Digimon Tamers S01E10

Renamon is my Friend! Ruki’s Hesitation (JP)
The Ice Cometh (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Adele Lim

Original Airdates:
June 3, 2001 (JP)
September 29, 2001 (EN)

Laurie’s Notes: This was a dark and kinda creepy episode, especially when IceDevimon was hitting on Rika. I did enjoy how much this was focused on Rika and Renamon. They were always my favorite

Section: Summary

Ruki/Rika tries to figure out what Digivolution actually means, all the while trying to not freeze to death!

Dialogue Deviation

Yamaki: “It’s trying to Realize itself along with its surroundings.”
Yamaki: “It’s trying to BioEmerge. I don’t know what it’s trying to bring along but it’s bigger then a bread box.”
Riley: “Sir it succeeded.”

I was about to say how nice it was that the Dub didn’t add any unneeded dialogue. Then they added that bit. BUT! It actually made the scene easier to follow. So props do the Dub for doing something right.

Ruki: *Silence*
Ruki: “A Digimon with hardly any experience and no history of loading data before…was still able to evolve.”

Rika: *Thinking* “Digivolving, I don’t understand it….”
Rika: “I’ve seen hamsters with more battle experience then Guilmon, but still he could Digivovle, and so could that weenie little rabbit.

Rika’s constant sarcasm was starting to get on my nerves, but I can’t help but laugh at the phrase ‘weenie little rabbit.’

Ruki: “I thought they could only evolve after getting stronger. What does evolution mean?”
Ruki: *Silence*

Rika: “It’s what I wanted for the longest time. I should be satisfied…still..I feel like there’s something I’m missing.”
Rika: “What was that?!”
Rika: *Thinking* “That’s weird…I could have sworn I felt something.”

Just in case you didn’t remember what happened before the commercial break, Rika reminds us with her thoughts.

Ruki: “I’ve had enough of this, stop following me!”
Culumon: “Culu..culu..culu!”
Ruki: “Hey, what’s your deal?”
Culumon: “Culu!”
Ruki’s Mom: “Ruki-chan!!”
Ruki: “What?”
Ruki’s Mom: “What do you mean…oh todays photoshoot? It’s actually being held tomorrow. I couldn’t find anyone at the studio so I called my manager..and he told me I should have known about the schedule change before hand. When I checked my planner I saw tht yes, it was marked in, but I don’t remember ever writing it in.”
Ruki: “I’m going to meet some friends.”
Mom: “Rika…I didn’t know you liked that sort of thing too.”
Ruki: “What are you still doing here…”

Rika: “I don’t have any food so why are you following me?”
Calumon: “Wanna play??? here I go!!”
Rika: “What are you doing?”
Calumon: “Eskimo kisses!”
Rika’s Mom: “Hiiiii! Rika!”
Rika: “Mom…what are you doing here?”
Mom: “What a day! We had photo shoot but before we could start all these people showed up wanting my autograph and asking for the secret to my youth. They just wouldn’t leave me alone, they couldn’t get anything done all day. Being famous and popular can be a pain in the neck. You are so lucky you don’t know how that feels.”
Rika: “Yeah…lucky me..well gotta go.”
Mom: “Rika..wait…I think your toy is just adorable!”
Rika: “You HAD to be cute…didn’t you?”

The Dub thought it would be cool to have the crowd react and flip out at the fact that a famous model, whose poster is all over the place, showed up for real! I thought it an interesting little addition to the Dub. But of course whatever positivity the Dub built up was absolutely DESTROYED by the terrible characterization of Rika’s Mom.

Impmon: “I just scared you a little, you didn’t have to run away so fast. Blah, what else is there to do around here?”
Ruki: “Don’t ever follow me again. Got it?”
Culumon: “Step x100:
Ruki: “Did you understand me?”
Ruki: “Renamon??”
Renamon: “You called?”
Ruki: “Where were you just now?”
Renamon: “On top of that building across the street.”
Ruki: “Oh..”
Renamon: “Is something wrong?”
Ruki: “It’s nothing.”

Impmon: “Badaboom! Fight back you cowards! I guess my firepower is too much for ya. I’ll have to wreck havoc elsewhere!”
Rika: “Listen you little squirt. I’m immune to your ootsey-cutsey act so scram!”
Calumon: *Runs away crying*
Rika: “Keep going shorty! Renamon….?”
Renamon: “Yes Rika?”
Rika: “Where have you BEEEN!?
Renamon: “Watching you from over there..”
Rika: “Oh…”
Renamon: “Rika you don’t look well, is there something troubling you?”
Rika: “Nothing, I’m fine..”

I do think Impmons Badbooms are a cute little addition to his character.

Impmon: “Well well well we meet again.”
Renamon: “It’s you.”
Impmon: “What the hell? You’re just going to ignore me? Ohh here’s an idea. If i get her to fight Terriermon that’d be a sight to see.”
Impmon: “i’m here to deliver a message from Terriermon. He wants to challenge you to a battle!”
Renamon: “Hmph”
Impmon: “What did you just ‘hmph’ for?!
Renamon: “Terriermon doesn’t fight”
Impmon: “Why?”
Renamon: “His Tamer doesn’t allow him to.”
Impmon: “That sucks…that doesn’t make him a Digimon, it makes him a talking pet. He fails as a Digimon.”
Impmon: “If Terriermon won’t fight, then I’ll whip him easily myself. I just had a grand idea!”

Impmon: “Hey fine and foxy…so we meet again”
Renamon: “Ohh its just you.”
Impmon: “What do you mean ‘just me?!’ Come back here! Oh..check out Miss High and Mighty. Myabe a good fight will knock her off her perch.”
Impmon: “Hey! I heard Terriermon called you a fat tailed bully! If I were you I’d teach that egg shaped loud moth a lesson!”
Renamon: “Hah!”
Impmon: “What??” you’re going to let him get away with that?”
Renamon: “Terriermon won’t fight.”
Impmon: “Why not?”
Renamon: “His Tamer has forbidden it”
Impmon: “What kinda Digimon doesn’t fight? Those rotten humans made him a pet, a DigiPoodle”
Impmon: “If Terriermon won’t fight back I can whoop his patootie, steal his lunch and get away without a scratch. Think of the possibilites!”

Some changes in Impmon characterization between the Dub and Sub. They of course had to tone down his crudeness to make it more kid friendly, but added in some stupd cheesey lines.

Ruki’s Mom: “What about this one? It’s sooo cute? Hey, try putting this one on”
Ruki: “I todl you I hate wearing this girly stuff.”
Mom: “Then what was that cute toy I saw you holding eariler?”
Ruki: “That was uhh…some weird guy handing out tissue packets in the street gave it to me. So, I threw it out right away!”
Mom: “Oh so that was it…”
Grandma: “See I told you her tastes weren’t going to change that easily. You were just like her at that age.”

Rika’s Mom: “What about this dress with the lacey sleeves? Or this one? Try it, it’ll make you look more like a girl!”
Rika: “Am I being punished for soemthing? I told you I hate cute things like this.
Mom: “Well what abvout that stuffed toy I saw you holding?”
Rika: “That was for a science project. We had to measure the effect of gravity on small objects so I threw it off a bridge!”
Mom:”I guess shes’ still into Tom Boy Chic”
Mrandma: “Rika just has her own style, that’s all. Honestly dear there are more important things in life then looking pretty.

Huuge differences between the Moms. While the Sub she’s a ditzy, dumb blond, in the Dub she’s just down right mean and judgemental. But the Dub also made this scene make a bit more sense in regards to the “cute toy.” The tissue box thing would only make sense to those with deep knowledge of Japanese culture like myself. Actually, don’t ask me how I know…it’s a random factoid I picked up somewhere.

Renamon: “What’s wrong Ruki?”
Ruki: “Take a look in the hallway for me.:
Renamon: “The hallway?”
Ruki: “There was woemthing tehre right?”
Renamon: “No.”
Ruki: “Don’t lie to me! I know something is out there.”
Ruki: “Why are you looking atme like that?”
Renamon: “Don’t worry. I will protect you.”
Ruki: “Don’t talk to me as if i Need help! Who do you think you are?”
Renamon: “I’m your partner.”
Ruki: “Partner? You’re nothing but a Digimon? What made you think I’d want to be your partner?”
Ruki: “I’m going out. You don’t have to follow me”

Renamon: “Yes Rika?”
Rika: “Go and see what’s out there okay?”
Renamon: “As you wish.”
Rika: “Well, who was it?!”
Renamon: “No one.”
Rika: “Don’t like to me! I know someone’s out there.”
Rika: “What’s that look for?”
Renamon: “Don’t worry I”ll do everything I an to protect you.”
Rika: “You don’t NEED to protect me, I dont know why you’d say that.”
Renamon: “Because Rika I’m your partner.”
Rika: “Lets get one thing straight, I don’t buy all this partners and feelings.”
Rika: “I don’t need you. I don’t need anybody.”

The characterization between Renamons is interesting. While Sub awlays seems worried, and cares for Ruki, Dub just seems to answer like a soilder. I do feel bad for Renamon though, she didn’t deserve the crap Rika threw at her.

Impmon: “Terriermon-chan! Let’s play!”
Lee-kun: “Just ignore him.”
Terriermon: “I know. Lets go.”
Lee-kun: “I just said not to do that.”
Terriermon: “I didn’t lay a “hand” on him.”
Lee-kun: “Don’t play smart with me.”

Impmon: “Ohh look its the dumb dumb crew. Did you miss me boys?”
Henry: “Just ignore him.”
Terriermon: “Easy for you to say, you can’t smell him.”
Henry: “Terriermon what did I just tell you?”
Terriermon: “I didn’t actualy touch him yhou know.”
Herny: “You’re incouragable.”

I actually like how Impmon is portrayed in the Sub better then then Dub. He’s less annoying and actually talks more normally then whatever they’re going for in the Dub. I loved the he was talking to Terriermon, instead fo the whole crew.

Renamon: “I don’t understand Ruki. What must I do to undestand a human partner? Should I act human, like Terriermon does?”
IceDevimon: “You like the cold don’t you?”
IceDevimon: “You hate luke warm friendshiops and lukewarm partnerships don’t you? The reason why you act so coldy is because you want to be strict on yourself. I know you better then anyone else, Ruki because I am your partner.”
Ruki: “renamon..”
IceDevimon: “I am your parntger, not her.”
Rika: “You?”
IceDevimon: “Yes. You’ve always wanted a strong partner, haven’t you? Behold my power!”
IceDevimon: “I have fought contless numbers and survived. Only the strongest survive here. Those who can’t end up dying a cold, frozen death. A collection of Digimon that I have defeated.”
Ruki: “It’s horirble.”
IceDevimon: “No its not. This is for the sake of evolvoing. It’s the sae as what you’ve been doing all along Ruki.”
Ruki: “This is what becoming stronger and evolving means? This is what I made Renamon do? You make me sick”
IceDevimon: “Who are you telling those words to? Me? Or is it yourself Ruki?”
Ruki: “Stop calling me Ruki as if we’re close friends or something. And don’t talk to me as if you know me! There’s no way something like you can ever understand me.”
IceDevimon: “I thought I could convince you to join me easily, but it seems I was wrong. But your stubborn and pride are what makes you so desierable. I like you even more! You’re the only one who best suits me as my Tamer. Be my Tamer!”
Ruki: “Never!”
IceDevimon: “I jsut want to be stronger..and want you to stay a strong Digimon Tamer. Those are pretty good reasons.”
IceDevimon: “You don’t need two partners. I will challenge her so that you can see for yourself who is really worthy of you.”

Renamon: “Terrriermon and his Tamers relationship is so different from Rika and my own. I wonder if I acted more human would she accept me? Would she finally let me get close to her?”
IceDevimon: “Welcome to my humble abode.”
IceDevimon: “The way you treat pepole, how you think you’re cold as ice. You have no time for weak warm relationships. Always expect perfection from yourself and others. You demand it. I’m the only one who understands you Rika.”
Rika: “What have I done?”
IceDevimon: “I want to show you something.”
Rika: “What is it?”
IceDevimon: “To prove to you I’m a worthy partner I’ve set up a little show and tell. So you can see my power for yourself.”
IceDevimon: “For years I’ve hunted countless Digimon and absorbed their data. They were friends to some, maybe even partners.”
IceDevimon: “As you once said they are merely stepping stones.”
Rika: “I never said that.”
IceDevimon: “Oh but you did. I fight to Digivolve, you make your Digimon do the exact same thing.”
Rika: “No…I coudln’t see it before but theres more to Digimon then fighting. I’d eat dirt before I ever let Renamon become what you are. A monster.”
IceDevimon: “Better a powerful monster then a weak nobody. Is that what you really want? To be a nobody?”
Rika: “I’ll tell you what I don’t want to be, the partner of some freakshow Digimon! You think you know everything about who I am? Well you don’t! So just spit it out corn-head! What do you want?!”
IceDevimon: “You have no idea how exquisity you are when you’re angry. I’ve been searching for so long for someone like you. With a heart of ice and aw ill of stone, and now my search is over. I want you to be my Tamer!
Rika: “In your dreams pal!”
IceDevimon: “Don’t play hard to get, you want to be the strongest Digimon Tamer, I want to be the strongest Digimon. We’re perfect for each other.”
IceDevimon: “You’ve never settled for second best, so why settle now? Why waste your time with beauty when you can tame the beast?”

I feel like these are two different scenes, even though they play out similary. The Dbu has some REALLLY weird creepy sexual/posessive tone going. I do like the voice effects, but the vibe is really really strange. I hope I’m not the only one.

Takato: “Is that a Digital field?”
Lee-kun: “Yes, now lets head up to the roof.”
Takato: “It’s so cold!”
IceDevimon: “The small fries have arrived.”
Lee-kun: “Terriermon and Guilmon didn’t notice him when he first Realized.”
Terriermon: “What do we do Jian-kun?”
Lee-kun: “I don’t know”
Lee-kun: “I’ll never allow that!”
IceDevimon: “She’s only a Digimon but you feel as if you fought with a firend.” Hanging out with those guys have made you soft. You should go bavk ot your old soelf..when your heart was as cold and cruel as this ice!”

Takato: “This is it, does anyone else have any bright ideas?”
Henry: “Just one..lets try not to get ourselves creamed.”
Takato: “Who left the freezer on?”
IceDevimon: “And I thought you didn’t have any friends.”
Henry: “What we need is an effective strategy to deal with him.”
Terriermon: “Like a kick in the pants.”
Henry: “If only it were that easy.”
Henry: “You’re so twisted it’s scary!”
IceDevimon: “Fess up Rika, did you two have a fight? Just prooves she’s not special enough for a Tamer like you. You need a partner who understand you, and appreciates you. One with cold strength. Embrace the future I offer you!”

The Dub wasn’t doing too bad, until this scene. It was a serious moment that they decided to inject some comedy into it.

Kyubimon: “You’re finished!”
Guilmon: *Growls*

Kyubimon: “Where you going frosty?
Guilmon: “Oke dokie!”

Have to slip in some more witty dialoge! And it all ends mostly well, with the evil defeated, but Rika HATING all Digimon! Hopefully she comes around as she can’t just walk away from all this even if she wanted to.

Final Result

Final Result

80% Retained. I knocked off points for the weird characterization of the mom, as well as the creepy interaction with IceDevimon. All in all an alright episode, I enjoyed the focus on Rika/Renamon. Kinda wish they had a whole spinoff haha.

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  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Dialogue Deviation 1d: yeah, wow, Ruki’s mother in the dub.

    Dialogue Deviation 1f: but they added “inappropriate comments in the workplace” – HR wants a word with you Impmon.

    Dialogue Deviation 1g: now now Dub-Ruki, you shouldn’t lie, go back and do what you said you did, so that you’re no longer lying – one down, one to go ;)!

    Didn’t have much to say on this one, but again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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