Digimon Fusion S01E08

The Brave General Tactimon Approaches! (JP)
Meltdown in the Magma Zone! (EN)

Original Writer: Shōji Yonemura
English Writer: Mark Ryan

Original Airdates:
August 24th, 2010 [JP]
November 5th, 2013 [EN]

Note from Gear: Everyone, please welcome Gao to Digimon Uncensored! Gao is our new comparison guru for Digimon Fusion because I hate it and it makes me want to throw chairs, and as such will be handling all future episodes. Thanks, Gao!

Section: Summary

So the episode starts out with everyone in the cave, seeing AncientVolcanomon burst out from the rock wall. Getting absolutely cocky towards everyone, he nearly kills everyone with his explosive attack, including himself, before Mikey gets the best idea ever! Why don’t we just use Ballistamon’s spare parts to create a fake Fusion Loader since he does not know what one looks like? Yes, best plan! 10/10! After “surrendering” to the Digimon and handing them the fake loader, they are transported to a cell with other Digimon, including a Bearmon, a Pairiremon, a Gotsumon, a Pumpkinmon and a Chuumon, surrounded by a pit of lava!

Meanwhile, Tactimon is busy doing some errands, like securing the Magma Zone, yeah. Just casual day to day stuff am I right? A messenger then tells him they’ve captured the gang, including Dorulumon. What does this mean I wonnndeer… He’s about to go and secure the crew when Reapmon pays him a visit and mocks him senselessly before running away like a true coward. Meanwhile, AncientVolcanomon soon finds out the Fusion Loader was fake! Just as the crew finished digging their escape through the rock walls, and then make a break for it before they get crushed. Only to find SkullMeramon was there waiting for them! A fight between him and his henchmen ensue and it leads to our heroes coming at the top! End of the episo-

Nope! AncientVolcanomon decides to show up for once and our cast of characters initially have trouble fighting him, for some reason ’cause they’re all pitifully weak, but after some quick, logical thinking by Mikey, they plug up the chamber that holds his magma and quite literally explodes with lava. They celebrate their victory but now Tactimon ACTUALLY shows up and blows everyone back a bit. Revealing the twist that Dorulumon was his right-hand ‘mon all this time. Shocking everyone within the army!

Dialogue Deviation

AncientVolcamon: Who dares to anger me?!
AncientVolcanomon: Now you’ve done it… You’ve gone and made me angry! …and things get really ugly when I’m angry!!

I’ve just started this episode, and we’ve already got a deviation from the original! Nice.

In the original, AncientVolcamon only speaks when the camera finishes panning over our heroic cast of characters. Here, they take the panned shot which was silent in the original and add the first bit of dialogue before we get towards our Digimon to finish his sentence because apparently, we can’t have a moment of silence in the show. Brilliant!

Side Note

To be fair though, the original, due to the translation to English from Japanese, the line gets dragged on too long to be reasonable to say in English. So the last bit with the cheesy baddy line was added to make the lipsync work. Also, who dares TO anger me? Who says that?!

Speaking of AncientVolcanomon…

Section: Digimon Analyzer

AncientVolcamon is changed to AncientVolcanomon in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: Taiki! We’ve gotta DigiXros again to defeat him!
[notices the falling rock and catches it just in time]
Taiki: Shoutmon!
Shoutmon: Hey, take it easy, hot-head, you wanna bring down the whole place on top of us-
[notices the falling rock and catches it just in time]
Mikey: Nice catch Shoutmon!

Christ, again, this soon?!

Hey, uh… Shoutmon? How about you, oh I dunno? Focus on the enraged Digimon!?
Also, Mikey, waaaayyy to support your partner there when he’s in grave danger.

AncientVolcamon: Defeat me, you say? What nerve!
AncientVolcanomon: Startin’ to get the picture, bug eyes? Ha! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Yet another?! But we JUST had one of this category!

Typical cheesy “I’ll show you!” bad guy line. Hooray…

Section: Digimon Analyzer

AncientVolcamon’s Big Bang Fire attack has been changed to AncientVolcanomon’s Big Bang Boom.

Dialogue Deviation

AncientVolcamon: [chuckling] Did you see that?
AncientVolcanomon: [chuckling] That was fun, who’s next?

Is this some kind of sick game to you, AncientVolcanomon?

Shoutmon: What are you doing?! This is an emergency!
Shoutmon: Hey, when did he get to be your secret plan sharing guy?!

Is that a hint of jealously I hear, Shoutmon? Upset you aren’t getting your so-deserved attention as the lead Digimon this season?

AncientVolcamon: What’s wrong? Come on and fight!
AncientVolcanomon: Just look at ya. Fightin’ each other. How are you ever gonna beat me?!

Is it just me or is he starting to become the stereotypical cocky, “I’m better than you!” villain?

Side Note

I’m starting to go crazy with all of these dialogue changes and we are ONLY 1:45 in the episode! Jeremy, Cutemon, and Angie are the only three so far who HAVEN’T had a category of their own this episode.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: What are you saying?!
Dorulumon: Who’s surrendering?

Shoutmon: T-That’s your secret plan?!
Dorulumon: Surrendering is the coward’s choice.

Gee… Where is your faith in the general guys?

Zenjirou: Taiki has a plan.
Jeremy: Hard to believe that thing would fool anyone.

Remember when I said Jeremy hadn’t had a category of his own yet? Well, throw him off the list! Also, you’re going to ruin his plan if YOU SAY IT ALOUD.

Starmon (XW): Of course, Brother hasn’t noticed…
Starmon (Fusion): Well, it fooled Shoutmon, but that’s not sayin’ much, know what I mean?

Okay, I’ll give credit where it’s due. This line actually made me laugh. Good on em.

Taiki: Now we can’t DigiXros. Are you still afraid of us?
AncientVolcamon: You mouthy little brat!
Mikey: So now you can stop blowing your top, ’cause you’ve got us completely your mercy, all right?
AncientVolcanomon: Listen, squirt, no one tells me when I can blow my top!

Did they REALLY have to say all of that? I feel like they could have written this in a better matter that did NOT revolve around a volcano pun. Oh Digimon. You’ll never learn.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

The name, BlueMeramon, is retained in the dub.

Consistent with previous seasons, Yukidarumon is changed to Frigimon in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

AncientVolcamon: Perhaps I’ll chill out and approach this more calmly.
AncientVolcanomon: I hate it when they do that, but they do say it’s good for the pores.

God, DIGIMON HAVE PORES?! W-Wha… H-How? How is that physically possible? Does this mean that Digimon can get acne? God, I don’t wanna think about this. NEXT!

Shoutmon: Why did you give him the Xros Loader?!
Shoutmon: Anything else of mine you want to hand over to him?! How about my dignity?!

Honestly, giving him your dignity WOULD knock you down a peg or two…

Taiki: Plus, if we let them imprison us, we’ll find out where the prison is.
Mikey: Well, what better way to find the other prisoners than by becoming prisoners ourselves?

This line alone kinda gives both of these versions a different goal in mind. Taiki’s line tells us that he’s trying to find the prison, playing it tactically much like a military general would, which is where his secret plan starts. Because nothing like a good ol’ prison riot am I right? While Mikey’s line tells us that he’s a selfless leader whose main priorities are the safety and wellbeing of others. Using his secret plan to get close to them, check up on them, then free them with, you guessed it, a prison riot! Woot!

To be honest, with the type of character that the original writers wanted him to be, I have to give the dub the point with this one. Fitting much more closely to their intent with Mikey.

Zenjirou: I see. Cutemon’s parents might be in there, too.
Jeremy: Not bad! Like Level 12 on Planet Prison Formal, we all escape, right?

God, I facepalmed lightly and wheezed in disbelief at this. Why are they trying to make Jeremy the gamer character here?! It honestly makes him look like a joke!

Oh boy, a censor!

It’s the usual censor in this season. A character getting hurt gets replaced with a digitized star screen. We’ve seen this a few times so this should be familiar to you by now. Will I still keep noting it even though it’s to be expected? Absolutely!

Section: Cut or moved footage

Oh, and a cut? Aww… You shouldn’t have!

Cut: About 5 seconds – A scene where Shoutmon gets kicked into the prison by a Meramon was cut from the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Meramon: Not that you could, anyway.
Meramon: In fact, I’d sell tickets to that, right, boys?

Hear ye hear ye! Get yer tickets to witness horrible prisoner treatment! Sellin’ at 5 bucks a pop! This is a one-time deal you CAN’T refuse!

Side Note

Is it just me or does the bridge collapse scene’s CGI look janky and out of place? Don’t know why they could’ve just animated it by hand. Oh well.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Shifted: About a second – Shoutmon’s electrocution scene was sped up just a tad.

Side Note

Something interesting to note. The voice for Prairiemon was a female in the original version, but it was changed to a male for the dub. I think it’s quite amusing to be honest, especially with the “hormonal” accent he’s got.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: I must look so lame…
Ballistamon: Yup. Lame.
Shoutmon: Don’t worry about me, I’m just getting warmed up.
Ballistamon: Any warmer and you’ll be burnt toast. Hey-oh!

Hey uh, dub writers? I don’t think your line exactly fits the expression Shoutmon’s making in this scene. Also HEY! That’s MY job Ballistamon! Go focus on being a character, capiche?

Taiki: Cheer up Cutemon!
Dorulumon: *peers his snout in* Your parents are alive. Isn’t it enough just to know that?

Mikey: Hey, cheer up! Least you know you’re on the right track!
Dorulumon: *peers his snout in* Yes, you’ve learned your parents are still alive. And that’s enough. For where there’s life, there’s always hope.

Both of you sound incredibly snarky and this would not help Cutemon cheer up AT ALL. Especially Dorulumon. Sounding like he’s rolling his eyes at this.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: About 3 seconds – A pan over Tactimon’s soldiers got axed in the dub, for some reason. If I had to guess as to why, it’s likely the guns.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Tactimon retains his original name in the dub.

Consistent to Episode 3, the Digimon, Baalmon, was changed to Reapmon in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Baalmon: Shall I assist in that execution?
Reapmon: Sparing prisoners? You’re getting soft in old age.

Tactimon: A mercenary like you should watch his attitude.
Tactimon: And you’re as annoying as ever. And smell just as bad.

HAHAHA! Masked man use disgusting humor! AHAHA- No, but seriously, why didn’t they just keep his original line?! It would have been PERFECT to use for this scene to build up the seriousness of his character, but no. We gotta use huuummorrr at all times!

Baalmon: I should warn you. On the battlefield…
Tactimon: Shouldn’t you be haunting someone elsewhere?

Hey, uh, Tactimon! IT’S NOT YOUR TURN. Please let Reapmon speak! Thank you! Again, seriously, this just takes away time to introduce Reapmon as an actual threat! Ugh…

Shoutmon: You haven’t even thought of one?!
Shoutmon: Sorry, guess I kinda jumped the gun, huh?

Side Note

This is actually one of the rare cases where the dub has better music than the original when the Digimon lament over their current situation in the prison. The original uses a track that sounds akin more casual, or a track that plays whenever the characters are trying to figure something out. The dub, however, plays a more somber and defeated track which perfectly matches the atmosphere and the tone the scene has.

Dialogue Deviation

Dorulumon: So, this is a place where losers end up, huh?
Dorulumon: Listen to you, are you DigiMON or DigiMICE?

Gee Dorulumon, can you stop being such a dick?

Taiki: Dorulumon… Still, I can’t turn my back on them! If we’re trapped, we’ll just have to cut ourselves an air hole!
Mikey: That’s a little harsh… There has to be a way out. After all, even a mouse has a mouse hole, right?

Honestly, their initial reactions sync up perfectly to what Dorulumon said. Though Mikey sounds so silly while Taiki sounds heroic!

Angie: Okay, forget I mentioned it!

We REALLY can’t have a moment of silence, can we?

Akari: You should have expected that. These walls are rock hard.
Taiki: But it’s our only choice!
Shoutmon: Taiki! *jumps into the air with Ballistamon* If that’s our General’s decision, I’m in!
Ballistamon: Me, too!

Angie: And that’s why the old-fashioned way’s considered old-fashioned.
Mikey: Less talking and more digging would be helpful!
Shoutmon: We’re with ya! *jumps into the air with Ballistamon* And no offense, but out hardware’s a little sturdier than yours, Mikey!
Ballistamon: Rock sturdy!

Well, Angie, you had a good run. It’s time to kick you off of the list. A lot to comment about here, but I’ll just leave it at this: Why is everyone in the dub such a massive dick to everyone else?

Akari: Oh, what the hey? I guess I’ll join them.
Cutemon: I’ll help too!
Gottsumon: We’ve tried digging before,

Angie: I’d help, but… I just had my nails done.
Cutemon: Come, why don’t we lend a hand?
Angie: Hello? Nails.

So much for a strong, supportive female character in the dub.

Section: Inconsistency

Even though Angie says she isn’t going to help because of her “nails“, the scene right after that shows her helping the others in breaking free. Whoops.

Side Note

The scene when Shoutmon confronts the prisoners would have been a dialogue deviation if it wasn’t for the fact that in the original, Shoutmon’s mouth moves before he even starts speaking..? How did the animators mess that up? So to make sure that the lipsync matches up, they extended his line quite a bit. Even though the line they chose makes Shoutmon look like an unempathetic ‘mon and I honestly would just slap him across the face if he said that to me.

Dialogue Deviation

Prairiemon: A better world!
[awes quiet down]
Shoutmon: You’ve got em wrapped Mikey, go for it!
Mikey: A world where no Digimon harms another. Where everyone is free to live in peace. And eat ice cream if they want! Can you guys even eat ice cream?! Who cares?! We can build that world if we work together!

Think we could’ve just had oh I dunno… A MOMENT OF SILENCE?! Let the scene, more specifically his line, have more impact?! No? Okay… Also, Mikey’s goal is so unrealistic. Digimon will always hurt each other. That is going to be a given.

Gottsumon: I know I don’t wanna be kept working here forever!
Gotsumon: Would there still be mosquitoes in this new and better world?

I didn’t know mosquitoes existed in the Digital World. Thought they were Digimon too. Better pack the bug spray just in case.

Dorulumon: Hm! Very inspiring. But the best will in the world won’t do much good against solid rock.

I think once again, the commentary was unneeded here! Why is it so hard for this season to have a moment. Of. Silence?!

Side Note

The opening, Never Give Up!, finally plays at 10:33 in the original version.

Dialogue Deviation

DeathMeramon: You called?
AncientVolcamon: DeathMeramon… How’re you doing?
DeathMeramon: No need to worry.
AncientVolcamon: Lord Tactimon has decided to attend the execution. Examine this before he arrives.

SkullMeramon: Give me another chance… This time, I’ll capture the intruders, my liege, I promise you!
AncientVolcanomon: Ehh, go rattle your chains somewhere else. I already captured them miself. Along with their secret weapon I got.

Honestly, I can’t fault the dub for just keeping SkullMeramon talking, as you don’t see AncientVolcanomon talk until it finishes panning down most of the way, but still. I loved the banter they had in the original. Gives more life to their characters and establishes a relationship between them!

DeathMeramon: What is it?
SkullMeramon: What, the bunny?

On this episode of jokes that make NO goshdarn sense!

AncientVolcanomon: Heh! It was easy as taking candy from a- How does it go again?

How many times do I need to repeat this so it gives us some moments of silence? Not enough apparently! Also, SkullMeramon follows up on the joke with the punchline ending. Hooray.

Shoutmon: Not bad, Dorulumon!
Shoutmon: Remind me to call you when I need dental work.

And I thought Digimon didn’t HAVE that type of society yet?

[Meramon’s launch their fireballs towards Shoutmon X2 and Dondokomon]
Dondokomon: I’ll leave the rest to you! *runs away in a panic*

[Meramon’s launch their fireballs towards Shoutmon X2 and Dondokomon]
Dondokomon: Sideways into safety! *runs away in a panic*

This one gave me a nice chuckle. The second joke to land thus far.

Shoutmon X2: Yeah, come and get it!

Maybe instead of making flashy, heroic lines, YOU ACTUALLY FOCUS ON THE BATTLE?!

SkullMeramon: Looks like I’ll have to do this myself!

Okay, I was originally going to make the whole moment of silence rant/joke but I do think it actually flows a lot better since, in the original, he says nothing before attacking.

Speaking of which!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

DeathMeramon’s attack, Heat Chain, becomes SkullMeramon’s Chain of Pain in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon X2: Missed me, missed me, now you gotta- Heh, never mind.

*Grroooaaaaan with a defeated laugh* What’s with these unneeded one-liners?! Oh, right. This is Digimon we’re talking about. Of course they’ll do this.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

DeathMeramon’s attack, Heavy Metal Fire, has been retained in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon X2: Woah man, your breath stinks!

Who do you think you’re impressing here Digimon? 10 year olds? I’m a university student, not some kid who’s into disgusting humor. Get better material.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Consistent with Episode 4 (and since Gear forgot to note this), Shoutmon X2’s attack, Buddy Blaster, has been changed to Sonic Tsunami in the dub.

AncientVolcanmon’s attack, Atomic Bomber, has been changed to Lava-lanche in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Taiki: No, doing the same thing again won’t work.
Mikey: Dude, we’ve been there, done that.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Consistent with other episodes, Shoutmon X4’s attack, Three Victorize, has been changed to V for Victory in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Zenjirou: This isn’t good!
Jeremy: You’d think he’d let us surrender again?

Stereotypical cowardly, but sometimes brave gamer character, check! Also, the reason Jeremy’s line is longer than the original is that they had him start his line was AncientVolcanomon started to approach them.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

The Agumon DigiMemory’s attack, Triple Baby Flame, has been retained.

Side Note

This doesn’t count as a mistranslation but for some GOSH DARN reason, the Closed Captioning for Fusion writes the name Agumon as “Augumon”. My reaction to this is as follows:

Dialogue Deviation

Mikey: Fight fire with fire!

Ya know, if you didn’t say the ATTACK NAME before you said upload, then maybe you wouldn’t HAVE to come up with a cheesy one liner to fit the lip sync now wouldn’t you?!

AncientVolcamon: What is that?!
AncientVolcanomon: Huh. Amateurs.

Huh. Last time I checked, your rump is the one being kicked!

Shoutmon X4: Taiki! How can we beat him?
Shoutmon X4: Uh, Mikey… You, uh, might’ve picked the wrong card, there, buddy.

Do ANY of you have faith in your general?!?!

Taiki: Facing him head on won’t work. We have to stop his offensive energy.
Mikey: Yeah, the only way we’re ever gonna beat him is by plugging up that blowhole.

You may be asking, how’s this a dialogue deviation? They’re virtually the same! Well reader, I have just one comment to add. Blowhole? Snrk.

Shoutmon X4: *grunting* One cork, comin’ up!

We’ll NEVER get a moment of silence in this episode, will we?

AncientVolcamon: Impudent brats!
AncientVolcanomon: You wanna play catch, huh? Heh!

Again, why was this line needed?

AncientVolcamon: My magma is reversing its flow! It hurts!
AncientVolcanomon: Uh-oh. Magma buildup… I really hate it when this happens.

What do you MEAN you hate when this happens?! If this happened to you before, you’d be already dead! So how do you know what it feels like?! Also, obvious censor to avoid the Digimon showing that it is suffering.

Shoutmon X4: My general’s fiery heart is reaching me!
Shoutmon X4: Feel the righteous fury of the future king of the Digi-
Mikey: Shoutmon!
Shoutmon X4: R-Right. Maximum Turbo-Victory Charge!!!

This one got a singular chuckle out of me. Third gag to land. Likely the last. Though did it really have to be lengthened? Now, moving onto something relevant to Shoutmon X4…

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Shoutmon X4’s attack, Three Victorize Max Power, has been changed to Maximum Turbo-Victory Charge in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: Same for you too, right, Dorulumon?
Dorulumon: Maybe.
Shoutmon: He’s still playing the tough guy!

Shoutmon: Say, we make a pretty good team, don’t we?
Dorulumon: I’ve seen worse.
Shoutmon: Well, thank you very much, Mr. Party-Pooper!

If I’ll be honest that last line killed me a little on the inside. So forced. Also, I’ll let Dorulumon have that one. That was a good ego-punch to Shoutmon. Maybe he’ll learn to be less selfish and self-absorbing next time!

Shoutmon: He always plays tough, but Dorulumon sure is a guy we can always depend on.
Shoutmon: What is it with you, anyway? The rest of us aren’t cute, pink and cuddly enough for you, is that it?

Oh well, screw you too then Shoutmon!

Side Note

I really do hope that by seeing this episode being compared, you can realize just how different either version of Shoutmon is. The original version makes him out to be some ‘mon who CAN get self-centered and selfish, but overall cares for his team and tries to raise team spirit. While the dub version makes him out to be a giant egotistical dick who cares about no one but himself, well, maybe except Mikey but who knows if that’s genuine or not at this point?

Dialogue Deviation

Zenjirou: Now peace will return to the Magma Zone, huh?
Jeremy: He’s like a dire wolf crossed with a power-drill. What’s not to like?

Honestly, not even CLOSE to the original line. However, that is a good way to describe Dorulumon’s appearance, just without the colors. I think I’ll borrow that explanation. Thanks Jeremy! I genuinely mean that.

Shoutmon: I think it’s…
Shoutmon: He’s definitely not friendly!


Akari: Dorulumon did that?!
Shoutmon: What?!

Mikey: What?!
Angie: You’ve gotta be kidding me!
Shoutmon: A bad guy?!

This ends the actual episode portion, leaving us with a cliffhanger with Tactimon and Dorulumon. Though we still got the Digimon Overview of the Week to get through!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

All of Mailbirdramon’s attacks, with the exception of Nighthawk, which has been changed to Nightflare in the dub, have been retained.

Dialogue Deviation

Last one of the episode!

Monitamon: -which shoots a super high energy blast at the opponent. Plasma is so cool. I’m so jealous… We Monitamon only have tubes…
Shoutmon: Are you ready for the switch to digital?!
Monitamon: No…

Monitamon: He zips around on his zippy Plasma Thrusters and lays Plasma Egss in a Plasma Nest and hatches little Plasma chickies! Okay, I made up that last part. He doesn’t really hatch chickies, or even lay eggs, for that matter!
Shoutmon: Zip it, or I’ll scramble your eggs!
Monitamon: Ooh, with bacon?

Oh, nice clever joke you got there Monitamon! Where’d you get it from? An AI generator?! Hahah! Also, love how Mikey is just nodding along to what Shoutmon is saying, even though it doesn’t make any sense. Heheh.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Shifted: 10 seconds – This scene was extended twice its length than the original, likely to include the overly long punchline. Oh joy.

Final Result

Total Footage Lost: 9 Seconds

Holy christ is there A LOT of dialogue changes! Most of them just ruin what would’ve been an otherwise great episode with serious characters being introduced. It’s a meh episode by dub standards though you might have a couple laughs here and there. A few jokes landed for me at least. HOPEFULLY the next episode won’t have this many dialogue changes.

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