Digimon Adventure S01E13

Angemon Awakens!

Angemon Awakens! (JP)

The Legend of the Digidestined (EN)

Written by:

EN: Rebecca Olkowski and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: May 30, 1999
EN: October 1, 1999

Section: Summary

Leomon and Ogremon join the festivities in Primary Village, but Tai and Matt promptly arrive to put a stop to it. Their party-pooping brings Leomon down from his Dancing Queen mode, so he gathers all the children around to explain why that’s not cool, dude. Then he takes them over to Devimon to poop his party, because Devimon is a jerk, as we see when he parties way too close to Ogremon and absorbs him into his body. The party-pooping goes horribly awry as Devimon is an absolute beast of boogie, turning Patamon into a hand-held disco ball, which then hatches into a wing-a-ling guy, Angemon. Angemon punches Devimon back into sobriety, and they both explode. Angemon reverts to his much-less-shiny disco ball state, and T.K. vows to raise him better this time. Ogremon was fine, by the way. Angemon knocked him loose when he punched a hole in Devimon’s chest.

Dialogue Deviation

Narrator: “File Island was broken apart. Taichi and Yamato, Koushirou and Mimi, Sora and Jou, and then Takeru were somehow able to overcome each crisis. However, the time of the final battle rapidly approaches…”
T.K.: “Me and Patamon were all alone on the flying bed, and then we landed in this neat-o place where all the baby Digimon are born! They were being protected by Elecmon. He was not very nice to us ‘coz he though we were going to hurt his babies. Patamon and Elecmon got into a little fight, but I made ‘em stop. I told ‘em to play Tug-of-war instead of fighting, and guess what happened? Patamon won!! Yay! Elecmon then got nice and told us that we can stay in Primary Village for a while. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

I’m sure it’s going to be a great time!

[Takeru is still at the Village of Beginnings]
No dialogue.
Leomon: “Kill the Chosen Children…”

T.K: “Hey! Let’s play a game with the baby Digimon!”
Leomon: “I am pledged to obey your command…”

Excellent. We need to carve some stakes for goalposts. Leomon, take this knife.

Leomon: “… Devimon.”

Oh. Ooooohhh… Could I get that knife back..?

[Leomon charges them from behind with a knife. The babies look troubled]
Takeru: “What’s wrong? Need to poop?”
Patamon: “Takeru, above us!”

T.K.: “Okay, so you don’t want to play any games!”
Patamon: “Leomon’s come back!”

… this was not my fault.

[Ogremon is here now, too]
Ogremon: “Can you hear me, brat?!”

Ogremon: “Hello, you’ve got company!”

Much as I would like a return to Polite Ogremon, I know that isn’t happening because I specifically told him to CALL AHEAD if he’s coming for a visit.

Ogremon: “You’re hiding scared, aintcha?! Come out quietly!” *holds his club up to a Poyomon’s head* “If you don’t come out, I don’t know what’ll happen to this guy!”
Ogremon: “You’re a nice little kid, aren’t ya? Get your hide out here so I can get a good look ‘atcha!” *clubbin’ with a Poyomon* “’coz if you don’t, your little friend here is gonna squeak his last squeak!”

Side Note

In the dub, there’s a “bonk” sound effect added when Ogremon puts his club to the Poyomon’s head. I guess the sound team didn’t see any problem with a little “bonk” on a baby’s head, but it would have been nice if they’d considered that Poyomon is soft and squishy, so it would have made a squishy sound instead.

Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: “What do we do, Patamon?”
Patamon: *thinking* “If I could force out the black gear inside Leomon, he should fight Ogremon for us… but… if I fail… In that case, would I be able to protect Takeru?”

T.K.: “Patamon, we gotta save him!”
Patamon: *thinking* “Poor Leomon! I know he wouldn’t attack us if that stupid black gear didn’t have him under an evil spell! He’d come over to our side. If we could only figure out a way to help him! I gotta protect T.K. from Ogremon… but he’s so big and I’m… not.”

[Leomon cuts down the tree Takeru and Patamon were hiding behind with his sword]
Leomon: “Kill the Chosen Children!”

Leomon: “I’ve been commanded by my master to take the DigiDestined!”

Well, that doesn’t sound so bad. Where are you taking them? They need to be back by supper.

[Yamato arrives with Garurumon to save the day!]
Takeru: “Big brother!”
Yamato: “You okay?”

T.K.: “You came in time!”
Matt: “That was close!”

Yeah, you almost forgot to ask if your brother was okay. No, wait…

Ogremon: “Garurumon! He was nearby?”
Ogremon: “Now you’ve done it! This little guy’s gonna get squished!”

[Taichi is here, too, and he extracts Poyomon from Ogremon’s lax grip]
Taichi: “I’m taking this kid back!”
Ogremon: “What? Aah, you!”

Tai: “He’s staying with us!”
Ogremon: “Over my stinky armpits he will!”

And then he raises up his arm, exposing his armpit, to assist the over-going thereof.

Taichi: “Your opponent is… Greymon!”
Tai: (sarcastic) “Oh, I’m so scared!” (normal) “Get him, Greymon!”

[Greymon fires his Mega Flame at Ogremon]
Ogremon: “Gyeehh!!! You singed my magnificent hair!!”
Ogremon: “Didn’t anybody ever tell you not to play with fire? Someone could get hurt – namely me!”

He’s asking the right questions, honestly. Remember when Tai had Agumon set his clothes on fire because they were cold?

Ogremon: “I’m pretty strong when I fight fair-and-square! Here I go!”
Ogremon: “Now, to educate you! I’ll show you who’s the head honcho on this island!”

Section: Cut or moved footage

(1 sec) A short cut of Ogremon hitting Greymon with his club. It’s cut pretty cleanly in the dub so he looks like he’s just jumping closer to Greymon. It must have been cut because Ogremon just lectured Greymon on safety, and we can’t let him look like a hypocrite, running around clubbing people on the noggins.

Or maybe they cut it because the perspective on his leg looks really bad as a still. I know perspective isn’t easy and it almost always looks goofy in 2D, but damn!

Or maybe they cut it because Ogremon practically wears a mini-skirt, and that is not a good angle for a mini-skirt.

In the dub when he lands, he adds:

Ogremon: “I could fight you blind-folded!”

(3 sec) Ogremon uses Supreme King Fist and hits Greymon right in the face.

It is weird that they’re cutting Ogremon’s attacks but no one else’s. Maybe because he keeps aiming for the head/face?

Dialogue Deviation

[Several black gears fly into Leomon’s back]
Yamato: “Wh-what the…?”

Matt: “The black gears!”

[Leomon gets bigger and darker. Garurumon stands his ground]
Yamato: “This is bad! Run, Garurumon!”

Matt: “No! Turn back, or he’ll beat you to a pulp!”

Section: Cut or moved footage
Rocks fall on Garurumon

(1 sec) Garurumon just stands there like an idiot as Leomon’s Beast King Fist comes right towards him, it knocks him back into the cliffside, then some rocks fall down on him. The rocks falling on him are cut.

Again: kind of weird that this was removed considering it showed Leomon’s attack hitting him and knocking him back, and that’s the more violent of the events. After cutting back from Yamato’s reaction, we can see Garurumon over Leomon’s shoulder covered in the fallen rocks.

Dialogue Deviation

[After Garurumon gets rocked]
Yamato: “GARURUMON!”
Matt: “Are ya okay?”

In the next shot with Garurumon in the rubble, he groans loudly and sounds more exasperated than hurt. It’s pretty funny in the context of Matt’s line, though probably not intentionally.

Side Note

Leomon Beast King Fists uses Beast King Fist on Greymon, hits him directly in the face, and not a frame of it is cut in the dub. What the hell?

Dialogue Deviation

[Leomon takes care of Greymon]
Taichi: “Greymon!”
Ogremon: “A-…amazing…”

Tai: “No, we need you, Greymon!”
Ogremon: “I told the guy not to play with fire!”

If only he had listened!

Devimon: *voice-over* “Kill the Chosen Children – the smallest child.”
Leomon: “Kill… the smallest child…”

Devimon: “I command you to bring me the Digidestined, starting with the smallest child!”
Leomon: “I am your humble servant and will obey you… Devimon.”

Do you have to keep reminding him, though? … er, well, this is Devimon we’re talking about…

[Leomon starts walking toward Takeru and Patamon. Patamon flies up to defend Takeru]
Yamato: “Idiot! Run away!”
Matt: “Hurry! Move away!”

Section: Side Note

Patamon uses Air Shot twice to no effect, and he attempts a third before Leomon puts the squeeze on him. Patamon uses Boom Bubble once, then declares, “Oh no, it’s just not working!” You can see the other Air Shot hit Leomon in the scene.

This iteration of Prickly Bang Bang is changed to, “Wanna fight — how about a Prickly Bang soup?!”, which is neat in that it references the original name, but sounds very unappetizing in terms of soup.

Dialogue Deviation

[Takeru checks in on Patamon]
Takeru: “Patamon! Are you all right?”
Patamon: “Takeru… I’ll protect you…”
Takeru: “Patamon! Hang in there, Patamon!”

T.K.: “Patamon! You gotta take it easy, buddy!”
Patamon: “I’m sorry.”
T.K.: “What for?”
Patamon: “I was just trying to protect you…”
T.K.: “And you were doing great! Don’t feel bad, little guy!”

Don’t patronize him.

[Koushirou arrives on the scene]
Koushirou: “Taichi!”

Izzy: “Tai, you’re never going to believe this!”

That you rode into battle and what’s on your mind has nothing to do with the safety and well-being of your friends versus two powerful Digimon? It’s not that big of a stretch.

Koushirou: “Use the power of the sacred device, the Digivice!”
Taichi: “The sacred device?”
[Mimi and Koushirou hold up their Digivices]
Mimi: “These things!”
Koushirou: “The sacred devices have the power to eliminate the power of darkness!”

Izzy: “We have the consummate solution to all of our problems!”
Tai: “That’s cool, but what are you talkin’ about?”
[Mimi and Izzy hold up their Digivices]
Mimi: “Check ’em out!”
Izzy: “They call them Digivices. They have the capability to completely obliterate the black gear!”

That is not what Centarumon told you nor is it what happened. Mimi obliterated the black gears; the Digivices were just a Leomon-repellent.

Taichi: “Now that you mention it…”
[Flashback of Taichi’s Digivice glowing and driving the darkness out of Leomon]
Taichi: “All right, in that case…”

Tai: “Then let’s give ’em a try.” [flashback] “We have no other choice right now. We have to take a chance — and stop him!”

That flashback looks pretty out-of-place with Tai’s lines.

[Yamato’s standing between Takeru and Leomon]
No dialogue.
Matt: “Don’t worry; I got ya covered, T.K.!”

[Taichi approaches Leomon with a plan]
Taichi: “Leomon! … You’re after us, right? Try and catch me!”
Yamato: “Taichi, what are you doing?!”

Tai: “Ready for a real fight? What are you waitin’ for, booger-breath? Come on and get us, if you dare!”
Matt: “What’s up, dude?! Have you totally flipped out?”

Yeah, don’t call him names!

[Leomon accepts Taichi’s offer]
Leomon: “The Chosen Children… kill them!”

Leomon: “I must do as I am commanded. Come here!”

Does that include when Tai commands you to come and get them? That would have made things so much easier…

[Taichi hits Leomon with the digi-laser beams]
Yamato: “I see! That’s how it is!”
Matt: “You know, these things pack quite a punch!”

Side Note

Taichi and Yamato use their digivices to force the gears out of Leomon. The original background music is pretty dramatic. The dub’s music isn’t bad; it doesn’t really stand out, but it keeps the serious “awe” tone for the scene.

Dialogue Deviation

[Leomon is being de-geared. Ogremon is not a fan]
Ogremon: “Th-this is bad! These brats are…”
Koushirou: “Your opponent is here!”

Ogremon: “How’d they do that?! Rotten kids!”
Izzy: “Ogremon, over here!”

Then Ogremon compliantly turns to look. What an attentive guy!

No dialogue.
Kabuterimon: “You’ve just begun to see our power!”

[Leomon has been de-geared and reverts to his normal size]
Taichi: “We did it!”

Tai: “That’s bad!”

… well, shit.

Section: Side Note

People in the late 90’s/early 00’s like to pretend that “bad” was acceptable slang for “good”. It was bad. No, in the other way.

Dialogue Deviation
[Ogremon surveys the situation]
Ogremon: “You’ve got to be kidding me! I can’t fight all of them alone!” *runs off*

Ogremon: “Ha! Those little fools are kiddin’ themselves! They don’t know who they’re dealing with! They’re gonna find out sooner than they think!” *laughs and runs off*

Side Note

The background song playing when Leomon explains the purpose of the Chosen Children is called “Sentiment” (kanshou, 「感傷」). It’s a very serene track and makes the scene feel a lot less tense, considering what they just went through, and that they are about to depart for the final battle with Devimon.

The dub track is very subdued. It doesn’t really stand out, but it’s fitting for the scene.

Dialogue Deviation

[Leomon sits with the Chosen Children]
Leomon: “For a long time, there’s been a rumor: that our world would be covered by the powers of darkness, and Chosen Children from another world would come and save the world. Now, File Island is indeed being covered by the powers of darkness. Then you all appeared.”
Leomon: “According to ancient legend, our world will be taken over by a strange, dark force that will change good Digimons into bad ones. Our ancestors have predicted that a group of children called the Digidestined will appear from another world. When they arrive, they will come to possess superpowers that will eventually save our world from destruction. I believe their prediction has come true. File Island has been seized by an evil power. We’re in danger of destruction, and now, you’ve appeared.”

Wait… “ancestors”? They reincarnate and hatch from eggs. Do they have ancestors?! Do they… have their own babies??

Section: Side Note

Don’t panic; they don’t have their own babies. “Predecessors” might have been a better word to use there rather than “ancestors”. Until Digimon Fusion, Digimon do not reproduce sexually.

Also and again: the plural of “Digimon” is “Digimon”, not “Digimons”. The dub will catch on to this eventually. Until then, let’s be honest: everyone in the recording booth was so entranced by Paul St. Peter’s beautiful voice that they didn’t notice.

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: “So that’s why you call us the Chosen Children.”
Matt: “But you have no proof.”

Tai: “Whoa, that’s amazing, but tell me: how can you be sure we’re the kids you’re talking about?”
Matt: “Yeah! Do you have some proof that we’re the same ones?”

Do you see any other children around with spiffy devices that destroy evil? Or any other children, for that matter? No? Shut up.

[Koushirou/Izzy is saying they’ll be able to go home after saving File Island]
Koushirou: “If that’s true, once the powers of darkness are gone, we won’t be needed in this world anymore.”
Mimi: “What are you saying, Koushirou?”
Koushirou: “In other words, maybe we can go back to our own world.”
Mimi: “Really??”
Izzy: “I, for one, hope that it’s true. My theory is that we’ll be released after we save the island. Once our purpose, is served there’s no other reason for us to remain!”
Mimi: “And I’ll finally be able to change these clothes!”
Izzy: “That’s right! If Leomon’s information is correct, we’ll be heading straight for home!”
Mimi: “I can’t wait!”

1. Regarding Izzy’s “theory”: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA; 2. Mimi has the right idea, as usual. Whether she will actually change her clothes remains to be seen.*


Yamato: “But to do that…” *looks off at Infinity Mountain*
Matt: “How can we make it happen? We’re not even sure who’s causing it! What if it’s a force that’s too big for us to handle?”

Maybe Matt was just distracted every time Devimon was mentioned or right in front of him?

Taichi: “Let’s do it, everyone! If we don’t defeat him, we won’t survive here!”
Koushirou: “You’re right. Besides, we have the sacred devices!”
Mimi: “Mimi will do her best, too! It’s scary, but I want to go home!”
Palmon: “We’ll do our best, too, Mimi!”
Tentomon: “Our stamina has recovered, too.”
Agumon: “I’m okay to battle any time!”
Gabumon: “Let’s go, Yamato! To Infinity Mountain!”
Yamato: “Yeah. It has to be done.”
Leomon: “I will cooperate as well.”
Taichi: “All right! It’s decided!”

Tai: “Let’s go for it!”
(Everyone groans in disapproval)
Tai: “Come on, everyone, why not? If we don’t defeat him, it’ll never be over!”
Izzy: “Fine with me! Besides, it’s impossible for us to lose with the Digivices!”
Mimi: “First thing on my list… when I get home… is to do some killer shopping!”
Palmon: “For that to happen, we have to get you back home!”
Tentomon: “If we all work together, we’re sure to win!”
Agumon: “I’m ready any time you are, buddy!”
Tai: “Mm-hmm!”
Gabumon: “How about it, Matt? Are we up to the challenge, my friend?”
Matt: “It’s gonna be tough. When you get down to it, we have no other choice.”
Leomon: “All right, then, troops, let’s get to it!”
Tai: “Far out! It’s a done deal!”

Section: Side Note

Paul St. Peter is fantastic as Leomon. You’d never even guess that he started out so “stiff” when he was introduced. You might also never guess he also played Wormmon in Digimon Adventure 02!

He’s so fantastic that, during the scene when he rows their boat towards the final battle, they had him grunt as he rowed. He doesn’t make sound it that weird, and it is important to exhale on the exertion. We can let it slide because he is demonstrating good technique… even if he is apparently exerting far more than a beast-man of his muscularity should. And even though it does dramatically change the tone of the scene. Original Leomon did not make any noise as he rowed.

And in the original, nobody says anything until it cuts away to Devimon, which is kind of weird when you think about it. The dub adds in:

Leomon: “Devimon is very powerful. He’s brought nothing but trouble to File Island. We must be careful.”

You’d think they’d be hitting Leomon up for info on Devimon, so the added line makes sense. Leomon should be trying to prepare them – trouble is he can’t in the original, because he doesn’t actually have any info for them. He hadn’t known about Devimon before Devimon approached him in episode 8.

Dialogue Deviation

Devimon: “It seems I’ll have to fight them myself now… before ‘he’ appears.”
Ogremon: “Give me one more chance!”
Devimon: “Yes, I’ll let you fight… as a part of me. Death Claw!”

Devimon: “Perfect… that traitor Leomon is leading them directly into my trap.”

That is the opposite of what is happening in every way.

Devimon: “He has been very valuable to me.”
Ogremon: “I guess so, but I’m loyal and better-looking!”

I mean… if we’re just going to say it…

Devimon: “Rrr, listen to me! You will pay them one final visit! Ready?!”

Section: Cut or moved footage

(1 sec) Devimon uses Death Claw on Ogremon, grabbing him by the neck. He chokes him in the air for a moment before he turns into black gears. Snipped in the dub, and you can see the blur of Devimon’s hand reaching for Ogremon, and then it cuts straight to Ogremon turning into black gears.

Death Claw is supposed to grab his opponent's heart, though. Is Ogremon's heart in his neck? Does Devimon need an anatomy lesson?
We may never find out.
Dialogue Deviation

Devimon: “Come to me, powers of darkness! I’ll turn this File Island into your graves, Chosen Children!”
Devimon: *cackles* “Hear this, Digidestined! My power is infinite! Your hopes and dreams are useless! I am the supreme master of this island! If you dare to defy me, I will unleash the powers of the universe and conquer you! You can’t escape!”

Don’t mind that he needs the power of the universe to defeat a bunch of children.

Birdramon: “The powers of darkness are gathering.”
Jou: “What?”
Ikkakumon: “The fight must be starting already.”

Birdramon: “Big trouble is brewing. We’d better get ready for action!”
Ikkakumon: “This is going to be the big one, Joe! It’s time to show your true self!”

I like how Joe yells out, “Black gear!” for no reason.

Sora: “Let’s hurry!”
Jou: “Yeah!”

Sora: “You feeling okay, Joe?”
Joe: “Just a little seasick!”

Sounds like Joe’s “true self” is about to end up all over the back of Ikkakumon’s head.

Section: Eyecatch

It’s fine – he can just dip underwater to wash it off

Dialogue Deviation

[As Leomon et al approach Devimon’s temple, the ground begins to shake]
Taichi: “W-what..?”

Tai: “Can’t turn back now!”

You’re not even trying!

[A massive Devimon bursts out of the top of the temple]
Palmon: “Why is he that big?”
Koushirou: “Could it be an illusion like before?” [referring to the house, food, and bath in episode 8]
Palmon: “I didn’t expect him to be such a big guy!”
Izzy: “Bad guys always seem to think bigger is better!”

Oh, sure, but your Digimon shrink when you need to win a battle!

Leomon: “No. He’s used the powers of darkness to grow huge.”
Leomon: “’fraid not! The power that Devimon possesses is immense, so be careful!”

[Before the Chosen Digimon can evolve, Devimon subdues them all with a darkness power beam]
Devimon: “Fools! All of you are destined to be destroyed here!”

Devimon: “You are fools! Don’t expect me to play silly games with you; I’m far too wise for that!”

Of course.

[Ikkakumon and Birdramon arrive with Jou and Sora and interrupt Devimon’s darkness power beam]
Sora: “Everyone, evolve while we still have time!”

Sora: “Look everybody, there’s no time to waste! We’ve got to strike right away!”

I always forget about the inane things they say after their respective Digimon evolve…

Yamato: “We’re counting on you, Garurumon!”
Matt: “Let’s turn this guy into pudding!”


Koushirou: “Please, Kabuterimon!”
Izzy: “My biology teacher would love this!”

Kabuterimon is Digital. Your biology teacher would be very disappointed in you.

Mimi: “Do your best, Togemon!”
Mimi: “I do like the way our colors match!”

… is Mimi colorblind? That’s very rare in girls.

[Garurumon had attacked Devimon and clung to his arm. Devimon throws him off and into Greymon]
Devimon: “You think such attacks would be effective on me?!”

Devimon: “Your attacks are pitiful! I’m afraid you’ll have to try harder than that!”

Side Note

And now Prickly Bang Bang is “So, you want a Needle Spray, do ya? Aaaaaah!” For the last time, nobody wants a Needle Spr– AGH!

Dialogue Deviation

[Leomon attacks Devimon from behind.]
No dialogue.

Leomon: “You’re mine, now!

Ogremon: “Naïve of you, Leomon!”
No dialogue.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(11 sec) After popping out of Devimon’s back and surprising Leomon, Ogremon clubs him right on the head!

Ogremon: “Did you think his back would be a weak point?! Not happenin’!”

Then he sinks back into Devimon’s body, re-emerging moments later from his calf.

Ogremon: “I’ve become one with Lord Devimon!”

Dialogue Deviation

Ogremon: “There’s no way I can lose to you anymore!”
Ogremon: “You got no chance against the likes of us, kitty cat!”

Side Note

The black energy that hits Leomon in this scene is Ogremon’s attack, Supreme King Fist (modified by Devimon’s power, of course), in the original. He doesn’t say an attack name in the dub, though, and the footage doesn’t show him using the attack.

Dialogue Deviation

[Devimon has Birdramon in his clutches]
No dialogue.
Devimon: “You’re not worth my time!”

[He decides not to eat her and throws her away]
Devimon: “Don’t struggle!”
Devimon: “Out of my sight!”

Dub Devimon adds, “You’re next!” when he approaches Jou and Ikkakumon.

Takeru: “Oh no! Everyone is no match for him!”
T.K.: “Oh boy, there’s nobody left! What do we do, Patamon?”

[Devimon now approaches Takeru]
Devimon: “The smallest Chosen Child. Once you are gone, I’ll have nothing to fear!”
Devimon: “Now to get rid of you – then I’ll have nothing to fear! They say the smallest will destroy me, but I’m not going to let that happen!”

Uh-huh. And who told you that?

Side Note

Takeru is identified as “the smallest Child” a few times with implied significance, but it’s never outright stated what that significance may be.

The dub line works well enough without that introduction. Devimon seems like the type of guy who keeps up with the tabloids.

Dialogue Deviation

[Devimon reaches for Takeru]
Devimon: “Death Claw.”

Devimon: “Don’t move! Make it easy on both of us!”

[All of the other Digimon attack and latch onto Devimon]
Devimon: “Worth…less… beings!”

Devimon: “You seem to forget: I AM DEVIMON, supreme master of this island! I have power over all Digimons! No one can conquer me!”

You should probably use some of that power against these Digimon, then..?

[Devimon uses his darkness power not-beam to force them away]
Greymon: “S-sorry… Taichi…”
Togemon: “I wanted to send you back to your world… but…”
Kabuterimon: “My power…”
Ikkakumon: “Damn it!”

Greymon: “Whoa, that guy knows how to… take it out of ya…”
Togemon: “I can’t move… even my needles feel numb…”
Kabuterimon: “Now is probably not a good time to take a nap!”
Ikkakumon: “Uhhhrrrrrrrr…”

A desperate scene turned unintentionally humorous. Ikkakumon’s groan at the end sounds like he wants to participate in the dialogue, but he just doesn’t have a joke to bring to it…

[Devimon approaches Takeru]
Yamato: “Ta-takeru!!”

Matt: “Hey, get ready to run!”

[Patamon tries in vain to ward off Devimon with Air Shot]
Patamon: “It’s no use… These attacks aren’t working! … Why only me? WHY CAN’T I EVOLVE?!”

Patamon: “What do I do? T.K.’s in danger; I’ve got to protect him! … I don’t understand it, it isn’t working. Oh, why can’t I digivolve?”

Side Note

The music in this scene, little Patamon is doing his damnedest to drive Devimon away to no avail, is just so sad and desperate in the Japanese version. It’s full-on, “NOOOOOO POOR PATAMON!” Such a great scene.

The dub has some intense battle/danger/UH OH music going on, which is fine for the dub purposes, but it ends up removing the emotion and kills the climax.

Incidentally, dub Patamon isn’t calling out his attack, “Boom Bubble”. He’s just going “pow!” when he uses it. He’s calling out his attack in the original. In the dub, that might be because when he uses the attack, he says “Boom Bubble — pah!”, and saying the whole thing in that amount of time is a lot.

Dialogue Deviation

[Patamon flies into Devimon’s hand to protect Takeru]
Patamon: “TAKERU!!”
Yamato: “TAKERU!!”

Patamon: “I’ll save you, T.K.!”
Matt: “Hang on, pal!”

AGAIN with the inappropriate timing on telling someone to hang on!

[Light shines through Devimon’s closed fist]
Sora: “The evolution light!”

Sora: “It’s Patamon! He must be digivolving!”

Side Note

As with most of the Digimons’ Adult forms, original Angemon’s voice sounds like Patamon’s (both forms are played by the same voice actor), but slightly deeper and with an echo added to it.

Dub Angemon is voiced by Dave Mallow and thus sounds completely different from Patamon, who is voiced by Laura Summer. It’s actually kind of jarring, but he’s a good fit for Angemon.

The music in the “everyone’s gawking at Angemon” is Brave Heart in the Japanese version, and some evil-sounding-meets-awe confused music in the dub. Seriously, that’s the only way I can come up with to describe it.

Dialogue Deviation

[Everyone’s staring at Angemon‘s butt]
Sora: “Angemon…”
Sora: “That’s super-coooool!”

Try to sound less sincere.

Yamato: “That’s… Takeru’s Digimon?”
Matt: “Not bad. That little guy really had it in him!”


Mimi: “Just like an angel…”
Mimi: “Nice hair. Good color!”

Takeru: “Patamon evolved!”
T.K.: “I wanna take him home with me!”

I think your mother would have some questions…

Devimon: “You… it was only a little more…”
Devimon: “What’s this, another foolish attempt?!”

This is that “smallest will destroy me” business you were going on about, remember?

Angemon: “I will eliminate your powers of darkness! Come to me, sacred power!“
Angemon: “The forces of good are more powerful. Even you can’t stop us! I’ll destroy you and bring peace to the island!”

[The Digivices fire digi-laser beams towards Angemon (the “sacred power” he was referring to)]
Devimon: “Wh-what are you doing?!”

Devimon: “That light is so bright! What are you doing to me?”


Devimon: “Stop! If you do that, you won’t be safe either!”
Devimon: “Stop it! I’m not going to allow you to take my power away! You’ll have to fight me!”

He is fighting you… with EYE STRAIN!

Angemon: “There’s no other way… no matter what happens to me.”
Angemon: “I’m afraid I have no other choice. If I can help others, my fate is unimportant!”

The dialogue is correctly translated, but it has no business being so in this part of the dub because no one has suggested to Angemon that anything bad will happen to him. That was important.

Side Note

Ogremon tries to attack and gets repelled by Angemon’s weapon. He’s knocked back through and out of Devimon’s body, yelling “excuse me!” on his way out. It was silly and fun, but not included in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Bye, Ogremon!]
Devimon: “Damn!”
Devimon: “Now you’ve done it! I was saving that for later!

[Agemon’s weapon disappears into his fist, which is now glowing with punchy power]
Takeru: “Angemon!”
Angemon: “… I’m sorry, Takeru.”

T.K.: “Be careful!”
Angemon: “I’ll get him. Relax.”

Seriously, kid. Have a little faith.

Devimon: “I’ll crush you to death!”
Devimon: “Come here, pretty boy!”

I like Dub Devimon. He’s kooky.

Section: Side Note

Angemon’s attack, Heaven’s Knuckle, becomes “I’ll stop you! AIEEE!” in the dub. So poetic…

Dialogue Deviation

[Angemon punched a massive hole through Devimon’s torso. Now they both die]
Devimon: “Fool! You’re a fool, Angemon! What will you do now that you’ve exhausted your power here? The powers of darkness aren’t spreading only on File Island. Across the sea, there are Digimon with greater powers of darkness than I! It’s over for you all.” *laughs and dies*

Devimon: “You have used up all your power. That wasn’t very smart, Angemon! Now you are no use to anyone!”

Okay, rude.

Devimon: “You can’t get away from the dark forces. Evil is everywhere, so don’t savor your victory. There are other Digimon that are just as powerful as I am. Some of them are even stronger! I wonder what you’ll do when you run into them. You haven’t won at all! What a waste of time!” *laughs and dies*

I don’t think he’s going to be savoring anything, seeing as he’s dying.

Section: Side Note

So, Angemon’s line looks pretty much the same:

Angemon: “Takeru, we’ll surely meet again, if that’s your wish.”
Angemon: “T.K…. I’ll come back again… if you want me to…”

Both lines kind of imply Angemon thinks there’s a chance Takeru/T.K. wouldn’t want him back, but the original uses the word nozomi 「望」, which can mean “wish” or “hope”. The kanji in the noun for “hope”, kibō, is 希望 – the second symbol is the same as is used in nozomi. The original line may have been subtle foreshadowing rather than Angemon being insecure at a weird time.

Dialogue Deviation

[Angemon‘s feathers pile up and turn into an egg, and that’s how babies are made]
Takeru: “Is it Angemon?”
Gabumon: “Angemon is starting over one more time from an egg.”
T.K.: “Do you think it could be Angemon?”
Gabumon: “I know it is! He’s just resting for a while to regain his strength!”

Angemon died and will be reborn. He’s not “resting” except in the sense that we’re all “resting” when we’re dead.

Takeru: “I’ll take care of you.”
T.K.: “I will make sure to take really good care of him! You saved my life, Angemon.”
Sora: “Huh?”

Sora’s “huh” was actually directed to the pieces of the island coming back together, but the timing in the dub sounded like it was a response to T.K.. It’s more entertaining that way.

Koushirou: “The powers of darkness that destroyed this island have disappeared!”
Izzy: “Devimon’s been defeated. The evil is eliminated, the island reverts to its normal state!”

That doesn’t actually make any sense in either version, but that’s digital evil logic for you.

[Elsewhere, Ogremon assesses the damage]
Ogremon: “Devimon is…? Was he defeated?”
Leomon: “That’s right. Shall we fight again?”
Ogremon: “N-NO MORE!!!”

Ogremon: “With Devimon out of the way, I can take over now!”
Leomon: “Hello, you forgettin’ about me?”
Ogremon: “LEOMON!! GET ME OUT OF HERE! Why can’t the bad guys ever win?”

[Elsewhere, the children are not being transported home despite winning the battle]
Yamato: “But… he said that across the ocean, there are Digimon with greater powers of darkness, didn’t he?”
Jou: “I thought we could go back to our world…”
Mimi: “I don’t want to fight again! I’ve had enough!”
Matt: “What’s with those other evil Digimon across the sea?”

Those who what now?

Section: Side Note

That wasn’t a plot point in the dub. In the original, Devimon was all about stuff happening across the sea, but in the dub, the only thing across the sea was Ogremon trapped in a sealed crate, and he got back a while ago.

Dialogue Deviation

Joe: “Yeah, I thought we were going home.”
Mimi: “I don’t want to have to fight again! Oh, I think I broke a nail.”

Yeah, IZZY. What happened to your “THEORY”? Gonna follow up on that?

Taichi: “But we have no choice — no matter the enemy.”
Tai: “Well according to Leomon’s legend, we gotta do it! Remember, he said we’re the Digidestined!”

That sounds like a good reason to not do things…

[Rocks on the ground break for no reason and an apparatus appears. It projects the hologram of some old dude before them]
Some Old Dude: “Oh, these are the Chosen Children?”
Taichi: “No way… this guy…”
Some Old Dude: “Ah, I’ve heard of you kids. I must say: I’m pleased.”
Tai: “Excuse me, sir, tell us: who are you, and what do you want?”

Devimon may be defeated, but we haven’t seen the last of… Polite Fake Tai!

The Digi-Verdict

It’s hard to live up to the original in this episode. The scene where Patamon is helplessly trying to fight off Devimon, on its own, is kind of out-of-reach for anything the dub could do. Laura Summer does a good job, but the dub just can’t deliver the same sort of tone with the background tracks they had to work with. The added attempts at jokes during the actual battle didn’t help, of course, and again, they weren’t set up very well.

The abundant cuts were more strange than anything else. They kept removing Ogremon’s attacks but leaving other, equally violent ones. For the one they did cut, Leomon hitting Garurumon with Beast King Fist, they didn’t even cut the most violent part. The cuts are generally well-done, though! Their editing team did a good job, even if they were perhaps just as confused as I am over what was being cut.

It kind of makes me wonder if there were script changes because of bizarre network demands that resulted in some of the lost plot. Matt mentions enemies across the ocean despite it never having been brought up in the dub. Could that point have been in an earlier draft but was removed to make way for more of Devimon’s hamminess? He got out all of the information from the original line except that.

The voice actors are well into their roles at this point and sound great! Tom Wyner as Devimon is delightful, and Paul St. Peter and Beau Billingslea both show off their magnificent vocal cords. However, even they couldn’t make up for a weak and somewhat confused script. I give it a D, for “digital evil logic”, which ran rampant somewhere in Saban or the network that day.

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