Digimon Adventure S01E19

Nanomon of the Labyrinth

Nanomon of the Labyrinth (JP)

The Prisoner of the Pyramid (EN)

Written by:

EN: R.D. Chamberlain and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: July 11, 1999
EN: October 8, 1999

Section: Summary

Having not yet had enough of deserts, the kids have wandered into yet another one, where Izzy is finally charging his laptop (I was right about the charger). Suddenly, he gets an alert that his arch-nemesis on Digidit has responded to his latest shitpost with a savage burn, and he talks the others into accompanying him on the most epic of internet pwnages. First, they break into his rival’s garden shed, which is also a cave, by having T.K. steal the door. They find that the shed has already been heavily vandalized by roving bands of Programming/Electrical Engineering double-majors, who also installed a sweet entertainment system and wired their graffiti to it somehow. After a couple hilarious sphere-related DigiTube videos, Tai, Izzy, Sora, and Joe break into Izzy’s rival’s house and sneak into the basement, and there he is: Datamon, internet troll extraordinaire! They’re about to face off in the ultimate shitpost shitshow when suddenly Etemon arrives on scene. Datamon’s been flagging his DigiTube videos for no reason, and Etemon finally brings down the ban-hammer! Butthurt, Datamon tries to take his ball and goes home, but he misunderstands the metaphor and grabs Sora and Biyomon instead.

Dialogue Deviation

The opening recap focuses on Taichi and Agumon’s struggle to evolve in the original. In the dub, Izzy takes us through a tale of utter BS:

Izzy: “Continuing on our quest, we had yet another run-in with Kuwagamon. Fortunately, the day was saved by a most diminutive Digimon named Piximon, a wise trainer. His training methods at first appeared a bit odd, but later, we found out it was a form of self-discipline.”

… Which was actually not established in either version. For all we know, Piximon had them clean his floors just to be a dick.

Izzy: “How PROdigious!”

Matt should have left you behind when you were being chased by Tyrannomon.

[at the desert terminal]
Taichi: “This is…?”
Koushirou: “Yeah. There’s no doubt this is the network Etemon uses to figure out our location.”
Jou: “T-then he could have already figured out that we’re here!”
Mimi: “Then let’s hurry and run!”
Palmon: “Let’s run! Let’s run!”
Tai: “What is it, Izzy? Some kind of power generator?”
Izzy: “Even better! Etemon has hardwired the entire desert, creating an extensive computer network. My guess: this is one of his remote data access terminals.”
Tai: “Great, let’s crash it!”

Work your magic, Izzy!

Sora: “Hey, hey, calm down.”
Yamato: “Even if we run from here, he’ll find us soon.”
Sora: “It could be a booby trap.”
Matt: “If it is Etemon’s, I say we cross the wires and mess it up good!”

I like the idea of them swapping the network cables only for that to do nothing, or even better, to improve the throughput.

[Izzy plugs his laptop into the terminal]
Tentomon: “What’re you doin’?”
Tentomon: “What are you going to do with that?”

You sound kinda nervous, Tentom–

Oh, woops

Koushirou: “This is Etemon’s network information. Maybe I can find something in here!”
Izzy: “It’s entirely possible that our computers have compatible systems. And if they do, I can tap into Etemon’s network!”

Izzy hacks into the unsecured network by plugging in the ethernet cable.

[Takeru sees something on the laptop screen]
Takeru: “What’s that mark?”
Koushirou: “E-mail? From whom?”
T.K.: “Hey, you have mail.”
Izzy: “That was quick. Who even knows I’ve logged on?”

That’s not how– … Izzy, you are the worst nerd ever…

Jou: “Could it be from an enemy?”
Taichi: “Open it, Koushirou.”
Joe: *calm* “Oh no, it’s Etymon.” (didn’t know you two were close enough for nicknames, Joe! That’s cute)
Tai: “Open it. It’s probably just spam.”

Tai, you don’t– are these lines indicative of how these writers use their computers? I’m getting kind of worried.

So this is kind of neat. The obviously changed the e-mail for the dub, but instead of writing in the message, they replaced it with code, and they removed the e-mail address.

An e-mail
Totally safe!

Who wants to run that code and see what it does? My guess is it draws a weiner.

Just kidding – it’s from later in the episode. Or maybe it does?

Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: *reading the e-mail* “If you help me, I’ll tell you were the Crests are.”
Yamato: “The Crests?”
Taichi: “What is this?”
E-mail speaking out loud because that’s what e-mails do: “Help me! S.O.S.! Mayday! I’m being held prisoner. Help me escape, and I’ll guide you to the Crests you seek!”
Sora: “Do you think he’s for real? I mean, who could it be?”

A strange e-mail from no e-mail address somehow, filled with lines of code and an auto-playing sound file? Sounds totally legit. Let’s go.

[Etemon wants to know where the Children are]
Gazimon: “It’s no good, Lord Etemon! There’s no malfunction here.”
Gazimon: *very sarcastically* “Yes, O Mighty Etemon, sir, most majestic royal one!”

It’s a good thing Etemon is extra-bad at detecting sarcasm…

[Etemon figures out what’s messing with his beautiful network]
Etemon: “It’s Nanomon. Let’s go pay that guy a visit!”
Etemon: “Datamon? Get me there in a hurry, you floppy-eared little freaks! Let’s roll!”

Okay, maybe he had that sass coming to him…

Side Note

Nanomon is called Datamon in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[wandering away from the terminal]
Jou: “What do we do if it’s an enemy trap?”
Mimi: “But he might be like Gennai and on our side.”
Joe: “Oh, I don’t like this! I don’t like it one little bit. I don’t like the look of it, I don’t like the smell of it, I don’t like the- “
Mimi: “Don’t have a brain cramp, Joe.” [walking ahead of him and not looking at him] “You’re turning green around the edges.”

She just knows.

Side Note

As usual, the pretty mystical Crest music of the original is replaced by ominous nonsense in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Takeru has a Crest now!]
Yamato: “I guess it wasn’t a trap after all.”
Matt: “Now, T.K., don’t think this means you get to stay up any later.”

You’re not his dad; you can’t tell him what to do!

[Inside the cave/Crest-hole thing with the symbols all over the wall]
Koushirou: “Just as I thought, in here, energy is controlled by a program.”
Mimi: “What does that mean?”
Koushirou: “In other words, if I rewrite the program that’s written on the wall”, I can turn the power on or off.”
Izzy: “Prodigious! This is amazing! Do you know what I’m thinking?”
Mimi: “I’ve got a feeling you’re going to tell us!”
Izzy: “Well, you see, it’s quite possible that these hieroglyphs are not a form of writing at all, but rather code – computer code! If you change a piece of the code, then you change the program.”

Wait, if the symbols represent sections of code — programming code being a formal language between users and computers — then isn’t it a form of writing by definition? Izzy, you are terrible at this.

Side Note

Again: hieroglyphs are pictographic writing. The symbols Izzy is talking about are glyphs, but not hieroglyphs.

Dialogue Deviation

[holo-map activate!]
Koushirou: “This is a map of nearby.”
Izzy: “Like that, for example!”

Koushirou clearly knew what he was doing. Izzy? Oh, mon. He definitely should have gone to computer camp after all.

Jou: “N-no way. You can do something like that with a program written on a wall? Like we’re inside of a computer…”
Joe: “Wait, back up. Are you telling us that this whole place is some kind of giant computer game? And that none of it is really real?”

That… NO. That’s not what he said at all!

Koushirou: “I don’t know about that.”
Izzy: “OH, it’s real, all right!”

Real STUPID ehehehehe…

[Koushirou thinks that everything and everyone here are pieces of data with physical form]
Yamato: “Now that you mention it, you said that before.”
Sora: “If this is a world of data, are we as well?”
Matt: “Now wait a second. If you’re right and this whole thing’s one big computer, then how did we get here? Did we squeeze in through the floppy drive?”

Why did you think it’s called the “floppy” drive, Matt?!

[they’re just data, not gooey flesh creatures?]
Mimi: “By that, you mean like ghosts?”
Koushirou: “S-something close to that.”
Yamato: “Then… where are the real us?”
Mimi: “And I still have to go to the little girls’ room!”
Izzy: “You don’t really; you just think you have to.”
Mimi: “Oh, well, I hope you’re right, ’cause–“
Matt: “Where’s the real us?”

A brief oasis of proper comedic timing in this absolute BALLS of a conversation. They get a gold star for this joke.

[Koushirou posits that their bodies are back at the campgrounds]
Koushirou: “The Digimon are truly ‘digital’ monsters; they’re life forms made of data.”
Izzy: “Yeah… we’re alive back there! We exist simultaneously with our other selves. We’re in a parallel, digital universe like the Digimon!”

Glossing over what the Digimon are to ponder the idea that the Children are either lying motionless back at the campgrounds, where everyone is undoubtedly losing their minds over them, or they’re just having a great time at summer camp while their digital copies trek through deserts and fear for their lives. Cool. Thanks, Izzy!

Takeru: “Then it’s like we’re inside a game?”
T.K.: “Does that mean I don’t have to worry about brushing my teeth anymore?”


Koushirou: “It’s not that simple.”
Yamato: “Is whoever sent that e-mail data, too?”
Koushirou: “I’m not sure.”
Izzy: “We’ve got bigger things to worry about now, T.K..”
Matt: “Although, do us all a favor and don’t stop brushing.”
Izzy: “Yeah, please.”

You’re no fun!

Koushirou: “Eh?”
Taichi: “What is it?”
Koushirou: “Please wait a bit! I’ll make it easier for everyone to understand now.”
Izzy: “Hey! Wait a second; I’ve got an idea!”

Oh no.

Izzy: “Let me see… If I can just correct this program…”

It doesn’t need to be “corrected”; he’s just translating it into code he can use on his computer. Don’t go “correcting” wall programs, kids. That’s how you get trapped in caves.

Side Note

Original: Izzy’s image song, Digital Scratch plays and makes it seem way more intense and interesting when he’s just typing noselessly on his computer.

Dub: whimsical nonsense.

Dialogue Deviation

[intense programming!]
No dialogue.
Mimi: “Uh oh! He’s in computer dork mode; this could take a while!”


[holographic globe activate!]
Koushirou: “I’ve adjusted it so you can see the entire globe.”
Izzy: “I’ve called up a holographic map of the DigiWorld.”

We could have just grabbed a printed one at the theme park’s entrance, Izzy.

Koushirou: “This is the program I saw in Andromon’s town. If I include the map that Mr. Gennai sent…”
Izzy: “You can see how physically similar it is to the planet Earth. In fact, there are a lot of parallels with our world.”

Listed for the lost recollection of Andromon and oh, right, Gennai sent us a map.

Yamato: “It’s a wide world. The same as Earth.”
Koushirou: “Actually, it’s exactly the same.”
Yamato: “Eh?”
Matt: “That’s terrific, Izzy. Great time for a Geography lesson!”
Izzy: *sass* “Pay attention and you might learn something.”
Matt: *sass flies over his head* “Yeah?”

Wasted sass…

So you see how the shot of the screen is dimmed in the dub? That’s because in the original, they were highlighting the e-mail address, which was removed in the dub. Rather than re-use an un-darkened image of the program, they… used a shot where they replaced the e-mail with the code, covered the e-mail address, and dimmed the whole thing.

Koushirou has an e-mail address to use in the next scene, when he finds the sender’s location.

Izzy, as usual, just pulls it out of his heiney.

Dialogue Deviation

[the hologlobe lines match up]
Mimi: “So what does it mean?”
Mimi: “Reminds me of the balls of yarn MY KITTY USED TO PLAY WITH!!”

Whoa. That was intense. I get it, though. My babies! ♡

Not related to the episode, but...
Despite adorable photos and popular convention, yarn is not a safe toy for cats to play with unattended. Kitty tongues are covered with papillae – little spikes that help the cat groom. They can also help yarn get stuck in a kitty’s mouth, where it can be swallowed and cause choking or obstruction in the digestive system.

That’s not to say you can’t let your kitty play with yarn – just keep an eye on them when they do. You get cute kitty time, they get play time – it’s win-win!

Koushirou: “This is a world of only data. In other words, it’s the same kind of world as inside a game or a computer. We’re not someplace far from Earth; we’re inside Earth’s computer network! In other words, this Digimon world is in the same place as our world. You could call it Earth’s shadow world! “
Izzy: “That’s the world’s digital network. Through those lines, every computer on Earth is connected to every other computer. The DigiWorld is a physical embodiment of the data passing through them. Guys, we’re seeing something no one else has ever seen – that nobody even knows about! The Digital shadow world that exists alongside our own. And they’re not just parallel; they’re physically linked! So anything we do here will have effects on the other.”

Listed because Koushirou gets to the point and gets that point across effectively, and because Izzy, as usual, is wrong and/or a jerk! He’s either forgotten that Jennai knows about the Digital World, or he’s calling Jennai a nobody, which is just mean.

[dramatic zoom-out from the ground]
Jou: “… This… was Earth?!”
Izzy: “Yeah, and here’s the coolest part: wherever this person is in the DigiWorld, I think I can take us there just by taking this e-mail address and clicking on it, like accessing a webpage!”

Exactly how invisible e-mail addresses work!

Takeru: “So, can we return home soon?”
T.K.: “Hey! All this techno-talk’s making my head spinny!”

Right there with you, buddy.

Yamato: “No. It’s not like that. We’re really close, but we’re not on Earth itself.”
Matt: “Computer guys can never just DO something, T.K.. That’d be too easy! They gotta spend all day telling you HOW they’re do it.”

A lot of overlap with supervillains, now that I think about it…

Jou: “I’m more and more confused on what to do…”
Gomamon: “Hey, what are you talking about? You’ve got me, don’t you?”
Joe: “This is depressing. Even when I’m computer data, I have allergies!”
Gomamon: “Look on the bright side, Joe: if you weren’t here, you never would have met me!”

He’s allergic to you.

Piyomon: “Sora, I didn’t understand much of that. Are you leaving soon?”
Sora: “No. It looks like there’s something we have to do in this world. Until that’s finished, we can’t leave.”
Biyomon: “Sora, does this mean that we don’t exist – that we’re really not friends?”


Sora: “Of course not.”


Sora: “This may be a make-believe world, but that doesn’t mean our friendship isn’t real. Truthfully, I don’t get it, but it sounds right.”

It’s… the world is real. Data is real (-ish, but the electrical pulses that comprise data– LOOK, it’s real enough!). How are they blowing it so hard with the exposition? This is important stuff!

Taichi: “That’s right! Anyway, we should go help whoever sent that e-mail first. Where do we go next, Koushirou?”
Tai: “Oh, well! Wherever we are, we’re here, so let’s figure out what we’re gonna do next. Come on, brainiac! What are you waiting for?”


[Koushirou conjures up a change of scenery]
Koushirou: “That is… if I follow the e-mail and run the program…”
Agumon: “Huh? The back!”
Gabumon: “We can see out there!”
Izzy: “Okay, okay! All I have to do is click on the guy’s e-mail address, and then bingo!”
Mimi: “I hate Bingo! It’s so confusing with all those different letters and num– hey, look! A door!”

Not cool, dub writers.

Taichi: “What just happened?”
Tai: “All right! Last one through is a rotten egg!”

[Now there’s an opening to a place with a pyramid]
Koushirou: “The sender should be out there.”
Sora: “He was this close?”
Koushirou: “No. The program from before warps us through space.”
Izzy: “Our electronic pen pal is right out there!”
Sora: “Or it could be a trap!”
Izzy: “No way! We’re just bits of data, so I uploaded us as file attachments–“
Sora: “Okay, okay, I believe you.”

You shouldn’t, because that’s not what happened!

[Etemon is at the pyramid to rock your world]
Etemon: “I came here to punish you, Nanomon!”
Etemon: “That’s it! It’s the dumpster for you, Datamon, you old pile of junk!”
Joe: “Uh, I think I left the water running back at the sphinx…”

Oh, no worries; you’re still at the sphinx!

[Night time, Sora relieves Taichi of watch duty]
Agumon: “Good. I was starting to get tired. Good night.”
Taichi: “Me too. Guess I’ll sleep to prepare for tomorrow.”
Agumon: “Finally! It’s not much fun watching a bunch of rocks!”
Tai: “I thought being in a computer cartoon adventure would be more fun than this!”

The rock-watching side quest could use some work… it’s my favorite

Sora: “I’m sorry, Taichi. After all, this is all for my Crest and to help the sender of that e-mail.”
Taichi: “That’s how it turned out. Well, I’m not the type who turns his back on someone in trouble.”
Sora: “About tomorrow…”
Tai: “What?”
Sora: “I’m worried. That Etemon is bad news. Is it really worth it just to find my Crest?”
Tai: “Sure. Don’t worry, Sora! Piece o’ cake! I’m looking forward to spinning that ugly monkey around by his tail!”

Tai is one of those guys who’s jealous of rock stars, so don’t feel discouraged by his disparaging remarks. Etemon is The King!

[Would Sora have hesitated if they were going after someone else’s Crest?]
Sora: “I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.”
Taichi: “Right? Besides, right now, we’re just data. There’s no use thinking about this seriously!”
Sora: “When we return to our world, do you think we’ll remember the Digimon we’ve met and the experiences we’ve had in this world?”
Taichi: “Who knows?”
Sora: “Maybe you’re right. It’s just… after what Izzy said…”
Tai: “What? You mean all that stuff about us being nothing but little kilobytes in the great computer program of life?”
Sora: “It just makes us seem so small and insignificant. Like nothing we do really matters.”
Tai: “Of course it matters. We can’t take the chance that it doesn’t.”

Right? All this liberating an island from black gears and an evil monster, rescuing Koromon from an invasion of jerkwads, finding ancient, powerful artifacts…

Section: Eyecatch

I just feel like we don’t have a purpose!

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou starts the new day with an explanation]
Koushirou: “That’s right. I said that we’re data, but it’s very packed, dense data. With that kind of data transferred into this world, there should be feedback when we return to our world.”
Sora: “In other words, we should definitely think of ourselves as though we have real bodies?”
Koushirou: “It’s better to think that way.”
Izzy: “Remember: there’s one thing that’s important to keep in mind. This is more than a parallel universe; it’s a shadow world physically linked to our own. Anything that happens here in the DigiWorld can have a direct effect on the things in the other.”
Sora: “Then… the same thing goes for us, right? We’re shadow versions of our other selves!”
Izzy: “Right – exact computer copies!”

Listed because it botches the explanation! If you delete a copy of something, the original is fine. If you punch your shadow, your shadow is fine (your hand, maybe not). Koushirou’s explanation is better at conveying that the data they’re made of will be transferred back to the real world. They’re not copies, and they should make like they’re the real deal!

Taichi: “Hey, what are you doing? Hurry up!”
Tai: “Heey, sometime this YEAR! Man, you guys talk more than my mom’s book club! CAN WE GO?!”

I’m starting to see why they didn’t tell him he’s not a copy…

[Ready to go! “In and out, no shenanigans!”]
Taichi: “I know!”
Tai: “You whimper more than my puppy!”

Actually, Tai, you’re the only one who IS a copy! Go nuts!

Takeru: “I want to come, too…”
Yamato: “Don’t be selfish, Takeru.”
Tai: “Matt, Mimi, T.K., stay here and stand guard! Let’s go in!”

Leaving the A-team behind to stand guard! … guarding the… nothing…

Mimi: “Everyone, be careful.”
Palmon: “Keep steady.”
Mimi: “If you really don’t think you need me!”
Palmon: “I miss you guys already!”

That’s a lie.

Gomamon: “It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine!”
Taichi: “Well, we’re off!”
Gomamon: “We’ll be back in time to eat!” [nothing]
Tai: “Or get eaten!”

Uh, maybe you guys should leave Tentomon behind…

[They reach the side of the pyramid, looking for the way in, and Taichi sees Etemon around the corner]
No dialogue.
Izzy: “That’s funny. It should be right here!”
Etemon: “Where’s my fried banana sandwich? You know I like to eat after my nap!”

Yeah! And where’s mine? You know I like to eat after I eat! >:(

[Taichi taunts Etemon through the false wall]
A weird squeak sound.
Etemon: “I don’t know why, but I feel like someone was just making a fool of me! What is it?! I’ll go sing or something to distract myself!”
Tai: “Yoohoo~!”
Etemon: “You know, I’m gonna have to have this place completely exterminated… because… somethin’s startin’ to BUG ME!”

Koushirou specifies that there are parts in the wall that look like they’re made of data, but they’re actually empty. Izzy refers to these as “weak points”.

[Agumon slaps the wall]
Koushirou: “Everything except the passageway is data, so please be careful.”
Izzy: “As I was saying, Agumon: the trick is finding the weak points. Let’s use heads, not hands!”

Headbutt the wall. Got it!

Side Note

In the dub, when Tai sees the translucent part in the wall, he exclaims, “Hey, check it out! You can see right through this wall!” Except his voice is much higher than usual – it really sounds more like Izzy’s voice. But hey, puberty can be rough sometimes!

Dialogue Deviation

[They found the false wall]
Koushirou: “Yes, but no one should be able to see through the other side.”
Izzy: “Yeah, here it is! It’s another breach in the system’s security!”

Right, because secret passageways are definitely not for security.

[Taichi has set off the Gazimon spat and is now getting a well-deserved scolding from Sora]
Taichi: “You’re worrying too much, Sora. After all, we’re just data!”
Tai: “Jee, Sora. Relax, kid. Get a grip! Who elected you the Queen of the Fun Police?”

I voted for her.

Sora: “Taichi, you–!”
Jou: “Sora! Shh! Shh!”
Sora: “Yeah, this is tons of fun, and getting caught’ll be a blast!”
Joe: “Couldn’t you just pass notes? It’s much quieter.”

Sora's note to Tai is just, "Dear Tai," a drawing of a hand with a raised middle finger, "Love, Sora"

[The wall is electric except for one section]
Jou: “So that means everything else is really electrified?”
Joe: “And if we pick the wrong way, they’ll scoop us up with a spatula!”

Don’t be silly, Joe! What’s left of you won’t be solid enough to be picked up by a spatula!

Taichi: “You’re too timid, Jou! So? Where’s the entrance?”
Tai: “Relax; it’s not like we’re human or anything. We’re just bunches of kilobytes, remember?”

And neither Izzy nor Sora make any attempt to correct him. I still don’t blame them.

[New room!]
Koushirou: “This is our objective.”
Taichi: “This is…?”
Izzy: “This is the host computer!”
Tai: “Yowza! Do you think it comes with a CD-ROM drive, or is that optional?”

It’s a room, Izzy. The CD-ROM drive costs extra, Tai.

[Hey, it’s Nanomon]
Tentomon: “That’s… that’s definitely Nanomon! He’s a very smart Digimon.”
Sora: “And what do you suppose that thing is?”


Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Nanomon: no matter what system falters, he can rebuild it. A Perfect-level, Machine Digimon.”
Tentomon: “I’ve heard of him. His name’s Datamon, a super-intelligent, robotic Digimon. He disappeared without a trace a long time ago. Nobody ever knew what happened to him.”

That’s a long name.

His voice in the dub is similar to the original.

Dialogue Deviation

Datamon adds “Today is your lucky day — and mine!” during the shot of him flashing his eye red like someone we can trust. Nanomon didn’t say anything. His explanation of what happened to him is accurately translated, and his plea for help is close enough.

[What about Sora’s Crest?]
Nanomon: “Of course! I know things Etemon has never even heard of!”
Jou: “Can we trust him?”
Datamon: “Um, yes! Whatever you want! Just please, help me out of here!”
Joe: “… Can we trust this talking can-opener?”

Open the cage, Joe.

Datamon keeps calling his prison a “CyberLock”, most likely because he doesn’t want to admit it’s just a bunch of pennies stuck in the frame of his fancy aquarium.

Side Note

For some reason, the combination Koushirou uses, ‘right 5, left 8’, is changed to ‘right 3, left 5’ in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Nanomon: “That’s good! Just a little more!”
Datamon: “Quickly, quickly! Before Etemon returns!”

Jeez, sorry! There’s a lot of pennies in here!

[Etemon has arrived on the scene!]
Etemon: “After all the damage you’ve done! We have surveillance cameras, you know!”
Etemon: “I’ve been watching you on surveillance cameras, and you’re an annoying little brat, you know that?”

HA! Finally, someone says it!

Taichi: “Ach, they figured it out.”
Jou: “It’s your fault, Taichi!”
Tai: “He-ey! It’s been my pleasure!”
Joe: “Great. Why don’t you just call him ugly, too?”


Etemon: “Ever since the children landed on this continent, my network has been acting funny. That was you, wasn’t it?”
Nanomon: “I finished my work just as they arrived.”
Etemon: “Heh!”
Etemon: “All this time, I thought it was these snot-nosed kids who were causing my network to go on the fritz, but it was YOU, wasn’t it, you digital dumpster?!”
Datamon: “Well, in a word: yes!”
Etemon: “You rat!”

[Etemon charges]
Agumon: “Taichi!”
Agumon: “Digimon, HELP OUT!”

Yeah, do something for once!

Side Note

The scene where we see Etemon fighting hand-to-hand is so cool. He’s so freaking strong – just punching and throwing Digimon many times his size, using JUST his hands. Devimon made himself gigantic when they fought him, and they’ve mostly been up against Digimon who were bigger than them or using attacks. It’s a good story arc for the little Digimon!

Dialogue Deviation

[Nanomon is loose and about to throw some juice glass]
Nanomon: “You should know just how strong this seal was!”
Datamon: “I’m free! Now let’s see how you like it!”

Section: Cut or moved footage
[0:01] A most badass scene of Etemon punching through one of the glass panes thrown by Nanomon is cut out, probably because punching glass is bad, kids.

It looks awesome, though!

Side Note

I love the implication in the original that the seal/prison was extra-strong, and then Etemon just punches through it. He’s not even using one of his special attacks — he’s just that powerful!

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: “What are you doing?!”
Nanomon: “Your role has ended!”
Etemon: *chuckle* “That’s the kind of guy he is, that Nanomon.”
Tai: “Hey! We set you free!”
Datamon: “I know; I was there, dumbass And I do appreciate that, you chumps!”
Etemon: “Dumb kids! *chuckle* You’d think by now they’d learn to trust no one!”

Cases in point: Nanomon, Piximon, Jennai, Tentomon…

Side Note

Datamon says, “Trust me: this will hurt” instead of his attack name, Plug Bomb.

Etemon fires back with Dark Spirits, which is changed to “Dark Network” in the dub.

Uhh… so after the attacks blow a hole in the ground over where they’re fighting, we see Gabumon watching the dust rise, and in the dub, we hear what sounds like Tokomon calling, “Biyomon, over here! I’m coming!” over Gabumon calling for Matt. Not sure how that happened, or if it’s in every recording of this episode. This one does seem to have more audio errors than usual.

Dialogue Deviation

Yamato: “They’re fighting!”
Matt: “Well, so much for ‘no fighting’!”

Shut up, Matt.

[Nanomon gets his ass beat again]
Nanomon: “Fighting is the only thing you can do, monkey!”
Datamon: “It’s not over yet, monkey-breath!”

Listed for the lost resentment from Nanomon.

[Nanomon has nabbed Sora and Biyomon and… uh… “run” off]
Etemon: “Wait!”
Etemon: “Come back here, you bratty little–“

[back at the electrified wall which is not a firewall]
Koushirou: “They ran into the hidden passageway!”
Taichi: “I’m sure… her voice came from that area!”
Koushirou: “Wait, I need to make sure one more time!”
Taichi: “Why? We’re just data! If I mess up, it’ll be fine!”
Izzy: “They’ve gone back out through the firewall!”
Tai: “Okay. The weak point was here, right?”
Izzy: “Wait a minute! Let me get back online so I can find it!”
Tai: “We don’t have time for that, Izzy. What could happen? This isn’t the real me, right?”


Koushirou: “Stop, please!”
Izzy: “Don’t test theories now!”

Shut up, Izzy — there’s always time for science! DO IT, TAI.

Jou: “Got it!” *grabs Taichi to stop him*
Taichi: “Hey! Let me go! Sora is–“
Koushirou: “Taichi, you can’t be thinking that because you’re data, you can just act like a video game character, are you?!”
Taichi: “Eh? Am I wrong?”
Koushirou: “Completely wrong!”
Joe: “Pain still hurts, Tai!” *grabs Tai to demonstrate*
Tai: “Hey–! Joe! Gyeargh!”
Izzy: “What are you thinking, Tai?! ‘We’re in a video game’? ‘Nothing can happen to us because these aren’t our real selves here’?”
Tai: “Yeah, somethin’ like that!”
Izzy: “Well, think again!”

Izzy, you have no business getting mad. You could have said something when you heard him screaming, “We’re all just kilobytes! I don’t even know what those are, but they definitely don’t have the word ‘kill’ in them or anything similar, so nothing can possibly go wrong here!”

Koushirou: “It’s exactly the same as if we’re alive here. If you die here, you’ll really die.”
Taichi: “What…? N-no way…”
Izzy: “Our digital selves are directly linked with our other selves back home. You need to be a lot more careful. No telling what may happen!”
Tai: “You mean if I…”
Izzy: “If something happens here…”
Tai: “It… happens there?”


Yes, I know that reference is redundant at this point, but I’ve been wanting to say it since I started this episode, and I got sick of waiting.

[After returning from commercial break, the dub replays Tai’s epiphany that he almost got zapped]
No dialogue.
Tai: “I can’t… move.”
Izzy: “The weak point is one meter to your right!”

Izzy, it’s Tai. He doesn’t know what a meter is. Just go through it and lead the way.

Taichi: “It can’t be… I could really die…”
Koushirou: “The hidden passageway is one meter to your right.”
Taichi: *frozen* “… … what’s going on [with me]? Sora’s in danger!”
Tai: “No way… just one false move, and it’s over.”
Izzy: “It’s safe, Tai. We came through it all right on the way in!”
Tai: “Yeah, but then, I didn’t know… that…”
Izzy: “Go on, it’s okay!”
Joe: *completely calm* “Come on, Tai, we’re wasting time. Sora needs us. What’s wrong with you?”
Izzy: “… Tai?”

Oh, sure, NOW it’s all hunky-dorry let’s all just tra-la-la through the wall! You’ve been spending too much time around Tentomon, Izzy!

Side Note

Still can’t help but notice that neither Koushirou nor Jou make any attempt to just go through and demonstrate that it’s safe… I mean, Koushirou does know where the entrance is. He could just go there.

Dialogue Deviation

[Etemon has broken through the wall and is about to lay down some murder when Togemon and Garurumon break in through the ceiling]
Togemon: “CHIKUCHIKU Bang Bang!”
Togemon: “Would you care for some NEEDLE SPRAAAY?”

… No, thank you.

[Etemon has turned down the offer of some Needle Spraaay]
Etemon: “What? I won’t fall from this–! Huh? Where did they go?”
Etemon: “No, not again! They didn’t get away again?! Aw, I’m having an extremely bad day, baby!”

Poor Etemon. D:

[Outside and out of immediate danger]
Yamato: “I see… Sora and Piyomon were kidnapped…”
Matt: “I don’t get it! When the creep grabbed Sora and Biyomon, why didn’t you go through the firewall after them??”

JEEZUS, Matt! Don’t be a dick! You weren’t there!

Taichi: *crying* “Damn it… Damn it…”
Tai: “I couldn’t… I couldn’t move…”
Joe: “It’s not your fault; it’s Izzy’s. In MANY ways. We’re all in this together, Tai. We’ll find a way to get them back.”

“I mean… we weren’t all in it together when it was any one of us who could have gone through the ‘firewall’, but now that we’re safe…”

The Digi-Verdict

The botched explanations about their presence in the Digital World didn’t do the episode any favors, and it’s unfortunate because the stuff that was botched was important. They’re not copies, and the Digital World is “real”; it’s just made of data. It’s a “shadow world” in the sense that it exists in a space unseen from the Real World. Their Digital World bodies aren’t “linked” to their Real World bodies; their bodies leave the Real World and get converted into data.

How did Koushirou figure that out? That’s an excellent question. He doesn’t really present any evidence to support that conclusion! Based on his explanation to Sora:

Koushirou: “That’s right. I said that we’re data, but it’s very packed, dense data. With that kind of data transferred into this world, there should be feedback when we return to our world.”
Sora: “In other words, we should definitely think of ourselves as though we have real bodies?”
Koushirou: “It’s better to think that way.”

… it could be that he’s only worked out that they are “densely packed” data, but he’s acting on the assumption that they’re really alive in the Digital World to be safe – which is a good move, and it turns out he’s correct anyway.

If they’re “exact copies” – copies being, you know, copies – then Izzy not having a reason to believe the “copies” are linked to their real bodies just shows, once again, that he knows sweet fuck-all about computers.

More importantly: in both versions, Koushirou/Izzy didn’t bother to tell Taichi/Tai the whole “die in the game, die for real” business. The only person he told was Sora. THEN when they faced the electrified wall to go rescue Sora, he insisted that Taichi/Tai be the first to go through it even though he knew where the gap was. They retreated, instead of Koushirou/Izzy just walking through, because Taichi/Tai wouldn’t do it.

I wouldn’t blame either of them for making Taichi/Tai go first, but retreating because he wouldn’t do it is pretty fucking sus.

Not even the majesty of Etemon can rescue information that botched. I give it a D, for “die for real”.

This episode took me like three weeks to work up the motivation to finish – it was pretty rough! And I have 35 more episodes of this nonsense. NEAT.

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