Digimon Adventure S01E23

A Friend! WereGarurumon

Friends! WereGarurumon (JP)

WereGarurumon’s Diner (EN)

Written by:

EN: Mark Ryan and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: August 15, 1999
EN: October 30, 1999

Section: Summary

Matt stumbles upon Joe’s new vocation as a server in a relatively upscale Digital World café (emphasis on “relatively”) and, thanks to a positive recommendation from his friend, lands a job as their new cook. His cooking skills bring the restaurant long-awaited acclaim, but Matt turns jealous when he learns that the back-of-house staff receives none of the glory. While lashing out in the form of an extended break (the ultimate transgression in food service), he is found by his brother, T.K., who was recently fired from his amusement park job for various health code violations. T.K. is accompanied by Tai, who aided in said violations. Matt recalls the existence of a health code and gets Joe and himself fired for similar violations, not the least of which include assaulting his manager and the owner. Now aware that the Health Department and Workplace Safety organizations in the Digital World are severely ineffective, they find that there is work yet to be done to keep the World safe, and they set off to file formal complaints.

Dialogue Deviation

[Yamato and Gabumon have landed at a beach]
Yamato: “Where is this? Were we washed away by the wind?”
Gabumon: “Huh? Over there!”
Yamato: “Digimon? But why?”
Gabumon: “Where are we, Matt? Don’t tell me we’re lost again.”
Matt: “Okay, I won’t, but just take a look at that ridge up there.”
Gabumon: “Where? Hey, other Digimon!”
Matt: “I say we follow them wherever they’re going and hope they’re not lost, too!”

And what could go wrong with one of your plans, Matt?

[Following the group, WHEN SUDDENLY]
Yamato: “What is that?”
Matt: “Huh. Now that’s weird: a restaurant in the middle of nowhere?”
Gabumon: “The perfect location for hungry Digimon!”

The restaurant’s sign is blanked out. Once again, it’s in Digitalian, not Japanese, so it’s a bit strange for it to be censored.

A normal restaurant with a signA building with no sign to indicate what it is
Dialogue Deviation

[Vegiemon has taken a table’s orders]
Vegimon: “Right. As always, thank you for your patronage!”
Vegiemon: “Okay, okay, I got it. A #4 and two specials!”

The special is snow cones. Limited time only (until they finish defrosting the freezer)! #4 is rotten fruit – a menu staple.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Vegiemon: an ivy-using, Adult Digimon. While he lacks in attack, his personality is atrociously atrocious. Good thing he’s a coward.”
Joe: “Meet Vegiemon: the maniacal manager of a run-down cafe. He puts a new spin on the term ‘slave-driver’!”

On top of that, he has an unfortunate romanization of his name in the original:


We’re gonna stick with “Vegiemon” when referring to him in the original, because that’s pretty clearly the intention. The katakana even says “BEJIIMON” 「ベジーモン」, not “BAJIIMON” 「バジーモン」.

Oh, my mistake! The restaurant apparently has one of those electric signs that can change displays. Not bad for a “run-down cafe”!

Dialogue Deviation

Jou: (excited) “Yamato!”
Yamato: “Jou! So this is where you’ve been!”
Jou: “Yeah, well…”
Yamato: “After what happened, everyone else left. Me and Takeru are the only two left.”
Joe: (casually) “Hey, Matt.”
Matt: (equally casually) “Hey, Jou. Where you been, and what are you doing here?”
Joe: “Well, you see, I, um…”
Matt: “You left, and then Mimi and Izzy – they both disappeared. Then T.K. and I were left alone.”

[Matt: “Speaking of being left alone: in this version, it’s been a week since I last saw him. I should probably follow up on that…”]
Side Note

Minor change: in the original, you could hear the pots boiling in the scene where Yamato and Jou are talking. It isn’t there in the dub. No big loss, but it was a neat little touch.

Dialogue Deviation

Also fairly minor: Jou went looking for food when they split up in the original. Joe said they split up to look for Tai in the dub.

… Unless he said he went looking for Thai, as in Thai food… huh…

[Jou flashes back to his fateful meeting]
PicoDevimon: “You’re human, aren’t you?”
Jou: “Eh?”
PicoDevimon: “I saw beings like you not far from here!”
Jou: “Eh?! So there really are humans like us here!”
Joe (voice-over): “I wasn’t lost! I definitely knew where I wasn’t, but I just didn’t know exactly where I was, I think…”
DemiDevimon (in-scene): *having been standing in front of him the whole time* “You’re lost, arencha?”
Joe: “AAAAHHH!! Why did you sneak up on me like that?!”

XD That was brilliant.

PicoDevimon: “If we don’t hurry, we won’t know where they’ve gone! Let’s go quickly – I’ll guide you!”
Jou: “Th-thank you… but…”
PicoDevimon: “Hurry, hurry! Let’s go!”
Jou: “Okay!” (voice-over) “We lost track of him along the way. We tried to go back the way we came, but we were too lost. Then, when our stomachs were growling…”
Joe: “Who are you?”
DemiDevimon: “Just a friend. I thought you’d like to know I saw some other humans just like you nearby!”
Joe: “You say you saw my friends? Which way?”
DemiDevimon: “This way! But we gotta hurry before we lose ’em!”
Joe (voice-over): “I was sure he was leading us the wrong way, but who was I to question him? It’s not like I knew my way around, and it couldn’t have been dumber than one of Matt’s ideuuuuuuuuhhhhhANYWAY. Eventually, we ended up at this restaurant. The time was good, because we were starving!”

Mostly the same, but Jou was excited about finding new and exciting, non-Chosen humans, and Joe was apparently lost-but-not-lost and looking for the old and boring humans he already knew.

[flashback inside the restaurant – dialogue in the scene]
Jou: “Ah~! My stomach is full!”
Gomamon: “Mine too!”
Vegiemon: “Thank you for your business!”
Joe: “Boy, I wish my mom cooked that good!”
Gomamon: “Delicious!”
Vegiemon: “And now: the bill!”

With other menu items being snow cones and rotten fruit, this paints a rather disturbing portrait of Joe’s mother’s cooking…

[Jou offers the yen note]
Vegiemon: *looks at the yen* “Sir, don’t be cruel.”
Numemon: *jumps up and places money on the counter* “Here, my bill.”
*it’s a US $10 note*
Jou: “… Dollars?”
Vegiemon: “Of course!”
Jou: “So … Japanese yen… not accepted?”
Vegiemon: “Huh? What is that?”
Jou: “(°~°;;;)”
Vegiemon: “Don’t tell me… you… CAN’T PAY?!”
Vegiemon: “What are you – some kinda comedian, pal?!”
Joe: “Huh?”
Numemon: “Here you go, Vegiemon!” *sets down $10 note*
Joe: “… Dollar bills?”
Vegiemon: “What didja expect?!”
Joe: “Well, I was… um… um, all I have are DigiDollars.”
Vegiemon: “… some play money IS ALL YOU HAVE?!”
Joe: “(°~°;;;)
Vegiemon: “So… what I’m hearing is… YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT I’D LET YOU EAT WITHOUT PAYING?!?!”

… Where did Joe GET DigiDollars…?

Side Note

In the above scene, original Vegiemon was much calmer up until he realized Jou couldn’t pay him – even then, it was more shock than anger. He was annoyed and firm when Jou tried to pay with yen, but still talking to Jou as though he was a customer.

In the dub, he’s already in full-on shakedown mode – yelling and carrying on like… well, like one would expect the owner of a rotten fruit-serving cafe addressing someone who just tried to pay their bill in not-actual-currency.

Dialogue Deviation

[Back in the kitchen]
Yamato: “So now you’re working here.”
Jou: “I can’t believe it ended up like this…”
Matt: “And now he’s making you cook the food to pay him back!”
Joe: “When I’m not washing dishes or scrubbing toilets…”

And washing your hands? … … AND WASHING YOUR HANDS??

[Vegiemon bursts into the kitchen]
Vegiemon: “You’re slow! The customers are waiting! Hurry up with the cooking!”

Jeez, Vegiemon! Dial it back, like, all the way. His poor actor’s going to pull a vocal cord…

Section: Cut or moved footage

After a fade-out for ads, the dub replays the moment Vegiemon bursts through the door, making it look like he stepped back out of the kitchen and shut the door, and then he came back in to add, “WHAT?! You want me to say ‘pretty please’?! DISH OUT THAT STEW!”

Dialogue Deviation

Jou: “R-right!”
Joe: “Okay, all right! Quit yelling; you’re gonna make me spill all over my pants!”

Is that what that is?

*curry pour*
Vegiemon: *sees Yamato and Gabumon* “Hm? Who are you two?”
Yamato: “I’m his friend.”
Vegiemon: “Hm. So what are you doing back here? You have some business here?”
Vegiemon: “Hnh! About time!” *sees Matt and Gabumon* “Who’re these jokers?!”
Matt: “We’re friends of Joe and Gomamon.”
Vegiemon: “WELL, whoop-de-doo and good for you!”

Glad to see Vegiemon is so supportive of Joe’s friends!

Side Note

When asked about how long he had to work to pay off his debt: Jou has two weeks in the original, but Joe has six weeks in the dub. Sorry, buddy; the time exchange rate is rough!

Dialogue Deviation

Vegiemon: “Is that wrong? I’m only taking back my losses from this guy!”
Vegiemon: “And he still owes me for all the wasted food! Not to mention the broken dishes!”

[“Or the health department fines because NO. NO HE DOESN’T WASH HIS HANDS.”]
Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Digitamamon: a DigiEgg-shaped Perfect-level Digimon. His special attack, Nightmare Syndrome, surely defeats his opponents.”
Matt: “We didn’t know it yet, but Digitamamon was an evil Digimon, fully evolved and protected by his DigiEgg-shell.”

Digi-SPOILERS, you digi-dickcake!

Digitamamon’s dub voice is… um… something. They were clearly thinking “monster”, which is fair, because he’s like a monster peeking out of a shell. Maybe he’s an impression of a character from an old film or show that I didn’t watch. He kind of reminds me of Cutman from the Ruby-Spears Productions’ Mega Man cartoon from the 90’s, but he’s more grumbly and less voiced by Terry Klassen.

His voice in the original is your fairly standard, ‘calm boss’ character – low pitched, rounded, smooth. Like an egg! He sounds like an egg.

Dialogue Deviation

Matt’s Karenating of Digitamamon (he even almost has the haircut) plays out the same, although Matt dismisses Joe’s debt as “one lousy meal”. Yamato was blunt about asking for Jou to be let go, but he didn’t downplay the problem.

Jou: “I won’t be able to leave for the rest of my life…”
Yamato: “Don’t get depressed!”
Jou: “Even if you say so…”
Joe: “I feel ill. I’m allergic to kitchen work.”
Matt: “What are you saying?”
Joe: “Oh, just nevermind.”

Wow. Joe isn’t going to last three days into adulthood, is he?

[Yamato is going back for Takeru, and they will return]
Jou: “Then…”
Yamato: “Then, I’ll help you with your work. Okay?”
Jou: “Yamato! (☯﹏☯) I’m in your debt!”
Joe: (Matt already said he’d help Joe) “Really? You will?”
Matt *kinda exasperated*: “That’s what friends do, Joe. When things are tough, they help each other out.”
Joe: “(☯﹏☯) I’ll always remember this, Matt!”

T.K.’s probably hungry, though. You guys might have more work on your plates.

Haha, “plates”!

[Digitamamon returns to what I assume is either his office or his home or both and opens the door despite not having free arms]
Digitamamon: “Who’s there?! … Oh! You’re… PicoDevimon!”
Digitamamon: “Hhh?! DemiDevimon! I-I didn’t know you were coming.”

Why do we even bother scheduling these meetings?

[Re: the stack of $10s and the rather affordable task that comes with it]
PicoDevimon: “Ah, it’s a simple matter.”
DemiDevimon: “The new boy. You mustn’t let him leave here.”

You know, I can trap children and perform simple tasks in $10 increments. Just sayin’. If you’re hiring.

[Yamato and Gabumon are about to depart on their sweet swan boat ride]
Digitamamon: “Wait! Where do you think you’re going?”
Yamato: “‘Where’?”
Digitamamon: “I’ve decided I want you to stay and work with them!”
Yamato: “What’s with this suddenly?”
Digitamamon: “Anyway, that’s how it worked out!”
Yamato: “Well, I don’t mind that, but first I need to leave. I’ll absolutely be back.”
Digitamamon: “Where are you going? You’re not finished; I checked the schedule!”
Matt: “The schedule?”
Digitamamon: “The work schedule! Now get inside and start cooking, or you’re fired!”
Matt: “I quit. How’s that?”
Digitamamon: “You can’t quit! I say you stay!”
Matt: “Hey, what’s the big deal, egg-head? I’m coming right back! Besides, you already got a slave working in your kitchen.”

Matt, you are terrible at negotiating time off.

[Digitamamon has implied that Jou is somehow in worse hands than he already was, despite Digitamamon not having free hands]
Gabumon: “Yamato, what do we do?”
Gabumon: “Easy, Matt! He’s already cracked!”

I don’t get it.

[Back in the kitchen. Yamato is cooking, and Jou is “totally not” peeing in the sink]
Jou: “Yamato?”
Yamato: “Mm?”
Jou: “Didn’t you say you were going back for Takeru?”
Joe: “This water is hot… If I had some rubber gloves, my fingers wouldn’t get all wrinkled.”

Damnit, Joe!

Jou: “Go! I’ll be okay. So? Go on. It’ll be fine if you come back when I’m almost finished.”
Joe: “So hey. Just… What are you making over there? Is there some reason you’re not talking to me? I mean, I know you think I can be irritating sometimes, but what gives? Matt?”

It’s fine, Joe. He’s just wondering when that pan was washed.

Side Note

When Yamato replays Digitamamon’s threats in his head, Digitamamon’s entire line is repeated. In the dub, the line was changed, but not significantly:

Digitamamon: “It’s no problem. While you’re gone, I’ll be free to do whatever I want with that guy.”
Digitamamon: “I’m just saying: while you’re away, there’s no telling what might happen to you poor little friend! So many accidents can happen in the kitchen, you know!”

So Matt recalls, “So many accidents can happen in the kitchen. So many accidents! Eh-heh! Eh-heheh!” The dub also adds him thinking, “I can’t leave him.”

Included mostly for Matt’s recollection difference.

Dub Digitamamon is more indirect with his words than original Digitamamon, but he’s less subtle with his tone, so it balances out. I was debating whether or not to even mention it, but it is an example of how Digitamamon’s character was adapted, so here it is.

Dialogue Deviation

[Yamato has recalled the vague threats upon Jou’s person]
Yamato: “… No, it’s fine.”
Jou: “Yamato… Just what happened?”
Yamato: “It’s fine.”
Joe: “Didja hear me? Earth to Matt~! Come in, Matt!”
Matt (thinking): “Although he does talk a lot…”

Welcome to having co-workers, Matt.

[Yamato has yelled at and then apologized for yelling at Jou, and they shall work together]
Gomamon: “That’s right! Let’s do our best!”
Gabumon: “We’re with you!”
Gomamon: “I make a mean PB&J, you know!”
Gabumon: “And I’m an expert at boiling water!”

All right, we’ve got boiled PB&Js covered. That’s half the lunch menu!

Yamato silently grimaces.
Matt: “Hang on, T.K.. I gotta solve this, first!”

Uh-oh. Something tells me Gabumon doesn’t boil as well as he thinks he does.

[Jou has ruined everything and earned himself 20 more days of labor]
Jou: “Yamato… I’m sorry! I won’t make any more mistakes from now on! I swear!”
Yamato: “(ಠ ∩ಠ)”
Joe: “Boy, oh boy! I don’t understand why I’m so accident-prone… Okay, so maybe balancing plates on a platter isn’t one of my natural skills, but now it seems worse than ever!”
Matt: “(ಠ ∩ಠ)”

(ಠ ∩ಠ)

Jou: “I can’t make any more mistakes… The more mistakes I make, the more trouble I cause Yamato… I absolutely can’t make any more mistakes!” *drops tray*
Yamato: “(ಠ益ಠ)
Jou: “Yamato… I’m sorry…”
Joe (thinking): “Look at me – I’m falling apart! And why am I talking to myself? Even worse: why am I listening and talking back? I’ve gotta do something to snap outta this!” *drops tray*
Matt: “(ಠ益ಠ)”
Joe: “That did it… I snapped!”

Mon, Joe sucks in this episode…

Yamato (thinking): “How long am I going to have to stay here? I promised Takeru I’d be back!”
Matt (thinking): “Half of what I cook ends up on the floor, and the other half ends up on his clothes… and I’ve only been here seven minutes… This job is giving me a killer headache!”

[“Wait, that’s it! ‘Killer‘…”]

Awkward silence over gravity’s ruinations.
Matt (thinking): “Tell me this is all just a bad dream!”

Side Note

Original: PicoDevimon overhears Yamato asking Jou about the potatoes through the window, which is why he makes the face seen here.

Dub: he decides to sabotage the potato table (potatable) without prompt, making this face for no reason.

Droppin' some eaves
Dialogue Deviation

Just after the scene above, Jou is washing dishes, and Yamato tells him to hurry up with the potatoes. Matt turns and asks Joe for the potatoes for the first time, and Joe leaves right away to get them.

[Sora re-bricks the potatable that PicoDevimon de-bricked]
Piyomon: “Sora?”
Sora: “It’s okay!”
Biyomon: “Think it’ll work?”
Sora: “Quiet, Biyomon!”

[So nothing happened when Jou took the taters]
PicoDevimon: “Eeh? Wh-at the? Damnit! Whatever – just watch! You’re not getting off that easy!”
DemiDevimon: “Nothing happened! But how… could… that be?! Grr, looks like my dirty tricks will have to be even dirtier!”

I know what you’re thinking, DemiDevimon. Don’t bother.

Section: Eyecatch

That ship has sailed…

Side Note

[Edit: 26 April 2020] The sound files we were using for Matt’s harmonica didn’t quite work right because DemiDevimon ate all our 9mm tape. Here’s a video instead:

Dialogue Deviation

[PicoDevimon has lied to Yamato. Yamato has rejected his lie.]
PicoDevimon: “*sigh* You’re a good guy.” *flying away* “Bye.”
DemiDevimon: “Hm. You’re a nice guy, but remember: nice guys wind up *flying away* washing dishes for the rest of their lives!”

Hey! There’s no shame in washing dishes. It’s the other things happening at that sink that someone should be ashamed of.

[Plates have been broken, and Digitamamon will not allow Yamato to leave to get his brother]
Digitamamon: “That’s not my concern! You’ll stay and work with this guy to compensate me!”
Digitamamon: “You’ll stay, all right! And no tips!”

Were they getting tips? Digitamamon is a terrible employer and a terrible slave-driver.

Yamato: “Damn it… why?”
Jou: “That’s not it! Someone bumped into my legs and knocked me over! It’s not my fault! It’s the truth – please believe me!”
Yamato: “Don’t make excuses!”
Jou: “Yamato…”
Matt: “Joe, why are you doing this?”
Joe: “Hu-uh? You think I’m doing this on purpose? You think I’m juggling plates while I wash ’em?! Something tripped me!”
Matt: “Quit making up excuses!”
Joe: “I’m not!”

I’m not sure Jou was replying to Yamato in the original – it seemed like he could have been trying to appeal to Digitamamon that it wasn’t his fault the plates broke. Yamato didn’t directly accuse him of anything, and it isn’t clear if Jou thought Yamato was blaming him.

[Ugh. These idiots again]
Original: Taichi concurred with Takeru that they might find Yamato soon.
Dub: Tai said they’d maybe find some food.

Matt isn’t food, Tai. He cooks food. How many more times will I have to explain this?

[Is Jou here, too?]
Gomamon: “Yeah, he’s here… but…”
Gomamon: “Yeah, he’s here… but…”
Tai: “What’s wrong?”
Gomamon: “Joe can tell you about it.”
Tai: (confused) “Joe?”

[“Who the hell is Joe?”] Damnit, Tai, try to keep up!

[They just let everyone back in the kitchen, don’t they?]
Jou: “Taichi! You’re alive! I was worried about you!”
Taichi: “Sorry; a lot happened.”
Joe: “Tai! I’m so glad to see you guys! But don’t break anything.”
Tai: “Sure, but no promises what are you doing here?”

[Where’s Yamato?]
Jou: *awkwardly and silently looks at the open door*
Takeru: “He’s outside, isn’t he?” *runs out*
Taichi: “Jou, what’s wrong?”
Joe: *awkwardly looks at the open door* “Um, Matt’s around back.”
T.K.: “Matt!”
Tai: (casually) “So… what are you doing here?”

Listed for Tai’s impressive inability to read a room. Wow!

[Takeru and Yamato reunite and COME ON, Yamato! Give that boy a hug! Jeez]
Yamato: “But how…?”
Takeru: “I came with Taichi!”
Yamato: “Taichi?”
Matt: (disaffected) “Hey, kid. Are you okay?”
T.K.: “I’m great now that we’re together again!”
Matt: “So where’s Tai?”

Matt apparently lost the ability recognize his brother, but he gained knowledge of Tai’s survival in exchange, which he had no way of knowing. Kind of a shitty deal, to be honest.

Taichi: “Yo.”
Yamato: “You’re alive!”
Taichi: “Heh, I’m not gonna die on you!”
Yamato: “Ah yeah, sorry. You took care of Takeru…”
Taichi: “Don’t worry about it!”
Tai: “Hey, Matt.”
Matt: “Huh right, there you are!”
Tai: “So, seems like something weird’s going on around here!”
Matt: “Yeah, you could say we got ourselves into some hot water.”
Tai: “Ooh, a cooking joke!”

Matt sounds kind of stoned, actually. Come on, man – it’s the middle of your shift…

Taichi: “That aside, no one’s around now, so let’s get out of here!”
Tai: “No, what counts is that we get out of this weirdo place and quick!”

It’s called a ‘restaurant’.

Gabumon: “Eh?! Get out of here?”
Taichi: “That’s right! Let’s go and search for the others together!”
Gabumon: “What? Run away?”
Tai: “Of course run away! I don’t see any guards around here!”

They really could have just left whenever they wanted.

Yamato: “Running away is fine, but I’m going anywhere together with Jou.”
Jou: “Eh?!”
Yamato: “We’ll only be dragged down if we’re with him.”
Matt: “I’ll leave when I’m ready! Anyway, I’m not going anywhere with Joe.”
Joe: “Huh?”
Matt: “He doesn’t want to work together; he only cares about himself!”

Matt sounds brattier than usual in these lines. Maybe he’s just coming down off his high.

[Taichi is having none of Yamato’s nonsense]
Taichi: “What are you saying? Aren’t we all friends?!”
Yamato: “What friends?! You mean how you dragged everyone along?! Thanks to you, I’m blown out! Do whatever you want on your own.”
Taichi: “Wh-what?!”
Yamato: “I’ll go with Takeru. Just leave us alone.”
Tai: “How dare you say that, Matt?! We’re all friends here!”
Matt: “Right! What friends?! Oh, you mean this guy, who deliberately wrecks everything to keep me here cooking rice until I’m an old geezer?!”
Tai: “Hey! Back off!”
Matt: “And what about you, big shot? The one who got us all separated?”

First of all, Matt: no one thought you would live that long. Second: splitting up was a result of your stupid ideas. Third: staying to help Joe? Also your idea.

Side Note

Credit where it’s due: the dub’s timing and his voice actor’s delivery gives Matt’s “be quiet, T.K.!” quite a sting! Yamato isn’t any less forceful in the original, but it doesn’t quite have the same impact. It could be that adding T.K.’s name makes it feel more directed, or it could be his voice is just ‘sharper’ in the dub. Either way, strong work on the dub team’s part! Matt’s definitely getting his face smothered with a pillow tonight for that performance!

… it doesn’t kill him, I know, but I put rocks it the pillow…

Dialogue Deviation

[The bad guys’ attention got turned to where the yelling guy was somehow, and there’s PicoDevimon]
Agumon: “He’s the evil Digimon who tried to trick Takeru and Tokomon!”
Yamato: “What?!”
Agumon: “It’s the evil Digimon we met before!”
Matt: “You lied! Wait, did you say you were a ‘bat Digimon’, or a ‘bad Digimon’?”
DemiDevimon: “I said ‘bat’, but that wasn’t the lying part…”
Matt: “DAMNIT.

[Jou remembers…]
Jou: “Then, when you said that there were humans around here, that was all a trick!”
Joe: “You lied to me to get me to come here… and you’re the one that’s wrecking everything!”

Good on Joe for his quick thinking – blaming DemiDevimon for all the damages! No one will question it now!

[Digitamamon confronts Yamato for finally getting around to the “dash” part of “dine and dash”]
Yamato: “What are you talking about? Our debt’s been more than worked off!”
Digitamamon: “That’s right. You certainly were good workers. Let me give you your change!” *charges and misses* “The next one won’t miss.”
Matt: “You’re a thief! We’ve worked here long enough to pay for a trip to Hawaii!”
Digitamamon: “Hawaii’s not on the schedule… but if you insist, I’ll send you to the moon!” *charges and misses* “You want to leave, you’ll have to beat me first!”

Ha! ‘cuz he’s an egg…

[Vegiemon has seized Takeru]
Vegiemon: *cackles*
Digitamamon: “Keep up your rampage, and I can’t guarantee that child’s life – or your Digimon’s!”
Vegiemon: “Heheh! Call off your beast!”
Digitamamon: “How nice! Your little brother decided to hang around!”

HANG ON, T.K.! … okay, I kind of get the appeal now…

Jou: “Damn, that’s unfair! I won’t forgive you!”
Joe: “That’s going too far! I’ve had it!”

Oh, come on. That’s not even the worst pun in this episode!

[Gomamon has evolved, and Ikkakumon starts jabbing at Vegiemon]
Vegiemon: “Whoa, what are you doing? If you keep that up, I don’t know what’s going to happen to this guy!” *swings Takeru around*
Vegiemon: “Yeow! Hey, back off, furball, or the kid’s lunch meat! Got it?”

Definitely a health code violation. How is this place still open?!

Jou’s heroic squeeze-based sacrifice is pretty much the same in both versions, although Joe claims he’s keeping Vegiemon busy so the others can attack. He’s right there, Joe. He can hear you.

Side Note

Yamato’s epiphany is emotional and guilt-laden. Matt’s kind of sputters out like, “oh, woops, my b”. Then instead of screaming Jou’s name twice, he goes for the extra dramatic, “Joe… NOOOO!!”

… Joe’s name doesn’t really lend itself to dramatic outcry, does it? It’s just… “Joe”… huh…

Dialogue Deviation

[“It’s no use! UNLESS” time]
Yamato: “No, it’s not true! It just can’t be!” *solo Yamato friendship astral plane thing* “I won’t forget anymore. I can’t forget!” *back in digitality* The feeling of believing in my friends… FRIENDSHIP!”
Matt: “We can’t… just – give – up! We’ve gotta beat them!” *solo Matt friendship astral plane thing – seriously, what would you call that?* “But I can’t beat them alone! I need Tai! T.K.! Sora! Izzy! Okay, maybe not Izzy. But Mimi, and Joe! Together, we’re strong!” *back in digitality* And we can beat anything! Garurumon!”

Side Note

When Garurumon’s evolution sequence starts in the dub, they… uh… have Matt call out, “the Crest of Friendship!” during it, but they have to lower the volume of the theme song for a second so you can hear him. It sounds ridiculous.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “WereGarurumon: Garurumon evolved into a bipedal Beast Man Digimon. His special attack, which uses his sharp claws to rip through enemies, is Kaiser Nail.”
Matt: “WereGarurumon: Ultimate form of Gabumon, is a really fierce warrior with claws, strong kicks, and jumps! He’s extreme, but ‘Egghead’ and his little bat buddy leave him no choice!”

His attack is either “Mega Claw” or “Metal Claw” in the dub. I’ll find out later, I’m sure.

This is the first mention of the evolution hierarchy – or at least this part of the chain. The Perfect form is called the Ultimate form in the dub, which… it’s not the ultimate form. At all.

Dialogue Deviation

Yamato: “That’s… WereGarurumon!”
Digitamamon: “WereGarurumon, is it?”
Matt: “Comin’ up: one scrambled egg!”
Digitamamon: “You and your little doggie don’t frighten me!”

Side Note

Ugh, gross. So replacing Brave Heart, because who doesn’t love that, is a custom song called “Hey, Digimon!” It is very late-90’s pop. It’s not terrible, but it’s not used well.

Dialogue Deviation

[WereGarurumon blocks Nightmare Syndrome with a kaiser roll Kaiser Nail]
Yamato: “Absolutely don’t give in, WereGarurumon!”
Matt: “That was just the beginning, you little poacher!”

I don’t get it.

[WereGarurumon beats Digitamamon]
Vegiemon: “Mi-mister Digitamamon?”
PicoDevimon: “N-no way! Digitamamon was…”
Taichi: “Ah, he got away!”
Yamato: “Vegiemon, release Jou!”
WereGarurumon: “Or do you want to fight, too?”
Vegiemon: “They… beat… Digitamamon!”
DemiDevimon: “Aye, aye, aye, time for me to fly!”
Tai: “Well, he’s gone!”
Matt: “Vegiemon, you better let go of him!”
WereGarurumon: “Unless you wanna be salad!”

I could go for some sala– OOOHHH, poached eggs

[Yamato finally hugs his brother. Jeez]
Takeru: “Big brother! Jou saved me!”
T.K.: “Yay! Wow, that was so cool, Matt! You’re the awesomest big brother!”

You’re the awesomest little brother, T.K.. Don’t ever forget that.

Taichi: “Jou, that was unusually brave of you!”
Jou: “The ‘unusually’ wasn’t necessary.”
Gomamon: “But you were cool, Jou!”
Tsunomon: “Really, really!”
Tai: “I gotta hand it to you, Joe, that was really brave!”
Joe: “All I did was get grabbed.”
Gomamon: “By a giant vegetable!”
Tsunomon: “A cranky one!”

You’d be cranky, too…

Yamato: “Jou, thank you for saving Takeru.”
Jou: “It’s okay. You’re always helping me.”
Yamato: “Also… I’m sorry.”
Jou: “Yamato…” *laughs*
Matt: “Uh, Jou?”
Joe: “Huh?”
Matt: “I’m really proud – how you handled the situation.”
Joe: “At my old school, they voted me ‘Most Likely to Chicken Out’. I guess we showed them!”
Matt: “I also need to apologize.”
Joe: “Oh? Why, Matt?”
Matt: “Because, I… I never should have doubted you, Joe.”
Joe: *laughs*


The Digi-Verdict

Again, most of the dialogue changes were silly jokes or just adapted to the dub’s characterizations. The major difference was in Joe’s behavior when Matt started helping him. While Jou was concerned and encouraging Yamato to go get Takeru, Joe was trying to make small talk and be an overall dink. Joe was annoying, and Matt has a very good reason to be agitated with him, but Jou was considerate and sympathetic. He knew his “mistakes” (his own or otherwise) were hurting Yamato, and we saw that he desperately wanted to be better. He’s a sweet kid in the original, but kind of a self-absorbed dunce in the dub. I give it a D, for “DigiDollars” and their unknown origin.

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  • Gear says:

    For what it’s worth, they named that level “Ultimate” in English before the Mega level was ever developed; it was used on the virtual pets, and back then, Perfect/Ultimate was as far as any Digimon could get.

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