Digimon Adventure S01E17

Captain of Illusions, Cockatrimon!

Captain of Illusions Cockatrimon! (JP)

The Crest of Sincerity (EN)

Written by:

EN: Rebecca Olkowski and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: June 27, 1999
EN: October 6, 1999

Section: Summary

Then they go out into the desert because that’s a thing to do, and Palmon’s like, “I wanna be a huge cactus,” but then they saw a huge cactus and it was like, “Sorry, Palmon. The position’s been filled.” But then the cactus was the old man and Palmon was like, “YESSS!” The old man yelled at them for a while, then a desert boat came along. They asked the crew if they could go on the boat and the crew was like, “Yeah, come on up. We don’t have any murder chickens.” Turns out they paid off the health inspector, though, because they definitely had at least one murder chicken on board. He murdered the Digimon and tried to cook the Children, but he got a taste of his own boat-medicine when Birdramon fed him to his own boat, then a cactus yote the boat (sorry, Palmon), and then he, himself, got murdered. Then the cactus gave Mimi the heavenly sky ceiling tile of Innocence/Sincerity, which is appropriate because unlike SOME PEOPLE, she didn’t steal it.

Side Note

So the original music is definitely worthy of comment here! Obligatory terrible description: it’s desert-y! I thought it was so cool, I tried to find it on the original soundtrack. I failed. So I saved/recorded/video’d/extracted (the actual term shut up) it myself!

Dialogue Deviation

[We find our heroes in a desert]
No dialogue.
Tai: “Okay, so I may have made a slight mistake, and who hasn’t? But that techno-doofus Etemon nailed us big time with that other Greymon! Our Greymon used up so much energy fighting him, he Digivolved back into Koromon!”

Tai, we know. We were there. Chill.

Piyomon: “Sora, are you okay?”
Sora: “Yeah, somehow.”
Tentomon: “Koushirou, c-can you m-make it?”
Koushirou: “Yeah.”
Gabumon: “Yamato…”
Yamato: “Don’t worry about me; you must be sweltering!”
Gabumon: “Ah, I’ll be fine.”
Gomamon: “Jou, can we rest?”
Jou: “No, let’s keep trying a little longer.”
Tokomon: “Takeru, fight…”
Takeru: “Fight…”

Matt: “Man, this desert is so hot, even a lizard would need sunscreen!”
Biyomon: “Sora, can you carry me?”
Sora: “Not even!”
Tentomon: “A crew cut would look nice on you, and it’s cooler!”
Izzy: “Ugh…”
Gabumon: “Do I look fat?” [WHOA, loaded question, much?]
Matt: “No, you look hot. Especially with the fur coat. That thing really needs a zipper!”
Gabumon: “Or maybe just removable shirt sleeves.”
Gomamon: “Hey, how about restin’ our feet?”
Joe: “There’s no place to sit, except on a cactus!” [do it]
Tokomon: “Great view up here!”
T.K.: “Next time, I ride.”

I called dibs, T.K..

Taichi: “Koromon, I’m sorry. It’s my fault you turned back into Koromon…”
Mimi: “Taichi, no matter what happened, there’s nothing you can do about it now.”
Taichi: “Mimi…”
Mimi: “For Koromon’s sake, too, you’ve got to keep your spirits up!”

Tai: “You look terrible, Koromon! If only I hadn’t acted like such a bonehead, you never would have Digivolved!”
Mimi: “Don’t be so hard on yourself. Although, come to think of it, you really have made a super-icky mess of things.”
Tai: “Thanks, Mimi.”
Mimi: “Oh, don’t mention it, Tai! I’m glad to help with a little pep talk now and then.”

You know, there’s something to be said for lines like this. Mimi’s dub Crest is Sincerity, and she is indeed sincere with her blunt honesty!

Mimi: “Still, it’s so hot…”
Mimi: “I haven’t sweated this much since cheerleader tryouts.”

Which also took place in a desert, for some reason…

Palmon: “I want to become a huge Togemon and give shade to everyone.”
Palmon: “You know, what we need right now is a whole bunch of shade! A big umbrella, or a really big tree… Or maybe I could grow into a giant cactus and smile down onto all of you as I provide cool, refreshing comfort!”
Matt: “It’s official: the sun has just turned Palmon’s brain into a french fry! Earth to Palmon, come in!”

Piss off, Matt! You’re not even on Earth!

Also, the imagery of Togemon smiling over everyone is already weird, but it’s somehow weirder with her dialogue in the dub…

[Surprise giant cactus!]
No dialogue.
Palmon: “Wowee! I did that?”

Palmon: “A giant cactus!”
Palmon: “Jee, I’m pretty amazing!”


Taichi: “All right, everyone! Let’s go into the giant cactus’ shadow!”
Tai: “Yeah, you’d better believe it, Palmon! Come on everybody, let’s head for some shade! “

Aww, good on Tai for affirming Palmon’s self-esteem!

[Running for the cactus]
Palmon: “I want to become a cactus as big as that one!”
No dialogue.

Oh, come on, dub! Let Palmon dream!

Tai: “… what happened to the shade?!”

Someone threw it. Matt

[The cactus ran away…]
Gennai: “Chosen Children… Chosen Children!”
Jennai: “Well, well. It’s about time you got here! I was just about ready to give up on you!”

He is so sassy. I love it!

Mimi: “I don’t want a Crest!”
Mimi: ” I think those thingies are more trouble than they’re worth!”

As most thingies are.

[Gennai explains that they’ll take their Crests and they’ll like it, or they get no dessert (not no desert, though. Little late for that…)]
Mimi: “No way!”
Mimi: “… in English?”

NO CREST, NO CRUST… pie crust… You get i– she’s moved on. That’s fine…

Gennai: “I’ll explain why Agumon degenerated into Koromon.”
Jennai: “Just trust me. After all, I’m the floating, glowing guy!”

I’m sold.

Gennai: “Even with the Tag and Crest, unless you raise them properly…”
Taichi: “Raise them properly?”
Gennai: “Right. If they aren’t raised properly, they won’t evolve properly!”
Taichi: “How do we raise them properly, then?”
Gennai: “Chosen Children, about proper care-giving…” [cuts out]
Taichi: “Gennai!”
Jennai: “As for Koromon: he wouldn’t be so helpless if you had known how to care for him in the proper way.”
Tai: “But I did the best I could!”
Jennai: “Patience is what you need to learn, my friend, and you will learn it in time.”
Tai: “But I want to have Agumon back now!”
Jennai: “WHAT DID I JUST SAY?! I’m starting to lose my connection. That’s something you’re going to have to figure out by yourself. Good luck.” [definitely about to hang up on them in annoyance]
Tai: “Wait a minute!”
Jennai: (completely insincere) “Sorry; I’m on a tight schedule!” [click]

I like how like Gennai was JUST about to tell them exactly what they needed to do, and then OOPS. It was super simple, too. All they have to do is

Taichi: “That old fart! Everything he says is always confusing!”
Tai: “It never fails! Every time I need to know about something, he hangs me out to dry!”

I thought he was going to say, “he hangs up on me,” and I got really excited because I thought they were confirming that Jennai just hangs up when he’s sick of talking to them. 🙁 He totally did, though!

Piyomon: “He talked about being raised properly…”
Gabumon: “ARE we being raised properly?”
Yamato: “Gabumon, wait a second!”
Biyomon: “Are we being cared for properly?”
Gabumon: “I mean, we are being dragged through a desert, a climate several of us are clearly not adapted to, with no idea where we’re going… If we were, Agumon wouldn’t have Digivolved backwards.”
Matt: “Come on! Don’t freak me out!”

Matt is DEFINITELY not ready to be a parent.

Koushirou: “I’m… not so sure.”
Tentomon: “Hey, hey, Koushirou. What’re you sayin’?”
Izzy: “I’m… better with computers…”
Tentomon: “That’s ridiculous! As far as I’m concerned, you’re the best!”

And he’s not that great with computers. No wonder Tentomon turned out the way he did!

Gomamon: “What about me?”
Jou: “I don’t have even a little confidence about it, either. Confidence at 0%.”
Gomamon: “Hey, hey…”
Gomamon: “You look bummed!”
Joe: “How am I supposed to take care of you? Is there a handbook somewhere? I feel very inadequate.”
Gomamon: “Me too.”

Intro to Gomamon, chapter one: “Store only in cool, moist conditions. Absolutely do not ever bring to a desert under any circumstances.” Huh…

Side Note

In the dub, the extra-dramatic naNAnaNA NAAA music starts up shortly after they hear the ship’s horn. In the original, it was just the horn.

Dialogue Deviation

[We finally got a bigger boat!]
Jou: “Why is there a cruise ship in the desert?!”
Joe: “The passengers will want their money back when they see this place!”

They know what they signed up for!

The Numemon just says “Nume…” in the original. He says “Ahoy!” and gives a goofy laugh in the dub. Seems like a nice guy.

Side Note

Minor change: Koromon’s crying in the dub was some kind of whimpering/moaning, but not outright crying, in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: “Numemon, will you please let us rest on your ship?”
Numemon: “Nume…”
Mimi: “Leave the Numemon to me! Numemon! We’re so tired! Could we rest a little while on this luxury cruise ship? Pl-ea-se?”
Numemon: “Nu-nume ♡♡♡
Tai: “Hey, fella! Could all of us come aboard and freshen up?”
Numemon: “Ewww…”
Mimi: “If you don’t mind, this needs a woman’s touch. Well, hey there, big boy! Your ship looks so, so inviting! How about letting us on board so that we could check it out? Oooh, please? Hmm?”
Numemon: “Ah-Aah! ♡♡♡”

Tai, “freshen up” is code for taking a poop. Everyone knows that! No wonder he didn’t want to let you onboard.

[Mimi gets them onboard]
No dialogue.
Joe: (not moving his wide-open mouth) “Is it safe?”

Joe, it’s fine. Look, it’s got a good health inspection rating!

Digital World Health Department rating: A. "Absolutely no murder chickens on board at all."

[Checking out the… uh… boat lounge]
Mimi: “It’s like a first-class hotel!”
Mimi: “What? No linen table cloths? Well, I guess we can rough it!”

I don’t know. At least the desert had linen table cloths…

[Shower power]
Sora: “I want to take a shower!”
Mimi: “Me too!” *laughter from both of them* “I can’t wait to take a shower!”
Sora: “I wonder if there are fountains?”
Mimi: “It would be so nice if there are! It’s been so long!”
Piyomon: “Wait, wait, Sora!”
Mimi: “Palmon, hurry up!”
Sora: “Whoa! Nice!”
Mimi: “Ooh, we can take a shower!”
Sora: “I’m in heaven!”
Mimi: “We can spend hours just pampering ourselves! Totally yes!”
Sora: “Yeah, we were getting pretty smelly! Oh, wow! They’ve even got little tiny soap bars!”

You know when you’re just sweaty and hot because you live in the South and it’s horrible and also the planet is on fire, and when you get home, the only thing worth living for is taking a shower? I feel like the dub doesn’t capture that feeling quite as well.

[Hey, food!]
Yamato: “What a great spread!”
Tentomon: “It is…”
Takeru: “I-I want to eat it.”
Koushirou: “Wait, we shouldn’t eat it!”
Yamato: “But I want to eat it.”
Tentomon: “I’m so hungry, I think I’ll die.”
Gabumon: “Me too…”
Tokomon: “Me too…”
Koushirou: *stomach growling* “… It would be terrible if we let the food they prepared get cold, wouldn’t it?”
Others: “Yes!”
Koushirou: “Let’s eat!”
Others: “Yeah!!”
Matt: “Check out the incredible spread!”
Izzy: “It appears to be highly edible.”
Tentomon: “Might I propose we eat a bit, and take the leftovers with us?”
Matt: “Let’s eat it all now!”
T.K.: “Oooh, I can’t believe it!”
Izzy: “Remember when the food was just an illusion?”
Matt: “Another alien plot?” [HA! Take that, Izzy!]
Tentomon: “It doesn’t smell like an alien plot!”
Gabumon: *burps for no reason* “Excuse me!”
T.K.: “Ooooh…”
Izzy: “Uh…After extensive deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that it would be rude to allow this cuisine to become cold.”
All: “Yeah!”
Izzy: “Let’s go for it, guys!”

I do love them taking the piss at Izzy for his previous ‘aliens’ nonsense.

[At the pool, Tai asks Joe if he thinks they’re bad parents]
Jou: “Well… what even is proper upbringing?”
Joe: “I don’t know. We’ve done everything but give them an allowance.”

Well, try that.

[Some rando is watching them with binoculars because that’s not weird]
Some rando: “Chosen Children, your fate…” *hurrrr* “… is now in the hands of Cockatrimon!!”
Some rando: “Ah-ha! I see a couple have taken the bait! Time for me to get started! They’ll never forget this cruise!” *more impressive-sounding transformation noise* “YAAAAA!! I’m Cockatrimon!”

… why WAS he disguised as a human…? Was it just to fool the health inspector?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Cockatrimon: a ferocious bird-type Digimon. His feathers are degraded, and his inability to fly bothers him. His special attack is Petrifier.”
Cockatrimon: “My ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ will blow out your eardrums! Mess with me, and you’ll be pecked into surrender!”

His inability to fly will be referenced in the dub, but not that it bothers him.

Side Note


The scene where we follow along the Dark Network cable to Etemon’s trailer is accompanied by a neat-o sound effect in the original. It’s electronic and alarm-like. Just music in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[At Etemon’s trailer]
Etemon: “Who do you think I am?! The KING OF DIGIMON, Lord Etemon!”
Etemon: “If my network’s offline, then everybody crashes! Lemme tell you why: because I’m Etemon!”


Side Note

Etemon got some rockin’ tunes in the dub! It’s not as iconic as Love Serenade, but it still totally fits his image. Richard Epcar sounds great singing over it, too! Original Etemon was pretty goofy-sounding when he sang, but dub Etemon is a superstar for sure!

Dialogue Deviation

[No answer from Etemon]
Cockatrimon: “That’s odd. I can’t get through to Lord Etemon. Kokka kokka kokkaa~… Can’t be helped. I’ll take care of them.”
Cockatrimon: “Something’s wrong. Etemon’s network appears to be down. Aw, who needs him? I’ll have the pleasure of plastering their feathers all by myself! Cocka! Cocka! Cocka! Cockaaa! It’s amazing how my brains surpass my good looks!”

So amazing.

Original Cockatrimon offers to pay the Numemon more to capture the Children, and dub Cockatrimon offers them an extra serving of dried bread (and even some jelly!). Talk about an offer you can’t refuse!

[Taichi and Jou get netted]
Jou: “What’s this all of a sudden?!”
Taichi: “Numemon! Just what are you doing?!”
Joe: “Don’t you know I’m claustrophobic?!”
Tai: “What’s gotten into you Numemon?!”

It’s the sweet siren call of jelly. Irresistible!

Side Note

In the original, Brave Heart starts playing for Agumon’s evolution, but is cut off when Cockatrimon deflects his Baby Flame. The dub doesn’t use the music to this effect.

Original Cockatrimon does the same chickeny laughing and bawking when he runs as he does in the dub. He also speaks with a chickeny flair, saying “gya” at the end of his sentences.

Dialogue Deviation

[He’s Cockatrimon!]
Gomamon: “You’re… Cockatrimon!”
Gomamon: “That bad egg is Cockatrimon!”

Hey! No need to get personal…

[Cockatrimon grabs the Tags+Crests from the table]
Cockatrimon: “I’ll be taking these.”
Cockatrimon: “Look, they left me a present!”

That tip is for the wait staff!

[Poolside gloating]
Cockatrimon: *extreme chicken-laughing*
Cockatrimon: “You’re sunk without these! But I wouldn’t be too upset; now you’ve got yourself a couple of nice Digimon garden ornaments!” *moderate chicken-laughing*

Cockatrimon’s Japanese voice actor sounds like he’s having a great time with this character.

Section: Eyecatch

Have yourself a great time with a little break!

Side Note

After the commercial break, the dub replays the shot of stoned Agumon and Gomamon, Cockatrimon holding up the Tags and Crests, and Taichi and Jou being like, “oh noes”.

In the dub, Cockatrimon sliding down the stair rail and smashing the totally inconspicuous statue thing gets some fun, cartoony sound effects to go with it.

Dialogue Deviation

[Cockatrimon has arrived to where Yamato et al are]
No dialogue.
Cockatrimon: “It’s your turn!”

[They got rocked]
Yamato: “Gabumon!”
Koushirou: “Tentomon!”
Takeru: “Tokomon!”
Matt: “They’ve been turned into rocks!”
Izzy: “Impossible!”
T.K.: “Poor Tokomon!”

First he was turned into an egg, and now a rock! Poor guy just can’t catch a break!

[More shower power]
No dialogue.
Mimi: “I’d do anything for a good moisturizing shampoo!”

Mimi, this is not the time!

… That’s what the conditioner is for!

[They escape the showers and Cockatrimon]
Just “kokka kokka”.
Cockatrimon: “You little chickadees think you’re so smart! Ergh! They won’t get away that easily!”

Well… they did… so…

Side Note

So when Sora and Mimi are running down the hall, in the original, they’re just breathing frantically, as one often does when fleeing from certain doom. In the dub, they are wailing the whole time, as is the last thing one wants to be doing in said situation.

Dialogue Deviation

[Cockatrimon cuts them off]
Sora: “Etemon’s ally?!”
Piyomon: “Looks like it!”
Sora: (casually) “It’s not the Easter chicken?”
Biyomon: “He’s bad news!”

Because of Sora’s casual enquiry, I looked up “Easter chicken”, and I learned that “Easter chicken” is a nickname for chickens with a gene that causes them to lay blue eggs. Neat! Lay an egg for us, Cockatrimon!

Mimi: “Taichi and Jou-senpai’s Crests!”
Mimi: “That omelette-head has Tai and Joe’s tags!”

Uh… maybe don’t lay an egg right now…

[the other Chosen Children are cooking up nicely]
Cockatrimon: “I grabbed the other five Chosen Children and put them out to sun-dry! They’ll be something nice for my belly!”
Cockatrimon: “I ran into several of your friends over by the pool, but don’t get your heads in a spin. They’re just drying off!” [tanning shot] “Nothing like little, sun-baked faces, fried to a crisp with curly crunch spuds and lots of coleslaw!”

Delicious! Sounds like a party!

[Where the Digimon at?]
Cockatrimon: “I turned them into stones with my power. I’ll boil them to make a nice soup stock.”
Palmon: “Unbelievable!”
Cockatrimon: “Don’t worry about those guys. Confidentially, I find them to be a little bit on the stiff side, but that just happens to be my personal opinion.”
Palmon: “Your opinion stinks!”

And you didn’t invite us to the party! You tell him, Palmon!

Piyomon: “Unforgivable!”
Biyomon: “You’ve cackled once too often!”

O_o Uh… guess we gotta watch our cackles around Biyomon…

[Runaway time]
Cockatrimon: *more kokka-kokka*
Cockatrimon: “Come back, you CHICKENS!”

I don’t get it.

No dialogue.
Sora: “Who’s he calling ‘chicken’?!”

Oh, now I get it.

Dub Sora adds, “What do we do now? We’re trapped!” when they reach the end of the bow.

Cockatrimon: “I’ve got you now!”
Cockatrimon: “Time to walk the plank!”

But there’s no plank!

[Birdramon has evolved!]
Cockatrimon: “She’s f-flying!”
Cockatrimon: “That’s not fair!”

So yeah, we miss out on Cockatrimon’s feelings of inadequacy because he can’t fly. It was a nice quirk for the original character.

Sora: “It looks like Cockatrimon can’t fly!”
Sora: “What’s the matter, you big cluck? Can’t you fly?”

SORA! We don’t use bird slurs, missy!

Side Note

In the original (yes, I’m sick of that phrase, too), Togemon’s “CHIKUCHIKU Bang Bang” is split up so that she shouts “CHIKUCHIKU” as she fires off her needles, then shouts “Bang” for each punch. It’s pretty sweet! In the dub, she just yells “Needle Spray” for the first part, and doesn’t yell anything when she punches. Kind of makes me sad that the dub version of her attack isn’t “Stabby Stabby Bang Bang”.

Dialogue Deviation

[he ded]
Mimi: “We did it!”
Mimi: “Fried chicken! Aah~!”


Side Note

In the dub, when the Numemon take off all their clothes (that’s right; they get naked! Why did you think this site is called “Digimon Uncensored”?!), they yell, “We’re outta here!” Then they run into the desert for some wholesome Numemon nudity.

Dialogue Deviation

[the Numemon run off after becoming Nudemon]
Taichi: “The Numemon are running away in a panic!”
Koushirou: “This ship is dangerous.”
Sora: “Let’s hurry and get off!”
Taichi: “Right!”
Tai: “I say we do the same as they are and abandon ship!”
Izzy: “I guess it’s a little late for a mutiny.”
Sora: “Don’t worry. The captain’s already been fricassee’d!”

It’s never too late for a mutiny, Izzy, fricassee or no!

[Cockatrimon rises from the smokestack]
Cockatrimon: “Damn Chosen Children and those Digimon… Cockatrimon will come back from this… in a little bit…”
Cockatrimon: “Ooh, my head… You may have ruffled my tail feathers, but I can still ERR ERR ARR. ERRrgh… Augh… (he was trying to crow) Okay, so maybe I’ve lost a little bit of my doodle, but I-I’m not finished yet!”

[Back to walking the desert]
No dialogue.
Joe: “Well… the weather sure hasn’t gotten any cooler…”

Eh. At least you got a little break in, right?

Mimi: “It’s hot…”
Mimi: “Do you hear something?”

[oh jeez oh jeez RUN]
Yamato: “Cockatrimon got back up?!”
Taichi: “That can’t be!”
Matt: “That’s one mad Digimon with his feathers out of joint!”

… this episode’s script is weird…

[A giant cactus has come to save us! Is it a mirage?]
Taichi: “No – there’s a shadow!”
Tai: “What were you expecting?! An outlet mall?!”

NO. Maybe. Look, just… shut up.

Dub Matt added “Hurry, get over on the other side!”, which is fine. Good advice.

Side Note

So Cockatrimon has the same “I can fly!” reaction in the original, but of course it’s a lot more meaningful because we know not being able to fly bothers him.

Then he dies.

Oh well!

Dialogue Deviation

[The giant cactus has saved the day]
Mimi: “It… wasn’t a mirage!”
Palmon: “It’s a real giant cactus!”
Mimi: “Wow! It’s even bigger than a skyscraper!”
Palmon: “You’re right! What’s a skyscraper, Mimi?”

Something you’ll never be as tall as, Palmon! HA– wait, you didn’t care about that in the dub…

[Now the giant cactus is blooming a flower on top!]
No dialogue.
Tai: “Look up there! Check it out, you guys!”

Side Note

Yes, more music garbage. The dub track is good. It captures the feeling of mystery and awe for the scene. The original track is extra pretty and calm and mystical, and I can’t extract it for you because SOME PEOPLE keep vocalizing over it.

Dialogue Deviation

[Mimi is gifted a Crest from the flower]
Mimi: “I didn’t want this… Will I be able to raise Palmon properly?”
Palmon: “Ah… Mi-Mimi…”
Mimi: “Oh! It’s the Crest of Sincerity! I don’t deserve it, but if it’ll help me take care of Palmon, I’ll keep it!”
Palmon: “Aww! Thanks, Mimi.”

… how do YOU know what Crest it is? Are you in cahoots with Sora and the old guy?!

No dialogue; everyone just stares at Mimi like a bunch of rude jerkwads while the sun sets behind them.
Mimi: “But I think I’m gonna have to teach you some manners! Do you know that you slurp when you eat soup? But don’t worry a single leaf on that pretty little head! Mimi’s going to teach you–“
Tai: “Sure, Mimi’s sort of a di-“


Tai: “-tz,”


Tai: “But she’s really sincere and a good friend. That’s why she ended up with the Crest of Sincerity! If you ask me, that was a good call! Totally cool!”


The Digi-Verdict:

Loooot of script changes in this episode! Could have been worse; what they changed was inconsequential, and they did try to keep certain elements like Cockatrimon’s inability to fly, and Mimi not wanting her Crest. It didn’t “stick” like it did in the original, but they did try! It’s a light-hearted episode, and at this point, the show’s humor is pretty well established. At least they had set-ups this time!

I give it an A, for “absolutely no murder chickens on board at all”!

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