Digimon Adventure S01E24

Crush! AtlurKabuterimon (JP)

No Questions, Please (EN)

Written by:

EN: Rebecca Olkowski and “Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz”

First aired:

JP: August 22, 1999
EN: November 6, 1999

Section: Summary

Having been fired from his job at the amusement park, DemiDevimon has found a new job as a public park attendant, helpfully posting warning signs and taking photos for the park’s website. Izzy and Tentomon stroll in, now seeking employment after the loss of villains and Digi-disbandment of the DigiDestined, but they find the park’s warning signs difficult to navigate. Unable to choose a path, Izzy recalls a piece of advice he often receives and goes to Hell instead. There, he meets Hell’s curator, Vademon, who is indeed hiring for a Tour Guide and customer service position. He takes Izzy’s curiosity and his Tag and Crest to serve as forms of identification, and he gets started on the onboarding paperwork.

Izzy fares poorly in orientation without his curiosity, and he fails his Hell Safety Exam so hard that Tentomon turns into a baby – the exact situation the Hell Safety Training was designed to prevent. Ashamed and now regretting turning over his curiosity instead of his shame, Izzy retrieves his belongings and attempts to sneak out. Unfortunately, he gets caught up in an unprecedented predicament: Vademon had just caught DemiDevimon taking a dump on Hell’s doorstep, the latter having made the critical error of ringing the doorbell before the dump was laid, and he unleashes Hell’s Unholy Army of Papier-mâché Asteroids and Planetoids. Tentomon evolves all the way to MegaKabuterimon to break through the artfully constructed battalion, and he and Izzy depart. DemiDevimon learns the hard way that Hell’s doorstep is government property and is fired from the park service.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou and Tentomon are walking up a ridge]
Tentomon: “… Koushirou, can we rest a bit? I’m beat!”
Izzy: “This is extremely perplexing! We’ve been trying to find Jennai for over two months. Got any ideas, Tentomon? We’re walking in circles.”
Tentomon: “We could walk in squares, but that’s not likely to work either! Let’s take a breather and wait for him to come to us!”

He’s got a point – that is how it’s always worked before.

No, not the ‘squares’ thing! Jennai always appears to them!

Koushirou: “Whatever it takes, I want to meet Mr. Gennai!”
Izzy: “I prefer to take a more scientific approach to this problem!”


Tentomon: “Even so, it’s already been two months…”
Koushirou: “It doesn’t matter how many months it takes!”
Tentomon: “…”
Koushirou: “I’m going ahead.”
Tentomon: “Aah! Koushirou, wait!”
Tentomon: “Yes, but even scientists need to take a break!”
Izzy: “There’s no time to rest, so stop asking!”
Tentomon: “Uuuooohh…”
Izzy: “I’m absolutely certain that he’s around here somewhere.”
Tentomon: “I hope so for my feet’s sake!”

Ah, yes, the scientific method:

  1. Collect zero data;
  2. Do not take breaks. Deplete all your energy in one sitting, then die;
  3. Be “absolutely certain” of things based on no evidence whatsoever;
  4. Do NOT, under any circumstances, return to any points where someone has appeared before you, explain your situation, and ask them where they are.

[PicoDevimon is posting a sign]
PicoDevimon: “Lord Vamdemon is going to scold me… Lord Vamdemon is going to scold me…”
DemiDevimon: “This better work! *grunt grunt grunt grunt (he’s stomping the sign into the ground)* I hate it when Myotismon gets angry!”

Side Note

He was named at the end of the last episode, but Vamdemon is Myotismon in the dub. Myotis is the genus name for mouse-eared bats. “Vamde” is short for “vampire demon”.

Leading into his flashback, DemiDevimon recalls Myotismon’s voice calling his name, as he does in the original. Myotismon draws it out, though, like, “DemiDEVIMOOOOON” as cartoon bosses do when disappointed with their subordinates. It’s pretty great.

Dialogue Deviation

[Flashback to PicoDevimon’s quarterly performance evaluation]
Vamdemon: “When will you have stolen the Crests from the Chosen Children?”
PicoDevimon: “V-very soon!”
Vamdemon: “Should I believe you?”
PicoDevimon: “Please believe these eyes! Lord Vamdemon!” [i.e. see the sincerity in his eyes]
Vamdemon: “I’ll believe you… but if it comes that you haven’t stolen the Crests, be prepared!”
PicoDevimon: “If I haven’t stolen them…”
DemiDevimon: “Heheh… Nice day, huh, Boss?”
Myotismon: “I’m still waiting for you to steal the Crests from those kids.”
DemiDevimon: “I’ve got a surefire way to get ’em!”
Myotismon: (sassy) “I’ve heard that one before!”
DemiDevimon: “Would this cute little face tell a fib, Boss? After all, you’re Myotismon! I’d be out of my head to make you mad!”
Myotismon: “I’ll give you one more chance… but I won’t be so benevolent the next time! Do you understand?”
DemiDevimon: *frets* “Loud and clear!”

It’s been long enough that I don’t remember if Myotismon is sassy all the time. Please tell me he’s sassy all the time.

PicoDevimon: “This time, I’m dead! I’m dead!” *stomps sign* “I’m–” *sign breaks*
DemiDevimon: “If I don’t steal those Crests…” *stomps down sign* “…he’s gonna rake me over the coals!” *sign breaks*

Side Note

There’s a weird pause in the animation when PicoDevimon falls away from the sign. It’s there in the original, too – not from cut footage or anything.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou and Tentomon approach]
PicoDevimon: “Ha? It’s a Chosen Child!” *flies away to hide*
DemiDevimon: “Uh-oh! They’re here! I’ve gotta hit it!” *flies away to hide*

Listed for “hit it” just because it’s kind of confusing. He isn’t going to hit anything; he just meant he had to hide.

Koushirou: “I’m sure when I meet Mr. Gennai, he’ll know the secret of these Crests.”
Izzy: “I’m curious to know why Jennai is so secretive… I wanna discuss the merits of the Crests with him!”

Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want you know where he lives.

Tentomon: “You’re always tryin’ to know ’bout everythin’. You got an inquisitive mind – I like it!”
Tentomon: “I like that about you, Izzy! You have a never-ending thirst for information. It’s amazing your brain doesn’t explode with all that knowledge!”

What are you planning this time, Tentomon? If it involves Izzy’s head exploding, I’m in.

Koushirou: “Hold on, please. It’s not that I’m embarrassed…”
Tentomon: “I didn’t say anythin’ weird…”
Koushirou: “I know.”
Izzy: “There are a lot more things I can learn!”
Tentomon: (“innocently”) “How much room do you have left in your brain…?”
Izzy: “As much as I need!”

Okay, seriously: the way he asked “how much room do you have left in your brain?”? His sudden interest in brains? SUPER suspect.

Koushirou: “Even then, I wonder where Mr. Gennai is…”
Izzy: “I wonder where Jennai could be! With all my knowledge, I still can’t find him!”

Didn’t he put a map on your computer?

Nevermind. It’s useless.

[hey, a sign!]
Tentomon: “Ah, here’s a sign!”
Koushirou: “There really is!”
Tentomon: “Look, Izzy, it’s a sign!”
Izzy: “You mean from above?”
Tentomon: “No, here on the ground…”
Izzy: “How bizarre!”

Not so sure about those brains now, are you, Tentomon?

Not bad, dub-o! The sign they find, written in Japanese, reads, “Beware of falling HUGE POOPS!” The dub faithfully changes this to “Beware of falling sludge”, which is consistent with its adaptation.

If this is consistent with other things, you should probably eat more fiber.

Note: a moment later, we have a wider shot of them at the sign, and it’s blank. It’s like that in both versions.

Dialogue Deviation

Tentomon: “What… is this?”
Koushirou: “Uh…”
*huge falling poop imaginery*
Tentomon: “Uh oh! This could get real ugly!”
Izzy: “Huh?”
*falling, weirdly dense and not-sludgy “sludge” imaginery*
Tentomon: “Eeyueeeyyueeyugh! Please tell me this was just a dream!”

How brilliant is that plan, though? Like, who WOULDN’T err on the side of not taking the huge-falling-dumps route?

Also, hands up: who wouldn’t err on the side of not taking the huge-falling-dumps route? Seems like something we should keep track of.

Tentomon: “What the-?! There’s one here, too!”
Izzy: “Oh no! There’s another sign up ahead!”

What do you mean, “oh no”?! You haven’t read it yet! It could say, “ALLERGEN WARNING: sunshine and daisies this way” for all you know!

Koushirou and Tentomon try to avoid the huge falling dumps only to be faced with another nightmare: huge, stagnant dump pits! These are, of course, sludge pits in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Another sign]
Koushirou: (reading the sign) “‘Beware of bottomless poop pits.'”
Tentomon: “Again?!” *poo-pit vision* “Koushirou, let’s go that [the not-poo-pits] way!”
Koushirou: “Yeah.”
Izzy: “‘Bottomless sludge pits’ – not a very pleasant experience!”
Both: “Eeuugh…”
Tentomon: *sludge pit vision* “EAoAoAo I feel like I’ve been flushed! I hope I never see another sign as long as I live!”
Izzy: “Me too!”

After two signs, Tentomon is ready to go cold turkey, but it’s the set-up for them turning around to see another sign right away, which I appreciate.

This new sign warns of “ferocious poop”. I’ve heard the same warning about some fast food chains.

Dialogue Deviation

[One more sign]
Koushirou: (reading the sign) “‘Beware of ferocious poop’?!”
Izzy: “‘Attack sludge’?! Impossible!”
Tentomon: *attack sludge vision* “How humiliating! Attacked by an attack sludge! Izzy, let’s split up! You go this way.

[The ground has collapsed below them and they are now falling]
Koushirou: “Tentomon, can’t you fly?”
Tentomon: “I can’t fly!” *tries to fly* “See? Very much fallin’!”
Koushirou: “I wonder how far we’ll fall.”
Tentomon: “I dunno!!”
Izzy: “There’s no bottom to this pit!”
Tentomon (suspiciously calm): “Well, that could work in our favor.” *tries to fly and totally looks like he’s about to leave Izzy to die* “It’s a lot easier on your head that way, if you ask me!”
Izzy: “Unfortunately, that’s impossible!”
Tentomon: “If we fall any farther, we’ll be in…!”

[A new voice chimes in to answer how far they’ll fall]
New voice: “Hell.”
Koushirou: “H-hell??” *flails upward* “You’ve got to be kidding me!”
Tentomon: *flailing* “Really!!”
Koushirou grabs on to Tentomon.
Tentomon: “I don’t wanna go to Hell!!”
New voice: “A very unpleasant place!”
Tentomon: “That’s not good!”
(They both just yell as they flail and Izzy grabs on to Tentomon)

Huh. That pretty much implies they’re going to Hell. Let’s face it: it was only a matter of time.

[Not today, Satan!]
New voice: “Grab on to these.”
New voice: “Does anybody need a lift?”
Izzy: *now on what is clearly a ducky float* “Hey, what are these?”
New voice: “I have temporarily given you a lifeguard.”

Koushirou riding a ducky pool float that's dressed up like a lifeguard.
No running in the poo pit.
Side Note

New Voice will have a name soon. His voice in the original is deep and authoritative for this section, and we find out he’s campy and sassy later. He is campy and sassy the whole time in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Greedy peeps go to bad places]
Koushirou: “I don’t think either of us are particularly obsessed with greed, though.”
New voice: “No, you are obsessed! You want to know about everything.”
Izzy: “I’m not sure I comprehend what you’re saying. What are you accusing us of being greedy for?”
New voice: “Why, that you know too much, of course! You’re sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong!”

While it is true that Izzy does not mind his business, that’s definitely not the issue in the original.

Koushirou: “I should’t want to know about everything?”
New voice: “See? Going down that path, wanting to know, wanting to know, the weight of your heart drags you down to Hell.”
Koushirou: “How could that be?!”
New voice: “See? Again with the ‘why’s!”
Koushirou: “Because…”
Izzy: “What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information?”
New voice: “See?! You’re doing it again! You can’t seem to stop yourself! You’re headed straight for the pit if you don’t learn to control yourself!”
Izzy: “How come?”
New voice: “You don’t even know that you’re doing it!”
Izzy: “I don’t?”

Nah, dude, he does that shit on purpose. Honestly, you don’t even want him in your pit. Just let him go.

New voice: *duck inflate* “Your inquisitive heart just gets more and more swollen!” *duck pop*
New voice: *duck inflate* “It’s like a disease with you! Oh, well! Nice knowing you!” *duck pop*

Yeah – just kill him! That’s a way better idea!

[Koushirou has been caught by Tentomon, and they do not want to go to Hell]
New voice: “Then throw away your inquisitive heart!”
Tentomon: “… I like you wit’ yer inquisitive heart, Koushirou.”
Koushirou: “But at this rate, both of us will fall to Hell!” *Tentomon’s floaty pops and they both fall* “How do I throw it away?!”
New voice: “Pray for it!”
New voice: “Then give up your curiosity to me!”
Izzy: “But then won’t you go to Hell?”
New voice: “That’s another question!!”

Izzy: “It appears I have no other choice!”
Tentomon: “But it’s your curiosity, Izzy, that makes it so much easier to lure you into tra– errr… that I admire!”
Izzy: “WHAT PROCEDURE SHOULD I UTILIZE to keep us from falling down this pit?!”
*Tentomon’s floaty pops and they fall*
New voice: “STOP DOING THAT asking questions!”
Izzy: “I won’t! I won’t! I don’t wanna know!”
New voice: “That’s more like it!”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Koushirou goes to space, as we all do when we give up our weirdly globular curiosity, and there, we are introduced to Vademon.

Narrator: “Vademon: an unidentified Digimon no matter where or when. His special attack, Devil’s Thrown Kiss, is very good at warding off enemies.”
Tentomon: “Vademon was living proof you should always stay away from Digimon with unusually large heads. That big brain of his was scrambled, if you ask me!”

He was born like that, you bigot.

Side Note

The desert-y, bell-y music is back for Vademon’s introduction in the original. I guess now it’s zen-y and bell-y. It might be a xylophone. I don’t know. It vibrates and produces soundwaves when struck.

As far as convincing Izzy to give up his curiosity, the dub is handling the subject quite well, even alluding to the fact that he’s going to Hell (maybe not for this reason, but that’s definitely where he’s headed).

The difference is how they handle Vademon, who is still weird, but in the original, he’s playing the part of someone wise and enlightened. In the dub, he’s always flippant and self-absorbed, so not quite as convincing in his façade peddling Buddhist philosophy (that greed/unhealthy desire is the source of suffering).


Dialogue Deviation

[The globular curiosity floats up between Koushirou and Vademon]
Vademon: “This is your discarded inquisitive heart.”
Vademon: “Your curiosity is in this sac(k?).”

Ugh. Dude, don’t say “sac(k?)”…

Vademon: “It must not be allowed to dirty the Sacred Mysterious Universe. I will dispose of it.”
Vademon: “It’s garbage! You don’t need it! And I don’t want it messing up my universe. I just hate having clutter; if it’s not needed, I sack it!”

Seriously. It sounds weird when you say it.

[Koushirou receives a book.]
Vademon: “It’s more important that you adorn Cosmic Power.”
Koushirou: “A Cosmic Power book…”
Vademon: “That is how it is.” *squiggles out and cackles*
Vademon: “Now that that’s done, I want you to read my latest book. It’s all you need to know!”
Izzy: “‘All you need to know…’ whether you like it or not… Wait, he peed in the dish sink?! WE ATE THERE ON OUR WAY HERE.
Vademon: “It happens to be a best-seller.” *squiggles out and … uhhh… someone is tickling him? maybe?*

[Koushirou reads from the book]
Koushirou: “An example of Cosmic Power is breathing.”
Tentomon: “Koushirou, that’s just nonsense!”
Koushirou: “‘Proper breathing is releasing alpha waves from your right chest.'”
Izzy: “‘In order to be one with the universe, you must erase your thoughts.'”
Tentomon: “But your thoughts make up who you are! You mustn’t erase them!”
Izzy: “‘It is important to breathe into your thoughts until they slowly disintegrate and turn into mush.'”

Wow. I’m already so one with the universe!

[Koushirou’s Digivice is beeping]
Koushirou: *resumes reading* “‘The result is improved blood flow, and energy will flow through your entire body. Therefore, the breathing’…”
*Tentomon retrieves his laptop and investigates*
Izzy: *resumes reading* “The less you think about, the happier you’ll be.” *still speaking while Tentomon retrieves his laptop*
Tentomon: “Someone’s sending us a transmission!”
Izzy: “Soon, your mind will shut down, and you will have nothing left to worry about.”

Least of all the ‘mind shutting down’ bit!

Section: Inconsistency

So hey! Remember back in ‘Home Away from Home/Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo” when Tai was video chatting with Izzy, and Izzy seemed REALLY out-of-it? Well, here we are: Izzy’s side of the conversation! Except it’s not, apparently.

Taichi: “Koushirou!”
Koushirou: “T-Taichi! Where are you right now?”
Taichi: “At home! I’m back in our world. Koromon is with me.”
Koushirou: “Is that so? Then, over here… you’re not coming back… but please keep in touch…” *transmission drops*
Tai: “Izzy!”
Izzy: “Look. It’s Tai. Where are you?”
Tai: “I’m home, but I got your message that you’re in danger! I’m trying to find you!”
Izzy: “Tell me about it! I’m trying to find myself. Don’t bother coming back to the DigiWorld, Tai. You’ll just clutter up the universe!”
Tai: “IZZY!”

Ha! He basically told Tai he’s worthless.

So, yeah. I guess we’re to believe that Tai is a sleep-walker, and in the midst of his nap, he hopped on the computer and called Izzy back on his video chat software. Then he lied back down and continued ignoring the delicious watermelon nearby.

That also explains where Koushirou’s/Izzy’s headset went – Tai dreamt it up! … In both versions, somehow…

Likewise the angle at which Koushirou was looking at the screen.

We didn’t get to see any of it, because there was a brief aside in which Koromon erroneously told Kari that it’s dangerous to wake a sleep-walker, which is a myth, and the dub writers did not want to perpetuate misinformation. Nice work, team!

This conjecture is also a myth, and don’t fucking monsplain it to me.

Dialogue Deviation

[Transmission ended]
Tentomon: “Looks like Taichi’s in trouble, too…” *Koushirou moves away* “Koushirou!”
Tentomon: “Tai’s risking his life to save you, Izzy!”
Izzy: “Oh well!”
Tentomon: “He’s your friend!”

Dude, he just said he’s at home. He’s taking a nap! It’s fine!

[Koushirou continues reading]
Koushirou: “With Cosmic Power, you will find a sense of peace with everything.”
*Tentomon silently shuts the laptop*
Izzy: “Indifference is the key to success. Practice it.”
Tentomon: *shuts laptop* “The Izzy I knew is no more…”

Thank cod.

[Inside Vademon’s abode, where he stores globules and other items]
Vademon: “The inquisitive heart goes right next to the ignorant heart! As long as there are people who will throw away their hearts, there are people who will buy them! I am the shopkeeper of Universe of Hearts, Vademon!”
Vademon: “I’ve got a warehouse full of curiosities and other cast-away items, and all of them are for sale! There’s always someone who wants to buy junk, and I know the salesman who can give them a bargain! Vademon: curiosity salesman extraordinaire! A penny for your thoughts, and a nickel for your fears!”

At first, I heard a ‘p’ sound instead of an ‘f’ in “fears”, and I thought he said “penis”.

I wonder what happened with the person who threw away their ignorant heart, though…

Vademon: “Oh? It must be a customer looking to buy a heart!”
Vademon: “Mm?? Haha!”

Uh-oh. I hope I didn’t give him to idea to start buying wieners.

So PicoDevimon was ringing the doorbell, and Vademon comes up to greet him. Minor alterations: Dub Vademon is more “bargains”-focused in his pitch. Original Vademon was more like a classic glob-salesmon – offering variety in his shop to suit the customer’s wants. DemiDevimon also mentions Vademon’s universe, which PicoDevimon doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of.

Then, the major change: PicoDevimon offered Vademon a lot of fine poop, the prospect over which he was indeed delighted for some horrible reason, as shown by his fantasy of a giant crystal poo.

In the dub, this is hilariously changed to DemiDevimon offering up his own curiosity, which Vademon envisions as a giant crystal poo, and he’s probably not wrong.

Pretty solid work all around!

The conversation ends:
Vademon: “I’ll take it! I’ll definitely get it and trade it for your fine poop!”
Vademon: “It certainly is [a deal]! I can tell by looking at you that you’re a Digimon with enough wacky thoughts to make me a fortune!”

Section: Eyecatch

This episode is weird.

Side Note

You know how Koushirou is doing his alphabet gymnastics or whatever? How uncool is it that they don’t show him doing ‘H’? I want to know how he pulled that one off.

Did he squat with his arms up?
Dialogue Deviation

Tentomon: “Koushirou!”
Koushirou: “I’m training to adorn Cosmic Power right now. Please don’t disturb me!”
Tentomon: “Izzy, what are you doing?”
Izzy: “I’m preparing my brainwaves by focusing on some basic fundamentals, so I would rather you did not disturb me.”

But Tentomon is a basic fundamental! Izzy!!

Original Vademon did not specify that Koushirou didn’t need to throw away his clothes, but dub Vademon heroically took up the mantle. Thank you, Dub Vademon. You saved us all!

Side Note

Koushirou’s been hittin’ the fortune cookies hard, which is weird, because they aren’t popular in Japan…

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou discards his belongings minus clothes as per Vademon’s instructions, including his Tag and Crest]
Tentomon: “AAH! You can’t do that!!”
Tentomon: “Have you gone bananas?! You can’t throw those away!”

[“They have to be recycled as electronics!”]

Vademon: “I’ll be taking this.”
Tentomon: “Give back the Crest!”
Vadeomon: “Be quiet!”
Vademon: “What a nice-looking trinket!”
Tentomon: “Give back that Tag and Crest, you poor excuse for a Digimon!”
Vademon: “Back off, bug!”

Listed for Vademon’s failure to make a pun – “quit bugging me” or some variant thereof.

Side Note

Tentomon’s not really a Digimon for insults in the original. He’s always pretty polite and non-confrontational – just like Koushirou. In the scene where he’s trying to stop Vademon from taking the Tag and Crest, he’s shocked and panicking, but not trying to pick a fight like dub Tentomon.

And now, Vademon and PicoDevimon make their trade!

Originally, of course, Vademon wanted the ‘fine poop’ PicoDevimon had promised him. PicoDevimon promises to have it right out, and squats over to start production. He groans that it’s not coming out. He farts. Vademon kicks him, he hits a rock, and farts again.

In the dub, Vademon wants “a piece” of DemiDevimon’s brain – previously agreed upon as his ‘curiosity’. DemiDevimon announces he’s going to “crank out some of [his] thoughts”, squats over and starts pushing, and groans that “it’s hard to get ’em out of [his] head”. Vademon rushes him, kicks him, and no farts occur.

Pretty seamless handling by the dub – with additional implication that DemiDevimon’s thoughts are crap. Nicely done!

Side Note

Oh, that’s how he did ‘H’…

… That looks a lot more painful than my idea…

Dialogue Deviation

Original: Tentomon only says Koushirou’s name, devolves, and then only says his own name (Motimon).

Dub: Tentomon laments, “I’ve lost him…”, complains, “I… I have no energy… left…”, devolves, groans, then says “Motimon”. Close enough, right?

Side Note

Original Motimon just sounds like a younger Tentomon, but dub Motimon gets a cute, squishy-sounding voice.

Dialogue Deviation

Babumon only says , “babu babu” in the original. Dubumon asks, “Have you already forgotten who I am, Izzy? Have you forgotten who you are?” For fuck’s sake, Babumon, YES. Haven’t you been paying attention?! “Try to remember! TRY!” NO. I’m busy!

Also, he says, “pabu pabu”. Is he supposed to be Pabumon? Pabu is not a Digimon, and he cannot by controlled by your pathetic devices!

Then Izzy sees third-person memories of his and Tentomon’s journey in Babumon’s gross tear-bubbles, but whoever witnessed those events has a surprisingly unreliable memory, because Izzy is remembered as saying things he did not say:

[Walking up the path to the poop fields earlier this episode]
What Izzy actually said: “I’m absolutely certain that he’s around here somewhere.”
Third-party recollection: “I just want to figure out what the DigiWorld really is!”

[Izzy goes to Hell and clings onto Tentomon earlier this episode]
Tentomon flailed and made noises.
Third-party’s suspiciously “I told you so”-style recollection: “Hold on, Izzy! And don’t let go of your curiosity! It’s your curiosity I admire!”

[Finding the control center in the factory where Andromon was – not in this episode]
What Izzy actually said: “These markings are binary annotations of some sort – a computer program.”
Third-party recollection: “This is merely scientific speculation, but I believe I’ve stumbled onto something more than just a simple computer game!”

Way to be wrong about the same event twice, Izzy.

In the original: the first memory had the same dialogue – Koushirou wanting to find Gennai and learn about the Crests. In the second memory, we heard Tentomon’s, “You’re always tryin’ to know about everythin’. You have an inquisitive mind – I like it” play over. The third memory has no lines.

[Koushirou has realized how close one of the gross tear-bubbles came to going into his mouth and snapped out of his funk. He now overhears Vademon and PicoDevimon’s argument]
Vademon: “Stop joking around!”
PicoDevimon: “Mr. Vademon, don’t get upset!”
Vademon: “Sir [customer], aren’t you being too persistent?!”
PicoDevimon: “W-wait a moment!”
Vademon: “I will not wait! Leave! Leave!”
PicoDevimon: “I can’t leave!”
Vademon: “You lied! You’re nothing but a weasel!”
DemiDevimon: “Don’t get bent all outta shape!”
Vademon: “I always change shape when I’m mad!” [(?) poor audio quality]
DemiDevimon: “Gimme a break! I’m gonna get in big trouble!”
Vademon: “That’s not my concern, you pesky pipsqueak!”

Listed because Vademon and PicoDevimon’s interactions were always very business-y – like an actual shop-owner and customer… Vademon and DemiDevimon talk like… a bickering couple, kinda…

… Unless that was what talking to a shop-owner was like in the USA back in 1999, and I just missed out.

The scene where PicoDevimon follows Vademon into his storeroom/maybe-home is pretty much the same, but DemiDevimon claims Myotismon will tear out his feathers, and that he’s a “big brute”. That kind of talk about your superior gives the company a bad name, DemiDevimon!

[Koushirou has dropped eaves upon the argument]
Koushirou: “He has the Crest I threw out!”
Babumon: “Babu!”
Koushirou: “Since I don’t have my inquisitive heart, I don’t really understand, but…”
Babumon: “Babu?”
Koushirou: “… I think I’ve been tricked.”
Izzy: “I’m mixed up because my curiosity’s gone, but I believe somehow I’ve been tricked!”

Emphasized because I like how he says it like it was someone else’s mistake.

Izzy: “So I must implement a plan to get it back.”
Babumon: “Babu!”
Izzy: “Unfortunately, all I’m coming up with is a big ‘zero’.”

[Vademon is still atempting to throw PicoDevimon out]
Vademon and PicoDevimon go back-and-forth with “Leave!” “I can’t!”
DemiDevimon: *whines* “But Vademo~n!”
Vademon: “Get out!”
DemiDevimon: “Forget it!”
Vademon: “It’s mine!”
DemiDevimon: “No, it’s not!”
Vademon: “You wanna bet?!”
DemiDevimon: “Hand it over, you old coot!”
Vademon: “Now you’ve really got me mad!”

Mon, shopping in 1999 was so romantic!

After Koushirou smartly tricks them into running out the door and locks it behind them, Vademon and PicoDevimon pound on it and yell at him to open it. In the dub, DemiDevimon yells at him, “Myotismon will have me for lunch!” and “Kid, let’s make a deal!” Myotismon doesn’t eat bat Digimon, DemiDevimon, he’s named after a genus of actual bats. How many times do we have to go over this?

[Babumon leads Koushirou to his globular curiosity]
Koushirou: “Ah, my inquisitive heart! An ignorant ‘me’ isn’t me! Wanting to know about everything is who I am.”
Babumon: “Babu! Babu!”
Koushirou: “My inquisitive heart… I’m sorry for throwing you away.”
Izzy: “PRO-digious! You found my curiousity! Why is it on a shelf labeled ‘silicone butt implants’? Eh, it’s probably not important. It was mistake to give it up. I’m sorry I just tossed it away! Curiosity is essential!”
Babumon: “Babu baBU!”
Izzy: “I’m going to have to concentrate. I hope it transfers.”

[Vademon and PicoDevimon bust through the door as Koushirou holds the glob to his noggin]
Koushirou: “I want to know. I want to know.”
Izzy: “Come back in my heart! Come back in my heart!”

Listed not only because it sounds like a terrible musical number starting up, but for Koushirou’s acceptance and love for his curiosity, which doesn’t quite make it into the dub the same way.

[Vademon has located Koushirou and has time to monologue prior to shooting him]
Vademon: “Haah~! He took back the inquisitive heart!!”
Vademon: “Ha! Now you’re going to pay for this! Stop!”

Pay for what? You stole his brain from him, and he wasn’t even less annoying without it!

Side Note

Digital Scratch plays in the original, starting when Koushirou takes his inquisitive heart back and ending when Tentomon evolves to Kabuterimon, where Brave Heart kicks in. Standard “oh no oh jeez” music plays in the dub until Tentomon Digivolves.

Dialogue Deviation

Vademon: “Devil’s Thrown Ki-*smooch*”
Vademon: “What I need is some pest control – toodle-oo~!

Side Note

The “Ah! Oof! Ah! Ugh!” that Kabuterimon’s dub actor does when the asteroids hit him makes that scene way funnier.

In the original, the music transitions to “bad time” during the latter half of Kabuterimon’s cosmic beat-down.

Dialogue Deviation

[Kabuterimon has taken the barrage of space rocks]
Vademon: “Underestimate me and get hurt!”
Vademon: “Sorry, but I’ve never been very partial to vermin Digimon!”

Koushirou: “Kabuterimon, get up!”
Izzy: “Get up! You gotta Digivolve!”

Listed because Izzy isn’t supposed to know that’s an option for him yet. It was supposed to be a surprise, damnit!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

AtlurKabuterimon –> MegaKabuterimon

What the heck is an ‘atlur’? Nobody knows. It’s possible that the name actually comes from Atlas beetles, which also have big ol’ horns, although AtlurKabuterimon more closely resembles a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. Maybe it’s like “atlar” (‘atlas’ but ‘ar’not ‘atlas butter’), but the canon romanization is “atlur”.

Narrator: “AtlurKabuterimon: A giant insect Digimon evolved from Kabuterimon. His special attack, Horn Buster, stabs the enemy with his super-huge horn!”
Izzy: “Kabuterimon was successful! He Digivolved to Ultimate, MegaKabuterimon! Let’s see if you can take him on, Vademon!”

Let’s see if you can take him on, Izzy. I think that would be more entertaining!

Dialogue Deviation

Vademon: “Devil’s Thrown Ki-*smooch*!”
Vademon: “I have a surprise for him, too! Oooohooohooo~!”

Then he throws a tiny planet with no atmosphere/an extraordinarily dense atmosphere at AtlurKabuterimon, which WAS a surprise!

Vademon: “How’s that?! What do you think of that?” *cackles*
Vademon: “Nothing like a speeding planet to give them the ultimate headache!”

Hey, what planet was that? Asking for a galaxy and population of– nevermind. They’re dead.

Side Note

Ugh, that “Hey Digimon” song is back. Like, it’s not terrible. I can see how people could get into it, and it’s kind of cute. It’s just pop-y and boring, and then you’re old and you remember the late 90’s and you’re like, “UGH YOUTH” and it’s just tiresome.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou was falling and screaming, and it looked like AtlurKabuterimon was about to eat him]
*No comment.*
Izzy: “Thanks, MegaKabuterimon!”

I like to think the dub writers deliberately included this line to assure viewers that no, MegaKabuterimon did not eat Izzy.

Or he did, and Izzy is supportive.

Yamato: “An earthquake!”
Nah. Just yelling.

You couldn’t really see Yamato’s mouth move when he declared an earthquake, so I guess they just figured there was no need to call it out. That works; it just always feels odd when they skip an opportunity for a line.

[Koushirou hugs Motimon after they escape the Mystery Science Universe or whatever. It’s about damn time we got some hugs around here!]
Motimon: “I used up too much energy…”
Koushirou: “Motimon, thank you.”
Motimon: “Koushirou, that hurts…”
Motimon: “I’m so tired, I can barely stand up!”
Izzy: “Aww, I’m sorry!”
Motimon: “Aw, it’s not your fault. You didn’t know!”

It’s kind of his fault.

Side Note

DAMNIT Motimon’s voice in this episode is cute. It wasn’t always that cute. Whoever decided to make it that cute is a genius.

Dialogue Deviation

[Yamato et al have located Koushirou and Motimon]
Koushirou: “Yamato! Takeru!”
Motimon: “Tsunomon! Patamon!”
Izzy: “That’s right – we’re back!”
Motimon: “Yeah, we’re back!” [?? audio issues]

All right, what’s the deal with the humans only acknowledging the humans and the Digimon acknowledging the Digimon in the original? It’s not the first time it’s happened, and it’s kind of weird.

But also Matt didn’t know that Izzy had gone anywhere, which makes his next line, a casual “how’s it goin’?” sensible. He asked the same (“are you well?”) in the original.

Takeru: “I’m glad we found you!”
Tsunomon: “Motimon, you look like a baby, being held like that!”
Motimon: “Koushirou, lemme down!”
Koushirou: “It’s fine; you’re tired, after all.”
T.K.: “Tell us what happened!”
Tsunomon: “Yeah, how did you get here? We thought you were a Digi-goner when you left alone with Tentomon!”
Motimon: “Izzy was taking a self-improvement class! It didn’t work.
Izzy: “I improved so much, I flunked right out!”

I mean, he’s not technically wrong…

The scene after Gennai appears is the same, but he refers to the information he sent as the Digimon Analyzer in the original. It’s the “Digimon file” in the dub. Then Izzy brings up the Digimon Analyzer on his laptop anyway. Jennai’s old, though – he probably just didn’t remember what it’s called.

Koushirou: “This is the Digimon Analyzer. It’s here! AtlurKabuterimon, an insect Digimon…”
Motimon: “Hehe, that’s me!”
Izzy: “I wonder if there’s anyone we know in here… I’ve just downloaded my favorite; Pikachu MegaKabuterimon!”
Motimon: “Yeah, I’m a cool dude!”

Damnit, that was adorable.

PicoDevimon: “Lord Vamdemon!”
Vamdemon: “What happened with the Crest?”
PicoDevimon: “P-please forgive me!”
Vamdemon: “Well then, you will be punished!”
PicoDevimon: *wibbles* *screams* *adorable bats attack* “Help me!! Lord Vamdemon, please forgive me!!”
DemiDevimon: “Eh-heh… A funny thing happened to me on the way to Vademon…”
Myotismon: “Prepare to face the consequences.”
DemiDevimon: “I hate this part…”
Myotismon: “Quiet! You had your chance!”
DemiDevimon: “Don’t make me sit in this tree all night!” *screams and there are adorable bat friends for him?* “I’m afraid of heights! Can I at least have some milk and cookies?”

… I guess his punishment was sitting through an Adorable Bat Seminar? They usually just serve coffee at those things, DemiDevimon.

The Digi-Verdict

That was a weird episode. With regards to Vademon and his “greed –> Hell” scheme, the dub’s adaptation was impressively faithful. In a time period when parents feared that so much as looking at a dandelion could throw children into the arms of Satan, it seems they did try to keep the original context as much as they could. The poopy references were removed, but beyond the poo pits and sentient attack-poops, the joke probably doesn’t really sell with a Western audience anyway. We lost some of Koushirou’s sweetness and gained some of Izzy’s jackassery, but it’s all consistent with his dub character. Not bad! I give it a B, for “brains”, yours of which Tentomon has a sudden keen interest…

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    I think they botched the scene where Izzy calls Tai. He sounded normal or even agitated in the scene from earlier and is clearly mind controlled zombie in this episode

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