Digimon Adventure S01E02

Title: "Explosive Evolution! Greymon"Sillhouette of Greymon, a featherless dinosaur-monster with horns over fiery orange background

Explosive Evolution! Greymon (JP)

The Birth of Greymon (EN)

Written by:

EN: Michael McConnohie and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: March 14, 1999
EN: August 21, 1999

Section: Summary

The kids ride away from certain death on some fish and end up at some phone booths. Not yet being of a generation that wouldn’t recognize phone booths, they attempt to call their parents, but the various operators that answer are of a generation that doesn’t know what phone operators do, so their efforts are futile. Anyway, they divvy up their food supply, but all their talk of snacking attracts a wayward Shellmon, who could totally go for some of those almond clusters, but those clusters are like the best thing they have, and it sets off a cluster of a battle. Agumon evolves into Greymon and forces Shellmon to watch his birth. Shellmon is disgusted, loses his appetite, and moves on.

Side Note

Gomamon’s special attack, Marching Fishes, sometimes retains its name in the dub, but not today. Today, it’s “Fish Net”.

… he 1000% says “Fish Bait”, though. I don’t care what Gear says.

Dialogue Deviation

[Gomamon saves the day with Marching Fishes]
Taichi: “We-we’re saved…”
Tai: “Wow, this is some ride.”

I don’t know. Something about it seems kinda… fishy

Yamato: “That really saved us just now…”
Matt: “I knew we’d be okay. I wasn’t worried. That’s just a little water that splashed on my pants.

Jou: “What was that with the fish just now?”
Gomamon: “That was ‘Marching Fishes’! While in their home, I can control those guys.”

Jou: “I see! So it’s thanks to you!
Joe: “What was that, a floating fish market?”
Gomamon: “Lucky for us those fish were having a school reunion! Hm-hm~! I’m kidding. Those fish are good friends of mine, and I just asked them for a lift.”
Joe: “A-and all these years I thought I was allergic to seafood! Thank you!”

“Thank you for potentially causing me to go into anaphylactic shock. I could have died.”

… wait, don’t “seafood” allergies usually refer to just shellfish? I feel like fish allergies are just called fish allergies.

Section: Cut or moved footage

In the original, the short little scenes of the Digimon evolving weren’t there. The Digimon just introduced the names of their new forms.

Dialogue Deviation

Agumon: “We evolved.”
Taichi: “Evolved? What does ‘evolve’ mean?”

Agumon: “It’s all because we Digivolved!”
Tai: “I don’t think that word’s in my dictionary.”

I don’t picture you having many words over two syllables in your dictionary, Tai.

Koushirou: “Normally, it’s when organisms in a species change to adapt better to their environment…”
Izzy: “So digivolving is what happens when they advance to the next level and become more powerful than before.”

Look well and behold: the only time Izzy will be more correct about something than Koushirou, and it’s only because they’re talking about different things!

Side Note
SCIENCE a.k.a. more about why Koushirou's explanation is wrong or incomplete

Biological evolution is observed in populations, not individuals. Evolution is driven by genetic mutations, or changes in the genetic code, that occur in individuals, but those aren’t enough to qualify any one organism as a different species from the other living members of its generation. For example, Gear and I each have several completely different and unrelated mutations to one another, but we’re both still humans.

Genetic mutations are always occurring within a population, but most of them don’t do anything. Some of them alter appearance, like the mutation that causes depigmentation of the iris, resulting in blue eyes. Some of them can give rise to distinct characteristics, like how a mutation on the gene that enables one to smell asparagus peepee causes one to not be able to smell asparagus peepee. Some cause disease, like the one that causes people to eat asparagus the mutation that causes sickle-cell anemia.

Even if you have all of those mutations at once: in the end, they only make up a tiny portion of your genes. And if you did happen to cross the threshold to qualify as a new species or sub-species from the earliest Homo sapiens sapiens, we probably wouldn’t know it during your lifetime, because you’d still fit in genetically with everyone around you. It wouldn’t be until your grandbabies or great-grandbabies got into taxonomy1,2 that anyone would know you were the first of a new Homo3. Distinct species within a lineage are several thousands of generations or more (sometimes much more) apart, depending on selective pressure from their environments, how often mutations occur, how quickly the species matures and reproduces, and other factors.

“Selective pressure” refers, of course, to natural selection. Evolution by natural selection (a.k.a. Darwinian evolution, as it is the theory put forth by Charles Darwin) is driven by features of the environment in which particular traits are advantageous — that trait is “selected for” by the environment. Individuals with that trait thrive, make babies, and pass on their genes. Their descendants carry that trait, acquire new mutations, and eventually, their descendants will have a distinct enough population that can be considered a separate species. That process is called speciation.

There is a belief propagated by popular media that speciation is “progress” — that’s nonsense. Evolved species don’t replace their ancestors unless their ancestors become unable to thrive. Individuals without new mutations continue making babies, too, and new species can and do live alongside their ancestral species, as we saw in Darwin’s finches, for example. Evolved traits aren’t necessarily advantageous forever, either — wisdom teeth evolved to chew plant matter, but them coming in all janky is hardly an example of human “progress” now.

And that’s evolution! So no, you can’t make a puppy from peanut butter and old socks or whatever that old, weird, fundie bullshit gag was. Sorry. If it were that simple, we’d all have peanut butter sock puppies.

I’m stopping myself from providing more examples or elaborating on old, ridiculous theories of evolution because I LOVE talking about evolution, and I can keep going for hours. You can read more from other people who may or may not be random internet science weirdos:




1 not taxidermy; that’s just a hobby
2 they taxidermy your head and put it on the wall, by the way
3 probably “Homo sapiens sapiens sapiens” at the rate we’re going. It wasn’t my idea.

Gabumon’s voice actor, aside from sounding like a weird old man instead of a young dude, is NOT into his role yet, and his speech is very William Shatnerian. It is… not good.

Dialogue Deviation

[Re-introductions are done]
Taichi: “Hmm. In any case, you seem stronger than before. Are you still a Digital Monster, even though you’ve evolved?”
Agumon: “Yup! I’m so glad to have met you, Taichi!”
Taichi: “Huh? Why?”
Agumon: “I haven’t been able to evolve on my own. I’m sure I was able to now because I met you.”
Tai: “Mmm hmmm. When you digivolved, you certainly got way bigger. Does this mean you’re something different now, or are you still Digimon?”
Agumon: “Digimon. But I needed your help, Tai.”
Tai: “Me? For what?”
Agumon: “You see, digivolving is a very difficult process. In order to be successful, I had to share your energy.”

“Share”. “Take”. “Borrow for an unspecified amount of time”. Look, don’t worry about it! You won’t even miss a few decades off your life span!

Sora: “Eh? So, Piyomon also…”
Piyomon: “Yep!”

Sora: “I guess you guys don’t run on batteries…”
Biyomon: “Sure don’t!”

Still no reason to believe these creatures are electronic or mechanical or not bred for food…

Koushirou: “So it’s the same for everyone?”
Tentomon: “Tha’s right!”

Izzy: “But how do you access my energy?”
Tentomon: “Even we don’t know everything!”

They just siphon out your soul while you sleep. You know, the usual.

Palmon: “All thanks to Mimi!”
Mimi: “You say that, but…”

Palmon: “Thanks for my magical powers!”
Mimi: “The whole thing makes my head spinny…”

Magical power, Mimi. Not powder.

Takeru: “Can you do it again?”
Patamon: “Um… maybe…”

T.K.: “So I helped you change; that is so cool!”
Patamon: *looking nervous* “Yep… sure is…”

Patamon, an brown and cream-coloured Digimon that resembles a large hamster with thin wings for ears, looking a bit nervous for some reason

It’s okay, Patamon. You could have been partnered with worse.

Jou: “I still don’t understand this…”
Gomamon: “We don’t understand it well, either.”

Joe: “My folks warned me about strangers.”
Gomamon: “I’m not a stranger, Joe. I’m your friend for life!”

However short that life may be…

Yamato: “More importantly, what are we going to do now?”
Jou: “We should go back and wait for the adults to come help us.”
Matt: “Okay, come on! What are we going to do?”
Joe: “If only there was a payphone nearby. We could call the police, or fire department, or my mother.”

Don’t bother your mother, Joe. She sent you away to summer camp for a reason. For this reason.

Taichi: “You say ‘go back’, but…”
Sora: “We’ve been swept pretty far.”
Yamato: “It’s not that simple getting back up there…”
Jou: “Then what should we do? … We should try to find a path somewhere.”
Yamato: “But where is here? No matter how you look at it, this isn’t near the campsite.”
Tai: “But we don’t even know where we are!”
Sora: “But we know where we started. Up there on that mountain!”
Matt: “I say we forget about going back and explore around here.”
Joe: “I’m not exploring anywhere. I say we stay right where we are.”
Matt: “Yeah, let’s wait for that giant bug to come get us. We need to find a road leading someplace to get away from here!”

While Yamato asks reasonable questions to get a dialogue and plan of action going, Matt insists on getting further lost and undoubtedly foraging for poisonous flora. We’ve all played Breath of the Wild, Matt. We’ve all been chased by giant bugs, too. It only seems fun until it actually happens to you!

Koushirou: “He’s right. The plants around here look subtropical.”
Tentomon: “They sure do!”
Koushirou: “Eh?! You know?”
Tentomon: “No.”
Izzy: “Matt’s right…”


Izzy: “…but without a compass, we don’t even know which way is north.”
Tentomon: “Wait, I do.”
Izzy: “Well, which way is it?”
Tentomon: “It’s the opposite of south.”

Too bad they didn’t stay at the campsite. They were just about to get into how to navigate without a compass!

Jou: “I’m telling you, there has to be a path to get back!”
Joe: “I shouldn’t wear these pants. They ride up when I do a lot of walking.”


[Palmon confirms the existence of more monsters like Kuwagamon]
Yamato: “This place is dangerous and strange, isn’t it?”
Matt: “Those monsters don’t scare me!”

Uh-huh. Good thing your clothes dry so quickly.

[Agumon reports he’s only seen Digimon where they are, but no humans]
Taichi: “You say there’s only Digimon, but you all look pretty different…”
Tai: “So, okay. You’re all Digimon. But what about these monsters? They’re all Digimon, too?”

Digital Monsters, Tai…

Sora: “You said this is called ‘File Island’, right?”
Yamato: “Is it really an island?”
Koushirou: “That’s a name I haven’t heard of.”
Jou: “It isn’t in Japan, is it..?”
Sora: “It’s creepy. And dangerous. And what happens when it gets dark?”
Matt: “Who says it ever gets dark here?”
Izzy: “That phenomenon would be unnatural.”
Joe: “And you call this natural?”

Matt, shut the fuck up. Don’t be a dick. Izzy, shut the fuck up. There’s nothing unnatural about a place, even one on Earth, not having a night time. Joe and Sora, you’re fine. Carry on.

[Taichi’s gonna stroll on over and check out the ocean]
Taichi: “So let’s take a look!”
Yamato: “Should we go look?”
Sora: “Yeah.”
Tai: “There might be a boat or something.”
Matt: *sarcasm* “Let’s waterski home!”
Sora: “Ugh, funny.”

Matt, your sass is not endearing. Why wouldn’t you waterski home if that were an option?!

Jou: “In times like these, it’s best to stay put and wait for the adults to save us. That’s also the reason why we should go back to–” *Gomamon calls for him, because he’s getting ditched*
Joe: “At a time like this, I think we’d be far better off just to find a cave and hide. We keep our eyes open, and when a camp counselor comes–” *Gomamon calls for him*

Ironically, Jou/Joe’s suggestion is the right one if you’re lost in the wilderness and not in immediate danger. Little does he know, he is in immediate danger… somehow…

[Walking alongside the river to the beach]
Sora: “I’ve never seen trees like these…”
Koushirou: “I thought they were subtropical at first, but I guess I was wrong.”
Jou: “This definitely isn’t Japan. I don’t recognize anything.”
Yamato: “These ‘Digital Monsters’ should have been the first thing you didn’t recognize.”
Sora: “These trees are beautiful.”
Izzy: “Yeah, they’re really different. And I just thought they were sub-tropical.”
Joe: “Whatever they are, they’re aggravating my hay fever.”
Matt: “Hey, Joe. Is there anything you don’t complain about?”

Matt is about to find out the hard way that no, there is not.

Koushirou: “‘Digital Monster‘… electronic monsters?”
Tentomon: “We’re usually called ‘Digimon’.”
Koushirou: “You’re digital, but you don’t seem to work on electricity…”
Tentomon: “Eh? Electricity? Here!” *sparks*
Izzy: “‘Digital monsters’. Exactly who came up with that name, anyhow?”
Tentomon: “Just call us Digimon. We like that.”
Izzy: “I only ask because your composition isn’t at all machine-like.”
Tentomon: “Oh, really?” *sparks*

Big deal. Eels can do that.

[Patamon demonstrates his flying ability!]
Takeru: “Cool! … but I think it’s faster if you walk.”
Piyomon: “I’m much faster! Look!” *flies equally as slowly*
Sora: “There’s no difference between you two.”
T.K.: “Wow, that’s cool, but you’re going the wrong way.”
Biyomon: “I’m faster than that. Watch!”
Sora: “Wouldn’t it be faster to walk?”

Let them fly, Sora!

Mimi: “Palmon, you look kind of like a plant, don’t you?”
Palmon: “That’s right. I can do photosynthesis, too.”
Mimi: “Neat! Do it, do it!”
Palmon: “Mimi, do you know what photosynthesis is?”
Mimi: “Not really. What is it?”
Palmon: “Well, I don’t really know either…”
Mimi: “Palmon, I’ve been meaning to ask, who does your hair?”
Palmon: “It’s natural. I wake up in the morning like this.”
Mimi: “Wow! Maybe you could let me work with it!”
Palmon: “Do you think you put too much emphasis on appearance?”
Mimi: “Well, honestly, I’ve never really thought about it.”
Palmon: “Honestly, I kinda like my hair the way it is.”

Palmon, a plant Digimon who has a pink flower on her head and no hair

Pictured: not hair

Mimi is a normal, sweet kid in the original. The dub writers created this vapid monstrosity from childhoods of moronic stereotypes and their own nightmares to inflict agony and horror upon us all.

Taichi: “There are only Digimon here, right?”
Agumon: “That’s right.”
Taichi: “So that Kuwagamon from before was also a Digimon?”
Agumon: “Right.”
Tai: “Once I get back, this is gonna make one great story.”
Agumon: “Yep.”
Tai: “But… of course not a single soul will ever believe me.”

I’d watch it.

Koushirou: “If there was a big one like him around, there might be others…”
Tentomon: “Didn’t we already say there’re only Digimon here?”
Izzy: “That Kuwagamon back there… he was huge.”
Tentomon: “And he’s not the only one.”

Gabumon: “I smell the ocean!”
Gomamon: “And I see it! It’s the ocean!”
Gabumon: “Ahh, nothing like the ocean.”
Gomamon: “Ah-hah! Everybody in the water!”
T.K.: “Hey, let’s build a giant sandcastle!”
Mimi: “Ooh, I forgot my bathing suit!”

Hey, if they build a sand castle big enough, they’ll have shelter, too! Bathing suits might be a little awkward, though.

[They hear a phone ringing]
Sora: “… a phone ringing in a place like this?”
Matt: “Wait a minute, listen! What’s that?”
Tai: “A phone!”
Sora: “Either that or we’re all hearing things.”

Could be both.

[They rush to the beach and find phone booths! The phone stops ringing, though]
Agumon: “What’s wrong, Taichi?”
Taichi: “It stopped.”
Joe: “I told you! All we needed was a phone! We’re saved!”
[The phone stops ringing]
Agumon: “Why’d it stop ringing, Tai?”
Tai: “Wrong number?”

You usually have to answer the phone for the caller to realize it’s a wrong number, but all right.

Sora: “What are phone booths doing out here?”
Koushirou: “It’s irrational!”
Yamato: “But… they look like normal phone booths like I’ve always seen…”
Mimi: “There’s one just like them by my home.”
Sora: “Well, that’s bizarre.”
Izzy: “My theory is aliens. They’ve set these phone booths out as a trap.”

That is exactly how both aliens and traps work, after all.

Although, if you think about it, Izzy and his friends are the ones in a world they aren’t native to, so they’re the aliens right now. So maybe Izzy’s line is… a CONFESSION?!

Matt: “If we can find a place that delivers, let’s order pizza!”
Mimi: “Whatever you get, no anchovies for me.”
Sora: “The question is, what are these doing here at the beach?”

For alien beach pizza, Sora! DUH! Haven’t you been paying attention?

Jou: “Then that means this place… this IS still Japan!”
Gomamon: “‘Japan’? Jou, what’s that?”
Jou: “… I guess not…”
Gomamon: “‘Parents’? What exactly is a ‘parent’?”
Joe: “That’s it. I’m outta here.”

Obviously the children who go by nicknames of their certainly Japanese names are from America, the only country on Earth, and that will never become awkward later in the series.

[Taichi asks for 10 yen to make a call]
Koushirou: “Oh, in that case, I have a TeleCard.”
Izzy: “Ah, use my phone card. The aliens can bill me. Here.”

That’s not how phone cards work, but yes, the aliens will bill you.

Mimi: “Ah, I’m calling Mom!”
Takeru: “Me too!”
Koushirou: “Then I will, too.”
T.K.: “Maybe there’s a quarter in one of the slots!”
Mimi: “I’m calling Daddy!”
Izzy: “I’m hooking up to the internet! Good thing I never go anywhere without my old-ass dial-up modem!

Yamato: “Hey, Takeru!”
Sora: “Me too.”
Matt: “I’m calling Collect!”
Sora: “Dibs on booth four!”

Calling Collect is when you call someone and they have to pay for it. Matt’s an asshole!

Jou: “Even Sora…”
Joe: “Hey, guys, wait for me! Come on!”

[The phone calls they place all reach a strange operator]
Operator on Taichi’s line: “The time is now 35:82:90 AM. Beep. Beep. Beep. BEEEP!
Operator: “At the tone, the time will be exactly forty-five miles per hour and ninety seconds.”
Tai: “Something’s wrong, or Mom’s flipped.”

Look, kid, your mom can answer the phone however she wants!

Operator on Mimi’s line: “Tomorrow’s weather will be sunny, with occasional ice cream.”
Mimi: “Huh? Did I dial the wrong number?”
Operator: “Tomorrow’s forecast calls for clear skies with occasional ice cream.”
Mimi: “What do you wear for that?”

It’s not about what you wear; it’s about how big a waffle cone you can procure on short notice!

Operator on Yamato and Takeru’s line: “The number you dialed is no longer in service. Calling again is pointless!”
Takeru: “This is weird, big brother.”
Yamato: “I’ll try my home.”
Operator: “This number only exists in your imagination. Please hang up and don’t call back.”
Matt: “What planet did I dial?”

That was a little hint that Takeru and Yamato are related but don’t live together. Though I guess it’s the same in the dub if Matt lives on a different planet.

Koushirou: “What’s going on with this phone?”
Izzy: “I’m telling you: it’s a twisted alien joke!”

You said it was a trap! And where the hell is my pizza?!

[None of the phones worked]
Taichi: “Thought so. What is with these phones?”
Tai: “Weird. I got a strange feeling about this.”

Section: Eyecatch

I’ve got a strange feeling it’s time for a break!

Dialogue Deviation

Jou: “How about this?”
Operator on Jou’s line: “The time is now 90:99:100 AM. Beep. Beep. Beep. BEEEP!
Jou: “Next!”
Joe: “Maybe this one will.”
Operator: “To leave a message, press one now. To leave a fingerprint, press two now. Fifteen dollars for the next three minutes.”
Joe: “Okay. Next one.”

That’s a good deal, Jou! Just put it on Izzy’s alien bill!

Koushirou: “That’s a stubborn personality type, isn’t it?”
Taichi: “That’s Jou!”
Izzy: “Very curious. Does Joe always behave like this?”
Tai: “Every single day.”

Yeah. It’s called ‘being awesome’. You two wouldn’t understand!

Yamato: “No matter where we call, all we get is bullshit information.”
Taichi: “Let’s give up and move on.”
Matt: “No matter what number, or how many times he dials, those phones aren’t gonna work!”
Tai: “Well, I’m gonna keep searching for a boat or something.”

Matt is reminding me a lot of those co-workers who always complain about everyone else while sucking at their own jobs and doing absolutely nothing to help.

[Yamato makes a case for staying put in case a phone rings again, and he points out that everyone’s tired]
Koushirou: “We’re all hungry, too.”
Taichi: “I guess. We haven’t had lunch yet.”
Izzy: “And I’m getting pretty hungry, too.”
Tai: “You know why? Because we haven’t eaten anything all day.”

You’re so smart, Tai.

[Sora has no food, only that weird doohickey that fell from the sky earlier]
Taichi: “Oh yeah. I’ve got one too.”
Mimi: “I have one on my bag, too!”
Tai: “I forgot all about those weird gizmos.”
Mimi: “If anybody’s got a pink one, I’ll trade.”

While I realize this is another smear on Mimi’s good name, I’d trade for a pink one, too.

Takeru: “I have one too.”
Yamato: “Looks like everyone has one.”
T.K.: “What are they, anyway?”
Matt: “We wouldn’t have them if they weren’t important.”

You have no reason to believe that.

Koushirou: “I wonder what these things are…” *stomach growl* “Anyway, we were talking about if anyone has food, weren’t we?”
Izzy: “If I could take mine apart….” *stomach growl* “Ummm…. That is, after I get something to eat. I’m really famished.”

Maybe there’s candy inside! Take it apart now!

Side Note

Koushirou and Izzy both claim to have brought a digital camera to camp with them, but that it hasn’t worked since they arrived in their new location. It never, ever comes up again. It effectively does not exist. He says he has it, and it is never mentioned again in the entire series.

Why did his parents let him bring a digital camera to summer camp instead of a disposable one?! Those things were expensive back in 1999!

Really, none of the supplies the kids brought with them will ever be used or referenced again.

Dialogue Deviation

[Takeru was the only one to pack food]
Mimi: “Oh, candy! It looks good. You aren’t part of our camp group, are you?”
Takeru: “Right, I came for summer vacation to play with my big brother. Right, big brother?”
Yamato: “Yeah.”
Taichi: “He called Yamato ‘big brother.'”
Koushirou: “They must be related.”
Mimi: “Wow, look at all those goodies! Why don’t you be a good little boy and share those treats with dear, sweet Mimi?”
T.K.: “Aww, you don’t have to be so nice, Mimi. I’m happy to share. You’re the best. Isn’t she cute?”
Matt: “Forget it!”
Tai: “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”
Izzy: “I’d settle for a small cow.”

Forget nothing, Matt; Mimi is adorable! Meanwhile, Tai and Izzy have a quick meeting to discuss which animals they’re willing to slaughter and eat raw. Tentomon, it looks like now’s your time to shine!

Sora: “Mimi, what do you have with you? Your bag’s pretty big.”
Mimi: “Oh this? Well… I have this, some solid fuel, a Swiss army knife, a compass, a flashlight, and then…”
Yamato: “You’ve got some serious survivor stuff.”
Mimi: “I was going to a real camp, so I took some of Papa’s tools. Eh-heh! It’s a secret!”
Sora: “Mimi, what have you got in that big bag? Some hair brushes and make up?”

Fuck you, Sora. What do you have in your bag? Oh, right, NOTHING, because you didn’t bring one! Dick.

Mimi: “Uhh, well, let’s take a look. Here’s a compass, cooking fuel, flashlight, one of those knives with all the things, and some other stuff.”
Matt: “Why didn’t you tell us you had a compass back when we needed one?”
Mimi: “I thought it might be kind of fun to see how far we could get without one. Besides, it’s broken.”

And Joe distracted everyone by talking about his pants riding up! Not her fault!

Taichi: “You don’t normally bring this stuff though.”
Yamato: “But I don’t know if those will be useful from now on.”
Sora: “That’s true. We don’t know what to expect.”
Tai: “Well, so much for finding our way out of here.”
Matt: “Although, we could use the cooking fuel to make a signal fire.”
Sora: “That’s true, or I guess we could barbecue some telephones.”

Crunchy and savory!

[Taichi looks over at Jou and sees that bag he’s carrying]
Taichi: “Yeah… seems like it… Anyway, looks like Jou’s still making phone calls, but there’s no way he could have brought food– AH!”
Tai: “Oh, boy. Check out the genius. See? He’s trying to call the telephone repair man because the telephones don’t work. Problem is–“

Well, I don’t see you trying anything!

Taichi: “Hey, Jou! Aren’t those the emergency rations you have there?”
Jou: “Huh? Why would I have something like that?”
Tai: “Joe! Hey Joe! Look, you’ve got all the food!”
Joe: “Hey! Don’t you know it’s rude to interrupt someone when they’re on the telephone?”

Right? This kid is the worst!

[Jou was supposed to bring the emergency bag to Mimi!]
Palmon: “That’s you, Mimi.”
Mimi: “Eh?”
Palmon: “Think he likes ya!”
Mimi: “No way!”

Please stop trying to matchmake the children. They are children. Thank you.

[Joe bring the bag over to Mimi]
Jou: “Mimi, you’re in charge of the emergency rations! You need to take it seriously!”
Mimi: “But it’s so heavy!”
Jou: “Don’t be so selfish!”
Joe: “Mimi, you have got to stop thinking of yourself and do something to help somebody else for once! Take a little responsibility!”
Mimi: “But that bag’s too heavy for me!”
Joe: “Listen, you never hear me complaining!”

Perish the thought!

Side Note

Jou calculates the number of meals they have for a three-day supply between the 7 of them with Koushirou crunching the numbers. Sora reminds him that with the Digimon, the food won’t last a day. In the dub, Sora claims the food won’t last half an hour with the Digimon included. How much does this girl eat?!

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi is chowing down on food with Agumon like a clod]
Jou: “I said it’s only for the humans!”
Taichi: “It’s fine! Don’t be stingy!”
Jou: “No!”
Joe: “Just what do you think you’re doing?”
Tai: “I’m glad we never hear you complaining.”
Joe: “Hmmm! You people make me crazy!”

Right there with you, buddy.

[Shellmon out of nowhere!]
Koushirou: “Shellmon?”
Tentomon: “This area must be his territory!”
Izzy: “What’s a Shellmon?”
Tentomon: “Something that gets mad for no reason!”

There is a reason; you’re in his territory!!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Shellmon: this guy is aggressive in a conflict. An Adult Digimon.”
Joe: “Attacked by two Digital Monsters in the same day! And doesn’t Shellmon know I’m allergic to shellfish?”

You have to tell the server that when they take your order!

Side Note

Jou fucking JETS IT up the side of that cliff. DAYUMN, kid! He must be killin’ it on rock-climbing days in P.E.!

Wide shot of the protagonists standing near a cliff, which Jou is climbing impressively quickly

After Taichi’s attempt at diversion is a spectacular failure and Agumon is under Shellmon’s foot, Taichi is caught in one of his weird tentacles. Distraught, Agumon cries out “Taichi!!” and then evolves. In the dub, he yells out “digivolve!!”, spoiling the suprise and sounding like a dingus.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Agumon evolves to his Adult form, Greymon. His attack, Mega Flame is localized to “Digi-Nova Blast”.

If you think that sounds stupid, you’re right, but also its official name is just “Nova Blast”.

Dialogue Deviation

[The battle is over, but not without casualties. The… the phone booths didn’t make it…]
Jou: (screaming into a phone’s receiver) “Hello? Hello?!”
Taichi: “There’s no reason for us to stay here now.”
Yamato: “Yeah…”
Joe: “Hello? Come on, I know you’re there! Operator? Operator!”
Tai: “There’s really no reason to stay here now.”
Matt: “Who wants to break the bad news to Joe?”

R.I.P., phones. We hardly knew ye.

[Now there is food (no, they’re not eating Shellmon) and talking about their next steps. Sora reminds Jou that they can’t return to where they started]
Koushirou: “Since there were phones here, there must be people who’ve put them there. We should go look for them.”
Izzy: “Now listen. Logically speaking…”


Izzy: “… if there are telephones here, then there must be people to use them. So, I think it makes good sense to try and find those people.”

Alien traps.

Taichi: “All right! Let’s do it!”
Agumon: “I’ll go wherever you go, Taichi!”
Taichi: “Thanks, Agumon!”
Yamato: “Then it’s settled.”
Jou: “Then everyone gather up your belongings!”
Taichi: “All right! Let’s go!”
Narrator: “And so, the seven children and Digimon set off into an unknown world of adventure.”
Tai: “Then let’s all get going!”
Agumon: “Anywhere you want to go, I’ll go, Tai. You just pick the direction.”
Tai: “Then let’s get outta this place!”
Matt: “And let the monsters beware!”
Joe: “Mmm hmmm. Well, my plan is to avoid all monsters. Yep, that’s my plan.”
Tai: “Okay, here we go!”

‘Digimon’, indeed. I don’t know we’re all yelling it, but we are, and I stand by that.

Side Note
Taichi, but his eyes look a little crossed
Final Result

The Digi-Verdict

The tone of the show is well-established at this point. The dub keeps the main story elements, but turns the protagonists into jerks with their sass and jokes and such. Nobody is really spared the dub’s wrath, but Mimi seems to get the worst of it. She really is just a normal-ass kid in the original. The “airhead” personality they give her in the dub is baseless and tiresome. Not cool, dub. I give this episode a D, for “DAMN, JOU” as he scales a cliffside six times his own height in like five seconds.

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