Digimon Tamers S01E11

Shinjinku Railroad Bridge, Duel for a Minute and a Half! (JP)
Much Ado About Musyamon (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Steve Blum

Original Airdates:
June 10, 2001 (JP)
October 6, 2001 (EN)

Laurie’s Notes: This was a good episode! Not too many changes, and not too many lame jokes. Minus Terriermon’s tutu obsession.

Section: Summary

Henry/Jenyra doesn’t want Terriermon to fight no matter what. Except what happens when there’s no choice but to fight!? Takato gets overly cocky thinking he can never lose. Boy is he wrong.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “High Speed Plug in B! Bi Speed! Add in White Wings to make it an areal attack!”
Hirokazu: “Ehhh!!”
Takato: “I win!”
Hirokazu: “What the heck was that?!?”
Kenta: “It’s a combo! Wow! I’ve never seen a combo like that before!”
Takato: “Awesome isn’t it!”
Takato: “I’ve improved my technique through real battles after all. I can’t go losing in a card game.”
Hirokazu: “Huh…real battles?”
Takato: “Huh..what are you talking about?”
Hirukazu: “Don’t play dumb! You said something about real battles!”
Takato: “You must be hearing things! I’m going home now.”
Kenta: “Hey!”
Hirukazu: “One more game! Just one more!”
Takato: “See you guys! Bye bye!”

Takato: “Digi-Modify! Alright boys, watch out, I’m coming in for a high speed areal attack! Hyper-Wing! You’re grounded pal!”
Kazu: “Huh?”
Takato: “That’s it I win!”
Kazu: “I can’t believe you beat me!”
Kenta: “Amazing, what a game!” I’ve never seen a combo like that before!”
Takato: “Not too shabby huh.”
Takato: “Guess having real life experience pays off huh. It’s hardy a challenge anymore playing the card game.”
Kazu: “What do you mean by real life experience?
Takato: “Ohhh to bad but we seem to be out of time.”
Kazu: “Quit playing dumb Chumley, I heard what you said now whats up?”
Takato: “You must be imagining things…well I gotta fly it’s been real.”
Kenta: “Aww come on just one more game.”
Kazu: “Hey get back here gabo-brian (?? no idea what he said), I want a rematch!”
Takato: “Sorry…baa-bye”

Takato is getting a little too big for his britches.

Guilmon: “Is this it?”
Takato: “That’s all I could save from lunch. I’ll bring more from home later okay?”
Guilmon: *Takes bite of bread*
Takato: “Hey Guilmon…”
Takato: “We’re the strongest team ever right! We’ll never lose, no matter who we’re up against!”

Guilmon: “Huuuh,no more?!”
Takato: “I’m sorry, but tijs is all we had left right now. I’ll bring you some fresh bread later with some peanut butter, okay?”
Guilmon: “Hmm Kay!”
Takato: “Good boy!”
Takato: “We’re a great team Guilmon! There’s not a Digimon around that’s strong enough to beat the two of us.
Guilmon: “Heh, yeah!”

Someones getting too big for their britches. I feel like Takato’s gonna get the pants knocked off him.

Jenrya: “This is why I wanted you to stay home.”
Terriermon: “But if I’m at home alone, this and that is done to me..”
Man: “Hey, what’s that at the west entrance of Oogado Crossing?”
Lady: “It looks like fog”
Jenrya: “Thats….”
Terriermon: “Digimon.

Henry: “People are giving me weird looks, you shouldn’t have come.”
Terriermon: ” I HAD TO Suzie would have had me in tights and a tutu by now. It’s embaressing and painful”
Man: “There’s some kinda fog over by the West Gate Bridge.”
Lady: “My the weather changes fast here.”
Henry: “Here they come!”
Terriermon: “Digimon!”

The Dub stuck pretty close this time, although they had to make sure people knew what was gonna happen if Suzie was left alone with Terriermon.

Megumi: “We’ve lost it. The Gigabit Tracer can’t catch up to it.”
Reika: “We’re too late, it’s Realizing”
Yamato: “Launch Yuggoth.”
Reika: “The Wild One is already in the Realizing process. Executing Yuggoth at this time could affect the Real World as well!”
Yamato: “If the Wild One appears in this world it will cause a lot of damage anyway. Do it!”

Tally: “I can’t seem to secure a tracer lock on the anomaly’s data.
Riley: “We won’t make it in time, it’s going to bio-emerge!”
Yamato: “Use Yuggoth! Stop that thing!”
Riley: “It’s too late sir it’s already begun. A breach is estimated in sixty seconds. At this point the activation of the Yuggoth program could be extremely dangerous.”
Yamato: “Don’t question me! Circumvent the safety grid and release the program now! That wild one is a ticking time bomb! APPLY!”

Similar scenes here, but for some reason Dub Yamato is so much more angry then his Sub counterpart.

Terriermon: “Let’s go Jay! We have to beat that Digimon before it jumps out of its Field and causes trouble.”
Jenrya: “Wait!!
Terriermon: *Silence*
Jenrya: *Silence*
Terriermon: “What are you doing?”
Jenrya: “We’re leaving Terriermon.”
Terriermon: “Eh?”
Jenrya; “We’re going home.”
Terriermon: “We can’t let that Digimon cause trouble in a place like this.”
Terriermon: “Hey, Jian let me fight!”
Jenry: “No! We don’t have anything to do with this!”
Terriermon: “Let me go, let me go!”
Jenrya: “Stop struggling. You’re drawing people’s attention.”

Terriermon: “I realize how nice the view is from up here but how long do you think it will stay this way if we don’t check it out?”
Henry: “Wait!!”
Terriermon: “Come on Henry!”
Henry: “Gotcha!”
Terriermon: “Hey! That hurt!
Henry: “We gotta go home now!”
Terriermon: “What!”
Henry: “We’re going home.”
Terriermon: “Hey, wait a minute, please don’t tell me you cahnged your mind about Suzie and the tutu because I won’t do it.”
Terriermon: “Henryy let me go I wanna see iit!”
Henry: “Terriermon, how many times do I have to tell you?”
Terriermon: “Momentaiiii”
Henry: “Will you stop!? Why don’t we let osmeone else handle this for a change.

The Dub actually stuck pretty close to its source material.

Reika: “Yuggoth has caught the Wild One.”
Yamato: “Destroy it without leaving a single byte behind!”
Reika: *Silence*

Riley: “Confirmed, Yuggoth has found the Wild One.
Yamato: “Make sure it’s completely destroyed, I want nothing left.”
Riley: “Yes sir”

I do like they added the extra line to the Dub, establishes the characters and relationship between Riley and Yamato a little more.

Side Note

I thought it was pretty cool/interesting that the Sub played a little tune that sounds so familiar. But I’m not sure where it comes from in real life. The Dub just had some sounds of the city and traffic playing.

Dialogue Deviation

Terriermon: “The Field disappeared..
Reika: “The Wild One has been eliminated”
Yamato: “Check to see what effects it had on the Real World at once. Also, I want to know the specifics on where it was deleted.”
Yamato: “No matter how much it pretends to be a living creature, it’s nothing but network scum. Fiends…”
Mystery voice: “I will…have my revenge…

Terriermon: “Guess someone else handled it.”
Riley: “Termination of Wild One is confirmed.
Yamato: “Tally, get me an analysis of the impact on the real world right away. Plus all the data you’ve got on termination.”
Yamato: “No matter how they play it, Digimon are nothing more then just trash on the Internet. Hehehe”
Mystery Voice: “I will get my vengence on you.

The Sub made so much more sense then the Dub. Although I do like Yamato’s last line in the Dub better. It made more sense.

Terriermon: “Hey, why are we not allowed to fight?”
Jenrya: “Because I don’t want you to.”
Terriermon: “That doesn’t answer my question!”
Jernya: “In the Net World Digimon exist to fight but that doesn’t mean…”
Terriermon: “That we have to fight in the Real World too, right?:
Jenrya: “If you already know the answer then don’t ask.”
Terriermon: “Jian, you once said that my presence here in the Real World isn’t normal. Am I just a bother to you? Would it be better if I left? Like Renamon…”
Jenrya: “Hey, I never said that.”

Terriermon: “Hey Henry, you never explained why you won’t let me fight before. What’s up with that?
Henry: “Nothing’s up, I just don’t want you to fight okay?!
Terriermon: “Rika was right you are starting to sound like a broken record.”
Herny: “Leave her out of this, it’s just on the Net Digimon exist only to do battle..
Terriermon: “So because I’m here now you want me to lay around like a house pet?! Is that right?”
Henry: “Are you going to let me explain or not?”
Terriermon: “Henry you once told me my existence in the Real World was wrong. Is that still true? Is that how you feel about me? Cause if it is, I’ll sign up for the Miss Pretty Pants Dream right now. you just say the word.”
Henry: “Hey you know that’s not what I meant, we’re a team.”

Do I sense some gaslighting from these two in the Dub? They’re not exactly very nice to each other…The Sub on the other hand, is like two different characters! They’re more mature and there’s no one blaming someone else..and there’s no horrible Tutu joke.
There’s also some cool jazz playing in the Sub, which I wish the Dub would have kept in.

Terriermon: “But I’m a Digimon, Jian.”
Jenrya: *Silence*
Renamon: *Silence*
Ruki: *Silence*
Ruki: “Renamon?”
Culumon: “Culu. Why are these in here, culu?”
Ruki: “Don’t come into my room without permission!”
Culumon: “You look sad, culu. Culumon jump! Calumon loves happiness!”
Ruki: “Go away! Just get out!”
Culumon: “Dance! Did that cheer you up?”

Terriermon: “I’m gonna have to fight sometime, but when?”
Henry: “I think she wants me to follow her.”
Renamon: “Catch me if you can…..”
Rika: “Guess I didn’t make any friends yesterday. Who needs them anyway.”
Rika: “Renamon?”
Calumon: “Nope, just me. How come you threw these away huh? How come?”
Rika: “Get out of my room you overgrown rat!”
Calumon: “You’re not happy are you…”Hey! Let’s play! That will make you happy!”
Rika: “Ughhhh please! Go away!”
Calumon: “Maybe later…this will make you happy, happy! x 5! How about now…well??”

Calumon is the most annoying thing in the entire Dub.

Jenrya: “All I want is to stay friends with Terriermon. I don’t want to see a friend of mine fighting…”
Renamon: “Until now, I’d thought it was only nature for me to beat my opponents and load their data. There was no doubt in my mind that my sole purpose was to evolve and power up. I never thought of my Tamer, Ruki as anything beyond helping me to achieve that goal. But now I’m not sure sure.”
Jenrya: “There might be a reason why all there of us have met our DIgimon.”
Jenrya: *Silence*

Henry: “For some reason Terriermon feels like he has to fight. Why would I purposely put my friend in danger? She just doesn’t understand that if anything happened to him because of me..I’d never forgive myself”
Renamon: “Until recently I thought my only purpose in the Real World was to fight and load Data of those I defeated. Digivolving and vanquishing my enemies were the only things that made me feel worthy. And Rika? Her only attachment to me was as a Tamer who could make me stronger. But now I’m not so sure.”
Henry: “There’s gotta be a bigger reason as to why me and my friends were chosen to be Digimon Tamers in the first place. It would help both of us if we could just figure that out.”
Henry: “What do you think? Renamon…hello?????”

Renamons speech in the Dub was handled so much better then whatever happened during Henry and Terriermons fight. Minus the dubs stupid additional dialgoe at the end. Why couldn’t they put the same care into that scene as this one? Especially cause both are serious moments.

Terriermon: “Honestly she just can’t be helped.”
Jenrya: “What are you doing? Do you see something?”
Takato: “Oh, I was just wishing a Digimon would appear soon. I want to try out a new combo.”
Jenrya: “You’ve changed.”
Hirokazu: “Found you Takato!”
Takato: “What are you doing?”
Hirokazu: “No whats what, I’m here to get my revenge for yesterday.” You’re not getting away this time!”
Kenta: “Hirokazu got some new Digimon cards.”
Takato: “I can beat Digimon card you pull out!”
Hirokazu: “You said it now! All right, lets set things straight with a Digimon Battle!”

Terriermon: “She’s sure is a lot cuter asleep.”
Henry: “Hey what are you doing out here? Have you taken up bird watching or something?”
Takato: “I was hoping another DIigmon would show up! I’m ready for another battle. I want to use that combonation on Guilmon again!”
Henry: “I think you need a vacation.”
Kazu: “There you are! Thought you could escape me huh?”
Takato: “What do you want?
Kazu: “Revenge Tac-a-toe, for that move you pulled yesteaday. I want a rematch!”
Kenta: “Yeah! You think you’re hot stuff now, thibnk you can take us again bigshot?!”
Takato: “You sound pretty tough from way over there! I’ll take you on and anything you got!”
Kazu: “I’m ready now! So say your prayers cause you’re going down!

The weirdest part about this part was how horrible Kazu said Takato’s name before the rematch. How hard would that have been to rerecord?

Kenta: “What are they trying to prove by acting all grown up and stuff?”
Hirokazu: “Come on lets play.”
Takato: “Yah…Oh that’s right. Lee-kun you can come to..huh?”
Terriermon: “Shopping again?”
Jenrya: “I’ve told you before, you don’t have to come with me!”
Terriermon: “But if I’m at home alone, this and that is done to me…”

Kenta: “Girls, I don’t think I’ll ever understand them.”
Kazu: “Well chumly, you ready?”
Takato: “Sure..yah…Hey Henry! Are you coming along too??? Where’d he go…”
Terriermon: “Are we going shopping?”
Henry: “We’re doing nothing. You were supposed to stay home, remember?”
Terriermon: “I may never go home after what SHE did. Suzies chamber of horrors is worse then battling any Digimon.”

I’ll also never understand girls Kenta…

Hirokazu: “Now, now, no need to rush. All right! I win!”
Takato: “I didn’t know you could use that…”
Hirokazu: “Told you. You’re nothing but a loser in loserdom when I get a teensy bit serious!
Kenta: “Yesterday must have been a fluke.”
Takato: “It’s winning in a real Digimon battle that really counts!”
Hirokazu: “That’s stupid. Real Digimon? Don’t be a sore loser.”
Takato: “I’m not!”
Kenta: “What are you talking about then? Real Digimon don’t exist!”
Takato: “They do!”
Kenta: “Liar.”
Takato: “I’ am not!”
Hirokazu: “Then show us one!”
Takato: “Well…”
Kenta: “See? You lose again, Takato-kun.”
Takato: “Fine, I’ll show you one. Follow me!”
Takato: “Remember, this is our secret.”

Kazu: “Patience grasshopper…Guess what.. I won! Mr. Invincible!”
Takato: “I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming!”
Kazu: “I hope you enjoyed your little victory yesterday because you’ll never have one again.”
Kenta: “Yeah..all you’re going to feel is pain when we keep whooping you!”
Takato: “Winning a real Digimon battle is what separates the boys from the men.”
Kazu: “Real Digimon??? Who you trying to kid pal? You’re a loser and a liar!”
Takato: “I am not!”
Kenta: “Hahaha, Yeah and I’ve got the Loch Ness monster in my bathtub, wanna see him? Show me a real Digimon.”
Takato: “I will!”
Kenta: “Give it up.”
Takato: “I’m not lying!”
Kazu: “Okay then prove it!”
Takato: “Well…”
Kenta: Hey come on, Nessy’s waiting”
Takato: “All right, you asked for it, you’re going to get it. Follow me!”
Takato: “You guys gotta swear not to tell anyone about this.”
Kazu: “Whatever..”
Kenta: “I swear.”

I can’t believe how mean Kenta is, like meaner then Kazu for no reason.

Reika: “We’ve located a Wild One”
Yamato: “Destory it.”
Yamato: “Wha’ts wrong?”
Reika: “Yuggoth was destoryed by the Wild One.”
Yamato: “How dare you…”
Megumi: “The WIld One is Realizing.”
Guy: “Where did this fog come from? Hey you!”
Riley: “Tracer is locked and Yugotth has been deployed.”
Yamato: “Say goodbye..”
Yamato: “What…was..that…”
Riley: “The Wild One we destroyed early competley destroyed Yuggoth.”
Yamato: “I need to know where he is… now!”
Tally: “I’ve lost it..he’s just Bio-emerged.”
California Guy: “Woah..somebody needs a tune up. What’s going on!?”

I know its an inconsiquential side character, but why’d they have the change this young angry guy in the Sub to some Surfer dude for the Dub.

Takato: “The samurai master Musyamon, Adult level with Virus attribute. Demon Man DIgimon. His special attack is Kitsune Gomen.”
Musyamon: “You are a fool for taking orders from a human.”
Takato: “What are you doing Guilmon?
Terriermon: “Jian it’s a Digital Field.”
Jenrya: “Another DIgimon..”
Guilmon: “Wait a minute!”
Takato: “Why isn’t it working? It’s a combo.”
Jenrya: “Are we the only ones who can fight them? Fight because it’s soemthing only Terriermon and I can do…”
Terrieron: *Silence*
Culumon: *Culu*

Takato: “A samurai master Musyamon. A champion level wizard type. He can slice and dice and entire city with his shogun sword.”
Musyamon: “Taking orders from a human…pathetic.”
Takato: “Hey you can’t give up now, come on you can do it.
Terriermon: “Looks like we’ve got company Henry.”
Henry: “Don’t even think about it.”
Guilmon: “Something doesn’t feel right…”
Takato: “Just hang on!”
Guilmon: “I’ll try….I can’t…stop!”
Henry: “What now..if I do nothing we’ll all be made into sushi! I don’t think I can talk us out of this one.”
Terriermon: *Time to teach this bad boy its not nice to play with knives!!*
Calumon: “Maybe this will help.”

More lame jokes…and I feel like Calumon has no idea what’s he’s doing yet, how he’s ‘helping’ the Digimon to evolve. So having him say he was helping feels so fake.

Terriermon: “Are you sure this was for the best, Jian?”
Jenrya: *Silence*
Jenrya: “We’re the only ones who can stop them. Only us, the Tamers. I think I finally know the reason I met you now.”
Takato: “I messed up today, didn’t I? I kept slashing card after card without thinking how it affected you. Sorry”
Guilmon: “It happens sometimes.”

Terriermon: “You okay with all this Henry?”
Henry: “Yeah..there really was no other choice. Terriermon was right sometimes you have to fight. I owe you an apology, there are some battles worth fighting. Now that we’re working together as partners I guess I need to learn more about Taming.”
Takato: “Hey Guilmon, I owe you an apology too, I really messed up today. I just kept swiping one card after another. I didn’t even think about what might happen to you.”
Guilmon: “No preblem, I kinda like flying anyway.”

The Sub was much more ellegent in its presentation of Herny/Jenrya apologizing, as well as Takato. Praying every day for a remake of Tamers.

Final Result

Final Result

98% Retained. Docked some points for bad tutu jokes and for Takato getting too cocky.

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  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Re-cap: whilst not something you’ve mentioned, just want to say I found it interesting that in the dub it made it out like Kyubimon defeated Ice Devimon, not Guilmon.

    Dialogue Deviation 2b: we were so close to having Terriermon written out of the dub… maybe next time.

    Dialogue Deviation 2c: after Ruki saying that she threw Culumon in the bin in the original, who do we find in her bin in the next episode? Wow, it’s like she willed it so, yet Culumon in the original wasn’t a problem.

    Another short post from me, but again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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