Digimon Adventure S01E20

Perfect Evolution! MetalGreymon

Perfect Evolution! MetalGreymon (JP)

The Earthquake of MetalGreymon (EN)

Written by:

EN: Michael J. Reynolds and “Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz”

First aired:

JP: July 25, 1999
EN: October 9, 1999

Section: Summary

Tai realizes that he forgot Sora back at the pyramid, and of course, that’s a whole thing, so they go back to get her. However, they soon find Etemon is throwing a party, and they decide to crash that first. Ikkakumon tries to liven things up with some fireworks, but they don’t explode and instead hit the party’s DJ booth. The DJs are very upset, and they go after Ikkakumon to demand he cover the deposit on the booth. They chase him, Matt, and Garurumon off the dance floor.

Tai gets into the punch bowl and then has to pee, so Izzy goes with him to find the bathroom. Predictably, Tai gets lost and ends up in Datamon’s bedroom somehow. Tai quickly finds that Datamon has made a bootleg copy of Sora and plans to use it on her Tag and Crest without buying a license! Never one to tolerate piracy, Tai grabs the Tag and Crest, then grabs Sora, then realizes he grabbed the copy of Sora by mistake, then grabs the real Sora, and then Sora activates the Tag and Crest with her legitimate serial code. Biyomon evolves and breaks down a wall.

Etemon is outside the room trying to figure out how all these kids got past the bouncer, and he kicks them all out of the party. Then he confronts Datamon for his illegal activity, but it turns out Datamon has been neglecting his housekeeping, and the floor opens up to reveal a disgusting Dark Network infestation beneath. Etemon manages to get out, but he’s covered in Dark Network nastiness. Tai, still affected by the punch*, uses this liquid courage infusion to make Greymon evolve into MetalGreymon. MetalGreymon tries to help clean the Dark Network off of Etemon, but he flushes Etemon, himself, and Tai into the sky instead. Oops.

*not actually spiked; he just assumed it was and did the placebo thing

Dialogue Deviation

During the recap, Matt puts his own little spin on things…

Matt: “We released [Datamon] from Etemon’s control, and just like that, he takes Sora! Nice guy, huh?”

Matt, we’re going to need you to be more accurate with your summaries.

[Nighttime, outside the Sphinx cave thing]
Jou: “We don’t know where they are. We have no choice but to wait for Nanomon to do something.”
Joe: “We don’t have a clue where to start looking for ’em. Besides, we could all end up dead – or worse!”

Super dead!

Taichi: “But what if he does something to Sora?”
Yamato: “Nanomon’s goal is to beat Etemon. If we beat Etemon first, maybe Nanomon will let her go.”
Mimi: “But we lost to him before…”
Tai: “What if Datamon does something to hurt Sora while we sit here on our butts?”
Matt: “Look, Tai, if you have something better to sit on, I’d love to hear it! he’s already beaten our brains out once; what makes you think he won’t do it again? We need to come up with a plan before we go anywhere!”
Mimi: “This is more depressing than a soap opera… “

It’s a good thing Tai has such supportive friends to help reassure him in these troubled times!

Takeru: “Everyone definitely eat up so you can always be ready to fight!”
Agumon and Palmon: “Right.”
Gabumon: “Got it.”
T.K.: “We better get some sleep. I’ll stay next to you guys just in case any of you get scared.”
Palmon: “Yeah.”
Agumon: “Sure.”
Gabumon: “Thanks!”
T.K.: “Good night, guys.”

Thanks, T.K.. I do get pretty scared.

[Takeru and the Digimon have fallen asleep]
No dialogue.
Matt: “It’s tough not knowing what to do…”

Are you being supportive now, or are you just stating the obvious as usual?

[Koushirou has found a secret room!]
Koushiro: “Nanomon only pretended to run away, but he didn’t actually go far.”
Izzy: “I think Datamon only pretended to take her away, when in reality they’ve been right here the whoooole time!”
Datamon: *standing two feet away from them* “CURSES! Foiled again by my own indolence!”

Koushirou: “There’s no doubt that Nanomon and Sora are there.”
Jou: “Right under Etemon’s nose.”
Izzy: “He’s found the perfect hiding place right under Etemon’s nose.”
Joe: “Not a bad place, as long as he isn’t sneezing.”

Eh. Could be worse.

Taichi: “Everyone, I know it’ll be dangerous, but I want to do whatever it takes to save Sora. So…”
Jou: “We know, Taichi.”
Yamato: “We all feel the same.”
Mimi: “Sora is our teammate here!”
Takeru: “Let’s save her together!”
Taichi: “Everyone… yeah!”
Tai: “There’s gotta be a way in. I don’t care what I’ve gotta do, I’m going to find that room! And I’m going to bring Sora back! Guys, I’d totally understand if you’d rather wait here.”
Matt: “Enough with the guilt trip, I’m coming with you!”
Mimi: “Remember the old saying, Tai; there’s no ‘I’ in team!”
T.K.: “Can I come, too, if I’m brave?”
Tai: “All right, then. Now, LET’S – GO – GET – SORA!”

[Sora awakens from what was likely a very uncomfortable nap]
Sora: No inner monologue. *sees Piyomon* “Piyomon!”
Sora: “Have I been dreaming? This isn’t my bedroom. Where am I?” *sees Biyomon* “Biyomon! It isn’t a dream!” *sees that she’s been shackled* “NOOOOO!”

Well, she hasn’t seen her bedroom in a while. How does she know her parents haven’t redecorated?

[Nanomon says that he’s going to use Piyomon to defeat Etemon]
Sora: “Etemon? Well, that’s the end of that; Piyomon can’t evolve without me!”
Nanomon: “I’m not planning to use you.”
Sora: “Biyomon can’t digivolve without me, and I’d rather be stuck in a sewer full of rats than help you!”
Datamon: “Good then, I’ll remember you said that.”


The scene where Sora is being scanned by the… uh… scanner and then 3D-printed by Nanomon’s 1999 3D printer has some additional lines, mostly from Sora protesting having her data stolen. His name is Datamon, though, so I don’t know why she’s so surprised.

Nanomon: “None of you have been able to pull the power from the Crests, so I’m going to use this copy of you to pull out that power.”
Sora: “My Crest! So you had it! Coward! You can’t win on your own, so you take someone else’s power!”
*the machine holds up Sora’s Tag*
Sora: “My Tag, too!”
Datamon: “You see, I believe Biyomon’s power has nothing to do with you, my dear, but rather whoever happens to be in possession of that fancy Digivice you so proudly wear.”
Sora: “You will never be able to command Biyomon!”
Datamon: “Perhaps not. But we’ll see if an exact replica of you can do it.”
*the machine holds up Sora’s Tag*
Sora: “This just can’t be happening!”
*machine arm puts Sora’s Crest in her Tag*
Sora: “… I could be wrong!”

Aside from lost drama, we also have some sadly lost characterization here: Sora is defiant in the original, but defensive if the dub. Not huge, but Original Sora is pretty cool! She calls Nanomon out for what he is: a total weenus who steals power from others to fight his battles. And that’s what really makes Nanomon a good villain and not just another obstacle monster.

Nanomon: “The only thing I can do now is exact my revenge on Etemon, no matter what it takes!”
Datamon: “But enough of this small talk already, my dear. The moment of truth has arrived!”

Stop calling her “my dear”, you creep.

[Koushirou will direct Taichi, but…]
Taichi: “What’s wrong? Is it something bad?”
Tai: “How come I wanna throw up every time you say ‘one more thing’?”

Augh, and he’s standing right over the computer, too!

Side Note

During the flashback of Taichi hesitating at the electric wall, the original doesn’t replay what he said – you only see his mouth moving. In the dub, they replay his, “I… can’t move…”

Dialogue Deviation

Awkward silence.
Taichi: “I will save Sora this time.”
Agumon: “Do you think you can make it, Tai?”
Tai: “I don’t care what that wall is. I’m going through!”

No, Tai… that one’s concrete… Tai… TAI!

[Gettin’ ready to start the mission]
Mimi: “Let’s all meet back here safely!”
Mimi: “Whoever doesn’t come back alive is going to be in a lot of trouble! Got it?”

Lookin’ at you, Tai…

Side Note
An animated gif of the Children and Digimon pouring out of the sphinx's mouth.


Dialogue Deviation

Stealthy time – no talking!
Tai: “If this plan works, everyone has to get their part exactly right.”
Gomamon: “They’re coming out of the pyramid…”
Tai: “Take cover, everyone! Battle positions!”

[Tyranomon: “Did someone just say ‘take cover. Battle positions’?”
Monochromon: “Ah, it’s just the wind.”]

[Mimi throws a convenient sand-colored blanket over them]
Taichi: “Thanks, Mimi… Sora…”
Tai: “Thanks, Mimi.”
Mimi: “You’re welcome.”
Tai: “Get down.”

Good thing Matt knows how to knit sand!

Side Note

The original scene of Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Vulcan striking the Gazimons’ octagonal control room thing has no background music, only sound effects for the “missile”, the impact, then an alarm going off inside the room.

In the dub, the “oh damn stuff is going down” music starts up right after Ikkakumon finishes saying “Harpoon Torpedo”, and they skip the alarm sound.

Dialogue Deviation

[The aforementioned scene]
Gazimon (1): “What the…?”
Gazimon (2): “What happened?”
*they flip the screen on to find a missile coming right for them*
Gazimon (all): “UWAAA!”
Gazimon: “Earthquake! Get under the desk!”
*screen on, missile incoming*
Gazimon (all): “OH NO!”

XD That was adorable.

[Etemon enters the under-fire control room and asks what’s going on]
Gazimon: “Ikkakumon is attacking!”
Etemon: “What did you say?!”
Gazimon: “Ikkakumon is bombing us!”
Etemon: “Well, bomb him back!”

Yeah! See how he likes it!

Side Note

Battle background music starts up at this point in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

[Gazimon exit the pyramid]
Gazimon (1): “Attack!”
Gazimon (2): “Strike back!”
Gazimon: *incoherent shouting*

Minor change. Makes them sound like they’re evacuating rather than coming out to fight.

[Etemon’s troops charge Ikkakumon]
Jou: “They’re coming…” *cut back to charging Digimon* “(deliberate) Retreat!”
Joe: “All right… be brave…” *cut to charging Digimon* “(scared) Maybe tomorrow!”

Well, I guess getting scared and running away anyway is the best way to forget that the plan is to draw them away…

[Yamato and Garurumon jump in]
Gazimon: “There’s another one there!”
Yamato: “Come on, chase us now!”
Gazimon: “There! Them, too!”
Gazimon: “We must destroy them all!”
Matt: “All right, all you clowns! Come on! Follow us!”

… is that what their eyeliner is? Clown make-up?

[In the control room, watching the Children run away]
Etemon: “Have you found where Nanomon is yet?”
Gazimon: “Er, I-I’m very sorry. Nanomon is doing something in the network, and it’s taking up too much power.”
Etemon: “Fine. As soon as you find him, contact me.”
Gazimon: “Lord Etemon…?”
Etemon: “I’m going to go deal with the obstacles I see in front of me.”
Etemon: “I know they’re up to something! I don’t like the smell of this!”
Gazimon: “It wasn’t me, boss – but listen: Datamon did something to jam up the Network, and we can’t find any evidence as to where the blaggard might be!”
Etemon: “I don’t wanna see your face again till you find him, got it?”
Gazimon: “But boss, wait!”
Etemon: “Now don’t be buggin’ me with the little details, just do it!”

… “blaggard”? And now I’m wondering if Etemon can tell the Gazimon apart. If not, well…

Side Note

Etemon’s trailer still doesn’t honk at anything in the dub. 🙁

… Well, it doesn’t really honk at anything in the original, either, but at least it tries!

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi and Koushirou get up to go into the pyramid]
Taichi: “Let’s go, Koushirou!”
Koushirou: “Right.”
Mimi: “Be careful, okay?”
Taichi: “Yeah!”
Tai: “Come on Izzy, let’s move out!”
Izzy: “Roger.”
Mimi: “He forgot his name!”
Tai: “We’ll be back!”

Nobody ever gets sick of “Roger” jokes…

[Inside the pyramid]
Koushirou: “Because of our battle yesterday, some of the passageways may be blocked.”
*they arrive at what is, indeed, a blocked passageway*
Tai: “This is…”
Agumon: “A dead end.”
Koushirou: “We can’t take this hidden passageway, then.”
Izzy: “This is the right way, I’m sure.”
*they arrive at the ‘right way’, which is useless due to the blockage that Izzy apparently didn’t think might be important*
Tai: “The passage is blocked! Why didn’t anyone warn me that was a possibility?!
Agumon: “It’s a dead end!”
Izzy: “Not necessarily. Why don’t we try that door over there?”

No, Izzy… It’s still a dead end…

[Back in the octagonal control room]
Gazimon (1): “Was there something on the monitor just now?”
Gazimon (2): “It’s just your imagination.”
Gazimon (1): “Huh…”
Gazimon (1): “Hey, did you notice anything on the middle monitor?”
Gazimon (2): “Yeah! You’re attracting flies again!”
Gazimon (1): “Huh.”

The question is: why are the flies on the monitor? Hmm…

[Mimi sees Etemon’s trailer pulled up to the battle outside the pyramid]
Mimi: “I thought so! I’m worried about Jou and the others. Let’s go, Palmon!” *Palmon evolves off-screen and is carrying Mimi in her boxing glove* “(to Takeru) Stay here, okay?”
Mimi: “Joe and Matt need our help. Please, Palmon, you’ve got to digivolve right away!” *off-screen evolution and boxing glove transport* “Now, remember, T.K.: don’t move!”

Listed for being a weird way to say things…

Side Note

Etemon uses Dark Spirits in the original (the green boom ball things), which is changed to “Summon the Dark Network!” in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Boom balls go boom]
Jou: “W-what–?!”
Etemon: “You’re all in my way. Move!”
Jou: “E-Etemon!”
Etemon: “I will personally take care of the Chosen Children.” *chuckles*
Joe: “It’s time to go!”
Etemon: “Ah, you’re becoming a nuisance, son!”
Joe: “Of course; it’s because I’m a teenager!”
Etemon: “I have to admit it’s been a lot of fun toyin’ with ya, but now, playtime’s over. It’s the end of the line for you and your goat, baby!”

… Ikkakumon is a goat now.

Section: Eyecatch
Side Note

Original: After Nanomon tells her some of her friends made it inside the pyramid, Sora mutters Taichi’s name only.
Dub: Sora asks, “my friends?”

Dialogue Deviation

[Meanwhile, in the octagonal control room]
Gazimon (1): “There! I knew it! The Chosen Children!”
Gazimon (2): “Damn it, how?!”
Gazimon (1): “See, look! I caught them on tape! You said it was flies!”
Gazimon (2): “Fast forward!”

Well, you were looking at the Fly Cam! How was he supposed to know?

Etemon launches a Dark Spirits ahead of Ikkakumon, and in the dub, Ikkagoatman has an added line, “I hate running away!” right before it hits in front of him.

In contrast: in the original, Etemon shouts, “Think you can run away from me?!” before cutting off Jou and Ikkakumon, but in the dub, it’s swapped out for some goofy sound effect to accompany Etemon’s goofy-looking run, which is pretty great.

Etemon: “One after another, eh? Aren’t there more of you? Where are they hiding?”
Yamato: “We don’t have to answer that!”
Etemon: “Is that the best you got? I’ve seen sharper needles in granny’s knittin’ bag!”
Joe: “(dejected) I think we need a new plan…”
Etemon: “C’mon, little playmates! Show me what you got!”

I told you to stay out of Etegrandmon’s knitting bag, young mon!

Section: Cut or moved footage

(3 seconds) Garurumon charges Etemon, who hops up to dodge him, grabs him by the tail, and swings him around. Probably cut so we don’t have to watch a poor woofer get swung by the tail! D:

The dub skips from Garurumon charging to being tossed away by Etemon. They DO keep Ikkagoatmon jumping on Etemon and then being punched upwards several times, though, as well as Togemon getting her own needles thrown back in her face.

You spin me right round, baby-- sorry
Dialogue Deviation

Etemon: “Yesterday I was a little off-guard, but today, you’re definitely not getting away!”
Etemon: “I like to close a show with a tune that’s currently Number One on the charts! It goes something like this…”

Hooray, free concert!

Side Note

The song replacing Love Serenade for the dub is, again, a good fit for Etemon! His voice actor still sounds great, too. They did a great job adapting these scenes!

Dialogue Deviation

[The concert is over already :(]
Etemon: “Now, the FINISH! Dark–“
Etemon: “And don’t forget to tip your waitress!”

I’m still waiting for my drinks!

[Gazimon report that the kids are in the pyramid, and Etemon recalls Nanomon grabbing Sora and Piyomon the day before…]
Etemon: “Could it be that Nanomon is still inside the pyramid?” *turns to the Children* “That’s it, isn’t i– Ehh?! Wait a second! Where did you go? Answer my question!”
Etemon: “Datamon’s smarter than I thought! But not nearly as smart as me!” *turns* “Huh? Now where did all those others go? What’s a legend gotta do to keep an audience around here, baby?! “

We’re still here, Etemon! We love you!

Etemon: “Heh. They won’t be able to fight in their state for a while. I’ll take my time dealing with you later!
Etemon: “Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just destroy the ones in the pyramid first, and then I’ll come back for the rest of them later!” *elvis chuckle*

Side Note

Now, instead of honking at nothing, they have dub Etemon yell, “HIYAH! C’mon, move, ya good-for-nothing slowpoke!” I’m starting to think my idol isn’t such a nice guy… still my idol, though possibly moreso

Dialogue Deviation

[Takeru had brought the sand-colored blanket to hide them]
Yamato: “You really helped us out, Takeru!”
Takeru: “Tokomon helped, too.”
Jou: “Thanks, Tokomon!”
Yamato: “But Taichi and the others…”
Mimi: “I’m sure they’re saving Sora now…”
Matt: “He’s got a lot of anger.”
T.K.: “And he sure gets mad easily!”
Joe: “At least we can still laugh about it.”
Matt: “But what about Tai?”
Mimi: “Oh, that’s right! Something tells me he’s not laughing right about now!”

Eh, screw ‘im.

[Etemon breaks through the wall that Taichi and Koushirou just walked through because it wasn’t real]
Etemon: “I found you! Tell me where Nanomon is!”
Etemon: “Now, before I cancel you like a bad sitcom, direct me to Datamon!”

If only so many sitcoms hadn’t told Etemon where Datamon is…

[Back at the electric wall]
Dramatic tension.
Tai: “Oh, great!”
Agumon: “An electric wall…”

Same as yesterday. Just as I suspected!

Agumon: “I’ll go first.”
Agumon: “I can break through it, Tai…”

… wait a minute, why didn’t they just do that before?! DAMNIT, IZZY!

Taichi: “On the other side of this wall is something very important to me…”
Tai: “Not exactly. But if I don’t do it on my own, right here, right now, I may never be able to do it.”

That… that would be fine, Tai. You should not be traipsing through electrified walls on the reg.

Agumon: “Sora?”
Taichi: “Yeah, but that’s not all. I feel like yesterday, I lost something else that’s very important.”
Agumon: “Huh?”
Tai: “A man must face himself before he can face his enemies.”

You’re not a wall, Tai.

[Tai puts his hand through the opening in the wall]
Taichi: “I did it!”
Tai: “It’s a fake!”

And then he marches forward and bumps his shoulder on part of the real wall and dies forever. The end!

Side Note

Original: after Taichi grabs Sora’s Tag and Crest and Nanomon dumps her into a pit, he catches her, sees what’s in the pit (Dark Network cables), and exclaims, “What is this?!”

Dub: Tai, not dead from accidental electrified wall bumpage (my mistake — sorry), sees what’s in the pit and exclaims, “Biyomon!”

… I guess it kind of looks like Biyomon…? If you squint hard enough…?

Dialogue Deviation

[Nanomon is about to pull Taichi and Sora’s hands apart and drop Sora into the Dark Network]
Nanomon: “If you don’t want her to die, I’ll release her if you give me the holy Tag and Crest back.”
Datamon: “Yes, the Crest, the means by which you may save the maiden’s life — if you give it to me immediately!”

Datamon, don’t call her “the maiden”. You’re creepy enough as-is.

Taichi: “What nonsense are you talking about? I came to save Sora!”
Tai: “Yeah? Why don’t you tell Etemon your sad story, ’cause we’re not interested!”

Etemon didn’t like it. 🙁

[Piyomon has evolved and pulled the kids out of the pit]
No dialogue until we see Nanomon’s mouth move.
Nanomon: “Damn it!”
Datamon: “Stay back, you blasted crow! What do you think you’re doing? Those are mine!”

Finders keepers, creepers!

[Outside the electric wall, Etemon taunts Kabuterimon and Greymon]
Etemon: “Come on! Try to fight me from any angle!”
Etemon: “Don’t you worry, kiddies, I’ll play with ya!”

Aww, kittie– oh, he said “kiddies”. Nevermind.

[They COULD have just broken through the electric wall! DAMNIT, IZZY. DAMNIT, KOUSHIROU.]
Sora: “Sorry to worry you!”
Taichi: “Let’s get out of here, everyone!”
Sora: “I never thought I’d see you again!”
Tai: (in the pyramid, where he cannot possibly see outside) “Hey, here come the others!”
The others: (definitely outside) “Yaaay!”

[Down in Nanomon’s secret cloning facility]
Etemon: “My, my. Playing with dolls in a place like this?”
Datamon: “Without the Crest, this thing is useless!” *deletes the copy of Sora*

I’ll admit I’m disappointed that we didn’t get a “Tai, I’m the real Sora! Shoot her!” scene… Oh well!

Etemon: “The Children got away from me again, but I’ll take care of you here. Get ready, Nanomon.”
Etemon: “Now it’s time for me to dismantle you in the same way you dismantled your little playmate, you miserable pile of bolts!”

Listed for the loss of Nanomon’s ominous silence.

[The pit widens and Nanomon fires a Plug Bomb into it]
Etemon: “Where are you aiming?! Still got some screwed up wires, do you?”
Etemon: “Now I’m not gonna tell you again: let go of me, or I’m gonna open you up like a can o’ beans!”

I think we could all go for some beans right about now…

[Nanomon has explained that he shot an extra-deadly virus into the pit]
Etemon: “T-then!!”
Etemon: “You know I hate bugs!”

Not what a virus is in any sense, so no need to worry!

[Jou asked what’s going on back there]
Koushirou: “This is our chance to escape!”
Izzy: “I suspect the computer blew!”

I suspect your directions blew, jerk!

[The pyramid has crumbled, and Etemon has risen from the ashes attached to a big, evil cable ball thing]
Etemon: “I won’t be defeated by the likes of this!”
Etemon: “All right now, let me see a show o’ hands: how many o’ ya actually missed me?”

… Woo, comeback tour!

Taichi: “E-Etemon!”
Etemon: “Nanomon chose to end himself, and all of you are next!”
Tai: “What’s with this guy?!”
Etemon: “I told you I’d come back to take my revenge on you! You didn’t believe me, did ya?”

I always believed in you, Etemon!

[Birdramon and Kabuterimon’s attacks have no effect]
Etemon: “That’s nice for loosening up my stiff shoulders! Let me repay you. Dark Spirits!”
Etemon: “Hey, that was pretty good! I give it a 9.6! Now then, you ready for a fast ball?”

Hang on, give me a se– OH JEEZ OH COD

[Dark Spirits makes whatever it hits go all swirly]
Mimi: “The Sphinx!”
Koushirou: “We have nowhere to run!”
Sora: “If this keeps up, the whole world will become a mess!”
Jou: “But there’s no way we can win against him!”
Joe: (over the boom ball flying towards the Sphinx) “That one’s headed right for the Sphinx!” (Thanks, Joe)
Mimi: “Agh! The Sphinx melted!”
Izzy: “‘Melting’ doesn’t even describe it!”
Sora: “(casually) We’ve tried everything! Nothing can stop him. I guess this is the end!”
Joe: “(extra casually) I was hoping to skip Algebra class, but not like this.”

That it, Joe! We’ve tried everything… EXCEPT skipping Algebra!

[Taichi and Greymon charge forward]
Etemon: *laughs* “You still want to fight?”
Taichi: “I won’t run away! Never!”
Etemon: “What do we got here, sports fans? A new batter steps to the plate!”
Tai: “I’m not afraid of you, you big blowhard! Come down here and fight like a mon!”


Takeru: “Look! Taichi’s Crest is…”
Mimi: “It’s glowing! The Crest is glowing!”
Etemon: “I told you, it’s pointless!”
Mimi: “Tai, what are you doing? You don’t stand a chance!”
Etemon: “Hey, you are brave! I like that!”

I am so tired of the Etemon arc…

Side Note

First Cresticular evolution, yay! In the original, when they evolve from Adult form, they now say “super evolve” (“chō shinka” 「ちょう進化」) . In the dub, they still just say “digivolve”.

After Greymon evolves into MetalGreymon, it fades out to black for commercial break, and they replay a quick shot of Etemon speaking with the line, “Lookie here, a fully evolved digimon! Well, I can handle him, too! Just watch me, kids!”

In the Digimon Analyzer screen, Tentomon’s description is correct, but he pronounces the “Giga” in “Giga Destroyer” as “gii-ja”. Tentomon, if you’re going to mispronounce “giga”, at least have the decency to say “jiga” instead.

The attack name is Giga Destroyer in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi’s Digivice and Tag/Crest combo are lighting up this sitch]
Taichi: “This is… Greymon’s proper evolution?”
Tai: “(screaming like a lunatic) Etemon… is everybody’s enemy! Use the power of the Crest!”

Tai, calm down. Jeez.

Etemon: “Just because you evolved a little further doesn’t mean you can win against me!”
Etemon: “What’s with you? Is there no end to your stupidity?” [HA!] “Well maybe I can put an end to it for ya!”

Please do, Etemon. Thank you.

[The boom ball doesn’t go boom or make the swirly on MetalGreymon]
Etemon: “What the–?!”
Taichi: “MetalGreymon…!”
Etemon: “But it was just a joke!”
Tai: “(still screaming like a weirdo) Finish him now, while we have the power!”

For real, Tai, chill…

Etemon: “No! Back off, baby!”
[MetalGreymon rams Etemon/big evil cable ball]
Etemon: “You’ve got some nerve! I’ll trample you!”
Etemon: “Ow! What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know the rules? There’s no headbutting allowed!”

Yeah, MetalGreymon. Play fair!

[MetalGreymon glows it up]
Mimi: “MetalGreymon is glowing!”
Takeru: “The light’s energy…”
Tokomon: “It’s its holy power!”
Mimi: “He’s glowing! I wish my hair could do that!”
T.K.: “It’s the Crest power!”

No lie: it’s taken me like nine weeks to muster up the will to finish this episode. I can make it! We can all make it!

Original Etemon knows there’s no such thing as ‘too much talent’ and says nothing.
Etemon: “No! Don’t destroy me! I’ve got too much talent!”

He’s right. Don’t do it!

Side Note

Even though Tentomon claimed that MetalGreymon’s special attack is Gii-ja Destroyer, MetalGreymon uses Giga Blaster in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Etemon/big evil cable ball get hit with MetalGreymon’s Giga Destroyer]
Etemon: “I-I’m hit?! I’m a big STAR! Why here?!”
Etemon: “No! You must not defeat me! I’m just too important to diiiieee….”

Truer words were never spoken. R.I.P., Etemon. Rock on forever. :'(

[Taichi and MetalGreymon got flushed into the sky]
All: “Taichi!”
Sora: “Ta-Taichi!”

All: “Tai!”
T.K.: “What happened to them?”
Sora: “Come back!”

… It was a nice try, Sora.

[And now Taichi is standing in the middle of a busy walkway like a dingus]
Taichi: “… … this is…”
Tai: “Where am I? Who are all these people? Koromon… I’m… I’m home…”

The Digi-Verdict

Oh thank glob that’s over. One understandable cut, overall decent script, and that brings an end to the Etemon arc! It’s been fun. We’ll miss you, Etemon! Can’t wait for your come-back tour!

For a not-awful script and abundance of Etemon, I give it an A, for “Algebra”, the skipping of which, it turns out, did not save the day.

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