Digimon Tamers S01E06

The Meaning of Partner, Renamon Evolves! (JP)
O Partner, Where Art Thou (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Steven Jay Blum

Original Airdates:
May 6, 2001 (JP)
September 15, 2001 (EN)

Laurie’s Notes:

Major differences in Rika vs. Ruki’s character development, to the point where they feel like two separate people entirely. But it was a nice origin story, of how Rika wanted to be the strongest, and everyone moved out of the way when Renamon showed up.

Section: Summary

A Renamon and Ruki/Rika centered episode. I remember this one vividly from my childhood. Speaking of, in this one we get a look at Rikas like at home and how she became Renamons Tamer. She’s got quite the emo streak going and seems more like a bratty, overly emotional teenager rather then a kid.

Dialogue Deviation

Rukis Teacher: “A tropical rain forest endures high temperatures all year. Besides that, these forests have constant rainfall. Certain areas in the Amazon River Basin and in some South-East Asian regions have been burned down in the name of urbanization, and along with the high demand of lumber, many of these forests are diminishing at an alarming rate. Many of the species of animals that can only habit these lands are already extinct due to the diminishing areas of tropical rain forest.”
Student A: “Whose older sister could that be?”
Student B: “Her? She’s a mother!”
Student C: “Yeah! She’s so young! I’ve heard that she’s a model. She’s Ruki Makino-san’s mother!
Student A: “No way!”
Ruki’s Mom: “Now? Not a problem it’s fine.”

Rikas Teacher: “Rain forests are critical to the survival of this planet and yet they are being destroyed world wide at an alarming rate. In fact in the one hour we’ve spent together today about 1200sq acres have been destoryed. Our worlds most precious resource will have been decimated. Besides giving live giving oxygen from the canopy of the trees adn other folliage, our habitats are home to species of animals, once these habitats are gone the animals will have no where to go. “
Student A: “Whose sister is that?”
Student B: “That’s Rikas Mom!”
Student C: “No way! She’s so young!”
Student B: “That’s because she’s a model!”
Rika’s Mom: “When’s the shoot? Now? No problem, I’ll be there.”

Way to get in some environmentalism in there Dub! Too bad it didn’t work as we’re suffering from a huge climate change problem. I had to listen to the Dub a few times to get what the students were whipsering about as well as what the teacher was saying. That felt way harder to do then it should have been, but I should have gotten most of the dialogue.

Ruki: *Silence*
Rika: “Why is my mother always have to do that? …What-ever! Like I care what anybody thinks anyway.”

The Sub has a really nice jazz track playing for this scene, with an oddly romantic tone to it. It’s the kind of jazz music my dad used to listen to while making and eating dinner. God rest his soul.

Ruki: “What?”
Ruki’s Mom: “It’s almost like fortune telling with tarot cards.”
Ruki: “Do I?”
Ruki’s Mom: “It’s great to see you enthusiastic about something. Ruki-chan I hope you figure out what you really want to do early in life, just like I did.”
Ruki: *Silence*
Ruki’s Mom: “Alright I”m off to work!”
Ruki: *Silence*

Rika: “Nothing.”
Rika’s Mom: “They look like tarot cards have you become a fortune teller?”
Rika: “Yeah right…”
Rika’s Mom: “Well whatever it is at least you’re interested in something. When I was your age I didn’t have the luxury of playing little card games. I was already hard at work.”
Rika: “Mhmmm.”
Rika’s Mom: “You might wanna think about what you want to do with your life.”
Rika: “Mmmhmm.”
Rika’s Mom: “Well fame and fortune awaits.”

The difference between the Sub characterization and the Dub is so apparent here, it’s like they’re not even the same character. Not sure h had to go the emo, brat, loner type, while the dub was a more serious, stoic child. And the mother!! The Sub has her a sweet, if slightly dumb blonde type, but someone who clearly loves her child. The Dub on other hand has the mother acting like a narcissist or something. With this massive change in personality it’s a wonder why Rika’s a witch with a B.

Ruki: *Silence*
Ruki: “A Digital Field!”
Rika: “I – know – what I wanna do with my life. But she wouldn’t understand… ‘A little card game’? Hah! Taming Digimon is a lot more respectable than modeling. Besides, I’m good at it, I don’t need her approval.”
Rika: “Time for me to get to work”

Wish the Dub would have not added a bunch of unnecessary lines to spell out what was clearly shown to us in the flashback. But they gotta develop more of that bratty, emo, character.

Ruki: “Let’s go.”
Renamon: “Understood.”
Rika: “Party time!”
Renamon: “And we’re entertainment.”

Side Note

The Sub and Dub have vastly different sound effects for when Renamon makes her entrance. The Dub has an odd 90s static/lightening effect while the Sub has a really nice wind chime tone.

Dialogue Deviation

Grandma: “I wonder if it’s such a good idea for a girl to act like this..Don’t stay out too late, okay?”
Ruki: “I know! What’s for dinner?”

Ruki’s Grandma: “I’m making deep-fried chicken gizzards tonight!”
Rika: *Silence*
Grandma: “But honey you just got home! Well make sure you’re back at dinner time.”
Rika: “Don’t worry Grandma, I will.”
Rika: “What are we having, anyway?”
Rika’s grandma: “My special eggplant and liver casserole!”
Rika: “Terrific.”

Everyone: “Loser looks over there!”
Guilmon: *Confused*
Everyone: “Loser looks over there!”
Guilmon: *Gets dizzy*
Takato: “Oh we just made him dizzy.”

Terriermon: “That’s because Guilmon only knows how to do paper…”
Everyone: “Scissors cuts paper!”
Guilmon: *Confused*
Takato: “Everyone wins but Guilmon”
Guilmon: *Gets dizzy*
Takato: “Not your game huh bud.”
Terriermon: “I’ll be playing for your peanut butter next time!”

I almost couldn’t understand what Terriromon was saying about ‘playing for peanut butter’. I guess its supposed to be a joke how much Guilmon loves PB, but it would have made more sense to say ‘bread’ cause that’s all Guilmon seems to eat. Not sure why the Dub had to do another thing that didn’t make much sense, but that’s been how the Dub does its thing anyway. If that even makes sense.

Ruki: *Silence*
Renamon: *Silence*
Ruki: “Get it Renamon”
Rika: “Ohh yeaaa”
Renamon: “Bring it on.”
Rika: “Walk all over him.”

Gotta love the Dub only one liners. I feel like they definitely tried to make Rikas line into her catch phrase.

Dialogue Deviation

Ruki: “Renamon!”
Ruki: *Silence*

Rika: “Scale-y bum!”
Rika: “Time to fight”

While Ruki is doing her card slash thingy some really cool techno music is playing. At least I think it’s pretty cool. Also not sure why they censored out Renamon kicking the bad guy with a bright flashy pink light, but left in Renamon getting sucker punched with a tail.

Renamon: *Silence*
Ruki: “Why..why aren’t you winning.”
Allomon: *Growling*
Ruki: “Evolve…why won’t you evolve?”

Renamon: “You look a little overheated. How about a nice cool breeze?”
Rika: “What are you doing..this isn’t some stupid game.”
Renamon: “He’s too strong.”
Allomon: “And for desert, fox flambe~!”
Rika: “Come on get up, if you Digivolved you could beat him!”

Dub wasn’t too horrid here, besides using some lame insults and having Allomon talk when he didn’t do so in the dub.

Ruki: “Don’t interfere.”
Takato: “No way!”
Jenri: “Why are you forcing your Digimon to fight so much?”
Ruki: “The only thing Digimon are meant to do is fight!”

Rika: “You wannabes better find somwhere else to play.”
Takato: “Wannabe’s?”
Henry: “You don’t have to be so nasty. Why you always making your Digimon fight anyway?”
Rika: “You’re starting to sound like a broken record!”

The point is the same I guess, except Ruki actually gave an answer to Jenri while Rika just insulted him. At least the Dub is being consistent with her ‘mean girl’ attitude.

Renamon: *Silence with a cool jazz background soundtrack playing*
Renamon: *Silence*
Ruki: “Renamon, lets go.”
Renamon: “Lets finish this.”
Renamon: “I think you need a cold… SHOWER!”
Allomon: “How is this possible?! I always hated the Ice Age!!”
Renamon: “Now don’t move…Good boy..Bye bye handsome”
Rika: “Renamon it’s time to go.”

Dub Renamon comes off as kinda ridiculous, having her say something downplays the whole scene.

Ruki: “I don’t need you or anyone else to help me. Renamon was enough for that battle. Your presence here is unnecessary.”
Jenri: “You sure about that?”

Rika: “Sure I’ve gone one thing to say, don’t EVER try that again, little boys. Renamon and I work alone.
Henry: “Does that qualify as a conversation? Gheee I guess it does.”

Whyyy does the Dub always have to be so far away from the source material? I get it’s the early 00s when this came out and Dubs have gotten waay better. But still. The witty banter isn’t that witty.

Impmon: “Don’t they know that living as a Digimon is a lot more fun?”
Impmon: “If they don’t change they’re gonna pay, ’cause Impmons plan is on the way…!”

First brief introduction to this little guy and I have to say he grows on me. And I enjoy the Dub voice a lot more then the Sub.

Ruki: “If you were able to evolve, you would’ve won.”
Renamon: “Of course I would have.”
Ruki: “Then why haven’t you evolved yet?”
Renamon: “I’m waiting for the right moment.”
Ruki: “We could have taken that thing down faster if you had evolved.”
Renamon: “I’m sorry.”

Rika: “Are you tryiing to make me look bad?”
Renamon: “Why would I want to do that? I only wanna make you happy.”
Rika: “I don’t get it, what’s your problem?”
Renamon: “I’m just…waiting thats all.”
Rika: “Well I’m not gonna wait around for you to Digivovle when you feel like it.”
Renamon: “I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

Who does Rika have to impress? It’s not like she’s apart of some super secret Digimon Tamer league, she’s a kid who only knows two other tamers and doesn’t give a crap about them. Dub Renamons explanation of waiting was confusing and hard to follow. To think if only they had phrased it like the Sub it would have made so much more sense.

Ruki: *Silence*
Ruki: “Renamon. Why can’t you evolve?
Ruki: *Silence*

Rika: “I’ve got to find a way to make Renamon Digivolve.”
Rika:” If I don’t, then I’ll never really be the best.”
Rika: “And I have to be. I can’t let her hold me back…”

Two very different representations of Ruki/Rika’s character here. Ruki wondering why her partner can’t Digivolve, the other only wanting to the best. What is this Pokemon?”

Announcer: “Did you meet any worth opponents.”
Ruki: “No..none at all.”

Announcer: “What did you do to prepare?”
Rika: “I didn’t do anything. It was easy.”

Another difference in characterization here. Ruki says there was no strong opponents, while Rika says she didn’t do anything to prepare. Honestly not sure why they didn’t go with the Subs wording of everything. It would have made more sense.

Ruki: “I only want one strong Digimon!”
Renamon: *Silence*

Rika: “I can’t tame all of you! I just want one strong Digimon!”
Renamon: “You wanted someone strong didn’t you?”

The Sub version actually made me jump a bit, cause Renamon didn’t say anything. Then there was static like the TV shutting off suddenly.

Ruki: *Silence*
Ruki: *Silence*

Ruki: *Silence*
Ruki: “This is…”
Renamon: *Silence*

Renamon: “A really strong Digimon…”
Renamon: “That is me”

Rika: “I must be dreaming.”
Rika: “This is different.”
Rika: “All right, lets see what you got.”
Rika: “I am dreaming…”
Rika: Maybe that means I get a wish. There’s only one thing I really want: I wish Renamon was mine, and that I knew how to make her Digivolve. I wish I was a real Digimon Tamer!”
Renamon: “I’ve been searching for a strong Tamer; and you are the one.”
Renamon: “It’s no accident that we’re a team. Share your strength with me, and we will be unstoppable!”

Renamon: “After defeating a strong Digimon and loading its data I will evolve. That is the only way.”
Renamon: “All I have to do to Digivolve is to defeat one strong Digimon and load his data. But it may not be that simple.”

I feel like Dub Renamon just gave us a massive contradiction. All she has to do to Digivolve is absorb a strong enemies Data…but apparently there’s also more to it?

Impmon: “What’s got you so upset?”
Impmon: “You’re one of those Digimon that’s being raised by a human kid right? In other words you’re a Digimon that can’t do anything without someone else’s help. “
Impmon: “Oh, ain’t that sweet? A digi-babe pinin’ in the moonlight!”
Impmon: “Don’t look to me like you’re too happy they’re toots but then again, what Digimon would be when you got to answer to some snotty-nosed kid like you’re their pet or somethin’? A’m I right?”

I forgot how much interaction Impmon and Renamon have. I remember it annoying me back in the day, but I think Impmon has grown on me. I love grey characters like him.

Ruki: “Who’s this….”
Renamon: “Does that mean you don’t have a partner?”
Impmon: “You just asked a good question. That’s right!”
Impmon: “I’m not like you, unable to do anything without the help of humans.”

Impmon: “What do you think? Cool, huh? You want to be just like me don’t you?”
Impmon: “…Are you listening?”
Impmon: “Er, yeah, all you have to do is listen to me; it’ll, hum, be for your own good. What I mean is that you – and by ‘you’ I mean the Digimon who live with humans – are pathetic!”
Renamon: “Pathetic?
Impmon: “Yes, pathetic. Ya know, maybe you’re wondering why I’m saying this, but the thing is, when I look at something pathetic it pisses me off. ” Doesn’t it piss you off too? Wait do you eve know what that means…It means that I feel nasty. That it annoys me. In fact it makes me want to puke.
Renamon: “I can’t understand what you’re talking about.”

Rika: “A new player for the game! Well, I’m in.”
Renamon: “Look, I’m not a slave, Rika is my partner.”
Impmon: “Well your partners not that impressive.”
Impmon: “Even so, she’s got you beliveing that you can’t do anything for yourself. It’s the most pathetic thing I ever seen. All you Digi-slaves are the same, deep down you wanna be just like me.
Impmon: “I mean, after all, who wouldn’t want to be like me? Impmon’s free like a bird in the tree! Boh-boom!”
Impmon: “Hello? This is class-A material, honey!”
Impmon: “Anyways like I was saying, I think you’re really sad, and you know what that makes me? Huh? ANGRY, that’s what. And ain’t just not good for me to see a good looking Digimon like you going to waste, it makes me wanna THROW UP!”
Renamon: “Why do you think I’m sad?”
Impmon: “Why? Heh, I mean, look at you; out here all alone, moping around in the moonlight like a puppy that got pested out of the house? Huhuh, you’re in serious denial, lady. There’s a whole world out there lady, well a couple of em. But if you’re happy fetching bones for some human then be my guest.”
Renamon: “If that’s your best material then you need a new writer.”

There’s quite a few differences between Sub and Dub, how Impmon reacts to Renamon. Dub has him trying to be all suave, like an Italian mobster, especially with the accent. While the Sub has him coming off as rude and entitled. The Dub counterpart trying to throw in “cool” digi-lingo, while the Sub just told it like it was. I wish they had again kept more of what the Sub was staying instead of trying to make it cool. Cause it didn’t age well.

Side Note

Impmon made another Dub only rhyme here, but its pretty hard to understand what he was blathering about.

Dialogue Deviation

Yamaki: “Another one?”
Yamaki: “They just never learn, do they?”

I know people give flack for Blum voicing a lot of the lines in this show, but I do love his deep voice. *swoon*

Dokugumon: *Silence*
Dokugumon: “Perfect! I was just thinking about what to do for dinner!”
Renamon: “Eat dirt.”
Dokugumon: “Ooh, you’re spicy too!”

Gotta add in another witty catch phrase, silence is overrated.

Renamon: “Leave this one to me.”
Renamon: “Then I better step on her!”

See above, this one is even more cringe the the last one.

Ruki: “Renamon, save me!”
Rika: *Screams!*

The ONE TIME they decide to remove/not use dialogue that the Sub had, it actually would have built character for Rika.

Dokugumon: *Silence*
Renamon: *Silence*
Dokugumon: *Silence*
Dokugumon: “Think again, cupcake!”
Renamon: “Time to cut loose!”
Dokugumon: “Now it’s my turn!”

The cheesy dialogue is soo bad. Too much man.

Culumon: “step…step…culu…”
Culumon: “Culu!”

Calumon: “Ohh…game over?”
Calumon: “Game time!”

Still not sure why the Dub has Calumon associate everything with games. It’s really weird.

Kyubimon: *Silence*
Kyubimon: “Step into my parlor!”

Silence is golden..blah blah. I really want this series to be remade, maybe they will since they re did Adventure. I can only hope.

Final Result

Final Result

98% retained. Nothing major was cut, but the stupid rhyming of Impmon and the addition of digi-slang dropped it a few points.

One Comment

  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Dialogue Deviation 1c: Ruki’s mother in the dub could possibly almost sound bitter, though I do have to wonder why she was already hard at work, aged 12.

    Side Note 1: just part of the continued dumbing down, as to western audiences, she’s just an anthropomorphised fox, whilst in Japan she could be seen as linked to Japanese culture, along with the wind chime.

    Dialogue Deviation 2a: even if I wasn’t vegetarian, neither of those meals sound appealing to me.

    Dialogue Deviation 2c: they tried to give Takato a catch phrase for a while too, god, what was it *looks back through other comparisions*, oh that was it, “Bullseye Baby”.

    Censor 1: head injuries are serious business.

    Dialogue Deviation 3: all children should have heads (and feet), otherwise they’ll must grow up to be the scary ass clowns that apparently performed at Joey’s birthday parties (Friends – The One with the Baby on the Bus), whilst most kids don’t have tails, so they can do the former, but not the latter ;)!

    Dialogue Deviation 4d: probably done to lighten the series, after realising what they bought – I’m actually pretty surprised how “uncensored” Tamers was, most of the censorship was in the audio, and only occasionally in the visuals, well, as far as I can remember for the original, it’s been some time since I watched it.

    Dialogue Deviation 4l: I think it’s trying to hint that Renamon is doubting this “established fact”, given it hasn’t happened for her yet.

    Again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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