Digimon Frontier S01E05

Thunder Power Shaking the Ground, Blitzmon! (JP)
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beetlemon (EN)

Dub Writer: Dave Wittenburg

Original Airdates:
May 5, 2002 (JP)
October 7, 2002 (EN)

Section: Summary

It seems the ONLY reason that they’re changing character names is to make stupid pop culture references in the titles. D:

Dave Wittenburg, probably well known for voicing every Trailmon in this series, writes today. Lotsa stupid crap said by lotsa stupid characters.

The text on the Wind Factory sign was changed to English. I’d give you a screencap, but my media player won’t take a screen capture of it. >.<

[Update: 19 January 2008] Macho Duck here: never fear, Gordo! Kamairie grabbed a screencap and kindly cropped it down so we can see the (rather poorly) edited sign!

Dialogue Deviation

Neemon: A division of Mother Nature Enterprises!


Kokuwamon (chanting): Buzz, two, three, four…

Military grade electric stag beetles. >.>

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Kokuwamon attack change: Scissor Arms Mini -> Power Surge

Dialogue Deviation

J.P. calls Takuya “Takky.” Yeah, like your janitor clothes aren’t tacky?

In the original, Junpei is being cautious about going into the factory. In the dub, he asks Takuya to bring him food…

The Minomon in the original are adorable and say “mino” after every sentence. :3 The dub, on the other hand…

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Attack Change-ish

Gobli Strike -> Goblin Strike.

No biggy.

Dialogue Deviation

Neemon: Can we slide on the floor with our socks?

Tommy: A fan?
Zoe: An ugly one, at that. I mean, gray is so out!

…I have a question. Why does your hat have pointy cat ears? O.o

They got rid of the “Super” on one of the batteries on the plate… again, can’t get an image. >.<; But really, it was in ENGLISH. Why get rid of it?!

Dialogue Deviation

Neemon: A nine-volt omelet? 

Junpei: How do they even eat electricity?
Takuya: So, you are slaves in that place… 
J.P.: I had a feeling something was wrong. MY gut told me.
Takuya: Great… even your stomach’s a know-it-all…

Kokuwamon: I’ve gotten so jumpy these days I feel like there’s a kangaroo in my pants!

This clip is actually a previous shot of Kokuwamon speaking played backwards… of course, they utilize it to make ze dialogue of stupidity.

J.P.: I can’t become a Digimon like you guys… I’m just tall… sweet… cuddly…


J.P.: Why did I get on that stupid train anyway… I can’t do anything right in the Digital World…

Section: Cut or moved footage

WTF. Why do they keep adding scenes of Takuya getting his Agunimon spirit in the dub every time he evolves?! >.<;

Dialogue Deviation

Kazemon: That ought to wake up the neighbors!

Why the hell would you live next door to a factory?

Neemon: He made Goblimon Pops!

How observant. Stfu.

Neemon: Open says me!

I’m pretty sure nobody would willingly to open a door for you.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

They pronounce Snimon “Sneemon” in the dub instead of “Snighmon.” Also, an attack change: Shadow Sickle -> Twin Sickles

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Junpei was more optimistic about getting his spirit. J.P. is all mopey and claims to have a craving for chocolate.

Section: Cut or moved footage

They added an extra scene of Kazemon getting struck by Goblimon’s club. Way to demean the female even more, guys. D:

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Agnimon attack change: Fire Dart -> Pyro Darts Ha! <.<

Blitzmon -> Beetlemon. That means all five human spirits get a name change… what a great start.

Dialogue Deviation

Beetlemon: All I wanna taste is a cheeseburger with a side of fries!

You’re staring down a giant insectoid that’s more likely to kill you than vice-versa, and you want food.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Snimon: Ultimate Twin Sickles!

This one’s no better than your usual one, freak.


*spits out drink* HOLY SHIT THAT WAS POWERFUL <.<

But yeah, attack changed from “Thor Hammer.”

Dialogue Deviation

J.P.: Now can we find some food? Please?

Side Note

Grottomon’s dub voice sucks already. D: He sounds like a bigger idiot than he should…

Section: Cut or moved footage

[Added 19 January 2008]:Macho Duck here: 

Kamairie also got a few screen captures of a cut scene for us! This cut was about three seconds long and occurred while the Kokuwamon were telling their story to the Chosen Children. The shot itself shows a not-so-happy scene of some Kokuwamon being bombed and then baked. DX 

Final Verdict

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