Digimon Adventure S01E10

Guardian Centalmon!

Guardian Centalmon! (JP)

A Clue from the Digi-Past (EN)

Written by:

EN: R.D. Chamberlain and Sean Abley

First aired:

JP: May 9, 1999
EN: September 24, 1999

Section: Summary

Izzy and Mimi crash-land in a dense jungle on one of the islands that’s broken off, and naturally, the first thing Izzy does is head for the nearest Pineapple Store to have his laptop serviced. He has trouble getting the staff’s attention until Mimi comes along and bothers to actually find the only employee. Unfortunately, his laptop was purchased outside of the warranty period, and his circumstances are not covered by Pineapple’s guarantee, so Centarumon attempts to shoot him in the face (company policy). The manager, Leomon, finally turns up for his shift, berates Centarumon for his poor aim, but then is driven away when Izzy reveals that he’s purchased the premium PineappleCare service which covers his repairs. Centarumon honours his service plan, re-installs a driver, and gives the screen a thorough wipe. Mimi breaks his least favorite display (to his amusement), and the island turns around and goes home.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou and Tentomon ride their airborne bed to their doom]
Koushirou: “The island is breaking into pieces.”
Tentomon: “Try thinking of it as if we’re just hitting the beach!”

“The island is breaking into pieces” was an important observation. Just sayin’. Enjoy the jungle. It’s not a beach.

[Elsewhere, Mimi’s flying bed drops down into some trees somewhere on the same island. She survives]
No dialogue.
Mimi: (off-screen) “Ooh, now that should be good for some Frequent Flyer Miles!”

Do you still get the Miles if the aircraft crashes?

Mimi: “This is bad! Where is this?”
Palmon: “Since we were blown away so suddenly, I can’t tell where we are, but… this is a jungle, yeah?”
Mimi: “Yeah, I know that.”

Palmon: “Are you all right, Mimi?”
Mimi: “Oh no! humidity!”
Palmon: “Yeah some kind of tropical rain forest but not one I’m familiar with it all happened so fast where are we?”

Not humidity! Humidity causes Palmon’s sentences to lose all audible punctuation! NOOOOOOOO!

But also: “oh no, humidity!” is my exact response to humidity.

Mimi: “What’s going to happen to us?”
Palmon: “I don’t know, but let’s go searching for somebody.”
Mimi: “T-that’s right! There has to be someone nearby.”

Mimi: “Have you any idea what humidity does to my hair?”
Palmon: “Hm?”
Mimi: “It goes, like, all… poodle-y! Not a pretty sight!”
Palmon: “Uhhh… perhaps we ought to look around and see if we can find any of the others.”
Mimi: “Yeah, let’s go! Maybe we can at least find some air conditioning or something!”

Luckily, the “poodle-y”-ness of her hair looks a lot like her hair normally.

Side Note

This is a Mimi-heavy episode, and the writers were all-in on the 90’s Valley Girl trope with Mimi. Valley Girls are portrayed as unintelligent, inattentive, self-absorbed, and they’re usually written to be obsessed with clothes and shopping. It was a terrible trope.

When her jokes are timed well, she’s delightful. Overall, though, it was a bad character archetype. I hope it died.

Tentomon speaks with a Kansai dialect. Kansai dialect (Kansai-ben) doesn’t really have a Western equivalent, but it’s frequently adapted as being like a US southern accent or English cockney accent. The ‘twang’ I give Tentomon’s translated dialogue isn’t intended to be anything specific; it’s just to denote that he talks a in a distinct way.


Dialogue Deviation

[Elsewhere, Tentomon and Izzy come across some ruins]
Tentomon: “… Koushirou? Instead of lookin’ at ruins, shouldn’t we be lookin’ for everyone else?”
Tentomon: “Well, here we are, Izzy! Hardly the light and breezy island-style lodgings I was expecting to find, but DEFINITELY perfectly safe and free of any pesky guardians that might try to kill you!”
Izzy: “Whoooooa!”
Tentomon: “Uh… yes, very interesting, Izzy, but don’t you think we should keep searching for the others? I mean, now really isn’t the time-“

I mean, the first thing you said implies that you were taking him there, and you saw how he was in the factory, so this is your fault.

(They were not specifically going to the ruins in the original.)

Koushirou: “No. I’m certain if I know how these ruins formed, it’ll be useful later!”
Izzy: “I know, but just look at this place! It’s prodigious! I gotta check it out, Tentomon — just for a minute!”

“Prodigious” can mean “really big” or “amazing”. Izzy is using it because it has the word “digi” in the middle. I don’t think he knows what it means.

Anyway, Koushirou has no reason to believe knowing anything about the ruins will be useful in any way, whereas Izzy isn’t making any excuses for wanting to putz around in there, so the dub’s interpretation is somewhat more in-character.

[Mimi identifies and Palmon acquires what appear to be bananas]
Mimi: “I haven’t had food that looks like actual food in a while!”
Mimi: “I was really starved! Now I can pretend we’re having banana splits, huh, Palmon?”

[The bananas fail to be bananas once peeled, Mimi laments beneath a tree. A poopy falls from above and lands next to her]
No dialogue.
Mimi: “Is that hair mousse?”

Technically, we don’t know that digi-sludge/Digimon poop is not hair mousse…

[They recoil. They look up to find the source of the poopy, which is a larger, yellow poopy and a smaller, pink not-a-poopy]
Sukamon: “Hello!”
Chuumon: “Hello!”

Sukamon: “Duh… Goodbye! Meet to nice ya!”
Chuumon: “He means ‘Hello, nice to meet ya!”

Don’t steal Bizarro’s schtick, Sukamon. Or at least do it correctly.

Side Note

There is a fade-out for ads, and when the dub resumes, Sukamon and Chuumon’s lines change — which is kind of weird because it doesn’t help anyone who needs the repeat to remember where the scene left off.

Sukamon: “Yeah, what he said!”
Chuumon: “He means I’m right!”

Chuumon’s voice is just about dead on. Sukamon is given the typical deep, ‘hulking moron’ voice. He does have that quality in his Japanese voice, too, in the sense that you can tell by listening to him that the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor, but his voice is higher-pitched and more child-like.

Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: “Who are these guys?”
Palmon: “Sukamon and Chuumon. They’re always together.”
Mimi: “Palmon, who’s the talking dessert?”
Palmon: “It’s Sukamon and Chuumon also known as the Digi-Losers.”
Sukamon: “Hey, thanks!”

Sukamon is not a poopy in the dub; he’s a lemon custard that just looks, smells, and acts like a poopy. Poopy is not dessert; Mimi is not suggesting otherwise.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Digimon Analyzer: “Sukamon: a shining, gold turd. He has no talents of his own, so the smaller Digimon Chuumon acts as his brains.”
Palmon: “Sukamon and his mouse buddy are always together because they share the same teeny, tiny brain!”

Give credit where it’s due — Chuumon IS the brain… or blame where it’s due, in this case.

Section: Side Note

In the original, Chuumon mostly just repeats the last word of Sukamon’s sentences except when he’s whispering to him.

Dialogue Deviation

[Sukamon throws more poop at them. Mimi starts running, but then stops to turn around and scold them]
Mimi: “Hey, what are you doing?!”
Sukamon: “If you don’t like it, dump out everything in your bag!”
Chuumon: “Everything!”
Mimi: “’Bag’?”
Palmon: “Are you robbing us?”
Sukamon: “You look like you have some interesting stuff on you, so leave it all!”
Chuumon: “Leave it!”

Mimi: “All right, that’s enough! Leave us alone!”
Sukamon: “Uh, sure okay, but first you gotta pay a what-d’ya-call-it!”
Chuumon: “Pay a toll!”
Mimi: “Huh?”
Palmon: “What do you mean ‘a toll’?”
Sukamon: “Does she think she can use our woods for free? She’s gotta pay! Like that, uh, purse there, for instance.”
Chuumon: “I like the hat.”

Can’t blame them; there are NO stores that sell purses or hats around here…

[Mimi declines]
Mimi: “I’d rather throw it down the drain than give it to you!”
(We can’t hear Chuumon whispering to Sukamon.)
Mimi: “Is that wrong?”
Sukamon: “It’s not wrong, but…”

Chuumon: “But…”
Mimi: “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand, you whackazoids?! Now get out of here!”
Chuumon: “I think she insulted us!”
Mimi: “Bingo, Einstein!”
Sukamon: “She did?”
Chuumon: “Go ahead! Let her have it!”

[Sukamon and Chuumon proceed to throw poops at Mimi and Palmon, so they run away. Mimi takes a break against a tree]
Mimi: “No more…”
Mimi: “That’s it! I give up! I want to see the camp therapist!”

Sukamon is the camp therapist.

[Trees are not safe refuge here, and Sukamon slides down the trunk and grabs her bag. The Digivice activates its anti-theft mechanism]
No dialogue.
Sukamon: (grabbing the bag as the shot focuses on the Digivice) “Ooh, pretty…”

[The Digivice glows them up. Not like “giving them a glow-up”, but it glows and they glow and then they die or something]
No dialogue.
Chuumon: “Whoa! That’s better than chewin’ tin foil!”

That sounds like a responsible thing to put in a children’s show.

Section: Side Note

So, to try to explain this without sending traffic to some brand name or specific dental office: chewing metal foil is only so delightful if you have a metal amalgam dental filling. By “delightful”, I of course mean the metal of the foil making contact with the metal filling in a saliva-filled environment produces an electrical current and zaps you in the tooth a little, which hurts because it’s a fucking tooth.

The phenomenon is called “galvanic shock” or “oral galvanism” — “galvanism” is the production of electrical current by chemical reactions. The current comes from the transfer of electrons from one metal to the other – they flow from the higher-electron-metal to the lower-electron-metal – the same way they do in any galvanic cell.

Metal fillings are still common, but some dentists favor the use of composite resin, with which you shan’t be electrocuting your chompers. I don’t know what the stats are, and I don’t hang out with children, so I don’t know if the’re still chomping on metal foils these days.



Dialogue Deviation

[After their Digivice-induced, full-body galvanic shock, Sukamon and Chuumon are feeling very refreshed]
Sukamon: “My heart somehow feels very refreshed!”
Chuumon: “Very refreshed!”

Mimi: “Well, we aren’t feeling refreshed!”
Sukamon: “Oh, I feel all tingly and refreshed like a whole new person!”
Chuumon: “Yeah, we’re a whole new person!”
Mimi: “Is this one as much of a pain as the last one?”

Already, yes. This is a good example of the well-timed quips dub Mimi gets, though. It’s perfect for situations like this where she knows she doesn’t have to take shit (figurative or literal) from these assholes.

[Mimi and Palmon have asked Sukamon and Chuumon if they’ve seen any other humans around]
Chuumon: *whispers something to Sukamon, which we cannot hear because he’s a competent whisperer*
Sukamon: “Ah, now that you mention it..!”
Mimi: “You saw someone?”
Sukamon: “It was far away, so I can’t be sure, but I saw something similar to you and a Tentomon fall in the Daino Ancient Region.”

Chuumon: (normal volume) “As a matter of fact…”
Sukamon: “Oh, yeah! I forgot!”
Mimi: “Tell me!”
Sukamon: “Uh… well, it wasn’t nearly as pretty as you are, of course, but we saw something fall into the old ruins with a Tentomon.”

Izzy never finds out this was said about him, so he never has an opportunity to deliver sassy comeuppance.

Mimi: “Really? They were with a Tentomon?”
Mimi: “So when were you planning on telling us — next week?”
Sukamon: “Yes.”

[Palmon asks Sukamon and Chuumon to take her and Mimi to Daino Ancient Region but tries to verify that they really are good Digimon now.]
Chuumon: “At least, we feel like being good right now!”
Palmon: “Then take us to Daino Ancient Region.”

Sukamon: “Cross our heart…”
Chuumon: “… and hope to die!”
Palmon: “Well, of all the absolutely ridiculous things to say!”

And die, they will!

And apparently they share a heart as well as a brain. That’s sweet. And disturbing.

[Sukamon and Chuumon take them close to Daino Ancient Region, but it’s across from a split in the island(s)]
Chuumon: “Hey, are you glad we helped you?”
Mimi: “Yeah, I’m glad…”
Sukamon: “Then… As thanks for helping, go out on a date with us!” *kiss-blow*
Chuumon: “Let’s go~!”

Chuumon: “You’re the one with the big hat, you think of something! A gorgeous girl like you must have a big brain.”
Mimi: (sarcastic) “Thanks a lot, really.”
Sukamon: *chuckles* “Before you go, maybe you’d give us a big thank-you kiss, huh?” *kiss-blow*

Damnit, Sukamon, transactional romance is unhealthy! You know that!

[Mimi and Palmon escape over the split, leaving the creeps behind]
Sukamon: “They left…”
Sukamon: *sigh* “Maybe we jumped the gun…”

You miss every shot you don’t take, Sukamon. Stop shooting.

[Meanwhile (??), Koushirou and Tentomon enter the ruins.]
No dialogue.
Tentomon: “Okay, Izzy. I highly suggest putting an end to this ‘architectural tour’!”
Izzy: “As I mentioned before, I’m gathering information!”

A) you just went in, and b) you said nothing about gathering information!

No dialogue.
Izzy: “I’m sure this place is crawling with clues.”

Izzy, it’s not dangerous enough. Stay close to Tentomon.

[There are large black gears turning in the floor]
Koushirou: “I’m sure if I stop this, the island will stop moving.”
Tentomon: “Even so, we ain’t enough to stop this thing.”

Izzy: “You know what I think? If we keep this gear from turning, we’ll completely jam that creep [Devimon] up!”
Tentomon: “Or even better: we could NOT do that! Wouldn’t that be fun?”

Well, coming from you, Tentomon… yeah, sure.

Section: Side Note

I don’t know how Koushirou comes to the conclusion that stopping the gears will stop the island’s motion in the original. He does have the experience of “I ruined the glyphs and it had an effect on the world”, which he can reasonably deduce would apply to the moving gears, but he doesn’t know what the gears do right now. He just kind of gets arse-pull revelations sometimes; it’s not something the dub didn’t cover.

Dialogue Deviation

[Flashback to Koushirou messing around in the giant battery in the factory and ruining everything]
Koushirou: “I inputted all of the data I found then on my computer… If there’s a power source…
Izzy: “It made me realize that in Digiworld, basic data is a living, viable substance! All that data is stored on my hard drive. If only there was a power source here…”

You figured that out by turning off the lights?

Tentomon: “We ain’t findin’ somethin’ convenient like that around here! Let’s get to lookin’ for the others!”
Tentomon: “’Get a power source’, ‘stop the gear’! Is ‘find our friends’ on that list?!”

No. Weirdly, “find our fiends” IS on the list…

Koushirou DOES find a convenient power outlet and starts up his computer. The Japanese text in the boot screen was censored again.

Koushirou's laptop screen with the kanji reading 'kikimasu' (waking up) and 'ugokimasu' (moving). For computers, the combination of 'ki' from 'kikimasu' and 'ugo' from 'ugokimasu' is pronounced 'kidō', which means 'booting up'.


Section: Side Note

The dub adds quite a few more sound effect to Izzy’s laptop booting and operating. Probably an issue with the fan.

If the videos in this comparison look like garbage compared to the others, it’s because Gear didn’t make them. If they don’t work at all, that’s Izzy’s fault.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou has powered up his computer]
No dialogue.
Izzy: “It works!”
Tentomon: (sarcastic) “Oh, goody…”

[Koushirou settles in to work]
He’s just typing.
Izzy: “Now, let’s see if I can decipher this…”

[Mimi arrives at Daino Ancient Region]
Mimi: “There! That must be where Koushirou is! Maybe everyone else, too!”
Palmon: “Let’s get going!”

Mimi: “Here are the old ruins. Let’s just hope that giant, kissy-faced, lemon custard was telling the truth!”
Palmon: “One way to find out!”

“Let’s go back and ask him!”

Side Note

From Mimi and Palmon above to where Mimi starts crying below is accompanied by Mimi’s theme song, Sweet Innocent, a very light-hearted tune. It’s still kind of surprising to hear it there; it sets an unexpectedly cheerful mood in the dark, dank ruins.

The dub just quietly plays some more neutral music, which works well for the scene.

Izzy refers to the symbols on the wall as ‘hieroglyphs’. ‘Hieroglyph’ means characters with pictoral representations like animals or objects. The characters on the wall are ‘glyphs’ but not ‘hieroglyphs’.


Dialogue Deviation

[Mimi has found Koushirou, who refuses to take his attention from the glyphs on the wall to go find the others]
Mimi: “Well, can’t that wait, if you don’t mind my asking?”
Tentomon: “That’s what I keep telling him. ‘Let’s go look for the others,’ I say, but does he listen to me? No.”

Dub Tentomon is super relateable when he’s not actively trying to get his friends killed. also when he is

Koushirou: “Look, you see that character that looks like a ‘G’? It’s a key to something!”
Mimi: “So?”
Koushirou: “Right now, I need to read this carefully.”

Izzy: “I’m sure the key to figuring everything out is in here! The question is does each glyph represent a letter, a word, or a phrase? Hmm… I’ll have to cross-reference the characteristics.”

With what?

Mimi: “How long are you going to do this? When you know what it is, will something good happen?”
Koushirou: (not really seeming as though he’s listening) “Yeah…”
Tentomon: “Koushirou, Mimi is talking to you.”
Mimi: “Hey, when you know what it is, will it tell us how get to get home?”

Mimi: “Izzy, any idea how long this is going to take? I mean, can we go sometime before winter sets in? … Izzy?”
[Izzy is ignoring her]
Tentomon: “Izzy, your friend is asking you a question.”
Mimi: “Yeah, and her rear end’s getting cold sitting on the stone floor doing nothing.”

[Mimi gets impatient and stands]
Mimi: “Hey!! When are you going to finish?!”
Mimi: “Are you ignoring me, you computer geek pipsqueak?!”

Izzy deserved that.

He doesn’t say anything.
Izzy: “Okay, so if I make the variable constant and search for file patterns…”

You’ll screw up your entire program and ruin everything you’ve worked for! It’s just like real programming!

Koushirou: “Ah, this is… these ruins are a maze!”
Izzy: “Hey, here’s something! Prodigious! These ruins are a gigantic maze!”

Mimi: “Koushirou, you idiot!!” *starts crying*
Mimi: “I’m leaving… right now!”

The line may have been changed, but we all know what she was thinking.

Side Note

It’s adorable and weird that Palmon looks at Mimi for a second and then starts crying right along with her.

Dialogue Deviation

[Mimi and Palmon are now crying. Tentomon tries to calm them to no effect, then looks to Koushirou for help]
Koushirou: “C-crying is a problem…”
Tentomon: “Koushirou, do something!”
Koushirou: “Do what?”
Izzy: “Do what? My laptop can’t do everything!”
Tentomon: “I don’t know, tell her you’re sorry!”
Koushirou: “Sorry? For what?!”

Hang on, I have a list somewhere…

Mimi: (still crying) “I’m hungry! I’m thirsty! I want to see everyone again! I don’t want to stay in here any longer!”
Mimi: “I can’t take it anymore! I haven’t had anything to eat and my feet are killing me and a giant lemon custard tried to kiss me and all I want to do is get out of here!”

The misfortune of Mimi’s dub characterization is that she really is just a normal 10-year-old in the original. Yeah, she can be selfish, but it’s never anything unreasonable for a kid her age.

Palmon: (also still crying) “Why are you ignoring us, Koushirou?”
Koushirou: “I’m not ignoring you.”
Palmon: “Then why aren’t you listening to us?”
Koushirou: “Right now, analysing this data is more important. I know you might not care right now, but in the end, it’ll prove to be for Mimi and everyone’s sake.”
Mimi: “That’s enough! I hate you, Koushirou!”
Palmon: “Honestly, Izzy, how can you be so insensitive?”
Izzy: “’Insensitive’? What do you mean?”
Palmon: “You ignore us while you poke away at your computer.”
Izzy: “I’m not ignoring you! I’m doing something ultra-important, like maybe saving this world? If I can just decipher these hieroglyphs then maybe we can–“
Mimi: “Just keep your stupid hieroglyphics!”

Izzy, you’re playing with a maze, and I’d like to point out that you don’t even need to go through that maze, because the exit is the same way you came in. And this time, there was actually no door on it, so you don’t have the excuse that it’s too open and unobstructed for you to go through like you did in the factory.

Dialogue Deviation

[Mimi runs off]
Palmon: “You’re not doing this for Mimi! You just like working with machines more, don’t you?!”
Tentomon: *goes after Mimi* “Ah, Mimi!”
Koushirou: “No, that’s not true!”

Palmon: “It is — it has to be!”
Palmon: “You just like playing on your computer, that’s all.”
Izzy: “You think I’m just playing around here?”
Palmon: “I only think you like computers more than people.”

Section: Side Note

I mean, it’s fine to like computers more than people (we know what we did), but Izzy is definitely doing this for his own enjoyment. He’s been enthusiastic and excited about his “work” the whole time, and he isn’t showing any signs of remorse for ignoring his friend. He’s acting as though she’s the problem here.

To be fair, Koushirou is also prioritizing the data analysis because he enjoys it, but he’s pretty clearly confused, not defensive, by Mimi’s reaction. He doesn’t understand that she doesn’t understand why what he’s doing is important. It’s obvious to him, but he never told her why it’s important. Then when she did try to understand, he wasn’t paying attention, but he doesn’t get annoyed when confronted about it because he was genuinely hyper-focused and didn’t hear her (and because he’s a nice kid).

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou turns and sees that Mimi and Tentomon are gone]
Koushirou: “Eh? Mimi and Tentomon are..?”
Palmon: *immediately stops crying* “Eh? They’re gone…”
Izzy: “Don’t look now, but Mimi and Tentomon are gone.”
Palmon: *immediately stops crying* “Now what do we do? Hm?”

That isn’t the right time for a “don’t look now”, but the dub’s use of Palmon immediately calming down with a “now what?” once she realized that Mimi was gone was a good way to highlight the silliness behind her own crying.

[Mimi runs down the corridor]
No dialogue.
Mimi: “I hate this place! I’ll never recommend this resort to anyone!”

[Her running comes to an end because she trips over an overgrown root)
Mimi: “No more! I’m going home!”
Mimi: “I’m not a bad person, so why is all this happening to me?”

It’s Izzy’s fault.

[Tentomon warns Mimi that she shouldn’t wander around because she might get lost. She promptly runs off]
Mimi: “No! I don’t want to hear any more arguing!”
Mimi: “I want my own bed, my own bathroom! I’m even starting to miss my baby brother!”

Mimi is an only child, and her fictitious brother will never be mentioned again.

Section: Eyecatch
Koushirou stands outside the ruins. His body is angled in a way that most of his left foot is not actually touching the ground.

Talk to your doctor if your bizarre left foot levitation persists for more than four hours.

Dialogue Deviation
[Mimi and Tentomon wander the maze, and they come across a smudge on a wall that they’d seen before]
Mimi: “Is it my imagination?”
Tentomon: “If that’s true, does that mean we’re lost?”

Mimi: “Seriously?!”
Mimi: “Could it be that we’re lost?”
Tentomon: “I realize this is probably a bad time to say ‘I told you so’, but…”
Mimi: “Oh, quiet!”

Tentomon, you did absolutely nothing to help.

[Palmon and Koushirou have come back inside where Koushirou’s computer is]
Palmon: “I’m going to go look for them!”
Koushirou: “Wait! If you go looking for them, you’ll only get lost, too!”
Palmon: “Then what can we do about Mimi?”
Koushirou: “Wait… There are various traps inside this maze. If I can’t finish analysing this data, we’ll both get lost.”
Palmon: “Oh I can’t bear it I’m going in!”
Izzy: “And get lost, too? No, Palmon, we have got to use our heads first.”
Palmon: “But we can’t just leave them.”
Izzy: “We won’t, but this is one super-complicated maze. I’ve gotta try to get a handle on it. Then maybe I can help get them out.”

“MAYBE. I’ll think about it.”

Section: Side Note
The maze pictured on Koushirou's computer screen. It isn't actually that complicated, but there are a lot of markings that make the pathways harder to discern.

Can YOU solve the “super-complicated” maze?

Speedwagon's solution
The maze pictured above with a drawn route consisting of entering the maze, then turning around and leaving

I sure hope no humorless dinks opened that spoiler tag.

Anyway, the map does translate to a coherent route Mimi could have taken. They enter into a rectangular room with no stairs and an archway leading straight ahead, which is most likely the middle-right room. We don’t know how long or far she walked, but we did see she took a left turn shortly after running off — we just don’t know how far she got before she took it.

Dialogue Deviation

[Back where Mimi and Tentomon are, a small piece of rubble falls onto Mimi’s hat, and Tentomon checks on her because he’s a good friend]
Mimi: “That and everything is all Koushirou’s fault!”
Tentomon: “Eh?”
Mimi: “Really, the way he ignores people just makes me so mad!”

Tentomon: “Well, it’s true that Koushirou is lacking in charm, he’s not a bad person.”
Mimi: “But… he really has absolutely no consideration for me!”
Tentomon: “When he gets caught up in something, he just doesn’t notice anything else.”

Mimi: “No, I’m fine! I’m getting used to it by now! … If I’d just gone to cheerleading camp, none of this would have happened!”
Tentomon: “Let’s try a systematic approach to this. Maybe if we just keep turning to the left or something like that…”
Mimi: “Why should I listen to you? It’s your friend Izzy that got me into this mess in the first place.”

Izzy is not the only reason you shouldn’t listen to him, but you are on the right track.

Tentomon: “Wait, don’t be too hard on him! Yes, he gets a little wrapped up in his work and doesn’t always interact well with others, but he’s a good boy.”

… Has Izzy ever been nice to anyone?

Izzy comes to the conclusion that they found her signal through the digivice, which he can’t possibly know at this point. Koushirou had only said that the dot on-screen was probably her position.

Side Note

When Koushirou talks to Mimi over the headset, his voice sounds as if it’s coming from a speaker, because it is. The dub doesn’t use this effect.

Dialogue Deviation

[Koushirou guides Mimi through the maze]
Koushirou: “Left at the next corner, but in the next small room, there’s a pitfall, so be careful.”
Izzy: “When you get to the end, turn left, but be careful of the next room because there’s a big hole in the middle of the floor.”

Mimi and Tentomon enter a room with a seemingly solid floor.

Izzy can have a pass on this one because he doesn’t actually know what he’s doing, and he wouldn’t have known it was a pitfall rather than a hole.

[This floor pictured above collapses. Mimi uses a ledge to cross to the other size.]
No dialogue (she uses the ledge without being told).
Izzy: “There should be a narrow ledge you can use to get across.”
Mimi: “Izzy, did we have to take the scenic route?!”

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Koushirou: (warning Mimi over the radio) “Something is close by! It might be an evil Digimon!”
Off-screen: *sinister and oddly horse-y laugh*
Tentomon: “Did you hear that? It sounded EVIL!”

Don’t be rude, Tentomon.

[A scary-looking centaur monster approaches them from behind, across the pit they’ve just crossed. It jumps over with ease]
No dialogue.
Centarumon: “Tentomon, it’s been such a long time since I’ve NEVER SEEN YOU, A SPECIFIC TENTOMON, BEFORE. SERIOUSLY

Side Note

The Chosen Digimon hatched on File Island and remained on File Island, unable to evolve without their partners, until the Chosen Children came around. Tentomon was not Tentomon until recently. Centa[l/ru]mon has never met him.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Digimon Analyzer: “Centalmon: a proud, half-man, half-beast Digimon. With high-pressure air shooting from his back, he can move at the speed of sound!”
Tentomon: “Centarumon: half-man, half-horse. You really don’t want to get on either of his bad sides!”

One side is a horse’s ass, the other side is… a horse’s ass!

The katakana for Centalmon is KENTARUMON 「ケンタルモン」, and in this episode, his name is romanized as “Kentarumon” in the Digimon Analyzer. Per Digimon Web, Bandai’s official reference site, the official romanization is Centalmon, which is an adaptation of “centaur”. The katakana is still KENTARUMON, so the ‘C’ is pronounced ‘K’. His name is adapted to ‘Centarumon’, with ‘C’ pronounced like ‘S’, in the dub.

Like most other Digimon, he doesn’t have any dialogue while possessed by the black gear in the original. He does growl and sounds a bit like the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park franchise (the sounds of which are taking from various animals).

Because the dub had Centarumon speak in these sections, they don’t do anything to replicate his growls.

Dialogue Deviation

[Mimi and Tentomon run. Centalmon chases after them]
Centalmon growls.
Centarumon: “I like a good chase!”


Section: Side Note

I still hear dub Mimi’s line at the dead end as “Great chav Izzy, this is a dead end” instead of “Great job, Izzy, this is a dead end”. If chavs were computer nerds, Izzy would definitely be one.

Dialogue Deviation

[Tentomon and Mimi arrive at the dead end, but Koushirou is not responding to their calls because he and Palmon have left his computer]
Tentomon: “We seemed to have lost contact with him.”
Centarumon: *appears behind them* “Oh, really?”

Not you, dude — the guy on the radio who left them to die.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Centalmon’s attack, Hunting Cannon, is called Solar Ray in the dub.

Though he uses his special attack, Centalmon did not call out its name when he fired on them in the original. Dub Centarumon does call out, “Solar Ray… fire!”

Dialogue Deviation

[Tentomon pushes Mimi down to protect her from the blast, which blows a hole in the wall behind them]
Mimi: “No way…”
Mimi: “Look at my skirt!”

It’s lovely, but I don’t think it’s Centarumon’s style.

Tentomon: “Forget that now — get out of the way!”

Well, now I can’t get it out of my mind!

No dialogue.
Centarumon: *catches up to them* “Your bravery is noted, but that alone will not gain you any mercy.”

They were running away… bravely…

Tentomon: “It’s all over…”
Mimi: “Really?? There’s nothing left?”
Tentomon: “There’s no place to run, I can’t evolve…”
Mimi: “Why? Evolve!”
Tentomon: “Well, I want to evolve more than anything else right now, but without Koushirou, I can’t.”
Mimi: “What?! Stingy!”
Tentomon: “No, that’s not the problem!”

Mimi: “What are you waiting for? Make yourself bigger!”
Tentomon: “If you mean you want me to digivolve, I’m afraid that’s impossible!”
Mimi: “What do you mean, ‘impossible’?!”
Centarumon: “I’ll tell you what it means. He cannot protect you, so you’ll have to hold your ground, and that’s truly impossible.”

How would he even wear the skirt..?
Side-by-side images of Centalmon wearing the same skirt as Mimi: (left) wearing it at the waist where his humanoid torso meets his equine lower body, and (right) wearing it at the midsection of his horse half, so his front legs are uncovered.

I stand corrected: he makes it work.
Is it weird that the one on the right REALLY works? It’s not just me, is it?

Mimi: (to Tentomon) “Stop talking, get growing!”
Tentomon: “Oh, how I’d like to, but if I’m separated from Izzy, I can’t!”

Other than Centarumon’s interjections, that was a great adaptation of this scene.

[The ground starts shaking]
Tentomon: “What the—”
Mimi: “An earthquake??”

Mimi: (to the quake) “Stop that! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of saying something?!”

A+ writing.

[The wall breaks down, revealing Palmon and Koushirou holding up rock with his tiny child arms]
Koushirou: “Mimi! Over here!”
Mimi: “Koushirou!”
Izzy: “Get out of there! Hurry! Come on!”
Mimi: “You don’t have to tell me twice!”

Section: Side Note

Implicitly, the stone wall of the ancient ruins, which has withstood the test of time for possibly centuries, broke down because Koushirou smacked it with a rock and Palmon maybe did something (we didn’t see her vine fingers [vingers?]), which is ridiculous. They just don’t build stone walls like they used t– oh…

The wall has broken away to reveal Palmon and Koushirou holding up a rock roughly the size of his head, implying he helped break the wall down with this implement.

Pictured: a bunch of fuckin’ malarkey

To be fair: we didn’t actually see Koushirou and Palmon break the wall down. He might have just picked up the rock while it was falling apart to make it look like he’d done something.

Incidentally, if you work out the route he was leading Mimi along, the malarkey intensifies.

The maze pictured previously with three major routes corresponding to Mimi's possible travel drawn on

The white dot on the left is where Koushirou located her with his computer. The green box on the right is the entrance. Mimi also could have wandered the area to the south, but we don’t know how far she went.

Koushirou had to run much farther around the outside of the building with Mimi trapped at a dead end than if he’d just gotten Mimi to take the original path and had Palmon meet them partway. We can grant that he couldn’t have brought his computer because the battery doesn’t seem to hold a charge in the Digital World, but he had a relatively simple path to follow if he’d told Mimi to take a right, and he’s smart enough to remember directions that simple.

We can also grant that he might not have wanted Mimi to run the longer distance because she’d run out of stamina, but again: he could have met her before she ran that far.

Also: how would he know he was at the right section of the outer wall?

Dialogue Deviation

[The battle begins. Palmon has evolved to Togemon]
No dialogue.
Togemon: “Leave my friends alone!”

[Centalmon takes aim at Mimi and Koushirou. Tentomon jumps in to protect them]
Tentomon: “Watch out, Koushirou!”
Tentomon: “Leave this to me!”

[Tentomon has evolved into Kabuterimon. The space does not accommodate his size]
Mimi: “Hey, think about where you are before you evolve!”
Kabuterimon: “Ah, ‘scuse me.”

Mimi: “I forgot — when you get bigger, you get a lot bigger, don’t you? Watch where you step!”
Kabuterimon: “Oh, uh… sorry.”

Original Mimi’s line has some cute dissonance because she was just demanding Tentomon evolve in that very space. Rather than kill the joke by pointing that out, the dub let her acknowledge she was mistaken instead. It’s a decent compromise.

Mimi: “We finally got out…”
Koushirou: “Um… it’s not time to be relieved just yet…”
[Centalmon joins them]
Mimi: “Ahh! Again?!”
Mimi: “That’s one way to get out of there!”
Izzy: “Yeah, but this is no time for us to start taking it easy!”
[Centarumon joins them]
Izzy: “Look who’s here!”
Mimi: “Yeah… I see him…”

After the problem is solved by Centalmon/Centarumon blasting them through the wall, dub Togemon thinks it’s time for a Needle Spray. The Needle Spray was actually scheduled at 3:15. She’s a bit early.

[Togemon’s Prickly Bang Bang forces a black gear out of Centalmon’s back somehow, and he collapses]
No dialogue.
Centarumon: “That felt… interesting.”

Genuinely a funny line read. A+

[Centalmon has lead them to another room inside the ruins, where he infodumps and reveals that the digivices are called digivices]
Koushirou: “A sacred device…”
Mimi: “Digivice?”
Izzy: “Well, that certainly looks familiar!”

Centalmon: “It guides this world to the path of light and drives away the darkness. The legendary, sacred device.”

Centarumon: “The Digivice is a preserver of the light, the last line of defence against the darkness that threatens existence.”

All right, that’s being a little dramatic…

Mimi: “I don’t really understand, but it’s a good thing we have them, right?”
Mimi: “I didn’t get that, but I’m starting to think they’re more than just a cool accessory!”

That’s their more important function.

Section: Side Note

Now that we’ve had a chance to hear Centalmon’s original voice: his actor in the dub is Bob Papenbrook, who is excellent in this role. He doesn’t play the character quite like the original actor (Masaki AIZAWA), who doesn’t have the same softness in his voice. Papenbrook does give a rough texture to his voice for some of his lines, but otherwise he adds a sense of gentleness to this peaceful-but-strong guardian. Aizawa sounds a bit more like a gruff old samurai. Both are fitting for their respective versions. Papenbrook captures Centalmon’s reverence for the Digivices and Chosen Children flawlessly, and he even pulls off the sillier lines. He was a great pick for the role.

He also plays some characters who will appear later, like Drimogemon, ShogunGekomon, and Vegiemon — which I would have never guessed because his range is incredible, too.

Dialogue Deviation

[Leomon joins the party!]
Leomon: “Defeat… the children… They interfere with our plans.”
Leomon: “To destroy them… the children. I warn you, Centarumon: do not interfere with me!”

[Centalmon immediately proceeds to interfere with him, and they have a little stand-off. Mimi covers her eyes with her hands, then peeks through her fingers]
Mimi: “I can’t look, it’s too scary! Well, maybe a peek…”
Izzy: “Whoa, time’s standing still here!”

No, Izzy… you’re about to die…

[Centalmon holds Leomon back, declaring that he will protect the kids as the guardian of the ruins]
Leomon: “Then I will defeat you as well.”
Leomon: “Protect them from me? Good luck!”

Section: Side Note

Sometimes the animation looks very doofy, and Leomon seems to get the short end of it.

Animated GIF of Leomon's fist almost striking a wall. Orange light bursts from the non-impact, and it leaves behind a hole in the wall as he withdraws his fist.

To be fair, though: you can see he’s not actually hitting the wall with his punch. He’s not following through on his punch, either, which is poor technique, and yet he still managed to bonk a hole in it!

Dialogue Deviation

[They fight. Centalmon uses his Hunting Cannon to slam Leomon against a wall, but Leomon is unphased]
Centalmon: “What?!”
Centarumon: “Now let’s stop this madness before one of us is hurt. Leomon?”

It’s all madness and mayhem until someone loses an eCentalmon only has one eyeyyeeitinerary…

… don’t wanna miss your flight…

[Leomon knocks Centalmon out]
Leomon: “Next, I’ll defeat the Children.”
Mimi: *shields herself with her bag* “NOOOOOOO!!”
Leomon: “The children must be… destroyed.”
Mimi: “Noo! You must mean some other children!”

I love dub Mimi.

[Mimi’s digivice starting glowing it up. Koushirou sees that it repels Leomon]
Koushirou: “I see, that’s it! Mimi, you too!”
Izzy: “Your Digivice! It stopped him in his tracks!”


Mimi: “Bad kitty, out! Go on! OUT!”

Status update: I dislike dub Mimi less than others.

Side Note

In the original, the glowing of the digivices is accompanied by light, mystical-sounding music befitting holy devices that fire laser beams. The dub plays their… background music, ending with the usual fanfare after the good guys have won, befitting no devices or lasers. They also added beeping sound effects when the digivices activated, which is a big improvement over the weird squealing.

Dialogue Deviation

[Leomon retreats]
Mimi: “He ran away? Anyway, I guess we’ve been saved!”
Koushirou: “This is the power of the sacred device…”
Mimi: “More importantly, I’m hungry.”
Mimi: “Well, that got rid of him. These things are kind of amazing!”
Izzy: “‘A preserver of light against the darkness…'”
Mimi: “Can you order a pizza with it? I’m still starving!”

You know, nobody has tried to order pizza with it…

[Koushirou goes back to trying to stop the black gear. Centalmon is unable to help, so he turns to the typing board]
Mimi: “Geez! Deciphering it will take 10 billion years!”
Koushirou: “Even so…”
Mimi: “Hmph!” *walks over to the gear* “This black gear… can’t fill my stomach!” *kicks the black gear*
Mimi: “Excuse me, isn’t this where I came in? You’re not seriously starting all that again — not right now!”
Izzy: “Just a nano!”
Mimi: “This black gear… who cares about that dumb ol’ thing? All I want is lunch!” *kick*

Status update: I like dub Mimi.

[Mimi’s mighty kick breaks the gears, accomplishing in five seconds the goal Koushirou had been working towards for four hours]
Koushirou: “I see! As Mimi said, there are many practical things I don’t understand!”
Mimi: “I’m hungry!”

Izzy: “Excellent work, Mimi! It just goes to show you that sometimes the simplest solution is actually the best!”
Mimi: “That’s not much of a compliment.”

Cod, it IS just like real programming…

[Outside the ruins, Sukamon and Chuumon have been waiting for Mimi on the island across the gap]
Sukamon: “We meet again!”
Mimi and Palmon: “Gyeh!”
Sukamon: “Let’s go on a romantic date!”
Chuumon: “Let’s go!”
Mimi: “Those guys…”

Mimi and Palmon: “There — NYEH~!” *they pull down their lower eyelids and stick their tongues out at Sukamon and Chuumon*
Sukamon: “Hi ya! I knew you couldn’t keep away. Heh!”
Mimi and Palmon: “Ugh!”
Izzy: “Huh?”
Sukamon: “So, are we gonna go on a date or what? Come on, what’s your phone number?”
Mimi: “Man, he is persistent…”
Sukamon: “At least blow us a kiss!”
Mimi and Palmon: “Okay!” *eyelid-pull tongue-out*
Sukamon: “Aw, come on! Do it like you mean it! You know you like us! You know you do! Please!”

Section: Side Note

A staple of Japanese culture commonly seen in anime, the eyelid-pull + tongue-out gesture is called akanbee 「赤んべえ or あかんべえ; pronounced “ah-kahn-beh”」.  It is an insulting gesture or taunt mostly employed by children, which Mimi is, and also Sukamon and Chuumon deserve it.


Final Result

The Digi-Verdict

Mimi can be a very fun character in the dub because she gets to say what she’s thinking without a social filter, and more often than not, without being directly mean about it — but it’s usually to portray her negatively as an “airhead”. When other characters, like Tai or Izzy, get similarly “unfiltered” lines, they’re often picking on someone who hasn’t actually done anything wrong. Some of them do get in some good, deserved digs, but never when it’s directed at Mimi, who only ever does one thing to cause unwarranted harm to her friends in the series (for which she’s genuinely remorseful and accepts full responsibility after). Her remark, “is this [whole new person] as much a pain as the old one?” is mean, but the target is Sukamon and Chuumon, who’ve been harassing her. It sucks that she doesn’t get to stand up for herself with the other kids in the dub the way she does with weird, gross Digimon.

In contrast, Izzy being a self-important jackass is never called out, and it’s less entertaining because when he does it, he either is insulting one of his friends or he’s making shit up. When it’s directed at Tai, it’s fine (because it’s punching up), but he’s just a complete asshole to Mimi. The worst thing she ever does to him is call him a “computer geek pipsqueak” (which he is), and he doesn’t even hear it because he wasn’t paying attention.

Otherwise, the script is spot-on. The plot elements in this episode didn’t reveal much — just that the digivices are important, but not going in-depth as to why they’re important. Such is the way of world-building episodes. Bob Papenbrook is fantastic in the role of Centarumon, even if they gave him a lot of unnecessary lines. He and Mimi’s well-delivered sass save the arbitrary and meaningless grade for this episode. I give it a B, for ‘Bob Papenbrook’, who himself gets an A, for ‘actor’, the voice variety of which he is.

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