Digimon Fusion S01E07

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Volcano Digimon, Explosion! (JP)
Danger Erupts! (EN)

Original Writer: Shōji Yonemura
Dub Writer: Mark Ryan

Original Airdates:
August 17, 2010 (JP)
November 3, 2013 (EN)

The Fusion Fighters arrive in the Magma Zone and have a spa day, then get attacked by SkullMeramon, a leader in Bagra’s Army under General AncientVolcanomon. Dorulumon drives them off, and Cutemon explains that he’s looking for his parents who have gone missing, and Dorulumon reluctantly agreed to help him do so. Despite Mikey’s protestations, Dorulumon leaves, but Mikey follows.

They come across a prison camp where Digimon are being forced to dig, looking for the Code Crown. Mikey goes in to free them at night, only to be caught in a trap by SkullMeramon. Dorulumon comes to their aid again, and Shoutmon X3 defeats SkullMeramon. But the victory doesn’t last long, as they are soon confronted by AncientVolcanomon.

Shoutmon: This is the Magma Zone!
Angie: Talk about a hot spot! Ahahaha! Get it?
Jeremy: Hahahaha! No.

Lord, how long have I been reviewing this episode?

Oh right, 12 seconds. Ugh.

Starmon in the original points out that the stink they’re all aghast from smells like rotten eggs, which leads into Zenjirou’s explanation about it being sulfur. In the dub, Starmon just said they should call it the “Stinky Zone” and “Whoever smelt it, dealt it,” which I’m pretty sure is a joke no one’s used since 1492 when Columbus ripped one on the deck of the Santa Maria and he shouted that to the Pinta when they started complaining about it.

The characters make constant ridiculous remarks, like Jijimon saying that hot springs are like “making a soup out of yourself,” and Shoutmon asking while soaking if this is “what hot chocolate feels like?” and whatnot. I will not list it all because I want to get married and start a family one day, and doing so would rob me of any time for such.

Painted bathing suit! At least the quality of these paint jobs are better than back in Data Squad’s days.

Cut: 1 second – Akari crossing her legs under the water, then another cut (<1 second) of Akari not really feeling the aster. Then another cut (<1 second) of Zenjirou freaking out about Akari seeing him shirtless.

Maybe a hot tub episode wasn’t the best idea. At least there was nothing sexualized about it in the original (unlike Sexy Dynamite…), since communal baths are far less of a big deal in Asia than they are here, but we’re Americans, we sexualize everything.

Don’t believe me? Turn off Google safesearch and type Renam– never mind, don’t do it. Spare yourself.

Consistent with previous media, DeathMeramon becomes SkullMeramon in the dub.

Inconsistent with previous media, Meramon are called RedMeramon here.

Cut: 10 seconds – Shoutmon challenges the Meramon, but Zenjirou and Taiki point out that they need clothes first.

Meramon’s Magma Bomb becomes RedMeramon’s Magma Blast.

Added scene: presumably to make up for lost time, the dub adds in a shot of SkullMeramon saying, “So he’s the one all the fuss is about, huh?”

Shoutmon X2’s Optic Laser is retained.

Death Meramon’s Heat Chain becomes SkullMeramon’s Chain of Pain.

I overlooked it earlier in the comparison because both versions did it, but when Ballistamon was asked to get into the hotsprings with them, he said he’d rust. Zenjirou (JP) and Ballistamon (EN) make a joke that he’d be Rustamon in that case.

Now when Shoutmon X2 is… dedigivolved? Defused? Zenjirou calls out his name out of concern, but says “Rusta… Ballistamon!” continuing the joke. This was not in the dub, which is fine. It was a dumb joke anyway, and it’s not like the dub needs more of those.

Side Note

The stock footage for the Star Sword has different backgrounds again between versions.

DeathMeramon’s Thrashing Heat Chains becomes SkullMeramon’s Blazing Iron Whip.

Cut: < 1 second – Zenjirou gets hit by the chains.

Taiki jumps in front of DeathMeramon’s attack to protect Cutemon. The dub uses a… something impact screen, idk, don’t care anymore.

SkullMeramon: Calling you a fool would insult the intelligence of fools! And no one insults me!

I’ve been thinking about that line for over a minute and can’t figure it out. Did SkullMeramon call himself a fool? Was that intended as a comedic line, or were the writers as zoned out of this episode as I am?

Cut: 1.5 seconds – DeathMeramon gets hit with Dorulumon’s attack.

How is this series even more cut-happy than Data Squad?!

Dorulumon’s inner dialogue is more… well, it’s just more in the dub. He explains everything out slowly and carefully in case the audience is full of idiots.

Side Note

Everyone denigrates Taiki/Mikey for saving Cutemon’s life, and this is why I hate everyone in this series.

It’s funny because it’s true.

The dub version was funny too, mostly because Shoutmon’s impersonation of Dorulumon was amusing.

Cutemon: Truth is, we’ve been travelling around everywhere looking for my parents, kyu.

But seriously, Digimon have parents now?

Consistent with previous media, Goblimon is retained.

The Digimon Death/SkullMeramon reports to is AncientVolcamon, an Ultimate (Mega in the dub) level Digimon. In the Frontier continuity, he’s one of the 10 Ancient Warriors from which the Spirits of Earth were passed down. The dub calls him Volcanomon, which doesn’t exist.

Side Note

AncientVolcanomon (since I’m calling him by his actual English name, not the dub flub) has a cockney accent in the dub.

Can this series do anything right? Yukidarumon, who have always been localized as Frigimon, are still called Yukidarumon in the dub.

Prairiemon is retained.

Side Note

Sam Riegel voices BlueMeramon in this series, and he does a great job. He voiced Kudamon in Data Squad.

Death/SkullMeramon’s Heavy Metal Fire is retained.

Bearmon is retained.

Cutemon is identified as male in this episode, as Bearmon said he met some Digimon looking for their son, and Cutemon believed them to be his parents. In the dub, the word son is replaced with “child.”

The dub removes references to Japanese and Korean dishes in the Data Files section.

Final Result

Total Footage Lost: 14 seconds

Bad episode, worse dub.

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