Digimon Frontier S01E22

My Home! Takuya’s Lonely Return (JP)
Home Again, Takuya Returns (EN)

Dub Writer: Michael Sorich

Original Airdates:
September 8, 2002 (JP)
December 19, 2002 (EN)

Gear’s Notes: Looks like the dub decided to do the two-part title that the Japanese version usually does. It’s pretty similar to the other version, too. Though I think this episode would have been cooler if some of Flamemon’s antics had been visible in the first episode of the series.

Section: Summary

Takuya spends the entire trip home going over what happened with Duskmon in his mind. The Dark Trailmon continues to travel, until something strange starts to happen to Takuya: he begins to transform into a Digimon. Stepping off the train, Takuya realizes that he’s Spirit Evolved in a sense to Flamemon, Agunimon’s natural Rookie form. Unable to walk anywhere without causing a panic, and apparently being chased by an apparition of Duskmon, Flamemon manages to get from the underground train station to his own home, a few hours before he left for the Digital World (after scaring his aunt and sister half to death in the process).

Peeking in through a window, he sees the scene we saw at the beginning of the first episode. Takuya is bored, his brother wants a forklift for his birthday, and Ophanimon sends him the message on his cell phone. Flamemon sees an opportunity. If he can stop his past self from ever making it to the train station, he’ll never go to the Digital World, never hurt his friends, and undo his transformation into Flamemon.

Flamemon makes multiple attempts to stop Takuya, but his stubborn nature tends to make his efforts unsuccessful. Just when Takuya was about to be hit by the truck, Flamemon tackles him, pushing him out of the way, then disappears. Flamemon follows Takuya all the way to the train station, but notices something odd; there is another boy on the train with them who looks exactly like Koji… but isn’t actually him. Shaking it off as coincidence, he continues his mission. As the elevator closed with Takuya and Koji in it, however, Flamemon notices the Koji look-alike desperately trying to catch the elevator, then freaking out when he can’t. Seeing the elevator was heading down, the boy runs to the stairway. Flamemon forces the elevator doors open, then slides down the support cable to the top of the falling elevator. He makes his way in, and reaches out to grab Takuya by the shoulder. He stops short, has an epiphany, and realizes he can’t just run away from his problems. He yells to Takuya to get on the train quickly, which he does.

Koji’s look-alike ran down the stairway, trying in vain to catch up with the falling elevator, but mis-stepped on the way down. He falls to the bottom of the stairway, his eyes half open, seriously injured. Flamemon finds himself at the Dark Terminal once again. Expressing that he was done running, the Dark Trailmon brings him back to the Digital World. Flamemon Digivolves into Agunimon, and steps off the train, ready to take up the fight once more.

Dialogue Deviation

At the start of the episode, the dub includes an audio flashback to Tommy and Takuya’s conversation about his plan to defeat Duskmon from the previous episode. This flashback did not take place in the original version. Takuya simply laments, “I lost,” whereas Dub Takuya says, “Yeah…that was some plan…”

Takuya: Ow! 
Takuya: Man, I really gotta stop landing on my head!

But you’re right-side up…

Takuya: Boy, Destiny sure involves a lot of running!

Maybe I just need to stop re-bashing the recycled dialogue from the first episode when GordoBaggins already handled it just fine.

Duskmon’s extra laughing returns in this episode. So does his excessive grunting and growling.

Two signs: one at the train station, and one at Takuya’s house.

Several of the censors from the first episode are shown here, and are still intact (like the military time and the text on Takuya’s cell phone).

Section: Inconsistency

The dub included the scene of Takuya smacking his head into the ticket dispenser that was omitted in the original.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The scene of Flamemon jumping on top of the taxi is moved to before Takuya ran through the gate with the ticket in the dub.

Final Verdict

Total Footage Kept: 100%

The next change is… eh? Wait, that’s it?

Wow. This episode was a nearly perfect localization. It’s almost identical!

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