Digimon Adventure S01E03

Title: "The Blue Wolf! Garurumon" - silhouette of a wolf Digimon over a blue background

The Blue Wolf! Garurumon (JP)

Garurumon (EN)

Written by:

EN: Rebecca Olkowski and J.M. Morris

First aired:

JP: March 21, 1999
EN: August 28, 1999

Section: Summary

Garurumon, indeed!

Our Heroes narrowly escape being the center of a Monochromon Monoconfrontation and happen upon a huge lake. The lake’s islet features a very small public transit system with a single trolley, and the team takes it upon themselves to put it to use by camping within. Tai takes first watch, but he somehow manages to screw that up by not only failing to warn the others of danger, but attracting said danger himself. The danger, Seadramon, puts the squeeze on Matt, prompting Gabumon to Digivolve into Garurumon. Garurumon defeats Seadramon, and Matt celebrates with a little harmonica practice while everyone else tries to sleep.

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: (thinking) “Why did only Agumon evolve into Greymon back then? None of the others did…”
Tai: (thinking) “We’ve almost searched the whole island, and we still haven’t found any people. Just some monsters with attitude. But they couldn’t beat our Digimon friends who could turn into these awesome fighters! Like when Agumon digivolved into Greymon and kicked Shellmon to the curb. He was so cool!”

I know a guy from around this time period who’s looking for some teenagers with attitude. Are you sure it wasn’t teenagers you encountered? Or at least teenage monsters?

Taichi: “Agumon!”
Agumon: “What is it, Taichi?”
Taichi: “Why did you change back from Greymon into Agumon?”
Agumon: “Well…”
Taichi: “Well..?”
Agumon: “I don’t know either!”
Tai: “Yo, Agumon!”
Agumon: “What’s up, Tai?”
Tai: “I like it when you’re Greymon. No offense, but why don’t you just stay that way?”
Agumon: “Offense taken, and I can’t.”
Tai: “Huh.”
Agumon: “But even superheros need a rest.”

Seriously, Tai! I like it when you’re quiet, so why don’t you stay that way? Jerk.

Koushirou: “What’s that?”
Tentomon: “Tha’s Monochromon. But they’re gentle Digimon, so no need t’ worry.”
Izzy: “Who’s that Digimon?”
Tentomon: “It’s a Monochromon. But don’t worry about him – he’s a laid back Digimon.”

Wrong show, Izzy.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “With a horn as hard as diamond, this is an Armored Dragon Digimon. They are normally gentle, but they are relentless until their enemy is defeated.”
Tentomon: “Although, it is wise to be a bit cautious with a Monochromon. They do tend to get a bit miffed when they’re hungry.”

Oh my cod, I’M SORRY, all right?! You offered them lunch and had no food on hand, you looked kinda like a marshmallow– what was I supposed to think?? Just let it go!

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: “That’s what you say, but he’s coming towards us!”
Mimi: “No~!

Tai: “Then he must be starving because he looks really mad!”
Mimi: “And I think he wants to eat US!”


[Another Monochromon appears behind them]
Jou: “There’s another one!”
Yamato: “Not good… They have us in a pincher!”
Joe: “There’re two of them!”
Matt: “We’re caught between a rock and two sets of teeth!”

This is the worst!

[They all hide behind aforementioned rock]
Taichi: “They’re fighting their own kind?”
Koushirou: “Why?”
Tentomon: “Then they must be fighting over this area.”
Palmon: “Let’s get out of here now! Let’s go!”
Mimi: “Wait, Palmon! Don’t run off on your own!”
Tai: “Something must have set those Monochromon off.”
Tentomon: “They’re fighting over territory.”
Palmon: “They can just have it then!”
Mimi: “Hey! Don’t leave without me!”
Tai: “They definitely don’t need us hanging around!”

[Takeru trips as they flee]
Yamato: “Takeru! Are you okay?”
Taichi: “You’re fine, right, Takeru?”
Takeru: “Yeah!”
Matt: “T.K., come on!”
Tai: “Better hurry up you guys!”
T.K.: “‘kay, we’re coming!”

A moment that definitely won’t become important later* becomes T.K. apparently just spilling out into the dirt for fun, I guess?

*it becomes important later**

**much later

Side Note

The editors add a splashing sound after the Monochromon fall off the cliff. They are, of course, metal-ish creatures, so they were probably safer if they hadn’t landed in the water, but what can you do?

Dialogue Deviation

[Now they’re walking along]
Mimi: “I’m tired…”
Taichi: “Keep going just a little farther, Mimi.”
Mimi: “My legs will get fat.”
Mimi: “I don’t walk this much unless I’m at a mall, and as you can see, we’re nowhere near one!”
Tai: “Mimi, stop whining.”
Mimi: “No! My feet hurt!”

Yeah! Fuck you, Tai! Our feet hurt!

Agumon: “Fat legs are better, Mimi! That way, they support your body, and you can kick the dirt with them.”
Mimi: “Don’t lump me in with you.”
Palmon: “That’s right! Feet that look like plant roots are nicer!”
Mimi: “I don’t like that either.”
Agumon: “Maybe if you’d take off your boots and socks, you’d feel better, Mimi. It’s much more practical, I think.”
Mimi: “I’m not walking and dirtying my bare feet!”
Palmon: “I love the feel of dirt under my feet! Especially between my toes!”
Mimi: “Gross!”

Seriously, Palmon, what the hell?!

… You don’t even have toes!

Koushirou: “Aside from that, that’s a strangely colored sunset, isn’t it?”
Sora: “Looks like the day will be over soon.”
Koushirou: “What should we do? It’ll be dangerous to keep going when it gets dark.”
Izzy: “It appears that we may be losing our light source.”
Sora: “What a weird sunset.”
Izzy: “This whole island is weird. And who knows what will come out at night?”

Maybe more light sources! You never know!

Tentomon: “I smell something. I smell it! The smell of fresh water!” *flies up to look* “Ahh, we’ve got drinking water! It’s a lake! A lake! Why don’t we camp over there?”
Tentomon: “Wait, I detect water! Stay here while I check it out.” *flies up to look* “Yes! As usual, I’m right! It’s a lake with fresh, clean water, and a variety of tasty fish. It’s a perfect campsite!”

Very convenient indeed, and it’s almost as though you knew it was there… Almost suspiciously convenient…

Mimi: “I agree! I can’t walk anymore!”
Gomamon: “I’m gonna swim–!”
Mimi: “Maybe I can finally soak my poor, achy feet.”
Gomamon: “Yay, we get to swim!”

No, not in the drinking water!!

[Gomamon bounds toward the lake, but Jou grabs him by the tail]
Jou: “Gomamon, wait!”
Joe: “Gomamon! You’d better wait and make sure it’s safe first!”

Yamato: “I think we’ve walked far enough today.”
Taichi: “Everyone’s tired and hungry, too.”
Jou: “All right! We’ll camp there tonight!”
Matt: “That’s why I think we should keep walking and stop all the complaining!”

Yamato, hair stylish and brown and clad in a green, sleeveless shirt and dark trousers, looks upon his younger brother, who sits on the ground, clearly exhausted. Takeru wears a green sweatervest over a blue shirt,and brown shorts. He has the same hair color as Yamato, but covers his head with a green hat. Patamon is also there but not helping.

Fuck you, Matt.

Tai: “Everybody’s hungry. We have to find some food!”
Joe: “That is a good plan. I like that plan a lot.”

The stop complaining plan or the find food plan?

Section: Cut or moved footage

A short clip of Agumon and Tai staring in awe and disappointment that the car had no people in it was added after Mimi commented on the cushions, and Taichi was given the line, “Something’s wrong!”

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: “But I don’t get it. After the phones at the beach, what’s going on?”
Jou: “You don’t think this will start moving on its own..?”
Taichi: “Of course not! There’re no tracks.”
Tai: “Remember those weird phone booths we saw on the beach? Something just as freaky could happen here.”
Joe: “Yeah, like this suddenly moving all by itself.”
Tai: “Possibly, but then again, maybe that’s how we’re going to get home.”

Where we’re going, we don’t need tracks…

Sora: “We could sleep in here.”
Tentomon: “First, let’s get some food.”
Sora: “So we have nothing to lose by staying here.”
Tentomon: “UUGH, can we eat now?”

What’s the hurry, Tentomon? You seem… antsy– OW! That wasn’t a bug pun!

Section: Cut or moved footage

After that last exchange, the dub replays the shot of Taichi speaking and adds the line:

Tai: “That’s right, I forgot.”

As in he forgot that they need to eat, which bodes poorly for his chances of survival in this new world.

Dialogue Deviation

[Fishing ensues while Gomamon swims]
Koushirou: “Hey Gomamon, don’t get in the way! I can’t catch any fish with you swimming there!”
Izzy: “Gomamon, stop playing in the water! I can’t catch any fish if you keep on warning them away!”

Listed because Gomamon was not warning his fish friends in the original. That’s actually pretty messed up. And if he’s cool with them eating fish, he can just summon fish, but instead he’s making them work for it after they’ve already been walking all day. What the hell, Gomamon?

Tentomon: “LUCKY! These are my favrite!”
Tentomon: “Yum yum! You can’t get too many berries down the hatch.”

[Patamon Air Shot’s a bunch of bananas, and they fall onto Gabumon’s horn]
Piyomon: “You don’t need to use your powers just to get fruit!”
Biyomon: “Oh, boy! You’d better watch that killer breath of yours, Patamon!”


[Palmon and Mimi hunt for shrooms]
Palmon: “These are edible mushrooms.” *sees Mimi eyeing some spotted shrooms* “Not those! Those are poisonous!”
Mimi: “So that flower on your head isn’t just for looks, Palmon!”
Palmon: “Well, you know!” *triumph*
Palmon: *looking at the edible mushrooms* “Those are bad mushrooms, you shouldn’t pick them!” *now addressing Mimi* “They’ll make you sick!”
Mimi: “I’d be a big mess without you, Palmon! You’re the best!”
Palmon: “Ah, stop!”

[A campfire is made]
Yamato: “All right, let’s get to making dinner.”
Matt: “We’re all set to cook dinner. Now all we need is the grub!”

Ew! Dude, there are fish, fruits, and mushrooms! We don’t need to eat grubs yet!

[Agumon lights a fire]
Taichi: “You’re useful, Agumon!”
Tai: “Wow, Agumon, you’re the man!”

No, he’s not. Shut up.

[Takeru and Koushirou bring the fish (NO THANKS TO GOMAMON)]
Yamato: “You did great, Takeru.”
Matt: “Thanks, squirt.”

I wonder if these two will have a complicated relationship later on.

[Taichi is attempting to cook a fish by holding it over the fire with his highly flammable gloved hands]
Yamato: “That’s just going to make it fall apart. You have to cook fish away from the flames.”
Taichi: “You really know a lot about this, Yamato!”
Tai: “This is where I wish we had a microwave.”

Tai strikes me as the kind of co-worker who would cook fish in the break room’s microwave.

Matt: “Me too, because you’re about to lose your fingers. Why don’t you use a stick?”
Tai: “How did you come up with that, Matt?”
Matt: “Because I’m the man!”

NO! You are not the man! There is no man!

[After nightfall, all the food is prepared]
Tentomon munches without comment.
Tentomon: “This is surprisingly good!”

He’s eating a large fruit which was not cooked. I don’t know what he was expecting.

[And now…]
Yamato: “Takeru.”
Takeru: “What is it, big brother?”
Yamato: “Want me to take the bones out?”
Taichi: “Chomp through the head and keep going!”
Takeru: “Okay!” *chomp*
T.K.: “Matt, Mom only lets me eat fish sticks!”
Matt: “I won’t tell.”
T.K.: “And never eat with my fingers…”
Matt: “T.K., it’s all right!”
Tai: “Yeah, you’re hangin’ with the big boys now!”
T.K: “‘kay!”

Look, it’s a fish, and it was on a stick a moment ago. It’s practically the same thing!

… Wait, she makes you eat fish sticks with a fork?

[Taichi wanders over to Sora]
Taichi: “Sora. Takeru calls Yamato “big brother”, but those two have different surnames, don’t they?”
Sora: “Yeah.”
Taichi: “Why?”
Tai: “Hey, Sora.”
Sora: “What?”
Tai: “Matt doesn’t treat T.K. like a brother, only like he’s a bother. Is it just me, or have you noticed that, too?”
Sora: “Yeah.”
Tai: “I wonder.”

No one likes a tattle-tale, Tai!

Side Note

There’s one thing they’re both right about though, and that’s how Matt is absolute pants at this “brother” thing! Yamato is a big ol’ sweetie, trying to tend to his little bro and keep him comfortable — to his own detriment, perhaps! Takeru’s growing up and responding to Taichi’s encouragement, but it seems Yamato might not be ready for that to happen.

Dialogue Deviation

Sora: “I don’t know.”
Sora: “Matt’s still learning to be a big brother.”

You’ve known him for like a day! Don’t make assumptions on his relationship with his brother!

Side Note

[Jou wanders up, staring at the sky. He can’t find the North Star]
Sora: “Then could this be the Southern Hemisphere?”
Jou: “No; I don’t see the Southern Cross either.”
Sora: “Do you think we could be in the Southern Hemisphere?”
Joe: “Yes, I guess it’s possible. That is, if we’re still on Earth.”

The Southern Cross is indeed a constellation visible from the Southern Hemisphere of Earth, but it’s also a name used by several businesses and schools. It is also a nickname for the Confederate flag, which the dub writers probably decided not to invoke in their work.



Dialogue Deviation

[Sleepy time!]
Mimi: “But we don’t have any futons to sleep in…” [futon or ofuton [お布団」 is a traditional Japanese bed which can usually be rolled up and moved]
Taichi: “Hey, Gabumon. Let me borrow your pelt to use as a blanket. I REALLY want to see what you look like! Come on, Gabumon! How about taking off that pelt? Eh?”
Gabumon: “Anything but that!”
Mimi: “I’m getting cold. I need a warm blanket to help me sleep.”
Tai: “Hey, Gabumon! Watch it! Mimi may sneak up on you and steal your fur! So if you feel a little tug, it might be her about to cut your tail off!”
Gabumon: “Stop, Tai! That’s not funny!”

Yeah, Tai! There’s no fur on his tail!

[Yamato intervenes]
Yamato: “Stop that!”
Taichi: “What are you doing?”
Yamato: “He doesn’t like it!”
Taichi: “That’s no reason to shove me!”
Matt: “Quit it!”
Tai: “Ooh! What are you bugging about?”
Matt: “Gabumon told you to stop! So knock it off!”
Tai: “Hey, you can’t tell me what to do!”

Get him, Matt! >:O

[They cease fighting before we get to see any butt-kicking >:(]
Jou: “Uuhh, so who will be our first lookout?”
Joe: “You’d both make great guards. Who goes first?”

Hey, maybe since Tai was talking about stealing others’ fur, don’t let him go first..?

[Now it’s sleepy-time in the trolley]
Mimi: “I’ve only ever slept in a bed…”
Sora: “We should consider ourselves lucky we even found a place to sleep!”
Mimi: “I can’t sleep with all of you here!”
Sora: “Quit complaining. So it’s not perfect. Just be glad we have a place to sleep.”

I know they’re creepy, Mimi, but Tai’s on first watch. You have bigger things to worry about!

Koushirou: “Good night.”
Izzy: “That’s right, Mimi.”

Fuck off, Izzy. I will pop that oversized head right off that tiny neck of yours.

Jou: “Night!”
Takeru: “Good night!”
Sora: (thinking) “I hope no monsters appear before morning.”
Joe: “Goodnight.”
T.K.: “Don’t let the Monochromon bite.”
Sora: (thinking) “Thanks for reminding me, T.K.”

Calm down, Sora; they don’t bite. They just gore people with their horns.

Mimi: (thinking) “I really wanted to take a bath…”
Mimi: (thinking) “My feet still hurt.”

Koushirou: (thinking) “Tomorrow will be a long day with everyone.”
Izzy: “Why is there a trolley here? Maybe it’s the aliens. Maybe they knew we needed it.”

Sure. The phone booths were an alien trap, but the comfy trolley? Alien hospitality.

Jou: (thinking) “I hope everything goes back to normal when I open my eyes.”
Joe: “I hope I don’t get any monster cooties.”

You were supposed to get all your shots before you left for camp, Joe!

Yamato and Matt have the same idea to keep Takeru and T.K. warm, but original Gabumon calls Yamato out for being shy. Yamato has no defense and simply returns the accusation. Dub Matt is accused of not wanting to “admit it”, and Matt replies, “whatever!” Yeah. Whatever.

Then T.K. adds, “thanks, Matt” after Gabumon smothers him. Takeru only looked over silently.

[Yamato’s ulterior motive is revealed, and he steps outside to KILL TAICHI]
Taichi: “Oh, Yamato. It’s still too early to switch.”
Yamato: “I couldn’t sleep. Sorry about earlier.”
Taichi: “No, I am, too.”
Yamato: “I’m always like this. That’s probably why Takeru is taking to you more.”

Tai: “Huh? Who’s there? Oh, Matt. Don’t you think I can handle this?”
Matt: “I couldn’t sleep…”
Tai: “Oh? And why not?”
Matt: “Look, I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to get so mad. It’s just being here, and having to watch T.K….”

Watching T.K. is a privilege, young man!

[Oh, he wasn’t going to kill Taichi. Sorry for the confusion]
Taichi: “About that, Takeru and you are..?”
Yamato: “We’re brothers. Our parents are divorced, so we live separately.”
Taichi: “So that’s it…”
Tai: “Do you guys even live in the same house?”
Matt: “Not anymore. We’re half-brothers, and we don’t get to see each other much.”
Tai: “Well, that explains a lot.”

It explains nothing, because it’s a LIE!

Side Note

Yamato and Takeru are full brothers with full-parents, not half brothers with half-parents! … That is, they both have the same mother and father, but said mother and father are divorced. Yamato lives with their father, and Takeru lives with their mother.

Matt’s charade of half-brothery will not last long, and their parents’ divorce will be talked about openly later in the series. The dub is super-cool about portraying the divorce as a normal thing, so the early lie is a bit baffling.

Matt also carries on a farce of being able to play harmonica! Where Yamato’s playing is soulful and solemn, Matt goes for a peppy, classic blues vibe, but he does it wrong. It’s possible he’s actually playing it backwards or something; I’m not 100% sure how harmonicas work.

TO BE FAIR: Matt’s 11, and 11-year-olds are notorious for having their skills still under development! He’s not even particularly bad – just definitely working on it. I don’t know if that was an intentional change on the dub’s part, but I think it’s a rather smart decision for Matt’s character.

Dialogue Deviation

After Matt runs off, Tai adds, “Matt’s a little strange” when he returns to the campfire. He is correct.

[Gabumon is lured by the sweet sound of Yamato’s harmonica and abandons his post keeping Takeru warm to come over to pay a compliment]
Gabumon: “What a nice tone!”
Gabumon: “What a wonderful sound!”
Tai: (out of earshot from Gabumon) “… Maybe to a St. Bernard with a horn on his forehead…”

What are you trying to say, Tai? St. Bernards have good hearing. The horn amplifies vibrations. So, yeah. It’s good shit.

Section: Eyecatch

Could be better shit…

Section: Cut or moved footage

Seadramon’s Digimon Analyzer screen is moved to before we see the kids’ reactions in the trolley in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[A popping ember has launched a flaming stick onto a suspiciously large, red “leaf”, which it turns out is part of a monster. Said monster is displeased, so it starts to move and drag the island they and the trolley are on, and bad times ensue]
Jou: “The trolley really did start to move!”
Joe: “The trolley’s starting to move! A-and I don’t think it’s taking us home!”

Joe misses his chance to call back to his earlier musing with his spotty-at-best navigation. You don’t even know what direction home is in, kid!

Koushirou: “A monster came out!”
Tentomon: “It’s Seadramon!”
Izzy: “It’s taking us toward that sea dragon!”
Tentomon: “Oh no! Seadramon!”

Luckily, Izzy is well-versed in identifying marine creatures, both mythical and re– okay, mostly mythical. Unluckily, that does not improve the navigational situation, as he fails to notice that the island they’re on is being pulled with the dragon, not towards it.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “A dragon-like, violent Adult Digimon. Its special attack shoots arrows of ice – Ice Arrow!”

Seadramon doesn’t get a Digimon Analyzer description in the dub. 🙁

Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: “It really is an earthquake!”
Mimi: “We’re going to get eaten for sure!”


[A brief assessment of the situation]
Yamato: “The island is moving…”
Agumon: “The island… i-it’s moving!”
Taichi: “It’s moving!”

Thanks, guys.

Koushirou: “Somehow, it looks like Seadramon is pulling this island with him.”
Tentomon: “That can’t be! Seadramon wouldn’t attack unless he felt threatened!”
[Seadramon stops]
Agumon: “It stopped.”
Tentomon: “You didn’t do something to him, didya?!”
Matt: “The land’s moving!”
Agumon: “Hold tight, we’re going for a ride!”
Tai: “It’s like we’re on a monster longboard!”
Izzy: “He’s pulling us along by his tail. I don’t even think he realizes we’re here.”
Tentomon: “Perhaps not. He’s a bit dense. As long as he doesn’t see us, we should be safe… I said, AS LONG AS HE DOESN’T SEE US…
Agumon: “Don’t be too sure!”
Tentomon: “You guys jinxed us! Now he knows we’re here!”

And he heard you call him dense!

[The “leaf” was his tail]
Tentomon: “So it is yer fault!”
Tentomon: “It wasn’t my fault!”

Don’t argue with me!

[Seadramon smacks the island]
Jou: “The island is drifting away!”
Mimi: “I’m getting seasick…”
Joe: “We’re gonna crash into the shore!”
Mimi: “This is really gonna mess up my hair!”

She’s right! Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the hair?!

[Takeru is in danger, and Yamato dives into the water to save him! Gabumon follows]
Gabumon: “W-Wait! My fur’s going to get wet, but here we go!”
Gabumon: “Matt, I’m just letting you know: my fur’s gonna get wet, and I’m going to stink!”

[Seadramon releases the island in the middle of the lake]
Taichi: “We finally stopped.”
Koushirou: “But now we have nowhere to escape!”
Tai: “Great, he left us right in the middle of the lake!”
Izzy: “I don’t suppose we could trick him into taking us back…”

Call him dense again, but backwards. Es-ned.

[Fight back!]
Taichi: “He’s coming back!”
Agumon: “Let’s go, everyone!”
Gabumon: “Okay!”
Tai: “Get ready, he’s attacking!”
Agumon: “Come on you guys, let’s send him back to the fishies!”
Gabumon: “No problem!”

Agumon, he’s with the fishies n–OOH, I get it.

[The “fight back” thing doesn’t work out. Agumon should evolve, maybe?]
Agumon: “I’ve been trying, but I can’t!”
Taichi: “Why?”
Agumon: “I told you, I don’t know either!”
Taichi: “You’re useless at the worst time!”
Agumon: “I’ve been trying, but I can’t seem to do it this time, Tai.”
Tai: “You have to!”
Agumon: “Maybe my body hasn’t recovered from the last fight.”
Tai: “But if you can’t help us, how are we gonna stop Seadramon?”

With the power of love and friendship!

[Takeru falls in the water, so Yamato and Gomamon go into the water to retrieve him]
Yamato: “Gomamon, I’m counting on you.”
Gomamon: “Gotcha!”
Matt: “Gomamon, you can do it!”
Gomamon: “Right! … do what?

Yamato: “Hey! Seadramon, over here!”
Matt: “Hey! Over here, you overgrown water lizard!”

Matt, don’t be a bully.

[Yamato is pulled underwater by Seadramon, so Gabumon attacks, but he is smacked away by Seadramon]

Takeru: “Big brother! This is my fault! It’s because he saved me that big brother..!”
Taichi: “Yamato!”
T.K: “It’s all my fault. Matt was only trying to save me! I’ll never forgive myself!”
Tai: “Oh no!”

Yes, you will, T.K.. It’s not your fault. It’s Tentomon’s.

[Now Seadramon is putting the squeeze on Yamato]
Tentomon: “Bad! This is bad! Seadramon won’t let him go until he squeezes the life out of him!”
Tentomon: “This is not good! Seadramon may be a bubble brain, but once he finds his prey, he won’t let go!”

That “bubble brain” trapped your ass in the middle of a lake, so what does that make you?

Takeru: “Big brother! Patamon, please, save my brother!”
Patamon: “M-My powers aren’t strong against Seadramon! But Gabumon, maybe you could…”
Gabumon: “It’s hopeless…! I don’t have that kind of power…”
T.K.: “Matt, hang on! Patamon, please help him! Hit him with a Bubble Boom!”
Patamon: “Seadramon’s way too big! I just don’t have enough power now. Gabumon, you’re stronger, how about you?”
Gabumon: “You’re right… Matt is in trouble, and I must help!”

He’s dead.

Takeru: “Big brother!”
Gabumon: “Yamato! … To not be able to listen to Yamato’s harmonica anymore… to not hear that gentle tone anymore…”
T.K.: “Don’t give up! I’ll find a way to save you if it’s the last thing I do!”
Gabumon: “Matt! Hold on! I don’t understand any of this, but I have to save Matt. What’s a little stinky fur compared to a friend like him?”

He kinda sucks, sooooo…

Side Note

In both versions, Gabumon cries out Yamato’s name as he evolves. In the original, it’s the normal cry of desperation one would expect. In the dub, it’s weird and funny. I did not realize he was crying Matt’s name at first – I thought somebody stubbed their toe in the recording booth or something.

Dialogue Deviation

Tentomon: “Garurumon’s fur’s as strong as the legendary metal, mythril!”
Tentomon: “Garurumon’s fur is legendary. It’s strong as steel. He’s like a growling torpedo!”

It also possesses legendary stank, according to Gabumon! Garurumon’s special attack, Fox Fire, is changed to “Howling Blaster” in the dub.

Koushirou: “What is this legendary metal?”
Tentomon: “Since it’s legendary, I never seen it, so I dunno.”
Taichi: “I can’t tell if this guy knows what he’s talking about or not!”
Tentomon: “Hey now!”
Izzy: “That’s astonishing! Then he must be invincible.”
Tentomon: “Well, that’s what I’ve heard, anyway. We’ll soon find out!”
Tai: “I hope you’re not exaggerating, Tentomon, with another one of your wild fish tales again.”
Agumon: “He could be.”
Tentomon: “But I heard about it!”

Hey now – it’s not an exaggeration if it’s just a straight-up lie!

Tentomon refers to Seadramon’s Ice Arrow as his “lethal ice blast”.

[Garurumon has defeated Seadramon and reverted to Gabumon]
Gabumon: “Somehow, looks like we’re all safe.”
Gabumon: “Flying’s sure a good way to keep my fur dry.”

Having nothing to do with anything, it did nothing to eliminate the stank. It’s just airborne now.

Yamato: (playful) “What was that? If you could evolve, you could have done so in the first place!”
Takeru: “Gabumon, thank you for saving us!”
Gabumon: “N-Not at all…”
Matt: “You digivolved into Garurumon just in time!”
T.K.: “Aw, Gabumon, thanks for saving my brother!”
Gabumon: “Any time, little friend.”

Takeru: “And you, big brother! Thank you, really!”
Yamato: “I-It was nothing…”
Gabumon: “You’re just too shy.”
T.K.: “Matt, you were so awesome against that monster!”
Matt: “You think so?”
Gabumon: “You know, you were the man!”

NO. There are no men! Men are banned!

Yamato: “That’s you!” [the shy one]
Matt: “And you’re the wolf-man!”


Side Note

In this episode, Gomamon’s Marching Fishes is “Fish Power”.

Dialogue Deviation

[The Marching Fishes pull the island back towards the shore]
Mimi: “I’m tired…”
Mimi: “Gabumon? May I use you for a pillow? I promise I won’t take your fur.”

Oh, Mimi… He still reeks something fierce. Let him air out a while, then use him as a pillow.

[The kids wonder why only Gabumon could evolve, and Sora suggests it’s because Yamato was in danger. Taichi flashes back to Agumon’s evolution]
Flashback Agumon: “Taichi!”
Flashback Taichi: “Agumon!”
Flashback Agumon: “Taichi!!”
Flashback Taichi: “Wh-What’s that?”

Flashback Agumon: “Hang on!”
Flashback Tai: “Can’t breathe!”
Flashback Agumon: “Greymon!”
Flashback Tai: “Get me outta here!”

Flashback Tai, chill! He’ll get around to it! Flashback Agumon, don’t yell “hang on” to someone who’s being held up in the air and squeezed to death.

[The flashback has ended, and it was so boring that Mimi is falling asleep on Sora’s shoulder]
Sora: “What’s wrong, Mimi?”
Mimi: “I’m going to sleep here.”
Sora: “Hey! Watch it!”
Mimi: “Is it time to go to the mall?”

Don’t tell her to “watch it”! Accept your fate as her pillow or take that girl to the damn mall!

Sora: “We’ve only spent a day here, and she’s getting stronger.”
Sora: “We’ve been here one day, and I think she’s put some muscle on her.”

A drawing of Mimi triumphantly flexing muscular arms

Hell yeah

Agumon: “She’ll end up with a solid body like mine for sure!”
Agumon: “Yeah! Maybe if she puts in some effort, she’ll become a hard-bodied machine like I am!”

I don’t like this idea anymore.

Piyomon: “She might even grow wings like me!”
Biyomon: “I hope she grows pink wings just like my wings.”

I like this idea again.

Mimi: “I don’t want that…”
Mimi: “You must be kidding…”

A drawing of Mimi triumphantly spreading pink wings, which have replaced her arms

[Yamato is playing his harmonica while everyone else nodding off to sleep]
Takeru: “Big brother, thank you…”
T.K.: “Ahh, big bro, you’re the best!”


Final Result

The Digi-Verdict

Matt is definitely not the best at all! I don’t know why the writers translated him and T.K. as “half-brothers” – unless they weren’t aware of how their parents’ divorce was going to enter into the story later. That would have been weird to try to work with later if they hadn’t dropped it!

The short, moving and repeating scenes are pretty strange, too, since there are no actual cuts in this episode, and it’s not as though the edits made any difference to the story. There’s no going back now, though, so enjoy your early, voice-over-less Digimon Analyzer for Seadramon and extra Tai chatter! The half-divorce and terrible harmonica push this episode over the vague threshold I have for grading, so I give it a D, for “dense”, which you shouldn’t call sea monsters. It isn’t nice.

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  • Ryusei Taylor says:

    I wonder if that “half-brothers” flub came about from thinking too much about why Matt and T.K. have different last names despite being in the same family.

    Regardless of how it happened, it’s really a doozy of a flub, especially since it possibly implies Ms. Takaishi cheated on Mr. Ishida (which ironically could’ve given a *very* good reason for the divorce to happen).

    I generally am more forgiving of this dub than most are to the point where I can gladly call myself a fan of it. But the line does have to be drawn somewhere, and a flub this severe definitely crosses it.

    • Gear says:

      You know, I’d almost consider that as an actual legitimate canon theory, except we all know the dub is terrified of complex family dynamics or any kind of complex human interactions in general.

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