Digimon Tamers S01E07

Guilmon in Danger! The Adventure in my Town (JP)
Now You See It, Now You Don’t (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Steven Jay Blum

Original Airdates:
May 13, 2001 (JP)
September 22, 2001 (EN)

Laurie’s Notes: This was the first episode with some huge changes to characterization as well as shifting scenes around. The shifting scenes ddon’t really make much sense, and the added/changed dialouge was to cover up some localized Japanese honorific jokes. Shame..those jokes made more sense then the Dubs.

Section: Summary

A vanishing act? Digi-Ghosts trying to kidnap our pals? No one knows! Except Hypnos which was created specifically to capture and record all digital information. And may know whats going on.

Dialogue Deviation

Reika: *Silence*
Megumi: *Silence*

Riley: Did you catch that energy fluctuation?
Tally: “I’m already searching for the source.”
Riley: “This area sure had a lot of activity lately. What do you think is going on?”
Tally: “I think something big’s going down.”
Riley: “Like how big?”
Tally: “If these readings are correct and I think they are, we’re going to get a level of bio-emergence unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Guess they’re trying to flesh out the plot a little bit they gave the girls some extra dialogue that wasn’t in the original.

Ruki: *Silence*
Rika: *Thinking* Why would she risk her life to save me?
Rika: “Can data really have feelings? I never thought this would be so complicated.”

I gues its good to add some inner monologue to flesh out Rika’s character. Since they’re doing a bad job of it already compared to the Sub.

Takato: “I’m going now!”
Takato’s Mom: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Hey, while Guilmon was sleeping yesterday Guilmon ended up in a different place!”
Takato: “A difference place?”
Guilmon: “There were lights flashing everywhere and Guilmon didn’t know where Guilmon was.
Takato: “Well Guilmon that’s called a dream.”
Guilmon: “Dream?”
Takato: “Uhh a dream is..This is the first time I ever heard about Digimon having dreams.”
Guilmon: “Is it fun to have dreams?”
Takato: “They can be a lot of fun sometimes, I hope you have another one soon.”
Guilmon: “What’s wrong Takato?”

Takato: “No need to make breakfast!”
Takato’s mom: “We’re on a bakery, that’s all we make!”
Guilmon: “Guess what…Last night while I was sleeping it felt like I disappeared and went someplace else!”
Takato: “You didn’t break out again did you?”
Takato: “Oh I get it, that was a dream.”
Guilmon: “A dream? Like when I think of snacks?”
Takato: “Ah no, it’s like going into a world inside your own head.”
Guilmon: “Do you dream?”
Takato: “Everyone dreams.”
Guilmon: “Is your dream world as boring as mine? All white bright and empty?”
Takato: “My dreams are full of stuff! That’s where I first thought of you, Guilmon.”
Guilmon: “I must have the most boring one ever. Can I paint my dream world blue?”
Takato: “It’s weird though, I’ve never heard any talk of a Digimon dreaming.”
Guilmon: “Why’s your face all funny?”

The Dub didn’t do to bad with their rendition of this scene, until the last line. Where they had to make Guilmon act much more like a toddler, then a kid, or even a Digimon. I get that Guilmon was recently “born” but the Sub showed that he’s growing and learning, the Dub just has him stuck as an awestruck, dumb toddler.

Jenrya: “What happened?”
Takato: “Lee-kun, what do you think? Were my eyes playing tricks on me? But I’m sure I saw it. I don’t want Guilmon to disappear like that.”
Jenrya: “Digimon are beings that aren’t supposed to live in the Real World, where we live, to begin with.
Takato: “But Guilmons my friend! I’m Guilmons Tamer!”

Henry: “Start at the beginning.”
Takato: “Okay, were just walking and I don’t it’s like half of him was there and the other part was being rubbed out by an eraser.”
Henry: “Well Digimon aren’t of this world, maybe some of them can’t last long here and they get pulled back into their world. Or something like that. Or maybe our world eliminates them like they get rid of a virus.”
Takato: “But Guilmon just got here! I don’t want him to disappear. He just can’t go back to the other side.”

Takato’s Sub and Dub character are also portrayed hella differently from one another. In the Sub, I believe that Guilmon is his friend, while the Dub Takato has treated him nothing like but a pet.

Terriermon: “You don’t have to keep defining this thing from that thing all the time just because of where they’re from don’t you think?
Takato: “Yeah..you’re right Terriermon.”
Jenrya: “I wonder….”
Takato: “I thought you wanted to be with Terriermon forever Lee-kun? Was I wrong?”
Jenry: “Takato-kun…nothing lasts forever…no matter what it may be.”
Takato: “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Terriermon: “The world I’m from, the world you’re from, they’re really both the same if you think about it.”
Takato: “Yeah..thanks Professor but I want him here.”
Herny: “That may not be possible Takato.”
Takato: “What..what are you trying to say Henry? Do you know something??? Tell me.”
Henry: “I just know that nothing can last forever. Nothing. I’m just sorry.”
Takato: “Well this can and it will!”

Never seen Takato go from 0 to 100 so fast. He got so mad in the Dub, while in the Sub he just seems confused. Although point to the Dub for at least having Takato run away while being mad, making more sense then confused.

Yamaki: “This is Yamaki.”
Reika: “Supervisor Yamaki please return immediately. The inspector is asking for some explanations.”
Yamaki: “What’s up?”
Reika: “The head of Audit and Inspection Board has asked you to give him an explanation.”
Yamaki: “As if he thinks he’ll understand it once I explain it to him.”
Yamaki: *Silence*

Yamaki: “This had better be important.”
Riley: “I’m getting some strange readings and one of the researchers needs you to explain something to him.”
Yamaki: SIGH “I don’t even know why I bother explaining anything. None of these imbeciles understand what I’m saying anyway.
Riley: “So what should I tell him?”
Yamaki: “That he’s a vicious little toady. Ugh, I’ll be there shortly.”
Yamaki: “What was that?”
Yamaki: “Hmmm, could have sworn I felt something.”

Similar conversation but with a lot more sass from Dub Yamaki. That man has no patience.

Takato: “I don’t want that to happen.”
Takato: *Silence*
Teacher: “Our drainage system gets flooded easily whenever it is raining heavily. That is why we have built a large tunnel, running form Central Park to place deep underground to collect water for us.
Takato: “Guilmon!”

Takato: “He can’t leave me.”
Takato: *Thinking* Now Jerri thinks I’m crazy. She’s crazier then Calumon.
Teacher: “Well kids the city wants me to talk to you about the tunnel beneath the park that we use when the rain comes for flooding. But it seems like a useless lesson to me. I mean everybody already knows about the tunnel right? So this tunnel….”
Takato: “Poor Guilmon must be bored out of his mind..”

Had to add in more dialogue here too. Also not sure how Jerry heard him when he probably muttered it to himself.

Takato: You were playing with Calumon?”
Culumon: “Culu”
Takato: “Say, where do you live? Are you with someone?”

Takato: “You guys staying out of trouble?”
Calumon: “Nope.”
Takato: “Calumon just where do you hang out when you’re not here? You must have a home right?”

They had to make Calumon say something bratty. Whyy couldnt’t they stick with the cute noise he makes.

Yamaki: “Hypnos is a system that keeps the ever-growing network, the Digital World, under constant surveillance. It can record all kinds of information, and if either an abnormally should occur within the Digital World or should illegal information be spotted running through the network, Hypnos has been constructed to remove it at once, within all scope of hte law.
Director: “All the information in the network? Does that mean you also inspect private information?”
Yamaki: “Only illegal activity and actions related to crime, I assure you.”
Director: “If the general public found out about this system the entire general election will find themselves out of office.
Yamaki: “Similar system are already operating across the country. It’s Japan that’s falling behind”
Director: “The existence of Hypnos must never be known. Not even the facilities here exist! Having the Wild Ones gain physical bodies in the Real World is something that must not happen!”

Yamaki: “I’m only going to go through this one more time so do try to pay attention. The network of interlinked electronic devices around the world, the Internet, Stock Market, wireless communications has essentially created a whole new plane of existence. For instance, a digital plane, this system Hypnos, monitors that world and records every exchange of information across it, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Simple enough for you?”
Director: “Do you keep track of personal data?
Yamaki: “How else do you think we monitor criminal activity?”
Director: “If the general public found out about this we’d be treated like criminals. Make sure to keep this very quiet.”
Yamaki: “Really….Gee..that never occurred to me.” /s “Listen there’s really no need for any of you to worry, we’ve got everything well under control.”
Director: “No…you’ve got nothing under control Yamaki. You’ve shown yourself to be powerless to stop those anomalies. Find a way to prevent them from Bio-emerging and find the ones that have already come through. Then eliminate them.”

They didn’t have to dumb it down so much for us Americans. I’m confident we would have been able to figure out what was going on if they left the dialogue as is. But man does Dub Yamaki have a sarcastic mean streak going, which is Sub counterpart does not. Dub also had to change around the phrasing to fit with their whole ‘bio emergence’ malarkey. Which is a lot more confusing then the original. As to be expected by now.

Guilmon: “Hey Takato, where are we going?
Takato: “Um…Guilmon do you want to evolve?”
Guilmon: “Evolve? Guilmon doesn’t know.”

Takato: “Well you’ve only just been born…”
Guilmon: “Maybe Calumon is right about not needing a partner.”
Takato: “Um…Uh…Guilmon do you want to leave me?”
Guilmon: “No do you want me to leave?”
Takato: “Guilmon sometimes you can be really confusing.”

What a difference in conversation! And thus characterization. Dub scene plays out like some kinda relationship talk or something that had me feeling all anxious from my own personal experience lol. The scenes are pretty self explanatory, Dub Takato is afraid that Guilmons really offhanded comment about Calumon not needing a partner meant that Guilmon wanted to leave. Which is in line with Takato being terrified that Guilmon will leave/disappear. While Sub Takato just wonders if Guilmon wants to evolve. Two very different conversations with two very different outcomes.

Guilmon: “Oohh…hmm…Takatoo.”
Takato: *Makes a weird gesture over his head.*
Studnet: *Points*
Takato: “I think it’s around here.”

Guilmon: “Ow…hey don’t be so grabby. Takato-mon…”
Takato: “Let’s see..he’s got these huuuge ears.”
Student: “Uhh-huh….there!”
Takato: “This must be where Calumon has been hanging out so keep your eyes peeled.”

FOr once the Dub added some dialgoue to make a scene make more sense. Although I’m stil not sure why, when looking for Calumon, they end up at Rika’s house.

Side Note

Because there was a clear commercial cut for the Dub, they added some dialogue for Renamon when the commercial break is clearly over.

Dialogue Deviation

Renamon: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Guilmon knew right away you’d be here Renamon.”
Renamon: “Digimon are drawn to each other. That is because Digimon only exist to fight and destroy each other.”
Guilmon: “But Guilmon doesn’t want to fight you.”
Takato: “That’s right! Do you want to fight that badly?”
Ruki: “Then what does the cowardly Tamer who doesn’t have the guts to fight want to see me for?”
Takato: *Silence*
Ruki: “Can you stop walking with Guilmon through out the city like he’s your pet? It’s embarrassing”
Takato: “It’s not embarrassing at all!

Renamon: Who were you expecting boys..you’re mommy.”
Takato: “Very funny.”
Guilmon: “I don’t think I have a mommy, do I? Wait…Takato’s my mommy.”
Takato: “Aww geeze Guilmon, don’t call me that.”
Renamon: “Why not? You’d make a better mother then a Tamer by the way you baby your Digimon.”
Takato: “Hey!”
Renamon: “Now..are we going to fight or are we going to flap our gums all day?”
Takato: “Why do you want to pound on Guilmon all the time huh? It doesn’t make any sense.”
Rika: “It would if you weren’t such a coward.”
Takato: “Rika?!”
Rika: “Why do you keep following me around?” Are you IN LOVE WITH ME? Lover boy??”
Takato: “I’m not following you around okay?”

I have to say the line that Dub Renamon threw out after the commercial break was great. The constant sarcasm the Dub went with for a lot of its characters is growing on me. Although it would have developed both characters a bit more as well as expanded the knowledge of how Digimon function if they stuck with the Sub lines. But we know that will never happen. Ya know what doesn’t make any sense is the Dubs dialogue. I take back my previous statement about the wittiness of the sarcasm. It’s just dumb writing.

Takato: “NO!!”
Takato: “I didn’t come here to fight.
Takato: “You’re Ruki Makino-san right? I’m Takato, Takato Matsudo.”
Rika: “What do you want? You didn’t fall in love with me and come here to confess did you?”
Takato: “No..”

Takato: “No! She’s a girl…and she’d kick my butt.”
Takato: “You know fighting isn’t always the answer.”
Rika: “The cowards credo.”
Takato: “Look maybe the two of us got off on the wrong foot. I’m Takato and you’re Rika..right?”
Rika: “Yeah..so what..what…you writing a book about me? Or are you in love??”

I’m all for empowering women to kick some guys ass if they need it. But this sounds really pathetic coming from Takato. I don’t remember him being such a wimp. But I guess its good he doesn’t wanna fight anyone.

Takato: “I think I’ve seen you before in a dream. Don’t get the wrong idea! It’s not like I have feelings for you or something like that..”
Ruki: “You don’t know a joke when you hear one do you kid?”
Takato: “You’re in the fifth grade just like me!”
Ruki: “Cut it out! Don’t you realize that you come off as really creepy, saying that weird stuff about how you dreamed about me?”
Takato: “I’m sorry. That’s not it. It’s just that I have a question for you…”
Takato: “I admit I saw you in a dream a while back and that’s whats been bugging me cause I don’t know what it means. But don’t get the wrong idea I’m not following you around cause of that, I just had some questions about Digimon okay?”
Rika: “Alright kid, don’t get your underwear all bunched up.
Takato: “What do you mean kid? We’re the same age.”
Rika: I’m calling you a kid because you don’t know anything about anything. You show up talking about seeing me in a dream do you know how weird that is?”
Takato: “I-Im sorry. I just thought that maybe we could work together.”
Rika: “We can’t.”

Two similar conversations that feel hella different to me. For every character being the same age they sure act different. Rika acts like she’s too good for everyone, while Ruki just acts like she wants to be alone, especially cause Takato is being a little creepy.

Ruki’s Grandma: “Ruki??”
Ruki’s Grandma: “Ruki-chan are you home?”
Ruki’s Grandma: Oh, it’s rare ofr a friend of Ruki’s to come over.”
Takato: “Hello! I’m sorry for the intrusion.”
Ruki’s Grandma: Come on in and have some tea. I haven’t bought any cake, but we do have senbei crackers if you’d like.”
Ruki: “Don’t bother, grandma. He was just leaving.”
Ruki’s Grandma: “Well, that’s a shame. Please come visit again.

Rika’s Grandma: “Rika..You home?”
Rika’s Grandma: Oh sorry, I’m not used to Rika bringing boys home. What’s your name?”
Takato: “Takato.”
Rika: “He’s not going to be here long.”
Rika’s Grandma: “Why don’t I make some snacks for the two of you? It’ll only take a second to pop some cookies in the oven, if you’d like some Takato.”
Takato: “Thanks.”
Rika: “That’s okay gramma he’s not staying. You’re not.”
Rika’s Grandma: Well bye. Hope you come and see us again.”
Takato: “Sure!”
Rika: “You’re not…”

I’m not sure what senbei crackers are but they sound cooler then cookies. Although cookies are yummy.

Takato: “Do you know why Renamon came here from the Digital World?”
Ruki: “Why do you want to know?”
Takato: “Because maybe they could end up turning back into data…”
Ruki: “Digimon are data to begin with. Why would that be so wrong?”
Takato: “But that’s sad..”

Takato: “Look uh…what I wanted to ask you was whether or not Digimon turn back into Data…do they ever just disappear and go back to their own world??”
Rika: “Of course.”
Takato: “Not like when you defeated Guilmon, but just like for no good reason.
Rika: “Digimon are just data so probably..”
Takato: “Doesn’t hat make you sad at all?

Again similar conversations between Dub and Sub, but for some reason Dub just sounds worse? Like Takato’s reasons for why he’s afraid that Guilmon will leave him are a bit confusing. I do dig the kinda romantic music that the Sub plays though. Reminds me of my childhood…

Guilmon: *Silence
Renamon: *Silence*

Guilmon: “Stop pushing!”
Renamon: “Go faster then.”

Another case of the Dub putting in unneeded dialogue for some reason. It’s so out of character for Renamon to push someone I feel like. Especially Guilmon.

Takato: I’ve always wanted the chance to talk to you, after that dream.”
Ruki: “If you add a -chan to my name I’ll kick your behind!”
Takato: “W-whats with her?”

Takato: “Thanks Rika, it’s not every day you get the chance to meet you dream girl. Sorry I just couldn’t resist.”
Rika: “You mention that dream again and I’ll send you to dreamland for good!”
Takato: “Man..she can’t take a joke.”

Guess they couldn’t come up with a good joke for why Rika wasnts to beat him up, so they went with teh dream crap.

Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “I wonder why you came to me, Guilmon. I really like Digimon, and I’ve always thought that it would be great if I could play with them for real, not just on the net or with cards. That’s why all of this feels like a dream come true. Like the things I wished for were granted like magic.”
Guilmon: “Magic? Guilmon doesn’t understand but if it makes Takato happy, then Guilmon is happy too!”
Takato: “Thanks, but somehow I get the feeling that isn’t all there is to it.”

Takato: “That Rika’s a barrel of laughs.”
Guilmon: “What about Renamon? Her idea of a joke is to punch me in the funny bone!”
Takato: “Man, I was hoping Rika would have more answers for me. Something that would make this problem go away. I’ve always loved Digimon and I always thought it’d be cool to have a REAL one of my very own, t hen like magic you appeared and everything is great. But now I’m not even sure if you’re going to be able to stay with me or not Guilmon. I guess I thought if I could learn more about Digimon i’d be able to stop whatever it was that was trying to erase you. I’m scared Guilmon.”
Guilmon: “You know what? Calumon told me that being scared is pointless. It’s kinda like trying to ice-skate on sausages.”
Takato: “Thanks Guilmon, but I just want to spend as much time with you as possible.”

The Dub again sounds like Takato always wanted a pet that also happened to be a Digimon. Not that he see’s it as his equal or something. And I feel like they definitely added more to Takato’s speech then what was originally said.

Takato: “No Guilmon you can’t leave! Don’t do this to me! Don’t! I’ll never let you go off somewhere.”
Guilmon: “Guilmon…won’t go anywhere..”

Takato: “No Guilmon, please hold on! I just got used to having you around! I can’t imagine LIFE without you anymore! You can’t go!”
Guilmon: “I’ll do my best to stay here…”

Dub Guilmon sounded really weird, more like he had been smoking the reefer instead of disappearing.

Takato: “It’s like he never existed in the first place…How can that…”
Takato: “Guilmon did exist. He was my friend…”
Takato: “He’s here! Guilmon is here somewhere!”
Takato: *Silence*

Takato: “Noo…He’s gone..Guilmon’s gone. I can’t believe it.”
Takato: “It’s like he was never here and there’s nothing I can do.”
Takato: “What’s this?? That’s Guilmons signal!”
Takato: “The tunnel!!!

Takato’s not the brightest tamer in the bunch. That’s not the first time he’s heard that sound or saw that compass, but he acts like it is. Also props to the Dub for spelling out where Guilmon had gone, cuase just by the wign I had no idea.

Takato: “Excuse me, I go to school with Lee-kun…except I’m in a different class.”
Shuichon: “Jian-niichan! It’s your friend!”
Takato: “My name is Takato Matsuda. Umm Ummm..”

Takato: “Stop saying hello and get Henry! Uhh please.”
Suzie: “It’s some angwy kid! For Henwy!”
Takato: “I’m not angry!”

Massive character difference here. Sub Takato seems like such a polite well mannered kid, while Dub seems just like your typical American brat.

Takato’s Dad: “Yeah…”
Takato’s Mom: “I find it sad how that doesn’t change for Takato’s generation.”
Takato’s Mom: “Let’s not worry so much. He’s old enough to take care of himself.”

Takato’s Dad: “I vaguley remember that…that was about the time dinosaurs died off right?”
Takato’s Mom: “Ohh stop it, we’re not that old.”
Takato’s Mom: “Buuuut since he’s not here lets eat all the ice cream we saved for dessert and tell him it melted!
Takato’s Dad: Ummm I already ate it.”

Man Dub parents are harsh. Gonna eat the poor kids ice cream when he just lost his bff.

Section: Cut or moved footage
Can’t show grandma talking in Japanese, or even be bothered to edit it and put in some English. So the Dub just cuts it.
Dialogue Deviation

Grandma: “I’m an old grandmother. Ho Ho Ho…add LOL”
Ruki: *Silence*
Grandma: “Ruki why don’t you ask Mama if you want a computer of your own?”
Ruki: “I DON’T want one.”

Grandma: “So I said..girlfriend…as if! Don’t go there!”
Rika: “Granny chat….Hmp.”
Grandma: “Ya know I bet your mom would get you a comptuer if you wanted one.”
Rika: “A computer’s boring.”

For once Ruki is more brattier then Rika. Also Dub changed the doorbell ring to a knock. Not really sure why…

Yamaki: *Silence*
Yamaki: “No matter what that thing may be, its attributes are still the same as a Wild One. A bringer of chaos into the network. It is not allowed to exist.”

Yamaki: “My little new DOS program should infected the area.”
Yamaki: “Don’t get soft on me now Riley. This little anomaly, or whatever it is has caused me more grief then its worth. It’s about to become nothing more then an unpleasant memory.”

I’m not even sure if that’s what Yamaki said, he said it so fast. Except that we don’t really know what havoc the Wild Ones have wrecked on the Earth.

Jenrya: “There’s something inside here.”
Jenrya: “Terriermon, go home and stay there. Renamon you shouldn’t stick around here, either.”
Renamon: *Silence*
Ruki: “It’s okay. Go back.”

Henry: “Whatever is causing this it seem to be only effecting the Digimon.”
Henry: “Renamon you better leave before it starts effecting you.”
Renamon: “Rika??”
Rika: “It’s okay you should go.”

Not sure why the Dub cut the line about sending Terriermon home, maybe it didn’t make sense since he was already starting to disappear. But the most obvious line addition I’ve ever seen was added for Renamon. Her mouth doesn’t even more, but they throw in a ‘Rika??’ Why Dub why!?!?

Terriermon: “I’ll be waiting across the street!”
Ruki: “We just don’t have to go near this place, right? I’m going home too!”
Jenrya: “But Guilmon has disappeared.”
Ruki: “Why would that change anything? Digimon are nothing more then data.”
Takato: “Digimon are….! Our friends.”
Takato: “They’re our friends…”

Terriermon: “I suppose you want me to go to? Fine.”
Rika: “Don’t order my Digimon around. Got it? She’s mine!”
Henry: “I’m just trying to keep them out of danger.”
Rika: “Why bother? Digimon are just data. Who cares if they disappear?”
Takato: “Be quiet!!! I don’t care what you say. Guilmon was my friend.”
Takato: “And I’ll do everything I can to find him. With or without you.”

Never thought I”d see Rika getting possessive of Renamon. The Dub and Sub are like two totally different shows at this point, with how different the characters act. Especially Takato and Terriermon, trying to have him be a snarkky little guy in the Dub, when he’s nothing like that in the Sub.

Ruki: “They have nothing to do with us..”
Ruki: *Silence*

Rika: “Lets gO fInD GuilOmoN.”
Rika: “Waste of time.”

I Get a chuckle out of Rika’s attempt to mimic the guys.

Section: Cut or moved footage
Worried parents, how nice. About 10 seconds is added/shifted.

In the Dub a scene is moved around showing Takato’s parents worrying about him being late. Not sure why they decided to move the scene here, maybe to show some passage of time, and that Takato is out hella late.

Dialogue Deviation

Yamaki: *Silence*
Reika: “What you’re doing is dangerous. There’s a possibility that it will cause a malfunction within the network itself.”
Yamaki: “When the brancehs have withered, you cut them off. We can always re-connect it later. Execute my program, Yuggoth.”
Reika: *Silence*

Yamaki: “Done”
Riley: “I’ve got to state my objection one more time sir, this program could cause widespread network damage.”
Yamaki: “I’ve got to warn you one more time, that you’re walking on thin ice Riley, start the program before that ice breaks and you drown.”
Riley: “Yes sir.”

Had to slip in some metaphor there didn’t you Dub? Which was much more cringe then the Subs metaphor about branches.

Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “Ruki-cha!!!!
Takato: “Ruki, you came!”
Takato: *Silence*
Rika: *Silence*

Takato: “Why don’t they ever make tunnels that aren’t dark and scary?”
Takato: “Hey! Rika! You decided to come! That’s awesome!”
Takato: “Uhmm..whatever..”
Takato: “It is scary down here right guys?”
Rika: “Oh brother..”

Some more added Dub dialogue, that just makes Takato look more like a baby then he actually is in the Sub.

Section: Cut or moved footage

This is where the Sub originally had Takato’s parents worrying about him. Makes more sense to put it here, as now he’s been gone a really long time.

Dialogue Deviation

Ruki: *Silence*
Takato: “Who’d have thought this huge tunnel was right below our city..”
Ruki: “How far does this ting go?”
Takato: “Well according to what my teacher told me, it leads to the next city.”
Jenrya: *Silence*
Rika: “Give me a break! Why do we have to walk around in this dump?”
Jenrya: “This tunnel will fill up with water some day. Now is our only chance to walk around in it.”
Ruki: “Well it doesn’t feel like a privilege.”
Takato: Lee0kun!”
Jenrya: “Look over there, Takato-kun!”

Rika: “How long is this stupid tunnel anyway?
Takato: “My teacher says it goes all the way to the next town..”
Rika: “That’s so stupid!”
Henry: “Yeah..So you you said.”
Takato: “It’s too bad they don’t have one of those people movers. Ya know like at the airport. That’d come in handy right now don’t you think?”
Rika: ” It’s not funny ya know, I don’t want to walk all the way to the next town just to find your little friend.”
Henry: “Well if it’ll make you feel any better Rika the tunnel might flood and we could all swim there.”
Rika: “It’s just my luck to be stuck down ehre with a couple of comedians.”
Takato: “Will you guys can it..look..the Digivice.”
Henry: “You can forget tehe Digivice, take a look at that!”
Takato: “What is it?!”

Reika: “Yuggoth has caught the Zone!”
Yamaki: “Burn the foreign bodies of the networked to dust!”
Takato: “Guilmon must be in there!
Ruki: “How do you know that? What are you even going to do?”
Takato: “Guilmon..I’ll save you!

Riley: “I’ve pin pointed the energy field.”
Yamaki: “Well done. Prepare to delete the area.”
Takato: “Guilmon must be inside of that thing! I know he is!”
Rika: “Don’t be stupid. How could you possibly know that?”
Takato: “I don’t know I just feel that he’s there.”

Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “Somethings happening!!?”

No shit Sherlock. Of course something’s happening.

Jenrya: Yeah..i’ts becaue this place is a mess that it showed up here.”
Takato: “Guilmon, where are you? *Silence*
Ruki: “Oh, this is so lame…”
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “Guilmon!”
Guilmon: “Takato..wanna…play..”
Takato: “Hang in there Guilmon! You’re a Digimon, you’re strong!

Henry: “The Digital world from the TV show is real! And we’re in it!”
Takato: “I think I see him! Cool, this is how I fly in my dreams!”
Rika: “You amd your dream.”
Takato: “There he is! Guilmon wake up!”
Guilmion: “Right now? Five minuets”
Takato: “Don’t wory boy, I’ll get you out of there.”

Grinds my gears that Takato calls Guilmon ‘boy’ in the Dub like he’s a pet!

Takato:” Guilmon!!”
Jenrya: “Ruki, lets use taht to get out!
Ruki: “No need to tell me ethat twice!”
Takato: “Guilmon!”
Guilmon: “Takato, thank you.”
Jenrya: “Hurry up! We’ll be destroyed along with this place if we don’t!”
Yamaki: *Silence*
Ruki: “Pathetic, risking so much for once DIgimon.”

Takato: “I thought I was gona lose you for sure!
Henry: “He’s created a road for us!”
Rika: “Yeah…well Renamon could have done the same thing.”
Takato: “You okay?”
Guilmon: “It’s like skating on sausages.”
Henry: “Have your reunion later! We gotta get out of here before we’re erased!
Yamaki: “Problem solved”
Rika: “Look at you blubbering over data.”

Had to get one extra line of dialgue in there before the episode ended. The Sub is so much more heart wrenching then the Dub already. You can see the bonds builidng between the cahracters and Digimon. The Dub is so surface level anbd I can’t see that changing. But we’ll see.

Final Result

Final Result

80% Retained. The added dialogue and shifted scenes don’t help this score. Especially when the Dub added so much unneeded dialogue. Not to mention changing the characterization of Takato and Ruki completely.

One Comment

  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Dialogue Deviation 1f: a researcher being a vicious little toady makes no sense to me, as surely they work under Yamaki, the Head of Audit and Inspection Board would have made perfect sense, heck just calling him an Inspector would have made sense, would have fit in the same place as “researcher”.

    Dialogue Deviation 1g: it’s interesting how Asanuma-sensei tries to give herself a way out of talking about the tunnel in the dub, yet then talks about it anyway, unless everyone had a look of “what’s she on about?” that I missed, plus no idea why they make Juri out to be crazy – it’s a good job they stop this later on.

    Dialogue Deviation 2g: Ruki could have said anything “you come round my house again, I’ll give you a beating you never forget.”, might have been Takato they had an issue writing for in this scene,

    Dialogue Deviation 2l: in fairness, they don’t know Takato’s best friend has gone, they’re not psychic ;)!

    Cut, Added or Shifted Scenes 1: unless what was on the computer screen was important or useful, it not featuring is no great loss, though the translating of on screen text appears to be something that only happens later on in the series.

    Dialogue Deviation 3a: I personally thought Ruki was worse in the dub, with the “granny chat” remark, though I did think how her grandmother was speaking all fly to the young grandmothers was a bit much – maybe they decided a doorbell did not fit in with Makino’s traditional home.

    Dialogue Deviation 5a: a travellator in a tunnel that can fill with water? Maybe because it would be an electrical fire waiting to happen?

    Again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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