Digimon Fusion S01E09

Dorulumon Runs with the Wind! (JP)
Dorulumon’s True Colors (EN)

Original Writer: Shōji Yonemura
Dub Writer: Mark Ryan

Original Airdates:
August 31st, 2010 (JP)
November 10th, 2013 (EN)

Gao’s Pre-Comparison Commentary: Hello! I hope the previous comparison was a good one. It was my first one after all. I just wanna take a quick moment and say that yes, I have seen Fusion before! I’ve seen all the seasons in fact. So unlike the previous author, our lovely Gear, I know what I am getting into. Might redo the first 7 episodes in my style eventually but let’s focus on the now. Anyway, onto the comparison!

Section: Summary

The episode starts off returning to the scene where everyone is totally shocked that Dorulumon was part of the Bagra Army, more specifically, being Tactimon’s right side ‘mon. Of course, everyone denies this, (because why wouldn’t they?), and Tactimon mocks them for having faith in their comrade. Which at this point, leads Tactimon to attack and conveniently splitting the ground in two as if he’s the Avatar or something, so deep we can actually see the Magma below.

Shoutmon tries to rescue his general but Mikey tells everyone to run away as, being the clever general he is, he’s got a plan! Of course, it’s just a bluff with zero substance, but it is enough to make the rest of them retreat. After a brief struggle, Tactimon overpowers them and not only captures Mikey and Dorulumon but takes the Fusion Loader for a SECOND time. Meanwhile, Christopher and Nene look on and realize he’s in danger, to which Christopher volunteers to distract his army long enough to have Mikey’s army sneak up and save him.

So as Mikey’s crew hide near the cage where the two of them are held up, AncientVolcanomon comes back better than ever. Shocking them. Before anything could happen to the duo however, Christopher comes in and attacks. Giving the crew the chance to save Mikey and Dorulumon. BlueMeramon leads them to his Digivice where he’s killed in an ambush. Wanting revenge and Digivice in hand, they go back and fight AncientVolcanomon’s army. When that fails, he absorbs them, because that’s a thing he can do apparently, becoming bigger and redder.

A fight ensues and our crew defeats him & manage to get the Code Crown for the Magma Zone. The prisoners rush up to the crew and thank them, swearing they’ll defend the Zone so the Bagra Army can’t overtake it again. All the while Nene looms over the situation like the creep she is, and after both sides say their farewells, our cast of heroes take off for the next zone!

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: You mean… He used to be a soldier in the Bagra Army?!
Shoutmon: Yeah right. Like we’re gonna believe he was ever one of your flunkies!

Normally I’d say ignorance is bliss buuuttt… You can’t afford to be ignorant here. Otherwise your whole “king of the Digital World” dream will crumble like our hopes and dreams.

Tactimon: But if you trust him, you will regret it.
Tactimon: But as it turns out, he was also the most untrustworthy.

Woah woah woah! What did the writers do to your intimidation?!?! It’s been replaced with unsinged hatred for his former comrade!

Taiki: You’re lying! Dorulumon isn’t like that!
Tactimon: It’s no lie. He is a traitor who exposed my perfect strategy

Mikey: That’s a lie!
Tactimon: Believe what you want. Trust him at your peril. He’s a friend just as long as it suits him.

Hey, uh, writers? Maybe, if you DIDN’T give Mikey a three-word reply, you wouldn’t have to have Tactimon say a line that honestly makes him sound like Jevil, and mess up the entire flow of the scene from the original!

Side Note

Sometimes with these scenes, due to the timing in the dub, makes the original scene be an imperfect one-to-one with its dubbed version. So this means that the original lines will have to be cut off that would otherwise have kept going. You’ll know if this is the case if a double dash is bolded in addition to being italicized, which indicates that the line would’ve kept going but stops here to create the one-to-one comparison for the dub scene.

Dialogue Deviation

Tactimon: He is a disgrace to the proud Bagra Army.
Tactimon: He’s not only a traitor, he’s a coward.

Your attempts to roast Dorulumon and drive the stake into him are failing horribly.

Taiki: I don’t care what you say! I trust Dorulumon!
Tactimon: Then you can disappear with him.

Mikey: If he betrayed you, ya big goon, well that makes him okay in my book!
Tactimon: Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Man, the dub really defanged Tactimon’s intimidation didn’t they?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

For reasons that will now become apparent, Tactimon’s attack weapon, Jatetsu Fuujinmaru, has been changed to Sword of Storms in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Tactimon: Prepare to tremble before the terrible power of my sword. Forged in thunder. Honed in lightning! Wait for it… It just takes a sec, but it’s worth it. There. Are you trembling yet? You will be.

That middle bit, never mind the fact that it doesn’t give us a moment of silence… What the f*** Digimon? Why did you even WRITE that, it’s just so painfully tacked on there that it makes me want Mikey to just attack you while you are in this opened state! Speaking of which, WHY ISN’T HE DOING THAT?!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Tactimon’s attack, Ichi-No-Tachi, has been changed to Earth-shaker in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Tactimon: Wasn’t that fun?

Oh, so you’re a sadistic bastard too?

Mikey: I’ve got a plan!
Angie: A plan?!?!

Is that plan to die in a blaze of glory, if I had to guess?

Shoutmon: Something tells me that wasn’t a part of the plan…

Oh gee, ya think? Seeing your tamer- I mean general get slaughtered by a gust of wind? Yeah, any smart, upcoming king could tell if something went wrong!

Jeremy: *in Arnold Schwarzenegger fashion* But we’ll be back!
Angie: Seriously?
Jeremy: What? We will be!

Honestly Angie… Same. Also, my reaction to hearing that accent can be summed up in one video clip.

Tactimon: So you have a plan… Should I be quaking with fear?

That feeling when your plan is so terrible that even the villain mocks you ruthlessly.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: About 7 seconds – They cut out the scene where Dorulumon gets stepped and squished on by Tactimon and a jump-cut scene to Taiki and Dorulumon under Tactimon’s foot. Instead, just replacing it with a still shot of Tactimon, monologuing.

It’s not like this is a big deal, after all, Digimon has NEVER shown Digimon being pointlessly cruel towards others right?


Dialogue Deviation

Tactimon: I will give you a most gruesome death.
Tactimon:. If your plan is to bore me into a state of confidence… It’s working.

I understand the obvious censor, but couldn’t they have the line be like: “I will make sure you are locked away forever”?

Nene: Just like you.
Nene: Don’t be too sure.

Are you trying to insult his intelligence there lady?

Kiriha: What are you planning?

Christopher: And just why are you telling me?
Nene: Because I know what you’ll do~

Hey Nene, could you uhh… Take a few steps backwards, AWAY from me? You’re creeping me out with your psychic reading mumbo jumbo.

Tactimon: And you are the one blotch on my perfect battle record.
Tactimon: And trusting you was the greatest mistake of mine! Don’t talk to me about shame.

And on this episode on Keeping Up With The Bagra Generals…

Tactimon: Thanks to you, my enemy escaped with the Code Crown.
Tactimon: You betrayed me to my enemies, and then fled alongside them… Where was the honor in that?

Oh look who is talking, Mr. “Royal Knight” General Who Has An Army Of Mindless Slaves Working For Him. Where’s the honor in them being forced to work for you with no natural resistance, hm?

Dorulumon: Take it however you want.
Dorulumon: Stop trying to analyze me.

Wait, what was that? Stop analyzing you? Aww man!!! But I was just working on this sick Digimon Analyzer piece specifically for you! Oh well…

Taiki: Dorulumon…
Mikey: You don’t mean that.

Oh I’m sure he does, you’re just in denial.

Shoutmon: Taiki… I swear I will save you!
Shoutmon: Not him! I thought we put a cork in that meatball!

Honestly Shoutmon, as much as I am surprised that he returned as much as you are, do you REALLY HAVE to make the most painful joke imaginable? Do you actually give a damn about your general Mikey!?

Akari: Still, I can’t believe Dorulumon was a soldier in the Bagra Army.
Angie: Okay, guys, now that we know that the prisoners are safe, what are we gonna do about Mikey?


Cutemon: No! I don’t want to believe that!
Cutemon: He was just saying that! I don’t think he really has a plan!

Oh gee, YA THINK?! I thought it was painfully obvious!

Zenjirou: But if we intend to save him and Mikey,
Jeremy: He never was a good bluffer, even at Zombie Cops!

God can someone kill me pleaaasseee- I can’t take his painfully forced stereotype!

Side Note

Okay, so they actually start talking Tactimon and their plan in the space where they… talk about his strength… Again, this show has serious breathing problems. I would like some silence! So the lines where they WERE talking about Tactimon are replaced with dialogue about Mikey’s plan. Oh fun…

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: Worse, Taiki doesn’t have his Xros Loader…
Ballistamon: We can’t DigiXros.

Shoutmon: Except that without the Fusion Loader, that’s impossible.
Ballistamon: That’s not a plan… You know that, right?

Honestly, I laughed a good chunk at this. I’m taking back what I said last comparison, Ballistamon would be good at Digimon Uncensored!

Taiki: You mean we’re going to be tortured to death?!
Mikey: I wouldn’t do that, if I were you! You won’t get away with it-!

God, can you stop being such a whiny b****?

Ballistamon: But we have no choice.
Ballistamon: Is this part of the plan?

Every time he does something like this, the more he would be perfect for comparing this series.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: A few frames – Barely noticeable (but someone like me notices) but a few frames were cut out as MailBirdamon’s Plasma Cannon attack approach the line of Meramon. Basically making it seem like they instantly got vaporized.

God those small heads of the Meramon creep me out…

Dialogue Deviation

Mikey: That guy sure knows how to make an entrance.

Says the damsel-in-distress.

Tactimon: You’ll find out if you fight me.
Tactimon: Hm! Even Bagramon fears my power.

W-What? Then why haven’t you attempted a coup d’etat already?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

The fusion between Shoutmon and Dorulumon, Dorulu Cannon, has been changed to Drill Cannon in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: This is the power of Dorulumon and me together!
Shoutmon: Heh! That’s right, come and get it, lava breath!

How about you shut up and focus, loud mouth?

Side Note

So this is a REALLY bizarre moment. So normally dubs love to remove stuff for a younger audience but this episode, they appear to have ADDED something? When Shoutmon fires his shot from the attack mentioned above, they created more of a tunnel effect rather than use the still shot? You can see this below if you drag the slider. Left is the original, right is the dub. I have NO idea why they did this, which is precisely why it is so strange.

This isn’t the only strange thing about this scene in particular either, they also changed the uprooted ground’s color too. In two seperate places.

This is the first one. Left is the original, right is the dub. Also, the cannon is shiner than the original, though I honestly prefer it compared to the flat colors of the original.

And this is the other part, same sides as mentioned above. How peculiar… I do have a theory as to why they made this change, as compared to the previous change… I have a feeling they changed the colors to imitate the whole white wind effect coming out of an attack. It makes logical sense if they wanted to mimic other animes the kids were watching at the time.

Also, these scenes were really hard to capture correctly. I hope I did well despite how difficult it is to get these still shots…

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon X3: Here we go!

Yeah yeah yeah, can you get on with your attack already like you were already doing as you spoke that line?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

FusedAncientVolcanomon’s attack, Super Big Bang Fire, has been changed to Maximum Big Bang Fire in the dub.

Shoutmon X3’s attack, Victorize Boomerang, has been changed to Varooma-Boomerang in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon X3: We are Shoutmon X3. Engrave it into your memory one last time!
Shoutmon X3: Oh you ain’t seen nothing yet, gasbag. Just wait till we catch you on the flip side!

Honestly, I do hope I catch you on the flip side so I never have to see you again and hear you make these god awful cheesy one-liners & jokes.

Starmon (Fusion): Those were some fireworks! Glad I’m wearing shades!

Pfffttt- Bahaha! Is it just me or does Starmon really excel in doing the same role Shoutmon does where he pitifully fails? Maybe it is just the whole Etemon– I mean Elvis impression he’s got for him but he does the cheesy one-liners and jokes FAAARRR better than Shoutmon can.

Tactimon: Not so cocky now, are you?

Man Tactimon laying the fire on BOTH of these generals. Honestly though, I was expecting a line from Tactimon in the original but there was not one. So I’m glad the dub did something to add an expected line. Fits quite well too, to be honest.

Tactimon: So you even have Greymon under your command. I shall have no shortage of opponents. Tanegashima!
Tactimon: Greymon eh..? Well, I grant you this, human, you keep things interesting. But now, goodbye!

Do appreciate the writer granting Tactimon one line of making him interesting. Though don’t know why he doesn’t say his attack name here…

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Greymon, consistent with Episode 2, retains his name in the dub. (I mean why wouldn’t it?) For the sake of reference, we’ll add an (XW)/(Fusion) to the end of his name to avoid confusion with the Adventure Greymon.

Greymon (Fusion)’s attack, Blaster Tail, has been changed to Atomic Tail in the dub. (For some bizarre reason… The original name works fine…)

Dialogue Deviation

Greymon (XW): Kiriha, are you alright?
Kiriha: Yes. But we’ll stop here for today.
Greymon (Fusion): Tactimon’s too powerful.
Christopher: Yeah. I think a tactical retreat is in order.


Side Note

This is going to give me nightmares… Look at his eyes! Dear god this animation error…

Dialogue Deviation

Tactimon: Our fight is not over.
Tactimon: What, running away? Coward.

Yeah, much like the time you should’ve called Reapmon a coward? This is going to be your shtick, isn’t it..? *siiiggghhh*

Kiriha: I’m the type who saves the fun part for later.
Christopher: Whatever, sticks and stones, buckethead.

I… don’t think that’s how the saying goes, Christopher.

Tactimon: You sound like a poor loser.
Tactimon: Clever~! We’ll meet again.

Don’t you DARE reward him for that mess up of a line!

Dorulumon: Who knows?
Dorulumon: Who said that?

It’s kinda implied you joined them, genius.

Shoutmon: Yeah yeah, we know you’re a tough guy.
Shoutmon: Need an engraved invitation?

Man the dub loves making Shoutmon a colossal dick.

Shoutmon: You’re gonna make me cry, tough guy!
Shoutmon: Great, a happy ending, cue the violins.

As much as you are right Shoutmon, you’re still a giant dick. Trying to stomp out the celebration the group is having.

Zenjirou: Feels like everyone’s strengths have come together as one, huh?
Jeremy: If only we’d found the Code Crown, it really would be a happy ending.

Oh so you’re being a downer now too, huh?

Side Note

D-Did Jeremy really pull a deus-ex machina with the Code Crown?

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: We saved? Yeah, I think you mean me.

Ladies, gentlemen and everyone, Shoutmon’s true colors… Revealed!

Nene: A strong team… They just might have a chance.

I thought I told you to get away!? GO AWAY!!!!

Gottsumon: We’ll work together to protect the Magma Zone so the Bagra Army can never attack it again!
Gotsumon: If those Bagra bozos come around again, we’ll teach ’em a thing or two about a thing or two!

Overly wordy there, is it not Gotsumon?

Side Note

Is it just me or is the Gotsumon that is speaking sound like a smoker Veemon? No? Okay…

Dialogue Deviation

Bearmon: We truly thank you. By the way, we never got your name.
Bearmon: ‘Cause we’re a team now, just like- Uh, what are you called again?

Strange way to get to the same point, don’t you think?

Taiki: If anything happens, we’ll be here for you in a heartbeat! Call us anytime!
Shoutmon: All right, off to the next Zone!

Mikey: Remember, there’s no U or I in team. It’s spelled T-E-
Shoutmon: I’m bored. Come on, time to move out!

Thank you for interrupting Mikey before he could finish his terrible joke.

And now that the episode is out of the way, let’s get to the weekly Digimon Analyser!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

All of Monitamon’s attacks listed in the dub, with the exception of Cyber Recon, which was called Enemy Search in the original, and the two attacks missing from the original which are Wind Wheel and Lighting Flash, are retained.

Dialogue Deviation

Monitamon: We appear when you least expect it, so don’t underestimate us! Where there’s one of us, there’s thirty more!
Shoutmon: Gah! I’m gonna exterminate you!
Monitamon: A formidable opponent, this digital desperado is equipped with the latest in spyware and data retrieval capabilities, has a user-friendly interface, WiFi, and comes in a variety of attractive colors!
Shoutmon: I wish he’d go away… In ANY color!

Why do I have a feeling Monitamon chose himself on purpose so he can brag about himself to everyone? Self-centered bastard. Also, why is Angie blushing?

Section: Cut or moved footage

Shifted: About 11 seconds – Same deal as last time, they extended the scene so they could fit their overly long joke about the Digimon.

Final Result

Total Footage Lost: 7 seconds and a few frames, though gaining about 4 seconds of footage total.

Holy cow is this episode MILES better than the previous one! Not as many dialogue changes present in this one. It still has issues with letting the audience breathe and relying on too many one-liners & jokes, which comes at a cost of building the seriousness of characters, but it has improved with this episode. Hopefully, it keeps it up! Overall, a decent episode in dub standards!

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