Digimon Adventure S01E10

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The Protector Kentarumon!

The Protector Kentarumon! [JP]
A Clue from the Digi-Past [EN]

JP Writer: Genki Yoshimura
Dub Writers: R.D. Chamberlain & Sean Abley

Original Airdates:
May 9, 1999 [JP]
September 24, 1999 [EN]

This is one of the oldest comparisons on the site and is due for revision.

Section: Summary

Oh cod. An entire episode full of Izzy and Mimi. There’s isn’t enough alcohol in this state, nor is there enough money in my bank account to buy all that alcohol. ;3; Save me!

I think it’s worth noting that although the dub did try to keep the basic idea of Koushirou’s character — the “knowledge” aspect, that is — the way he’s portrayed in the dub really does the opposite. Throughout this episode, we’ll see more lines from Izzy where he seems like he’s just trying to come up with big words to say, whereas Koushirou would be making actual observations. In this episode, Koushirou really seems fascinated by his surroundings and eager to learn. Izzy, as usual, seems to be a jackass.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: “The island is breaking into pieces.”

Translation: “OH SHIT!” And yeah, he was shouting his entire line. How rude!

Tentomon: “Try thinking of it as if we’re just hitting the beach!”

She didn’t say anything.
Mimi: “Ooh, now that should be good for some frequent flyer miles!”

I don’t know. Those bed don’t look air-worthy to me!

The scene was kind of comical by itself without Mimi’s line, too. The bed is just kind of flying along over to the island, and then it’s like it just gives up and plops down in the trees. XD

Mimi: “This is bad! Where is this?”
Palmon: “Since we were blown away so suddenly, I can’t tell at all where we are, but… this is a jungle, huh?”
Mimi: “Yeah, even I know that.”

Palmon: “Are you all right, Mimi?”
Mimi: “Oh no! humidity!”
Palmon: “Yeah, some kind of tropical rain forest, but not one I’m familiar with at all it happened so fast where are we?”

Not humidity! Humidity causes Palmon’s sentences to lose all audible punctuation! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Mimi: “What will happen to us from here on?”
Palmon: “I don’t know, but let’s go searching for somebody.”

Mimi: “Have you any idea what humidity does to my hair?”
Palmon: “Hm?”
Mimi: “It goes, like, all poodle-y! Not a pretty sight!”
Palmon: “Uhhh…”

That, too.

Mimi: “T-that’s right! There has to be someone nearby.”
Mimi: “Yeah, let’s go! Maybe we can at least find some air conditioning or something!”

This whole episode is pretty bad as far as character accuracy goes.

Section: Side Note

When Mimi and Palmon land in the jungle, there are some sound effects of birds chirping that fade out as their conversation continues. In the dub, you can faintly hear some crickets instead, which also fade out.

Before I go into transcribing Tentomon’s dialogue, I just want to quickly point out that he speaks with a heavy Kansai/Osaka dialect, rendering “-san” as “-han”. “-san” is an honourific you attach to someone’s name to show respect, as in “Mr.” or “Ms.”, but not really so formal in Tentomon’s case.

I won’t be writing “Koushirou-han” instead of “Koushirou”.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Tentomon: “… Koushirou?”
Tentomon: “Well, here we are, Izzy! Hardly the light and breezy island-style lodgings I was expecting to find!”

[Tentomon: “… but DEFINITELY perfectly safe and free of any pesky guardians that might try to murder you!”]

And then he immediately changes the topic to looking for the others, which is actually accurate to the Japanese version, so I can’t list it. ._.

Koushirou: “No. I’m certain if I know how these ruins formed, it’ll be useful later!”
Izzy: “I know, but just look at this place! It’s prodigious! I gotta check it out, Tentomon, just for a minute!”

At least he used “prodigious” in a sentence correctly. And he wasn’t annoying about it for once (“Puh-ROOOOOH-digious!” >.o).

No dialogue.
Mimi: “Is that hair mousse?”

Only one way to find out!

Sukamon: “Hello!”
Chuumon: “Hello!”

Sukamon: “Duh… Goodbye! Meet to nice ya!”
Chuumon: “He means ‘Hello, nice to meet ya!”

This is going to be a long episode…

Section: Side Note

Chuumon’s voice is just about dead on. Sukamon was given a deep, uh… hell, I don’t know. It’s a stereotypical ‘hulking moron’ voice. Now, he does have that quality in his Japanese voice, too, in the sense that you can tell by listening to him that the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor, so to speak, but like most other minor characters, he has a higher-pitched, young-sounding voice.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: “What are these guys?”
Palmon: “Sukamon and Chuumon. They’re always together.”
Mimi: “Palmon, who’s the talking dessert?”
Palmon: “It’s Sukamon and Chuumon also known as the Digi-Losers.”

Well, that was just mean!

Digimon Analyzer: “Sukamon: a shining gold turd. He has no talents of his own, so the smaller Digimon Chuumon acts as his brains.”
Palmon: “Sukamon and his mouse buddy are always together because they share the same teeny, tiny brain!”

Damn, Palmon.

Originally, Sukamon just wanted Mimi to drop her bag because it looked like she had good stuff in there. In the dub, Sukamon and Chuumon want Mimi to ‘pay a toll’ and are willing to accept her purse and hat as payment. Chuumon also mostly just repeats the last word of Sukamon’s sentences in the Japanese version.

Mimi: “I’d rather throw it down the drain than give it to you!”
We can’t hear Chuumon whispering to Sukamon.
Chuumon: “No good?”
Sukamon: “It’s not no good, surely…”
Chuumon: “Surely…”

Mimi: “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand, you whackazoids?! Now get out of here!”
Chuumon: “I think she insulted us!”
Mimi: “Bingo, Einstein!”
Sukamon: “She did?”
Chuumon: “Go ahead! Let her have it!”

Mimi: “No more…”
Mimi: “That’s it! I give up! I want to see the camp therapist!”

Sukamon is the camp therapist.

Dub Sukamon adds, “Ooh, pretty…” where he grabbed Mimi’s bag.

(Chuumon and Sukamon while the digivice… uh… makes them all glow-y.)
No dialogue.
Chuumon: “Whoa! That’s better than chewin’ tin foil!”


(Sukamon and Chuumon are feeling refreshed.)
Mimi: “Well, we aren’t feeling refreshed!”
Mimi: “Is this [whole new person] as much of a pain as the last one?!”

Again, we can’t hear Chuumon when he’s whispering in the Japanese version (and you can tell he’s whispering on-screen because he has his hand by his mouth like whispering people do).

(Palmon wants to know if they’re really good Digimon now.)
Chuumon: “At least, we feel like being good right now!”
Palmon: “Then take us to Daino Ancient Region.”

Sukamon: “Cross our hearts…”
Chuumon: “… and hope to die!”
Palmon: “Well, of all the absolutely ridiculous things to say!”

Die, indeed!

… “Cross my heart and hope to die” is kind of ridiculous, come to think of it.

Sukamon hasn’t started complimenting Mimi until he asks her for a date while they’re gawking at the gap between the islands. In the dub, Sukamon called Mimi pretty earlier, and Chuumon now says she’s ‘gorgeous’ and ‘must have a big brain’. Asking for a date has been changed to asking for a ‘big thank-you kiss’, because kissing a golden poo is much more palatable than dating one. The rest of the dialogue keeps the mood of the scene, so there’s no need to list it.

No dialogue as Tentomon and Koushirou pass through the entrance into the ruins.
Tentomon: “Okay, Izzy. I highly suggest putting an end to this architectural tour!”
Izzy: “As I mentioned before, I’m gathering information!”

You said nothing about gathering information!

No dialogue.
Izzy: “I’m sure this place is crawling with clues.”

Izzy, it’s not dangerous enough. Go with Tentomon to get yourself killed now.

Koushirou: “I’m sure if I stop this, the island will stop moving.”
Tentomon: “Even so, we ain’t enough to stop this thing.”

Izzy: “You know what I think? If we keep this gear from turning, we’ll completely jam that creep [Devimon] up!”
Tentomon: “Or even better: we could NOT do that! Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Ah-hah! So Tentomon was working for Devimon all along!

No dialogue in the flashback.
Izzy: “It made me realize that in Digiworld, basic data is a living, viable substance!”

Digital World, and how the hell did you figure that out by turning off the lights?

Tentomon: “You won’t find something convenient like that around here! Let hurry and go look for everyone!”
Tentomon: “Get a power source, stop the gear! Is ‘find our friends’ on that list?!”

Tentomon, you’re the closest thing Izzy has to a friend, and he doesn’t even listen to you. You can’t possibly think he gives a Chuumon’s ass about the others.

The kanji in Koushirou’s laptop’s boot screen was censored again.

SO evil…
Section: Dialogue Deviation

He’s just typing.
Izzy: “Let’s see if I can decipher it…”

I know I’ve said this before, but I really just want to kick Izzy’s face in every time he speaks. He’s such a smug little bastard.

Mimi: “There! That must be where Koushirou is! Maybe everyone else, too!”
Palmon: “Let’s go!”

Mimi: “Here are the old ruins. Let’s just hope that giant, kissy-faced, lemon custard was telling the truth!”
Palmon: “One way to find out!”

Section: Side Note

The scene starting with Mimi and Palmon above and going through to where Mimi starts crying below is complimented by Mimi’s theme song, “Sweet Innocent”, a very sweet, charming, optimistic tune. I was actually kind of surprised to hear it there, and it defines the mood rather than fitting it.

The dub just quietly plays some more neutral music.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: “Look, you see that character that looks like a ‘G’? It’s a key to something!”
Mimi: “So?”
Koushirou: “I must decipher this now.”

Izzy: “I’m sure the key to figuring everything out is in here! The question is does each glyph represent a letter, a word, or a phrase? Hmm… I’ll have to cross-reference the characteristics.”

Hey, Izzy. Why don’t you take a picture of the wall with your DIGITAL CAMERA that you totally weren’t lying about a few episodes ago, and work on it as you go? You know… THAT digital camera?

Mimi: “How long are you going to do this? When you know what it is, will something good happen?”
Tentomon: “Koushirou, Mimi is talking to you.”
Mimi: “Hey, when you know what it is, will it tell us how get to get home?”

Mimi: “Izzy, any idea how long this is going to take? I mean, can we go sometime before winter sets in? Izzy?”
Tentomon: “Izzy, your friend is asking you a question.”
Mimi: “Yeah, and her rear end’s getting cold sitting on the stone floor doing nothing.”

Listed because Mimi is asking pertinent questions in the original.

Mimi: “Are you listening? When are you going to finish?!”
Mimi: “Are you ignoring me, you computer geek pipsqueak?!”

Listed because Izzy deserved that. Ha!

He doesn’t say anything.
Izzy: “Okay, so if I make the variable constant and search for file patterns…”

You’ll screw up your entire program and ruin everything you’ve worked for! Good job, Izzy!

Koushirou: “Ah, this is… these ruins are a maze!”
Izzy: “Hey, here’s something! Prodigious! These ruins area gigantic maze!”

Listed because “Puh-ROH-digious.”

Mimi: “Koushirou, you idiot!!”
Mimi: “I’m leaving… right now!”

Her line may have changed, but we all know what she was thinking.

Section: Side Note

It’s simultaneously adorable and weird that Palmon looks at Mimi for a second, and then starts crying right along with her. XD

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: “Your crying is a bother…”
Tentomon: “Koushirou, do something!”
Koushirou: “Do what?”
Izzy: “Do what? My laptop can’t do everything!”
Tentomon: “I don’t know, tell her you’re sorry!”
Koushirou: “Sorry? For what?!”

Hang on, let me get my list…

Mimi’s outburst is mostly right, but she didn’t mention Sukamon in the original.

Koushirou: “Right now, analysing this data is more important. I know you might not care right now, but in the end, it’ll prove to be for Mimi and everyone’s sake.”
Mimi: “That’s enough! I hate you, Koushirou!”

Izzy: “I’m not ignoring you! I’m doing something ultra-important, like maybe saving this world? If I can just decipher these hieroglyphs then maybe we can–“
Mimi: “Just keep your stupid hieroglyphics!”

Izzy, you’re making a maze, and I’d like to point out that you don’t even need to go through that maze, because the exit is the same way you came in, and it is still unobstructed.

Section: Side Note

‘Hieroglyph’ refers specifically to characters made with graphical representations, like animals or objects. The characters on the wall can be called ‘glyphs’, but not ‘hieroglyphs’.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

No dialogue.
Mimi: “I hate this place! I’ll never recommend this resort to anyone!”

Mimi: “No more! I’m going home!”
Mimi: “I’m not a bad person, so why is all this happening to me?”

Mimi: “No! I don’t want to hear any more arguing!”
Mimi: “I want my own bed, my own bathroom! I’m even starting to miss my baby brother!”

Mimi has no siblings.

Section: Side Note
What is going on with this kid’s left foot?
Section: Eyecatch

Talk to your doctor about foot levitation today.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: “Is it my imagination?”
Tentomon: “If that’s true, does that mean we’re lost?”

Mimi: “Could it be that we’re lost?”
Tentomon: “I realize this is probably a bad time to say I told you so, but…”

Koushirou mentions that there are traps in the maze, something Izzy neglects to share.

Mimi: “That and everything is all Koushirou’s fault!”
Tentomon: “Eh?”
Mimi: “Really, the way he ignores people just makes me so mad!”

Mimi: “No, I’m fine! I’m getting used to it by now! … If I’d just gone to cheerleading camp, none of this would have happened!”

This is cheerleading camp.

Tentomon and Mimi’s conversation is shifted a little. In the dub, Tentomon starts by suggesting that they try taking left turns only in the maze to see if they can get out, and Mimi refuses to listen because Izzy is a douchebag. Originally, Tentomon responded to the line above and defended Koushirou right away. After that, though, the dub dialogue is good.

Izzy comes to the conclusion that they found her signal through the digivice, which he can’t possibly know at this point.

Section: Side Note

Now Koushirou’s theme song, “Digital Scratch”, plays for us. The dub still keeps a quiet, neutral theme.

When Koushirou talks to Mimi over the headset, his voice sounds as if it’s coming from a radio, like it should. The dub doesn’t use this technique, though.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

No dialogue. Mimi decides to use the ledge without having to be told to.
Izzy: “There should be a narrow ledge you can use to get across.”
Mimi: “Izzy, did we have to take the scenic route?!”

Bloody ungrateful bastard… ess…

Koushirou: (over the radio) “Something is close by! It might be an evil Digimon!”
Tentomon: “Did you hear that? It sounded EVIL!”

No dialogue.
Centarumon: “Tentomon, it’s been such a long time…”


Section: Side Note

The Chosen Digimon hatched on File Island and remained on File Island, unable to evolve without their partners, until the Chosen Children came around. Furthermore, there are more than one of each Digimon species in the Digital World, i.e. more than one Tentomon, i.e. Centarumon needs to shut the fuck up. For reals.

Kentarumon is now Centarumon. Like most other Digimon, he isn’t supposed to have any dialogue while possessed by the black gear.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Digimon Analyzer: “Kentarumon: a proud, half-man, half-beast Digimon. With high-pressure air shooting from his back, he can move at the speed of sound!”
Tentomon: “Centarumon: half-man, half-horse. You really don’t want to get on either of his bad sides!”

One side is a horse’s ass, the other side is… a horse’s ass!

Kentarumon roars.
Centarumon– you know what? I don’t want to list Centarumon’s lines! I’m tired of the writers giving stupid lines to Digimon that are supposed to be quiet! I’ll pick this back up when the gear’s out of him.

At first, I thought dub Mimi said, “Great chav, this is a dead end!”, but then I realised she said, “Great job, this is a dead end!” (‘~’;;)

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Kentarumon’s attack, Hunting Cannon, is called Solar Ray in the dub.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: “No way…”
Mimi: “Look at my skirt!”

It’s lovely.

Tentomon: “It’s all over…”
Mimi: “Really? It’s no good?”
Tentomon: “There’s no place to run, I can’t evolve…”
Mimi: “Why? Evolve!”
Tentomon: “Well, I want to evolve more than anything else right now, but without Koushirou, I can’t.”
Mimi: “What?! Stingy!”
Tentomon: “No, that’s not the problem!”

Mimi: “What are you waiting for? Make yourself bigger!”
Tentomon: “If you mean you want me to digivolve, I’m afraid that’s impossible!”
Mimi: “What do you mean, impossible?!”
Mimi: “Stop talking, get growing!”
Tentomon: “Oh, how I’d like to, but if I’m separated from Izzy, I can’t!”

That was a round-about way to get to that point…

I like how when the ground starts shaking, Mimi yells, “Stop that! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of saying something?!” XD

Section: Side Note

How the fuck did Koushirou break down the wall with one rock? And even with Palmon helping him, how did they make the whole place shake like that?

Curse you and your superhuman strength, Koushirou!

Section: Dialogue Deviation

(Get out of there, Mimi!)
Mimi: “Koushirou!”
Mimi: “You don’t have to tell me twice!”

Bloody ungrateful bastard…

No dialogue.
Togemon: “Leave my friends alone!”

Tentomon: “Watch out, Koushirou!”
Tentomon: “Leave this to me!”

You notice how all of the characters in the dub version are just really full of themselves? Coming from me, that’s saying a lot…

Mimi: “Hey, consider where you are before you evolve!”
Kabuterimon: “‘scuse me.”

Mimi: “I forgot! When you get bigger, you get a lot bigger, don’t you! Watch where you step!”
Kabuterimon: “Oh, uh… sorry.”

Section: Side Note

So, Kentarumon shooting Kabuterimon and Togemon at point-blank range through a wall passes censorship standards no problem. Good to know.

Togemon thinks it’s time for a Needle Spray, apparently. Her words, not mine.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

No dialogue.
Centarumon: “That felt… interesting.”

XD Best line ever.

(After Kentarumon introduces the term ‘digivice’)
Koushirou: “A sacred device…”
Mimi: “Digivice?”
Izzy: “Well, that certainly looks familiar!”

What an inane remark…

Kentarumon: “It guides this world to the path of light and drives away the darkness. The legendary, sacred device,”
Centarumon: “The Digivice is a preserver of the light, the last line of defence against the darkness that threatens existence.”

Listed for informational purposes. There’s really nothing wrong with the dub line except that it’s a little over-dramatic.

Mimi: “I don’t really understand, but it’s a good thing we have them, right?”
Mimi: “I didn’t get that, but I’m starting to think they’re more than just a cool accessory!”

There’s really no difference.

Leomon: “The children… kill them. They interfere with our plans.”
Leomon: “To destroy them… the children. I warn you, Centarumon: do not interfere with me!”

I guess even if they get part of Leomon’s line right, they have to botch the rest.

Mimi: “I can’t look, it’s too scary! Well, maybe a peek…”
Izzy: “Whoa, time’s standing still here!”

[Centarumon: “Bloody ungrateful bastard…”]

(Kentarumon will protect the kids who hold the sacred devices!)
Leomon: “Then I will kill you as well.”
Leomon: “Protect them from me? Good luck!”

No dialogue.
Centarumon: “Now let’s stop this madness before one of us is hurt.”

It’s all madness and mayhem until someone loses an eye… oh, sorry, Centarumon. ._.

Mimi: “Noo! You must mean some other children!”

XD Mimi is awesome.

Koushirou: “I see, that’s it! Mimi, you too!”
Izzy: “Your Digivice! It stopped him in his tracks!”


Mimi: “Bad kitty, out! Go on! OUT!”

._. Mimi is less awesome.

Section: Side Note

I don’t know the name of the song that plays during the DIGI-LASER BEAMS scene, but it’s sort of the theme of the Digivices in the Japanese version. It’s peaceful and mystical, backing up the idea that they’re holy.

The dub plays their… background music, ending with their usual fanfare after the good guys have won.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: “He ran away? Anyway, I guess we’ve been saved!”
Koushirou: “This is the power of the sacred device..”
Mimi: “More importantly, I’m hungry.”
Mimi: “Well, that got rid of him. These things are kind of amazing!”
Izzy: “‘Preserver of light against the darkness…'”
Mimi: “Can you order a pizza with it? I’m still starving!”

Yeah, Izzy! We demand pizza!

(Koushirou goes back to the typing board.)
Mimi: “This black gear… can’t fill my stomach! *kick*”
Mimi: “This black gear… who cares about that dumb ol’ thing? All I want is lunch! *kick*”

Listed because Mimi is awesome. XD

Koushirou: “I see! As Mimi said, there are many practical things I don’t understand!”
Mimi: “I’m hungry!!”

Izzy: “Excellent work, Mimi! It just goes to show you that sometimes, the simplest solutions is actually the best!”
[Mimi: “Occam’s Razor, bitch! Tee hee!”]

Final Result

Total Footage Kept


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