Digimon Tamers S01E09

Go back to Guilmon! The Growmon Incident (JP)
Not As Seen On TV (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Seth Walther

Original Airdates:
May 27, 2001 (JP)
September 29, 2001 (EN)

Laurie’s Notes: I don’t really understand the Dubs Episode Title…..They didn’t talk about TV shows or anything. In fact the whole episode focused on getting Grow/lmon back to Guilmon. Along with a lot of added dialgoue, this episode was pretty meh.

Section: Summary

The gang spends the whole episode trying to get Grow/lmon back to his smaller self, Guilmon. Takato tries exercise, diet, hiding him, nothing works until the very end. When God sends a rainbow……

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “He’s the Digimon I created…He finally evolved but…”
Takato: “I’m scared of him.”
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*
Growmon: “Ta…ka…to…”
Growmon: “Was Growmon fighting…really that scary?
Takato: *Silence*

Takato: “He’s huge….He’s huger then huge.”
Takato: “I know I wanted him to Digivolve…Now he’s so scary…I probably look like an appetizer to him. Why didn’t I draw him smaller?”
Takato: “i’m just a big jalapeno popper with legs!”
Takato: “At least maybe I’ll give him indigestion.”
Growlmon: “Don’t…be…afraid.”
Growlmon: “Was I really that scary? I mean, when I was fighting?”
Takato: *Thinking* “Only if you find huge, scary things scary”.
Growlmon: “Takato-mon…”

At least the jokes are consistent and have follow through. Although I wish there weren’t so many of them.

Growmon: “Growmon doesn’t want Takato to be afraid again, so Growmon wants to turn back into Guilmon”
Takato: “Besides, I’m not sure if you can fit inside Guilmon’s home at this size.
Takato: “How is it?”
Growmon: “Just a little more.”
Takato: *Silence*
Growmon: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*
Growmon: *Silence*
Takato: “I knew it wouldn’t work.

Growlmon: “I want to go back to being Guilmon so I don’t scare you anymore, okay?”
Takato: “That’s a good idea. Let’s go back to the park, relax and figure out what to do. It shouldn’t be that hard right?
Takato: “Come onnn…”
Growlmon: “Push harder.”
Takato: “I am pushing hard.”
Growlmon: “Harder! Harder!”
Takato: “I’ll give you harder…”
Growlmon: “I think now I’m stuck.”
Takato: “It’s just no use.”

I definately missed this inuendo as a kid….unless it wasn’t actually an inuendo? I’m so confused…

Takato: “Lee-kun said that you’ll turn back after some time, but…”
Takato: “My Digivice reacted when you evolved, so maybe..”
Growmon: *Silence*
Growmon: *Silence*
Takato: “Do you feel warm or itchy anywhere?”

Takato: “We have to figure out a way to get you to Digivovle back to Guilmon.”
Growlmon: “Seriously…I’m stuck..”
Takato: “Hmmmm, maybe I can use my Digivice. Come on you stupid thing.”
Growlmon: “Could you get some butter or something?”
Growlmon: “Takato, unstick me!”
Takato: “Ok, you’re unstuck but you’re still as big as a house. Well actually as big as a condo..Let’s see….”

The Dub makes a little more sense then the Sub. Not sure why Takato had to ask if Growmon felt itchy.

Takato: “I wonder if the Digivice even has anything to do with evolution.”
Digivice: *Silence*
Takato: “Oh yeah!! Evolution Plug in E!”
Takato: “No good, I thought you’d turn back into Guilmon if I slashed the backside of the card.”
Takato: “Digimon are made up of data. When they evolved, their data increases, so they just need to cut down on that data-build up to turn back into their former level. If we want to reduce Growmons data….”
Growmon: *Silence*
Takato: “Growmon! You’re going on a diet!”

Takato: “The Digivice must do something, if I could just find the right button..”
Digivice: “To set clock..press One.”
Takato: “I thought if I slashed the card backwards you’d De-Digivolve…but that was a big goose egg. Is De-Digivolve even a word?!”
Takato: “Ok…let me just think for a moment. Digimon are data..and when they DIgivolve they add a bunch more data to their old data so they can grow bigger. Less data means smaller size.”
Growlmon: “Ohhhhh can we have goose eggs for dinner?”
Takato: “Of course! That’s it! We’ll work off the data!”

Did the Dub kids ever talk about how Digimon are just data? If they did it was brief, and if they did Takato never saw Digimon as just data, he always saw them as pets or animals.

Takato: *Silence*
Growmon: *Silence*
Takato: Silence
Growmon: Silence
Takao: *Silence*
Growmon: “No more…”
Takato: “Exercising wasn’t enough..alright, next!”
Takato: “You need a lot of energy to evolve right? Then all we need to do is cool down that energy.”
Takato: “I’m not qualified to be a Digimon Tamer if I let my Digimon catch a cold.”
Takato: “We’ll just have to use our last resort!”

Takato: “Work through the burn! Be the burn! No pain, no gain right!?
Growlmon: “I just like no pain better..”
Takato: “Come on Growlmon we have to sweat that extra data out of you!”
Takato: “Good..work that upper body..push it to the max, now give me all you got! Now run…RUN!!”
Takato: “This was a lot easier on TV.”
Takato: “Kay! Shower off!”
Takato: “I know Growlmon, but Digivolving takes a lot of energy so maybe if we cool you down it’ll get rid of that energy and you’ll change back.”
Takato: “Oh great, he’s catching a cold. I’m going to go down as the worst Digimon Tamer ever!”
Takato: “Okay! Time to get tough!”

Nothing too jarring here. The Dub was slightly more entertaining.

Takato: “Hide here for tonight, okay?”
Growmon: “You’re leaving, Takato?”
Takato: “I’ll be back in the morning.”
Growmon: “Can you bring lots of bread?”
Takato: “Okay, see you!”
Growmon: “Bye…”
Takato: *Silence*

Takato: “Okay here’s the plan, you spend the night here and hopefully in the morning you’ll be back to Guilmon! Hopefully….”
Growlmon: *Silence*
Growlmon: “In the morning will you bring some bread?”
Takato: “You bet! Byee.”
Growlmon: “Bye…”
Takato: “Don’t worry Growlmon, everything will be fine.

For once the Dub cut some dialogue instead of added some in. I take that back, they added some at the end of the scene.

Juri: “Where are you coming from?”
Takato: “No place in particular. What about you Katou-san?”
Juri: “After school lessons.”
Takato: “I see. Well bye!”
Takato: “Katou-san…um..well..I..”
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “I need to ask you something!”

Jerri: “Where have you been?”
Takato: “Oh..no where..just..around..so see ya!”
Jerri: “Do you need help?”
Takato: “No..that’s okay…Well um…I don’t know”
Takato: *Thinking* I can’t believe I’m gonna say this.
Takato: “Would you help me Jerri!”

These matched up pretty well, minus the need for the Dub to insert more unneeded dialogue.

Juri: *Thinking* “I wonder what he’s thinking….”
Juri: ” Takato-kun!
Takato: “Ehh?”
Puppet: “Instead of telling this to me…”
Puppet: “You should talk to that person over there, woof!”
Takato: “A love fortune teller?”
Takato: “I’m home!”
Takato’s Mom: “Welcome home, hurry up and eat dinner.”
“Takato’s Dad: “What a dangerous world we live in.”
Reporter: “According to government research the number of children nationwide who have confirmed they are being bullied at school has increased. However the number of children who ask their parents for help has greatly decreased over the years.”

Jerri: *Thinking* “That growth spurt made me feel so gawky, and that everyone was staring at me.”
Jerri: “Wait I get it!”
Takato: “Huh…you do?”
Puppet: “Jerri likes you Takato! But only as a friend okay?”
Jerri: “Don’t worry, there’s a million other girls out there!”
Takato: “Yeah…okay Jerri.”
Takato: “Mom…Dad…why are girls crazy?”
Takato’s Mom: “They’re not, their husbands jut make them that way.”
Takato’s Dad: “Hmm….right..it’s the other way around.”
Takato’s Dad: “Women have that crazy gene…they’ve done studies ya know.”
Takato’s Mom: “Uh..huh…”
Takato’s Mom: “Those must have been the same studies that showed that cookies and pizza are good for you.”
Takato’s Dad: “Right…you see it’s all very scientific.”
Takato” *Thinking* “Am I the only normal person in the world….”

I feel like this is the biggest dialogue change so far. Not just for silly additions by the Dub, but the Dub made the choice of cutting important and serious dialogue not only for the show but for kids in general. I feel like the Dub could have tried harder to make an anti bullying campaign or something.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The Dub cut out the TV playing in the background that detailed some of the earlier wreckage that Growmon and Devidramon had caused.

Side Note

Shrine scenes were a little different, and the love fortune teller was changed in the dub. Gotta cut out all Japanese cultural references from the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Growmon: *Sleeping*
Culumon: “Culu…culu…Poke”
Takato: “Growmon….”
Growmon: *Silence*
Culumon: *Silence*
Growmon: “Culumon wanted to come play at Takato’s place.”
Takato: “Culumon?”
Culumon: “Hiii we’re here to play…culu.”
Takato: “But I went through all that trouble to hide him!”
Culumon: “Takato is angry!! culu culu, run away!!!!”
Takato: “What should I do now? I’ll have to call Lee-kun.”

Growlmon: *Dreaming* “If I run any faster my legs will fall off….there they go..”
Calumon: “Hey…you asleep? hey..hey hey hey..lets play”
Takato: *Thinking* Poor Growlmon. What am I going to do?
Guilmon: “I already know how to knock.”
Calumon: “No..like this.” *Creepy wind and shutters moving.*
Takato: “Growlmon!”
Growlmon: “Calumon said that two o’clock in the morning is the best time to play.”
Takato: “Calumon?”
Calumon: “Hey..Hi…Hello.”
Takato: “What about all that trouble we took to hide you yesterday?!”
Calumon: “Oh nuts he’s mad again!”
Takato: “Calumon gets weirder and weirder ever day. Now what are we going to do about you?”

Culumon is so so cute, I can’t get enough of him. Calumon on the other hand…needs to be thrown in the trash.

Takato: “Sorry to get you up so late. You apologize to Growmon”
Lee: “Don’t worry about it.”
Terriermon: “Momentai!”

Takato: “Sorry to call you so late.”
Herny: “that’s okay I was just SLEEPING.”
Terriermon: “Not just sleeping…snoring too!”

Sarcastic Terriermon comes in for the clutch.

Takato: “We can’t use this place! He’ll disappear into the other place!”
Lee: “It’ll be okay, I think..for now anyway.”
Takato: “Do you understand? Under no circumstances can you leave this place until I come back tomorrow.”
Terriermon: “Bye-bye!”

Takato: “Are you listening to yourself! We can’t keep him here, he’ll go to that other world! He’ll disappear!”
Henry: “I doubt it, I think that was just a fluke.”
Takato: “Sorry Growlmon, this looks like the safest place to keep you. So stay here til I come get you in the morning okay?”
Takato: “Seriously, don’t leave, even if Calumon finds the best playground ever.”
Terriermon: “Have fun without uuuuuus.”

Sub Terriermon is so cute, not sure why they had to make the Dub so sarcastic?

Impmon: *Silence*
Impmon: *Silence*
Impmon: “Man you sure turned big…”
Impmon: “Damn, that scared me…”
Impmon: “Hey hey! What the hell! I took the time to visit you, so quit sleeping on me!”
Growmon: “Growmon doesn’t want to play with you.”
Growmon: “Because Takato said not to.”
Impmon: “What’s up with this guy, heis body’s grown bigger but inside he hasn’t changed at all.”
Impmon: “If you won’t play with me, you’ll just have to fight me!”
Impmon: “Hey, what’s wrong? I’m beating Growmon, the one who beat that Devidramon!

Impmon: “Hahahah another fun night for Impmon! Now I just have to actually find some fun. Ohh..hello, what do we have here?”
Impmon: “Careful…..careeeeful….careful…”
Impmon: “Hey, are you gonna sleep all night or what?!”
Impmon: “So you wanna play rough?!”
Impmon: “Heey! I didn’t come all this way to watch you sleep, I’m a busy guy, w hat I gotta do is none oif your business.”
Growlmon: “I’m not supposed to play with you.”
Growlmon: “Cause Takato said you’re a bad influence.”
Impmon: “Ohhh I get it, they were right, I guess size doesn’t matter becaue you’re bigger but just as boring as ever! Aren’t cha!”
Impmon: “You could use some exercise big boy!”
Impmon: “Mush..doggy..mush!! He’s right I am a baaad influence. But I’m just so good at it!”

There were alwasy differences between how the Sub and Dub characterized Grow/lmon, but interacting with Impmon you see the biggest changes and more added dialogue along with a more “stable” Impmon.

Takato’s Dad: *Silence*
Takato’s Mom: *Silence*
Takato’s Dad: *Silence*
Takato’s Mom: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “Growmon..”

Takato’s Dad: “How come Takato never helps out with the heavy stuff?”
Takato’s Mom: “I don’t know…how come you never help out with the laundry?
Takato’s Dad: “That’s different…”
Takato’s Mom: “Of course it is dear…
Takato: “Growlmons gonna be so glad to see me! Well the food anyway.”
Takato: “Does don’t leave have another meaning..”

Uhhh maybe cause he’s a kid…and that’s a small easel and board, should be light enough.

Lee: “Growmon disappeared?!”
Takato: “Yeah…he promised he wouldn’t leave.”
Terriermon: “I’m on it!”
Terriermon: “Where are yooou?”
Terriermon: “Growmoooon?”
Lady: “I’ve always wanted to see this.”
Man: “Thank god”
Terriermon: *Pattering of footsteps as he runs*
Henry/Takato: *Silence*

Henry: “You sure he didn’t just walk down the tunnel?”
Takato: “Yeah, I walked up and down that tunnel so many times I wore a groove in the floor.”
Terriermon: “I’m on it….since I have no choice.”
Terriermon: “If I was a great big dinosaur looking for fun I’d go……”
Terriermon: “Oh who knows where he’d go….dinosaurs are weird!”
Terriermon: “Growlmon, come on this isn’t fun anymore!”
Man: It’s just a toupee.”
Lady: But you wear it on your chest.”
Terriermon: “How can he be so hard to find, it’s like finding a haystack in a haystack.”
Terriermon: “The kids…with the thing…on his tail…snoring!”
Herny/Takato: “Growlmon!!!!!”

The toupee thing didn’t make any sense!! Grinds my gears. And was kinda creepy.

Takato: “You should feel ashamed for making Lee-kun and Terriermon get involved in this.”
Growmon: “I’m sorry.”
Takato: “You promised me you wouldn’t leave the tunnel!”
Growmon: “Impmon came.”

Takato: “What are you doing hiding in the bushes? What were you thinking? I told you not to leave the tunnel.”
Growlmon: “I know…..but I couldn’t help it.”
Takato: “Couldn’t help it?? It seems like not leaving the tunnel is pretty easy to do.”
Growlmon: “It is when Impmon isn’t throwing fireballs at you.”

Nothing too different here for once. Although Takato sounded slightly out of character throwing some shade.

Impmon: “Damn it..how dare you.”
Impmon: “That’s it..I’ll let you go free for today.”
Growmon: “I’ll sleep here..”
Takato: “So that’s what happened.”
Growmon *Silence*
Terriermon: “Momentaiii”
Lady: “I think I’ll leave my mom to take are of teh kids.”
Other Lady: “Which one should we go to?”
Lady: “Let me think…”

Impmon:”Aww nuts, that’s gonna leave a mark.”
Impmon: “Now see here..I’m not gonna fight you if you’re gonna fight back! Ballsy (??) pineapple head!”
Growlmon: “I’ll just..rest here for a moment…”
Growlmon: “And when I woke up a bunch of kids were playing on me.”
Takato: *Silence*
Growlmon: “It would have been better without all the burning.”
Terriermon: “Henry! People!”
Lady: “And he wears it on his chest!!”
Other Lady: “Noooo!”
Lady: “Ohh look, little boys playing with dolls. How cute.”

The Subs dialogue didn’t really make much sense with the random ladies talking about going somewhere, but the Dub dialogue was just stupid and cheesy. But I expect nothing less from the Dub.

Takato: “Now we have to find a place where no one will be able to find Growmon, not even in daylight.”
Lee: I”ve got it! We can camouflage him!
Growmon: “Camel flag?”
Lee: “It means we paint your body so that it’s the same color as this forest.”
Takato: “I get it! We make Growmon blend in wtih the forest!”

Takato: “Henry, where can we hide Growlmon? I don’t wanna send him back to the tunnel only for him to be harrased by Impmon again. There’s gotta be someplace he can’t be seen.”
Henry: “Tha’ts it! Camoflague!”
Growlmon: “Ohhhh that sounds painful.”
Takato: “It means we’re gonna paint you, like putting on makeup.”
Growlmon: “That sounds even more painful.”
Takato: “You know what?! There’s paint leftover from when my parents painted teh store!”
Growlmon: “But who’d wanna put makeup on a store?”

No consistency for what Growlmon knows and doesn’t know about the human world. He knows about make up and probably paint…but not camoflague. The Sub had an actual explination that wasn’t dummbed down for a toddler. The Dub also gave the line to Takato when the Sub originally had Henry/Lee explain it. The Dub also doesn’t have any jovial music/montage scene while painting over Growlmon. Makes it a lot less fun then the Sub.

Terriermon: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*
Growmon: *Silence*
Takato: “Growmon!!”
Growmon: “Over here!”
Terriermon: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*
Terrriermon: *Silence*
Terriermon: “You can’t tell he’s there!”
Lee: “It works!”

Terriermon: “That must be one ugly store..”
Takato: “Wow he takes this hiding thing seriously. Where are you Growlmon?”
GrowlmoN: “I can’t tell you…you haver to find me!”
Terriermon: “Well if I had to look for him, you have to look for him too.”
Takato: “Is that him?”
Terriermon: “That’s a stick.”
Takato: “But that knot…fi you look at it from a certain angle…”
Terriermon: “Still looks like a stick.”
Terriermon: “Maybe he just left!”

Judging by the amount of added dialogue between the Dub and Sub, I feel like the Sub was a lot more effective in what they were trying to portray. Silence is better then mindless chatter sometimes. I do love Dub Terriermon’s sass though.

Ruki: “That’s useless.”
Ruki: “You may be able to get away with fooling the human eye, but Digimon can find it right away if they ever wanted to.”
Lee: “Ruki!”
Takato: *Silence*
Terriermon: *Silence*
Lee: *Silence*
Terriermon: *Silence*
Lee: *Silence*
Ruki: “Just goes to show how low-class your level of thinking is.”
Takato: “Growmon!!”
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence* Crying
Growlmon: *Silence*
Lee: *SIlence*
Terriermon: *Silence*

Rika: “Pathetic.”
Rika: “A person may not be able to see him, but any Digimon who wanted to find him would find him in a heartbeat.”
Henry: “Proove it.”
Takato: “Hey it wasn’t supposed to rain today.”
Terriermon: “Since when has the weatherman ever been right. Helloo….someone wanna anser me??? Fine..”
Henry: “The rain is making the paint run!”
Terriermon: “Ahh so he’ll be brown instead of grey and green. What’s the big deal?”
Herny: “No…i’ts making the paint run OFF!”
Rika: “You guys used water based paint! You’re even more pathetic then I thought. See you later loosers.”
Takato: “What are we gonna do Growlmon, I can’t afford oil based paint.”
Takato: “Why does everything I do go so wrong?”
Takato: “IF only you could turn back into Guilmon.”
Growlmon: “Please don’t cry Takato-mon, my arms are starting to run.”
Henry: “it’ll be okay Takato..”
Terriermon: “Yeah, if worse comes to worse we can always move to Antartica.”
Henry: “Terriermon….”
Terriermon: “We should have painted Growlmon those colors!”
Henry: “We wanted Growlmon to blend in not stand out like a sore thumb.”
Terriermon: “Well he would blend in with the sky…man I gotta explain everything to you.”
Terriermon: “Henry…what’s happening to Growlmon?”
Henry: “Looks like digital matter and the rainbow is pulling some out of him. Looks like the sun is drying him out. I don’t know it’s weird…”
Terriermon: “Not as weird as what I found between Growlmons toes when I was painting him.”
Henry: “True….”
Terriermon: “So we need to find a rainbow everytime he has to change back to Guilmon? How come no one wants to answer me today?”

I take back that prvious comment about enjoying Terriermon’s sass. Now it’s just annoying. Why they felt the need to add more dialogue to an orginally powerful silent scene I’ll never know. Also how does Terriermon know how colors mix…If the Dub had also just let the scene play out as originally written it would have been a lot more powerful. But nope, gotta spell everything out for the kids.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Instead of keeping Primary Colors, or subsitituing it with another song, the Dub cut it out compeltely to have a compeltey pointlesss conversation and “explination” about the rainbow.

Final Result

Final Result

85% Retained It would have been higher had the Dub not put in so many extra lines, and made Impmon less of a jerk. Removing Primary Colors at the end was also a big factor.

One Comment

  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Laurie’s Notes: I think they’re referencing about how simple de-evolution occurred in Adventure/02, none of this burning off data to trigger de-evolution appeared to take place, as evident with positioning of the comment “This was a lot easier on TV.” later in the episode, at least, in my opinion.

    Summary: God used “rainbow”, it was super effective.

    Dialogue Deviation 1b: maybe it was unplanned, or it was planned but quality control missed it ;)!

    Dialogue Deviation 1c: growing pains maybe?

    Dialogue Deviation 1d: where is this “One” button you speak of? The only buttons are “Power”, “Left” and “Right”.

    Dialogue Deviation 1h: I found Juri shutting down Takato in the dub hilarious, though found it weird how she was encouraging him to ask out older girls, given that apparently he (according to Juri’s misconceptions) had an issue with Juri being taller than him, so made no sense for him to ask out older girls, who would be MUCH taller than him (probably) – sending him to the fortune teller made much better sense.

    Side Note 1: probably, I’m reminded of what I read about a Taco Bell toy promotion in the US for Cardcaptors, where the American Family Association complained that the Clow Cards were too similar to Tarot Cards and Eastern Mythology.

    Dialogue Deviation 2b: we finally get to the crux of Terriermon’s attitude in the dub – Terriermon isn’t getting enough sleep due to Jenrya’s snoring keeping him up most/all of the night.

    Dialogue Deviation 2f: obviously the man is ashamed of his lack of chest hair.

    Dialogue Deviation 2h: was that even the same woman as before? Either this guy has a number of women on the go, or he was dropped pretty fast.

    Dialogue Deviation 2j: how blind must Takato be in the dub if he’s confusing a stick with an Adult level Digimon, or does he have a problem with small and far away like Dougal in Father Ted? Log or tree trunk, OK, but stick?

    Dialogue Deviation 2k: who uses water based paints to paint a store?

    Again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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