into a hillside!”

How the hell do you know that? Even if you saw the stupid gear a second time (which the dub wants you to believe), you’d need freaking laser vision to see where it landed!

Pyokomon: “Miharashi Mountain is the water source for this area, so if anything happens to it, all the water could disappear.”
Yokomon: “That’s right; the water comes from a lake on the top of Mount Miharashi, so a gear crashing into the mountain could affect our water supply!”

I have my doubts that there’s a lake sitting on top of what has been confirmed to be a live volcano… unless it’s a lake of cooled lava.

Pyokomon: “But Meramon lives on Miharashi Mountain!”
Pyokomon: “Meramon protects Miharashi Mountain!”

Yokomon: “We don’t dare go up there; the mountain is guarded by a fiery Digimon called Meramon. He’s hideously dangerous!”

Meramon’s a good guy.

Taichi: “No… that’s…”
Tai: “This is weird! He’s crying!”

Maybe his eyes are just watering because he’s been looking at a screen too long?

Side Note

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that he’s not crying in the original. In Japan, it’s common to say 「燃えてる」 (moeteru, “I’m burning up!”) when you’re feeling very enthusiastic or “pumped”. It means you’re getting excited and ready to go.

Meramon yells “I’m burning up!” as a pun. He’s literally and figuratively burning up! That’s why he’s running down the mountain to stomp some Pyokomon.

The dub replays a little bit of the footage after where there’s usually a commercial break. This is normal with dubs, though, because they think children can’t remember what happened three minutes ago.

No dialogue except for the part where Meramon yells, “DISCO INFERNO I’m really burning now!”
Sora: “Everybody freeze! Stay very still.”
Meramon: “You’re going to need more than sunscreen to stop me!”
Sora: “Don’t move a muscle!”

So now Sora has joined Tentomon in losing her will to live. The other children having ruined her life, she seeks her final revenge by making sure they die with her.

Her mouth wasn’t even moving, for Jinnai’s sake.
Biyomon: “Ah, good. They’re all safe now!”

No dialogue.
Biyomon: “Go away, Meramon! Leave us alone! We’re not bothering you!”

Sora: “Piyomon!”
Sora: “B.O.! B.O.! I’m coming, B.O.!”


Side Note

I love how Patamon is pushing Tentomon’s slow ass as they go to help.

Tee hee! Thanks, mlseason4!
[03 October 2009] And thanks to Carochinha for providing a clearer screen cap!

Taichi: “Meramon can’t be hurt by flames!”
Tai: “If we knew why he was crying, it might help us stop him!”

He’s not crying!

Koushirou: “Everyone’s attacks are just giving him more energy.”
Izzy: “Our fire’s not affecting him! I’m guessing it’s not heartburn!”

So is Biyomon going to shoot anyone or not?

Yamato: “He’s getting so big…”
Jou: “It’s no good!”

Matt: “Maybe this monster just has growing pains!”
Izzy: “Growing pains?”
Joe: “Matt, this is not a time to joke!”

Really, Matt. That was awful.

Sora: “Piyomon… evolved into Birdramon…”
Sora: “We’ll be safe now. Biyomon digivolved to rescue us.”

Feeling not-so-confident about that, Sora?

Sora: “Birdramon!”
Sora: “Don’t turn your back!”
Sora: “Birdramon! Do your best!”
Sora: “Birdramon, get away from him!”

Listed because I hate backseat drivers.

Side Note

Meramon and Birdramon’s attacks aren’t named in the dub version. We all know Birdramon’s is Meteor Wing; Meramon’s is Burning Fist.

Koushirou: “A black gear…”
Izzy: “It was a gear!”
Patamon: “What is it?”
Izzy: “It made him crazy!

Yamato: “So that black gear was inside Meramon’s body. That was why…”
Matt: “I suppose if you had a big black gear stuck inside of you, you’d act a little crazy, too! The poor guy.”

Your false sympathy is fooling no one, Matt. Buttface.

Sora: “Piyomon evolved into Birdramon to save me…”
Sora: “WOW. Every time I’m in danger (once), Biyomon comes to my rescue. Now that’s what I call a friend!”

Sora: “Piyomon!” (she says more than just “Piyomon” in this episode, I promise)
Sora: “Oh, [crap, a] bee…”

Don’t be scared of bees.

Piyomon: “I only did what I had to, because I really like you, Sora!”
Biyomon: “I wasn’t the least bit afraid! All I could think about was saving you, because… you know…”

Sora wasn’t actually in any danger. She was just kind of sitting there not doing anything.

Meramon: “Why…?”
Pyokomon: “I’m glad you woke up, Meramon!”

Pyokomon: “Why did you do that, Meramon? What happened?”
Meramon: “I couldn’t control myself.”
Yokomon: “That must have been awful for you! If you couldn’t control yourself, who was controlling you?”

The black gears just turn Digimon evil; they don’t really permit any control beyond that.

No dialogue.
Yokomon: “And please, try not to burn down our village anymore! Okay?”

[Meramon: “No promises.”]

Side Note

Meramon’s dub voice sounds more gruff than the original and really forced. In the original, his yelling voice is a bit high-pitched and really emotional, and his normal voice sounds… well, normal.

No dialogue.
Mimi: “Be polite and just eat it! A gracious guest never insults the host’s cooking!”

You tell him, Mimi!

Piyomon: “Sora, why aren’t you eating? It’s really good!”
Palmon: “Yeah! Mimi, why don’t you eat, too?”

Biyomon: “Eat as much as you want! We have more than enough for seconds!”
Joe: “Yeah, well, there’s probably a good reason for that!”

You tell her, Joe!

Sora: “Humans don’t usually eat this kind of stuff.”
Sora: “You know, that was exactly what I was a afraid you were going to say.”

We’re all afraid of when Joe makes a joke, Sora.

Takeru: “But… *stomach growls* I’ll eat it!”
T.K.: “It smells better than broccoli. Who knows? Might taste better!”

Broccoli is delicious.

Jou: “It’s really not bad if you chew it for a while.”
Joe: “I’m skipping this one, too. I just don’t like to eat on an empty stomach.”

Mimi: “NOOO~! I really want to go home!”
Joe: “Besides, I don’t even know what that stuff is, but I’m sure I’m allergic to it.”

Sora: “When I was in danger, she really did evolve.”
Sora: “One thing’s for certain: for being so little, she sure has a HUGE heart.”


Well, the dialogue was getting more accurate towards the fight and we managed to have silence for spans of a whole second! Still, not as good as episode two, but not as bad as episode three.

Final Result

Total Footage Kept

100%. No cuts, some voices are getting better, some worse.

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