Digimon Adventure S01E22

The Whispering Little Demon, PicoDevimon (JP)

Forget About It! (EN)

Written by:

EN: R.D. Chamberlain and “Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz”

First aired:

JP: August 8, 1999
EN: October 23, 1999

Section: Summary

Tai and Agumon arrive back in the Digital World completely unfazed by the firmamental plumbing fiasco, and they resume doing what they do best: walking through deserts. They somehow manage to fuck even that up by coming across a lake. There, they find Tokomon, bereft of T.K., and ask him how he’s been, and Tokomon tells them the tale of how the Children were forced to get jobs following Etemon’s defeat. With no employable skills, Matt rode off into the not-sunset in a swan boat, leaving T.K. to work a job at the local amusement park. Tokomon stayed at the lake because the park is not open to the public yet, but Tai and Agumon ignore this crucial detail and decide to go visit. When they arrive, T.K. and his new supervisor, DemiDevimon, are about to start their lunch break, and Tai has to pretend to be a concessions employee to avoid being kicked out. He attempts to serve them some mushrooms, but they taste like ass, and chaos breaks out in an epic food fight involving shockingly little food. Tokomon evolves into Patamon to defend his fine friends from full fungal assault and defeats DemiDevimon, who is now fairly certain Tai is not a park employee. He kicks them out, and they all leave to go find someplace else to loiter.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi and Agumon stand alone in the sandstorm]
Taichi: “No one’s here…”
Tai: “Great – some ‘welcome home’!”

Izzy did tell you not to come back…

[Taichi aligns the signal on his Digivice]
Taichi: “What’s does this mean? It only reacts when I hold it in this direction.”
Agumon: “Everyone must be over there – that’s definitely it!”
Taichi: “In any case, let’s go where it says.”
Tai: “Okay, I’ve got a lock. North-northwest just a couple of klicks!”
Agumon: “Very impressive, Tai! You really sound like you know what you’re doing!”
Tai: “I just watch a lot of TV!”

Let’s hope TV didn’t explain that a klick is a kilometer, unless you haven’t done enough desert-walking already.

Taichi: “I didn’t know there was a river in this area.”
Agumon: “If there’s a river here, we must be close to the end of the desert.”
Agumon: “Just what is a ‘klick’?”
Tai: “I don’t know exactly, but we’re getting closer!”
Agumon: “I hope so; I’m hungry!”

Well, I’ve got bad news for you both.

[Yay, lake]
Agumon: “There’s a bridge! Are we at the ocean?”
Taichi: “Not the ocean – a lake!”
Agumon: “There’s something near the lake!”
Tai: “Look at this place! Where are we?”
Agumon: “I don’t know, but it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen!”
Tai: “Come on!”

I have to say: Agumon really has the perfect voice for a character who makes such asinine comments.

[Tokomon spotted just lying around on the beach like a freaking senator or something]
Taichi: “Tokomon! Hang in there! Are you all right?”
Tokomon: (weakly) “Taichi… Agumon!! You’re alive!”
Taichi: “Of course we are!”
Agumon: “Besides that, were you beaten by an enemy, Tokomon?”
Tai: “Hey, what happened, little guy? Are you all right?”
Tokomon: “Not… exactly…” [fade out for ads] “… You look like Tai… You are Tai! You’re alive!”
Tai: “Yeah, the last time I checked!”
Agumon: “I’ll bet a black gear Digimon got you, right?”

This is no time for your bizarre racism, Agumon! There are villains afoot!

Tokomon: “No, not that. I’m just hungry and tired.”
Tokomon: “No if it were something simple like that I wouldn’t feel so bad.”

Tokomon is excused for his run-on sentences because his dub voice is adorable.

[Taichi asks where Takeru is]
Tokomon: “Takeru is with PicoDevimon.”
Taichi: “PicoDevimon? What is that?”
Tokomon: “PicoDevimon is… uh…”
Taichi: “Please tell me everything you know from the beginning. From then, what happened to everyone.”
Tokomon: “I don’t know he’s probably off with his new friend.”
Tai: “New friend? What new friend?”
Tokomon: “I think you better ask T.K.!”
Tai: “I would but he’s not here and you are now start from the beginning Tokomon and tell me exactly what happened!”

Tai is not excused for his run-on sentences. He knows why.

[Flashback time!]
Tokomon: “Okay. From then, we all…”
Tokomon: “Well, you were gone an awful long time…”
Tai: “We were? How long?”

Tai, don’t interrupt! This is exactly why he wanted you to bother T.K. with your questions.

Sora: “We’ll keep searching! We’ll search until we find them! That’s how searching works!
Tokomon (voice-over): “We looked high and low for you (I did most of the low part). Finally…”

And you did an excellent job, you sweet-voiced little potato! <3

Yamato: “It’s no use. We’ve searched for a month and a half. There’s no sign of them.”
Koushirou: “But Mr. Gennai… he must know something! Let’s look for Mr. Gennai!”
Jou: “We don’t know where he is. How would we look for him?”
Matt: “It’s no use. We’re practically lost ourselves!”
Mimi: “Ooh… Personally, I’ve been lost ever since I got here!”
Izzy: “What about Jennai? Maybe he can help us find them!”
Joe: “Yeah, and where do we find Jennai? I think one wild goose chase is enough.”

Don’t be a dick, Joe. That’s Izzy’s job!

Mimi: “I just want to go home soon…”
Mimi: “This is the most depressing camp-out ever!”

Eh. I’ve had worse.

[Everyone has fallen asleep in the cool night of the flashback]
Sora (looming over Takeru in the dead of night because that’s not creepy): “We don’t want to make Takeru cry.”
Piyomon: “Won’t T.K. be upset?”
Sora (looming over T.K. in the dead of night OH COD IT IS CREEPY): “Maybe, but he’ll be safer here.”

[The subsequent montage of departures]
Tokomon: “… After that, everyone left one after the other. In the end, the only ones who stayed together were me and Takeru, and Yamato and Gabumon.”
Tokomon (voice over): “That’s how it started! First Sora left, then we all went in search of Sora. Then someone said, ‘maybe we’d cover more ground if we split up,’ so Izzy and Tentomon went off one way, and then we realized it was Tentomon who said that, so we all went to rescue Izzy. Then Joe and Gomamon said he thought we were all idiots and went off another way, so we started searching for them, and pretty soon, Mimi figured out that we WERE all idiots and ran off, so only Matt, T.K., Gabumon, and me were left to search for her.”

[Yamato and Takeru on the bridge]
Takeru: “Hey, Big Brother? I wonder where everyone went.”
Yamato: “You don’t need to worry about them. They can take care of themselves, and there aren’t Digimon like Devimon and Etemon anymore.”
Takeru: “Big brother, let’s go back! Let’s go back and look for Taichi!”
Yamato: “We already looked for him there! Give it up already!”
Takeru: “But…” *cries* D:
Yamato: “I’m sorry! Don’t cry, Takeru!”
T.K.: “Why did everybody go away? When you’re lost, you’re supposed to stay together…”
Matt: “We just had different ideas on what was the best thing to do, T.K.. They happened to not like the fact that my ideas are fucking stupid. We’ve looked everywhere, T.K.; if they were anywhere in this area, we would have found them.”
T.K.: “We could have missed something! We gotta keep searching. Like… outside of this area, maybe…? Come on, Matt. If we hurry, we could still catch up to som–“
Matt: “HEY! It’s hopeless, all right? We’ve already done everything we could!”
T.K.: *cries* D:
Matt: “Aw, come on, don’t cry. I didn’t mean it.”

Matt, you callous, minimal-effort dillweed!

Yamato: “Taichi and Agumon are totally fine somewhere.”
Takeru: “They’re alive, right? Taichi is alive, right?”
Yamato: “Yeah! We’ll meet him again someday!”
Tokomon: “Isn’t that great, Takeru?”
Takeru: *cry-cuddles Yamato*
Matt: “Don’t worry; wherever Agumon and Tai are, I’m sure they’re perfectly all right!”

T.K.: “Really, Matt? Any minute now, they’ll be coming back, right?”
Matt: “And they’ll bring a bunch of presents with them!”
[exit flashback] Tai: “Uhh…” [re-enter flashback]
Tokomon: “Wow! You think so?”
T.K.: “I hope you’re right! I sure miss my friends!”

[Walking through the woods]
No dialogue.
Tokomon: “I knew Matt was just kidding T.K. about the presents…”


Tokomon: “… but that didn’t matter, because just then…”

[Amusement park!]
Takeru: “That’s… an amusement park?”
Gabumon: “It looks like fun!”
Yamato: “That place looks safe.”
T.K.: “Look, Matt! Is it real? Everybody’s going to LOVE this place!”
Tokomon (voice over): “But Matt didn’t seem too excited. It was like there was something on his mind that he couldn’t stop thinking about…”

[“Why are my ideas always so stupid?!”]

No dialogue.
T.K.: “Look at this – no lines! Huh… actually… there are no people here at all. Maybe they forgot to tell us that they’re closed.”

They were going to, but, you know. No people…

[Yamato departs on the swan boat]
He doesn’t say anything.
Matt: “And remember: it’s an amusement park, so like, amuse yourselves!”

T.K. has a rough life. Even if he were tall enough to go on the rides, there’s no one to operate them.

Side Note

The scene of Takeru waiting in the park is accompanied by the extra-mournful “Where There Are Tears” 「涙の行方」 (“namida no yukue”). The song has a prominent harmonica part, so it frequently plays in scenes with Yamato-related sadness.

The same scene in the dub is given a soft, melancholic piece which is heavily obscured by Tokomon’s voice-over.

Dialogue Deviation

[Waiting in the park]
The saddest song.
Takeru (mumbling in his sleep on a bench because this scene JUST COULDN’T GET SADDER ;o;): “Big brother … Big brother…”
Tokomon (voice over): “We waited at the park for almost a week, T.K. spent the whole time staring out at the water, except when he just couldn’t stay awake anymore. He waited… and waited.”

They don’t say how long he waited in the original. The scene change implies it was just overnight (which is still super-sad for a kid Takeru’s age to be waiting alone after all his friends left him), but who knows?

[Takeru’s back on the dock, looking out at the water]
Takeru: “Why won’t big brother come back?” *starts crying*
Tokomon: “Takeru!”
Takeru: (crying) “Big brother… big brother said he was just going to look around! He said he’d be back soon!” *sobs*
Tokomon: “Don’t cry, Takeru!”
T.K.: “He’s coming. Any minute now, I’ll see his boat out there.” *starts crying*
Tokomon: “Don’t cry again!”
T.K.: (crying) “He’s gone! I just know it! He’s gone away like all the others! He said he’d be back in a couple of hours!” *sobs*
Tokomon: “Now, don’t give up hope!”

Tokomon, I’m gonna need you to do better with the emotional support here…

[Oh boy, a new friend!]
PicoDevimon: “Hey, what’s going on here? Hello! I’m PicoDevimon.”
DemiDevimon: “Hey, what’s all the squawking about! DemiDevimon’s the name! Mind if I drop in?”

He seems nice.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “PicoDevimon: a small, bat-shaped Child Digimon.”
Tokomon: “I’ve heard about you.”
DemiDevimon: “Oh, great! I’m flattered!”
Tokomon: “Don’t be. Nothing I heard was good.”

XD That was cute and funny.

PicoDevimon is renamed DemiDevimon in the dub, obviously. ‘Pico’ is the metric system prefix meaning one-trillionth. ‘Demi’ refers to actress Demi Moore, who was the inspiration for DemiDevimon’s voice.*

* I have no idea what Demi Moore sounds like, and that statement is entirely false. Pretty sure he’s based on Gilbert Gottfried.

Dialogue Deviation

PicoDevimon: “Hey! Aren’t you the ones who beat Etemon for us?”
Tokomon: “Yeah.”
PicoDevimon: “Thank you! Because of you, this world is at peace again! But why are you crying?”
DemiDevimon: “Okay, okay! I admit: I used to be a bit of a wiseguy, but that’s only ‘cuz I was working for Etemon! But now he’s kaputt, thanks to you guys, something for which I’m eternally grateful! Personally, I never liked the guy!”

You bite your tongue!

Side Note

There’s nothing in the original script suggesting PicoDevimon ever worked for Etemon. If he did, he loved every minute of it. LOVED IT!

Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: “My brother won’t come back.”
PicoDevimon: “Eh? That’s awful! I’m on it – I’ll go look for him!”
T.K.: “You seen my brother out there? He’s in a boat!”
DemiDevimon: “That’s what’s got you down, squirt? Well, you’ve come to the right Digimon!”

What luck! This confessed former bad guy with no apparent regard for boundaries is so kind!

[PicoDevimon departs]
Tokomon: “I hope he finds him!”
Takeru: “Yeah!”
Tokomon: “Wow, maybe he has changed!”
T.K.: “You think?”


[Waiting for PicoDevimon…]
No dialogue.
Tokomon: “I couldn’t believe that one of Etemon’s creepy henchmen was being helpful, but sure enough, just a few minutes later…”

Damn, that was fast!

Side Note

Again, the original doesn’t state in the dialogue how much time has passed after PicoDevimon flies away. Instead, the change in the color of the sky implies how long he was gone:

Before arriving the first time – sunrise?

Before returning from “searching” – afternoon.

I like the dub’s interpretation, though: he flew away, scrolled through Digidit on his phone for a few minutes, figured that was long enough, and came back like, “Yeah, and then he recited the entire Iliad to me. It was the darnedest thing!”

Dialogue Deviation

[PicoDevimon has returned with some news!]
PicoDevimon: “About Yamato, he doesn’t want to see you anymore. He said he really, really, really hates you. He said he doesn’t want to be your brother anymore.”
Takeru: “No way…”
Tokomon: “Don’t cry, Takeru!”
PicoDevimon: “Oh, Yamato also said this: he
really hates you being a crybaby.”
DemiDevimon: “It kills me to have to be the one to break this to ya, but your bro ain’t coming back. In fact, he never wants to see you again! Said he was tired of babysittin’ a crybaby.”
T.K.: “No way…”
Tokomon: “It can’t be true, T.K.!”
T.K.: “He called me…”
DemiDevimon: “Crybaby, yeah, that’s what he said! He called you some other stuff, too, but I don’t want to repeat it. Anyway, he’s gone!”

XD The way DemiDevimon’s actor delivers the line, he’s so casual about it that he almost sounds like he’s being less of a dick than he was in the original, and it’s really funny.

[Takeru cries and runs away]
Tokomon: “Takeru!”
DemiDevimon: “Aww, don’t take it so hard! Sorry!”

Side Note

In the original, Takeru runs away shouting, “I… I… I hate you too, big brother!”, and the scene kind of “loops” on it for three turns.

In the dub, they keep the line, “Well, I hate you, too”, but it’s not stuttered like it was in the original. Then they keep the loops, though, so it’s just… you know when there’s a dramatic action kick and they do a triple-take on it before it connects? It’s like that but for T.K. crying. Feels kinda mean.

Takeru’s triple-take should look familiar; his brother had one back in episode 9 with the same angle and timing, but with much less screaming.

There’s kind of an interesting comparison and contrast between the two scenes. Yamato is running because he’s been upset by Taichi’s apparent disregard for their friends — including Yamato’s primary concern, Takeru. Takeru is running because he’s been upset by PicoDevimon’s lie that Yamato hates him. In that way, both are running because they’ve been hurt by the belief that Takeru is not cared for.

Yamato running from Taichi also grew out of his determination to find his brother. In a metaphorical or symbolic way, he’s running to Takeru. In contrast, Takeru, feeling betrayed because of PicoDevimon’s lie, is symbolically running away from Yamato.

I don’t know if any of that was the intended symbolism of the triple-take. It’s an unusual call-back to see.

Dialogue Deviation

[Tokomon trying to comfort Takeru as he assaults an innocent lake with rocks]
Tokomon: “Hey. Hey. Yamato would never say those things.”
Tokomon: “Come on, Matt would never say stuff like that. Besides, we’ve been working on the crying thing, and you’re getting better. You really are!”

Besides, you’re a tiny child, away from home and family, your destined partner died in front of your eyes, and then you had to raise him as your own, marshmallow-like son with no support from his father or society as he admonishes you for showing emotion. Crying is allowed!

For real, though: don’t shame Takeru for crying. If I were in his position, that lake would have been a dry ditch before my tears started.

[Tokomon runs over to talk to PicoDevimon]
PicoDevimon: “What do you want to talk about?”
DemiDevimon: “Hey, Flops!”

Listed mostly for PicoDevimon’s line. Did they… schedule that meeting? When did that happen?

[Confrontation! “You lied to Takeru — THE ULTIMATE CRIME!”]
Tokomon: “You said Yamato hates Takeru!”
PicoDevimon: “Oh? How is that a lie? What proof is there that it’s a lie?”
Tokomon: “You take back all those lies, or you’ll be sorry!”
DemiDevimon: “My, my! Those are pretty bold words coming from a pink chubber with an overbite!”

Don’t body-shame him, DemiDevimon! Damnit, just– everybody stop shaming each other!

[PicoDevimon flips upside-down while responding to these accusations]
PicoDevimon: “We could hold a trial right now. How about it? Is there a law? Let’s check!”
DemiDevimon: “Just because I’m not a cuddly butterball like you, then you think I must be a bad guy! That’s so… I don’t know – superficial! Luckily T.K. is more enlightened!”

Oh, so it’s not funny when it’s your appearance on the judging end, is it?! Yeah – cut it out!

[Tokomon has assaulted PicoDevimon, and Takeru demands he apologize]
Tokomon: “If you think I have to apologize, I’m leaving!”
Takeru: “Oh, really? Then leave!”
Tokomon: “You want me to leave?”
Takeru: “Go ahead.”
Tokomon: “… I’m really leaving.”
Takeru: “Fine. Oh, yeah! We don’t have enemies anymore, so I don’t need these!” *throws Digivice and Tag/Crest* “Let’s go, PicoDevimon!”
Tokomon: “Takeru, you idiot! Idiot! Idioooot!!” *cries and exit flashback*
Tokomon: “If you like that flying rat so much, maybe I oughta leave!”
T.K.: “If you won’t apologize, you have to leave!”
Tokomon: “You really mean it?”
T.K.: “Yeah, sure! Go on!”
Tokomon: “I won’t be coming back, you know!”
T.K.: “You don’t see me cryin’ about it yet, and I don’t want these stupid gadgets, either!” *throws stupid gadgets* “Come on, DemiDevimon! Let’s go ride the roller coaster!”
Tokomon: “That suits me fine! Goodbye!” *cries and exit flashback*

Poor kids. They’re both too small to ride the roller coaster…

[Back in the present]
Agumon: “So that’s why you’re here by yourself…”
Agumon: “You see, Tai? We go away for a couple o’ days, and everything falls apart!”

… so you’re saying it’s YOUR fault.

[They reach the amusement park.]
Taichi: “So there it is.”
No response.
Tai: “That’s the place?”
Tokomon: “Yeah, T.K.’s somewhere in there with that flying phony!”

Section: Eyecatch

Speaking of undefined time lapses, how much time to you think passed between Tokomon crying, falling asleep, and then being found by Taichi and Agumon? Imma say four minutes.

Dialogue Deviation

The conversation between the two Gazimon is essentially the same in both versions, but in the dub, the not-radical Gazimon (the one without the sunglasses) calls Etemon “washed up”, and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!

[On the satellite Ferris wheel]
PicoDevimon: “High up, high up – like a walk through the sky! Look, the lake goes all the way out there! Isn’t it fun?”
DemiDevimon: “Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Hey, T.K., I bet I can spit farther than you!”

Well, I bet I can spit farther than YOU! *ptooey* AUGH MY OWN FACE

Takeru: “Not really.”
PicoDevimon (thinking): “No good. He’s still worried about Tokomon.”
T.K.: “Hm. Tokomon’s awful small to be out on his own. Hope he’s okay.”

He’s probably fine.

[Super Takeru Kart]
PicoDevimon: “GO! GO! Drive, drive! Isn’t this fun? Isn’t this exciting?” *he’s thrown off the kart* “Next is the roller coaster!”
DemiDevimon: “Okay, T.K.! Really rev this baby up! And feel the freedom of the open road!” *he’s thrown off the cart* “This is so much fun, it oughta be illegal!”

That signal-less turn and passenger not wearing a seatbelt was definitely illegal…

[Inside the train coaster]
PicoDevimon: “Hey, Takeru. Are you still worried about Tokomon?”
Takeru: “I don’t care about that guy! I just wonder if he’s okay by himself… But I don’t care either way!”
PicoDevimon (thinking): “He still can’t forget Tokomon after all. I’ve got to do something.”
DemiDevimon: “You’re not still thinkin’ about Tokomon, are ya? He made the decision to walk out on you! Not much of a friend, if ya ask me!”
T.K.: “I know, but I can’t help wondering if he’s okay.”
DemiDevimon (thinking): “This is gonna be harder than I thought!”

Listed for the loss of Takeru still being mad at Tokomon. Not a big deal.

[Taichi and Agumon run into the park, and Taichi’s Digivice goes off]
Taichi: “The Digivice is reacting.”
Agumon: “Takeru must be around here!”
Taichi: “Takeru, where are you?”
Tai: “Huh? Why’s it going off?”
Agumon: “Could be trouble. That’s what it usually means!”
Tai: “Nevermind that now — look who I found!”

Interesting hypothesis, Agumon, since the Digivices have never made a sound when danger approaches.

[Takeru resting his head on a table when Taichi et al approach]
Takeru: “You’re alive!”
Taichi: “I wouldn’t have died so easily!”
T.K.: “You’re back!”
Tai: “Yeah, and are we glad to see you!”

The dub will neither confirm nor deny that Tai did not die.

Taichi: “I’m sorry for making you worry.”
Tai: “Well, I’m back, and I’m all in one piece!”

[Takeru and Tokomon start arguing again]
Taichi: “Now, now. I got the story from Tokomon. Now isn’t the time to be fanning the flames.”
Tai: “Okay, you two, chill out! Knock off this bickering right now, because we’ve got too many other problems to worry about!”

Tai, that is not how you deescalate a fight. No wonder Matt loves to punch you so much.

[Takeru explains that everyone left him, even Yamato]
Taichi: “They must have had some reason.”
Tai: “Come on, T.K., it’s not your fault they left.”

Holy crap, Tai, no one said it was his fault! Now you put the thought in his head! You’re so bad at this.

Despite Tai’s profound ineptitude at situation control, T.K.’s rant about Matt being jealous of Tai is fairly accurate, although Takeru doesn’t say outright that Yamato is jealous. He says that Yamato gets a mean look on his face when Takeru and Taichi get along.

[Takeru wants to be Taichi’s little brother]
Taichi: “Uh, well, that’s a bit…”
Takeru: “I can’t?”
Taichi: “It’s not that you can’t, but…” (thinking) “This is a problem…”
Tai: “Uh, I don’t think it works that way!”
T.K.: “Why not?”
Tai: “It just doesn’t! That’s all!”
T.K.: “Ugh, you don’t like me, either!” 🙁

BE-BROTHER HIM, YOU COWARD! Clear out a drawer, Kari! We’re bringing you a new sibling!

PicoDevimon: “Hey, you guys, are you Etemon’s followers?”
DemiDevimon: “Hey, what would Etemon say if he saw you two lounging around like that?”

Etemon is well aware of union-mandated mushroom breaks, thank you!

[the Gazimon have dined upon the Mushrooms of Forgetfulness and forgotten who they are or how to stand not-hilariously]
PicoDevimon: “One bite of these, and you forget everything. You ate these mushrooms, huh? Wait, that’s it! If I make Takeru eat these…”
DemiDevimon: “I’ve always wondered if these things really work, and judging from the two of you clowns, they obviously do! Feed the kid a few of these, and they’ll forget all about that Tokomon!”

I like to think this implies that DemiDevimon has wondered about the mushrooms in the past, tried one, and then forgot that he tried it.

[back to Taichi and Takeru]
Taichi: “Anyway, let’s look for Yamato and listen to his real reason!”
Tai: “… so I’ll be your big brother, but just temporarily until we find Matt! Okay?”

Interim brother.

[PicoDevimon returns]
Takeru: “Ah, PicoDevimon came back!”
Taichi: “That’s him?”
PicoDevimon (thinking): “Not only Takeru, but Tokomon, and a few others…”
T.K.: “Look, it’s DemiDevimon!”
Tai: “That’s him? Not the most trustworthy-looking guy I’ve ever seen…”


[Agumon wants ANSWERS]
PicoDevimon: “Tokomon, have you been well?”
Agumon: “Hey! We have something to ask you!”
PicoDevimon: “Who are you two?”
Taichi: “I’m Taichi. This is Agumon.”
Agumon: “What did Yamato tell you?”
DemiDevimon: “Welcome back, Tokomon! How you been?”
DemiDevimon: “Whoa!”
Agumon: “Answer me, you little punk!” *slaps him*
DemiDevimon: “OW WHY”
Tai: “Easy, Agumon!”

DemiDevimon: “Cool it, buddy! Just who are you, anyway?!”
Tai: “We’re friends with T.K.’s REAL FRIEND.” [… not just… T.K.’s friends…?]
Agumon: “Start talking, AND IT BETTER BE THE TRUTH THIS TIME!”

Jeez, Agumon! Dial it back, son! Your dopey voice does not play well into the whole ‘bad cop’ thing.

Side Note

DemiDevimon’s explanation is mostly the same as the original, but it follows the dub’s adaptation of DemiDevimon’s personality and obvious apathy. PicoDevimon always spoke politely and acted friendly with Takeru and the others.

Dialogue Deviation

[Let’s go to Yamato, but first, eat this]
PicoDevimon: “Here, delicious mushrooms. Help yourselves!”
DemiDevimon: “I picked these myself. They’re fresh and juicy!”

I don’t like the way he said “juicy”. Ew.

Wait a minute… mushrooms aren’t supposed to be juicy! EW!

[Tai cooks the mushrooms]
Takeru: “Ah, what a delicious smell!”
Taichi: “They’re still not done grilling.”
Agumon: “Oh, wait! I’m just going to go to the bathroom.”
Tai (hon hon hon): “Ouala, le mushroom de la barbecue! Zey’ll be ready in just a minut!”
Agumon: “Oopsie-daisy! Gotta use the Little Digimon’s Room!”

Sacré bleu!

Taichi: “Do it quickly; everyone’s about to eat!”
Tai: “Don’t forget to wash your hands, or claws, or whatever they are!”

The writing on the sign for the bathroom is censored, which is weird, because it’s not Japanese; it’s just Digital World glyphs.

Dialogue Deviation

[PicoDevimon grins after Taichi hands Takeru a delicious mushroom skewer]
PicoDevimon: “They don’t know anything!”
DemiDevimon just chuckles.

I, too, chuckle when watching other people eat! … I don’t get invited to a lot of parties.

[Tokomon is looking over Takeru’s shoulder]
Takeru: “What?”
Tokomon: “Nothing.”
T.K.: “Want one?”
Tokomon: “I wouldn’t touch it!”

Don’t be rude, Tokomon.

Taichi: “Wait!” *grabs the skewer from him* “I forgot the seasoning!”
Tai: “Hang on! This one didn’t get cooked on one side!”

Worse grillmaster ever.

[Agumon grabs a mushroom outside the bathroom]
Agumon: “Are these mushrooms really edible?”
Agumon: “No offense to Tai, but I prefer mine raw!”

[A disembodied voice tells Agumon not to eat the mushrooms]
Agumon: “That’s strange…”
Agumon: “I know that voice it’s Sora!”

[“She’s always telling me not eat things I find at the bathroom!”]
Side Note

“I feel like we shouldn’t have to keep telling him that…”

Dialogue Deviation

[Agumon runs over screaming]
Agumon: “Aah, you can’t eat them! No!” *pulls mushroom out of Takeru’s mouth*
Agumon: “Don’t eat any of them! They’re poison! Evil! Bad stuff!”

Jeez, Tai’s cooking isn’t that bad…

[PicoDevimon’s lie is revealed, and we’re ALL crying]
Takeru: “That’s… that’s horrible! *runs over to Tokomon* “I’m sorry, Tokomon! I treated you…”
Tokomon: “I understand. Don’t worry about it.”
Takeru: “Tokomon…”
Tokomon: “Takeru!”

T.K.: “You… lying brat! Can you ever forgive me, Tokomon?”
Tokomon: “If you promise we’ll always be friends.”
T.K.: “Of course!”

[Takeru’s Crest starts glowing]
Glowy sounds
Tai: “Check it out! T.K.’s Crest is glowing!”

Thanks, Tai.

PicoDevimon: “That’s a problem for me! Give it here!”
DemiDevimon: “Who gave you the idea that Crest was yours?! Hand it over, you little squirt!”

He stole it fair and square, DemiDevimon!

Tokomon: “I’ll protect Takeru!”
Takeru: “Tokomon!”
Tokomon: “I’m gonna teach this mon a lesson!”
T.K.: “Go after him!”

“Finders Keepers 101: you could have gone back and picked it up off the beach, ya dingus.”

[Patamon flies into action!]
Action, I say!
Tai: “Way to go, Patamon! Take him down!”
*DemiDevimon kicks Patamon into the teacup ride*

Damnit, Tai, you are TERRIBLE at handling conflict!

Section: Cut or moved footage

(8 seconds) This was a long one! PicoDevimon’s attack, Pico Darts, is totally cut out. In the dub, after DemiDevimon is hit by Agumon’s Pepper Breath, then they add a shot of Agumon lowering his snout (looks like they just reversed his Baby Flame animation), and then DemiDevimon goes straight into the teacup with Patamon, because that’s his favorite ride.

In the original, he’s throwing Pico Darts everywhere! He’s throwing them at Agumon, throwing them at Taichi and Takeru, throwing them at Patamon!

I’m guessing the resemblance to syringes and needles is behind the decision to cut these scenes.

Dialogue Deviation

When going into the teacup ride, DemiDevimon adds, “Come here, you!”

PicoDevimon: “Let’s have some fun, dear Patamon!”
DemiDevimon: “Try the roller coaster it’s a gas especially without a seat belt!”

The train one? Looked kind of boring.

PicoDevimon: “Isn’t this fun? Exciting, isn’t it? Oh, up high, up high! It makes your eyes spin!”
DemiDevimon: “You know, you really should consider renting yourself as a football!”

That is terrible career advice.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(1 second) PicoDevimon slams Patamon against the side of one of the Ferris wheel carriages. This segment is replaced by a shot of Taichi and Takeru running towards the Ferris wheel.

T.K. yells, “Hang in there, Patamon, we’re on our way!”

Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: “Patamon, don’t give up!” *Patamon gets up and flies back into battle*
T.K.: “Stay there! Wait for us!” *Patamon gets up and flies back into battle* “Patamon, what are you doing?!”
Tai: (over the still image of Patamon facing off against PicoDevimon) “Let him do what he’s gotta do! I have a feeling he’s gonna be all right!”

R.I.P. Patamon

[Oh, he did it!]
Taichi and Agumon: “He did it!”
Tai and Agumon: “You da mon!”

Please stop that.

[Battle’s over, everyone go home]
Takeru: “Patamon, thank you! I’m really sorry about everything before.”
Patamon: “I told you, it’s okay! I was able to evolve again because of you, Takeru! Let’s be friends again?”
Takeru: “Yeah. Later, I need to apologize to big brother.”
Patamon: “That’s right!”
*they both laugh and hug*
T.K.: “You were awesome, Patamon! Now I feel even worse about the way I treated you.”
Patamon: “We promised we’d always be friends, and the first rule of friendship is ‘forgive and forget’! Let’s forget it ever happened, okay?”
T.K.: “‘kay. I’ll pretend I had a bite of that funny mushroom.”
Patamon: “Me too!”
*they both laugh and hug*

I thought the first rule of friendship was, “don’t talk about friendship”?

[Taichi and Agumon watching them from behind the bushes]
Taichi: “Let’s leave them alone for a while.”
Agumon (normal): “Yeah.”
Tai: “Aww. That’s kind of cool, isn’t it?”
Agumon (wistful): “Yeah…”

Why are you guys watching them from behind the bushes, anyway?

In the dub, Agumon claims the voice he heard was in his head. He does not specify that was without taking a bite of a mushroom, and Tai does not inquire further. In the original, Agumon says he heard a voice, Taichi asks whose, and Agumon doesn’t know.

[Back to PicoDevimon]
PicoDevimon: “I was so close!” *eep* *scared wibbling* “I’m so sorry! The Crest of Hope has regained its light!”
DemiDevimon: “I was close! So close!” *eh?!* “Uh oh! Now I’m in for it! Forgive me, o terrible one! The Crest of Hope has regained its light. I’ve failed, but I’ll make it up to you! I’ll work overtime! And on Sundays!”

[“Dude, I just came here to remind you to submit your timesheet…”]

Taichi: “I don’t really understand it, but the distortions from this world are impacting the real world. So before we return to the other world, we need to fix the distortions in this world. To do that, we all need to combine our power. We’re counting on your power, too, Takeru!”
Takeru: “I’ll do my best!”
Taichi: “That’s the spirit!”
Takeru and Tokomon: “Yeah!”
Tai: “Okay, listen up! Izzy was totally right”


Tai: “when he said that all the weird stuff going on here in the DigiWorld somehow affects our own world, too. I dunno how we’re gonna do it yet, but it seems to me we’ve gotta fix things in this world before we can return to our own world. But if we’re gonna do that, we’ve all gotta work together as a team – every one of us is important!”
T.K.: “Am I important, too?”
Tai: “No. I mean, of course you are, T.K.! You’re a part of the team!”

Narrator: “Taichi and the others went on a journey in search of their friends. Yamato… Sora… Just what could have happened to them?”
Tai: “I guess we learned it doesn’t take a Mushroom of Forgetfulness to make us sometimes forget who our real friends are.”
T.K.: “Yeah. Sorry, Patamon.”
Patamon: “It’s forgotten, remember?”
T.K.: “That’s right! I forgot!” *giggle*

The mushrooms help, though…

The DigiVerdict

It’s weird how in some episodes, the latter half is translated more accurately. Or maybe I’m just lazier in reviewing at that point. Anyway, DemiDevimon is a treat! I like how they write him, even if some of the emotional impact of his deception is lost. I also really like the weird punch-clock villain dynamic this arc brings in the dub. There’s just something really funny to me about that trope.

Some cuts for violence, but overall a fun episode. I give it a B, for brother, which Takeru is now yours.

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